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It’s official!! We’re looking for the best 4 singers out there right now!! If you feel you’re one of the best singers or know the best singer in the world tag them in this post!! We want to give our superstars the best chance for success!! Go to TheFourMusic.com for all the info!! The show premieres January 4th 2018!!! #TheFour DJ Khaled Meghan Trainor Charlie Walk The Four

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Hassan Kanston Look for da best rapper um da best rapper diddy.
Ray Rooms Cool know them live B there in the U.K. And the hot and popping Dog......
Angela Root I have a couple of songs I wrote and created the tracks
Angela Root I would love for you to hear my song
Anthony Jones Champstyle beats P Diddy. Got some nice tracks ready to be heard.


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Saavy Ray https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOifK7c0eCc&feature=youtu.be
Kiana Ki Ki Mitchell Timothy Tip Abdul-Matin
Jami Soltani Steven Michael Melvin Bracelly Fernando Monteiro (Fennan)
Gold Skull Clark 🤔👍
Nikkie Thomas 🤘🏿

This is the dream!! This is the changing of the narrative!! This is #BlackExcellence!! I represent us so that makes this OURS!!

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Charles Oni Get off the table..you ain't a kid. Diddy !
Charline NK Is there AC in the room?
Anthony Bragg teck ya durty shoes offf feee table
Dee Asylum Mopol Diddy you going crazy again ..... Respect your personality ok
Randy Vargas Nice vantage point. Gotta be lonely at the top though.

I'm not in competition with anybody but myself. My goal is to beat my last performance! 🏆🏆🏆

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Mike Tranzey 👏🏾👍🏾💪🏾👨🏽
Hitalik Ffent Real talk
Opee Mix Jungle Rules by French Montana Favourite Tracks 1. WhiskyEyes ft.Chinx 3. Trippin 5. Jump ft.Travis Scott 18. White Dress
Georges Cilenge #BlackExcellence ❤
Asdfsdf Nsdfsdfs Dfjskdfa Yep God bless u 4 ur positive and honest attitude

Y'all know what time it is... Let's DANCE!

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Christine Wilson You look fresh, handsome in your suit with a positive attitude! Stay bless
Seema Kulle Diddy's got swag for DAYS!
Deon Ridley Once a dancer ALWAYS a dancer!!!! HAHA come on scorpio
Ron Pulce Summer Colada is the best!! Will a winter edition come out like that Summer Colada??
Alex Musyimi Always killing it my man!

Heavy D gave me my first chance in the music industry!! He got me my internship at Uptown Records. He believed in me when no one did!! Love you boy, forever!!

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MsDanielle Bowden I got nothin' but love for ya!!!! HEAVY D!!!!!
Sherree Robinson Omg I forgot all about this song....he was a very much talented man....RIP HEAVY D🙏🌻🇺🇸
Nick Kzone All this new mumble jumble wacked rappers are killing the Industry. R.I.P Heavy D.
DjGunnaz MrShelldownyaparty That was around the time u had the purple cabriolet vw #MoneyEarninMountVernonLegend #Hillside'sDonDada#Nuttinbutluv
Randy Vargas Looking for "Bad Boy" internship👑 Share the Love, Pay it Forward!

Proud of my sister Ashanti Official! Taking control of her image!! This is where we’re taking it!! Us empowering each other, creating and supporting our own brands!! This is hip-hop!! Make sure you check out Say Less by Ashanti! Have Ciroc French Vanilla delivered to your door: http://bit.ly/LetsCelebrateLife

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Antwone Brown Lol some things dont change. P.Diddy in the background lol Michael Reyes
Jessy Nerio Are you like mad at Lil KiM or something?
Nicole Duždová Happy Birthday Diddy....we have same day birtday...... 🍸
Ceiça Nery de Farias Cara tu é demais. Parece um pouco com meu irmão adotivo. Um bodyboard irado aqui no Brasil. Beijos e sucesso para sua irmã

😂😂😂 Today, I've come to the conclusion that you CANNOT play around with the internet.

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Eric Ford We know you were just playing. But look up Dr. Emoto and his experiments, and you'll find out there's a lot of truth in a joke, bro!
Sheena Sheen Lmao they were debating on the radio what they should call you. I was think Nooo dont change it again
Edson Mapuranga P Diddy is a brand don’t change it,I have been following you since 1997 when you were called Puff Daddy .
Pamela Patterson Can you just stop with all the name changes😏 You are always going to be Puff Daddy to me and your fan's👍
Christine Loyo I was wondering why you didn't change it on your profile as a matter of fact I commented on that yesterday! lol

Keep those with positive vibes around you at all times!!

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Iyke Electile Whose that you are holding her hand big man?
Dolly LaLa Minor What's up Brother Love😂😂😂
Deon Russell Keep inspiring us Black King we all love you
Edson Mapuranga You are now an old man behave like an adult who is now mature
James Kibwika The Real brother love...

I decided to change my name again! My new name is LOVE aka Brother Love.

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William McDonald Some Grown Men still acting like A kid needs to Grow up just shows no matter how much fortune and fame one acquires. It doesn't buy or bring Love and happiness. Life goes on no matter what your name is. This is the first and last thing I've ever had to ...
Slaying All Cancerous Brother love ❤️ is much more fitting considering what you stand for now. It’s your birthday your day for what ever you desire.
Alvin Aquarius Pitts Just say no to whatever you're smoking!! Some of the greatest men in history kept their names. From Dr. MLK and President Barack Obama. Sean if you are still cussing people out in public as I have witness then Love WON'T work for you. Smh
Lena Lee God is love, so love Love's God and will always allow him to speak through you to feed and heal a nation. Celebrate your born day and enjoy
Gina Philius Yes Brother Love. The name suits you. You make things happen. I'm involved in a lucrative business in helping people trade and make money with Bitcoins. Even if you don't have a Bitcoin which is worth almost $6000 you can buy in small packages until you ...

This was the craziest thing I ever did but I take that with me everywhere I go and with everything I do. That level of fearlessness!! 14 years ago today I ran the NYC Marathon!!!!

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Joy Depp Stop being so sexy babe
Eliza Rodriguez Cantstopwontstop
Clark Melvin I️ remember that
Donnell Jones #MarathonGoodLuck
Arcashia Arnold Rooting for you

We are family, we get money, we spread love, we live life to the fullest, we are BADBOY! Share this if you are on the same frequency!!!!!!

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Петельсон Аза Паулу Thag life✌ #black_excelence
Andres Mathis Cause it's Bad Boy for Life
Buffie Sainte Marie 😍 😄
Vassie Lacresia Nix #pdiddy #vassieNix 661.576.2112
T Clinton Cole Paffy and der fam lulz

What do you think of my Halloween costume? The Rulers Back!!!

4.6k reactions 237 comments
Dora King You mean the Joker hahaha
Kevin Swiss Costume its a hit you look similar to him
Wilma Jean I love it....This is called the Show
Geoffrey Nnannah I love this man with every bone in me. #Tenyearsfromnowwe'llstillbeontop
Tytouff Ledoux the rich chainer hero ..

My brother Snoop Dogg and his wife 80’s birthday party was dope!!!! Cassie

2.0k reactions 85 comments
Malcolm Marcelle The music 🎶 must have been the biz .
Debra Combs lovely couple
Tiffany Smith Y'all look Dope!!
William Young Why she witchyou...😂
Nikki Alexandria Pritchett Love her fit!

Tune in TONIGHT for a special DeLeón Tequila edition of #MarthaAndSnoop 10 ET on VH1!! Trust me you don’t want to miss this!!! Snoop Dogg Martha Stewart

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Ant Dunning Ahhh wish I could see this!!! (Uk) 😞
Jd Rekles SHOTS!!!...SHOTS!!!...SHOTS!!!......👍✌👊❤❤❤💖💖😉
Toya Crawford All!!😍😍😍😍😍
Kat Montgomery I bet usher did not drink none 😂😂😂😂
Yvette C. Mackey Ill be watching 😃

20 years ago today, Mase released ‘Harlem World’ featuring ‘24 Hrs. To Live’, ‘Feel So Good’, & ‘What You Want’. Let me know your favorite song off this album in the comments!

3.6k reactions 290 comments
Brian Fenner Sr. Mase harlem world classic.
William Gordon 24 hours to live featuring the lox,dmx
David Connell Hamilton Whole album bangs if I had to pick I guess I'd pik take what's yours ft dmx tell ma$e to drop dat Harlem world to we waiting
Daryl McIntosh Released 20 years ago today, Mase’s 1997 debut album ‘Harlem World’ firmly cemented him as the fresh face and voice of Bad Boy Records, following The Notorious B.I.G.’s tragic passing nearly eight months earlier. Visit http://bit.ly/2ibh5pM to read ...
Michael Harkins Bad Bad Bad Boy, You make me feel so good..

This is dope. Share it with your friends!!

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Christian Bentley That works ok
Victor Macon That so awesome
Gaby Li Y E A H 👊
Syteria Frazier Go baby!
Pauline Tiki Johnson I love it!

It's in the details!!! #BLACKRICH

2.6k reactions 153 comments
Erica Sunset Role model and entrepreneur success story! Kudos to you!
Happy Man Celui qui réussit à faire sur terre son paradise a l espoir d être dans le paradise de god; si c était pas ...... tu serais un prophéte ou trés proche u r true u r true 👑4life badboy4life team❤4life
Bugatti Bwoy Dd you best can't wait see you face to face to have a pick with you.
Phil Dary Good to see you sitting straight up NO LEANING NO SLOUCHING DIDDY. CALL ME
DeAngelo McBee Sr. Bless you and all your success brother!

After a few shots of Ciroc #FrenchVanilla we hit the Ellen DeGeneres stage!!! Have CÎROC French Vanilla delivered to your doorstep here: http://bit.ly/LetsCelebrateLife

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Tendayi Ngugi Pilime This is dope all black yea Diddy never had swag deficiency
Ani Chiagozie It's the biggest party in the world right now. -#bad boys.
Darryll Everett He definitely knows how to make money
Guillermo Hernandez presence is the best gift.. diddy looks still young full of energy.. keep the vibe its contagious
Mi Ling Thiérry Ceasar I wanna be diddy fly and Diddy’s money. Congrats brother.

My brother DJ Khaled did it big for his Young KING Asahd Khaled!!! Thank you for inviting me to host your first birthday party!! May God continue to keep on blessing you!!

2.3k reactions 75 comments
Angie Sargent Awe Happy Birthday baby boy 😍🎂🎉
Eddie Nazaryan Diddy = Dedicated Individual Devoted Daily YES
Hector Perez Gomez Happy birthday to lil man DJKhaled
Michele Walton You look great keep the good work up I am so proud of you God Love you
Digital Age Marketing Anyone else like this Personal Development post as much as i do

ATTN! Watch the 2017 Rolling Loud Bay area livestream RIGHT NOW on http://revolt.tv/rollingloud #rollingloudbay


The official live site of Revolt featuring streaming video, news, music, info, and more.

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Alpha Abdoulaye Barry Bad boy for life!!!
Kayon Misty Tulloch U are good famous working hard

LOVE. It was an honor to be at Gucci Mane's wedding. Such a gorgeous night!!! #BlackExcellence

7.2k reactions 96 comments
Harper Sherie very nice
Bright Chola Marry that woman bro.
Salys Henderson Beautiful picdt, congrats Guwop
Leonna MonnaLisa Khosified Reigns Congrats Gucci
Djibril Karorero blackexcellence

TONIGHT! Watch the 100th episode of Drink Champs at 10PM ET with Jermaine Dupri and Shad Moss!! Congrats to my brothers Noreaga and DJ EFN!! Let’s keep winning!!! REVOLT TV 🏆

344 reactions 14 comments
Jd Rekles LilWill Ladder 👍✌👊❤😉
Tolotea Tia Petersen Lol😁
Berenger Brou i wish you a nice day father
Stacey Mason-Sottile I❤️Diddy
Charmaine Bonneville Nice Video.

332 reactions 27 comments
Keith Young https://m.soundcloud.com/648458256/life 😎😎😎💯💯💯
Abdessamad Ouakrim Dj'Samado AalaEddine DjBiggi
Alexandre Rioux Felix Alary
Kimberly Williams Yessssirrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Miguel Dejesus http://piff.me/219683b

https://invisiblebully.com/collections/bad-boy-classics - I'm overwhelmed by the love and support you all give me so I wanted to do something to hook it up for my Bad Boy family!! Limited time only!! We got 50% off the entire Bad Boy Collection!! USE CODE "DIDDY" AT CHECKOUT!!!!!! LET'S GOO!

3.7k reactions 285 comments
Tamika Tatum Yea I jus try to order a hoody for me in outt med diddy,
Kevin Quoc Bui You are the man Diddy!! Best marketer in the world!! 👌👍💪💪🔥🔥
Noel Byrdman Thomas This old. Diddy still not driving a Maybach
Boris Johnson I want to carry it in my new [email protected]
Lawrence D Jiles Yo diddy get with master p and kick this thing off.! ✊✊✊

Congrats to Gucci Mane & Keyshia Kaoir!! God bless your unity, your family, your friends and your whole world!! May it be positive and elevated at the highest form of positivity and elevation!! It was an honor to be there! Thank you for inviting me and my family!! Love!! Love!! Love!! #TeamLove

8.3k reactions 224 comments
Terrence Thompson My boy Diddy kilt it!
Thomas Fanni Daniele King Pregnolato non posso non taggarti..quel pazzo di gucci mane si è sposato uahaha
Chris Lisznaski lol Rozay with the Wingstop cup...
Laswell Jacob Pierpont Mhango Why would you even think of putting on white when you are that dark. Hire a stylist please
Hatch Dollar Diddy you got me dressing like you.#Team Love

This is what Hip Hop getting money together looks like! Ciroc #FrenchVanilla

3.0k reactions 158 comments
Sharad Johnson Brian Dro Johnson part of what i was telling you about
Euan Merrilees Andy Paton About that decadent life
Michele Walton I can see that you off your phone fast welcome back you were miss
Sonia Brand I'm trying this. I'll let you know what I think Diddy 😄
Kevin English U French DJ Khaled Monica Ashanti the guy from Black Eyed Peas Cassie

Hey everyone I’m doing a phone fast!!! I’ll be posting soon. In the mean time GOD BLESS!!!

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Gaby Li God wants you!!! It's your Time, Sean.
Markiece Triplett I might have too
Nick'ey Milligan I’m not far behind you
Kay Ware Be blessed
Michael Riccio God Bless

We’re all together at the end of the day. I’ve been feeling concerned and needed to do something. We need to try to do what we can in all tragic situations for other people that need it. We can’t wait for the government to come help us. We all have the power to give some help and we did that last night!! Love to my brother Marc Anthony and all my Latino brothers and sisters!! #SomosJuntos

2.6k reactions 121 comments
Aldo Lopez Love ❤️ Diddy 💯🙌
Berenger Brou dad,why it takes so long time to come take me,i am very depress i needyou,please do something,whatis the problem allways i tell to the people my father is going to take me,and i see nothing,you know how people is with me here i cant success in this ...
Abdelilah Chauki I love you diddy keep inspiré US in morocco
Jose Martinez Our ppl Thank you Diddy. Blessings Always!!💯💯💯☝
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