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Honouring Anzac Day in Australia and New Zealand with my recipe for the classic Anzac biscuit jamieol.com/HOKEcQ

4.9k reactions 533 comments
Christine Moore Thanks Jamie a very special day for all of us down under. Lest we forget.
Roly Sue Wray Thanks Jamie,, Sue and Roly in New Zealand..originally from Manchester...xxxx
Tracey N Andrew Tunstall Same in the kitchen from Kingaroy Queensland (a couple have been taste tested already) Lest We Forget ❤️
Emma Bates My nearly six year old making ANZAC biscuits 🎖 Just looked at your recipe Jamie - orange is an interesting addition.
Margaret Ford Thank you did not make the biscuits but my son attended the Anzac Day service he now loves I Rolleston none of us will forget

The simplest loveliest pasta I can think for #meatfreemonday. Fresh garlic good oil and great Parmesan are key here jamieol.com/ORDi7k

7.0k reactions 169 comments
Trudy Goos This was my diner today! Delicious
Johnnie MacDonald Hunting and Thompson !
Lou Fontaine Huuumm
Toni Linton Wells Be-Linda Poe make this for me please!!!
Anna Volodina Very testy

What a view!! My team at Jamie's Italian UK have the amazing job of sourcing sustainable fish for my new restaurant in Reykjavik, Iceland opening later this year! Just stunning!!

4.1k reactions 287 comments
Fredrik Leth Sorry Jamie Oliver, reading you say "what a view" to a picture of a total environmental catastrophy really lowers your name in to the mud of pollution below these fish farms, or any fish farm with open cages anywhere in the world. Its both arrogant and ...
Karl Lúðvíksson On behalf of many sports fisherman in my country I wish you would educate yourself a bit, just a tad even on the "quality" of farmed salmon and make a decision on not adding it to your menu.
Andy Richardson Jamie I'm beginning to think fame has removed you from reality. Salmon farms are worse than battery hens & intensive pig stalls. If these were a land based system & you could see the pollution along with suffering I'm absolutely sure you would wake up ...
Gordon Alexander What a disgrace, "sustainable" you should be ashamed of yourself! Do the research to start with! There are plenty of other wild sustainable fish species that can be included on your menus. Where is the provenance in serving such disgusting, toxic, liced ...
Bjarni Brynjólfsson Farmed salmon is not sustainable food. How can it be? It is fed capelin, herring and other pelagic fish. Jamie, please help us to preserve our wild salmon stocks and do not buy this lie.

May the force be with you this week people....

30.3k reactions 306 comments
Amanda Harrison Great collection and a fab imagination. Are they protecting your dad's crops against the birds and slugs!! 😊
Javi Turu Yo hacía lo mismo en el jardín de casa Beatriz Turueño Álvarez 😀😀
Dot Baker Rebecca Bucke I know 2 little boys who were missing these from their garden bed project last Friday 😂
Deb Shea Bruno So wonderful to seeing a child playing with toys instead of electronics.
Nicola Mills This reminds me of a picture I took when my son had lined all his superhero figures up ❤️

Can't get more British than sausage rolls at a picnic for #StGeorgesDay epesically with some English mustard!! jamieol.com/begbSm

5.2k reactions 111 comments
Ann Morgan My mother made the best sausage rolls. I have the recipe.
Rachel Louise Bank holiday picnic Abby Gordon?
Roshni Makwana Oh man these look good! Smita Gopal
Elise Jayne Ali Nicolson cook these I think
Charlene McCoy Janet Roberts even Jamie Oliver is making sausage rolls Today

Gorgeous golden chicken - this is proper feel good food and a chance to show off my Tefal pans. enjoy! jamieol.com/goldenchick JOx #ad

14.1k reactions 450 comments
Anita Gosnell Question: I'm not a fan of mint. So, in this dish, what can I used instead of mint?
Sam Scott Gregson Jemima Grace Philipson this looks like something you would go for
Hamilton Mathias Cyro Barros dá uma olhada nos quadros. todos cheios.
Jacquie Nadon Matthew J. Nadon but green peas instead of lima beans
Claire Duncombe Sam Duncombe... this looks rather yummy and very healthy x

HAPPY #STGEORGESDAY GUYS! Celebrate with a great British picnic jox

1.3k reactions 48 comments
Julien Gerardin Spam report. Good Day.
박대호 Ay guys what is the 'Stgeorgesday'??
Margot Illinois 🍀🌞💕👍
Димитър Асенов need to try bulgarian national kithen
Anna Pashby So good to see St Georges Day being celebrated, but maybe with English food, not British :-)

Baking inspiration!! My gorgeous black forest gateau and chocolate tart mash up- out in Aprils Jamie magazine jamieol.com/JMagFB

1.3k reactions 54 comments
FıFï Ðïłlå 👌👌👌👌✌✌
Annette Dypping Hindse-Nielsen Yum🌷
Purnima Thapa Yummy yummy yummyyyyyyyyyyy
Amber West Gosh.....torture!
Julie Le May 😛

Not just for the marathon runners! My incredible lasagne is the perfect family dish too jamieol.com/O5NOwx

6.9k reactions 182 comments
Stefi Dryja I love lasagne!!!!!!!!! It's one of my favourites
Meghan McLean Michael Martin the recipe for his lasagna!!
Mieke de Vriend We just ate your fabulous lasagne ❤!
Philiman Hapunkt I wan't a Lasagne battle with you, Jamie!!!!!
Emma Hughes I just can't get my head around lasagne but I'm going to try again

Throwback to when the The F2 Freestylers joined me- mixing up a protein loaf perfect for you London marathon runners !! jamieol.com/SuperLoaf

2.2k reactions 72 comments
Natalia Vogel Rezept bittteeee😊
Kevin Maitland *
Charl Du Plessis Renée - dankie. 👍🏻
Marcela Alejandra Diaz Alex, q Te parece?
Nicole Mayers Oh wow amazing

Something for #StGeorgesDay- enjoy a picnic with smoked mackerel pate its super moreish I just love it jamieol.com/GicdkH Jx

2.7k reactions 22 comments
Alin Gheran Would recommend also premium raw organic acacia honey from Mierus: http://facebook.com/mierushoney . It can be found on Amazon UK also
Roa Shammout Mai Ahmadziad
Marina Moreau Olivier Moreau
Sarah Hol Martijn Kloet
Katie Smithson Patricia Smithson

Home work and house cured salmon with crispy skin horseradish and pickles yum! On the new set lunch menu at Barbecoa its so good guys check it out jamieol.com/BarbecoaPicca joxx

2.3k reactions 25 comments
Loïc Navarro Reno Hernandez
Trevor Sampson Kelly Sampson
Aline Castelini Magalhães Larissa Castelini
Anna Volodina Привіт зі Львова, Україна 🌎
Jane H Naamah I bet it is so tasty

One for the marathon runners!! Me and my nutrition team have worked hard to make these nutritious little energy balls jamieol.com/ng2InJ xx

6.2k reactions 430 comments
Chad Cox Jason Campbell In case you want something different for lunch
Ange Hazeldine Another one for your ultra run Donna Alexander xxx
Caitlin Hannan Smith My first marathon is in 4 weeks so I'll be trying theses.
Eva Schnäggli Thx for this reciepe which I got from your new book .. they're amazingly tasty!
Julie Boyle George Houston but will they beat the sweet potato brownies??!

Guys we have a brand new, incredible set lunch menu at Barbecoa Piccadilly! Check it out: jamieol.com/BarbecoaFB

8.4k reactions 1939 comments
Lorraine Le Ceve What a good idea upstairs...well done don't know anyone else that does that
Susan Wells Think i'll have to put it on my list for my 60th birthday lunch with my school friends.
Kimberley Beaudoin Brant You're the most~ Get crackin ~from Vancouver~BC~ Cheers~ We're behind you 100% and 8 hours!~ You got tyhme, relax~
Hajdi Barbič Mirtič Hello from Slovenia! We had lunch at Barbecoa Piccadilly a good week ago.... it was so pleasurable... we could sit there for hours ( read : we actually did!)... a beautiful memory (also in a form of fotos ) and ... some good food!!!
Anna Volodina ByeBye!take Care you too. Thanks for showing your team, restoran, your history. And thanks that you show how work your kitchen. AMAZING MAN LOVELY GUY🚜

Remember this classic with loverly Maunika Gowardhan?? So pleased you can now book an Indian cooking lesson with her at The Jamie Oliver Cookery School- book now jamieol.com/YVsxml x x x

3.2k reactions 148 comments
Dom Huntman ShaliniNestor how does this compare to your recipe??
Enrico Hartmann Tina hop bitte
Thea Helene Schaumann Kunne vi godt lave på mandag Katrine Egebo Larsen 😍
Juan Tg a que no te atreves a hacerlo Mariela G.C.
Funda Şen Als ik dit kan eten in India ga ik mee 😁 AAslihan Tuncal

New cocktail menu at Jamie Oliver's Fifteen is amazing well done team jamieol.com/fifteen

736 reactions 9 comments
Rebecca Roderick 🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸 💕💕💕💕💕💕
Ana Marroco ;)
Manh Tran truly!
Carrie Hedderson Smith I love your vanilla lemon Martini's and your fizz.
Monica Jordan Send one right over to Canada. It's rainy cats and dogs at the moment🐶🐮🐟🐟🐠🐠 🐳🐋🐳🐩 🐕

It's #stgeorgesday this weekend, time to dig out those brilliant English dishes we all love, proper nostalgia and celebration x x x

4.6k reactions 70 comments
Doris Jenkins Could eat all 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
Mymakeup from AVON Delicious
Lou Potter Fantastic collection of recipes, thanks Jamie.
Penny Delve-Jones Helen Quinn !!! Saturday food???? 😘
Katrine Linnemann Greenwood What should it be mr Greenwood?

Loverly fresh vibrant fish salad inspired by Hawaiian poke...but using what’s in your storecupboard! Out in this months Jamie magazine jamieol.com/Hb0fHI x x

2.6k reactions 22 comments
Pernille Eisenhardt Ida Rosengaard Eisenhardt 😊
Lynne Donna Rebecca Viviane
Matt Creese Ashleynicole Vanderford
Carmen Wingender Felix Wingender?
Karen Poole Harvey David Poole poke!

Swear by Gennaro Contaldo's carbonara recipe a real fave of mine and heres 4 twists for you to try!

2.1k reactions 111 comments
Hannah Ziegler Gandolf, brauchst vielleicht bald mal wieder 😅
Matt Brice This is awesome!
Heidi Juel Kolters Silje - nu er det snart tid 😉
Julie Morby The carbonara is delicious.
Joanna Majewski Just made JO seafood spaghetti :) yummmmm

A little old school baking with Gennaro Contaldo wild garlic focaccia . Warm crisp and spongy full of flavour and love ..... hope you guys are well jox xxx

2.9k reactions 79 comments
Binasa Krupić Ivanka Jolić evo i on reklamira medvjedji luk 😆
Nadege MH Joel GH can we have this?
Neville Scott Looks lush like
Elizabeth Liza We love your recipe 😉
Sarah Hood Any chance we can get a recipe for Stromboli please?

Tag a mate who needs a 15 minute dinner tonight !! Curries don't have to cook for ages and this beef curry is super quick jamieol.com/Mge6Ow

6.7k reactions 405 comments
Suzette Alderdice Gemma Alderdice new baby and toddler 15 mins top for meal prep
Ashlee Bini Steven McAuley itch'n for a change 😏 .. even if you dont like curry 😎
Crina Bubulina just seen the 15 min greek filo pastry salad? cannot wait until i'll make it, as seems to be easy and very yummmyyy, and healthy!
Tilly Koster I made this dish for many times already and it's SOOOOO good!!! Thanks Jamie for this Great recipe!!!
Neale Christy Toya - let's do this next week Tuesday? LaToya McCallum

This will keep you going today my pineapple pancake mess super easy to whack together and full of the good stuff jamieol.com/5IvqDo

4.7k reactions 256 comments
Susan English Tried this last week, it was delicious!
Shea Nicole Park LOOOOOVE FEnnel SEEDS with Pineapple
Karen Armstrong Emma Armstrong, new twist to your pancakes!!
Malu Van de Kerkhof Frank Verspaget Dit onbijtje heb je dit weekend wel verdient! <3
Veroniq Svitla Pinega Happy days, Jamie, oh you are so sweetboy as those caramelized pineapples!!! Many kisses from Ukraine!!!

Shout to my loverly ex student Kerryann whos expecting a baby in August ahhh so excited!!!! So got to have this recipe from her- fish fingers & minty peas jamieol.com/Qw62Hy

4.6k reactions 72 comments
Janet O'Driscoll Congratulations Kerryann!
Yvonne Wild Congratulations
Guillaume Vachon Fish & peas = life!
Sonya Weeks Congratulations Kerryann x
Kay Mepham Great news Kerryann. Congrats.

Mighty chickpea houmous high in protein & fibre to keep you going when your back to work- so good for snacking! jamieol.com/hYPxkS JOx

2.9k reactions 61 comments
Manh Tran good taste ingredients keep food's balance.
Jessica King Susan Burnett Just what I was craving! 🙊
David Francis 'You are ', or, 'you're back to work!
傅炙瑋 https://j.gifs.com/KOoJ7Y.gif
Graham Vivier Hand salad?

Aprils a great month for food especially rhubarb, new potatoes & spring greens!! What do you love to make with them??

2.2k reactions 32 comments
Christine Hause Brian Sargis
傅炙瑋 https://j.gifs.com/pgD3L2.gif
June Porteous Nice
Wiete Herold Rhubarb and cinnamon rolls 😋
Anna Ildiko Klinko Minden egyre hajaz a zòldtòl màr hà.......

Shout out to Jamie magazine April issue out now !! If you subscribe now you get 35% off a year’s subscription don’t miss out!!!

494 reactions 12 comments
Anna Lena UK only ?
Michal Kompas nah, UK only?
Judy McShane Can we buy this in Australia??
Jaques Engelbrecht Mitch 'Cm' Tyler
Lilly Mac Becc Northam

Something for the kids to get stuck in tonight Easy pizza dough and three mega toppings for you to try... share your pizza pics with me!

Easy pizza dough, three easy toppings
Easy pizza dough, three easy toppings

Check out more of our recipes!

87 reactions 114 comments
Sue Shipley Does it work with GF flour? Anyone tried it?
Paździurek Agnieszka A z własnego pieca......nie ma takich słów, które miałyby opisać wrażenia smakowe 😀
Ahmed Farouk My delicious burger pizza!
Isabelle Deconinck La pizza maison rien que tel on sait se qu' on mange
Joanne Mitchell Made in our new pizza BBQ.

These Spicy lamb lollipops are made for sharing...perfect for a bank holiday bbq with friends!! jamieol.com/VMbd9H Jo x x

2.7k reactions 43 comments
Inam Alsotary Yummi yumm yummmmm
Afshan Ahmed Lovely.. Looking yummy!!
Bene Miguel Isso com uma cerveja....
Cristina Dumitras We were close 😁
Nadezhda Georgieva Perfect

Gorgeous bank holiday bakes for using up the leftover hot cross buns x x x

1.2k reactions 61 comments
Rơm Chan Ngon vật vã
Sa Ri ⭐️❤️
Mymakeup from AVON Yummy
Dolores Mcnelis In my house I never heard of a leftover hot cross bun.
Judith Bowler Left overs?? Bizarre

Hands up whos having a choccy treat this #Easter!! Im just going to leave this here…

9.6k reactions 278 comments
Anne Mendelson Tease... :(
Lisa Bax Mark Bax voor vanmiddag?
Sunčica Mravičić Niki ovaj prvi rolatic ...
Sandra Durneikaite Vanessa Franke bitte schön, hast dein Schokotag 🙈🍫
Ana Claudia Souza Marcos, te dedico!
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