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Ready in minutes and full of flavour Gennaro Contaldo's simple tuna pasta. Dinner sorted.

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Sonia Zino A really good Italian tin of tuna in olive oil really is something else
Tom Walker Ban the tuna, do it with roasted veg - save the seas.
Lucy Pemberton Marks and Spencer sell the bucatini pasta.
Darijana Kline I don't think anyone ever admired caned tuna this much :-). He sure made it look delicious!!!
David Fernandez Marcos Itsaso, Maitane, Rocío, Julia, Inés habiendo cocinado esto he de decir que está buenísimo y encima el acento del tío es la caña xd

Here's Jamie's brilliant recipe for taking your humble tomato salad to the next level.

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Sweetgir Afr I like all kinds of tomatoes looks like a rainbow of food
Marius Schanzenbächer Wonderful 🙂 , but no garlic?
Connie Liebenberg Tish Waugh do you follow this page? He is doing more and more veg receipe ideas.
Sue Samagalski Diane Jamie's tomato idea looks good.
Jennifer Schmid Sbna Ich mein schau dir das an er lässt den stängel drauf, soll ich beim essen ersticken??

💚 Helpful guide alert: How to get the vitamins and minerals your body needs for overall good health!

How to get your vitamins and minerals
How to get your vitamins and minerals

What vitamins and minerals are in different foods? How can you make sure you're getting all your vitamins and minerals? Our chart is a good place to start.

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Rachel Marshall Abbie xx
Jennifer Byrne Alison Deegan
Jean Francoise Ng Lewis Joanna Conde
Maria Sheach Caitlin ❤️
Maya Sawwan Roland Wingert

This is a hearty, delicious veggie alternative to traditional chilli con carne, packed with 4 of your 5-a-day and full of protein, too!

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Christine Waslin Love videos JO!...as a retired teacher (now volunteer) great way to get reluctant older readers to feel less threatened by text + learn life skills etc.
Sinead OBoyle Orla Carolan would Pat eat this? Dec said no way! Think it looks amazing, am going to try it. Zero points without the rice 👌🏼
Vinnie Silva It was going amazing until you put in the coriander. That would ruin the flavor of the entire stew. I will try with parsley.
Rebecca Williams Lauren Elizabeth an easy one to try. Sub the yoghurt for soya or oat yoghurt, Oatly crème fraîche or Tesco free From sour cream x
Sarah Cookie Martin Amy Barrett and Diane Barrett this looks like a good recipe. I shall be a wimp and leave most of the chilli out. Pop round Friday and you can have some too. XXX

Celebrate #BurnsNight next Thursday at Barbecoa Piccadilly! Enjoy a special four-course menu of delicious Scottish food, complete with hand-selected tasting whiskies and paired wines for just £50pp. View the menu and buy your tickets here: jamieol.com/BurnsNightBarbecoa

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Bronwyn Wakefield Val Wakefield 🥂
Juleigh Currell Andrea Pearce 🥃
Olga Konrad Coulter 🎉🥂
Jith Tamang SIR 🥃 cheers 🥂
Emily Johnson Tom I think we should go to London just for this

💚 Creamy, nutty and gorgeously green – avocados are delicious for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. You can smash them, blitz them, slice them, freeze them and even bake with them. Plus, they are a source of vitamin E, which helps to protect our cells (the tiny building blocks of our body)! – hooray!

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Robyn Hester Nick Quilter 😍
Jane Alam Nice
Lanier Walker Harris Gloria Walker Lisenbe
Marena Lawrence Nicole Bernard Serena Lawrence
Agneta Österlund Caroline Habgood Dräggel mums

💚 Kick off 2018 with Jamie's top 5 quick, easy AND healthy tips! #QuickAndEasyFood jamieol.com/QuickHealthy

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Mary T C Bell Wow new about high fibre being higher value nutrition wise but shocked at how high mayonnaise is in calories compared to a swap of cremfreich !
Sonya Griffiths HelpforHeroes Hi Jamie, what is your view on Soya milk - good or bad?
Deirdre O Sullivan I love brown rice but I never seem to cook it properly. ... tips please Jamie

Saturday night dinner inspiration from #FridayNightFeast - fragrant beef pho, epic lamb kebabs, unbelievable Provençal bake, flavour-packed Thai green chicken curry. What takes your fancy?! 🤔

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Kratah Domates Οχι κοιτα κρεας.. Maria D. Koutsis
Margot Illinois 😍 👍 😍😍
Bartolomeo Scappi E riesci anche a mangiarti tutto ?? :D
Nene Jay Pass the lamb kebab please! And the provencal bake.
Jen Cerny Think the Provençal bake looks like a yummy friday dinner must try ty

Neither Jamie or The Body Coach have ever done this before...🙈

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Beloved Son Hello Jamie I really love you l love your life style
Andreea Sibana Donielo both of them together!
Aidan Fitzpatrick Liz Carton missed out here with no Instagram 😭😭
Kate Chubb Awwww 2 of my favourite recipe makers together 😀👨🏼‍🍳👨🏼‍🍳
Annie Dunseith What a "double whammy" with both Jamie & Joe! Loved the tips. Yes, what a great idea to do this again - Look forward to it 😁

Jamie's Vietnamese-inspired Beef Pho, a beautiful, therapeutic dish. Dinner never looked or smelt so good. On TONIGHT'S #FridayNightFeast Channel 4 8pm.

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Mary Anne Burrows Laura Lilley- was just discussing this with James. And it popped up in my feed! 😋(Don’t seem to be friends with James)
Cynthia Joanne Chozas Daisy Searchfield Mitchell this recipe looks simple--its the raw onion on top and tons of coriander that makes the broth smell even better
Pranjal Rahman Remember when we went to that awesome place in the corner of Hamburg for some very delicious pho Jiyoun Jia? Good times!
Nguyễn Chường I think you shouldn’t roast the bone because they make the stock to be dark. Vietnamese pho stock must be clarity
Julie Harper I love pho but have a hard time finding the traditional ingredients here, so I just might try this version.

Warwick Davis on #FridayNightFeast TONIGHT Channel 4 8pm. Tune in... it's as easy as pie! 😜

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Gareth Kearney Shortcrust ?
Evelyne Bourassa Omg so lucky!! Je was amazing in Willow!!
Elaine Hutchison Raychel Stow there's one for jennifer
Anne Turner I love Warwick Davies 💖
Lisa Hokanson Seth Wilkinson I'm pretty sure you're going to need to watch this episode. Willow and pastries in the same show!

Feeling saucy?! 😜 #FridayNightFeast is back TOMORROW, Channel 4 8pm.

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Gemma Pickett Susan Pickett
Sharon Watts Searle Chris Searle
Liselotte Steenbergen Jacqueline Hein
Matthew Harris David Belgrove
Sharon Ryan June Haskins

Cauliflower, mussels and beetroot - 3 of our favourite January ingredients, and some delicious ideas for how to cook with them!

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Marena Lawrence Serena Lawrence Nicole Bernard
Guy Mcdade prick has ruined irn bru
Margot Illinois 😍 👍
Dave Wilson Kirsty Beetroot and cauliflower recipe??
Helen Meredith My food hell. Cannot stand beetroot or shellfish.

Why should you eat vitamin D?! 🤔

What should you be eating vitamin D?
What should you be eating vitamin D?

Vitamin D helps us absorb calcium from the food we eat, which in turn maintains healthy bones and teeth. Here are 5 ingredients that are high in vitamin D.

1.8k reactions 82 comments
Agata Weronika Szkudelska To your D3 you need vitamin K2MK7.
Raine WeVr Go out in the sun for 20 mins. Free
Lorraine Hill Lisa vitamin D 👍🏻
Mirela Kondic Don't forget the sun too. :]
Nicola Mallaband Becky Cook you only eat 1of these!

Sweet potatoes are a hero of healthy cooking - a source of vitamin C, thiamin, potassium and manganese. Here's some inspiring tasty recipes to get more of it in your diet.

1.7k reactions 41 comments
Carolyn Gilbert Trevor Gilbert
Jenna Louise Granville Clare Perkins mmmm x
Anne Warlow Gerard Norris
Clare Elizabeth Gallagher John Kennedy 😋😋
Nic Butson Phoebe Butson

In light of the new Public Health England calorie/snack guidance, who exist to protect and improve our nation's health and wellbeing as well as reduce health inequalities, here's our favourite 100 (or less) calorie snack ideas...

1.3k reactions 13 comments
Sue Smith Julia Gregson
Samantha Faruq Hayley Clutsam
Margot Illinois 😍 👍
Kat Gaudette Thank you! :)
Man Wang frozen yoghurt cake

A healthier alternative to a classic meatball dish, it's Gennaro Contaldo's Linguine with Steamed Meatballs - this version is healthier because we are steaming instead of frying! Bellissimo!

6.9k reactions 414 comments
Manu Mazzanti Carlo ma che mappazzone é? Typical dish di che cascina esattamente?
Ricardo Herdy Gennaro is so great! But, chili is italian tradition?
Andrew Ogar I roast the meatballs in the oven with no oil using the fat in the meat!
Arno Ctr Oriane Juu Aurélie Il commence 2018 en étant toujours aussi excité celui la :)
Regiane Avila Gennaro Contaldo is a great teacher! 👏👏👏

We've rounded up some super little snacks to help you make healthy eating part of your school day routine.

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Annemarie Post Sahar Iravani let's bake something :)
Dominic Müller Jasmin
Manuela Maya Mateo Correa Marin
Lauren Hewitt Jonathan Hodson
Emma Wainwright Theressa Hines

If you can balance your plate right and keep your portion control in check, you can be confident that you're giving yourself, and your family, a really great start on the path to good health. Check out Jamie's balanced plate philosophy for more guidance.

Jamie’s balanced plate philosophy
Jamie’s balanced plate philosophy

You don’t have to be spot-on every day – just try to get your balance right across the week.

1.6k reactions 43 comments
Petra Lorenz Simone Bonser
Katharina Elisabeth Dietrich Krueger
Marena Lawrence Nicole Bernard
Vicente Schuffenegger Gárate Andrés León Marchant no es cualquier, es Jamie 👌😂😂😂
احمد عبدالرحيم 👍

Healthy, hearty porridge - 5 ways! How do you top yours?! 🍯🍌🍓

14.3k reactions 2244 comments
Philippa Murphy All things in moderation but most importantly cook fresh and create. It’s sad we are growing up on ready meals and a generation that can’t cook and is morbidly o see because of it. You can’t compare natural sugars to the crap they put in ready meals ...
Sharon Kaczmarczyk While visiting Scotland, I had porridge with lashings of heather honey. Lovely flavour! I brought a few jars back with me to Canada.
Catherine Morrison Most common way for me is cinnamon, some ground flax seed, handful of raisins (put in while oatmeal cooking) blueberries and raspberries and toasted slivered almonds. NO sugar! Raisins make it sweet enough.
Linda K Cherry Yummoooooo I usually eat my organic oats with Lyles Golden n some banana and a few crumbled up walnuts, almond/coconut milk, cheers Jamie. My pups love a bit on their kibble with raw 🍯 😉
Elina Tsioulaki Squirrell I make mine with milk🥛 1 mashed banana 🍌 1 tsp of peanut butter 1tsp of honey 🍯 a pinch of cinnamon and top it with a pinch of brown sugar for the caramel effect 😉

With a bit of planning and a few simple, smart and speedy recipes you can get your 5-a-day in one warming meal.

1.2k reactions 29 comments
Amrita Mondal https://youtu.be/cAA8x1JLnm8
Dominic Müller Jasmin
Jeanie Britz Juhanné Britz
Natalie Tracey Blair Ryan
Chris Mullins Elle FitzGerald

Ditch the dodgy takeaways this January and make your own homemade versions instead. Chances are they'll be healthier, cheaper and far tastier, too.

1.6k reactions 49 comments
Faye Yang Love all the dishes
Anwar Alkarmi Yummy
Monica Kalfah They sure will!
Bartolomeo Scappi Non c'è dubbio ...
Joel Downham No they won’t!

Jamie's making some amazing Breakfast Tortillas. Perfect for breakfast, brunch or lunch, they're deliciously packed full of Mexican-inspired flavour.

16.0k reactions 1100 comments
Yano Cf Djena Céspedes te recomiendo q sigas a este chef es genial siempre trata de cocinar saludable y bajo en calorías y ha luchado por mejorar la alimentación de los niños en las escuelas inglesas
Yanni Payan Yo si hago los burritos de huevo así también les pongo queso y todo. En la sierra de chihuahua si se hace así con tortillas de harina recién. Hechas . Riquísimo
Christian Lundgren What's with the hands flying around. Same with Ramsay. Annoying, it's not sign language is ut? Mosquitos in the studio?
Vanessa Papaemanouil That looks very nice but I still love my dads scrambled eggs with fried chips inside and feta cheese if u wish on the side he even did corned beef with scrambled eggs quite fatty but nice
Shirley Lomax Deliciosooo ! Thx for the avocado call it breaks the texture to bring a smooth tasty flavour, love it ! ❤️

You wouldn't give alcohol, coffee or cigarettes to your kids... So what about energy drinks?! Head to Twitter and tweet Jeremy Hunt to put age restrictions on the sale of energy drinks to under 16s. #NotForChildren

3.5k reactions 200 comments
Sarah Golightly Yes, totally agree about the energy drinks. They're full of sugar, caffeine & does absolutely nothing for the body! Only people who benefit from energy drinks are top end athletes, energy drinks should be removed from the shelves of shops adults ...
Anastasia Stylianou-Ogolo Ever since I was pregnant for the first time, my body gives me strong migraines if I put something bad in it. One of my fastest triggers is energy drinks. That thing is worst than what we think, not just for children, but for everyone. We don't need ...
Bronwyn Vigilante We need this same campaign in Australia, you can buy the energy drinks right next to sparkling mineral water 🙄 the amount of kids I see walking to school at 8am drinking one is crazy!!
Lucy D I work in a shop and I hate selling energy drinks to kids but there needs to be a law to back us up! I said no to a kid once and their dad came in and asked me why I didn't sell this energy drink to their child!! 🤔 I was shocked. So we definitely need a ...
Mark Jones Is this crap serious! WTF is the UK becoming? The amount of sugar, salt and Fat you shove down your kids throats and you ban energy drinks? Dose the big soda companies not put around 8 spoons of sugar in a can? Ban kids from them, most kids can afford ...

The ULTIMATE kebab! 😍 Chips, chargrilled Welsh lamb nestled amongst salsa, feta and spiced yogurt, all hugged in a homemade flatbread. #FridayNightFeast TONIGHT Channel 4 8pm.

13.6k reactions 4118 comments
Johnathan Osborne Must say he is one hell of a messy chef and eater, but good god he does make brilliant food! Top man...
Elise Bruford Adam Adrian if you pass a kebab shop later tonight and you want to bring me one home then that's fine by me 😂🤣😂🤣
Anoek Ashley Not sure if it can beat some of the ones i had in Greece But it does look yumm! Mind you... good idea to eat this weekend 🙃
Lucy Jemma Jake Reilander i know you hate Jamie lol but take the feta out for you of course, but how lovely do these look. I want a shish now.
Karla Peter I'd have mine slightly more cooked but looks lush! Better not be halal slaughtered or I wouldn't eat it at all. Baaaaaaa

TONIGHT on #FridayNightFeast Channel 4 8pm - ENERGY DRINKS! We've been hearing it from the front line - teachers, kids, parents - energy drinks are #NotForChildren! We now need everyone to tell the government to step in. SHARE this post and tell the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, that he needs to ban the sale of energy drinks to children under 16!

4.1k reactions 421 comments
Shani Clarke My 35 year old son died from energy drinks! DO NOT let your kids drink them PLEASE! And no he was not overweight or any health problems
Samantha Burson Waitrose is banning to under 16s let’s see all supermarkets do this or at least stop including them in meal deals etc this is when kids are buying them I work in supermarket and I am appalled how many children are consuming these drinks on a regular ...
Janice Looman-Kearns According to the BBC programme with Dr Mosley this week, it’s the gas in carbonated drinks (even diet drinks) that acts to produce something called grehlin (sp?) that prevents us feeling full and so leads to obesity. Scientifically proved apparently as ...
Nathalie Schumann I know for a fact that underage kids buy that stuff from our local supermarket. I’m in Germany and I don’t know if there are age restrictions. I think there should be. I’m going to ask the manager about it today.
Andy Bowman Think the health Secretary has enough on his plate screwing the NHS. That being said it wouldn't be a bad thing to limit the sale to 18 year olds or above.

Guys, really keen to hear your thoughts on this as we need to get the message out there that energy drinks are #NotForChildren! What do you think, should children be able to BUY energy drinks?

9.4k reactions 3422 comments
Leanne Lange Kids my children’s age drink shed loads of these. (10-12yr olds) We see them guzzling them on the way to school!! They’re dangerous on the heart and addictive. I don’t think they should be for sale full stop but especially to children. Luckily mine ...
Tara Peacock Completely agree with you. Children do not need caffeine, the effect on their hearts and circulatory system can be terrible and as for the sugar content! My four children are banned from buying these drinks and are fully aware why they are so harmful.
Elizabeth Cowley My son who is a type 1 diabetic needs lucozade to treat his hypos I don't like the thought of him havin it but he actually needs it like a lot of other people who r type 1 diabetics and before people start sayin it's coz he has had to much sugar that's ...
Leon Hardouin I cycle a lot and once tried one of these energy drinks while out cycling, it was the worst experience ever. Never gonna drink that stuff again. They should be removed from the shelves to limit children from being able to buy them.
Vibe Kjaedegaard I AM totally with you Jamie... but, No one should be able to buy those drinks. It is poison. And I think especially.young adults are using them. They live unhealthy lives, eat junk and get very little ( I know not all, but a large group) they put their ...

For a quick and portable healthy lunch on the go, get creative with Jamie’s Jam Jar Salad principle.

17.7k reactions 2272 comments
Cristina Marin Kyprianou Yianna Charalambous this is a good idea for our lunch !! If you are going to do these jar salads, please do double portion , 😜 one for me
Anushka Hickey Jamie jamie jamie, fat does not make you fat. Stop that 1950's rhetoric and step into 2018! Bring on the fat.
Tessa Lim Vieana Lim British jam jar salad (packed w veges + fruits + protein) Dressing using olive oil, plain yogurt, lemon juice
Emma Louise Paul Templeton - these look great! Mel Fisher hasn’t updated FB on Ali’s lunches in a while. You are probably now at this level....
Claire de Lune You are an absolute legend. I am definitely doing this when I return to work next week. Thank you ❤️❤️

Are you vegan or going vegan for Veganuary? Here's three great meat-free sources of protein you should include in your diet.

1.1k reactions 99 comments
David Penn No thanks
Valérie Massé-DuBois Élise Dupré, pour ton amie...
Kristina Ding Ha Sarah Johnston VEGANUARY!!!!! Love that!!!
Mohamad Zaki Milhem great job !
Michael Waldron Veganuary? Come on now.
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