Tony Hawk

Last updated: 17:54 10/14/2017

Legend: @mikemcgill today in NJ

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Skot Tomsin
João Pedro Teixeira Ana Larissa Cbjr
Gil Boyer III 6099999999
Paul Maddigan 💪
Alma Wade Beautiful 😊

Thanks to everyone that came out for our @tonyhawkfoundation “Super Session” fundraiser tonight, and to @miniusa @houseofvans @ghettogastro for all the support. Skaters: @shawnhaleyeah @sebowalker @bradmcclain @catherine_o @aaronjawshomoki

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João Sanches Guilherme Pablo
Leo Dennis James Belcher Josh Glover
Alma Wade Freakin amazing love it 😍🙌
إيهاب خالد فرزات بس تاكد حاططني مقرب <3 VipFB. Vn <3
إيهاب خالد فرزات ربي يسعد قلبك ياغالي بس بعد امرك <3 VipFB. Vn <3

Just hid a #birdhousesaturdays DVD in the Big Apple. Finders keepers, others... can buy it online.

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Kerry Anne Jenna-anne Rose
Jenna-anne Rose Mike Kaufman
Donna Dee Dudley Did someone get it yet 757 VA
Teddy Wood Very cool
Arturo Antonio Reveco Negron Te kiero

Our pool came with the house when I bought it, so we drained it recently even though it was never intended for skating. It’s super rough, the transition is terrible, my heel might be forever bruised but Axel Cruysberghs made it look easy. 📷: J Grant Brittain

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Alma Wade Beautiful 🙌
Mike Owens How deep is that pool???
Gavin Chase Nice shot, Tony! Awesome!!
Renaldo Christo cool shot!
John Dean Heyen Killer shot!

Here’s hoping that Brooke Shields is still goofy-footed, and still has her radio station on for Rodney on the ROQ (cue Bloodstains by Agent Orange)

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Ayoub ELhiat Adel El Khlqi
Everett Kaspian Beautiful girl
Greg Bell Cool Harbor skateboard 70's
Linn Rooney Tony lol
Samantha Pietrobono Goofy ✌🏻

If you haven't seen #birdhousesaturdays (featuring Lizzie Armanto) yet, I highly recommend doing so. It is available now on all platforms... except VHS-C 🎶: Hanni El Khatib

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Esteban Ceciliano Is it available on Betamax ?
Alma Wade Dam freakin awesome 😊🙌
إيهاب خالد فرزات بس تاكد حاططني مقرب <3 VipFB. Vn <3
إيهاب خالد فرزات ممكن تشارك الغلاف قلبي <3 VipFB. Vn <3
إيهاب خالد فرزات بس تاكد حاططني مقرب <3 VipFB. Vn <3

I’ve taken over Men With Class' Instagram stories today. Enjoy it while it lasts... or until they realize I actually have no class. 📷:: J Grant Brittain

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Olivier Pauchenne
PJ PJ Matthew Daniels
Jackie Kasin Johno Sawyer
安玲久寿 アレックス Del mal indy?
Adam Algaard Sick!!!

I stalked Jane Goodall on the red carpet of her documentary premiere just to get this photo. She had no idea who I was but I was honored that she stopped for a few seconds to say hello. And then we sat next to @pamelaadlon during the screening, making our night extra special. Watch #Jane when it’s released in theaters and #betterthings NOW on @betterthingsfx for a more complete life experience. @ Hollywood Bowl

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إيهاب خالد فرزات بس تاكد حاططني مقرب <3 VipFB. Vn <3
إيهاب خالد فرزات بس تاكد حاططني مقرب <3 VipFB. Vn <3
إيهاب خالد فرزات ممكن تشارك الغلاف قلبي <3 VipFB. Vn <3
إيهاب خالد فرزات بس تاكد حاططني مقرب <3 VipFB. Vn <3
إيهاب خالد فرزات ممكن تشارك الغلاف قلبي <3 VipFB. Vn <3

I had a blast “hosting” @etn’s Face Melters with @davidloy yesterday. Here are pics I shot of him in Stoka (Czech Republic) from our 2015 tour. Download #birdhousesaturdays to see how he pulled this off; so much drop, so little time. @ Czech Republic

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Rafael Messias Pedro De Carvalho Azambuja
David Harris Bad ass
Paul Trustyii Your birdman Tony
Alma Wade nice pic love it \m/ :)
Dan Depre I bet this spot made you stoka-ed

360 [stick] flip by Vasu Sojitra 🎥: @mikesassdv for an upcoming film by @benduffypresents (via Skate Crunch)

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Simon Godet does that count as a one footed 3-6 flip ?
Daniel Bhawani Better than any special trick in any THPS game!
Justyn Webb I turned both ankles into jello trying this and he has one leg😐
Chris Szymanski do a boneless ... oh. lol for real though props to this guy that was sick
Christopher Mendez David, My son did it with one leg over a drop, you can't even do it on flat with two legs

Haven’t skated this ramp setup since the last time we had it on BBHJ over 10 years ago. Thanks @elliotsloan for resurrecting my old friend. 📹: @andymac720

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Eve Massicotte Freud Massicotte une de même
Christy Wilson-White ❤❤❤
OLi Vier Rad-dad van den Berg moeten we eens proberen😎
Sandro Zmoginski Heber Candia(Hebinho), o Mestre!
Christopher Smith 🌎🚀❤️

“If you want to get laid, go to college. If you want an education, go to the library.” - Frank Zappa (via @drunkpeopledoingthings)

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Ed Contreras Ana Me starting my weekend at work optimistic.
Jaime Crespi Genial!! ya tenemos un segundo puesto (por detrás de aquel del coche) Adrian Castellanos Ruben Bustos Romero ;)
Rob Byrne I have fallen like that and it's a gift that keeps on giving, decades later.
Dragan Plaire Christopher Fy regarde le truc de fou qu’il fait 😱😱😱 Dylan Plaire
Nathan Wyman Damn... those are usually concrete floors with carpeting. That had to do some damage. ☹

Happy 50th (!) to the legend @christianhosoi, the style king of our generation. Seeing this picture in 1980 made me realize that kids my age could actually look cool while skating. I immediately went out and learned “ollie to hangups” in Oasis snakerun but never got close to his level of flow or grace... nor could anybody else.

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Wesley Vianna Fabrício Cebola vazou seus seguedos de fotógrafo !
Jay Judy Holmes is the man
Rick Iwamoto Wow awesome Picture of Christian Hosoi
Amir Gholamy Happy Birthday Christian Hosoi With All Well Wishes And Best Desires To Having An Great Life Full Of Honor And Respect And Forever Have His Great Friend Tony Hawk To Surprised Him And Celebrate His Birthday With These Incredible Words To Make It Most ...
David Banks He has definitely always been the king of style. Happy Birthday bro

I almost forgot that I was in a “movie” with a most legendary cast: Frezno Smooth (1999) might have been ahead of it’s time. Good luck finding it online... with sound.

1.5k reactions 93 comments
Philip Rios It's on You tube
Martin Schreiber Paul Ha wtf was is des für a movie :D
Greg Quady Seth Enslow is an insane person.
Jim Williams I’ve still got it on VHS.
Slampson Ko Tony Hawk, you were in the best skate movie ever, Gleaming the Cube!

Getting loopy on Jackass with Matt Hoffman, a very young Riley Hawk (sliding), Bam Margera, Johnny Knoxville & #ryandunn

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Sebastian Hoebel Kim Skill old school irgendwie 👌
Ashley Weaver I saw that episode ☺
Alma Wade Riley sooo cute! <3333
Eliezer Fierro Que mejor infancia tuvimos viendo estás pruebas !!!! Lo mejor!!!!
Felipe Romo D Loera Matt Hoffman Weather ??? 😂😂😂

I don’t know what’s happening with Tom Petty but it sounds dire. In the wake of tragic events, I would like to thank Tom for embracing skateboarding at a time when it was not considered cool, “extreme” or marketable. And thanks for his legendary songs. Featuring: Joe Johnson. Eric Nash & Kele Rosecrans

5.7k reactions 88 comments
Julio Perez I love tom petty's music damm we are losing our best 80's singers
Matt Mielke Isn’t gator also in this?
Donald Shimshak Anderson RIP Tom. Thanks for throwing skateboarding into the limelight!
Alma Wade skateboard has always been cool and i love it thanks for sharing \m/ <3
Brenda Wise I will always love you Tom

My strange coping-go-round thing from #birdhousesaturdays credits segment. I didn’t put it in my part because it wasn’t the trick I had originally planned, but thought it was scary / weird enough in include somewhere. 🎶: Ratt - “Round and Round”

2.4k reactions 79 comments
Marc Bideaux Laurent Henquet la définition de s'en battre les couilles
Jason Ordoñez Awesome tiny hawk
Matt Lippincott Ratt and Roll !!
Jason Murray RATT round and round
Erik GM What was the original trick?

As much as you might enjoy skateboarding, know that @choadped is having primo-slide-to-50-50-roll-in levels of fun.

943 reactions 20 comments
Felipe Perez Miguel Angel Santacruz
João Vitor Ferreira Pedro Henrique Silva
Freddy Eduardo Diego Martin Arribasplata Castrillon
Alex Dedek Moritz Petermann
Gilbert Laracuente Billy James

Congratulations @shawnhaleyeah for joining the pro ranks! Go watch #birdhousesaturdays and you’ll understand why. And to @aaronjawshomoki for being the first to “ride” Shawn’s signature deck.

353 reactions 12 comments
Harouche Marouane Abdo Sabiri lol really wtf
Eric Whitaker Congrats Shawn Hale
Max Greene Tony 🥒🍌 vs. 🧀🍆 Petyr Ha
Bryan Rodriguez Shawn is a sick ass foo. He skates so raw AF
Shawn Zaccarello Congratulations Shawn Hale.

Celebrating the release of “Saturdays” with [most of] the Birdhouse Skateboards team at The Berrics. Watch for surprises. #birdhousesaturdays is available now on all platforms!

864 reactions 186 comments
Ryan Dimeo Love it when Tony pulls away with da switch Ollie!
Kelvin Antonio Stevison TONY HAWK RULES
Rick Mullins There not very good, most are bailing 😂😂😂
Scott Listenfelt Nice one ben someone fakie kickflip the stairs
Michael Shepherd And of hi by the way guys.

‪It’s real! #birdhousesaturdays is available for pre-order. Buy it now, see it tonight:

Saturdays on iTunes
Saturdays on iTunes

Watch trailers, read customer and critic reviews, and buy Saturdays directed by Jason Hernandez

90 reactions 7 comments
Lee Phillippi Say it isn't so!
Jaio Iñiguez Only in u.s.a , say that !!! Man
Lute FP Not a big fan of digital media. DVD in the pipeline?
Alma Wade i dont have apple can it still be bought without it :(((
Neil Bliss Will this be available on other streaming platforms?

Goodbye Hugh, thanks for the mammories

4.2k reactions 32 comments
Sacha Syväoja Sindre Solenes Mathisen
Milo Isaías Aleman Acevedo Oscar Loera Anestesia
Andreas Reïchst Ricardo
Rafael Oliveira Vinicius Silveira
Patrick Godfroy Dylan Dalton Conner 😂😂😂

My view of @aaronjawshomoki’s vert rail thing from #birdhousesaturdays (which you can purchase TONIGHT)

1.1k reactions 31 comments
Guilherme Rodrigues Helio Mizuno
Etienne Saintigny Alex Coquin
Josh Vinters Joshua Vassallo
Juan Manuel Torres Eric Valdez
Rafael Messias Pedro De Carvalho Azambuja

Saturdays will be out on Friday. Based on our music agreements, we were only allowed to make 1000 DVD’s so they’ll go fast. Otherwise, downloads are HD and we have an endless supply. IT’S ALL HAPPENING #birdhousesaturdays

320 reactions 13 comments
Tyson Whitney James Fisher
Julian Orbit GIMME!
Cam Fasching you gatta hit harder than 1k in effort.. kk
Andrew Swanson KLOS
Eddie Silguero Where can we order?

London, 2015: it was on this @birdhouseskateboards tour that we decided to make a full-length video, so #birdhousesaturdays is kinda like our Abbey Road. #cometogether

1.3k reactions 22 comments
Guillermo Mora Ernesto Guillen
Martin Wiegel Markus Wiegel
John Ricciardi Jr. Lizzie Marika cool
Brandhon Gee
Jared Lo Mariana Gallagher Beatles+Hawk

Thanks to Public Hotels for hosting our NYC screening of #birdhousesaturdays last night! The video will be available for your preferred device on Sep 29 (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Vimeo, DVD) 📷: @leenadler

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Lee Jay Hawk Nice
Karl Sterritt Hope you had a great night
Hilary Stoner I can't wait!
Alma Wade will it be on stores the dvd :)
Amir Gholamy Incredible News For Every Fans All Around The World Becouse Of Tony Hawk To Gave Us This Pleasure To Watching #BirdsHouseSaturdays Via Any Kind Of Device To No One Can Counting Moments Till Watching It

#markgonzales sighting at NYC premiere of #birdhousesaturdays! So cool to finally introduce Riley to the man who revolutionized his style of skating.

1.5k reactions 32 comments
Olaf Ren 💯
Pepe Skull Cracks!!!
Jakub Hrdlicka Hi lads from Newcastle... Wayeya
Juanelo Ramírez Legends
Gregory Jean-Philippe why wasn't I there?

I had the honor of being Route One's 100th interview:

145 reactions 10 comments
Simone Coccia Colaiuta Tony Hawk
Dominik Varga 33
Brian Tindall One
Todd Anderson Thanks Tony!
Jake Salters Tony your right on !

New York cares! Thank you Interpol

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Julia Arnold Laura Dermody FYI.
Katy Larkin Nice
Javier Soto :'(
Hex Luthor Ayyyy
Dennis La Du Wow
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