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Last updated: 13:18 11/16/2017

Mariah Carey cancels upcoming "All I Want For Christmas Is You" tour dates

87 reactions 38 comments
Ryan Shap Liam Gruber unlucky mate
Sabina Gjokaj Selvie Ledina-Nikaj Lamina Pepic oh no!
Anya Bilgutay Jacques Lamarre 😭😭😭
Gabriela Carlos DC She needs to rest 💅🏻
Patti Ricci Diva she knows she sucks

2.0k reactions 529 comments
Brooke Mayer Kalleigh Wampole this is me #curlyhairproblems 😂
Zoe Hannah Lily Cameron-Lee this is literally me all the time
Marisa Soliz Shelly After seeing ur posts this week lol
Kalani Thérèse Moberg Katera Moberg if this isnt us then i dont know what is
Missy Blaine Montgomery Shannon Muldowney haha is it sad that I relate to this so much?!

Kim Kardashian reveals sex of baby No. 3!

Kim Kardashian Confirms Sex of Baby No. 3 | On Air with Ryan Seacrest
Kim Kardashian Confirms Sex of Baby No. 3 | On Air with Ryan Seacrest

Watch the reality star accidentally spill the beans to Ellen DeGeneres

63 reactions 1 comments

People are upset over this site that asks users to secretly photograph men and then rate their hotness

76 reactions 21 comments
Leo Richards Disgusting. Should be shut down immediately and anyone posting should be fined . Would be immediate sexual harassment if it was a woman.
Teddy Tedders Thomas Battaglia II
Sanchez Martha Doris Coronado 😮😮😮
Felipe Delima More please
Linda Anne Can’t have it both ways ladies.

We should have seen this coming

180 reactions 35 comments
Jillian Baker Alaina
Megan Gordon Nicole
Corey James Naya Kiefer
Leslie Sandigo OMG Ana Maria Rocha
La Nguyen Lingy Boo 😱😂

426 reactions 48 comments
Michael Doherty Rebecca Cremin
Sharleen Chandra Julia Leeds
Natasha Menon Ann Reeves
Alysha Bachechi Victor Villalobos
Sam Willett Sophie Walsh

Ryan Seacrest's mom totally looks just like Taylor Swift. See the side-by-side comparison below ⬇

96 reactions 1 comments
Laura Lynn The popular photo of Taylor sitting in the audience next to Calvin Harris wearing the white dress and huge ring... yes!

Everything we know about Jordin Sparks' sexy new husband and baby daddy

50 reactions 3 comments
Gracy Polendo So happy for you god bless
Angie Moore Congratulations to the couple and God bless them on their new journey together as a family.
Nichole Del Toro Very happy for her! You deserve the best Jordin 😍😍😍

Taylor Swift went to Target to buy her new album and surprised shoppers like it was NBD 😱

Taylor Swift Went To Target To Buy
Taylor Swift Went To Target To Buy 'reputation' & Surprise Shoppers | On Air with Ryan Seacrest

Taylor Swift went on a Target run to buy 'reputation' & surprised some of her fans!

434 reactions 7 comments
Sarah Leverett Kayla Cadwell
Monica Granado Kyle David
Sharon Ann Filo Brianna Andree
Simon Luke Walsh As if she tried to out do you Heather 😜😜
Laura Boomhour Michelle Glover we need to move to Nashville!

Watch the official first trailer for FX's upcoming "American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace"

141 reactions 10 comments
Britney Wentworth Brittany C Wilson
Heather Hartwick Angela Gueli Hartwick
Ryan Austin Natalie Stevenson
Flavie McCallister Antoine
Camryn Suggs Abigail Carruth

Ed Sheeran responds to those rumors that Taylor Swift's sexy song "Dress" is about him

125 reactions 5 comments
Caren Lou Salvaña Stella Marie Bayon-on
Nanna Rasch Ditte Mørk Rasch🙈🙈
Sarah Martin Cheyenne Towaij
Sue Sabock I just want them to get married and have beautiful babies!
Annie Boyum He literally said he's never had buzzed hair, which is an amazing response.

Miranda Kerr is pregnant with baby No. 2!

101 reactions 2 comments
Emrolina Aliji Resmije Aliji
Erika Base Angelique Gabrielle Marie Ortiz!!!

Quote of the Day:

310 reactions 2 comments
Peebs Peebles Meghan Buckley think about this.
Sebby Crysstal Always.

Blake Shelton named People magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive" 😍

Blake Shelton Named People Magazine
Blake Shelton Named People Magazine's 'Sexiest Man Alive' | On Air with Ryan Seacrest

Blake Shelton is this year's 'Sexiest Man Alive,' according to People, and he's humbly accepting the honor.

305 reactions 53 comments
Ronee Gibson He ain't bad at all! =D
Aryan Ansay This is it Blake 😂
Emma Calvin Southern modesty, Ryan!!! 🙂
Gianne R. Abaquita I don't think soo..😂✌
Gaby Foley Is he in a fur-lined cage?

Kim Kardashian talks candidly about using a surrogate for baby No. 3

Kim Kardashian Says Surrogacy Experience Is ‘Much Harder’ Than Anticipated | On Air with Ryan Seacrest
Kim Kardashian Says Surrogacy Experience Is ‘Much Harder’ Than Anticipated | On Air with Ryan Seacrest

The reality star talks candidly about expecting baby No. 3 via surrogate

134 reactions 4 comments
Michelle Lee She also told on Ellen, that it‘s gonna be a girl 😻

2.3k reactions 432 comments
Shady Gal Daris Madicar Dory...is that you ??!!
Taylor Harrell Britney Gough us but in our blankets
Allie Catherine Holley Mattie Graham u with your integration paper
Lauren Dines Bridget Quinn you with those face masks
Courtney Lynn Hilbrands Kelli Wallace this is me when it comes to homework

Do you live in one of the best cities for singles?

13 reactions 4 comments
Siti Jaafar I once lived in NYC and the feeling now is want to be single again 😆😆😆 and live in NYC again!!!!!!!
Sebby Crysstal Nope...that's why i am still single..
Nora Van Rooy I live in San Diego and feel like I am going to be single forever!!!
Jennifer Davoodian Brian we made the cut haha

Cardi B. reveals the one rule she has for her future wedding guests

Cardi B. Reveals the One Rule She Has for Her Wedding Guests | On Air with Ryan Seacrest
Cardi B. Reveals the One Rule She Has for Her Wedding Guests | On Air with Ryan Seacrest

The bride has got rules and the 'world is not ready for it'

13 reactions 1 comments
Emily Allen-Glasser Who?

This is either the best or worst tattoo ever

88 reactions 8 comments
Miranda Dauksavage Michelle McMurray genius
Feliberto Fana Great
Melanie Dickens Pretty genius actually! 🙂
Lauren Millwee-Younce Amazing haha
Amber Cheyenne Stooksbury This is so funny!

Shakira has been forced to cancel her European tour

66 reactions 9 comments
Jackie Barron Muñoz Danny Muñoz 😭😬
Savannah Cauthorne Randy Lloyd 😣😢😰
Karen Escamilla Cindy L. Yepez
Stephanie Samantha Fontanals Fernanndo Torres noooooooo
Michelle Willis Emily Chasse Ugh maybe Rob Willis can fill in!

Celebs read mean tweets about Jimmy Kimmel for his birthday and it's seriously LOL

79 reactions 1 comments
Celina Marie Arredondo The one Larry David read had me dying! 😂😂

This student's Pop-Tart cheese sandwich has sparked outrage 😂

11 reactions 2 comments
April Villada Jason Tumelo Sheffield
Jennifer Cerbone It's food. How is it outrage? If a person wants to try a cheese sandwich with pop tarts, then it's their choice. People have the right to eat something with anything they want.

3.4k reactions 136 comments
Shari Phillips I know right!!!! Lol
Mhizz Shanisie Craigg Best Christmas picture that is
Matheus Chong His dad died
Misty Green Maybe you don’t wanna know...
Elo Olivia M Pe Motte mais j’avoue 🙀

This is too good

228 reactions 5 comments
Leah Jacobson Miranda Baker!
Ashley Devoré Actually the guy said it was disgusting when girls get sloppy drunk. Nothing towards her. She's just a special snowflake. Stop attacking a genuine man. She publicly humiliated him for no reason.
Burgdorff Connie Melody something you would do! Losing the weight that is...

This story about Taylor Swift's performance on Jimmy Fallon's "Tonight Show" will break your heart ♥️

Why Taylor Swift
Why Taylor Swift's 'Tonight Show' Performance Left Jimmy Fallon In Tears | On Air with Ryan Seacrest

Monday night served as the first 'Tonight Show' episode since the passing of Fallon's mother

2.4k reactions 49 comments
Dia LK Pindy Vang ❤️😢
Maggie Flavin Katie Flynn
Marijane Moreau Peterson Stephanie Monette jvais pleurer
Brianna Ferguson Alyssa Arnold Jessica Sue
Germaine Salas Alexyn Rosaria Jeandra Ayala
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