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What in the world?

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Eric Breed too much tarmac around that tree killed the roots
Mark Warner Democrat government saving money. Sue the DNC
Thom Atchley If a tree falls in the park is it still a racist?
MV Kemp Trees fall on the wrong people.
Carol Lewis That was a day or two ago.

I already knew liberals don't run cities very well, but dang.

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Gary Griffith Move them to the Mayors house!
Rachel Watts Sounds like we need some cleaning up in New York.
Gordon Schutz Hi TRAITOR Bill DEBLASIO
Burton Caruthers The dead bodies are just future Democrat voters.
Tish Mines Boyd Herman Cain, nor Ben Carson will be joining the hate team anytime soon!

Props to NBC. They reported this honestly and accurately . . . and it completely vindicates everything President Trump has said about Charlottesville - even though they had a hard time quite admitting that. Still. Good job.

Trump was right that left-wing protesters contributed to the Charlottesville violence, says . . . NBC?
Trump was right that left-wing protesters contributed to the Charlottesville violence, says . . . NBC?

Alternative headline: Most morally repugnant, awful, disgusting, Nazi-sympathizing thing a president ever said turns out to be completely accurate. Props to NBC. You probably know we're general

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Jake Jacobi two hate groups violently fight each other only one side gets blamed for the incident by the media . why? . because the media is PART of the other group.
Jason Parrott The one lady is incorrect in saying "Donald Trump is wrong, there are no good Nazis". He never said that! Not all people protesting the removal of the Confederate statue are Nazis ffs.
Angela A. Martin Question: After all the monuments come down and all of our history is erased, what does that mean? That means that slavery never happened? That means that ppl never had anything to overcome, never had to fight for anything? We cant be proud of how far ...
Diane Bierhorst Trammell Both sides were at fault. Does not mean the white supremacy group, KKK or the Neo-nazi groups are good. Just means they were both there to fight. They didn't fight themselves.
Isabel Martinez I would not be surprised to find out that the Sores empire is behind both sides of this story. Typical MO to destabilize a nation. It is definitely the responsibility of each and every America to not allow globalism interlopers to destroy us.

He may be Kid Rock, but it's looking less and less like he's the "Real McCoy."

Can't believe I'm typing this: Ted Nugent says Kid Rock

Shocker. Not. If you'll recall, back when this story first broke, I expressed my extreme doubts about Kid Rock running for Senate. He'd be challenging Michigan's Debbie Stabenow and, ev

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Philipa Rosalinde I didn't think he was qualified anyway.
Janet Griffin No, bummer.
Deb Deck Barton He is a jerk
Tony Williams I trust kid before I would most
Tim List you mean Debbie Stabeminthebacknow?

This is awful. We need to pray for those touched by this.

Just In: Over 300 Killed In Dead Of Night - It All Happened So Fast (Video)
Just In: Over 300 Killed In Dead Of Night - It All Happened So Fast (Video)

"...hundreds are lying dead underneath the rubble..."

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Mike Woglom The video in the link is from China and is over a month old.
Jan Tiffey Sending prayers for everyone! So sad!
Della Anderson This is so sad
Donna Cooper Liggett Prayers for their loss.
Brenda Whitton This is awful!!!!

If you've amassed $4.7 Million in unpaid taxes, you have no right to lecture us about "public money," you fraud. VIDEO

Guess what Al Sharpton thinks of the Jefferson Memorial...
Guess what Al Sharpton thinks of the Jefferson Memorial...

Tax cheat frets about 'public money' “Should they take down the Jefferson Memorial?” That was the question posed to Al Sharpton by Charlie Rose. Instead of answering it

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Becky Marsland-Hill How does one amass such an enormous amount of unpaid taxes and not find oneself in jail
Beth Emrick Lohr Sharpton is an insult to this country. He needs to stick to what he knows (which isn't much) and stay out of the political arena.
Roger Edward Harris As long as he thinks he can make a dollar, he will keep stirring up the hate.
Thomas Clark How does someone call them self a pastor and live and talk hate. And dont pay taxes. Lock this man up. Before its to late. Before satin drags him home.
Ann Hancock My guess would be that Al Sharpton is thinking "I wonder if I can shake down the Jefferson Memorial and make some money off of this?"

Exactly right, gentlemen.

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Em Bailey "Activist Star Parker, who founded CURE, said Trump’s initial statement condemning violence on both ends of the political spectrum was on target." ☕️
Angela Mule-Yacovelli so incredibly relieved to see stories like this that show, despite the media playing people like sheep, there are still free and rational thinkers out there. ❤️🙌🙏
Mike Dale Here's how the Left poisons its young: Democrats were on wrong side of slavery and now re-litigate Civil War by pretending that defending statues is worse than defending slavery. Oh, you guys are tricky ... but I watch a lot of Penn and Teller. I know ...
Barbara Abramovitz You do not elevate minorities by instigating in them a victim mentality, and keeping them dependent on a government handout. You elevate them by prospering them. Obama sowed the wind and now we are reaping the whirlwind of hate and racial tension. But ...
Carol Lewis Thank you men of God, quite frankly I'm done with this, for now.

I know people are still very heated up over this, and that's not good, but at a time like this we have to say what's true.

VIDEO: The boss on Hannity, explaining who
VIDEO: The boss on Hannity, explaining who's really behind all the racial animus

Yep. There's a part of me that wants to just stop talking about this. People are getting so angry with each other, to the point where people who should know better are actually accusing other p

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Clifton Crawley The very people who insight violence with their rhetoric are now saying it's the media. FOH. Herman Cain you are the worst "Black man" in the media.
Nancy Delecki Williams Unfortunately, the media "owns" the airways and most newspapers and magazines so their agenda is promoted. The uninformed believe their slant on the news because it's mainly what they hear.
Thomas Bist To be honest I'm trying to not watch the news it has gotten sickening on both sides
Christina Biz Russia didn't work, now its back to racism...dividing the republicans....stirring up violence on the streets...blaming the president....the latest attempt to bring down the president. KKK, BLM, ANTIFA, BLACK PANTHERS = they are all violent hate groups. ...
Ralph Kukla Mr Cain remember someone said he would fundamentally change America Doesn't it seem like he still is trying with his "civilian army"??? Is that sedition? ??

Did you catch my appearance last night on Hannity? Here it is.

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Judy Felton Autry Yes, Sean and Herman, WE THE PEOPLE/VOTERS are seeing what is going on...and we understand it...and we are locked and loaded just waiting...2018/2020/2022/2024 is coming!!!! Trust me on this one!!!! God bless Donald Trump and his family and his team......
Diana Cromer GOD bless you Mr. Cain for your boldness, your truthfulness, for loving our country & its citizens enough to stand strong & Enlighten us daily to the facts so that we are not sucked in by the mainline media, the left wing lies & innuendo, & the ...
Jeremy Mutz Thank you for being a voice for the truth, sir. You're correct, Russia didn't work, so they have switched horses to this false controversy. In the words of Rahm Immanuel, "never let a crisis go to waste." Amd if there isn't a crisis they will ...
Dale Wilkins Failing talk show host Herman Cain on WSB. Makes fun of the rednecks right to their face. Tells them"i'm gonna learn you something" Fox pays him $18 million Big bucks for missed leading the gullible rednecks. Herman's laughing at you rednecks not with ...
Butch Carr The liberal media is, and has been trying to run the country since Obama took office. They, and their liberal progressive followers are securing 8 years for Trump instead of 4. Keep up the good work. We couldn't do it without your childish stupidity.

Maybe that "bombastic" rhetoric wasn't such a bad idea.

China Bows to Trump... Slaps KJU Right Across the Face
China Bows to Trump... Slaps KJU Right Across the Face

Kim Jong Un's closest ally just hit him in a huge way...

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James Allison We have have a president that doesn't need lobbyists money.
Tobin Drake Don't trust the Chinese. What they say and what they do are different things. Remember that North Korea putting a finger in the US eye is something they want.
Michael Murray These other countries have to start helping us and each other.There is no other way.
Ricky Weinberg when you back America into a corner do not ignore its growl.
Rick Billington Hhmmm it does appear Trump understands international relationships better than the lunatic left media.

That's about it. Gotta love James Woods.

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Connie Ollero He is so right. We don't have to give in to them. For years we the silent majority has, but it is time we stopped. The far left doesn't like it when we stand up to them.
Ernest Diamond I totally agree with your comments.....we all need to be concerned for what will eventually be coming next....tear down America until it becomes unrecognizable "In God We Trust"
Stacy Newman DePascal I hate to say this but I think THIS might be the straw that breaks the camels back. If they come for this one....all bets are off. The Greatest Generation EARNED their title.
CJ Atkins This is just the start. Remove all the monuments of the Confederates. Next remove the monuments of the slave owners ( Washington, Jefferson etc.). Then abolish the Constitution of the United States because it was sighed by some slave owners.
James Dixon The KKK and BLM, and most all these protest groups are founded, funded and run by Democrats. The Dems are playing both ends against the middle and most folks have no clue what is happening right before their eyes.

No one else will show you this, so we will.

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Kevin Kempker Gee libturds just need to get over it already ...you would think that Trump invited them all to the White House or something! LMAO
Debbie Johnson I've been posting this for days.
Terry Smith Ted Dixie.... I have always been a honkey for Herman.....
Mark Walker Only way to stop this is Put obama hillary soro's and the rest in prison...and Stop Taking down our History and Heritage Plain and Simple...I'am Sick of being called something I Never was to begin with! They started this Crap Hold Them accountable! Not ...
Ellie Warren Wrong Mr. Cain!! This video has been shown a few times this past week. The dilemma is why now that he is President, he doesn't speak as forcefully on the subject

This isn't going to make the media happy at all. How dare she step on their narrative?

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Teresa Shott If what the President said is good enough for the mother of that poor girl; it should be good enough for everybody. She truly is the only one with the right to say anything.
Jake Barlow Yeah they are just ignoring this in most MSM outlets... good thing most people don't rely on the MSM anymore.
Camille Seymour Exactly! Even the victim's mother agrees with our President!
Dan Anderson Rating are every thing to the news stations! And bashing Trump is great for the rating! Does not matter how truthful it is!
Irene Marchionni So sorry for you Mom. And unfortunately, speaking your mind in all of your grief will be like water of a dam for these barbarians being paid to riot. I can see why the don't have jobs - no self discipline or self respect because of no core values.

Have you seen this?

Seconds Before C-ville Car Hit Crowd, a Camera Caught Game-Changing Act
Seconds Before C-ville Car Hit Crowd, a Camera Caught Game-Changing Act

This Charlottesville footage is raising many questions....

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Regan Sharp Check out his Facebook page if it's still up. Clear indication of the pathology of someone on the path to homicide. He said everyone was lucky he wasn't a serial killer, and expressed a desire to just shoot someone. You're an idiot, Herman Cain, and a ...
William Eugene Devlin Should be decided in the courts. My question is and it's not for deciding here but to show there is a reason to try it in the courts. When the bat hit the rear bumper did the airbag go off and hinder the driver. I don't need an answer here. Nearly that ...
Cathy Allen I am ashamed of some of the comment on your post Mr. Cain. I appreciate your input and respect your ability to try to see what really happened. I was a fan when you were running for president and continue to be one listening to your radio ...
Charles O'Riordan Does this play out as a cup-cake 20 year old kid finds himself on a street with a Mop coming at him, he gets hit and now he is fear of his life so he panics and hits the gas? Not smart, after hitting the gas and in panic mode hits people and a parked ...
Joseph Timothy Gordon Wow.... Everyone's calling names and being completely unreasonable. He simply shared the article... Now I do not support or side with the murderer who ran those people over, but to tell Herman he "should be ashamed as a black man" is ridiculous. Pray ...

It's a shame what they're going through, but he's looking to the right place for help.

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Clyde Denver Triplett Lord hates divorce
Kaye Johnson Christ would tell you to stay with your wife.
Stacy Teal This is why family comes before fame
Brian Tillman Don't look to the Christian church for help with your relationship.....run forrest run...
Matthew Brown Chris Pratt, you're Awesome thank you for focusing on the person (Christ)who brought you to this place in life.

I could have sworn socialists never did anything untoward with other people's finances. How can this be?

'Discrepancies' Could Spell Big Trouble For Jane Sanders In Bank Fraud Case

Inconsistencies are emerging in Jane Sanders fraud case...

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Kenny Holliday Why isnt cnn doing a report on this ?
Rus Sever Send BOTH of them to federal prison.
Jim Olson Ugh! Just f'ing retire already!
Camille Seymour She's a criminal. #LOCKHERUP

How far are these people willing to go? Should we start digging up the Confederate cemeteries?

Paging Orwell: Baltimore dismantles and removes four civil war statues in the dead of night
Paging Orwell: Baltimore dismantles and removes four civil war statues in the dead of night

Paging Orwell I'll be honest. I'm a little torn on the whole "Civil War statue" issue. Thanks to an elongated family tree, my great-grandfather fought for the Union in the C

3.4k reactions 879 comments
Barbara Sanders It is terrible that our 'history' is going this way.So many people think they are in the right, take it on themselves to start dismantling statues because they had nothing to do with how they got there. Had they known history, they'd realize those ...
Charlie Vaughn Brock Just like the northern aggression that started the civil war, the liberals are pushing their agenda on the rest of the country. They know most people view the war that it was all about slavery so they can use the race card to push their agenda, which is ...
James Bryant Jr. People will never learn The first 7 states peacefully left over the slavery issue, but that's not why the war was actually fought. It's no wonder many keep trying to make us more like England. They're just trying to erase the "damage" caused by our ...
Edwin Watts Most people either do not know or choose to forget that all Confederate soldiers, sailors and marines were made U.S. Veterans by act of Congress and to disrespect a memorial is to disrespect a U.S. Veteran
Hannah Armstrong Lynch and I am assuming that when we all wake up on Monday morning of next week when all these statues hit the garbage heap or the back yard of some rotten old museum then the LBGTQZRSITTLMNFRUKLOMMWITUSW communities will be happy, satisfied and thriving ...

As he should.

Just In: Trump Orders DOJ Investigation
Just In: Trump Orders DOJ Investigation

"...in the strongest possible terms..."

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Huda Diekmann Obama created the divide in America
Diane Glover That a Boy !!!!
Cath Nelsen GOOD!!!
Sheri Lermusiaux Start with the Mayor, then Obama/Soros...
Rosemarie Buckley Good! Great! Awesome! Get All the Antagonist Hate Mongering Thugs and Lock Them Up! All sides, groups and persuasions! JAIL!

Translation: We don't have the stones to tell players to respect the national anthem or suffer the consequences. ...This wouldn't be happening if Condi Rice was commish.

NFL Commissioner: the National Anthem
NFL Commissioner: the National Anthem 'is special to me,' but... 'we have to understand the other side'

NFL, you may commence destroying yourself. On Monday, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell answered a little over 45 minutes’ worth of questions from Arizona Cardinals club seat holders. Most

3.6k reactions 1262 comments
Joe Lee Didn't watch a single game last year and will do the same this year!!
John Hasan He wants to have his cake and it it too. Normally I watch 20 or so NFL games a year. Thanks to kapernick and company , last year, I watched 3 games. This year I'm gonna shoot for zero. So they can sit for all I care. If you're stupid enough to ...
Dawn Scott Murphy Why? You either love and respect your country or you don't. We have gone through EEO, quotas, welfare, medicaid, and made every effort that is humanly possible to make amends for the past and to ensure equality in the future. What the hell else do ...
Daniel F Stinson There is no other side, if I see any player not standing for the National Anthem I will not watch the game. If it's personal and, not a statement, then let those players stay in the locker room till after the anthem.
Jonus Barnes I SERVED My country and if players want to sit so be it, I fought for freedom and democracy. I have no problem with KKK, nazi and any other foul group marching as long as it's lawful with permit that's fine, I fought for that right as well.

This one's gonna leave a mark.

Yes, media, the alt-left is as bad as the alt-right . . . and here
Yes, media, the alt-left is as bad as the alt-right . . . and here's why you don't see it

Truth hurts. A lot in this case. In followup to my piece from earlier this morning, I want to focus very specifically on the one question - which was really an accusation - that reporters kept shou

9.5k reactions 433 comments
Wanda Rawls If you've notice on certain post there are an influx of negative comments at the top of certain posts in your news feed, which is an annoyance, due to Facebook's changes in algorithms, resulting in where the posts with the most comments, instead of the ...
James J. Woroneski I don't give a crap about any alt right or now alt left. These are nothing more than media created terms to classify groups of people for pure intellectual laziness for convenience. They all are spawns of Satan doing his bidding to create as much chaos ...
Johnny Del Castillo And so we now know that there is nothing, absolutely nothing that trump can do or say that would change a supporter's mind. For this I'm happy. When a few CEOs were dropping, trump made a stupid comment that they will be replaced.......now about 9 ...
Lisa Johnston Paras Indeed Herman, there is intense danger on both sides. And there is NO good to be had out of the skin head, kkk, whatever group of evil twisted haters. Nothing good springs out of hatred. With that said, Thank God for the first amendment! Even ...
Shannon Khatcheressian Opinion pieces like this are very scary to me, as what he is saying is not backed up by pure facts. If individuals are threatening peace by bashing individuals on their sexuality, their religion, their race, etc; we should stand up for them. It's the ...

Huh. What do you make of this?

88 reactions 15 comments
Nguyên Bình Nguyen Thế Là Dân Chủ ?
Gordon Lutz Hopefully it involves A BOMBING RUN over North Korea 😃
Ron Geary Kevin Ebenezer is there such a thing as a "Safe War"?
Kevin Ebenezer It's danger very dangerous war .
Paul J Robinson Bs

They'd better be tough enough. Or else.

268 reactions 13 comments
Chad G. Singer CHINA!!!!!
Joe Wiegand Obama was weak leadership!
Wilfred Nave Is that the Chinese president from "24"?
PM Mack That need US more than we need them!
Rog Dominey Thanks Herman.

He broke the rules again. He does that a lot.

Here we go: Trump reminds us that the alt-left had a lot to do with Charlottesville; media wets itself
Here we go: Trump reminds us that the alt-left had a lot to do with Charlottesville; media wets itself

Truth. Alternate headline: Trump reads this site? He could certainly do worse. He could watch CNN. Apparently these are the rules: If Nazis are involved, Nazis are 100 percent at fault for an

4.8k reactions 413 comments
George Dunigan There is never just one Boxer in the ring...and no wars are fought with out an opposing side, I believe that is all he was saying about the conflict. He is not condoning anything!
Barbara Dyce Keehbauch We have a human being for president, a great human being. Thank you God ! He is not a sound machine out to please anti Americans ,he is one of us ,for us,protecting us and trying to help our country be great again. We desperately needed and need this ...
George Albarran The other half of America see's what is going on and is not buying into the media attempt to gain attention and divide the country! This is America! If you want to be a sub group that is your business. If you riot, kill or hurt people, you are guilty ...
Sue Barney No matter what his statement would be, there would have been condemnation from resistant/dividing/venomous fake media and politicians!!! They are the spoiled children of our society that is continually throwing tantrums because they didn't get their ...
Laura Minford Bradley The issue that nobody is willing to talk about is that American citizen's constitutional rights were violated that day by our government. Just like we couldn't criticize our black president, we cannot defend the free speech rights of those with whom we ...

Because it's only acceptable to condemn one side, no matter what the facts are.

2.6k reactions 110 comments
David Kupe We have become a nation of idiots the Civil War was not about slavery. Only 6% of southerners even owned slaves and 3% of them owned the majority. It was the rich and well do to, The rank and file of the Southern Army's were made up of farmers and ...
Roy Head Hey Hermie, if that was your family members, your neighbors, your friends laying there on the ground don't you think they have a right to some privacy? You are such a pig, you always try to figure out a way to condemn anything that anyone who isn't a ...
PeggySue Hammers-Moran Tell it Mr. Cain !!!!! Disregard the trash talkers on this page...They are either on assistance and nothing else to do, and or paid by Soro.
Barbara Schneider We hear nothing about what the ultraliberal groups did there...funny, huh? They are as guilty as the white supremicists, neo Nazis, etc.who were there!
Susan Treadway Mohon You know, nobody has to take credit or blame for anything because the ONE that matters already knows who is at fault and one day justice will be swift.

You'd better when this crew shows up.

848 reactions 109 comments
Laura Dierking I don't understand the bike cops. They have a bike, but that becomes a hinder and can be taken from them.
Monte Lutz Love when LEO do their jobs well and slap these little cupcakes.
Jayneann Biggoose Great ! Surprises they did it with Seattle being a rouge state. Sad someone had to die to get them to combat anarchists.
Kiriakos Kai Mariana Moustafas Why even take your finger off the spray? Just let the spray keep going!!
Alvin Meeks If you don't agree with or like liberals and their storm ANTIFA troopers or black lives matter or any other left wing hate group your racist ignorant whatever but WHO is employing Adolf Hitler and Nazi regime tactics THEY hide their faces because it's ...

Charles in charge.

Scott Baio Smokes Rosie for Actually Apologizing to NK for Trump
Scott Baio Smokes Rosie for Actually Apologizing to NK for Trump

Rosie O'Donnell has become utterly consumed by her hate for Trump.

923 reactions 78 comments
Donald Urtz I thought she was leaving the country. Bout time she kept her promise. N.Korea would be a great place for her to make her new home .
Gilbert Stewart Lay Aww! Good Cop Bad Cop tricks from Hollywood? But someone tell Rosie it only works when we are all on the same side.
Chris Brown I'm glad Trump don't apologize, I was so tired of Obama always apologizing on behalf of America.
Vinny Lavio Go live there Rosie you POS pig.
Rhonda Johnson Contreras She's just consumed by nastiness all the way around and, thus, is irrelevant.

Oh well. Too bad there are people still around who remember what actually happened.

Halle Berry Cried About Her Racist School... So Classmates Set Record Straight
Halle Berry Cried About Her Racist School... So Classmates Set Record Straight

She tried to play the victim card, but it didn't go over so well....

6.5k reactions 450 comments
Raymond J. Marek Want to make your feelings heard, then do so by not spending your dollars at the box office. When the Hollywood elitists see their bank accounts shriveling then maybe they will see the light and start backing real Americans and not looney leftists.
John Blakely Things like this happen. When in the Dallas area I met a young black woman in her early 20's who was speaking on the severe problems she experienced because of her race. She sounded very real, someone who had really walked a long hard road. Then it came ...
Julie Billbury Garbarino Wouldn't it have been great if she told the truth, I'm sure something like "by teenage years in high school were just like everyone else's." I was well liked, popular and my struggles were my own in my own thoughts like so many teens!! INSTEAD this ...
Mary Pat Hoying Eisert Class of 84. I was bullied, called names, treated like a walking disease daily. Learned to ignore those people and thanks to Miss America pageants learned to never let them see me sweat. Found out about 5 years ago, when I moved back home, even the ...
Linda St Amand Generally all kids are mean and bully anyone who allows it. I was called "honkey" all of the time my father was Polish and my mother was Mexican -American/Democrat who loved President John F. Kennedy . Actually the reality is I don't recognize this ...

Why be serious when you can be political?

Charlottesville Mayor Blames Trump for Violence... There
Charlottesville Mayor Blames Trump for Violence... There's Just 1 Problem

The mainstream media won't talk about this ...

837 reactions 208 comments
Paula S Wisner They knew the lefties were coming to cause trouble. Sounds like our favorite community organizer is staying close for a reason. Watch Obama very closely.
Sam Hunter So, the Mayor ordered police to stand down and let the opposing factions interact... but he blames Trump for the violence HE (the mayor) caused?
Waldemar Zapata I just can't believe VSP allowed for this to happen- that goes to show that control has gone beyond common sense and the decency of doing the right thing. Very disappointing.
John Combs Wes Bellamy. This dude has public rants against Whites, gays and women. But he holds a public position. Wes Bellamy must step down!! Wes Bellamy is the so called Vice Mayor of Charlottesville.
Janet Turner Hey demorat idiot, you and your police department are to blame for what happened in Charlottesville. If you want to back up the totem pole with blame then back up to demorat Obummer, the blm lover and protector.

And in the midst of everything else . . .

100 reactions 15 comments
Nurudin Fsi www_Boss-Movie_tk
John Casey You know this is Trumps fault. 😂🤣
Jenny Slone Eaton Is this President Trumps fault too? Give them time . SMH
Todd Wargula George Soros is laughing right now.
Ken LeBaron Probably Trump's fault...

Maybe Rosie would like to go and deliver the message in person.

238 reactions 179 comments
Karen Sweeney send her to n korea or to a mental hospital...even her children can't stand her
Lou Ballester Can't we send her over there on a missle? Would that be wrong?
Shelly Hall Gutierrez If only you were relevant Rosie !! Do you really think Kim Jong Un is the least bit interested in your opinion ??
Dave Huffman How much booze and meds did it take for her to come up with that one?
Rodney Davis It is funny that not even the usual trolls are not even comming on here to defend this fool!
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