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The new #Intimissimi campaign, celebrating all women.. Thank you INTIMISSIMI and Mario Testino for having me be a part of this amazing project ❤❤😘 #insideandout

7.2k reactions 161 comments
Abdelhay Harim No Ronaldo no boobs
Sengu GgMu No ronaldo no project
Christian Vous Pourriez No ronaldo no like
Hill Harris No ronaldo no like
شيراز ميسان No Ronaldo no like

@michaelangelnyc thanks for bringing that T last minute 😉❤😘💋

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David Hanovic Gorgeous, beautiful and stunning baby!!!!! <3 <3!!!! :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* ;) :D :D :) :)
David Hanovic Gorgeous, beautiful, stunning, amazing and incredible baby!!!!!! <3 <3!!!! :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* ;) :D :D :) :)
Aboud Barcelona I love you so much❤️😘😘😘😘🔥🔥🔥😘😘😘😘🔥😘🔥🔥🔥🔥
Abdelhay Harim No Ronaldo no last minute
Abdelrahman Taha Some times you see a girl so pretty that you feel sorry for yourself , like right now ...

Always the best time with my @natashapoly 💥💋 #UnitasGala

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Guram Nikolashvili No ronaldo no natashapoly
Hamadou Ashley Diallo Cr7 just scored
陈杨 nearly three years still have so many no ronaldo no like why? she is she he is he
Quyền No Ronaldo No fvcking like <3
Cristina Diaz Me encanta Miranda Hernández García nada mas ver la imagen he pensado en ti!!💁🏽💁🏼😍

So happy to be part of the new campaign of my INTIMISSIMI family! Shot by my love #mariotestino. Outerwear Model, Underwear Intimissimi. #insideandout #intimissimi

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Ciđhärth TämAñg Georgina looks better😆😆😆
معمر عبيد الجاسم منورة خالتي أرينا
Shamal Xoshnaw Love😍
Saad Shah No ronaldo no new campaign
Khan Bhai lirna shayk nice looking I love you

@riccardotisci17 @michaelangelnyc 😈😈😈.photo by one and only @ingarubenstein 👯‍♂️👯

9.2k reactions 141 comments
George Papovi Pregnant porn comming soon :D
Omar Taha Sherine 😂🤔 2 men to replace CR7 😂😂 lol
شيراز ميسان 😝😝😝😝😝 no ronaldo no like
Shahir Kurdistani Where are you CR7 ? 😂

Amazing evening spent celebrating #BAZAARicons with @harpersbazaarus 🌟 Wearing the amazing @jasonwu🖤

14.3k reactions 190 comments
Thái Dư Phú No Ronaldo no like 😜😂😂😂
Yakeen Ali No Ronaldo no like 😂😂
Vutivi Costa Vukeya No Ronaldo No Like....
Marko Milosavljevic irina nobody knows you in brazil believe me , i dont offend but they even dont know adriana lima , really i dont lie, so only put glassess and come you will be only some gringa and nothing else for brasilians, nobody will recognize you
Daniel Mahdker מדגמנת עם שלומית מצד שני מפרסמת שער עם אדריאנה Adriana Lima Shir Shasonker

Please support and donate to any of the relief + aid groups that are providing incredible support in the midst of this tragedy. My thoughts and prayers are with those in Houston affected by #HurricaneHarvey <3

4.7k reactions 127 comments
Abdelrahman Taha I know it's a bit crazy but stopping from drinking water would help ... you should try it ...
Sandra Ursula Kirk That's kind of you, Irina! Don't heed these Spanish losers.
Abdullah Ertogral what about arakan state? what about kids about to die in there? why no one is caring them houston is nothing beside arakan state.
Alan Aguilar Diganle a trumpas k no pasa nada cual calentamiento global
Cindy O'Steen Greenway Women haters, get off this post. Who cares about Ronaldo during this time? I think you guys have a crush on him.

@voguespain @mariotestino 🖤

11.3k reactions 215 comments
Chun Yew Khor Zhen Wei Jian Ying 智康 no ronaldo, no like 😂😂
Sagar Bhoir Dinesh are yaar bura lagta hai iske liye
Yogesh Summan MD Irfan, Nabil Neaz No ronaldo no beauty😂😂😂!!
Ali Uncu Elbiseni çok sevdim mi dedilerde bu foto meydana çıktı anlamadımki 😉🤗🤔😏💙🆒 Irina Shayk
Elena Nikolaevna Ирина очень красивая, но на этом фото очень странно глаза расположены, они вообще разные, один выше и другой формы.если закрыть половину лица, она Ирина, другую другая Ирина

New @voguespain 💛 @mariotestinoo

3.1k reactions 94 comments
Hisham Farid Thinking about how the look on your face will be
Shouvik Das No Ronaldo, No like
شيراز ميسان No ronaldo no like
Yash Nair No ronaldo no estilo
Mustafa Tarik Temizkan No ronaldo no voguespain

Summer with @intimissimiofficial 💙

55.5k reactions 626 comments
Domingos Miranda Ai Irina meu Deus o Ronaldo deixou te ficas te tao magrinha daqui a pouco cai te o pentelho ao chao 😃😃
Levan Varshalomidze privet,rogor xar lamazo? mshvenieri xar martlac rom.. ginda civi yava davliot?
Gustavo Alejandro Fajardo Briceño Hace mucho tiempo que deje de tener amores platonicos . Pero tu me haces volver a pensarlo ;) que mujer por dios
Mohamad Bni-Hasan اوباااااا والله يا لعينه صايره كسماتك لف ملفوفات حليانه من بعد ما تركتي حبيب قلبي كريستيانو
Douglo Forgi I'd drink every drop of your ripe fruit juice syrup out of you through a straw

Saturday vibes with @lorealmakeup 💋

30.9k reactions 333 comments
Panos Theodorou Who else is excited about Game Of Thrones!!!!???
Antonio Caloch No Ronaldo no like
Youseef Khalid Wädäh Sübhíشكلهة لاعبة بلكاسيت مال مسجل
Raj Khanzode Gurjeet read the comments😂😂
Yazan Hassoun Hsn Rkab الله يبعثلك متلا 😛

20 years🖤 #GianniVersace

3.6k reactions 102 comments
Sulaiman Wahab No Ronaldo NOOOO likkkkee
Filip Matic no ronaldo no gianni versace
Pascale Tilotta Ai tempi d'oro di Gianni Versace (genio ed imperatore della Moda) non c'era un cazzo per nessuno! ❤️❤️❤️
Ali Zaoui sadomachiste you mean?!
Sirage Ouhaddou Furkan Yilmaz der sieht aus wie olexesh

#Saturday 💤

19.8k reactions 244 comments
Tushar Râj I am a Ronaldo fanboy myself but Let's stop mocking her guys. It is enough.
Raj Jain Ronaldo's left foot is stronger than your prferred foot.
Margot Guay The best you have done: ronaldo out of your life!! Congratulations
Khalil Al Silwadi اجرين طبرجي 😑
Rashid Sarwar No Ronaldo no saturdays in your life, no 💤, no showing legs in an island paradise 😡


10.8k reactions 114 comments
Ramazan Ölmez Beşiktaş
Vishvesh Gorade No ronaldo no likes
Abdelouahed Elkettani Where's that ?
Balotelli Iheb No Ronaldo no like hhhh

Timeline Photos

9.0k reactions 177 comments
Younes EG Regina Ma wie kann man nicht rufen? 🤔
AHmed AZeem Just came to see Ronaldo comments 😂😂😂😂
Filip Matic no ronaldo no fish
Ivan Columbro Cioè, anche tra l'alluce ed il primo dito...
William Martinez Morales cambian los colores por ti>,ese nunca perder>mas supo> no pidio >realmente alli >ese por mass >lleno en amorrr


61.5k reactions 624 comments
Daniel Silva you know.... No ronaldo no sun <3
Bens Aid Nacho Ahmed Ronaldo 3 baby with Georgina you 0 baby hjjj
San-ice Mahar Jan Oo
Leago D Jeopardy Thulare No Lord Bendter, no like.
Mouaad Laghfiri Agorram mab9atch ghir Enca ?

Never leave the house without my #Solarin 💘 @sirinlabs

15.8k reactions 277 comments
Anthony Rosa Michael Tammarro lives on 20 street, Chelsea piers, His neighbor is Blonde , Debby Harry the singer.
Anthony Rosa People are just talking to be talking, And they never met Irina Shayk, Irina lived in France for 2 years.
Andy Garcia **************************** www.americaonmarket .com www.aom3 .com **************************** "2 Domain Names - For Sale" ------------------------------ **************************** www.americaonmarket .com www.aom3 ....
Zeshan Hosayne No Ronaldo Never leave the house without my Solarin
Emi Wieczorek You are beautiful Irina 💕

More @blumarine with @luigiandiango 💋🎥✨

5.9k reactions 151 comments
Carlos Anibal Olivo Dominguez Bellisima y Muy Sexy
Soran Salman 💋🎥✨
Carlos Alberto Linda
José Eugênio Bevilácqua Belíssima, parabéns e sucesso!
Gonza Ruibal Diosa espectacular

Another one from @blumarine with dream duo @luigiandiango 💋💋

8.0k reactions 154 comments
Noo Phạm do not understand👀
Zacharie Defaut Jo bellissima
Zeshan Hosayne No Ronaldo No dreamduo
Jasper Sammy No Ronaldo no like
Soumaya Barhoumi no irina only georgina, no ronaldo no like 😊

New @blumarine out now with the incredible @luigiandiango 😍😘 Happiest bday @luigimurenu love you, and our amazing work together🙏🏼❤❤ Enjoy your day💋💋

7.3k reactions 169 comments
Alessandra Dell'Aglio No Ronaldo... Yes like 😍🤣
Enes Kavak no ronaldo no like
Vishvesh Gorade No ronaldo no likes
Rahul Madridista I love you Irina you are most gorgeous Lots of love from India
Michael Zwick Irina , very nice picture of you!

#Unpublished 📸💜 @mertalas @macpiggott #tbt

78.8k reactions 1574 comments
Lasha Minashvili xinkalivit gogo xar )))
Jav Rad My goodness! No wonder why the weather is so hot today. :)
Sadiq Qara LoL these Ronaldo groupie dudes are worse than chicks :) Get a life and enjoy this beauty. She's just a yumball:)
Mizrap Düz Rica ediyorum parlamento meclis te dahil kültür ırk din mezhep fırka spor sanat siyaset medya ülke veya dünya ve halkta dahil herhangi kişisel toplumsal vb bayan erkek veya gay küçük veya büyük yetkili veya yetkisiz iyi veya kötü herhangi benzeri olarak ...

More 'Beauty and Serenity' with @givenchyofficial ❤❤✨ @riccardotisci17 @mertalas @macpiggott @carineroitfeld #Love #Family

45.1k reactions 581 comments
JS Gallego A mulher mais bonita do mundo 💌 the prettiest woman of the world!
Cida Paiva Menina linda Deus te cubra de muitas bençãos e conquistas💖 sucesso ❤ felicidades 💚💛💙🇧🇷
Benigno Espinosa Calderòn Beautiful Glow that has the sweet and soft green Eyes of Irina Shayk, Kisses. Beni.
Fábio Freitas No Ronaldo no big ballon'dors
Toño Cambronel Cambronel Martinez Si fuera juez ...te condenaría a cadena perpetua conmigo bella Irina Shayk 😍😘👸🌟💜💙

Happy bday to the one and only☝🏼 @patmcgrathreal.. Love and blessings to this extraordinary woman 🎉❤❤😘😘🎁🎊

9.7k reactions 181 comments
Jack Smith Million times you are better then Christina ,I would kiss those lips forever
Sergio Gimenez Happy Bday
Franck Bretéché Happy birthday Irina
João Estanqueiro Happy bday!
Alexia Alexia When i say that Ronaldo is the best I refer to all.

Saturday's got me like.. 🙃With my fav @intimissimiofficial

34.5k reactions 454 comments
Vinoth Mac Ynwa No Ronaldo No Like
Steven Mark Sanders I am going to try to get darker than you without burning this year!!!!
Steven Mark Sanders No Ronaldo period because he is going to be a jail-bird except his sister & Irina will agree including hubby
Jehad Abu Mohana So no Ronaldo it's Sunday
Tatyana Sapryka I congratulate you on the birth of your baby with Bradley. I wish all the best!

Instagram Photos

15.8k reactions 292 comments
Lebohang Moloi The legendary Mr Testino
Henry Ernest no ronaldo no mariotestino😂😂😂
Mert Sargın no Mike no like
Karey Schmidt By the way nice boob

Happy bday to the legend #StevenMeisel 🙏🏼❤ @albertaferretti

18.9k reactions 410 comments
Paweł Żółtowski Fajniejsze dziewczyny w Gdańsku frytki sprzedają... Tomasz Spyda 😉
Roberto Saviotti Massimo, ma un bar con un servizio così... dove lo posso trovare?
Jules Starling-Savant Steven Meisel rocks (Joan Jett sessions), but I Shayk sets ice on fire.

Wow 3 million raised for @amfar at #AmfarCannes2017!👏🏼🎊 Amazing, sweet @carineroitfeld thank u for bringing us together and making it possible💛💛😘 #Amfar #LorealCannes

5.4k reactions 122 comments
Hitender Rax But Barbara Palvin though 😍😍😍
Joelle Sarah Sveider Wonderful creature.......
Abhishek Lambi No ronaldo no likes
Yasith Bandara If there ronaldo no children 😂
Daniel Silva No Ronaldo no like ou melhor sem Ronaldo não gosto

Watching this sunset like.. 🌇😍 @missoni 💖 photo via @chapuyc 😘

5.8k reactions 152 comments
Jack Chatham So sexist and misogynistic you no like people
Sengu GgMu No Ronaldo no sunset
Shahbaz Tahir No Ronaldo No Sunset 😂
Adel Ben Hadj Kacem Hello Irina I wish to you a lovely and Happy Wednesday
Imad Sbai No Ronaldo no sunset

Incredible night at #Cannes2017 with @amfar #amfar 💘 Special thanks to @prada for the gown 💋✨ #LorealCannes

19.2k reactions 282 comments
NoOr CoOl No Ronaldo No incredible night
Archit Gautam No Ronaldo no like no Cannes
Tilman-Otto Wagner Irina Shayk, figgdi, Nuttä, Schlampä, Huere, Mösä, Flöte! Dä bapi hät dich liäb!
منیر سهیم No ronaldo no speacial thanks 😏
Oussama Boukhenissa No Ronaldo no incredible night

Timeline Photos

29.2k reactions 312 comments
Lincoln Williams This is good my good friend you are staring hard at something I'll know what you staring at
Bashar Alasmar I wonder when the ronaldo comments will stop
Mashhour Elwan I think too much pictures for you every day is not healthy for your career
Idabo Kenechukwu Peter Y r people hating this girl? Ronaldo left her n she has to carry on with his life.
AnaeJonh Morais You look so fearless and gorgeous, definitely motherhood is a gift. Happiness for you and your family.
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