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These beautifully breaded chicken breasts are golden in just 25 minutes! Try our foolproof 3-step method for perfect results every time:

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Mardi Nowak Mark Taylor
Natalia Castro Maria Alice
Kristen Philbrook Olivia Philbrook
Jennifer Potts Scott Potts
Paola d'Alena In Italy is called: cotoletta!

TUNE IN: Don't forget to check in with Martha tomorrow at 12 p.m. EST on Facebook Live, where she'll be teaching the best ways to declutter and organize your family bathroom.

9 ways to declutter your bathroom counter
9 ways to declutter your bathroom counter

Plus, here's a peek at Martha's latest vanity collections from The Home Depot!

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Sergio Hernandez Rosa American sweetheart yeah aajjaa aajjaa
Sergio Hernandez Rosa Cute women aajjaa aajjaa,,got flavor and style love it
Joel Latham Thanks

"First it sleeps, then it creeps, then it leaps.” This old gardeners’ saying fits the climbing hydrangea perfectly.

Here's the secret behind Martha's gorgeous climbing hydrangeas

They're easier to care for than you think!

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Adam Sa Mine are in the creeping stage...
Sandra Andreoli Her gardeners. Lol
Ivan Payero Beautiful
Lynn Miller Graydon The Japanese beetles eat all the leaves every year on mine. Anybody have any suggestions to prevent this?

That wedding dress! 😱

A Colorful Brooklyn Wedding with Lots of Patterns
A Colorful Brooklyn Wedding with Lots of Patterns

It was a smash-literally, there were piñatas.

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Michael Shears Peta Dent
Kristine Sullivan Emily Scheliga
Chanel Bedeau Johanna Burnett
Doreen Wheeler Ashlynn js
Michelle Zoppa Amazingly different. Love it.

Step 1: Take everything out!

How to organize a drawer in 5 easy steps
How to organize a drawer in 5 easy steps

Every drawer, regardless of shape or size, requires the exact same steps to getting organized.

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Happy National Prime Rib Day! Here's the best way to celebrate ...

Recipe: Prime Rib and Oven-Roasted Potatoes with Bay Leaves and Sage
Recipe: Prime Rib and Oven-Roasted Potatoes with Bay Leaves and Sage

The archetypal English "joint," prime rib of beef, features a burnished crust and a rosy interior.

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Robert Morgan-Wilde Love it!
Ok Yong Elliott Look so good , my favorite ingredients ,

Raise your hand if you want to join an ice cream pint club!

16 Mother
16 Mother's Day gift ideas for the food-loving mom

We've got you covered with more than a dozen unique, thoughtful gifts.

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Lisa Pinette Francesca - you need to join an ice cream pint club!

#TBT to that time when John Legend visited Martha and shared this recipe for his favorite Southern comfort food.

Recipe: John Legend
Recipe: John Legend's Macaroni and Cheese

We know what we're making at our next dinner party!

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Steph Etmanskie Ian Skikavich
Paige Erwin Crystal
Lene Pedersen Halstvedt Jakob Richard 😜
Catherine D. Duda Elizabeth Duda Catherine Duda

Skip the take-out tonight, and make these crispy pork parmesan sandwiches instead!

Recipe: Italian Pork Sandwiches
Recipe: Italian Pork Sandwiches

Looking for a quick, inexpensive, and fun dinner?

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You won't believe what this kitchen looked like before ...

Before and After: See the best kitchen makeovers
Before and After: See the best kitchen makeovers

The kitchen, with all its moving parts, is the hardest room in the house to remodel.

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Here's a great birthday party activity for your kids!

DIY tin can toss game
DIY tin can toss game

These cans can be decoupaged with any patterned paper of your choice.

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Linda Bond This is a really nice idea :)
Heidi Cady Megan Parson Stopera - do you think Zoe would enjoy this?

Cinnamon, cumin, and paprika give this chicken dish its distinctive flavor. What's for dinner tonight? Try our Moroccan chicken and rice with chickpeas:

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Yeniffer Araujo Jorge Guerra😍
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Maria Imtiaz Umm
Zensornok Phoenix yummy
Pia Vancoutren Love these spices together, and yes, allspice!!!❤

Find inspiration in the simplest of materials ...

15 crafts you can make from a simple doily
15 crafts you can make from a simple doily

A tablecloth, gift-wrapping, a set of napkin holders – the possibilities are endless.

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Alixandra Williams Good luck finding a doily these days where I live.

A zebra striped cake certainly looks dramatic, but we promise the process is quick and easy!

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Michael Benavides Christopher Moore
Nada Nieuwoudt Angelina Nieuwoudt Raynard Nieuwoudt
Ana Carolina Zangerolamo Sueli Abrantes Nascimbeni
Crystal DiBerardinis Sara Jean Quillen

A bright note of mint and some creamy avocado combine to make a refreshing morning fuel!

Recipe: Avocado, Pear, and Spinach Smoothie
Recipe: Avocado, Pear, and Spinach Smoothie

This nutrient-packed spinach smoothie hits the sweet spot, thanks to fresh pear and coconut water.

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Joanne Bainbridge Molly Riordan
Imelda Ortega Suzara Mwah
Maria Osoria Thank-you Martha!
Joel Latham Thanks
Marie-Pierre Jobin Eve Stl, je vois avocado et je pense à toi. On doit essayer ça.

We've got just the right Mother's Day gift ideas to put a smile on her face!

Here are our editors
Here are our editors' top picks for Mother's Day gifts

Shop over 50 hand-selected ideas from the editors of "Martha Stewart Living."

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Nicole Harris Ainslie Rockall-Mills
Joel Latham Yummm
Patricia C. Ledbetter I just ordered gifts for three mothers in my life-my daughter,my mother-in-law, and my sister-in-law! Thank you Martha !

Learn how to master this essential cooking technique!

Here's how to crush garlic

You'll be glad to hear it’s really very simple.

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Doris Tillman Works everytime!

Keep your linens fresh and towels fluffy with these simple pro-tips from Martha!

Here's how to take care of your towels and linens

How can I prevent my towels from pilling in the washer and dryer?

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Dolly L Williams Put 1/3 cup of white vinegar in your final rinse cycle and don't use dryer sheets. They have chemicals that make your clothes and towels get old fast. I have a fabric softener dispenser and I put a little water with the vinegar. Your clothes will be ...

All you need is 1 pot and 20 minutes to prep!

How to make shrimp jambalaya
How to make shrimp jambalaya

This spicy New Orleans favorite can be tamed with a milder smoked sausage in place of the traditional Cajun andouille.

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Cesar Cordova That looks good.
Joel Latham Thanks
Julie Pipestem Looks Good ❤
Stephanie Myers Arigbab Yes i have to try this.. Thanks for posting..
Jo Jo Thierry LOL SMH

Don't let those photogenic desserts steal all of the spotlight!

17 stunning potluck side dishes guaranteed to steal the show
17 stunning potluck side dishes guaranteed to steal the show

A good side dish can be a freewheeling powerhouse at any potluck.

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Tye Merricks Gray Papuan.
Megan Kirkhart That tart looks incredible! 😋

What's better than chocolate? More chocolate! This flourless chocolate espresso cake isn't complete without our chocolate glaze:

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Jen Verranault Celina Garcia
Denise Wolff Sierra Michaelson
Margaret Cabrera Rowena Bermio
Jessica Gisondi Phil Rathosky
Tuan Nonnalin Thungsoonthorn Firsto Naledee

Ever heard of spatchcocking? It might just be the easiest and quickest way to cook a whole chicken.

Recipe: Spatchcocked Saffron Chicken
Recipe: Spatchcocked Saffron Chicken

The technique is reminiscent of an Omani practice that uses smooth riverbed stones placed over the embers of a fire to grill meat.

103 reactions 6 comments
Melissa Voutsos Hogle Mark Hogle, Kristin Josephson Hogle
Kristin Josephson Hogle Yumm
Joni Durand-Tande We've done this a couple times and love how it turned it!
Noreen Ohai-Daniels Our favorite way to roast a chicken or turkey.
Sergio Hernandez Rosa You beautiful on every aspect gorgeous women I love it AAJJAA AAJJAA AAJJAA,, you in piece sweety ,,AAjjAA AAJJAA,, you a flavor women AAjjAA AAjjAA,,

The best Mother's Day presents offer something that's truly made to last.

6 gift-worthy kits to inspire a new hobby for mom
6 gift-worthy kits to inspire a new hobby for mom

Has she ever wanted to learn weaving? Mixology? Or how to grow a butterfly garden of her own?

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Jennifer Alexander-Prugh Love the butterfly garden gift set idea

Sticker shock at the furniture store? Here's a #DIY headboard you can make for just a few bucks.

Make your own upholstered headboard in 4 easy steps
Make your own upholstered headboard in 4 easy steps

Take matters into your own hands!

77 reactions 5 comments
Charlsy Huneycutt I love it!! Thus is so cute ; ) <3
Tina Carrillo Cool but doubt it was "just a few dollars".
Alixandra Williams Pretty fabric. There used to be really good how-to shows on HGTV. I dropped all of those channels because now it is all junk.
Maria Osoria I just ordered this Asian fabric, Last month can't wait for it to arrive! (Thanks Martha!)

The easiest way to deliver big flavor with minimal effort is by using a marinade!

12 steak marinade recipes to beef up your dinner tonight
12 steak marinade recipes to beef up your dinner tonight

Even minimal effort produces worthy results.

177 reactions 2 comments
Carole Decarlo Best marinade for decades.... Wishbones Robusto Italian! Steak, chicken, potatoe salad, asparagus! Awesome!!!!!
Michelle Murillo Flank, or tri tip use... 3/4 cup Tequila, a LOT of lime juice, fresh chopped garlic, chopped shallot, cilantro, and a bit of soy sauce. Marinate overnight. Serve sliced with warm corn tortillas!

Our "Kitchen Conundrums" expert Thomas Joseph was honored at the Oscars of the food world last night!

"Kitchen Conundrums" just won a James Beard Award!
"Kitchen Conundrums" just won a James Beard Award!

Here's how to watch the most-popular videos from the series.

398 reactions 29 comments
Alexander Beback Mimi Lennox- here ya go
Hannah Omary Good, his shows are very helpful.
Marianne Vilhelmsen Well done👍
Wendy Dunsford Hooray ❤
Linda Hagel Congratulations Thomas!!!

Today is #NationalPretzelDay! Did you know that making pretzels from scratch isn’t difficult? Just follow this step-by-step guide, and see all the fun shapes you can make:

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Sarah Marie Jeremy Noble
Elisa Morotti Irina Mezzani
Kathy Weiss Plaisance Ophelie Chenaud Montgomery
Chiara Cajelli Deborah ♡♡♡♡♡♡
Berry Wong biji rami itu seperti apa ya

This refreshing beverage is shaken (not stirred) with basil, gin, orange juice, and tonic. Skip happy hour tonight, and make our lillet-basil cocktail for yourself:

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Lorin Hysler Szoke Courtney Mullady
Mary Hinson Myrtle Mincin
Molly McMullen Parker Hollie Sandlin
Martin Bekker Tracey Burger
Victoria Lee York Victoria Lee York

A big congratulations to our Director of Food Development, Thomas Joseph, on his James Beard Award win! We think it's only fitting to celebrate with a new episode of Kitchen Conundrums on how to make a perfect, fluffy chiffon cake:

1.1k reactions 46 comments
Elizabeth Kahn This looks like heaven!!! 😍😍😍
Joan Hager Thanks so much - will try😊
Robert Mcgrath Do they deliver ?!!
Maria Martinez Congratulations!!!!!
Kathleen Holden Looks yummy!
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