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That time @bobburnquist & I skated with a chimpanzee as @steveo @chrispontius & @iamweeman banged heir chests in approval. Unrelated: I broke my pelvis 10 minutes later.

2.2k reactions 168 comments
Attlee Jones Whoa.
Max Schmer I miss Wildboyz.
Dima De Buquet Romain Crepin Mikeul De Bucket le singe le plus classe du monde
Stephen Leigh As an aside.... OUCH!
Erik Brown The world suddenly seems like a better place. Cool.

#jackalopefest is ON. We'll be skating tonight. You might see a boneless or two.

932 reactions 13 comments
Matt Adams Kieren Legacy
Michael Moore Lizzie Armanto?
Leonardo Perez Giuliano Paz
Lee Jay Hawk Kick it son...
Al Berg Welcome to Montreal..

I don't always coffin down the street, but when I do, I prefer racing my son in a [borrowed] $7000 suit (via GQStyle & Sarah Hall Productions, Inc.)

3.2k reactions 57 comments
Grover Swick Apparently, I "coffin"
Justin Cottrell Land shark
Justin Cottrell Fun stuff
Gerri Moon Todd Yes!!!
Brad Totherow Ahhh capitalism! 😁

Happy birthday to the best ever: @rodneymullen, who has always been so far ahead that we have trouble comprehending it. Here he is in 1988 doing tricks that only he understood at the time.

5.9k reactions 168 comments
Kirk Lamirande Incredibly talented dudes like Mullen are so awesome they make me want to quit skateboarding because I will never be as amazing as them
Michael Miller This video was how my buddies and I learned to 360 flip......Rodney is such a bad ass!!
Evan LaForce TOm Ogasawara my main man Mullen, was that first trick a lazer flip?
June Arellano Happy Birthday Rodney! Thank You for inspiring us to innovate
Michael Deutschländer He's the man in Skateboarding, nobody is as perfect as magic Rodney Mullen!!!

These limited edition @pennyskateboards are available now, with % of proceeds going to @tonyhawkfoundation. Get a starter/cruiser deck and help build public skateparks in the process.

1.9k reactions 51 comments
Guilherme Belmiro Diogo Zé Leo Khaled
Elmer S. Maliksi Lit
Matty Gunning Billy these look 👌
Jose Diez Rad
Pablo Gabriel Costela Where can I buy it?

This was the first video I posted on Instagram: my last ride on my first skateboard, just before donating it to The Smithsonian. I kept expecting a bearing to explode, but please don't tell the museum.

1.9k reactions 30 comments
Brandon Szocs Adam Szocs
Jodi Lascelle Lonnie Andrew Jesse
Renan Maximiano Milena olha!!
Max Greene You kiss Dre with that mouth?! 😅😆
Martin Laulunen .......great...:)

The #wayfinding Skatepark is officially open. Thanks @librarystreetcollective @mcginnessworks @modernskate & @alec_beck for making it happen in record time, and thanks to #motorcitymini for the sweet ride while I was in town. Next stop: Montreal. Next sleep: unknown

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Gucci Brady New gucci
Cassie Hicks Jonathan Dowdy
Mark Anthony Pasia Kane Tiu game na
Brandon Szocs Are u heading west ?
Patrick Richard Eugene Newman Jr. Man I wish I could of skated with you

I’ve teamed up with Kip Moore to create the “MUSIC CITY SKATE JAM Presented By Harley-Davidson” happening at Music City Walk Of Fame Park in Nashville, TN on Sep. 10! Proceeds will benefit Tony Hawk Foundation & Kip's Kids Foundation more info / tickets:

141 reactions 5 comments
Steve Clowers David Shelden
Steve Clowers BJ B.j. Drury
Kerry Anne Angie Adams Minton
Todd Gullickson Why not Dallas/Ft. Worth...skating is HUGE here. Come on T.H. lol
Misty Hood I wish you could do something here in Roswell NM Tony we have a great group of skateboarders that would greatly benefit spending sometime with you!

See you soon Nashville!

123 reactions 6 comments
Gucci Brady Play this on the way!!
Jonathan Ajoc Kris Gurley
Caleb Morgan Lindsey Morgan Thomas Daniel
Laura McCauley Gregory We welcome you!;)
Diana Ali 🐥...THE BIRD IS ON FIRE 🔥 🔥🔥🔥GO HAWK GO.... 🦅🦅🦅 GO GO GO

The #wayfinding skatepark opens tomorrow in downtown Detroit. Free to the public and ready to shred. Thanks to @mcginnessworks @bedrockdetroit @modernskate & @alec_beck for making it a reality. 📷: @camera_jesus

1.7k reactions 30 comments
Alan Barrios Argentina te espera!!!
Derek Kaiser Jeff Cuny
Gabe Goob Vivian Driker-Gealer
Danny Castillo Radical 🤙
Kayne Quartley Slick fish so rad dude🍻👍

The one time I ride my son's coattails (aka good looks) in order to get into GQ Style:

15 reactions 26 comments
Elliott Preece Thomas Evans
Jeffery Hardin Trevor Allen Tristan Noble
Juan Rivera Fabian Daniels
Rita Davila 💗💗🤙🏽🙏🏼
Alma Wade i love it some parts made me laugh haha cool \m/

That day Riley Hawk & I set out to create the Center For Children Who Can't Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too (as seen in the newest GQStyle). Special thanks to Sarah Hall Productions for the opportunity.

228 reactions 11 comments
Alma Wade dam freakin awesome my 2 idols!! <3
Rodriquez RJ Clark Tony got that swag lmao
Jennifer Diamond-Lawyer Love to you both ♡
Alexis Soto Shoulda wore a fuckin. Birdman cape
Steve Fernald Is that a Blue Steel look you are giving?

Happy birthday to my brother Steve who gave me my first skateboard and who has surfed the most unlikely spots. #antarctickickout

813 reactions 23 comments
Tanya Puffalt Alex Ostenik
Elliott G Ambrosio woah
Rodrigo Gonzalez Steven is your brother
Marjoret Ester ohohoh Genial
Justin Clark Duuuude

To quote the lovely @catherine_o: "At the skatepark no one cares what you look like, or where you come from. It happens here, and it should happen everywhere"

1.1k reactions 17 comments
Máté Világa They just see what colour roller have you got😀
Oceane Dube 😍🤗🤗
Andrea Jacobson 💙
Alma Wade awesome love it have a great weekend with family \m/
Brain Hashley That's what's up Tony!

Some fine tuning and we're almost there #birdhousesaturdays

636 reactions 8 comments
Judite Calocci Win your Starbucks Fantastic Coffee Samples! ⟶ #StarbucksMine
Jaymie Bibok See you at , Taz Montreal on Saturday
Chris Ray This is gonna be so good! Hope to see a South African spot or two
Christian Wooten Are for the boys***
Jens Ohland How are you, Tony? Greetz from Germany!

Serena Williams knows her Monty Grinds. #birdhousesaturdays feat. Lizzie Armanto

141 reactions 1 comments
Alma Wade hahaha omg i love serena lol awesome \m/

Surfing is a way of looking at that wave [behind a boat] and saying "hey bud, let's party!" Thanks to Skiers Pier & for giving us some tasty waves this afternoon JOJ's: Čalvïn, Spencer, Miles, Keegan & moi 🎶: The Ventures - "Secret Agent Man"

1.7k reactions 69 comments
Gedeon Santana Da Costa Hehehe nice surfing
Andreas Vezer So much fun😅
Richard Hruda Check it out Shay Ryan
Evan Platis Dale can your boat do this?
Eric Bierling Man, that tube you were in was killer!

From 2009 @birdhouseskateboards Oz tour video "Its Always Sunnies In Australia" featuring @staabpirate1 @rentonmillar & @almanyoung

619 reactions 7 comments
Fabrizio Gustavo Bergamo Cecilio Hey Tony! Look at my combo in THPS4 for ps2 i Luv your game man! Im a big fan!
Simon Metcalfe Mahshid
Blue Tile Lounge Events killing
Ben Sears Badlands!
Bob Town Renton Millar back when you were on birdhouse!

These fidgety Birdhouse Skateboards spinners come with my signature Japan Crate box, and they'll be available in stores soon-ish. Like a record, baby.

1.1k reactions 176 comments
Tim Clark Blocked
Adrian Hool Alex Ruvalcaba
Taylor Boyd With Bones bearings?
Stéphane Arnaud Ibnou Diop quand tu as le sens des affaires...
Graham Barber I want one

Jamarion Styles is a hero; I love his perseverance and optimism. Please vote for his epic 3-pointer as a Laureus Best Sporting Moment:

591 reactions 10 comments
Sarah Hall Ethan Zohn
Ana Ljustina Wow inspiring
Alma Wade wow freakin awesome he still plays \m/
Oscar Loreto Jr. You rule for sharing Tony!
Cee Tum Got my vote!

Hey look, it's the house from... squirrel! (thanks Motor City MINI for the sweet Countryman)

459 reactions 6 comments
Alma Wade dam i love the blue pretty colors \m/
Roger Stein U in the d? Where u skating? U hitting ann arbor?
Rodrigo Gonzalez Yo me saco cresta para que no te rages
Joe Lara SQUIRREL!!!

Happy birthday to the rare specimen known as Ben Raybourn. I shot this two years ago while on tour in Europe, and it was a catalyst for deciding to make a proper team video. It's all happening; #birdhousesaturdays is coming soon

815 reactions 13 comments
Phillip Brooks YES!
Alma Wade beautiful wow HBD enjoy \m/
Walker Frankenberg Happy birthday man shred on
Juanelo Ramírez Hyped af
Viperlawncare Guerra Nice piece

I went to Sydney yesterday and helped save the world from a tornado of sharks. You're welcome. #sharknado5

2.6k reactions 375 comments
Gustavo Koki Murilo Pais
Dmastarr Dmastarr Maybe this Looks like ur Race @Ban this !!! but now u got better Special Effects than in the 90's 👍👍👍
Benjamin Spence Tom B-g it was at this moment I realised just how many times tony has hit his head
Richard Carter Those movies are so stupid and not your funny, funny stupid. But just plain stupid.
Heath Ofstead Oh Tony you hit an all time low and a new time high at the same time. Leave it to you to double dip man

Metallica in SD tonight! I tried to join the band a couple years ago but didn't make it past the first audition. Sad but true.

3.4k reactions 101 comments
François Gillet That Rusty® t-shirt! Oldschool!
Diana Ali TONY, what are you waiting for... this is YOUR ROUND! Pick up something and show us how it's done ✅ STRUM STRUM STRUM with ya THUMB THUMB THUMB!🤙👋👍
Mateusz Sobolewski I see the Polish flag :) nice :P
Yllek Sitruc I'm here. 🤘🏼. Just saw them in Phoenix on Friday. Great show! Lots of old songs!
Jan Wiech Hell yeah! Polish flag! Maurycy! :D

Happy 40th @mikeescamilla! Thanks for the tacos and transitions @ Furst Castle

367 reactions 6 comments
Jerry Teh "Logic Of The Theorem" Mister Phelps X*[buzzer]ET^^^^
Alma Wade haha nice \m/
Luis Enrique Mendoza Martinez Cambio por moto g5 nuevo
Sonny Daze Rooftop proper legend
Isaac Joseph Delso "Get off the rooftop, Rooftop" 😂

Skate or die.

5.7k reactions 226 comments
Wilson Ramos Carlos Guida Gustavo Sobral
Quentin Duff Dfx Maxime Noguera Jurassic Pac C'est un vrai 🙌
Edwin Fabián Romero Díaz Aleli Gf así yo con mí Zero
Thirdy Bon Palionay Ozarraga Hazed Kynne the rescuer was like "nope"
Marcela Araya Esmeralda Gemh JAJAJAJAJ Gabyyyy sk8boarding is not a crime...!

#birdhousesaturdays is heading your way in September. I am beyond proud of these beautiful oddballs for making a video beyond all of my expectations, with equal parts of fun and gnar. 📷: @mrzzz

1.1k reactions 13 comments
Liam Cree Alexander Edwards
Daniel Zarazua Como cuando usas un cholo de spot
Max Greene That's 1 way to get ahead!
Alma Wade awesome to hear \m/
Blue Tile Lounge Events come to Vegas !

Argentina!!! See you on September 2.

715 reactions 30 comments
Andrex Gonzalez colombia?
Nelosh Zepeda Ramirez mexico mexico mexico mexico por favor lml
Benja Sanhueza Ven a Chile denuevo wn oh
Aurea Ferrari Increase $400 plus cash taking rapid paid surveys ► #MoneyYouSurvey
Cristian Torres Naty Juarez
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