Hines Ward

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Lynn Harvey Christine Phillips this is for you!
Toni Mitchell As Dee says "Like getting out of my comfort zone."
Dee Mike Like getting out of my comfort zone.
Jim Chipman I miss Hines Ward smile everytime he took a lick and bounced back up showing those pearly whites!

A little red carpet

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Bonnie Miller πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
Alexis Diaz Dak?
Kenneth Young Pretty cool!
Beniamino Ingram-Pacilio Putting on the weight Hines.

Baby Driver #babydrivermovie is a MUST SEE action packed summer movie! It’s Fast & Furious meets Bonnie & Clyde. You gotta check it out!

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Barbara Chaffo Wallace Missed. Missed. Missed. Missed.
Brian Knapp Not even close mrs ward

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Colin O'Connor This is incredibly stupid
Kris Youngz Ok, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought this was a bit crazy
Tony Dillard Hines obviously didn't read the story. She got a grant to expand her business by opening more locations. She has nothing to do with creating new comic books or characters.


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Bill E Deal Truth
Carter Crowe True
Jacki Donne Lynam Amen!!!!
Andy Guyton To bad no one sees it this way
Thelma Roberts Amen


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Nathan McMillen Discipline is huge on football teams or quality of a human life.

Break through barriers

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Rissi Lanfear Renee Livermore
Jerome Tobe 86
Jake Rodibaugh Miss ya on field bro!!
Terri Berta Palumbo Miss you, dude!
Mewael Tsehaye Can you still run the wishbone hines?

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Debra Ramirez Cryssy Anne Ramirez
Cameron Barringer Waqiah Smith ❀❀
Mando Hakeem Dozier Celeste Kameron Ward you showing out
Toni Mitchell Easier said than done...
Andre' Mackanaki POW

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Toni Mitchell Yes we can do...
Arnold Berkoben Go where the winds send you
Grace GarcΓ­a Cierto
Dan Clements Hines we hope to see you at the American Century Golf tournament next month. You are my wife's all time favorite Steeler!!!


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Donnie Constransitch I certainly hope so
Rob Pedersen Jaxson Pedersen
Michele Lynn πŸ’―
Calvin Thompson Truth
Elenor Ferrell Ah......no.

I love talking about football!!

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Debbie Hlopek Vincent I can't imagine why! lol
Cynthia Walton I miss watching you play
Bonnie Miller Me too
Leslie Stanczyk I love watching you talk about football

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Monica Bobian Ryan Wold
Toni Mitchell Indeed.....
Nancy Bracken AMEN
Marc Coburn I'm trying
Calvin Thompson Indeed

I love cooking almost as much as I love football!! Almost!

3.3k reactions 101 comments
Randy Goldich Does Gordon Ramsay know? Hells Kitchen is next!
Rob Michl Steelers nation love's you HINES !!!
Kevin Williamson He probably knows how to cook healthy!
Krystal Zelazny What are ya making?
Connie Walker Me too! Especially anything Korean. Share, perhaps?

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Nicole Piccolo Tino Lmg Karanovic
Micah Dixon Matthew Jacob Mobley
Erin M Hitt Word
Catherine Wilcox Hickok Wow!
Johnnie Louann Vanlake I can see it.,

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Barbara Haynesworth Amen
Jahari Ft Mozzy Brown Your smart dad
Rick Conway True that !!
Traci Renee Bush YES!!!!πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»
Todd Alexander Your one of my heroes Hines....but I disagree

Happy Fathers day to all you Dads that are making it happen everyday! To me,Being involved, engaged and responsible is what defines a Hero.

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Mary Ann Ziringer Happy Father's Day Hines
Gloria Walker Happy Fathers Day Hines!
Mike Carothers Happy father's day hines
Linda Schaefer Happy Fathers Day Hines!!!!!
Caleb Hairston Happy father's day my fellow steeler

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Ronald Russell Happy Father's Day enjoy this special day


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Jessie E Bednar Coach.. I can't do it anymore..
Kim Reardon need to hang this by my desk.
Brooks Brunner Does this include smoking?....lol
Eric Janick That can go both ways...Bad or Good...Obviously quit if it was bad! Keep going if it was positive!!!


960 reactions 29 comments
Caroline Closs Woo get it!
Carl Dirusso He will be in prison soon
Lori C Feltner Future President? ??
Holmes House Hero Keep it up lil man!!

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Lorraineoffthechain Czap AMEN
Toni Mitchell Soo true
Margaret Robertson That is correct
Judy Ward yep
Gary Cutshall So true!!!

Good times!!

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Nate Calhoun Clinton news network / communist news network
John L. Cawood Fake news
Sam Galloway Communist News Network
Satch Flight next year you will be BITB (back in the burgh)..schooling our new young WRs
Mark Wilkerson Hines, you sure you want to be on the CNN network? I guess its sport so that's okay.

Timeline Photos

682 reactions 10 comments
Daniel Bones Smith Amanda Lee Lake
Alycia Herman So true
Devon Hanner Who tf has fear of sucess
Allison Jackson Thanks for this, really needed it!! πŸ˜ƒ
Dan Thornberg maybe some aced content...idk Jake Nielsen


806 reactions 11 comments
Robert Otto Preisser II Nan Eickstaedt
Scott Austin Jr. Kimberly Nicole Mike Austin
Toni Mitchell OK....
Tricia Hollis Done did
Linda Schaefer I thank God for each and every day he gives me!!!

Catch this!

283 reactions 9 comments
Darnell Craig The badest team in league your no.1 fan
Bonna Oliver We want you back!😍
Terry Campbell One of my favorite STEELERS,
William McLaughlin Miss seeing ya on the field 86.
Patrick Burke Wish you were still playing!!

You get what you focus on!

872 reactions 13 comments
Tony Melhorn Jessica Melhorn
Tim Steelers Ray Hall
Kimberly Mancini Chiaramonte Paul Andrew Johnson
Debbie Dunlap Amen. Johnny
Mary Ann Perry Amen

There's always time and it's always worth the effort to set the future generations up for personal success. It starts with being accountable!

1.2k reactions 36 comments
Karen Sheridan Amen
Tana Baughman Hinman Amen
Ann Fua Amen
Sandi Shaffer ABSOLUTELY
Christine Watson Whelan 45

Thanks to C.Harper for the Donation to @positiveathpitt A VERY special thank you to Nevillewood Country Club for hosting my golf outing! πŸ‘πŸ½ The Club at Nevillewood

190 reactions 4 comments
Paul Mack Nice club
Tracy Gregory- McCoy Glad it went well!!
Kayla Marie Horner Have you ever thought about coming to the Omni Bedford Springs Resort and Spa for your outing?
Katie Kephart-Lefever I love that country club and neighborhood. Beautiful setting with great people

I was blessed to play for THE Pittsburgh Steelers for 14 years. Got everything I could have dreamt of getting out of Professional football but I do miss the Grime of the game!

522 reactions 224 comments
Patrick Burke It was always a pleasure to watch you do your thing!! I'm a Carolina Panthers fan but will always be a fan of you as well!!
Michelle Hughes Trust me, we miss you more! I love my Smiley!
Susan Seidel And the game misses you! The joy on your face when you were on the field was contagious!:
Billie McAleer I believe only Johnny Unitas love the game as much. He once said " I would have plaid for nothing" !!! Mr. Mc.
Karen Brannon We miss you too, Hines Ward! You were undeniably one of the best ever!

It's your Business Card! You either have it or you don't. You either want it or you won't. Integrity doesn't discriminate. It's a choice

234 reactions 13 comments
Terri Berta Palumbo πŸ’―
Loretta Kletzli 2
Jim Allen Amen
Holly Miller Amen.
Elizabeth Nolan Great post.
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