Daniel Bryan

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Get your tickets for this year's WWE Hall of Fame before anyone by using this code in the online pre-sale starting Wednesday: YESYES

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Lynn Hedges Stay g m d b
Angel Carire I’m getting my tickets to “All in”
Gary Sabby Sr. Hoping to see the Undertaker get inducted this year
Ben Waddy Owen Hart should be put into the wwe hall of fame this yr
Mustafa Al-kour What if i used Suplex and YesYes

Yes! Yes! Yes! WWE Champions mobile game just named my match against Cesaro as the 10th best WWE Raw match of all time. Join the Yes! movement today and play the special Raw 25th anniversary event in #WWEChampions! http://bit.ly/2FrtaCb #ad

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Laverne Alimae Nicholson Awesome !😸😀
Ruther Ford Steve Its great
Ciise Waadhawr Yeeees
Lupiro Hafizal Adrian neville!?
Michael Culyer That game sucks...like every wwe game

Magic. #dadlife

5.4k reactions 87 comments
Lynn Hedges Cool pic Daniel and daughter
Danish Wani Love u cutie pie
Sanjeev Kumar Very cute baby
Maria Cooklin OMG she's adorable 😍😍😍😚😚
Jim Kulik Enjoy Man goes by fast

On top of the wrestling world. #TBT

5.0k reactions 91 comments
Sean Cook Hope to see you there again one day man!!
Ricardo Imeri Can't wait to see you main event in the Tokyo Dome
Kenneth Kuijsten Yesyesyes .. you give kane strowman reigns in a triple match .. I hate kane .. he broke you daniell .. I want you back to see you fight again ..
Richard Danger DeVarennes Heroes never die.... And neither will the spirit of the American Dragon!

Great choice, WWE Universe!

1.2k reactions 24 comments
Jason Shiels Ben Maguire
Steve Mathieu Simon Mathieu
Larry Bitting Jr. Colton Bitting hahahaha
Angel Peregrina Now that's a big fabulous E
Sher Agha Kofi

WWE SmackDown LIVE: Shane McMahon questions Daniel Bryan

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Hernan Herrera Daniel is gay
Attique Ahmed Shane should have to fire Daniel Brayin
Liz Phillips Spicy!!! Can't wait for your return Brian!!!!!!!!!!!!
John Rampenthal III I pray for you to be fired Daniel Bryan and take that useless Cory Graves with you.....you both suck
Justin Pay When you both going to fight? This is what the lead up is all about.

WWE SmackDown LIVE: Daniel Bryan makes a Tag Team Championship match

1.4k reactions 18 comments
Robert Peterson I have never liked Chad Gable and now I have grown a strong dislike for him. Shelton should be a singles wrestler. I had always like Jason Jordan but of late he has been an obnoxious prick so it is getting to the point where I dont like him at all ...
Jayme McDonough Omg its Leonard and Sheldon lmao
Scott Holmes I dont like thrm
Laverne Alimae Nicholson Actually is not a bad idea
William Duhimbaze What a 💩 promo

#FBF backstage at Monday Night WWE Raw...

3.9k reactions 140 comments
Sujan Basnet Danial brother I Miss you
Сайф Алые Хан Daniel sir what happened to you come back to wwe
Bryan David Look up wrestling ability in the dictionary and it shows this picture.
Paul Allen Moke Jowett they are setting it up. Lol
Rich Cambron I watch Daniel Bryan win he furst started he went a long ways in wrestling ! A amazing wrestler but he probably leave WWE go somewhere else! But needs focus on his neck injures don't won't him get hurt but it's his call! I like see him wrestle Kenny ...

The "glow" really is contagious... please welcome WWE SmackDown Live's latest WWE Mixed Match Challenge team: Jimmy Uso and Naomi!

1.4k reactions 28 comments
Eddie Soto Jr Jillery LS
Dan Smith Tomy Smith
Jeston Katongo Daniel Bryan u are a disgrace to smackDown live
Hamish Krishna Vivek Prasad😂
Aleksandar Adam Vjestica Laura yaaaaas

Rusev has some serious songwriting talent... and a very ravishing WWE Mixed Match Challenge partner!

1.7k reactions 38 comments
Dan Smith Tomy Smith
Satyavrat Tyagi Parth Bagree
Lucie Tyler Joe Moorhouse xxxx
Yamilet Pineda Jair Reyes-pina hahah
Jared Maceri Stefano Scarella ahahah

WWE SmackDown Live's WWE Mixed Match Challenge pairings are off to a glorious start!

1.0k reactions 23 comments
Michelle Jupitz Malkinski Kevin Malkinski
Paul Theodoropoulos Athanasios Andriopoulos
Brown Michael Ben Jones David Street
Adam Urbanek Mathew
David Street Omg Bobby Rude


5.0k reactions 222 comments
John Bamberger I don't know where this angle is going but it better be good.
Nikhil Tripathi U should rip down shane o mac mouth..... In royal rumble or in wrestlemania.
Andrew Buff i thought the hands with the phone in the foreground were a pixelation of db's junk.
Rachell Breeze Daniel is jealous of AJ styles in ring skills

WWE SmackDown LIVE: Daniel Bryan makes a Royal Rumble main event

2.8k reactions 142 comments
Rafael Ayala What's wrong with Daniel Brian got them he wants to be fired or what.
Maraea Haimona Daniel n sami n Owens r cheats dae dnt know hw to fyt der own battles dats ajz belt
Michael Hejl To think all this started over the United States Championship.
Pedro Martinez Jobbing to Sammy is a disgrace
Abdirahman Ali Bryan is a bulshit he needs to be fired he has no respect frim me he just shut😡😡😡

WWE SmackDown LIVE: Daniel Bryan & Shane McMahon alter the main event

1.5k reactions 41 comments
Justin Pay #yupyupyup
Lith Romero Murayari Yes yes Daniel
William Redd Wwe just suck
Barbara Potter Be careful daniel
Parkash Sharma plz sir fiar daniel bryan

Don't forget to make YOUR voice heard for WWE SmackDown Live's potential WWE Mixed Match Challenge pairings!

785 reactions 66 comments
Laverne Alimae Nicholson Ie Rusev and Charlotte Flair
Christina A Drennen AJ & charolette John Cena & Nikki
Christina A Drennen Randy Orton & charolette
M M Sojol 📱👾 lul HMM
Gary Sabby Sr. John Cena & Nicole Cena

Being General Manager of WWE SmackDown Live is always fun...

5.9k reactions 104 comments
Laverne Alimae Nicholson Looks like fun......can another 1st for women be in 2018. I want to be a ref
Sammy Holaso That is why Daniel Brian is the best gm by far.
Anchal Deshwal you are always ...a invincible hero for me and for my mom dad.....loads of love
Carmina Brasil I don't see anything fun,I Iiked him, now I don't.
Sharon Nutt Owens will stab you in the back Daniel, so watch out

WWE SmackDown LIVE: Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan Debate

315 reactions 17 comments
Mike Keith For years now WWE was the best Now with the stupid storylines that You are putting in is ridiculous. Kevin Owens same Sami Need to either straighten up or go. In the idiotic stuff you're doing with the women's division is getting old it's been done ...
Anup Nayak you may pull up BATISTa
Alexander Vhonne Shane will turn heel...... Anybody?
Edna Liburd Give AJ back his belt ,
Paolo Barra Please return in 2018

WWE SmackDown LIVE: Daniel Bryan Makes an Announcement

537 reactions 10 comments
Paul Wright Lee Arrowsmith its jim powell yes yes yes
Ngozi Ewelike Sophie Why Dolph
Suman Sahoo That's great
Maan Prince Yes yes yes
D.A. Gayna where has the Perfect 10 disappeared to??

It's not about what's "best for business," it's about what's best for the WWE Universe!

2.3k reactions 67 comments
Rahul Sarkar Daniel Bryan vs Shane mcmahon for wm
Terrence Deacy They should be fired!!!!
Danitta Smith Do the right thing for company and your family
Jannatul Jannat My two fav faces! cool gentle n amazing! GOD BLESS BOTH OF YOU!
James Beetson Haha kayfabe well and truly alive in this post.

WWE SDLive: KO & Sami Zayn backstage with Daniel Bryan

920 reactions 14 comments
Orelia Lie Shane should fire all 3 of you
Barbara Potter You are NOT. welcome
Brandon Bippus Daniel Bryan I hope you not letting your hair grow out. Go back to short hair please
Dharmesh Joshi Yes yes
Humayun Arshad I dont like thae heel sami zayn

WWE SDLive: Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan in-ring

1.1k reactions 13 comments
Dean Pilchard Daniel should have been fired
Lynn Hedges Good job Daniel Bryan
Suman Sahoo Shane mcmohan is right
Dennis Swank He solud have been fire
Frænck Jnr Baidoo Much respect for Shane.

WWE Clash of Champions: Shinsuke Nakamura & Randy Orton battle...

3.6k reactions 94 comments
Brian Jenkins daniel bryan let kevin owe and sam zany win the match them should be fired
Jigme Thinley The real match was between AJ Styles and Jinder. This match was boring
Chris Losee Best part of the PPV was when it was over!!!
Andrea Lomba Daniel sei un pezzo di merda 💩 💩... Dovrebbero metterti per tutta la tua vita da idiota a vendere gli Hot Dog bastardo!!
Jason Foster randy letting his hair grow out? looks weird after so many years of having it shaved

WWE Clash of Champions: Shane McMahon & Daniel Bryan discuss t...

1.2k reactions 37 comments
Terry Purvis Garrie Dirty Pig
Little Missy Nick Maryjane Wilkinson
Quangg Kinn Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!
Xavier Xavier Daniel, you suck at the blue mark 👎👎👎
Heather Vega I hope you get fired. #Cheater

Fair is fair.

7.8k reactions 159 comments
Adam Cotter Fair would be wwe clearing you to wrestle again.
José R. Colón Possible heel turn and that is okay because he can heel with the best of them
Dan Conklin This is leading to a Daniel Bryan comeback- book it!
Thomas Hogue He has just turned into a turd. But maybe his way of getting back it the ring tho.
Adam Oghabi Please turn heel and kick shanes head off

Which Superstars will team up to represent WWE SmackDown Live in the WWE Mixed Match Challenge? It's up to YOU!

792 reactions 55 comments
Garrett Gross Chris McWilliams this could interesting 🤔
Prem Prem Bryan say mr.mc creat a mixed tag title
Moses Peruperu Zabalazana Why Mr Brian r so weak to deal with those who r cheating dueling the marches, u r a general manager of smackdown wrestlers n tell ur boss to give u time not him to be involved in marches pls men
Jason Shiels Have they just ruined the result fot clash of champions? Ben Maguire
Steven White Big mistake using zayn and lana over orton and the boss

WWE SmackDown LIVE: Shinsuke Nakamura battles Kevin Owens

1.9k reactions 21 comments
Tom Costello You are a disgrace you should go to Canada with those other two Panty waste I hope Shane fires you
Tracy Mohammed Georgios Xipolitos
Behar Abdullahi You sold out shame on you Daniel
Shabeer Phoe Ñi X Bro...
Margaret Francis-Jones Jim Daniel sold out.....shame on you.

Brie Bella gets back in the ring: Total Divas Preview, Dec. 6,...

3.4k reactions 29 comments
Muhammad Usman Khushboo Hussain
Vincent Arreguin Jonathan Lowe
Marcelline Szafranize Kevin Pruvost
Jason Doering Jeff Dino
Sarah Phillips John Phillips

It's time for the grand tour!

1.1k reactions 28 comments
Dwight Carter Sr. Chuck Carter
Erick Isael Montesmedina Hola Daniel
วรเชษฐ์ พิมพ์พัฒน์ تحررت صنعا يا سيد دانيال
Trinugraha Agung Samben Yes yes yes
Wilmar Sarria Y la bebe tambien sera luchadora como sus padres

Just did what any good General Manager would do...

3.1k reactions 76 comments
David Benjamin Baker i'm glad that Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan is still GM and Comissioner of WWE SmackDown Live and their has of yet for anyone to be fired but one has been fired on Monday Night Raw and that is Mick Foley so WWE SmackDown Live is a rollin and keep ...
Uzoma Ikechukwu Is that what's best for business
Subhan Khattak The best match for next smack down is samy zayn has to face kevin owins
Sreenu Sreenivas No this is what called Best for business 👌👍💪
Chuck Kenney HAHA, i like it, i watched thisi episode, and i loved your part daniel
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