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3.8k reactions 86 comments
Daryl Iisah Funches Beautiful
Kathy Formas Abbinante Does not look like her at all!
Alexis Alejandro Araya Alvarez Queen of the ❤️❤️❤️ 😍
Lee Kinsella You've no chance foooooooool.
Omar A. Rosario #Natalya my love 😘❤

The WWE SmackDown Live Women's Champion is on Team SmackDown for Dancing with the Stars tonight... you've more than got this, Nikki Bella! 🙌❤️💪💃

4.6k reactions 57 comments
Veronika Marie Ramos Love you !
Ebuka Paul Natalya inbox me ur num
Jill Ethington A champ with a champ pretty ladies
Eddie Pessalano You girls are looking good
Naveed Lakho Thanks you!! Natalya

#WWEShenzhen knows who the Women's division belongs to!

2.1k reactions 23 comments
Frank Owusu Can you help me to be wwe
Irfan Raza Nice
Brandon Partridge Vince
Michele Sforza Bellissima...
Eleanor Grise You suck natayla

Help save children’s lives. Join The Queen of Harts in raising awareness for pediatric cancer research for Connor's Cure!

2.4k reactions 30 comments
Bhuppi Negi lv u alot..
Sathish Sankar Natalya the great...
Coincé Landry Nzeugang Jesus Christ bless you life
Rawand Ranj cool
Irfan Raza Nice

Shenzhen was surreal. Thank you, China! 🙏🇨🇳❤️

3.6k reactions 37 comments
Coincé Landry Nzeugang good lady
မင္ ေရႊလြင္ wow
Rebecca Tyler 😍
Vishan Singh waw
Robert Kosloski Yes you are hot

Off to Shenzhen! 🇨🇳✈️❤️

5.4k reactions 107 comments
Robert Warren Shorts do ever wear Shorts?
Omar A. Rosario #Natalya my love 😘❤ The Queen 👑
Eric Cade stunning Natty stunning :3
Umer Ali 😢 Upload😚 Ziyada😭 sey🐚 ziyada🎵 kia🐻 karo🐨 Lol 💟 3 bajj gaii huey hain Natalya 💟 Sunday : 17 - September - 2017 💟 Apka Just Now Nhi A Raha Natalya 💟 Bot Powered By Umer Ali 💟 <3 LEGEND Bot Team <3 <3 OWENER <3 MUHAMMAD TOQEER <3 B0t S1t3 : IOS-SELF .tk
Juan Carlitos Velez I love you so much better now than it was not

Life was always a matter of waiting for the right moment to act.

3.7k reactions 75 comments
Hugo Amn Valentin Solera Nattie a conserver ! PARFAIT !
Candice Goodwin You are my absolute favourite ever ❤️
Antonio Lugo She make me sick
Marek Witko she should be pornstar
LeBron Jenkins 🔥❤😍😘💋

My favorite throwback! 🐈☕️🏆

5.3k reactions 62 comments
Amber A. James Miss seeing Tyson in the ring.
Mohammad Kaliafa وين رايحه ي كشفا
Barbie Bryn Miss you tyson
Barrie Reese Tyson Kidd and David heart
Lexington Michaels tyson is a very blessed man.

And Still.

2.0k reactions 90 comments
Oscar J Grey Better grow eyes in the back of your head champ
Axel Wittkowski Mein Herzlichsten Glückwunsch zur erfolgreichen Titelverteidigung für den charmantesten Engel ☀️
Jason Keyser And the belt should stay with her.she is best champion in the devias in my opioan
Jeremy Walker nice arms you didn't mess your hair up to bad
Bradley Hachey Give up the hair do and your ring Attire it's holding you back from people taking you seriously...

It seems like Naomi's luck ran out in Vegas.

1.3k reactions 33 comments
Richard Sandoval *Absolutely sweet *
Candice Goodwin 💪
Àbìď Àď New day rocks
Michael Reyes Plua La mejor Campeona Natalya 😍
Al Thomas Good haha

WWE SmackDown LIVE: Naomi Challenges Natalya

1.2k reactions 18 comments
Hawre Chmane Hi
Hawre Chmane Hi
Alex Polanco Matalya Good :)
Richard Sandoval nice
Abdulrahman Azz you have become old Natalya

Stay ready... 🏁

2.9k reactions 44 comments
Kamaldeep Singh Hello
Salvatore Capcino 65 pounds
Sk Adeeb Fitness motivation stay strong
Vířàj Aŕýàń You are awesome
Aamir Khan Ready

Can't wait to see Naomi on WWE SmackDown Live tonight and remind her of why I am the CHAMP!

4.6k reactions 82 comments
Román Gutierrez Lopez Beautiful
Mooy Robert Justin Calgary finest
Dustin Gonyea Naomi wins baby
Eleanor Grise Naomi gonna win her belt back
Evan Kitts The Canadian hero.. Way to go to carry the legacy on.. You are awesome.. Keep it going.....

Tomorrow: Different title. Different opponent. Same result. Bring it on, Naomi!

1.2k reactions 44 comments
Don Clelland LMAO
Melissa Bauguess Hello
Michael Digby Love it
Jose Ramiro Treviño Gonzalez When la wwe valia la pena
Mohammed Awad Is she Mary's????

Family is everything.

1.7k reactions 77 comments
Jeffrey Heisey Nice family you got
Daniel Cowan Yeah bc this is what heels do
Shabir Burdi Baloch Beautiful
Margaret Mckellop Your mom is so beautiful!
Andres Caicedo Pretty family Queen of hearts.

This is MY championship, Naomi! See you next week in Sin City...

2.6k reactions 34 comments
Abdulrahman Azz you will lose natalya
Mhd Misfar Wel
Ãñthöñŷ Xïøñg K
Rdg Rock nice pic
Richard Sandoval *nice *

From the 🐝 vault... love this glam!

5.9k reactions 117 comments
Román Gutierrez Lopez Beautiful
Kamaldeep Singh Hii
Atif Bangash Very nice beautiful and so cute
Mike Paul McDonald WoW Natalya u r really beautiful
Jacob Ramos You look wonderful Natalya!

My sweet boy, Blue! 💙

3.0k reactions 78 comments
Clyde Mcneil Where's your cat?
Sophie Stalin Such a handsome fur baby!
Tina Garza You have a pup now?!?!?
Rob Ross "You're my boy blue!"
Amrutha Ganesh Wow sooooooo cute

2004 Stampede Wrestling Days ft. myself and the "Stampede Kid"

4.6k reactions 64 comments
Evidence Hanze Where is he now Tyson kid8
Andrew R Smith You are SO much hotter now!
Margaret Mckellop Wow! Great picture!
Joe Najar younglings
Zack Stylo Beautiful natalya

WWE SmackDown Live: Natalya vs. Carmella

1.5k reactions 10 comments
Ramiro Melendez Ramiro Melendez
Crystal McCormack Ashley Wilson
Keefe Nicholas Kiser Rosa Mae Kiser
Rosa Idrees Love you Natalya
Richard Sandoval Hahaha

🍂🍁🎃 #unbreakablemonday

8.1k reactions 185 comments
Cole Nelson See you tomorrow night
Josh Tolliver My god she is gorgeous♥♥♥
Valentino De Miglio Absolutely gorgeous
Melvin Tre Reid I would Stinger Splash that, game on 99 plus 1...
Stephan Chaffin milo looks at that and says give me a sweaty black man

It feels GOOD to be CHAMPION!

4.3k reactions 86 comments
Luis Adan Jauregui Torres Hola😍💜Hermosa💏💗
Nick Johnston Congratulations!!!! Very cool chick in person
Román Gutierrez Lopez Beautiful
Brock Lewis Finally a real champion ❤️
Joseph Bolzau Natalya deserve to be Woman's champion.Defend it with HONOR


2.5k reactions 76 comments
Chris Lukas Maybe he will toss you baggie of roids 😂😂😂
Bradley Moss I think The Honky Tonk Man was a better IC Champ than Jinders World title reign and I hated Honky Tonk
Allan Johnson Christine Hall Johnson love the photo of the both you have a awesome week.
Fer Thawne Jinder is the best in the world
Phạm Ng V-Tài Don't said that , Naomi will make you feel the glow ^^

Traditions. 👄🏆

2.9k reactions 69 comments
Larry Heward Someone likes her belt. Cheers champ.
Ross Thomas Norman You do ur family proud Xxxxxx
Melissa Bauguess Hello
Ringo Bishop Good luck

#TBT to that perfect night! #summerslam #AndNew 🏆🙏🍑

3.8k reactions 56 comments
Danny Creaser Awsome should of been you long ago beautiful! 😍😍
Bradley Norris Bowling Nobody cheers for this man.
Fernando Chapa NATY 😘😍
Román Gutierrez Lopez Sexy Naty
Corey Blachford And the new women's champ Natalya!

You know I can put the Sharpshooter on two people at once, right Carmella?!

2.4k reactions 45 comments
David Bromberg Get rid of the pest in the middle!#!!
Radhika Singh Rajput carmella is so cute and lovly ...and she is most genius...
Bradley Norris Bowling How can she handle big cass?
Shaziya Khan Hy Natalya sexy
Devin Chester You did it at wm you can do it again


7.8k reactions 162 comments
Zarah Tomassini Stunning
Arty Beckas U are so fine looking honey
Terry Perdue Now...she hot !! But have to wait to first ha !!
Tim Williams You look fabulous Natalya
Jermaine Perry very stunning good looking lady picture

Our hearts go out to everyone affected by Hurricane Harvey. Here's how you can helpt:

2.7k reactions 26 comments
Chương Nguyên -ttt ❤️
Mohammed Usman Akram Zoha Ismail
Mohan Kasi Thanks you
Richard Sandoval *outsight mamasita *
Wendy Ann Clow celebs are most richer than the people that make them celebs

WWE SmackDown LIVE: Natalya Confronts Carmella and James Ellsw...

344 reactions 12 comments
Nikki Ikram Natalya
Junito Arauz Te amo natalaya
Gloria Hunt Sheff I need that shirt in my life.
Algernon Wilde Natalya will grind her!
Scott Lawrence Hudson Should of smacked elsworth
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