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A nice night out with my girls on Saturday night take away. Hope your watching guys x x x

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Sharon Flood Yes it is a lovely pic butttt people are going to pic up his spellings because that's what people do it's human nature n he should be setting an example which is so important to him as he turned school meals upside down for example
Lin Johns Lovely to see you all, your wife and girls are beautiful, seems like yesterday when you put on your Christmas cooking episodes and the girls were little, i have now 4 grown-ups and 12 Grandchildren x
Judy Frenette wow Jamie, it's hard to imagine you with children this age, you just always seem the same, hardly aged at all, what a lovely solid family man you are, you and your wife have created a lovely family, blessings to you all ♥♥
Jolene Beth Morgan Beautiful Jools and your beautiful daughters! You are not too bad to look at either, haha! Have been a devoted fan of yours for nearly 17 years. I am most likely older than your mum, and I would loved to have had children, especially a son, would want ...
Gina Hughes Oh Jamie ... I still remember the early days when you first hit the "screens" as a fresh faced young man ... now look at you as a dad and husband with your beautiful girls xo

Yes yes yes this is art so gorgeous the barby blazer cocktail Barbecoa piccadilly have got such a great drinks menu so if youre a cocktail lover or a fan you ought to get down there book here xxjo x x x happy Saturday !! #barbecoapiccadilly

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Nancy Smith Noooooooooooooooo Allison Devereaux DiSimone
Claudia Irene Hohenstein Jan Hohenstein
Nanna Trondhjem Martin Hansen Lasse Trondhjem
Adriana Alicia Andréa Apolonio
Maximilian Knipp Patrick Matthias Julian Knipp Dominik Chmieleck

Weekends were made for shepherds pie all with the family sat at the table this ones little bit special with crispy potato all the way round and gorgeous tender meat in the middle this is incredible and one to tuck in to so grab todays #recipeoftheday right here http://jamieol.com/BZVLp3 big love xxjo x x ...

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Andrew Swotty Scrivens Just making one Jamie :-)
Merridy Morris Old fav
Melanie Laarz Wenn es so schmeckt wie es aussieht, ist doch alles okay,
Heidi Isobel Allan Bleazby we should make this while camping
Agi Wo ❤Paul Thompson ❤ favorite leftovers❤

So funny Ant and Dec pranked me good in my Jamie's Italian UK Harrogate restaurant! Youve gotta watch ITV #Takeaway tonight at 7pm and see what else they did to me still recovering from it now !!! I'll get you back boys dont you worry joxx

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Lauren Trevaskis Leanne Sinclair we love turkey twizzlers!! Xx
Teodora Tineva EvgeniDimov beb tova e v harrogate restoranta
Ella Francis Joel Evans turkey twizlers
Saran Cadwaladr Jonny Dawson Harrogate Jamie's!
Wendy Langton Can't wait to watch it.x

#pancakeday is almost here so ive got some great gluten free recipes to get your hands on so you guys dont miss out….whether you eat gluten or not you won’t want to miss out their flippin good!! x x

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Ness Peter David Boyd dinner op?
Mariana Costa Yeaaah! Obrigada Margarida!!!
وسام مصطفى عرفان Great food, but we miss baby River👶
Lucianne Sythes 😋
Jacqui Liebenberg Ane Spies

Guys who loves a night in with your mates?? I know I do so good and love cooking them up a right feast ive got loadsa recipes for just that on my app so go check them out xxjo

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Aaron Hall Hannah Baker Stb Hall all this 😁🙌🏼
Mai Ke The links don't work
Sarah Loutfi It's so much jamie
Veronique Coetzee This makes me hungry
David Lewis Go vegan Jamie oliver

As its rio carnivallll seems only right to throwback to my time I'm in Rio de Janeiro showing you how to make the classic caipirinha yes yes yes from the guys over at Jamie Oliver's Drinks Tube!!

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Roxana Robledo Having caipirinha at Paraty beach, south of Rio!!!!!
Brian Glasscannon Newton Dinda. Ivi Pizzott. This should be me! Enjoy!
Christin Denecke Anne Lünenberger das können wir auch mal machen...nur warme zum winter
Katey Anne Allll the Caipirinha's have our name on them 😉 LLauren Tomasella
Lia Sergia Marcondes Again: The Carnival holiday belongs to entire Brazil, not only to Rio. ;)

HAPPY RIO CARNIVAL !!!!!! im getting in the spirit with my one of my oldest friends Santos from Jamie Oliver's Fifteen to show you lot the beautiful Brasilian dish Moqueca 🇧🇷 jamieol.com/8qjAwj

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Fanny Hun I have a Paprika-Hungary, please show me how to use it?
Valter Santos How can i speak to Souza ? Tell him .. I need to talk !
Dorothea Gaspar The best
Aline Melo Moqueca👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Wadey Fu Dan Li need to eat this

Nothing like a good risotto this recipe is still one of my staple go tos back in the days of Jamie at Home cook book still a classic in my eyes Ive grilled the mushrooms here and scattered them on top for a gorgeous nutty flavour simple but delicious and todays #recipeoftheday jamieol.com/NKaT3d xj xx

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Ãmäñ Älêê you are awesome chef in the world. 😍😘😍😘😍😘😍
Davide Fernandes Looks delicious!
Carolina Col Love it 😍
Justina Nilsson Chanterelles ❤️
Barbara Sturdy Gorgeous!

#pancakeday is just around the corner so heres 13 of my favourite sweet pancake recipes for you to get your practice in all difference types and twists which i love whats your go to pancake topping???

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Kate Daniel when is shrove Tuesday here in Australia? I also know it's the day before Ash Wednesday.
Julie Ryan Jamie you must have a look on my page about the meat video I tried to share it with you Julie Ryan . Please check it out its horrendous .
Marijke Arentsen Here in the Netherlands we like to eat them with bacon and syrup. Yummy. :)
The Truth Hi! Whoever is reading this, I understand how rough things are right now. I just want to let you know that things will get better, I promise. Keep holding on just a little bit longer. I know you feel like nobody really cares. You're wrong, stop denying ...
Tamsin Butterworth Some family favourites are Nutella & banana crêpes, maple syrup, fresh berries & clotted cream, & strawberry jam & cream.

Open right now !!!! My new restaurant Barbecoa in Piccadilly this is what were all about smoke fire and gorgeous food sourced from great British produce this smoked and grilled chicken is bursting with beautiful flavours im so proud of the chefs there doing the food real justice make sure you go and check it out big love x x #barbecoapiccadilly

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Cecilie Eriksen Just booket a table for party of eight travelling from Norway 👨‍🍳
Denise Elarde Yikes! Sorry Jamie but I don't eat BBQ'd meat because carcinogens form over the meat from the smoking coals below. Do your research, love! ❤️
Ashleigh Walker Cameron i wish we could go here :( lets go visit london haha
Göran Acketoft Visited Barbecoa in London City a few month ago. Very nice. Love the food AND the interior.
Dayan Herrera Alvarez I can feel the smell 😋👅👅

Such a classic moment Scarlett Moffatt Still not sure about that scotch egg Nutella combo 😂 catch up on #fridaynightfeast on All 4 gang xxx

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Vishal Kumar Nice
Ina Haymond 😋
Veroniq Svitla Pinega So good friends)))
Margot Illinois 😂
Ana Marroco :)

The ultimate beans on toast guys all homemade and delicious i cant resist this #recipeoftheday from Jamie magazine This version is nutty and earthy and packed full of cannellini beans for a beautiful creamy texture goes so well the garlic and rosemary my favourite go get the recipe jamieol.com/uudm3m

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Veronique Coetzee This makes me hungry
Claire McAteer Ben Carrier lunch on Saturday? X
Sara Alexia Always love your recipes, Jamie!
Jennifer Taylor Do you eat it with a knife and fork or just pick it up?
Racheal Migliaccio Suzi Morton this looks nice!

Delicious dinner inspiration right here a veg packed mushroom & lentil pappardelle bolognese as seen in Jamie magazine…..a real warmer making you feel good from the outside in #recipeoftheday on my website http://jamieol.com/pgfF87

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Meilin Oses I will try and comment later
Christer Alexander Wold Guro de såg gudd ut😍
Pamela Zielinski I'm making this tonight for supper 😋
David White Kelly Sullivan White I want this!
Massimo Cacciari Non esistano le pappardelle alla Bolognese a Bologna ci sono le taglatelle

Not long now guys #pancakeday is just around the corner a week today !!! so get your practice in with my perfect pancakes flipping good a real tasty treat !! Jo xxx x

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Mirella DiPofi The best, fluffiest, delicious, moorish, fail proof pancake recipe EVER. Been using it for yearsssssss... Love it Jamie Oliver #jamieoliver
Jennifer Goodson Any pancake that is golden...fluffy and tasty...is the perfect pancake to me. Now I'm going to have to try your way. I can bet it will override my idea of perfect pancake.
Samantha Gaudin We should be using Organic eggs (if anything) and not just free-range eggs - it means nothing these days if you don't know the original source!
Pam Axford Lovely! GF version with buckwheat flour and tweak it for a savoury version with spinach and cheeses as well works as a dinner! So versatile 😎
Maree Kayles Ok I'm all for each to their own. But, enough trying to shove your crap down someone else's throats.... I love meat 🐷 🐮 🐑 🐔 🦆. So you choose your thing and I'll choose mine!!!

Super happy to say that my brilliant The Jamie Oliver Cookery School offers such great kids classes perfect for keeping those little angels busy during half term make sure you go check them out jamieol.com/KidsLessons x x x

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Lyndsay Irvine Michael
KerryAnne Butler David Butler?
Josephine Natter Joseph Adrian F. Schleußinger lern endlich kochen
Jonny Rice Elaine Kilkelly
Carol Schofield Could do with one on the Isle of man x

Beautiful green pea cabbage and leek soup topped with some crispy onions and kale pesto super warming comforting and nutritious and just what you need after a windy busy day whether its lunch or dinner this is sure to be a winner such a great recipe get it in this months Jamie magazine subscribe here jamieol.com/JamieMag xxx

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Tati Hartati Shipard This is your recipe in Christmas book..
Pca Linden Cooked this from 15 minites tonight. Looks better and tasted yummie
Michelle Muir Explosive Diarrhoea to follow😂😂😂
Siri Luck Yatsomboon What a lovely colour:)..Green day:))))
Tara Dekoning Bianca Woodley something a little different! Yum!

I cant tell you how much I love these silky smooth little omelettes….ive jam packed this beauty with Mexican-inspired gorgeous flavours but you can put whatever you fancy or whats in your fridge making and eating them is part of the fun so get your kids involved too their love it! #recipeoftheday here http://jamieol.com/ggbB7R

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Susanna Davila I have to try this it looks so delicious. I am so in love with organic healthy food. I used to think that eating healthy was disgusting because I hated vegetables but I found out that eating healthy can actually be really yummy you just need to try new ...
Ronny Kluger Lecker
Mitchie Deniega sarappppp
Sreyneang Mamacaron It look like banh xeo ( vietnamese food )
Veroniq Svitla Pinega Great looking and seems delicious!!!

Nice one guys feeling super proud right now great to see some old Fifteen Graduates still in the family catch them down at Barbecoa gang jamieol.com/BarbPiccafb x x x

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Anne O'Neill Joseph O'Neill
Stephen Povey Warren James
Lisa RK Loved fifteen,@ loved barbecoa... well done lads
Denise Beavers Y'all look fabulous. I wanna come give y'all a kiss!
Veroniq Svitla Pinega Great job, guys!!! Wish many-many amazing tasty dishes to be prepared!!!!

Treat for all your bakers out their- top tips for your banana cake making from the brilliant April Carter at Rhubarb & Rose all about the moist crumb!! xx one to bake ready for the week so you have something delicious as a treat x

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Cristian Paul Pulpea What exactly is the dry mix please?
Brenda Shone How do you keep sliced banana on top of cake going brown
Anna Connelly-Childs How about having a go at this one Jasmine? x
Sarah Bartsch There*
Beu Doblas Anotado en cosas por hacer Laura Holgado ;)

Dont you just love the smell of freshly baked bread so so so good !! this recipe is super simple recipe for a deliciously fluffy loaf- pulling out all the stops with my bakeware range #ad

26.6k reactions 906 comments
Anthony Lagerqvist ....I have to stand there and knead it for 10 minutes? no wonder I never make bread..... "LAZY AF"
Joni Sloesen This is bread, multigrain sourdough. Just flour, water and salt. Add some love and patience and you are ready to go.
D Anushika Dulanjali Wahalathanthri I make Bread All the time.....This is My No Knead Bread
Anastasia Stylianou-Ogolo I love this recipe. I make it with olive oil, wholemeal flour and I add some oregano and ground black pepper. Sweetest bread recipe ever!
Gail Cleaver Help Jamie what am I doing wrong I followed a recipe did all the right measurements .it turned out the bread tasted nice but it weighed like a concrete block

Sundays mean appleberry pie whos with me?? Loads of filling and seasonal berries give the great British apple pie a real brilliant berry twist beautiful just what you need after your sunday roast my favourite kind of family time #recipeoftheday on my website http://jamieol.com/dHaiuK xx jo

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Giancarlo Daniel Mate you kill me with these recipes 😥
Kaye-Louise Henshall Carl Henshall after ours would be nom nom
Anastasia Alexatou Yummy
Eugene Ong Mavis Teo we should try doing pie one day heheh
Elaine Michael Giles There is one cooking in my oven xx

Lemon meringue tart but not as you know light fluffy and full of zesty flavours at my new #barbecoapiccadilly restaurant part of the afternoon tea menu- open now make sure you get booked in to try it for yourself Barbecoa xx

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Fanny T. López Lastra Guillermo Portoles veeeee!!! Y me mandas fotos :P
Helen Dunbar Rachel I think u would make this delicious! 😜
Esther Sietses Isabelle, variatie op de kersttaart, deze lijkt makkelijker 😉
Benea Maria I normally hate it when people don't use punctuation, but with Jamie... it's kinda cute. He's like a grandpa texting
Rebecca Grant Patrick Kate Carey, is it worth a trip to Piccadilly London 😲😜😝

Whats the one food you cant live without? Im with Tom Daley who doesnt love a bit of cheesecake?? If you missed the last nights episode of #FridayNightFeast catch up with it all on All 4 Tom makes a veg packed sweet & sour chicken seriously good stuff!! xjo

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Sa Ri ⭐️❤️
Veroniq Svitla Pinega Strange boy?
Raymond Zimmerman Mixed greens salad...
Sarah Barbara Love cheese cakes but dont know how to make them x
Arek Inno Małokacki I can't live without herring...😎

This is what I call a weekend treat......Rich sticky beef shin ragu such an incredibly versatile stew so good with buttery polenta or creamy mash really love this recipe from Jamie magazine comfort food at its finest !! #recipeoftheday hit the link http://jamieol.com/uJ4s2U happy Saturday x x

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Veronique Coetzee This makes me hungry
Julien Gerardin Oh nice
Fab Food Hun One word Delicious
Noui Romero Dios Mio! Es mi comida favorita! ❤️
Stefi Dryja This looks nice

Check out the TV show tonight ...This fella was a joy Tom Daley your an inspiration bro top man and great cooking bignlove jox ....Friday night feasts 8 pm Channel 4 jox x. Xx #fridaynightfeast

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Jackie Bruce Tahnee Irwin.. your mans on the telly!!!
Abi Bradbury *you're
Gustavo Pacay Te sigo hace muchos años, cuando vas a venir por Gran Canaria ??
Duncan Campbell Cream in a carbonara????
Debbie Dalton-Jones Two of my favs. Jamie & Tom x
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