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The countdown to WWE WrestleMania! ..... see you tonight, Johnson City!

5.9k reactions 105 comments
Justin Stewart A real women's wrestler #fuckthebellas.
Róbert Kristof You look beautiful
Donnie Knodel Looking good nattie love u
Santiago Trevizo are you my girl wrestling can you face me on Facebook
Sathish Sathi What a boobs

The WWE SmackDown Live Women's Division STARTS and ends with the Queen of Black Hearts!

6.8k reactions 54 comments
Shania Robb I like it this is what Alexa bliss deserves
Michael Braun no kissing
Luis Garcia Quienes son ella
Alon Boy Suman Very sexy nataliya... I love uuu dear
Ali Masuode Super Natalya

Royalty has arrived...

8.6k reactions 118 comments
Martins Pruzinskis Real beauty has arrived.
Angel Gonzalez She has the body of Sponge Bob Square pants
Róbert Kristof You look beautiful
David Gill ok now you have that evil smile
Jill Ethington U need a new outfit for Wrestle Maina .

WWE SmackDown Live vibes...

10.9k reactions 154 comments
アウマダ マヌエル i love you nattie ❤
David Howard Hottie
Danielle Ruzzi Yesss, Nattie! You better work! 🖤🖤
Jose Laboy sexy mama
Tim Brown Smokey hot

I can't wait to see Carmella tonight in Albany. We always have a great time together....

7.4k reactions 37 comments
Rishi Lalla Tap tap
Shania Robb Natalya neidhart congratulations
Emmanuel Solis Balan Jajajaja jajajaja jajajaja broken Carmela
Shania Robb Go for the wwe smackdown live women's championship title
Jesse Chavez This is gonna be cool

One of my favorite moments in the ring ...🙏 It wasn't easy putting Laycool in the Sharpshooter at the same time.... but someone had to do it! 😹

6.2k reactions 41 comments
Shania Robb Natalya you are the hottest
Shania Robb Natalya neidhart congratulations
Steven Wallace :poop: :poop: :poop:
Ali Masuode Wawwwwww super Natalya
Andyel Paige Poor Layla's head

See you tonight, Amherst! 😎

7.2k reactions 105 comments
NiMrat SiNgh looking completely different...
Santiago Trevizo Can I be your friend on Facebook
Brian Humphrey Lol♨️💯
Adrian Micheal Waldron Noonan Nicki Bella want to be
اسلام وفادار اااتتاا

Make way for royalty...

7.2k reactions 54 comments
Angie Babie Joy Raroa Royalty pffftttttt
Karan Pundir Nice
Brandon O'tinger Heel natalya is awesome
Sandy Skeet Good night nattie
Jordana Goodman Natalya is for sure the queen

Becky Lynch and Carmella are BOTH a joke...

Becky Lynch vs. Natalya: photos
Becky Lynch vs. Natalya: photos

Carmella makes her presence felt as Becky Lynch and Natalya face off on SmackDown LIVE.

2.8k reactions 37 comments
Hussein Abdifatah Lol go Carmella
Shania Robb Natalya neidhart has no class so whatever So shut it
كرار الصدري ILove you
كرار الصدري ILove you
كرار الصدري ILove you natale

When I think of a woman who inspires me, I think of Stephanie McMahon - WWE!

7.2k reactions 149 comments
Jesse Toussaint Natalya. Great wwe video
Angel Krueger Aviña Natalya youre awsome but stop giving so much kredit to steph wr get it shes your boss
Yolanda Obrien I told you different colors would work. 😉
David Nicholas Levy At Wrestlemania I wanna see The Divas of Doom reunite wearing the Diamond Encrusted Shoulders Pads. DivasofDoom2017
Brad Nash God Bless You Natalya, you are a very special woman and bless you and Ms. McMahon.

I LOVE NY! 📸🗽💪❤️

9.5k reactions 238 comments
Martins Pruzinskis Beautiful alpha female.
Faizan Khan Perfect pair of
Bart Kal Sexy Nat.
Julian Harjo Wow! Natalya you're very sexy, lovely, hot, & beautiful
Christopher Baez And NY loves The Queen of Black Hearts. :)


7.0k reactions 106 comments
Gene Gullifer now want u more then ever
Dorival Guimarães Guimarães Maravilhosa! !
Annie Walkama-Nast So pretty 💜 that color looks great on you
Tim Allen Sexy
David Williams Hot so hot

New York State of Mind 💚

8.6k reactions 85 comments
Milind Poi Palondicar Empire state of mind
Román Gutierrez Lopez Sexy
Waylon Taylor wow
Andres Caicedo 😍😍 very pretty Nattie
Lynn Gabbard U look so pretty nattie work it


7.1k reactions 40 comments
Miguel Contreras Q chula mi natis muy guapa
Farman Afridi You never replay us why
Richard Sandoval :)
Rehan Khan Wowo
Suzanne Daubrez hey tyler

The Sisters of Destruction, The Divas of Doom!

3.0k reactions 60 comments
একাকী বালক সবুজ u2 were awesome
Chantal Burgess Love beth come bk team up 🆙 with mattie xxxx face 🐭
Aasif Aslam Greatest divas tag team
Tony Hamilton Will we see this again soon?
Claire Hannah my favorite stable forever

Like a flying lioness!

5.6k reactions 42 comments
Paul Zarate She's on fire
Richard Sandoval Hahaha, :)**
Crystal Lyn A lioness with extensions...? How's that work? 🤔
Reza Boxer Sexy girl
Mandolynne Weese Your new character is so fun! I am enjoying it! <3

After WWE WrestleMania, the Queen of Black Hearts will gain another title to the family trophy case!

11.1k reactions 148 comments
Kenneth Brian Win the title and bring some prestige to the woman's title
Bart Kal Go Nat! Go every Hart dynasty member.
Frederic Gosselin you suck
Trent Luttman You are so gorgeous! 😘😘😘😘
Christopher Baez All hail The Queen of Black Hearts :)

Smiles and strength... #SeeHer

9.3k reactions 80 comments
Justin Strange SuprGenyus I love that smile too!!!
Reza Boxer I love you natrlia I love you really Sexy girl
Marcus Virak Caesar I want to see you with the title :D
Sisir Sahani NO
Mark Mayhue #bringbackpinkandblack

Celebrating International Women's Day! What women inspire you? ...My mom❤️

4.7k reactions 56 comments
Jesse Chavez You and Trish Stratus. #NatalyaStrong
Richard Sandoval *Beautiful ladies *
Tammy Pleasance Hi Ellie and Natalia you both look awesome !!!
Rinisol Kaverly I'd say in WWE you Natalya and Charlotte are my inspiration😃
Ali Al You

Never stop fighting! #SeeHer

6.5k reactions 106 comments
Bedir Ascioglu Melina♡
Paulo Junio Dream match: Naomi vs Melina ... it would be such a great match
Mimi Ajayi Finally 👍🏾
Victor Russowsky Herter This match was awesome
Ferch Aleman Poor Melina puff :$ Jaja t la mamaste Naty xD

We're doing it big tonight in La Crosse...Wisconsin knows. ✌️

14.6k reactions 245 comments
Christopher T Howard Gorgeous ❤❤❤
Megan Boaz You've got this!!!! 💪🏼👏🏼
James Ballard So 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!!!
Sobye Tyler Lacrosse Wisconsin Represent Welcome Beautiful
Stacy Smith-Link Woohoo....only about 2 hrs from me.

Careful...... fashion police are out tonight in WWE La Crosse... hello Tyler Breeze🚨🚨🚨🚨

6.9k reactions 32 comments
Jessamaeparba Joy Parba <3 <3 <3 <3 love
فہۣۗآرسے ﮧۦ ۦۧۦ 'ٰۗٛۧۙٛۧۙﮩ'ٰۗٛۧۙ سسسسسسسسسسسسسسســرع ــههه 😳🌺")) ~ سسسسـوي كــلــوزز وســي فيــرسسسسســت يـ ح ـــب 👻💛 ! ~ ضــــفــــــني ح ــــطــــني كــــلـــووزز :V B| ~ المششــآآركــهه لـآآيــككك + كــومـــنـــت ❤ ~ 🌐 LATIF.ML 🌐
Areiana Grande Love. You. So. Mach
Monica Barreto Te adoro
Sisir Sahani I love you

So nice to see you, Lexi.

5.9k reactions 115 comments
Eleanor Grise Natalya sucks.and can't wrestle go retired
Bart Kal Battle of who's hotter. Tough choice.
Kerrie Johnston Gorgeous ladies :) My favourite is Nattie though.
Kyle Desmond Easton Bliss is so hot<3
Gerard Buddenberg Team Nattie

It's just a joke, Alexa Bliss...

3.1k reactions 81 comments
Caine Wesly That' laugh though. You sound like a witch
Shania Robb Natalya neidhart you should call yourself the wwe smackdown women's champion
Shania Robb It will happen trust me wwe Natalya neidhart you are blonde but beautiful and smart and dangerous but you can do whatever your heart desires
Casey Bryan Morgan Boop!
Sha Sabdani Id love to see Natalya as WWE Smackdown Womens Champion. She;s great!

💌 WWE Moline

13.1k reactions 128 comments
Eric Lovgren Color please???
Román Gutierrez Lopez Beautiful
Bryan Arias Linda y musculosa
Kamlesh Malasiya u r rock#natalya# l love u
Rogelio Altamirano Jr. Cutie look

It's unbreakable Monday!

18.8k reactions 319 comments
Bennie Simmons Hi hotte
Julio Guzman Beautiful Hart
Brent Wells SOOOOOO, FINE!!!!
Jim Laughlin Looking great Nattie !!
Tony Allen Zimmerman DAAAMMMMMNNNNNNN! See you in MN

There are special ones that come along ... that you never forget. 💞

9.2k reactions 59 comments
Sibusisiwe Zengele you are favourite superstar
Junior A-b Hermosas...😍😍
Miśs Anniə Märie Bella Looking good ladies 👏🏻👏🏻
Kelvin Lee Cute
Zakerhossain Ahmadi Bayat Very nice

📸 Cedar Rapids!

9.8k reactions 98 comments
Jody-ann Reid Natalya is the most dominant wrestler in wwe the Bella's suck
Bart Kal Hawt
Kim Tafoya We care why??🤔
Román Gutierrez Lopez Beautiful
Maverik Un Kabrito Norteño So beautiful..

No matter for the Queen of Black Hearts!

7.1k reactions 76 comments
Raaj Gharchawar Like Nikki
Emma Fifi Mclean Go nattie
Robin May Bush Schuhmacher Your a wanna be Nikki arnt you will never happen👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼
Christopher Wells Cute hair do.. haha
Mari Guerra Stupid

Come get some, Natalya!

10.9k reactions 106 comments
Chinedu Anthony Ugly witch.......Team Bella all d way,love u Nikki!
Raaj Gharchawar I Love you Nikki
Catia Cabral Is natalya walks in to fight with the nikki or will the queen of hearts be scared.
Sam Utz When wwe social media posts on the wrong account lol
Gelo Beyb Bring back Michelle Mc cool Pls. I love Natalya and mickey james. ♥
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