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This man needs to be properly honored, so let's do it.

The US Navy Lost an Irreplaceable Hero... Crickets from the MSM
The US Navy Lost an Irreplaceable Hero... Crickets from the MSM

Here's how this sailor became a hero...

2.2k reactions 59 comments
Bob Ashley Rest In Peace Shipmate!
Carol McDonald Brave Hero!
Bill Royer Slow hand salute!
Rebecca Treadway Fancher Salute.
Jim Tennyson Rest easy hero.

How did he do this?

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John Wallace Eamon Conway
Mike Fairbanks Mark White
Cora Lou Moore Kathrine running goals!
Cenia C Parsons That was hard.
Joe Ryan Impressive!

Isn't it a drag when a murder doesn't produce the political narrative you were hoping for?

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Linda White An ILLEGAL...
Justin Wiggins Does it matter it was wrong for her to be murdered period
Eva Bledsoe This poor, poor woman
Gail Boyd Doran Illegal πŸ‘½
Ronnie Barnes Torres, ae in most likely here illegally ?

Like everything else they've tried to defeat him. Maybe it's them, you think?

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Jun Roman Hater Muslims talked about killing others, Democrats Democrats too, Oh man. They just keep digging themselves into a bigger and bigger hole. Every time these morons speak, what comes out is nothing but racism, inequality, and segregation. Obamas muslim ...
Dale St Marie If obama, hillary, eric holder, loretta lynch and many others on both sides of the aisle do not wind up in prison, or preferably worse, then there will be little hope for our future generations.......period.
Frank Skrobot I love the "messaging committee". Prime reason I am an American first and Libertarian second. If I don't like the message I say it. I'm not brainwashed but the standards I have to keep to be in the "red or blue club". Lame.
Kim Kiamie Chastain These dems take moron to a new level. All you hear is their plan purely around what to say to win....they dont mean any of it when it is constructive because they dont want smart, employed happy people- then they couldnt control the People....its all ...
Mary Eileen Gardner Schumer, Pelosi and the rest of the Dems including the Black Caucus have already played their hand of hate and hostility toward middle America. We have very long memories and won't soon forget that we have been called uneducated, misogynistic, racist, ...

Since when do liberals object to burning money and getting nothing for it? Isn't that what the federal government does every day?

Democrats Just Got the Worst News in 14 Years... This Is Trump
Democrats Just Got the Worst News in 14 Years... This Is Trump's America

And the news just keeps getting better and better!

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Dana Clague The party is going bankrupt in both money and ideas
Nancy Burton Another one of the thousands of lies fro. Trump... . http://nypost.com/2017/06/24/number-of-refugees-admitted-into-us-drops-by-50-percent/?utm_campaign=SocialFlow&utm_source=NYPFacebook&utm_medium=SocialFlow&sr_share=facebook
Peggy Heuss I love it❀️ thank you Herman Cain!
Philip Dubish Thank their god obama
Paul Rohal Great

You think she ever wishes she'd just never gotten into politics in the first place? I know I do.

2.4k reactions 148 comments
Al Smith Bottom line , she has to be charged and fined guilty , short of that this is a total waste of presiding .........
Stacey Davis Pope Why do people no longer in govt maintain their security clearance???
Rob Lew I only hope it's true that they are investigating this. It's about time.
Gallo Isa The one that needs to be investigated is Obama, the COWARD loser who likes to hide behind the skirts --or pant suits- of women. That COWARD evil-man, Obama, has used every woman in his government to take the blame for his filthy policies, and, lend no ...
Robert Wilcher I was about to use her in an appeals case for assault. I was gonna claim I assaulted him but I DID NOT intend to really f$/k him up like I did. I think it'll work.

Give him credit for creativity, I guess.

A First for ICE... Man Claims He Can
A First for ICE... Man Claims He Can't Be Deported Because of Founding Fathers

This is the insane reason he says he can't be deported...

240 reactions 45 comments
William Boyd Bye bye.
Patricia Balciunas As a non citizen he has no rights
Gerald Newborn Jr. Get out and stay out
Darrell Phelps No rights when your not a citizen of USA.
Brian Bostick Then they can all leave together

Shhhh! That's called the truth! You're not supposed to say that!

Dem Senator Makes Admission About Russia And Trump That
Dem Senator Makes Admission About Russia And Trump That'll Tick Off All His Friends

What this senator said about Russia blows the Democrats' strategy to bits...

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Nancy Burton Herman will not post this... . http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/dashcam-captures-brutal-attack-minnesota-driver-article-1.3272355?utm_content=buffer86b3b&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer
Nancy Burton Another one of the thousands of lies fro. Trump... . http://nypost.com/2017/06/24/number-of-refugees-admitted-into-us-drops-by-50-percent/?utm_campaign=SocialFlow&utm_source=NYPFacebook&utm_medium=SocialFlow&sr_share=facebook
Louis Olguin God almighty touch this man and all the division he is creating.
Sandra Tipton White I guarantee Chris that the Democrat's obsession with Russia has hurt everyone with any sense at all....if I never hear Russia Russia. Russia ever again...it will be too soon.

Just when we thought he might be finding it.

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Andrew Spingarn The book says what the book says.
Dawn Eichhorst Truth hurt? PIERCE!!😁😁😁😁
Glenn Haigler Morgan is an idiot
William Connolly This dude is a TOOL.
David Bourne Can you possible add more pop ups and auto load click baits to the linked page?

The most shocking news would be: 2016 election loser finally shuts up and goes away.

747 reactions 85 comments
Betty Sue Dodd Stone You know he isn't very bright though. They were twiddle de(her) and twiddle dumb(him)
Eric Sisler Killary is a narcissist pathological liar second only to Hussein
Vance Sanders Absolutely shameful... so glad these two sad examples did not get elected...
Shaun Lams I'm still waiting for a certain 2012 loser to shut up and go away. But let me guess, you forgot all about that?
James Allison Could you imagine those two fruitcakes running the country. No thanks.

I guess they remembered, however briefly, that they're in business to make a profit.

2.1k reactions 34 comments
Tricia Myers No duh...
Romney Marsh We suspended our Amazon. Time to suppor them again.
Paul Smith No one gets into business to lose money or break even.
Bonnie Varner Yahoo Mountain Dew!!!!!!!
Riaan Bezuidenhout Hope he is taking on Google and Amazon for becoming a monopoly...

We could probably survive with one less liberal blowhard.

3.8k reactions 575 comments
Brent Young They have already announced that he is stepping down to return to being a reporter. Figured it was something like this.Good. Now, if they'd all go away.
Cate Causey So, Scott pelley, shall I list for you all the Democrats and Hollywood jerks who have advocated violence against Trump and his people?? Are they open game for assassination too?
Julie Burgess The Liberal Media spews the worst hateful rhetoric 24hrs a day but it wasn't a baseball field full of media employees who were shot up you idiot but somehow you think these guys brought it on for things they say ... anything about this guy make sense to ...
Kim Hoehn Maly I do not know what could be wrong with asking people to think before saying something Sometimes no matter what you can not take it back. If you do not think calling the media the enemy will not cause harm for people with mental illness you are wrong. ...
Janet Worley It is because of stupid remarks made like this one, that criminally insane people go out and shoot victims. CBS needs to fire him. Whatever happened to newsmen and women that only told the news and nothing but the news?

If you're a conservative and you want to believe in the Senate health care bill, this should help. A lot.

Forbes health care expert Avik Roy: Senate health bill would be
Forbes health care expert Avik Roy: Senate health bill would be 'greatest policy achievement by a GOP Congress in my lifetime'

Mainly because of the way it radically transforms Medicaid. If you're a conservative and you want to like the Senate health care bill, but you're concerned because Ted Cruz and Mike Lee say

2.3k reactions 123 comments
Steve Gettier I hope so............I really don't want some western medical doctor druging me up or carving me up.............I don't think any government health bill covers preventative medicine or Traditional Chinese Medicine(Acupuncture and Chinese herbs) along ...
Jerry Reidy oh really, this guy is another goddam socialist like the Rinos in the Senate and teh House, I see no difference between the Repubs and teh Dems these days. none at frikken all. This is a reaffirmation of Obama care by the repubs who promised to repeal ...
Je'an Lee Howe Hey, Democrat Party Leaders.......Now is the time to take part with Republicans in the debate on what needs to be in, and what needs to be left out of the new AHCA Bill that the Senate just put out for debate and input.....
Judy Dumas Reier Wheeler Has anyone even thought to manage by Facts? 70% of people on Medicaid in Florida are in age groups 0-18 & 60-80+. Florida is a closed Medicaid State Governor Rick Scott so imagine how many other are denied! https://www.cms....
Thomas Thompson NOT! When it saddles us with more debt to keep Medicate expansion and subsides SOMEONE has to pay for! Somebody has to pay for this! Get the govt OUT of health care.

Yeah yeah, I know, Shakespeare . . . maybe not the right thing for the current political environment, though, you think?

360 reactions 113 comments
Cecilia O Torres I'm sorry that the family is under siege, as the daughter says,but that is what they have created. Sorry...in life you reap what you sow, especially in politics.
Karsten Fink yeah, hiding behind a play, yes Shakespeare is violent, but Shakespeare did not write about Trump, Trump was not alive, but Elizabeth was, and she would have beheaded Shakespeare, had he insulted her. Shakespeares figures were allegories, symbolising ...
Betty Owens Grissett It is TREASON to threaten our President's​ life!!!! Any and all should be prosecuted!!! They cause others to really do something !!!
Carolynn Danford Michel No one should be threatening them - the Director is stupid, and put on a "play" (I use this term very lightly) that is dangerous and encourages violence. No President should be threatened like President Trump - it is irresponsible.
Jae M Kennedy Dear Hollywood and Liberals....can't you see⁉️. Your hate is just making us stronger. Keep it up and you will see just how tough we can be.

They wouldn't lie about something like this.

312 reactions 60 comments
Dave Gyllenskog If they claim that all Obama had to do was ask for him to be returned, why haven't they released the other three Americans that President Trump demanded they release?
Anne Hamilton They beat him in the head over and over until they killed his brain.
John Clarke Arrest the ambassador. To hell with diplomatic immunity. Didn't mean sh-- in Benghazi.
Mimi Peterson North Korea needs to be held accountable for this young mans life!!!
Walter Montidoro once again...why was he there... of all the places in the world to travel too....idiot....did not get what he deserved...but did get what he was looking for????

Work for the State of California? Here are four states you can't travel to on the state's dime. Why? Because they believe God.

Breaking: California Just Announced Travel Ban To 4 US States
Breaking: California Just Announced Travel Ban To 4 US States

California's attorney general just blocked...

3.1k reactions 1041 comments
Isabel Martinez California is looking for a war. A Trump war, a political war, a social war, a trade war or a financial war? Or all of the above? When they've emptied out the state of businesses, productive people and retirees with money, they will have exactly what ...
William Wheeler HAHAHA do they REALLY want to go down that path of removing open commerce laws between states? If Arizona does this to California the state and all its residence dies. No power no water. Bye bye California...
John Jackson Who cares, California is beginning to become such a farce. To every other state in the Union, they are their own giant caricature that everyone laughs at. With every day that passes, this state slowly loses more and more credibility.
Amanda Landry Byrd I suppose Louisiana didn't make their list due to the large tax-break program given to the film industry from the state of Louisiana for filming here. A number of hit films and TV shows have been filmed in Louisiana on this program to save them ...
Corey Davidson I wonder if this actually true or bs, if it's true.... and people wonder why there is so much division in this country..... smdh idiots quit trying to force your beliefs on everyone just like the hardcore christians that you hate for that very same ...

If you have to reassure people that you're "worth the trouble," you're probably not. VIDEOS!

2.6k reactions 468 comments
Stan Andrews I agree with Trump, she needs to stay so she continues to make a fool of herself with almost ever speech she makes and in almost every interview she does. She is a typical example of democrats, a total fool and the ultimate hypocrite.
Nancy Nelms-Pleasant Oh, Nancy....please stay, please!!! πŸ™ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‰ We Republicans adore your accomplishments! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
Patricia Phelps Whited Not a fan myself, but she is not the reason for the downfall of the Democratic Party. She is just I fear going to be a scapegoat...Kind of feel sorry for the old girl.
Michael Yerger Nooooooo, please keep our girl in Congress forever. It's time for the Deplorables for Pelosi to rise up take to the streets and burn garbage, concrete or glass. Just something so we can wear those cool scarf mask thingees those Berkeley student ...
Barbara Berube Lefevers Leave Nancy alone. Every time she opens her mouth she helps Republicans. The dems, Soros, liberal talk shows, Hollywood libs, RINOs and mainstream media are the enemies of the people. The mainstream media hides the truth or makes up stories. Please ...

I bet your history books don't mention this.

2.0k reactions 254 comments
Ann Jowers One knows something is fishy when 63 witnesses, who saw gunmen across the street from where Oswald was, were told by the Feds to keep their mouths shut. Also, in the years after Kennedy was killed, Oswald has been made an expert marksman. The first ...
Michael J Wynne BS. The doctor didnt have the benefit of seeing the Zapruder film or other forensic evidence that has time and time again shows the bullets that struck Kennedy were fired from behind. The "magic bullet" was NOT pristine, it was greatly deformed and the ...
M Michael Griffing I was in my early teens in a non-Television household when this all took place. On the RADIO many things had a different sound, & this had yet to enter school History books. One day, nigh-inevitably, JFK's remains will be litigated out for another ...
Todd Myers Conspiracy tin foil hat day We recreated in 1993 the jet effect by using my carcano rifle and a watermelon as a part of a course on jfk /rfk/mlk. It was remarkable to watch our video footage of the melon jump back towards us shooting, just as jfk head ...
Talmadge Houston It clearly states probably entrance wound although I did not see it , not is underlined . He did see the entrance wound at the bottom of the neck that would be in line with the four and five inch exit wound at the top of the head. Looks like SS agent ...

If I was a one-time movie star with a dwindling career, an ex-wife accusing me of domestic violence, a nasty reputation for lying, and mounting financial woes, I might not be out there doing things that would make me even more toxic to potential employers.

4.1k reactions 1085 comments
Janice Cook "Finding Neverland" was the best movie he ever made. I will have to throw my DVD away - and will never watch another movie that he is in. What a disgrace to his trade - and he must be in a very bad place right now.
Loree Lough Author Here sits one former HUGE fan who will never watch another production starring JD. Not in the theater. Not on DVD or Netflix. Not on TV. Hate speech is wrong--especially when it contains death threats--regardless of party affiliation. Always. Period.
Mary Morris He's back on the drugs and booze...such a shame. Personally, one of the best actors out there, in my opinion. I'm so disappointed. Oh well..life goes on and just another reason why we haven't been to a movie in years..
Nancy Pennington Fifield He should be put in prison . He should not be able to get away saying the stuff he is saying. He is a jerk who does he think he is getting away stuff like this. I guess the has nothing going for him so he has to get ...
Alana D Torrez First of all, he's not a one time actor. He is still considered an A list actor so whether we like it or not, the headline is fake news. What should be said is, you have influence and although you have free speech, there are consequences that we each ...

Dan has a new column that I know his stoner friends will just love. Also, disturbing information everyone should pay attention to:

2.0k reactions 599 comments
Cory West Fake! Marijuana stays in a persons system for about 30 days. Unlike alcohol that leaves the system in hours. Could you imagine if every person who got into an accident had to disclose whether or not they'd had a single drink in the last month..? Every ...
Susan Corp You should see what the growers have done to the environment in Oregon!!! Clear cut then leave the timber to lie & rot, while they live in campers, trailers and throw their trash in piles nearby. Lights and fence & dogs and weapons. My elderly parents ...
Johnny Dibert I advocate for marijuana because it has proven industrial uses and economic benefits. I thought the "conservative" position was to promote capitilism, small business, and job creation? I also thought the typically Republican position was supposed to ...
Joel Keener This is misleading. I like Herman Cain but he needs to actually educate himself on the subject. With marijuana legalization people are going to test positive more often. The question is though are they driving high? With marijuana (unlike ...
Seth McNerlin He talks like marijuana doesn't have any medical benefits at all. Not only is this article so judgeful but it is also deceitful. Just because people are driving high doesn't mean that weed is a bad bad drug that needs to be banned again or stay banned. ...

These guys always find a way. It's why they're the best. And it's why this particular harrier is alive.

943 reactions 62 comments
Sara Rivera-Hofer Awesome
Robert Alvarez AMAZING!
John D Nash Skill. It's called skill.
Lois A. Fletcher Great job!!!
Douglas Young COOLπŸ‘πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ’ͺπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ’ͺ

When even this guy is saying it . . .

1.0k reactions 72 comments
Loehr Young And she still lost! HAHAHAHAHAHAπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Arabella Buot Still lost even with cheating. Boy that's enough to really be depressed. Bad.
Charlotte Monnett He better be careful or he will commit suicide by gunshot to back our head....
Mike Lumaro Too bad a liberal judge will just dismiss it to protect her.
John Babin DNC primaries are only for the illusion of a democracy but the super delegates decide their primaries. Hillary got all the superdelegates in the states that Bernie Sanders won.

You Russkies sure you want this?

Watch: F-16 Gives Russian Def. Minister a Taste of His Own Medicine
Watch: F-16 Gives Russian Def. Minister a Taste of His Own Medicine

A NATO F-16 decided to engage in aerial diplomacy with the Russian minister.

605 reactions 34 comments
Bob Benjy πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
Bruce Lyons Amen πŸ™
Scott Snerd message sent.....delivery confirmed
Kolya Noney What if russian jet come close to Air One?
Mark Garner Things that make you go Hmmmm.....

The R doesn't necessarily mean anything, especially with this guy.

956 reactions 347 comments
Jo Lavigne Lobbyist have been buying DC and guess what folks? After DJT came in office he put an end to lobbying that is what the swamp feeds off. Corrupt Washington will eventually seize and dry up. Thank you President Trump!
Jonney Smith I'm from South Carolina and this loser is always on the wrong side of everything Conservative. That is why he got less then 10% of the vote for President.
Joseph Fagone Government likes government. They don't care if it changes. It's just a matter of who controls the levers.
Susan Clark Huddle Not sure someone with Boeing ties needs to be in that position..Just saying...He and the Boeing Co would benefit greatly by his position.
Bill Carter This is where McConnell has an opportunity to exercise leadership and give him a dressing down. Either get with the program or change parties.

I'm sorry . . . what?

NK Drone Found in Woods... Not Good
NK Drone Found in Woods... Not Good

North Korea continues to provoke.

447 reactions 55 comments
Glenn Haigler Fix it and send it back with an explosive in it!
Carl Oliver Gulledge Jr lets just get rid of NK and be done with it.
Jan Hargest Time to stop this crazy man!
Lisa Smith interesting this couldn't be detected by radar or sight?
Rob Gilbert South Korea's like a mentally-challenged evil child with guns

There's more work to do.

810 reactions 371 comments
Danny Lee Van Winkle There is going to have to be a lot of fixing this. Especially planned parent hood and fixing the basic subsidies so future Democratic Presidents and Congress can not just put them back in place where they were under Obama Care. It's bad that he only ...
Dean Hillestad Common Sense Healthcare Reform Portable - across state lines. Healthcare savings accounts for each member of a family. These accounts can be carried over from year to year and be passed on after death. A families health care savings accounts may be ...
Deborah Frane Good, they shouldn't vote for this garbage of a bill. We elected them to repeal Obamacare not replace it with a watered down version. They need repeal as promised with no compromise. Return healthcare back to what we have prior to Obamacare but allow us ...
Jim May If it's too weak and gives the people a wrong deal then Mitch needs to make the corrections and move forward with the right bill. Don't pull a Pelosi on us and pass the wrong bill.
Mary Beth Heyart Haven't heard what's in the bill except the repeal of both the individual and employer mandates, which is great, and cuts to the state-run Medicaid exchanges. If the bill includes allowing health insurance carriers to do business across state lines, ...

Can the government strip legal immigrants of their citizenship status if they're found to have lied on their submission papers? We have an answer, and it's unanimous:

Breaking: Supreme Court Rules Unanimously
Breaking: Supreme Court Rules Unanimously

A unanimous court said the government must...

1.7k reactions 212 comments
Joseph Jacobi Of course they can if what they lied about was relevant to their approval. It's never been a case that if you got approved it can't be reversed if you lied. That's called, "fraud". If you hadn't lied you would've never gotten approved. Period!
Carl Shelly then it is ok to lie to any government official and a lie told that would not effect the facts can not be used to determine the credibility of other statements...
Victor Fernandes We have been deporting people that were guards on the concentration camps in Poland during the war 2 what is the difference here .One cant lie when you are coming legal to this country during the interviews,it will disqualify one from coming to this ...
Karen Williams So do the same rules apply to someone who answered the felony conviction question on job apps? Many people might be convicted early in their youth, and have grown to be responsible citizens a decade later. Does their present character come into play? ...
Mike Youngblood Wow, the amazing thing about this is they can actually have a unanimous decision in the Supreme Court. Do you think the government could strip me of my gun if a I lied on the application to buy it?

The media needs to do something! We can't have this! :)

384 reactions 46 comments
Phyllis Wiegert Which fake poll gives obumma the 63% approval rating ?
William Jordan Two peas in a pod those two........
Judy Tabor I still consider Obama an evil man.
Sharon Galyen Hines Polls? Don't believe in any of them.
Mary Brown There's a lot of truth to; Absence makes the heart grow fonder!

Don't think prayer works? I implore you . . .

546 reactions 26 comments
Tom Walker Human excrement.
Helen Black Yes
Marilyn White Yes
Lori Wilkeson Praise God!❀
Faye Adkins Amen

Sort of confirms what a certain Donald J. Trump said, doesn't it?

2.0k reactions 137 comments
Brian Fritz The "Think Tank" is named Just Facts. After reading the report, more like Pure B'S. It is littered with guesses, might be, as high as, statements. This is fake news!
Meg Holcz Seems like a little late to be crying over spilled milk now. We have real issues to solve..... no more bait and switch or sleight of hand.
Mark Taunton All this is for nothing. It's to late. They will never be held accountable. They won't even do anything about Hillary so stop wasting our time with this.
Dana Lopez They blaming the Russians for the hack and I think that it was Obama the one trying to hack the election so the votes jump for Hillary. I just saying
Angela Brown McManus Who didn't know this? They cheated. They still are lying cheating and have their cronies working behind scenes to mess with Trump
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