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A different kind of #bluemonday doughnuts making you happy and their healthy- full of vit C from the blueberries great for absorbing iron from both the flours from my #FamilySuperFood book get the #recipeoftheday right here http://jamieol.com/GCZKpN xxx

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Tara Miou Miou Love you Jamie but could you please stop using yoghurt in every recipe?
Jenny Arena Made these for my daughters last week and they were fantastic
Erica Deakin Kadi Doo, you need Sam to whip these up for your breakfast!!
Donna Feehan Claire Jo...nom nom nom! Sunday breakfast some day in 2018 😞
Carlotta Folk-mari Pauline Vol schau mal, da ist auch das Rezept dabei. :)

Something comforting for Sunday! Give this little beauty a go from my Comfort Food book- golden and bubbling curried fish pie! X x x Watch full recipe on Jamie Oliver's Food Tube http://jamieol.com/WYLSi1

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Kajsa Lee Cooked this and it's heavenly!!
Sarah Doherty Delicious. 👍
Travis Proulx This looks amazing!
Inés Oliver James for you
Rachel O'Hara Fish pie in the oven and crumble on standby 💕💕

All about those VEGGIES getting all five of your 5 a day in this ratatouille get the recipe right here http://jamieol.com/ratatouille #5ADayDish

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Cecily Fullerton-Smith Just made my version of this classic.... will serve tonight with grilled lamb & couscous 😊
Crystal Williamson Moore I like the balsamic vinegar idea!!! And the canned tomatoes 🍅 it probably makes a nice juice :)
Paulina Maguregui Martinez Vamos, un pisto en toda regla. Los franceses le pondran el nombre de ratatouille, pero esto es un pisto.
Gamze Linkinpark This is a typical meal for us at breakfast in turkish culture. ❤️ Without balsamico. 😋

Some healthy baking inspo for today’s #recipeoftheday- cook these tasty sweet potato muffins today and you’ll have the perfect brekkie or a great little snack for the week ahead...just what you need to fuel your body. Give them a go http://jamieol.com/bOL3FM

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Sue O'Halloran Cheryl how about you conjure up some of these for the office!? 😋
Jodie Donovan Jaime Allen We were just talking about ideas for brekkie yesterday. These look worth a try.
Lisa Burgess Absolutely love this recipe.. replaced normal chillies with scotch bonnets went down a storm at work Cheers Jamie ❤️
Aras Bacho give me
Heather Jellett Why must every recipe I read contain chillies. I'm allergic to them but my husband loves them.

Now this is what you call a treat!! Beautiful dark choc orange and sea salt come together in this epic no bake tart...if you ask me this beauty perks you up just by looking at it! Out now in Jan’s issue of Jamie magazine xx

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Nicole Murphy Toni Thoms we need to get this mag!!! Not sure that we can get it here tho! 😕
Emily Daniel Bek Not sure why you popped into my head but CHOCOLATE
Caz Walkerden Sue, I think this is what Bec asked you to bring next Sunday...
Wiebke Strckma Johanna Da was würd ich geben für ein Stück mit dir jetzt♡
Dawn Clothier Jamie you can make that cake for my husband and I for our 50th Wedding Anniversary on our cruise

Me and the family love a Saturday night in with pizza!! You can't go wrong with salami pizza and courgette works so well too..this treat comes from my Italy book but you can also get the recipe right here http://jamieol.com/IUlBYx #recipeoftheday x x

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Danny Herce Iles I heard you just had to shut down your "italian shitholes" PRICK
Valerie Rock On Robinson Gonna be whamming some Pizza's in for my visiting Kiddiwinkies tonight too! enjoy your evening xx
Agneta Dyck Hey, Matthew Kliewer, maybe this recipe will do you for your Friday pizza nights at home.
Simon Labrecque Check ça Genevieve Pelletier la pizza d'Oliver est même pas ronde !! Je suis un grand visionnaire de la pizza !!
Clemente Menditto Nicola Menditto Menditto Michele secondo me il tizio deve assaggiare la pizza, quella vera :D

How good does this look!! On #FridayNightFeast we had Lindsay Lohan in cooking her favourite chicken pot pie we found the recipe and supercharged it for her so the whole kitchen could try it...great weekend comfort dish to have a go at. Catch last night’s show on All 4 x http://jamieol.com/fOFzGz

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Caron Ruse Made this tonight, minus the meatballs. Delicious!
Noor Amin Zeid fancy this at weekend?
Home Suka A Pie
Kathryn Ford McKown What are those disgusting looking brown lumps?
Karley Vanderzee Zac Crowley that looks so awesome 🤤🤤🤤

This is such a good one to put the time in on for the weekend I love this luxurious roast venison and that hint of chocolate in the gravy!! This is the #FridayNightFeast dish I cooked up on the show tonight you can see it again on All 4 now and the recipe’s on my website as #recipeoftheday JO x x x

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Denis Kane Venison.... such a cute name for a baby cow
Loz Hatt Hi Jamie, only a quick one! Can you help me with something please? ☺️ is a pumpkin a fruit or a vegetable? Thankyou 🎃 x
Dominic Chatfield Next Xmas Nikkie Steve Roadhouse ? What do you mean too early to be thinking about it lol
Michael Donnelly I Thought you were leaving the country if we voted for Brexit? Why are you still here?
Francesca Agosti Would love to see some plant-based recipes, Jamie Oliver. Better for health and for the planet.

Never would have guessed Lindsay Lohan loves to eat sea urchins maybe we’ll have to work out a recipe for those...check out the clip from #FridayNightFeast on Channel 4 tonight 8pm tune in xx jamie o

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Timothy John'Sharks Weir holy cow linsey is looking good, sea urchins you say
Motorhead Te Hei The best way to eat kina.
Dana Sara Kasner Why is she on your show?
Kiri Florence we call them Kina here in Nz, i am not a fan. good on her
Ebony Jane Lowe Can sea urchin cause botulism? Sure looks like it! 🤔😏😛

Forgot takeaway this weekend and think fakeway with my super tasty miso broth- whack in some wild rice as this much more nutritious than the regular stuff and keeps our teeth and skin healthy!! Real clever food without all the nasties in it x Check out the recipe http://jamieol.com/NfOmOz #JamiesSuperFood

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Laura Lala Courtney we should try this!
Andie Jayaratne Angela Tracy just look at all those mushrooms! 😍
Minalisa Sohirad Darbaz Ufuk Sevki follow this guy and let's cook !!!
David Pham BronaPham looks delicious
Nicky Arathimos Sherborne Sounds amazing Alex Ashton (obv veg-ify it)

#recipeoftheday is my loverly wife’s tuna pasta bake- a fave in the Oliver household!! Perfect for using those store cupboard staples. Tuna helps to protect our cells...not only that but it keeps us strong and our hair and skin super healthy! Only the best for my Jools. Get the recipe in my #FamilySuperFood book http://jamieol.com/QjKEEs x x JO x

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Clare Moy Was Davies Annabelle & Lydia this looks nice xx
Karlie Louise Nell Macdonald tuna pasta is the ❤ of our friendship 😂
Lisa Carpenter Can someone post the recipe pse? X
Tara Lara Lee Agree lovely
Christal Dior John Harmon, if you want to kick your tuna up a notch.

Me and Jimmy Doherty found out all about proper fresh black pudding and why it might be better than the usual stuff you get at supermarkets #FridayNightFeast tomorrow 8pm on Channel 4 x x

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Ehren Snyder One day there will be no more bloodletting
Rob Smith Paul McGrath you love your pudding
Holly Ambrose Alan Pennell!!! We have to watch this one!!!
Aiyin Wu Black pudding 😋
Maciek Szewczyk This could easily be a scene in a vampire movie.

When midweek hits grab some beets..I swear by them! They’re full of folic acid which is what we need to make all those red blood cells in our bodies, these beauties help to feel less sleepy just what you need to recharge! I love them in a salad or blend them up for a wicked dip- I’ve got loads of recipes on my website http://jamieol.com/PrBi3D x x

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Heather Reynolds ooooh!...thanks so much! I can always count on you to bring something to my attention in a 'must-eat-this' kind of way!!
Autumn Lea Eileen i should be having more of these to boost my red cells x
Karlyn Weaver I love beets!! They are DELISH!! You do some of the absolute best stuff Jamie. Thank you!
Татьяна Леписова Джейми, у Вас даже обыкновенная свекла выглядит картинно, а блюда из нее оригинальны и вкусны необыкновенно!
Nicola Howell I wouldn't mind growing beetroot this year... love beetroot -

Give it some beans!!!! Broad beans are packed with protein and folic acid and this gorgeous little recipe is perfect for midweek- whip it up with some pesto and you’ve got a treat for your tastebuds. Recipe out now in this month’s issue of Jamie magazine don’t miss out and get your copy! x

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Sophie Luton Yianni Paz
Emma Bainbridge Breton Towler x
Anna-Marie de Wit-Buijs Danielle Peek💪🏻
Paula Smid-Zwaanenburg Danny Zweintjes 😋😋
Melanie Wright Wendy Packham 😷 you'll love this

Hi guys me and the Jamie Oliver's Fifteen team are going to throw an amazing night in homage to Scotlands fine produce to celebrate BURNS NIGHT on 25th of January come see me and eat extraordinary food £100 a ticket - three course menu including haggis like you've never seen ,paired drinks, special whisky tasting, signed book and all proceeds going to a great course first come first served email [email protected] big love it's gonna be a cracker jox xx x

5.5k reactions 1462 comments
Arminda Romero I am so happy seeing you again please make a trip to L.A, CA I would like to meet you in person I being following you for so long at the beginning of your career. , you are my # 1 chef, love you much dear chef!! 😘
Amanda Diez Preece Yours is the best pizza dough recipe ever, it is so amazing it pushed it's way out of my fridge.
Heny Monica Arteaga Please see my page en fb CAPRICHOS Y DELICIAS and give me your opinion .... its very important for us ! God bless you and your family ... i hope you can read this and response me 😉😉😉
Tereza Rodrigues de Carvalho Hi Jamie. I was into restaurant in Edimburgh. Lovely. Congratulations
Claire Peveraro-Morris We love your restaurant in Edinburgh! Especially fab for my very fussy four year old!

Look at that green! Wonderful pasta with home made pesto from my #FamilySuperFood book- simply swapping in wholemeal pasta ups your fibre and give you micronutrients like iron...just what you need a healthy brain. I like to think of it as brain food!!! This loverly recipe takes just 20 minutes and you can get it on pg 48 of the book http://jamieol.com/QjKEEs #recipeoftheday

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Abu Saddam Showrav So delicious pasta
Anton Liljeqvist Det här är också mat Daniel Ingeson
Danii Sahne This makes me hungry...😊👍
ギール 里映 looks very refreshing.

#recipeoftheday is a great way for using up all that delicious crunchy veg that’s out available right now- full of carrots, beetroots, celery, fennel, radishes...all about eating the rainbow in this dish! I love dipping them warm garlicky sauce as a dip. Get the recipe http://jamieol.com/tco2mf

9.9k reactions 147 comments
Sorphorn Pen Looks colorful & crunchy yumm
Erell Topic it looks amazingly tasty !
Sylvia Persson Ser verkligen gott ut. Ska testa.
Abu Saddam Showrav Very delicious food
Gulizar Mansur Ayita Arnaoutbdk hek s7n Snack enti!!! 😉😉

Ultimate Sunday warmer! Comforting but healthy stew packed full of zinc-rich aduki beans. That's a proper nutritional punch right there x

1.0k reactions 73 comments
Abu Saddam Showrav Very delicious
Emile Elbaghd Mr Oliver please wash your rice even if it's organic
Karli Aucoin Ashley!!!! Rich in zinc!!!!!!!
Maaike Vernooij-Baks 😋
Camille Top Het volgende level Benjamin ✨

A loverly little lunch, supper, dinner whatever you fancy...my charred veg salad from #FamilySuperFood. Brilliant way to get 5 a day get the book right here jamieol.com/QjKEEs

6.3k reactions 482 comments
Panagiotis Karagiannis Thank you for using Greek products in your recipes! They are high quality and very tasty products!
Rohan Roberts Goldman I love how you cook outside often! I loved your muesli recipe !!! I made it too, came out delish!!!
Amy Jane Adams I love the way Jamie Oliver cooks - made cooking believable and possible for everyone. Absolute legend!
Joanne Rosé April Champin Faye Callinan good on slimming world obviously use a measured amount of olive oil to sin it😃😉
Lakshmi Choudhary That must be soooo tasty!!! Jamie, how can you pound on your thigh? :) You are such a fun-chef!!!

Great for brekkie or as a snack- who doesn't love avo and chocolate and it's even good for you in this combo from #FamilySuperFood! Rye bread is high in chloride which helps to digest our food properly -that's what you call feel good food! Get the #recipeoftheday http://jamieol.com/b5uhtK

7.5k reactions 132 comments
Lisa Dick Made this one a few times already. What a great combo!
Adriano Jean Hokayem How about to prepare oriental deserts!!
Chris Baker Avo?? Lol.
Charlotte Beyer Rye bread is the biz! :)
Heather Oliver chocolate????

Great snack for when your mates pop over- mini meaty croquettes brimming with beautiful flavours all cooked up by Salma Hayek on last nights #FridayNightFeast...who watched it? Get the recipe right here http://jamieol.com/wP98F5 x x

7.3k reactions 101 comments
Charles Cuninghame Or just chips and dips?
Grace Reeves Snack? That looks like a MEAL to me!
Joyce Tabbal Rogers Absolutely loved it!
Matt Hedges We get Domino's in m8.
Clare Davies Nicholls Gonna have a go at the duck pancakes and the kibbeh

Something a little bit different for the weekend. Crispy, golden scruffy winter lasagne- hearty and healthy from my #FamilySuperFood book. This is a new kind of comfort food! #recipeoftheday on pg 178 of the book http://jamieol.com/QjKEEs

5.8k reactions 113 comments
Joanna James I made this for new years Eve and it was amazing!!
Pauline Wright Johnstone If there is no recipe to be seen is this termed as spam then ???? 😂😂😂
Metil Mary Num num! Lookin' good!
Melissa Butler Where is the recipe?
Jan Maher Do you really need to direct us to Amazon?!?!

Healthy brekkie inspiration for you loverly lot- perfect chance to get a those macro and micronutrients in x

2.8k reactions 39 comments
Trish Lavelle Mairéad Lavelle
Lorna Wagstaff Nicola Wagstaff we should try some!!
Joanie Callaghan Lily Wilcock Dale Simmons
Amber Grant Delicious
Aleksandar Baja Petrovic THANK YOU MS Jamie Oliver HAVE A NICE DAY

We're back on gang- #FridayNightFeast right now Channel 4 with my top mate Jimmy's Farm and the loverly Salma Hayek! this weeks a gooden x x

18.4k reactions 142 comments
Dave Brighton my home town with the longest pleasure pier in the world prone to accidents tho lol
Leona Shanks I'd love To come there taste all the food love watching the programme
Skelaht Sorensic Hello Jamie! Greatings from Mexico..say hello to our beautiful Salma, Un saludo desde Mexicali Salma mucho exito ;)
Tom Maximus Very slow service, poor to standard food, he is using brexit as a excuse. Next time I'll go KFC
Brian Hanchett Like your food love your programmes please stop using them as a platform for sour grape political rhetoric,also have most of your books dont spoil how the public feel about you

It's Friday so #recipeoftheday is what I'm cooking up tonight on Jamie and Jimmy's #FridayNightFeast it's some beautiful little roast duck pancakes full of crunchy veg and spiced meat- check this video out and see the whole thing tonight at 8pm on Channel 4!! JO x

9.9k reactions 530 comments
Songül Yılmaz Naciye Korkmaz ahhh bak gene portakalli ördekkk ahahha
Daniel Russo Chen you should get Alby to make this one for tomorrow night!🌯
Kayleigh Vonk Michelle Vonk kwam je toch heel aardig in de buurt met kerst moesje!!
Andy Woodrow Now that's my wonderful partners favourite Katherine Ellis love you xxx 💋 xxx
Jemma Lewis Laura Tait This recipe looks just like the ones u did on NYE

We loved having Salma Hayek Pinault in the #FridayNightFeast kitchen!! Check this video out she revealed her killer dinner party recipe to me and Jimmy so funny 😂 not sure we'll be getting that in the restaurants though!! Tune in tonight 8pm on Channel 4 x x JO

896 reactions 458 comments
Gary Whittaker Blaming closures on brexit is pathetic,easy excuse. Try looking at your prices etc!!!!!!!!
Liza Akkermans Pauline Spruijt... miss moet je dit 'ns proberen 😅 elk gerecht is daarna heeeeerlijk😉
Carolina Jorovlea Julia weißt bescheid, wenn ich dich zum essen einlade und es Suppe gibt :DDDDDDDD
Emily Langston Faith Joy there you go tequila soup when we all come to yours yum!!!
Claire Richardson Loved last weeks veggie lasagne recipe, can't wait to try!

Seriously healthy stuff right here from my #FamilySuperFood book- earthy chicken hotpot with kimchee rich in probiotics... great for keeping our gut bacteria happy. A real winner for #recipeoftheday! Get it here http://jamieol.com/cqQRyk

6.6k reactions 192 comments
Vlad Coșoreanu Iulia Ilinca sănătate curată
Stacey Lawson Sandra McInnes making this for sure 😍
Leonie Simon Tom Greene let's cook that tomorrow xxx
Dimas Mesk missing your paella...
Linn Sullivan Wendy Gray you might like this without the chicken!
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