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Miss Mimi approved ✅

Details on the New Mariah Carey TV Drama
Details on the New Mariah Carey TV Drama

We’ve got info on the new show loosely based on Mariah’s life.

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Meagan Tanner Marisa Sedlak

So creative Miley Cyrus!

Why Miley Cyrus
Why Miley Cyrus' New Tattoo is More Than Just a Pretty Flower

Miley's new tattoo has a special meaning to her.

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We love you Kesha ❤️

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Joe Jaeger Derek Burks
Jesús Arellano Torres Jareny Almaraz
Ashley Shepherd I absolutely love Kesha...but I saw her show in Indiana on Saturday. The show was supposed to start at 8, but she didn't even come on until 930. She didn't even acknowledge or apologize for being late...super rude and inconsiderate. On top of that, she ...

She got it from her mama 💁

Blue Ivy Hits The Smoothest Milly Rock You
Blue Ivy Hits The Smoothest Milly Rock You'll Ever See (VIDEO)

Blue Ivy Carter is a natural at performing. It's in her DNA!

298 reactions 12 comments
Ryan Laughlin Haley Jordan Laughlin
Anna Maegan Greco Hannah
Silvia Gonzalez Marta Castro 😱
Erin Hamilton Seijal Parsot Shweta Patel
Queenella Goddard Yvi Goddard okay chile!!

Still heartbroken over the loss of Chester Bennington. All love to the Linkin Park family ❤️

2.2k reactions 21 comments
Nathaly Tigrero Alvarado Christian Martinez
Morgan Dare Brenden Joseph Adkins
Alicia Sprinkle Kaylee Ellis-Trudniak
Kristina Ostermeier Irene Di Lauro
ChrisandElisa Swiney Hope Greaves😭

And they lived happily ever aft...uh oh 😳

Bride and Groom Fall Off Back of Convertible After Wedding
Bride and Groom Fall Off Back of Convertible After Wedding

Their marriage isn't off to the best start.

57 reactions 10 comments
Irene Kun Alex Talis😆 Jessica Olshansky
Mahy Riad Angela Ramirez Cliff van Dincten don't do this
Susan Gallardo Melissa FloresElizabeth Lopez
Ana Silva Sara Silva Di Mascio
Bree Binstock Erica Sanchez Jamie McDaniel 😳😂😂

How would YOU react if Beyoncé acknowledged your existence?! 😂 MORE: http://onair.rs/2upvdmC

247 reactions 14 comments
Ana Marcela Puente Sofia Puente
David Sillince Emily
Ashleigh Ortiz Erika Irene
Valerie Orlando Rivera Alexandra V. Rodriguez Ventura
Felipe Delima Would still think how overrated she is

Gotta love a dad fail 😂

Dad Films Wrong Girl At Graduation And Twitter Loves It
Dad Films Wrong Girl At Graduation And Twitter Loves It

He thought it was his daughter but he was off by just a little.

315 reactions 14 comments
Kelly King Scott King Kris Petersen King
Brandy Byl Teresa Byl
Shereen Eluri Innab Nisreen Eluri
Rubel Chadha Amreen Chadha Jaipriya Chadha 😂😂😂😂
Danielle Lowe Jeremy Lowe this is an albee move


SZA & Travis Scott Perform Lit
SZA & Travis Scott Perform Lit 'Love Galore' Set On 'The Tonight Show'

SZA and Travis Scott pulled of an epic performance of "Love Galore." Watch it here!

55 reactions 1 comments
Christine Sherrie Goodman Amy Herron

ALL OF THE YES Lin-Manuel Miranda 🙌

1.2k reactions 81 comments
Jessica Powers Jordyn Holcomb!!!!!
Villalobos Natalie Sofia Rodriguez te cagas
Ali Trucano Why must there be new songs? Kelly Whalen
Emily Allberry Ashley Burton OMG!!!!!
Evelyn Melissa Sanchez Thalia Gonzales i approve.

#RIPChesterBennigton ❤️ Linkin Park

Watch Chester Bennington
Watch Chester Bennington's Final Performance With Linkin Park

Watch Linkin Park perform "Papercut" and "Bleed It Out"

769 reactions 4 comments
Valentine Emily Megan S Stacey-Clark
Mackenzie Marie Fiscus Hanna Jones
Monica Elisa Aaron watch the interview

Woops 😳 Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Is Banned From China For His
Justin Bieber Is Banned From China For His 'Bad Behavior'

Nation is looking to 'purify the Chinese performance environment'

568 reactions 18 comments
Ariga Aghajanian Ani Vartani
Diya Tarachand Anastasia Koonjean for Tan
Makenna Ortiz Madison Nicolai
Gabi Largaespada Sanchez MeMi Shelton 😂😂😂 lo odio
Steven Ryan Curtis America should do the same

I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying ❤️

4.5k reactions 186 comments
Jennifer Phillips Iris Perez
Aleynah Hope Stoutenburg Bethany Grace and Viviana Castillo
Hanna Leyes Rhoda Castillones Wennickz Pitogo-Doyo
Itzel Quintana Sehiry Gaspar Quintana i just can't do it...
Grace Härry Lussåti -[1999;]@

Sabrina Carpenter's story about meeting Beyoncé had us ON THE FLOOR 😂 Sidebar: WHY is a BOP 🙌

Sabrina Carpenter Reveals Meaning of New Single
Sabrina Carpenter Reveals Meaning of New Single 'Why'

Her big year has also included opening for Ariana Grande and meeting Beyonce.

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Seriously GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!! Rolling on the floor laughing Jada Pinkett Smith 😂

Jada Pinkett Smith Encourages Her Daughter to Sneak Into
Jada Pinkett Smith Encourages Her Daughter to Sneak Into 'Girls Trip'

"Girls Trip" is in theaters today (July 21).

71 reactions 2 comments
Dawn M Briggs Going Tuesday with my movie bud Monica 😊

Start the day with a smile on your face 😊

The Amazing Gesture Kanye West Made to a Superfan | On Air with Ryan Seacrest
The Amazing Gesture Kanye West Made to a Superfan | On Air with Ryan Seacrest

Kanye sent a pair of highly coveted Yeezys to a fan learning to walk again.

44 reactions 3 comments
Dustin Paul Didn't start kanyes with a smile so nah
Amanda Woykin no thanks
Jacqui N Chris Baughman I don't believe, Kanye giving this man a pair of shoes would be considered an amazing gesture. Ha Ha

ICYMI we are heartbroken over the passing of Linkin Park's Chester Bennington yesterday. Our hearts go out to the entire LP family ❤️

580 reactions 7 comments
Andreea Radu Benjamin Radu
Hannah Mills National Suicide Prevention Lifeline '1-800-273-TALK (8255)'
Karen Cook So sad x
Bryan Reus he was really a great musician
Maria Lara My soul is broken. My heart is in pieces. I have been a loyal LP fan since day one...many, many years ago. I love Chester so much, I married a guy that looks just like him. The world lost a beautiful talent yesterday. Devastated. 😭


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Raise your hand if you want to breathe the air out of that bottle tho

313 reactions 7 comments
Jennifer Dotson Baker Lily Baker
Taylor Hollon Payton Johnson
Logan Stanfield Dodson Megan Stanfield Whited I can't with him 😍
Marissa Alfano Allie Taylor I'm in love
Alex Parker Shoemaker 🙋🏻

We are responsible for at least 1 billion of these Justin Bieber Luis Fonsi

851 reactions 20 comments
Jennifer Dotson Baker Lily Baker
Breanna Pottie Katelynn Mary
Nina Colianni Bridget Fox Anna Fox
Veronica Allara Tom Allen OlivarDawid TomczukEwa DykasClementine DebinRyan Ellis half the listens were us in france
Yadira Fuentes-gomez Yes.


132 reactions 17 comments
Pryscila Cromeyer Kathya Campos
Jessica Prestwich Rob Ilas
Chloe Jackson Sammie Cartier
Adam Halstead Amy Newkirk
Ryan Joseph Debi Jurcisek-Hunt

Take your time Adele!! 🙌

752 reactions 24 comments
Dean Shaw She can take the other part of this one and make "Hello 2" "I was out in ....." "And today in May" https://soundcloud.com/swampspruce/valley-of-decay
Pedro Sarabia Rdz :o Pedro Sergio Bárcenas Carrillo ¡
Kimberly Thomas Yuvraj Kantak
Simona Brown Jennifer :D
Lucas Terciotti João Victor Flores 🌺 hahahaha


Newborn Golden Retriever Puppy Comes Out Green
Newborn Golden Retriever Puppy Comes Out Green

Don't expect to start a Green Retriever breed any time soon.

446 reactions 60 comments
Tejal Patel Jaimin Patel Ambika Sharma
Gina Mary Jacob Mary Ann Jacob
Alexa Avery Mack Claridge
Kirsty Telfer Narissa Jane Mark Telfer Vicki Telfer
Martina Amato Federica Quaglia 😳

Kissing the haters goodbye 😘

Here's The Real Reason Ed Sheeran Quit Twitter

Straight from his Instagram account

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We can't wait to meet you Niall Styles! 😂 See you on the big screen tonight Harry Styles ❤️

Harry Styles Talks
Harry Styles Talks 'Dunkirk' Nerves, Future Baby Names

Harry's thriving solo career means he now has almost as many jobs as Ryan.

480 reactions 9 comments
Jennifer Dotson Baker Lily Baker
Talia Lillian Guardipee Tamika Guardipee
Karla Martinez Laura Angelica Verduzco 😂
Maddie Thompson Alexis ThompsonHaley ThompsonOlivia Thompson we have to go!!!!!
Yareli Roblero Lopez Niall Styles ? 😂😂😂😅😕

Tragic loss. Our hearts go out to the entire Linkin Park family ❤️

7.6k reactions 343 comments
Claudia Guerrero Valdez Edgar I'm so sad. I listen to their CD in my vehicle at least once a week.
Tyler Judas I was so upset when i heard. They were my early 2000s rock band!! Listening to Numb
Sandra M KH This is so sad ...how could the one who helps millions of people to get over depression by his songs to commit suicide 😢
Rym Kh Ayoub jss triste :'(
Vera MP Ich kann es einfach nicht glauben. Ich wollte Linkin Park immer mal live sehen und jetzt ist es zu spät :(

Guess who's coming to Live with Kelly and Ryan!!! MORE: http://onair.rs/2uDVtL8

255 reactions 6 comments
Char Pina Yay!!! Can't wait!!!
Jennifer Ehr Awesome. So happy for you!!
Angel Saenz Rodriguez Love it!!! Can't wait !
Mary Catherine Donohue Tanya's faces are EVERYTHING
Lernik Ninik Shahbaz Elvira this is the video 🤣🤣

SEACREST IN! So excited to have Ryan returning to American Idol 🎉 Proud of you, Ry!

2.6k reactions 81 comments
Django McBundy Please just stop with the fake reality tv shows.
Deb Duerr good :) AGT lost Nick...BIG mistake! i like Ryan. :)
Shailyn Desai Stephanie 麗兒 Siu yay!
Helen Cordi Ryan is a staple! They need him.... we need him
Lauren Ann McNie Kerrin Mary McNie AMMMMMMERICAN IDOL!
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