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Surprise your valentine with one of these sweet tokens of affection.

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Ja Be
Winter Breeze I once again believe that another sad vday is on my horizon .
The Law of Attraction - What we think we become. In life you will meet two kinds of people. Ones who build you up, and ones who tear you down. But in the end, you will thank them both. - Unknown.
Jennie Landegren I have never received a gift for Valentines day. There I said it 😢

Because those store-bought air fresheners just smell so...artificial.

DIY Natural Air Fresheners: So Fresh and So Clean
DIY Natural Air Fresheners: So Fresh and So Clean

Does anybody really want their home to smell like vanilla?

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Ja Be
Maria Marques Cristina Haberstock
Kerri Hazen Ben Hazen
Heidi Boyle Miller Dale Pitman OMG
April Talley Griner Gabrielle Medler

Pretty important stuff for us Ikea shoppers. (via Popsugar)

Here Is the Age You
Here Is the Age You're Officially Too Old to Shop at Ikea

A new study conducted by Earnest looked at the spending data from 43,000 people and discovered some interesting insights into how people's home decor and

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Rose Ann Sausto Harrigan The title of this post contradicts the content of the article. The stores want your money and don't care about your age. The article's point is that people's shopping habits change with age, largely due to increased income.
Gina Williams Really? What if IKEA is a style I like? Love when people put stuff it like this, to bad I do what I like, yup not your trendy. My style is mine alone:)
Carole Machol-Atler This is a ridiculous article ... I love Pier 1. I also regularly shop at Bed, Bath and Beyond, Home Depot and Lowes (which this says I am too old to shop). Who writes this crap?
Joori Han Eliana Garcia lol I still shop for furniture and home goods at target- sometimes in the dorm room section, so Martha can piss off on this subject. I still got them Restoration Hardware goals doe! 😂
Cheryl Umana The second column of the chart (if I'm interpreting this correctly) is more telling. For example only 3% of peak aged people actually shop at the Restoration Hardware. So this does not tell me what age group actually does shop there. That first column ...

Your brunch game will be *that* much stronger.

Omelette 101
Omelette 101

Food editor Shira Bocar demonstrates how to make a French omelette.

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Ja Be
Bill Clark Widen your demographic...
Merritt Smith Your association with snoop dogg has fouled your reputation. Unfortunately, later Martha.
Ratih Permatasari Involving cubed butter in the batter and fried with butter Glory

You won't be able to resist a slice of this gooey yet crunchy dessert:

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Laura Díaz Marianela Diaz Perez
Lynn Tutt Crystal Oberts
Ingrid Sullivan Harris Sonja Dowdle
Angela Renee Lee Aaron Lee
Lidor Baeloha Halit Baeloha כזה תכיני לי

Intimate spaces can be some of the most unique, too.

How to Turn a Closet into a Home Bar (Also Known as Best Idea Ever)
How to Turn a Closet into a Home Bar (Also Known as Best Idea Ever)

Check out how they transformed a client's home office into more than just a place to check emails.

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Jasmine Reid Brandon Bourne
Deanee Walker Bianca Rei
Angela Smith Hid in a closet while drunk! Does that count?
Jennifer Keefe Great idea !
Jennifer Erica Sweda the word 'unique' can't be qualified.

We'll take twenty.

Rocky-Road Bites
Rocky-Road Bites

Allow these to set in the refrigerator, and store there until ready to serve.

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And the owner's name is "Kale." (No, we're totally serious.)

There's a Vegan Butcher Shop and it's Seriously Changing the Meat Alternative Game

The thriving store sells meat-free meats and cheese-free cheeses.

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Kathleen Pepi Southern Dan
Ana Dominguez Daisy Domínguez
Kavin Sivakumar Sydney Ty
William Laroche Ginny Cook-Browne Rick Browne
Ellen M Arnold Tara Dawn

Sauteed apples and onion combine with the pork for a tastiness that never disappoints.

Pork Chops with Apples and Onions
Pork Chops with Apples and Onions

From Lucinda Scala Quinns Mad Hungry, comes an easy pork-chop dish.

365 reactions 8 comments
Rosa Musumeci Elena Canto
Francisco Porto Francisco Porto
Shenay Forbes Blankenaar Ashton Blankenaar Roselie Blankenaar Shenay Forbes Blankenaar
Tami A. Pinder-Franklin Bernadette Hall Gray we have to try this
Connie Casey Hanna Made many times. Delicious

Here's how to really make them shine.

Clean Cookie Sheets
Clean Cookie Sheets

Martha explains the best way to clean cookie sheets.

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Lillian Laic I use a glass pan - the best for cookies 👌
Pam Quittmeyer In other words, you can't clean the stains off them
Debbie Doyle Belknap Wash them -- thanks for the advice
Sharon Norman Gates Useless!
Liz Bradbury Who cares if they shine. Line them with parchment paper and you're good.

Quick and easy ways to deal when the struggle is real. (via Parents Magazine)

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Joe Recession Darned post it notes.
Carrie B. Riley Thought of you Mandy Green Murff, all those sticky notes!!
Travis White Or Daddy Daycare lol
Caren Conner #momstress=#abottleofwine
Mandy Green Murff I still have them EVERYWHERE😛

Don't play it safe.

17 Ways to Eat Brown Rice
17 Ways to Eat Brown Rice

Brown rice, once the darling carb of the health conscious, is often overcooked and mushy ... and ripe for reinvention.

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Rhonda Moore Kaylin Jurrjens

We're in love.

This is What the Real Downton Abbey Looked Like
This is What the Real Downton Abbey Looked Like

The vintage photographs of Highclere Castle in the 1800s are amazing!

3.5k reactions 120 comments
Dori Raddatz-Crolius BEAUTIFUL!!!!
Peg Leslie Check out the documentary on Highclere on Netflix
Lois Pack The grounds a spectacular too, we live not far.
Dionna L Elliott Love this show
Laura Carnevale Thanks for sharing, Martha.

Give your bathroom the ultimate spa treatment!

How to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Personal Home Spa
How to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Personal Home Spa

...with relaxing aromas, luxurious accessories, and soothing colors to create a personal retreat in your own home.

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Natalie Rajcinoski Hristina Rajcinoska
Laurel Kay Lame

You can create any pattern imaginable with appliqués.

Appliquéd Throw Pillows
Appliquéd Throw Pillows

Another reason to love removable throw-pillow covers!

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Lynn Lomas like this!

Rather than just moan and groan about a lack of healthy food options, the founders of Sweetgreen got to work.

68 reactions 2 comments
Susan Gordon With all the products and fresh produce abundantly available in every supermarket in America, it's hard to understand how people moan and groan about a lack of healthy food options.
Cherie Capostagno Our daughter used to take us to "this cute healthy place" that opened up on M when we'd visit her at Georgetown. She lived nearby and ate at Sweetgreen all the time! Didn't realize they were alumni! Hoya Saxa!

So simple...and so party-ready.

Turtle Brittle
Turtle Brittle

Store in the refrigerator until ready to serve if using faux-tempered chocolate.

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Chrissy Firth Cynthia Mcfaul 😱😍
Cecelia Alvey Yum...
Simone Coccia Colaiuta The best friend in the world with Martha Stewart

Use the supermarket staple of rotisserie chicken in this comforting casserole.

Chicken and Spinach Casserole
Chicken and Spinach Casserole

Combine shredded chicken with sauteed spinach in a cream sauce, pour into a baking dish, and top with torn bread. Serve your family this creamy, bubbling casserole for a cozy dinner.

417 reactions 5 comments
Leah Goldstone Mila Katerina
Marty Taylor Rockenstire I have made this many times, a great recipe.

Look to the following tips for a healthful solution.

Mindfulness Tips for Greater Productivity
Mindfulness Tips for Greater Productivity

When you find yourself struggling to be productive.

88 reactions 1 comments
Amal Sanhaji Whether you’re a man or a woman. If you struggle to reveal your flat and firm midsection — or even if you want a set of ripped six pack abs — I’ve got a quick story for you. And it holds the key to getting the flat and defined abs you desire... http:...

Are we living in a sci-fi movie?!

Don't Miss the Top 6 Smart Home Innovations from CES

This year's Consumer Electronics Show was teeming with smart home innovations that will change the way you live.

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Tina Scioletti No, we're not living in a sci if movie, Martha.
Renae Kathleen Corcoran The fact that some people cannot finish a single bottle of wine before it goes bad blows my mind.

Go on: Ham it up!

Wham-Ham-Pow! 11 Perfect Ham Casseroles
Wham-Ham-Pow! 11 Perfect Ham Casseroles

This salty cut of pork adds a powerful flavor boost to dishes, especially slowly baked casseroles.

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Molly Seaborn Crissy

Why get out of bed to go to the movies?

1.0k reactions 60 comments
Jane Barton Kelly Barton 😂
Marites Ortega Jeff Ortega Jun Ortega
Brittany Romo Eberardo Romo need
Ginny Dukes Laura Goodman
Tina Aldworth We so need this Thomas Aldworth

Our jaws are on the floor.

Can You Guess the Average Age of the Ikea, CB2, or Pier 1 Shopper?
Can You Guess the Average Age of the Ikea, CB2, or Pier 1 Shopper?

As we age, our tastes change...and so, therefore, do the places we shop!

172 reactions 37 comments
Belinda Alcone People still shop at Pier 1?
Mary Cattapan 22
Lori Muraska Who cares?
Tina Scioletti Jaw dropping? You're kidding, right?
Fiona Kite My Guess 14 - 34

We're loving this cocktail -- and its awesome name, too.

Aviation Cocktail
Aviation Cocktail

For a sourer cocktail, use only 1 dash of maraschino liqueur.

106 reactions 11 comments
Elizabeth Jones Michelle Rosenbohm Holmes
Terri Watson Young Rebecca Braun Young
Lorin Hysler Szoke Courtney Mullady Fay Etta
Jane Menke Hautem Bee Somers ✈️
Betty Briar Koshalek Fabulous, used to have this at the Source in DC

Perfecting Hot chocolate

989 reactions 25 comments
Inbsl Found Rotburd Shir Shaul
Myra Ryan Aoife Ryan
Rash Herbert Alcibíades McElele Jiménez
Shaimaa Aziz Esraa El-Shamy
Daan Schoevaars Emil Paarup Tiedt

Healthy food does so much more than leave you feeling well-nourished.

Eat for Your Health
Eat for Your Health

Choose wisely come mealtime, and you'll up your chances of living a vibrant, long life. You can help prevent -- or better control -- conditions ranging from cancer to arthritis with a targeted dietary and lifestyle approach.

223 reactions 2 comments
Amy Burgland Alexa Williams
Kirstin Kallabis-Rippel Pak Choi!

This childhood favorite gets the grown-up treatment!

Hazelnut Puppy Chow
Hazelnut Puppy Chow

...and big chocolate flavor with the addition of hazelnut spread and cocoa powder.

137 reactions 3 comments
Susy Beltz-Allen Stephanie Goodwin - makes me think of you!
Carolyn Weitzel Glaser dogs can't eat chocolate

You'll want to give this a read.

3 Important Rules for Breaking Bad Habits
3 Important Rules for Breaking Bad Habits

In nutrition school, we learned that any real change, any change that has any chance to really last -- really implement itself in your life -- takes three full weeks.

188 reactions 6 comments
Ezdhar Libya I need to forget bad habits
Johanna Claudette The writer really phoned it in with this article.
Simone Coccia Colaiuta The best friend in the world with Martha Stewart
David Kane So, get ready to garden. In another couple months it will be time to start seeding some scrumptious soups.
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