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I can honestly say that when I took out my savings (& house equity) to start a skateboard company in 1992, I had no idea if it would work... or that @birdhouse would be around 25 yrs later. Thanks Rolling Stone & Eric Hendrikx for recognizing our tenacity:

Tony Hawk: The Birdman Celebrates 25 Years of Birdhouse Skateboards
Tony Hawk: The Birdman Celebrates 25 Years of Birdhouse Skateboards

Pro skater Tony Hawk on son Riley Hawk, new action sports digs in Mexico, and 'Saturdays,' Birdhouse Skateboards' latest full-length video endeavor.

2.3k reactions 56 comments
Ricardo Aquino Congrats Tony !!!
Mathieu Gagné legend
Rob Salamone Dudes been skating for 40 years!
Miguel E Sousa Congratulations onto double that brou
Fernando Gonzalez Jr. Alberto I still have mine

I recently partnered MINI with Tony Hawk Foundation to help revitalize a rare public skatepark in St. Louis, Missouri. Here’s a small glimpse of the work that went into this project. Learn more -

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James Phillips Jenna Auvenshine
Alvaro Brady Aspera Alan Brady
Steve Ray Tomy Ames
Ross Hofer Charlie Wyffels
Nicholas Arthur Edgar Dunlop That should be Lizzie Marika

NBD’s in Uganda (via Uganda Skateboard community). I hope to visit there someday & ask the locals to teach me tricks like this

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Ruben Miranda Ruiz Samuel Santana en madera
Diego Fernandez Imanol Cazenave uganda style
Jenn Laurent That was awesome ☺
Lukas Eberl Peter Mangold Probier des mal aus
Kuba Kozłowski Łukasz zrob tak kiedys proszę

Last year, The Salvation Army USA served over 3 million people during the holidays. Your donations help put presents under the tree and meals on the table. Join me in the #FightForGood to make Christmas possible for families in need. Please visit to donate. #SalvationArmyPartner

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Charlie Bi Winning They are anti gay, I would never praise the Salvation Army. Please delete this post
Geoff Dixon Tony, how can you support the Salvation Army? Are you homophobic like them? Much respect lost for you.
Alma Wade Dam i love what u do Tony love it awesome! ☺😊❤🙌
Eric Audino How can people bag someone for helping other people . Great work Tony
Jennifer Diamond-Lawyer Saw you on Katie Lee & Hoda today, your so amazing Tony♡

Happy Birthday Calvin! Thank you for sharing your endless talent and honest compassion with us.

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Alma Wade Awesome pic enjoy ur day Happy birthday! 🙌🎉🎉

See how I partnered MINI with Tony Hawk Foundation to help a St. Louis Community. We expanded on a creative urban space for a unique skatepark in a challenged area. Here is “Turning Corners. A St. Louis Skatepark Project"

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Scott Davidson Let’s go! We’ll grab Larry
Allan Reyes one time home of steve berra(?)
Josie Beck So rad!
Victoria Rodriguez Thats awesome
Jacob Emerson Boggeman Right on!

Thomas has been stacking clips lately. Looking forward to his new video dropping in 2018. Percy better step it up. 🎥: 5 Mad Movie Makers 🎶: Ozzy Osbourne

10.8k reactions 1294 comments
Gerardo Vazquez Esto si esta Jarcor joder Nathanael Alberto
Jaime Baird James Passalacqua lol I thought of you and your kiddos when I saw this... haha
Jason Pelie Guus Bouwens Tijs Gerwe tony hawk gooit ff paar stunts met Thomans
Gustavo Amaral Kildery Dayse o melhor é a trilha kkk
Kurt Thompson Anna we need to show Zaccy this!

It's heartbreaking to hear about the passing of the incomparable Kevin Robinson, a fellow Huckjammer and true humanitarian in every sense of the word. My sincere condolences to his family; he will be deeply missed by all of us.

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Brian Harris Rosita Harris Nunez
Eddie Silguero R.I.P K Rob
Daniel Smiech Rest in Peace. Sad news 😔
William Saturno RIP
Ando Cavoe RIP

Some highlights from the 2008 "All 80's All Day" event at Quiksilver HQ featuring @henryguiterrez @eddiereatugui Steve Caballero Christian Hosoi JEFF GROSSO Kevin Staab Bucky Lasek Andy Macdonald & yours truly testing the limits of an original Lapper

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Gregory Jean-Philippe マッド 愛
Magnus Lindroth McEgg from Bucky! That's a rare trick ...
Gianluca Barbieri Legendary s man's
Michael Lawlor Gnar af
Patrick Todd Ferry Great memories!

Southern California is lit, but not in a good way. It smells like a campfire and the sky looks like this. Stay safe out there.

418 reactions 16 comments
Joe Marcum Stay safe
Eric Hayto Hope you are all ok............
Braydley Kamamarmamaras L I T
Natasha Shaffer Vistrand Not funny Seth
Jennifer Diamond-Lawyer Same to you Tony ♡

See you at Bondi in February! Tickets for General Pants Bowl-A-Rama 2018 now on sale. BOWL-A-RAMA #ilovesydney

625 reactions 18 comments
David Gagovski Aneta Gagovski
Michael Fitzy Phill De Belin Joey Mitchell
Andre O'Connor Adam O'Connor
Liam Hendy Nathan Carr Estéban Duran?
Cory Turner Jarrod Broadbent Fish Whittle Leigh Howell

Thanks to Eric André for doing the intro / cameo to Shawn Hale segment in #birdhousesaturdays. What am I supposed to do with this busted mannequin though? (styling by @_galina_) #skateboardskillsloading

1.6k reactions 94 comments
Josef Szegedi Peter Christakos Harrison Taeger Connor Mazzachi
Jed Johnstone Dan Roggero Samuraí Cooper
Paul Walter Bernard Ethan Andres lmao
Gonzalo Rojas Jose, mira! xD
Gavin Rudd Hahaha

Thanks to Triple 8 NYC for finally bringing together form & function in a proper skate helmet. I can honestly say I've never worn something so comfortable and felt so safe at the same time.

165 reactions 9 comments
Szymon Gruszka Marcin Ćwiertnia ;(
Konrad Kędroń Dawid Duda
Marta Miró Manero Isabel Quiroga tony hawk lleva mi casco! Jijiji
Dave Reid Nice, does it come with Hair dye? haha
Steve Fernald I have one and wear it

Happy Birthday Riley Hawk! I am so proud of the man you've become. 25 is the new 5 btw

1.8k reactions 30 comments
Catherine Bennett Obrecht Shook Happy birthday Riley!.......❤️Muzzy
Brooke Rolfe Time flies!
Damien Parker Barranco 5 is the new 25
Ian Boila On my list of favourite skaters now
Sean Christopher Slattery Lil legend

Thanks to Door Of Hope & The Salvation Army USA for including Keegan, Calvin, Kady & me in the holiday gift surprise last night. You can help spread the joy:

545 reactions 13 comments
Sonny Hidalgo Good people (:
Louis Snykers Jahan Abeelack ptn trop cool ton paye
Sam Lee God bless buddy 👍
Jacob Zeff Right on man. Way to go.
Alma Wade Awwwe nice happy holidays 🎉😊

Grinding the fence, 1978. Such a dumb idea.... It went bad one time and I ended up straddling the ramp with splinters up my entire inner thigh. I don't think it stopped us from doing it again though. "Youth knows no pain"

791 reactions 13 comments
Cameron Wayne Carter He'll yeah!
Marc Knab You knew no pain.
Daniel Nelson Team Pain!
Barry Motto Trudat
Alma Wade Haha awesome beautiful 😊❤

Thanks for the new setup Haydenshapes Surfboards! Best graphics ever

479 reactions 19 comments
Daniel Trinnick Nathan Birch
Salmon Gale Murray Mcintosh
David Cruz Garcia Daniel
Ryan Woods Locky Woods zav
Brydon McCallum Don Kline another on the list??

Thanks to the Gallatin, Tennessee for honoring our dear friend #rayunderhill with this sweet mural by Bryan Deese. Ray's legacy endures thanks to your efforts.

637 reactions 17 comments
Anthony Mcintyre Shane Ayerst...
Andy Hobert RIP
Mikko Koski ❤️
Alma Wade Beautiful ❤
Sam Nelson R.I.P. RAY

Get on my level... of the mall. 📷: @jessefritsch

1.6k reactions 44 comments
Andy Hobert Looks real fun!!
Lute FP Looks kinda like flying
Alma Wade Love it 🙌
Saif Rahman Mall 900 pls
Marcia Cristina Saldanha Sempre mandando bem !!!

Thanks for the session @supremebrooklynny (& @jeffersonpang) 📷: @ghettogastro

784 reactions 10 comments
Richard Tig Lynn Wtf Tony? How big was that check?
Joseph Wood Omg sick
Alma Wade Love the pic nice 😊🙌
Marino Escobar ma la finisci de fa er cojone? hai 50 anni
Reginae Clalue Hi, all NFL Football die-hard fans! If you are a fan of NFL Football, don't miss this season's best-sellings!! Only 21 dollars For your fanastic Jersey!! Jerseys have stitched on, Top quality! Offer ends soon! Order Now:

Thanks @ronnychieng for the great stories & laughs today. Hear our interview on Demolition Radio this Saturday on SiriusXM @factiontalk103

311 reactions 5 comments
Joey Goosen dam you look like that Asian guy
Alma Wade Awesome 😊
Thami Maritsi 🔥hawk
Dylan Latimer Damn you look high

Greetings from the city that never sleeps. Just wanted to share this lovely view. I'll be oN Today Show tomorrow. Scroll on.

579 reactions 13 comments
Luan Felipe Fernandes Pollyana Souza
Dani Blanco Nice photo!!💪🏼😉🤙🏼
Aaron Cross Needs a few trees
Jerry Teh yes yes-yes-yes I've seen one. -had you?/?? gotye
Steve Fernald I’ll be watching

Cab - revert - f/s Cab as seen in #birdhousesaturdays. It was scary and I never want to do it again, but thanks to @mickealba and @owlcat for the inspiration.

1.2k reactions 35 comments
Luke Flowers Mat Black Sean Andrews wow!!
Tim Nothnagel Sascha Will So wird das sein morgen 😂😂😂
Orson Expand yeahhh amazing!
Tilo Köpke FAT!!!!!
Eric Kopy 😍

Thrasher has listed nominees for 2017 Skater Of The Year. I even know some of them! You must choose, but choose wisely... at @thrashermag

748 reactions 61 comments
Boy Rekaris Clint Walker!!!
Reese Croft Jaws
Sebastian Silvestri Gustti Llavallol miltom paaa, nadie mas !
Danny Cioffi Clint walker
Jon Bennett Jaws

Thanks to everyone that has supported me in this surreal life of skateboarding, adventure and philanthropy (especially my ever-patient family). I sincerely hope you can spend your day surrounded by loved ones and good food. 📷: @jgrantbrittain for @nixon

579 reactions 30 comments
Jim DeCola Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!
Ese Mi Clabe ssss.....
Christoph Schramm No Words
André Silva Iloveskatebordforever
Rhonda Ayers ⚡️🦃🌞

Trick-shot master Brodie Smith came to Birdhouse HQ, and we did some epic red kettle trick shots for the The Salvation Army USA. Check out the video, join the #FightForGood, and help me provide Christmas gifts to kids in need. Please visit to learn how you can give back. #SalvationArmyPartner

1.9k reactions 51 comments
Fabian Fehr Mats He
Taryn Giroux Kampe Christopher Selders
Joel Pemberton Kem Pobjie Emma Park
Yngve Disington Stig N. Andersen noe for deg?
Nick Bennett Next year on MOTY: Simon Bennett Rob Adderley

Thanks #motorcitymini for lending me this sweet Clubman for a few days. If you see me while driving around Detroit, say hello and I’ll give you a #birdhousesaturdays DVD if I have any left. Otherwise, you’ll have to settle for a high five.

65 reactions 15 comments
Diego Zampese Mandame un skate para argentina !!!
Milton Gerstner hola
Alma Wade Haha awesome 😀
Joe Lara Or a selfie.
Jason Willis Visit Flint Tony !

I’m proud to be part of the Triple 8 NYC team. The new Certified Sweatsaver helmet is a long overdue combination of safety, style and comfort.

68 reactions 13 comments
Alma Wade Awesome 😀🙌❤
Mark Bollinger Oh yeah- handplants? Awesome. Headplants? Not so much...
Fabio Jesus Hawk forever
Mikko Koski Congrats tony 👊🏻
DU Ricardo Pickering Anda muito
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