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New on "Sweet Talk": Editor Lindsay Strand makes our summer dessert dreams come true with an apricot-and-strawberry galette! Pin the recipe here:

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SiΓ’n McCarthy Claire McCarthy
Celina Gonzalez Luli
Arthur Leopold πŸ˜πŸ’―πŸ™Œ
Sara Kanaan ΨͺΩ…
Yo Sloan YUM

This pasta Nicoise is filled with all the flavors of the classic French salad:

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Ida Anderson Stephani Anderson
Samir Abdullah Baillie Breanna Rose Baillie
Corinne Walter Yeh or neh? Simon Walter
Alison Lie and really easy to make πŸ‘
Shogo Yoshida Good!

"During my modeling days, we didn’t have a team of stylists for photo shoots," says Martha. "I had to do my hair myself!"

How to recreate the best hairstyles from Martha
How to recreate the best hairstyles from Martha's modeling days

Here are a few of my favorite hairstyles and the tools that you can use to achieve the volume, hold, or sweep you'd like.

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Linda Karcher ❀️ you are as beautiful now as you were then❀️
Diana Goeschl Simply Beautiful
Nona Samarrai Obsessed πŸ’ž
Patricia Zambrano And it shows
Pilar Nobio Lars Kievit bf, look how beautiful our Martha was!

Want a sweet ending to your Eid al-Fitr feast? Children and adults alike will love breaking open these festive paper crackers. Each one is filled with tiny treats:

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Ala Elzowyi Thank you so muchπŸ’πŸ’..and Happy Eid for all of you..πŸ’–πŸŒ™πŸ’
Beth Laqsoumi Wish I saw this sooner. Many ideas for next Eid for those who celebrate it.
Anne West Totally agree Alejandra Perez....I am unfollowing Martha 😑
Alejandra Perez Enough with this already.
Beth Laqsoumi If it's decorated with a picture of a Christmas tree, is the Muslim religion going to unfollow Martha?

Sour summer cherries are the stars of these fun-to-eat hand pies:

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Beverley Litwin Yummy!
Brett Schneider Martha, check out Cronuts. Getting popular. Stuffed with guava in FL.

This spinach-feta creation is a healthy take on the Greek specialty, spanakopita.

What's for dinner tonight? Spinach tart with a cracker crust

Here are this week's dinner recipes – just what you need for a delicious meal every night.

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Judye Nicol Murrell Nicki Karaganis
Gail Vass Looks terrible.
Jessica Dianne Ewwww..... I will stick with regular pizza just like they say if it isn't broke don't fix it

What pairs perfectly with summer? A Marley Spoon grilling giveaway featuring Martha Stewart Wine Co. and Big Green Egg! Learn more and enter here:

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Chrislin Payne Huge fan
Jenny Gratcyk-Summerhill Thank you, Martha. Happy Summer.
Lynne Kochersperger Elvidge Love the meal kits idea
Gina Justice Martha Stewart's meal kits, sound great!
Jewel A. Corley thank you for this opportunity.. love it! keep on keeping on Martha!

You only need 5 ingredients to make this sweet treat!

Recipe: Chocolate-Covered Almond Pralines
Recipe: Chocolate-Covered Almond Pralines

These pralines are also delicious when made with hazelnuts.

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Make your celebration stand out from the rest!

10 next-level BBQ ideas: Drinks, decorations, dessert, and more
10 next-level BBQ ideas: Drinks, decorations, dessert, and more

The grill won't be all that's fired up over these crowd-pleasing ideas for your next backyard barbecue.

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Mariah Casanova Churion Luis Churion

These easy chicken wraps aren't just great for dinner – they're also great for picnics:

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Diana Bryant Logan Bryant

Tiny spaces and bland color palettes, be gone!

Before & After: The best kitchen makeovers
Before & After: The best kitchen makeovers

From cabinetry to plumbing, it takes a village (or maybe just a few years) to produce a killer kitchen makeover.

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These dinners are low on cost, but high in creativity (and flavor).

42 quick budget-friendly recipes
42 quick budget-friendly recipes

Your taste buds and wallet will achieve perfect harmony with our selection of quick meals.

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Ida Anderson Stephani Anderson

Triple the chocolate! How to make slow-cooker brownies:

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Rebecca Martinez Mike Ortiz Sarah Ortiz
Heather Romine But why though?
Peter Winston Gerbeville Mmmm

Here's to National Praline Day!

Recipe: Southern Sour-Cream Pralines
Recipe: Southern Sour-Cream Pralines

Sour cream is the secret behind the unusually smooth texture of these Southern pralines.

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Lorrie Johnson Judy Johnson

You will love every layer of this creamy dip ...

Recipe: The Ultimate 8-Layer Dip
Recipe: The Ultimate 8-Layer Dip

It's great for summer entertaining and game-day parties!

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GCM Turnings & Craft Yum!
Betty Hensley This dip is so good. I have made it several times.

At the end of Ramadan, a holy month for Muslims around the world, friends and family break their dawn-to-dusk fasting with the three-day celebration of Eid al-Fitr.

5 elegant Eid al-Fitr ideas that we love
5 elegant Eid al-Fitr ideas that we love

Here are our favorite DIY ideas from Eid gifts to glittery garlands to make your holiday all the more special.

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Hannah Duthie Saw this Jasmine Umm Isa .. and thought of you!!
Brenda Yaqub Thanks Martha!
Nihal Ferchichi Love these ideas ❀️
Dalya A. Wazeer Thanks Martha ! Happy Eid
Kawther Saadeh Love these ideas! Thank u! Happy eid everyone

Martha's fried version of mantou, a Saudi meat-filled dumpling, pairs spiced lamb with sweet golden raisins and buttery pine nuts:

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TekknatlΔ± Albatros iis it very heavy ..?
Maria Carbajal Empanadas Martha... empanadasπŸ‡¦πŸ‡·
Jaruvun Sripin πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
Terri Morris Yum!
Trf Nurul Karipap

Gardening is like being on a constant roller coaster: Some plants thrive in even the worst conditions, while others defy our best efforts.

These garden plants are hard to kill (even if you have a brown thumb)
These garden plants are hard to kill (even if you have a brown thumb)

Our guide will help you choose low-maintenance plants that have the built-in survival skills for most environments

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Dianna Blais Jones Joanne Cornell
Sulanya Gunasekara GloriaBruce Wallace
Mayor Christopher Brian Daugherty
Karin Williams Unfortunately, rabbits love them too!
Virginia Joan Graziano Martha says...... About gardening....

Each household item has a different cleaning schedule. Here's your guide to what to clean and when to do it.

So how often should I clean that?
So how often should I clean that?

Lessons from Martha's essential "Homekeeping Handbook."

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Maria Capati-Dwyer Nick Dwyer
Carol Jenkins Smith Andrea Jenkins Phillips
Sara Kanaan ΨͺΩ…
Kittie Brooks I love this book, it's my go to for everything.
Nadeeka Idamegedara Pei-Ying Pan, did you see this?

Children and adults alike will love opening these festive bags on Eid β€” each one is filled with tiny treats including coins, candy, and individually-wrapped chocolates:

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Hanan Atwani Rime El
Tawakkul Noor ❀️❀️❀️❀️
Fifa Fifa Great ideas
Lina Abed Rabou Charabi Thank you so much for your respect and love ❀️ 🌹
Razan Bitar I love it 😍😍😍

This shortcake is a classic for a reason: Everyone loves the play of tart, juicy berries, airy whipped cream, and layers of delicate cake!

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Sara Kanaan ΨͺΩ…
Szaez Baez Yum!
Bobbie Chandler Great dessert for July 4th
Parbati Ghising beautiful, very patriotic
Susan Ruffoni Yummo

When the heat rises outside, keep your kitchen cool inside with our favorite no-bake sweets!

35 delicious no-bake desserts
35 delicious no-bake desserts

Because no celebration is complete without a sweet treat to top it off.

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Ida Anderson Stephani Anderson
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The classic combination of peanut butter and chocolate means this tastes just like a certain classic confection. Watch Sarah Carey make the recipe on a new episode of "Everyday Food," then try it at home here:

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Making a margherita pizza from start to finish is a fun weekend cooking activity that the entire family will love:

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Ida Anderson Stephani Anderson
Kristopher Giroux Lena Giroux
Mark Erhard You recipe, my pie. Quite good.

Good news for plant lovers ...

Study: Exposure to plants increases life expectancy
Study: Exposure to plants increases life expectancy

Researchers at Harvard discovered this surprising perk of living with plants!

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This simple arrangement of summery blooms – decorated with glittered tags – is adapted for the Eid dinner table:

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Laurel Hope Bader Amy Thies Knecht & Kristy Thies
Altaf Shaikh Full of love
Aida Ali ❀️
Fifa Fifa Beautiful

A new episode of "Cooking School" is on tomorrow! Don't forget to tune in and watch Martha whip up some fabulous party-ready recipes (like this spicy dip).

Recipe: Fava Bean Dip
Recipe: Fava Bean Dip

Foul gellaba is customarily served for breakfast but can also make an appearance at lunch or dinner.

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Sara Kanaan ΨͺΩ…

Here's how to make your own pecan sandies:

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Zineb Touni Kenza Ezzaitouni
Tammy Caron Amy Belanger
Sara Kanaan ΨͺΩ…
Kathy Morris πŸ‘
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