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They’re all afraid of heights too.

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William B Travis MERIT SHOP these guys are CBI out of Tulsa, great pic ,, now back to work.
Jason Herr The greatest "the floor is lava" game ever played. We need not play anymore.
Steve Perez Invest in cell tower business, then !! it will bring in larger than life returns get at me, lets make real money
Jose Sanchez It's an enjoyment for them
Peter Santisteban George Lopez For PRESIDENT 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 WE the PEOPLE need you 💯💯💯

Have an incredibly #chingon Sunday everyone , It's a good day to reflect , it use to be call daydreaming ! 👌🏽 but never measure your success by the success of others and even more important .. never forget you have to start somewhere .

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Lourdes Esparza Have a blessing day George
Tammy Kuhne Orale!
Tammy Kuhne I LOVE YOU GEORGE LOPEZ <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Helen Morris La pura neta!!! Órale G Lo!!
Cassie Michalski amen to that!

0-100 real quick.

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Maria Garduno 😂😂😂 Letty Garduño
Anthony Bisbano Mayra Mendoza how do you do more than 1 minute 🤔
Ricardo Malta Aryona Shaffer me on our first run😅
Eliud Davila Yessi Moreno tu cuando corres "4 miles" 😂😂😂
Kendall Hester Taylor Cahoon me if I tried to do the 10k

Levels to this.

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Jr Solares Ana Ramirez look i need to try this!
Priscilla Santos Melissa look Brandon doesn't need Samantha to do it anymore lol 😂
Gabi Runge-Ferrari Mekare Taylor Graves I am CRYING WHILE GETTING MY HAIR DONE
Reina Makk Cris Michael Militante do you cut your hair like this? If not, ya def should
Jesus Lopez I need your camera to cut my hair. Veronica Casillas

Can’t wait to be back in Virginia Beach!! See you chingons July 26th!! Tix:

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Fabiana Prestes Come and get a full year of Netflix content! ➔ #OneYearOfNetflix
Tammy Kuhne I LOVE YOU GEORGE LOPEZ <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Tammy Kuhne You're the man George Lopez
Beverly J. Singleton Ok I'm In Va...Yippee💞
Juanita Fellos Que lindo!!!

Tonight @syracusefunnybone we loved all the people who came out to support #georgelopezonhbo #thewall #soldout .. But the second show i bought everyone a shot and took a Picture with everyone , my favorite picture is me and my brother who works outside cleaning the parking lot #rolereversal I cleaned up and he chilled #chingon #chingonreconizeschingon

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Maura Griffin Dirnhofer Thanks George for an awesome show,the drink,and for taking time to take pictures with us!!! Best show I've ever seen💕
Miikey Godinez One of my goals is to atleast shake george Lopez hand.. or him even see me.. he is one of the funniest guys I know. #chale
Nariet Sy I thoughtvthat was chris pratt for a second
Mario Castro Lol.You mean cleaned up an he's chill.
Vero Gomez Awww datsvso sweet of u, thats wat we mexicans always are FAMILIA😊😊


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Andrew Campeau Molly N Jake Dreher I could see Jake wearing a rim lol
Shadman Rahman Kevin Shone O.. I hear these are in
Nicole Macarthur Corbyons Literally spent the last mins staring at her cleavage 😂 then I saw it
Eduardo Aba Solano I'm like where? Then I start investigating and saw that cat behind.
Michael Ramirez I was looking for sign of ejaculate on her neck for awhile before I realized the dude in the back

I had the honor of meeting this gentleman last friday night in Chicago , he works during the day and works a job at night #respect you cant tell by that smile on his face can you #cjhingon ..Now me I work an hour a day and I'll find shit to bitch about #georgelopezonhbo #thewall August 5th on @hbo

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Nicole Alicia You should be packing your bags!!
Martin Miller Stop posting until you leave the USA like you promised you pinchi puto liar.
Allen Jimenez George is still keeping it real
Hope Jiménez Mejía I Love it
Lalo Jiaki Baawe CHingon!

There is something out there that is effecting millions of people , it does not discriminate, its effecting people of all ages , special needs , seniors , young adults , people from all walks of life , every ethnic group also will be effected . It will destroy families it will destroy livelihoods it will decimate neighborhoods and leave everyone asking the same question ... Why ? #45melapela and here you thought I was talking about #cancer

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Alex Sanchez Trump supporters be like "you are a comedian, stick to comedy" Well if you are a truck driver, IT guy, a teacher you can't have an opinion? FTP TRUMP..
Jake Hawke "Stick to posting _______, and stay out of politics." I don't agree with you, therefore you have no right to speak on this subject.
Kim Holland Estep You have the right to voice your own opinions, even if you are in the public eye. That is what makes America great.....that thing called a Constitution, not Trump or anyone else for that matter. Keep it up, Mr. Lopez. If your fans want to stop being ...
Christopher Carroll George, I've paid to see you twice and had a great time!! ...... but all I ever hear you do now is talk trash about Trump. Not tell funny jokes about him, just sore hate. It doesn't make me want to go to another show. WE aren't allowed to talk politics ...
Angela Jimenez Tell em David Lopez. I feel the exact same way. I used to be a fan but not anymore

We’re about to have a great night at the Goodnights Comedy Club on July 25!! Snag some good seats:

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Andy Dennis Your awesome and God dam funny
Denise Lanzer-Lerma ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Carlos Duran Looking for tix if anyone is selling
Victor Saldana Dan Galeana
Fabiana Prestes Grab here a full year of Netflix ! ➞ #NetflixYearFree

Honey, I’m Gnome! Gnome doubt you guys are going to love the trailer for my new movie, #GnomeAlone! In theaters 10.13. - Gnome Alone

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Rachel Charron
Beverly J. Singleton Ok Keep It going.💚
Erica Marquez I think Brad A Perry has a tingle in his dingle for George - 🤣🤣🤣
Mikhail Andrue Dorbze monster house with gnomes basically....
Omni Jai Combs iam sooooo happy for this movie.😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

Toma Jr ! 39 years old and your father refers to you as a boy , those are tiny shoes to fill and you fucked that up #45melapela #Repost @thatsnotrightpolitics ・・・ Go off on this treasonous pos! 🇺🇸 LIKE US ON FACEBOOK 🇺🇸 @thatsnotrightpolitics #notmypresident #corruptAF #WatergateEveryday #liarinchief #russiagate #fucktrump #fuckthegop #ivankatrump #jamescomey #paulryan #climatechange #healthcare #treason #putin #obamacare #womensrights

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Frances Martinez Ha! You people write to your little heart's content thinking he or any politician will eventually read what you post and respond. Neither care about us, the little people. Celebrities and politicians are all alike. They don't think about us until they ...
Andrew Raines You people are really stupid.. Lets get this out in the air right now.. Russia and The United States are not enemies. Do some research it's true it's been true since the 90s. We arent on the best terms but we are not enemies our enemies right now sit in ...
DL Paulin Wow let's get this straight he had a meeting but nothing was said in the meeting that he walked out of the meeting last approximately 20 minutes. Now let's talk about the ukrainians Hillary Clinton sent one of her staff members to the Ukraine to meet ...
J Runco To think I watched his shows as a kid and loved his acting yet now all he does is bash the country and instead of helping it. blames everything but himself or the ones that are actually hurting it. Hate to say this but even I must unfollow bad president ...
Carlos Coronado Wait didn't Clinton give 20% of our uranium to Russia, uhhh yeah sthu u hypocritical morons, this B got a known hit list n u sweating jr 🤦‍♂️ special kinda a stupid

Charlotte!! We doing this?!? July 24! Tickets:

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Vanessa N Gabriel What about in l.a
Deborah Beysthefield Thanks for sharing ALWAYS
Dianna Alvarez Hi george :)
Cindy Bascones Hellen Ramos I'm so excited 😆

People always ask " what goes on after the show ? Well @cedtheentertainer and I usually some a fine cigar, pour ourselves our favorite aperitif and sing #discolady by Johnnie Taylor @comedygetdown #getdownwiththegetdown #georgelopezonhbo #chingon

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Diana Tony Navarro George when u coming to philly
Arthur Scott Time to move Horhey
Michelle Loza Priceless!
Zerika Garrand Funny
Lori Angelo Kenney coming to RI??

On Sunday Nov 2nd 2014 Myself @eppsie @cedtheentertainer @realdlhughley @therealcharliemurphy did #anightforrichard in Richard Pryor's hometown of #peoriaillinois the money raised from that show was used to complete this 7 Foot statue by artist #prestonjackson which until then was stored away half completed , as a Mexican 🇲🇽 I try never to leave anything half done , so I asked these incredible comedians to come together for Richard ! Today I visited the statue for the first time , Im honored to have been inspired by Richard and blessed to have been able to make this happen . #darkness #chingonreconizeschingon #georgelopezonhbo @ Peoria, Illinois

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Michelle Loza So glad you made it there!!
Debra Anthony Nieto And me and my son love u too George my son loved your show
Paul Wardz ORALE !!!! .... IT'S ALL ABOUT UNITY ..... IF ALL LA RAZA HAD A LOVIN' , GIVIN', KARIN , HEART .... DIZ WORLD WOULD'VE BE@ DA' TOP ..... "AMEN" ..... #MAS TEKILA!!!!!!!! .... LOL !!!!!! 😎😜
Daniel Delgado Hernandez Brown Pride!!!

Chicago @unitedcenter #thankyou @comedygetdown #happybirthday @eddiegriffin #chingon show @realdlhughley @cedtheentertainer #blackced #georgelopezonhbo #darkness #Repost @jojeezy ・・・ Checked two off my People I Must See Live list ☑️ #ComedyGetDown Nothing but laughs!

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Shawn Mcavoy
Anais Cristina Your pet will want one FREE cute Collar PET LED ➽ #Petlled
Denise Lanzer-Lerma ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Dar Baca 👍👍👍👍
Web Lambeth Fk u blowpez

Love #chicago cant wait to #getdownwiththegetdown tonight @unitedcenter #chingon with the fellas we honor #darkness #Repost @realdlhughley ・・・ Haha what was happening here @georgelopez @cedtheentertainer??? Tonight we do it again #Chicago #ComedyGetDown #Comedy #Brothers

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Denise Lanzer-Lerma ❤️❤️❤️
Mel Falcon Jorge Martinez see dad I told u he is on tour
Daniel Echevarria Chesnut and Atlantic
Tammy Kuhne You're the man George Lopez
Rita A. Smith Have fun George..still watching your show..God Bless<3


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Shawn Mcavoy
Anais Cristina Get your FREE cute Collar PET LED ➤ #LedPetColar
Tammy Kuhne You're the man George Lopez
Tammy Kuhne I LOVE YOU GEORGE LOPEZ <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Ana Arias Lockwood Welcome to Chicago boys!

George Lopez

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Denise Lanzer-Lerma ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Reuben Hinojosa You suck
Vincent Torrez Get down with the get down #chingon
Ricardo Jara #Legend
Tammy Kuhne I LOVE YOU GEORGE LOPEZ <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

This MF is out of his mind , is that how you address a leader of the worlds wife ? #45melapela #Repost @rebel_and_saint ・・・ @Regrann from @shannon_rose_rao - Going to hide behind Melania! @Regrann from @breakingnumber45 - 😳🙄😵 I forgot 🤢🤢🤢😡😡😡 "He repeats the observation to the French president before turning back to the French first lady, and remarking: 'Beautiful.'" #emmanuelmacron #brigittemacron #france #donaldtrumpjr #treason #russia #putin #fuckgop #whitehouse #freepress #paulryan #fuckpaulryan #healthcareforall #trumpcare #impeachtrump #now #nowallnoban #nomuslimban #fuckpaulryan #fucktrump #manafort #liarinchief #russia #traitorinchief #resist #nomuslimban #healthcare #healthcareforall #fighttrump #fightracism #fightignorance #lgbtrights #rapeycanoffanta

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Kimberly Burleson I am a Trump voter & supporter, but even I have to admit, this was an observation Trump did not need to express on his 1st meeting. It seems like an innocent enough compliment. However, the French President's wife is clearly uncomfortable. Right at the ...
Jeff Bram Lmao you get all bent out of shape when he calls someone a pig and the cry when he compliments someone liberals need to pick a side ,you are all over the place with being offended by everything...i feel sorry for you str8 guys that have to deal ...
Alice Albers Avery The liberals don't like it when he tells one her facelift is bleeding but if he kindly compliments another woman they don't like that either.!!!
Moni Plsdontsharemyinfo Halliburton Why not? Great complement. 😂 actually I just love that you are still reacting b/c your old girl Hillary didn't win. Look at it this way, you'll have some material to work with.
Robert Pawlyk goeorge he would of called ur wife a hog a dirty smelly hog would say she smells like the women on the view

Don’t miss me in Syracuse on July 19th!! Grab some good seats:

349 reactions 187 comments
Jaime Ortiz When are u coming to Fresno ..
John Provenzano Losser
Judy R Rodriguez Get your ass to San Jose, Calif George!! 😉
Rosalinda Reyna When are you coming back to Tampa Florida?
Nickatina Makaveli hey george !! waz good !!!

Albany!! See you vatos soon!

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Jeff King Do you Hollywood "celebrities" have a set schedule where when your name comes up, you put out anti-Trump bs in order to ruin your careers? It's working great. I used to be a big fan of your's Mr. Lopez. Why can't you people just stick to what made you a ...
Zachary Woodcock Your a piece of shit, your comment on police should get YOU deported. I never understood the idea of moving to America because you don't like the country u live in, and then complain that America isn't more like your old country. Unbelievable
Fred Nelson One successful tv show (followed by a half dozen failures) and this guy thinks his opinions are relevant? Get off your high horse there cholo.
Kelly Allen Boycotted your ass long time ago, and you just proved to me that my gut was right about you. You're worthless now, just chopped your career up like Kathy Griffin did. Good luck dumbass! 👌
Guillermo Mark George Lopez....I love your comedy until you really got into the political issues. Your suggestion that they should deport the police, was way over the line. Some of these great cops see some of the most horrifying thing you can't imagine. Involved in ...

When your friend bring you around their other friends...

14.5k reactions 1543 comments
Megan Tien Ivanna Tang Danielle Tien LOL this is so cute, funny, and sad at the same time
Lori Ann Whaley I'm sure you could care less, but you are no longer welcome on my TV screen, radio or movies. Did you ever stop to think that if your people don't break the law, they won't have dealings with the police? Any time I have ever talked to the police is when ...
Nathan Cooper Your personal views don't trump our laws. If you don't like are police and system, I suggest you move to Mexico.. Will you do that? Of course not, because you know that Mexico sucks!
Ellen Gilly Johnson Where in the word "illegals" do you see the word latinos? Or are you the racist that thinks that ALL Latinos are also ILLEGALS? Deport yourself!!!
Edward L. Chaides George Lopez...You are as repulsive as you think Donald Trump is. You are a poor example of a human being. You used to be funny, but not anymore. You're just a left wing hack like Madonna and Ashley Judd.

Introducing: Your plans for next weekend! Grab some good seats:

959 reactions 252 comments
Elle Drew My grandfather was a cop. He was one of the ones who made America great so worthless wetbacks like you could sneak over and enjoy all the benefits of our great nation. I wish you would talk that shit in front of a cop. One on one. I know it would never ...
Antoinette Martinez This puto is stupid! There are soooooooo many Latino and Latinas in law enforcement who proudly serve and who have unfortunately lost their lives serving their communities. He's an embarrassment to the community he criticizes, makes money off all the ...
Ruben Alvarez cmon george, if you love MX so much, how come don't you go there beyond the wall and stay with them, oh I remember, you barely speak spanish anymore. Please don't dissapoint me anymore, just go away... nobody will miss you your D rate jokes. Just ...
JoJo Ardila I saw them last year in san antonio n i didnt lik the show...
Donna Mance Minish Lopez you're a piece of shit! Hope you never need to have protection because the police won't be there for you! When will you be moving out of America? Bye-bye

Been having a blast on tour..!! Let’s keep the good times going Cedar Rapids! Get your tickets here:

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Leigh Goings Jason Goings
Paul Aj Pelletier Where in Canada is that
Hans Dieter G. B. Jordan Lauderdale Damn!
Denise Lanzer-Lerma ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Michael J Restivo moving t mex????

FAIRFIELD!! Snag some good seats and I’ll see you guys soon!

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Slick Vic Flores Hows Canada?
Lizzie Simonsen Shannon Meader Simonsen
Dena Terry Dallas Terry
Trevor Bass Fuck you lopez Jonathon Neudert
Reyna De Lara Eduardo De Lara

Happy 4th of July vatos!! Be safe out there tonight.

22.1k reactions 801 comments
Brittany Leigh Wilson Cory Testerman I laughed way too hard at this!!!! 😂😏
Matt Frym George Lopez happy 4th loco . Hope you dont get the shits ! Lol
Rosaa Gutierrez Gilberto Paez the only fireworks we are watching tonight
Jorge Hernandez Feel like you'd appreciate this one lol Rico Lou Kang
Joey Martin If yall don't get outta here with this corny ass DAD joke.!

Can’t wait to see you chingons at the Funny Bone Comedy Club on July 11th!!

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Fela Marroquin Gutierrez On my bucket list
Tammy Kuhne You're the man George Lopez
Diane Perez George u need to come to Minneapolis MN
Mike Crosby Build that wall
Carina Flores Come to the Funny Bone in Columbus, Ohio
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