Hines Ward

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Love being on the field!

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Octavio Ordoñez Tin 👏👏👏👏👏
Nuccio Tae Thomas !
Joyce Traylor Yes!!!❤ Coach Ward!!
Brenda Jones Roxberry Lookin good on the field hines
William Boyd Give out their show them how it's done champ

890 reactions 10 comments
Nuccio Tae Thomas !
Beez Castillo TRUE
Lenora Pruna So true.its all up to you.
Brad Davis True story right there Hines!
Toni Mitchell Post says it all...

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Kirsten E. Glover Eric Thomas
Daniel Hausman Ashley Tyrone Kenney
Nuccio Tae Thomas !
Toni Mitchell Need perseverance to do..
Jen Pilewski One of my memories that came up on Facebook today, was of you and Holmes at Training Camp in 2009! Great memories!!!! Made me smile! Steelers strong!!!!


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Michelle Bennett Nicole Putnam, Flint Putnam
Nuccio Tae Thomas !
Dennis L. Abram Hines. Very active on FB lately. I love it. #Hines86NFLHOF
Earl Kelly I agree, lets these kiddos see what they can be. The discipline of a team is an awesome learning tool for life.
Anita Lansberry Sometimes good sometimes not so good.. It depends on the parenting and the character of the coaching.

Laughter is good for the soul

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Cheryl Johnson Your beautiful smile is good for the soul, as well!!😁
Mary Bobinski Nice picture..
Patricia Brinker YES!!
Earl Kelly YEP, love that smile
Norma Moreno Strother Agree 100%.

This is cool!

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Luis Morales Great job, a ladder for kids.
Lynn Luna Just no.
Vickie Forget I like the before better sorry not sorry!!! Wood work is beautiful!!
Bob Good I prefer the before... Save the 33 dollars and your time.
Leslie Confer I liked the original better.


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Nuccio Tae Thomas !
Susan Ackerman Nice!
Jennings Bullard One bad man
JoAnn Voyiatt Live him and his heart
Sue Stovall Pritchard Love Hines Ward

Having a blast at camp!

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Tyler Hasenkopf https://youtu.be/WtuP3pvGIsg
Nuccio Tae Thomas !
Jennings Bullard Ask Ed reed if Hines is not one bad man
Carol Foley Awe man missed him yesterday
Cathy Fujaros Bartley Motivate them Hines, if anyone can it's you.

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Nuccio Tae Thomas !
Sundee DiGiammarino I saw you today at practice.
Sue Shadeck LOVE YOU HINES.....
Earl Kelly WHAT THE HELL????????? lmao
Larry Wells You go dawg ! How's your sweet Mother doing ?

3.0k reactions 37 comments
Arlene DiPasquale Rakar Love this pic!
Mike Cloutier Thank you for the years
Saundra Stout Great to see him back with the team!!
Mary Orkis HInes Ward You Are The best! And Alway's Will Be. AMEN..
John Guarino You were one bad dude !! Cracking heads

Thanks Fans! Over 10K likes Table 86 by Hines Ward. Apprecaite you guys!

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Nuccio Tae Thomas !
Linda Schaefer Live Table 86!! Food is awesome!!
Jenna Fenchak Babe. Take me here 🙌🏻 Dwayne
Marge Rupert I want to go there for my 85th Birthday.
Mari Crespo bucket list

1.1k reactions 20 comments
Nuccio Tae Thomas !
Violet Byers My favorite glad hes back
Georgr Reineke He sucks
Kim Fallecker Your the best ! Glad your back ! Helping the Steelers !☺
Terry Fields Handsome

148 reactions 7 comments
Nuccio Tae Thomas !
Erica Castillo Yup
Beverly Hoffman True!
Toni Mitchell OH....no competition here....
Aaron S. Ramsey Skyler Alejos


935 reactions 27 comments
Kelly Baldino Sarah Rock - Sooooo HOT!
Nuccio Tae Thomas !
Linda Schaefer Forever nd Always #1!!!!
Beez Castillo Yes,Yes,Yes
SonnyandEllie Matthews You got that right


317 reactions 7 comments
Bill Frantz Hunter Frantz
Kel Lee Sing Sarah Palazzi
Nuccio Tae Thomas !
Salim M Äwadallah that was exactly what was happening today

Hey, everyone, we are working on getting our LIKE base over at Table 86 by Hines Ward to 10K. We are almost there. If any of you out there reading this tonight live near the area, frequently visit Pittsburgh or would like to stay tuned into to future contests...please head over and LiKE this page. I love my restaurant and the team that makes it happen every day!

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Kate Katerina 저도 하인즈워드 레스토랑에 가고 싶어요~~~^^.
Nuccio Tae Thomas !
Matthew Capezzuto Done
Ebony Monet Best spinach dip ever!
Brandy Kaeferle Just took my Grandpa for his Birthday . Food was Amazing

902 reactions 12 comments
Salim M Äwadallah Pro ,Words
Nuccio Tae Thomas !
Ingrid Meyers 💯
Barbara Riendeau Familiar?????
Sherrie Lee Thomas I wanted my dreams to come true. I really did!

It starts with believing in yourself!

439 reactions 11 comments
Mandy Merriman Janet Rounsville
Nuccio Tae Thomas !
Jennifer Jessop Shawley Loved the intense down field blocks
Earl Kelly love this pic
Dennis L. Abram #86HinesWard #NFLHOF

Never give up on your dreams!

3.4k reactions 107 comments
Pat Yates What a great career you had! We miss you on the field!
Anne Miller Hopefully as coach you'll get your third ring.
Trisha Snyder Miss watching you!! Hope you're on the field for Ladies Night September 18th!!
Marie Aquilino Goodhand Such a classs act, and an aweome player! Miss you on the field Hines, but so happy to "see" you on FB - keep smiling!
April Gentry So therefore I won't give up on meeting you one day!!!Keep on smilin'...it's contagious 😁

1.2k reactions 14 comments
Nuccio Tae Thomas !
Joe Graf Yep!!!!
Dina Trickett So true
Eric Hart like jump off a cliff?????
Denise Burton No thanks

Does anyone have plans on stopping by my restaurant in the next 30-45 days? I'd love to be able to meet as many of you as I can. Table 86 by Hines Ward

327 reactions 63 comments
Pete Henry I'll be out there for the STEELERS home opener, Hines...
Thomas Cerra Unfortunately, leaving town on Aug 26, otherwise we good maybe get together. Maybe see you at airport.
Evelyn Haley Have been there and love it would love to come by when you are there.
Nicole Altis Stratton You tell me when you will be there and I'll be there. I'm 12 hours away so I would need a big heads up!
Wayne Crans We will be there next Saturday!!! Can't wait. Hope to meet you!!

1.0k reactions 11 comments
Nuccio Tae Thomas !
Chuck Dyer Still awesome!
Marlene Bickford Yex Sure do miss watching you on TV
David Uzzo Suit up Hines!!! We can still use you
Rodney Gillard #GOAT

447 reactions 7 comments
JoLinda Lovra Smith Jamie Williams.
Nuccio Tae Thomas !
Sudip Hansda Right
Barbara Haynesworth How true
Faith Moreau I'm learn that this is true...


9 People Who Got Revenge By Building A "Spite House"
9 People Who Got Revenge By Building A "Spite House"

You think you have a tendency to be spiteful? Until you’ve seen these houses, you don’t even know what the word “spite” really means.

2 reactions 1 comments
Nuccio Tae Thomas !

315 reactions 13 comments
Nuccio Tae Thomas !
Travis Foster Flying higher than a eagle...seriously
James Alston He sores above the Eagles!
Denny Field You'll always be missed !!!!!
Anthony Fox Pushing off..... #86! No just kidding

607 reactions 11 comments
Kaiser Vilmos Olivér Varga😁
Nuccio Tae Thomas !
Rene Rogerson Ohhhhh yessss I can
Rene Rogerson Cause I believe in god
Shannon Marie Robinson Exactly. Well put.. !!!

385 reactions 9 comments
Nuccio Tae Thomas !
Grace García 👍🏻
Geri Porter Nice
Cheryll Hooks Great thought!

Stay focused 💯

949 reactions 11 comments
Nuccio Tae Thomas !
Doris McBurney Best ever!
Moe Dunch Hope to meet you today
Shannon Marie Robinson You Rawk. !!
Christina Perry Great picture. Love watching you on HLN in the morning

I showed up every year, every practice, every game, every down...as if it was my first and possibly last play. Make every down count!

5.8k reactions 176 comments
Kathy Watson That is why you are a winner!!! Good words to live by!!!
Beez Castillo Hines will always be the BEST player for me,,u go handsome!!!
Martin Snyder I think that's the only picture I've ever seen of you not smiling. :)
Aaron Jdw Schneider Hines was a machine, catching, blocking, routes. He did it all. Simply the best
Kelly Duchess Graham He is the best! He is on HLN every morning! Love that man and his smile.


917 reactions 29 comments
Tammie Buonavolonta Marissa Mosier
Lisa Madey Rodenbeck Charlotte Bland Anthony
Vanessa Keene Jessica Gonzalez
Nuccio Tae Thomas !
Kerry Hicks Yep
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