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Natalya presents Shinsuke Nakamura with her father's jacket

792 reactions 19 comments
Frankie Kovacic Catsuke Mewamora.
Alfred Belford II meow!
Gabriel Medina eso video esta de risa
Ryan Perkins It is clearly the anvils jacket
上寺 弘志 Because it suits you

HART FOUNDATION x KING OF STRONG STYLE 🖤💕⚔️ 2 more sleeps! WWE Mixed Match Challenge

3.0k reactions 31 comments
James Seffern Candace Kerswill
Mohamed ElHmamy Michael jackson is that u ? XD
Mahlori Km Mahlori king of strong style
Mian Tanveer Nice
Abdullah Bhatti Hahaha

NAKA-MEOW-A and I will give Sasha Banks and Finn Bálor a match they will never forget! AND I can promise Shinsuke Nakamura and I will be PURRFECT together & victorious! #wwemmc 🏆💰🐈

1.4k reactions 37 comments
Thiện Quang Boss's club.....:-)
Amore Enzo Why that one for Shinsnke
Rodney Taylor I agree
Moreau Mickaël Ou peu t on trouver la chaîne américaine du catch sur quelle site Merci d'avance
Dave Duffy Like blue team

Natalya and Nakamura will support Make-A-Wish in the Mixed Match Challenge

491 reactions 6 comments
Alex Escobar nakomura 👎👎👎👎👎👎
Joseph Mn sorry natalya they should of gave you someone with talent ,maybe you can show him some wrestling moves besides kicking and trying to take a dump face

WWE Mixed Match Challenge official bracket revealed

338 reactions 5 comments
Adam Urbanek Mathew
Persuasive Supantho Just LMAO! 😂😂
Timothy Michael Clark We all know Miz and Asuka will win it all because Asuka isn't gonna lose for awhile

WWE SummerSlam 2017 was a dream come true.

3.8k reactions 60 comments
Mandeep Kaur Cheema Congratulations Natalya
Danielle Baymom Barnett Who cares
Samir Zin beautiful love u
Daniel Brunson im waiting for wwe summer slam 2018
Charlotte Rivera Way to go Nattie

Backstage kitty kisses.

1.9k reactions 49 comments
Ismaaciil Zubeer Isxaaq Foood
Tim Allen You both look beautiful
Greg Newell Nice pic
Ben Lazones Beautiful. <3
Mark Downs fab-purrrr-lous!! #nattie has alot of hart

That moment I found out Shinsuke Nakamura is my #wwemmc partner! ⚔️🐾🕶 .... MEEEE-OW!!!

2.2k reactions 44 comments
Mazharkhan Tunnu VERY GOOD
Melissa Bauguess Hello
Dima Tenjen Beauty
Matheous Barbosa That's awesome nattie
Samir Zin beautiful love u

SO EXCITED to team up with Shinsuke Nakamura... and SO RELIEVED it's not Sami Zayn!!

1.0k reactions 26 comments
Todd Bevering Kati Roxanne... couldn’t have been a worse partner for me to root for
Sarah Elizabeth Adoue Rene Gonzalez
Gavin Fisher Callum Fisher
Darren Robinson Such a dick he is over eccentric waste
Belinda Mug 💐💐💐💐✌✌✌🙂🙂❤❤

Friends who slay together, stay together.

3.0k reactions 94 comments
Simon Feather Natalya but
Renato Jaupi WWE super. Star. Seksi
Lance Wells ✌️✊🤘🤙🤞💯
Roman Forson Never trust friends
Bradley Norris Bowling How many ds been in those mouths? 1 for nattie.

It's all in the family. #FBF

1.6k reactions 35 comments
Joseph Short Good genes.
David Russell Great pic
Mic Christensen It’s good seeing your father
Jim Laughlin Hi Nattie
Melissa Bauguess Hello

Chipping away at those resolutions #hardknockssouth style..🏋️‍♀️🍑

2.8k reactions 68 comments
Jesús Medina Cedillo La auténtica Señora de Medina
Ryan Hastings Kept it Up Baby.
Jonathan Kallan Nice full squat form, Dr Ken would approve
Salvatore Capcino Bad on the knees as you get older believe that
Diogo Andrade The beautiful and wonderful queen of harts!!! 😘

Bring it on, Riott Squad!

1.6k reactions 23 comments
Jill Ethington Great women.
Melissa Bauguess Hi
Melissa Allan Joshua Hellsten
Mahesh Raaj Sony Brok them
Pat Gordon Love Nattie !!!!

My cat ears are here!!!!! Check em’ out on!

916 reactions 118 comments
Jarrod Partenheimer You look like a ewok hooker
Andre Terrell Beautiful
Renato Jaupi WWWE super. SEKSI
Jesse Toussaint Natalya Yes Wee. Shop. , Com
Michael Trevino Simply Gorgeous Queen of Harts 💖💖💖💋

Before there was a Riott Squad, there was a Welcoming Committee.

2.6k reactions 47 comments
Rock Stone Calaway Natalya you are Sooooooooo gorgeous
Tracy Huggins Divas of Doom !
Scotty Archer Carmella needs to ring attire lol
Jesús Medina Cedillo Muy bien esposa mia
Brian Mills Three beautiful and proud.

WWE SummerSlam 2017 was all about The Queen of Harts!

1.5k reactions 13 comments
Crystal Polonuk That's how Canadians do it
Pahelo Maya nicee
Sumanth Tito Ad
Kiara Dueño Noooo a becky no
Remy Buxaplenty Lana is such a buzz killer

The first-ever Women's Royal Rumble Match will be ALL about The Queen of Harts.

1.2k reactions 32 comments
Melissa Allan Joshua Hellsten
Salman Jess <3 <3 <3 <3
W'f Ønyemå Wize 🍁🐷 lul HMM
Aaron Dez Smith hi natalya aunty

WWE SmackDown LIVE: The Riott Squad is Outnumbered

536 reactions 9 comments
Jesse Corpus Laurie Roxanne Corpus
Sheikh Sheri Adi Adeel
Zack Stylo Naty 😘😘😘
Michael Trevino Natalya simply gorgeous 💖 Queen of Harts 💖💖💖💋
Larry Heward Riott squad are in for a rude awakening sometime soon. Smack down ladies rock.

Ever since I was a kid, my dad made Christmas so special. I love him so much.. Merry Christmas Eve to everyone! ♥️

7.7k reactions 167 comments
Jacqueline Geesey Wallin i think all daughters start out daddys girls.. I know I still am lol..
Lynn Black Merry Christmas Natalya cherrish him while have here on earth
David Earl Thornton Nattie how can I get a autographed picture of you?
George Ward Brillant Pic. Natayla hope you and your family had. A. Lovely. Christmas
James Merithew Merry Christmas to you too!!

The Queen of Harts is no stranger to making history...

1.1k reactions 44 comments
Sharon Collis Happy Christmas
Ron Borunda My pick to win Rumble
Bruce Lee Happy holidays Natalie
Melissa Bauguess Hello
Samir Zin beautiful love u


5.7k reactions 217 comments
Wayne Bradney Simply Stunning Merry Christmas Nattie
Jarrod Partenheimer Oh look it’s skanky elf
Michael Trevino Very beautiful 💖 love the Queen of Harts
Juan Miguel Duhaylungsod Hey nattie merry christmas # best women in the roster # queen of hearts # most prettiest in the roster
Heaven Mone't She would be so beautiful if she didn't speak lol

Don’t miss the chance to buy some of your favorite EA SPORTS games on sale. Head to now!

283 reactions 5 comments
Dave Gordon What?
Melissa Bauguess Hi
何曼 "This message has been brought to you by EA Games". Spam!
Patrick Farnan How much are they paying you to say that?

Listen… That’s the sound of applause. Get your EA SPORTS on sale and hear the applause! #NFSPayback #ad Need for Speed

232 reactions 2 comments
何曼 "This message has been brought to you by EA Games". Spam!
Patrick Farnan Celebrities seriously need to cut out the blatant need to use social media for their craving to force paid ads at fans

When it comes to marriage counseling, I'm the best there IS, the best there WAS, and the best there ever WILL BE!

1.8k reactions 66 comments
Omar A. Rosario #Natalya 😘❤
Jeff Severson Right OK.
Mickey Weister Cat lady former champion etc
Simon Feather Natalya but
Helen Godbey Marriage counselor? Seriously? Pffff. 🙄

Mood! 💕

2.0k reactions 37 comments
Kizito Jose Number one
Ronald Yturry Milf
Mark A Chiarantano Sexy
Roman Forson Nice
Alfata Alfata Nice

I’m going to claw out the competition! Watch out Charlotte Flair, Mrs. Claws is coming for you on the field! Pick up your own copy of #Madden18 before the EA Holiday Sale ends on 12/23! #ad EA SPORTS MADDEN NFL

1.2k reactions 14 comments
Josh Stilwell screw that i will not support a bunch terrorist millionaire cry babies screaming faul then goes and commits crimes then screams social injustice. a bunch of cry baby lady beaters.
Melissa Bauguess Hi
Paul Evans hmmm talk to me who is the pc i am.
Yousaf Jane Wow
Samir Zin beautiful love u

You don’t have to carry a championship to be a CHAMPION... #WWEClash

3.2k reactions 105 comments
Erico A Pratt You are always stilled the queen.
Jill Ethington Im sorry that your a heel because you did a great promo last night .
Janilynn Clark I am sorry you think the Harts still have what it takes to take out The Flairs
Amanda Guilderson Whoop whoop we both have cat ears :-)
Stacy Gayle Them ears are too cute

WWE Clash of Champions: Charlotte battles Natalya in a Lumberj...

959 reactions 20 comments
Benjamin Pantigozo Natalya Hall of famer 2018
JoshClaudia Mapstone Don’t leave
Samir Zin beautiful love u
Larry Heward Ouch....everyone went boom....cheers
Sary Reskiani Loser!!! Hhhhhhh you are crying baby

WWE Clash of Champions: Charlotte Flair vs. Natalya

174 reactions 6 comments
أحمد المطيري مثيره
Aasif Aslam Common Nattie u need to win
Markus Maintaler Go Natty only on queen of Hearts! <3 you are the best go and get the title tonight
Joseph Mn So sad she's champion be her father is rick flair
Chris Boyetchko Charlotte is going to win this match, but it should be very entertaining.

Made in the dungeon.

3.3k reactions 92 comments
Terry Ellsworth Worst heel ever she sucks
Sankit Rajput Nice look
Druka Devi Shame on u old nanny
Denzel Brooks Natayla attitude suck but I hope charlotte beat you Sunday at the ppv
Nora Rosales What is trying to do. Join the NXT girl. Team RAW should of went after Nattie
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