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Never a dull moment with these two

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Tuan Cao Laura Goodwin
Tam Vu Michele Pang
Nguyen Nguyen Regina Koh
Nguyen Nguyen Leona Siewert
Trang Dong Tanya Morrison

We see what you did there, Jake 😂

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Megan Wood Lindsay Josephine Jones ps we have to see this movie
Tung Mac Nadine Gomez
Diễm Lan Angela Schultz
Kinh Nguyen Tracy Royalty
Hoàng Toàn Bonnie Curry


You Might Have This Fear
You Might Have This Fear 'American Horror Story' Is Triggering In Viewers

If you can't make it through this story, you've got it.

66 reactions 138 comments
Quynh Hoàng Edith Smith
Thu Le Rachel Benitez
Kien Ha Thi Độc đáo như hoa Lan
Thao Duong Thai Hãy cho tôi một điểm tựa, tôi....mỏi lắm rồi.
Tien Phan Thanh Sẽ không có ai yêu em như anh. Hãy luôn ở bên anh nhé!

Time to learn the art of "Netflix and treadmill"

37 reactions 61 comments
Anna Laufey Halldórsdóttir well Aishwarya Suresh
Miranda Mattia Samantha Nicole Harvey see I sit too much lol
Toan Vu Quan Tamara Coleman
Nguyễn Diep Jocelyn Gonzalez
Linh Mỹ Wilma Fonville

Another amazing connection thx to #KIISCampus!

Liza Koshy Becomes Fan’s Real-Life BFF
Liza Koshy Becomes Fan’s Real-Life BFF

Listen to the latest amazing #KIISCampus

32 reactions 41 comments
Thao Duong Thai Susan Soto
Ninh Khánh Soledad McDonough
Huong Ngô Rosie Morefield
Quang Hua Victoria Nadler
Huy Hoang Thai Nghe vẻ nghe ve, nghe vè chúc Tết

In the running for this year's group #Halloween costume: Sisanie, Tanya and Patty as the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus (Ryan will light the black flame candle). Any other good ideas for the team?? ⬇️

26 reactions 64 comments
Dat Lưu Melanie Pitt
Quyet Thieu Van Daisy Moya
Dat Lưu Lori Briggs
Tam Vu Leslie Smith
Loan Minh Esther Rojas

Get well soon Gaga 😥

Lady Gaga Just Postponed Her European Tour Due To
Lady Gaga Just Postponed Her European Tour Due To 'Severe Physical Pain'

The 'Joanne World Tour' has been pushed to 2018

138 reactions 66 comments
Khanh Khánh Stevie Hudson
Tuan Cao Jenny Pearce
Yen Đoàn Lela Gustafson
Thanh Hoàng Mary Taylor
Giang Nghiêm Goldie Burnett

How do we go back to high school?!

62 reactions 54 comments
Stacie Erdman Adia Marie😂
Nhat Nguyen Elaine Sparks
Giang Do Minh Ivy Sullivan
Huyen Trình Grace Brandt
Luc Pham Minh Stephanie Watson

What did you think about the Emmys announcer last night?

The Internet Has an Opinion on Emmy Announcer Jermaine Fowler
The Internet Has an Opinion on Emmy Announcer Jermaine Fowler

“Did they hire someone's nephew to be this announcer?” one person asked on Twitter

34 reactions 35 comments
Jessie Gardner Cindy
Cyndi Rodgers 👎🏻
Laura Hunter-Michels So stupid. ANNOYING
Kathy Brown I thought he was terrible. Sorry folks
Rene Johnson What a clown 🤦‍♀️

25 reactions 12 comments
Suzie Doolittle Halloween greeting cards are on shelves
Yoli Romeo 😴
Ophelia Redmond Hi
Ophelia Redmond Kool
Isabel Garcia Hermosillo Hola Ryan!! 😘

Clearly she was kidding 😂

This Actress’ Reaction to Losing an Emmy Is Hilarious
This Actress’ Reaction to Losing an Emmy Is Hilarious

Watch Jackie Hoffman freak out after losing the Emmy to Laura Dern

28 reactions 3 comments
Lisa Schwalbach Bowen This was so funny!
Sara Powell I love Jackie Hoffman. She is the funniest actress on broadway!!!
Hailee Whitehouse Kelly Anderson classic joey tribiani reaction

Looking GOOD girl 💃

Anna Faris Makes First Post Split Appearance at Emmys
Anna Faris Makes First Post Split Appearance at Emmys

The Mom star looked stunning in pink

69 reactions 6 comments
Renan Venske <3
Lý Minh Marina Moore
Erik Földing 😍
Jamie McAfee How about "Anna Faris looks beautiful at the Emmys" sounds better

Too soon?

61 reactions 17 comments
Veronica George Cute!
Shannah Shawna Shonna He downgraded
Ibrahim Al Quassar Too inappropriate! 🙄
Mary Caruso Yuck!!! Jennifer was a lot better!
Devyn D Pretari She's got a good bod👌🏻

Just when you thought they couldn't get any cuter 😍

893 reactions 12 comments
Jillian Baker Alaina
Rusteen Haghi Rastaar Haghi
Charlotte Anne Griffiths Stefanie Collins
Chelsea Freasier Simone Newman
Brianne Higginbottom Stephanie Anne

Keith Urban = chillest husband ever 😂 #Emmys

1.1k reactions 80 comments
Kari Gonzales-Quintana Me too. Just saw it in CA! Not sure about that.
Anna-Maria Rajič Brodz Henson ...don't you dare
Dani Kobelka Lynes Kurtis Lynes Margaret Kobelka Young see! I totally I wondered why she kissed him like that!!
Jackie Wold Lindsay Michelle haha remember when Danny pointed this out!
Louise MacKay Hewellyn Dal Negro Keith was born in nz... we are super chilled people

Yes, that was Sean Spicer

82 reactions 13 comments
May Dinh Hoang Jesse Franco
Mạnh Linh Lauren Schmidt
Loan Minh Karen McGraw

#Emmys red carpet kicks off in a few! Who do you hope to see win tonight??

36 reactions 11 comments
Chris Yuen Better call Saul no doubt
Moin Shaikh evan rachel wood <3 :)
Ashley Drake The crown 💗

Do you agree?

329 reactions 55 comments
Michelle Crain Ummm...Yup.... 40 here....no kids. 😉
Kate Miller Yes. Definitely yes
Laurel Ludvigsen She is trash
Melissa Kowalczk She is becoming annoying
Gaby Mota Agree

Another smash from Sia!

118 reactions 20 comments
Raúl Martínez Ricardo Tello Medina
Loan Minh Makeda Wills
Divine Okondor yaayy! go sia

How many stops will you hit? Correct Answer: AS MANY AS POSSIBLE

Niall Horan Announces 2018 North American Tour With Maren Morris
Niall Horan Announces 2018 North American Tour With Maren Morris

Tickets for the tour go on sale on September 22

338 reactions 36 comments
Amy Helmig Lauren Helmig
Olivia Parker Hannah Austin
Allie Sullivan Amelia Barry
Mackensie Nelson Troy Nelson
Bianca Torres Andrea Martinez

Hopefully he won't remember 😂

85 reactions 20 comments
Alexis Fan Jennifer Gumpeng 😂
M Sameer Ayaz Syed Asim IqbalShah Hassan
Lauren Spencer Elizabeth Ann Jackie Hunt 😂😂😂
Hannah May Roberts Abbie-Rose Roberts we'll try this with Ava
Theresa Bundy My husband has the same reaction

The old Taylor can't come to the phone right now...

558 reactions 26 comments
Peggy Apelian Geagea Perla Geagea
Alexandra Kenny Lindsey Wolf
Nad Abdelqader Ricky Pugalee
Monty Gomez Korienna Mcclain
M Sameer Ayaz Shah Hassan

Did your favs make the list?

Here Are the Top Baby Names in Every State
Here Are the Top Baby Names in Every State

Can you guess the names for California?

58 reactions 13 comments
Ninh Khánh Susan Hall
Hannah Hill Caitlin Shelly Noah 😭
Talia Smith Brooke
Luiza Simões Dante Prado
Ha Truong Nina Leong


63 reactions 19 comments
Olivia Greer Elliott Cross
Clare Barnett Vicki Laird
Chloe Domaingue Mikah Tinsley Jackson Kemp Fain wtf
Sarah Schinko Manyen Jason Manyen this!!!
Diep Duong Thai Christine Diaz

So glad he's back 🙌

Here's The Real Reason Sam Smith Almost Quit The Industry

Pop star had a tough time coping after a breakup

142 reactions 8 comments
Luc Pham Minh Sharon Stormer
Trang Đoàn Shanna Cheatham

True love ❤️

3.6k reactions 45 comments
Gemma Hughes Jess Coleman 💗💗
Patty Rizzo Ashlinn smh
Stine Spånem Eliassen ❤️ Samrin Batol
Taylor Elyse Lindsey Smith Lauren Smith
Paige Waddell Allison Leigh 😭😭😭

Be honest, you'd think the same thing ladies

85 reactions 7 comments
Safaa Elotmani Abdallah Ouazzani
Luc Pham Minh Mona Shipley
Hung Mai Jean McCray

Y tho?

Woman Terribly Regrets Covering Face With
Woman Terribly Regrets Covering Face With 'Washable' Paint

Turns out you can't believe everything you read.

79 reactions 31 comments
Alysia Elizabeth Valerie Chan
Christina Walker Renelle Walker
Krystal Smith Rachel Martinez
Arynn Robyn Troupe Rosie Billups
Lisa Barrett Jamie Barrett

Is this the new Cribs?

Harvey Levin’s
Harvey Levin’s 'OBJECTified' Gives Glimpse of Celebs’ Prized Possessions

And someone’s most valuable possession was “a rock” — find out why

13 reactions 11 comments
Thanh Nguyen Van Jenna Brown
Thieu Phan Le Tonya Chandler
Liêm Ninh Connie Best
Lưu Toàn Lorraine Raven
Quynh Lưu Madie Chavis


Strange, Scary Creature Washes Ashore After Hurricane Harvey
Strange, Scary Creature Washes Ashore After Hurricane Harvey

The storm left something very strange behind.

315 reactions 58 comments
Chantal Raven Jeanette Carriere
Genevieve Roy Christine Paul
Coral Nolan Kc Heitmeyer
Carolina Castañeda Molano Jeff Gil
Robyn Gray Madi Bechtol LOOK
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