Dez Bryant

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You are fresh today Dallas I see ya #x

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Adam N Laura Baltazar Cute ... DC4L... XXX
Shontia Beasley Ok Dallas!!!
Brandon Kammerdiener #X
Lora Lea Bailey Cute... Keep ballin. Haters gonna hate don't pay any attention to them. Do what u do best.
Danielle Guzman Omg Mom I need one❀️😭 Kris Guzman

This what it’s about lit πŸ”₯...not worrying about a thang just having fun

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Claude Evans III Ditch this black and silver...its time to beat the Raiders..
Claude Evans III Buy your girlfriend a dallas cowboys blanket throw pajama set for πŸŽ„. .
Joseph Espinosa "Life is just a bunch of moments"
Ronald Hnic Hyde It's about winning!! Just have fun doing it.

There will be a limited run of my Jordan β€˜88’ t-shirt available only at #NikeAtTheStar this week. A must cop, go pick one up!

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Chris Elkins All the women want the shirt and all the men want Dez to catch the football!! Haha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Yolanda Vela Gonna be a Christmas gift for myself lol
Trell Yates Dude easing his way to 8O career touchdowns and everybody saying trash ?
Jeff Jimmerson Only 200 made and I got me one. Thanks for the free lapel pin 88, I’m gonna look crispy in a suit.
Timothy J. McClinton Man drop a link or sum cause the star site says nothing about you Dez Bryant

Just 1 of those days #x

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Anna M. Benavides They remind me of back in the day lol
Layton Prestage Still need those hands to catch up with that mouth. Stop taking plays off.
Angela Reid Well you had a damn good day, Sunday!!! :)
Tanya Walker Congratulations, on the birth of your first daughter!πŸ’˜
Marie Mendoza Have you tried the new shoe laces called Hickies ? Check them out pretty cool😘

@aqibtalib21 I found this old video bro lol

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Jeremy Swanton Wish he could catch like that against Greenbay.....
Zach Staton So he can’t stop you on either side lol
Paul Archibeque Jr. Maybe u should change positions. Youre def better than the current DB's
Jesse Corella Maybe Dez needs to play corner instead of wr smdh
JayUnique L'e Matthews Do this in the game baby

Shout to my young guns @successfulj7_ @switz03 go follow my guys #x go follow my guys

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Mario Longoria Let's make a run boys!
Brandon Kammerdiener #X
Aimee Wiederman Santini You were all great!
RS Gonzalez Boycott NFL
Robin Wood spread em out ,5 wides!

We are @jumpman23 #Re2pect

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Jacob Robles πŸ™…πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ
Satina Cotton Marry me please, pookie!
Luis Hidalgo πŸ™…πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈπŸ™…πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈπŸ™…πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ #X
Alejandro Martinez Love that respect!!!! Go Cowboys
Brandy Sloan Jesus! Jesus! Jesus l!

Shut up.... 6 #x

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Raul Trejo Be consistent then you can talk
Ortiz-Everette Regina Still don't understand why the Redskins made that switch. Norman had a better chance at defending you. But hey, there's that mouth that was likely to get him popped!😩
Andrew Aguilar Look at the ref you know he's a boys fan, in his mind he's like FUCK YEAH throw up the X dez haha. Fuck y'all haters this is cowboy COUNTRY.
David Sevenikar Good game o-line did much better morris had great game Awesome TD catch got up for Keep the boys on track for next game. NEXT PLAY!!!
Michael Bedio CB was asking for a face mask πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ he just got beat.. dez was all clean on that play and the replay showed that shit

You can say what you want as long as I know #x

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Andre Sams Jr Haters Dez thats all....You are the man, Just keep being who you are! CONGRATS on passing Bob Hayes Tonight excellent game!
Shannon McNiel This happened right in front of our seats tonight and probably one of the greatest athletic plays I’ve seen. Norman was scared and had to cover the opposite side. This would have happened to him...posterized
Steven Jover This man has came up. Dak isn’t romo . Romo and Dez took lots of practice to perfect this pass in particular. Dak will get I️t in time he is a young QB with no help to help him get better but in time he will. Hopefully next week he does the same ...
Daryle Zimmer I loved the fact that #88 was being thrown to and helped win the game. But I still would like to see him used more in a slant play because he has great starting quickness and he gets separation early. Doesn't have blinding speed after the catch but has ...
Chuck Kohler Dak needs to throw to Dez like this , he needs to go up after it, Dak has a bad habit of waiting for Dez to get open, Can't do that , Romo use to throw it up and let Dez go get it, thats what he is great at!

I love my new Xbox thanks Microsoft Thanks #XboxOneX @Xbox

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Frank Capra Dez, you need to focus on your game. You are not an elite receiver anymore and are letting your fans down big time...Especially this one. Hope you turn it around soon! #88 #cowboys
Brandon Printz Yeah Dez straight up sucks now and just to think he was a beast I bragged about him so much but now he ain't shit to be honest when someone says his name anymore I kinda laugh because he's a joke now
Andrew Foutz I was gonna write something about how you should be practicing catching balls and not playing Xbox.....looks like you guys have it covered
Kenny Fifield Dez you will have the rest of your life to play XBox when your out of the league next year. You are so overrated !!!!!!
Greg N Liz Amarillo Dez hasn't been effective with dak cause dak is scared to through further than 7 yards. Even then he throws behind him or at his feet.

Take it how you want #x

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Chris Fitzu DEZ I’m not following the NFL but let me say, do you because you do it the BEST! DO YOU!! I ❀️ WINNERS!!
Rachelle Nunez Love u DezπŸ’―πŸ’πŸ’žπŸ’– f the haters
Angie Maggard Throw up that X on their hating arses, Dez! Get your revenge on the field! DC4L! Xoxox!
Marty Kidder Jr #DezBryant can we get a W this weekend?

Control what you can control 88 Thank you @switzdesign

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Pmg Nittie We got this one Sunday lets go up 2-0 in the NFC East
Scott Snyder I hope they don't run this play again for 2 yards
Gabe Scott Shit we need you to pick up that slack that Zeke left. We gonna need a big game from you Sunday night.
Amp Gadson We need this win Sunday!! Throw up the X. Dez!!! We Dem-boy's
Zack Curry Right, like you actually running a route well

Repost @matrix31 ...true

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Geovanni Zamora That's life Dez Bryant
Shelly Mendiola So true
LaShon Robertson You hit the nail on the head.
Yolanda Lopez Yep, just look at Kim Kardashian
Queta Ramirez So true

Mood: crazy. Game day.. let's go 88 #x

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Chuck Floss I need you to get 2 TDs bro..let's get it...
Logan Mowry If only you could get open anymore. You get clamped too easily now
Anthony Pollone Dez there going to need you more than ever until Zeke can come back
Nick Snyder Iron Dez......let's go get it today.
Sunny Cali Livin I hope you guys wear the navy blue jersey today haven't seen you guys wore them yet

High end Inspired: @mr.love_song #x

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Jason Cox Hey Dez! Play the game instead of worrying about social media
Joshua Piquet Game day tomorrow we got these Falcons. Do your thing Dez.
Nisi Sneed Show us what you got on the football field Dez not in the tunnel
Carmella Kiki Mella-Millie Catch the BALL please. You'll killing me with low points. Go out there and make things happen ❀️
Mona Sanchez πŸ’•πŸ’• all that chocolate!

Nobody can sit in the front but my wheats #13 @jumpman23 #x

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Daniel Cardenas dez i think you are the worst receiver in cowboy history pinche butter finger wortless piece a shit
Charlie Chaffee I see them twizzlers tho lol
David Fowler Like to have the money you spend on shoe's lol .
Odessa Smith My daughter would love those shoes dez Bryant
Julie Ann Kasprak How your ankle is feeling better Dez. We need you this weekend and thought up the XX

@realdeal2_83? Who is this

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Amy Dillon Deion Sander's LOLπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Ryan Ritchson Bet that's yo New color socks.
Kim White Praying for your quick recovery...
Sommer Love Payne Think my daughter has the same pair.
Kevin Williams That’s Terrence Williams!

I'll take that with the left hand #x

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Kyran Black Good win, definitely the most impressive win so farr
Robert Franklin Great job Dez! Keep throwing up the " X"
Lina Quiroz That's how the BOY'Z do it.!!
Sherie Ferguson Your just like superman!!! LOVE MY DALLAS COWBOYS,β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†
Wendy Blanco Love you Dez! Glad you beat the Chiefs!

Thank everybody for the birthday wishes...

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Robin Driscoll Wynn Happy Birthday Dez Enjoy Your Special Day πŸ’™πŸŽπŸˆπŸŽ‚
Barbara Moreno Happy birthday Dez Bryant enjoy your day and have many more to come πŸ’™πŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸˆπŸŽˆ
Julie Ann Kasprak Happy Birthday Dez. That was a great game last night. Throwing the X in Wisconsin.
Jesse Garza Happy birthday Dez Throwing up the X in San Antonio .. My Organization The Highland Warhawks flag - 11U will be playing in your Cowboys Stadium on Sunday
Becky Marie Happy birthday hope u have a awesome day go cowboys


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Nat Gomez So true my friend love you for that victory today congratulations to all the team.
Sunny Cali Livin I hope you feel better bro hopefully your good to go next game against the Falcons!!
Jon Wheeler God bless y'all keep it going strong, straight n faithful,! Y'all doing n looking good n healthy!;)
Julie Ann Kasprak Great job today Dez . Hope you feel better XXXX
Ryan Stewart What does this even mean lol?

@switz03 is one fly cool dude 😎 reasons I know because we are born on the same day ...he's me lol πŸ˜‚ ...God has already done enough for allowing us to make it this far in our life..let's continue to keep setting example giving him all the glory Happy birthday to a couple of real ones 10-88

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Melissa Moses Anderson Happy birthday to my FAVORITE, Dez! And to Switzer! πŸŽ‰πŸˆπŸ™…πŸ»
Eva Gonzalez Happy Blessed Birthday to Dez and Switz03, Let's get a win.
Tim Faunce Throw up the L tomorrow
Lisa Ellars Happy πŸ˜ƒ Birthday πŸŽ‚! Blessings to both of you’
Sophia Cisco Happy birthday to the both of u!! Make us proud #DC4L πŸ’™πŸˆπŸ’‹

My preference @jumpman23 #x

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Will Toomer Come on Dez .....just get separation on the field bruh. Can you just ball out at least one game!
Brian Silva Hey dez do a favor since you complain about not getting the ball ask for a trade .. I want to see a young WR grow with the new qb and RB we have now all we need is a new young talented WR and we're good for 10 years
Ralph Martinez Wish I could afford those, they look sick.
Zach Overstreet Dez is just an inside slant and jump ball specialist now.
Danny Blanton They make it look like a MF is wearing heals...Pass

Black and grey area.. #mybrother4life #X

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Travis Cotten Did you play today? Didnt see you make an impact.
Angela Tuey Parker Yeah baby keep doin the damn thing fellas
Neil Chronister No matter how many catches dez gets he'll still make that play we all are waiting for. #88
Anna M. Benavides Great game...I knew we'd be playing the refs too lol...β™‘ β˜† #88
Jasmine Ruby Great game guys.... Cowboys Nation

X Killed by- @42ndwitness

5.4k reactions 89 comments
Fermin Martinez Ready to play the deadskins can’t play #88 # throw up xxxx
Brandon Ball Let's get it today Dez! Josh ain't ready.
Joe Gonzales Yessirrrr ! Some more amazing catches today X!
James Wall The Walking Touchdown
Alycemike Moreno Congrats XX GO DALLAS COWBOYS XTHEM OUT

Fine art. #x

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Joe Keovixay πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜‚
Shawn Davis Lmbo
Bryan Pires That bag is dope
Courtney Bashore Fine art, indeed! 😘
Roland Elizondo Oh the lion is out!

I won't say to much #x @jumpman23

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Buck Rodgers Wonder why Dez never reads the comments
Jonathan Bushong You should probably get new hands instead of shoes
Charlie Tirador Fuck lookin good just catch something and score lol
Wade Jorgenson How about instead of shoes we start collecting WINS and TITLES and RINGS...?
Manny Villarreal Take the East back its ours

Thankful #X

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Jason Taylor Great game Sunday. ....
Toye Hyatt Love Dez
Michael Arnold "So are we." ~ Cowboy Nation
Jader Brown The man! Texas Pride!
Dana Thomas My boy

Something I learned

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Christopher K Rivers True that! 2 tds against the dead skins dez. I’ll wait:). Go X!
Martha Portillo Love!!! 😍😍😍
M Camille Burgess Yes indeed!!
John Lowe Mos Def I agree
Eldridge Lindsay live this way daily, and it works let go and let God!!!!

This why I do it #x

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Andrew Simpson Dez caught some balls today I'm proud of him
Michelle Maddox We SEEN HIM THROW UP THE X, mini Desmond, I LOVE IT Chevontray Wilson
Miguel Guevara Congrats on today's accomplishment Dez Bryant!!! You are the man!
Seward John Foland III No playing ball in the yard with the dog loose mister ! Nice game..
Jered Graham Great game today! And no better reason to kick ass!

Shift gears.... game day #blessed #cowboysnation #throwupthex

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Kyle Stagg Dak has worst game of career today ... Call Tony
Ray Martinez When u do a touchdown say this is for Ray plz
Wesley Kemp Congratulations on the record. Cowboys Forever X
Jesus Gonzalez Let's play some great football today!!!
Lisa BMe Don't throw any passes to Williams 😑
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