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The messy, chaotic and true story of East Bay Punk — told like never before. Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk premieres FRIDAY in New York City at IFC Center.

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Alex Mach Point El mejor generic punk hay otro mejor
Si Pesimestik awesome
Rosanna Nannavecchia Punk Rock makes my life more than funny before !!! 💚
Aimee Davies "I was there" 1:23
Steven Caldwell Jamie Concannon east coast/west coast

Listen up #NYC — @eastbaypunk opens 07/28 at @IFCCenter. Grab a ticket and experience the origins of #EastBayPunk (LINK IN BIO @greenday) Follow The Official Green Day on Instagram - @greenday

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Matthew Lee Moore
Lea Houston Caity Timms
Ron Ido Zion Came to israel 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
Catherine Lana Speed Is there a way people can see it in Canada?! western Canada no less.
Shiva Ramani Jaideep Gill i gotta trap at the East Bay

Oakland Coliseum show Saturday August 5th! #greenday #Oakland - Follow billiejoearmstrong (Instagram).

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เดอะโบ๊ทร์ แฮงค์แมน สะพานสูง Hey ??
John Mackey Got my tix and I can't wait! Bringing my daughter.
Maria Johansson För långt att åka, Johan Gunnarsson. Annars så! :-)
Leon Hutton Can not wait for this!
Anika Luna I wish I could go 😭

Iv'e been quite speechless last few days to say the least. I know how much Chester, his band, and their music has meant to so many people. It really sucks to see career musicians who spend so much of their life giving their art to the world leave us so soon. My heart goes out to all the Linkin Park fans his family, and friends. Today, this is how my eight-year-old son discovered their music, and as sad as it is on one hand, I can see the beauty and eternity in the music that is left for us to celebrate. So, as rough as this time is for everybody, I'm choosing to honor the beauty of art and life, by celebrating the music, cause ultimately to me, that's what music really is. #artandlife 🙏🏼🎶 #ripchester #linkinpark - Follow mikedirnt (Instagram).

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Stela Noelia Billie describiste exactamente lo que sentimos todos. Solo queda agradecer lo que nos dio, su musica, dedicación y talento. Por siempre Chester.
Anthony J. Tichachati I accidentally discovered Green Day because of Linkin Park. I was 7 years old in a CD shop, and for some stupid reason, someone in my class said Linkin Park made a new album called Green Day or whatever my stupid ass heard, so when I walked inside the ...
Colin Desnoyers Chester has dedicated his life to music and inspired and helped so many along the way! The power of his voice always was the first thing I noticed on each and every album L.P. released or even on his side project with dead by sunrise or STP! 2 days he's ...
Priscila Jesus Foi um dos melhores momentos quando conheci o Linkin park... Gritava como um pouco mais cantava como um anjo ... Breking de habit e from the inside faint todas as músicas deles eu curti com tanta intensidade q fica tão difícil de acredita q isso possa ...
Melanie Whitton That's the absolute beauty of music... It's eternal and will be listened to and appreciated by generations... This is his lasting legacy - This is his "reason to be missed"- Rip Chester 😢

This is our friend Luca!

Luca, 12 years old, guitarist (for GREEN DAY) - ENG SUB

Luca, 12 years old, had the chance to play with GREEN DAY at Lucca Summer Festival on June 14th 2017! :: Video by Boguslab :: :: luccasummerfest...

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Justine Pnthx Armand c'est le petit gosse qu'on avait vu
Bebe Ramallosa thank you for making that kid's dream come true, Billie and the rest of Green Day! he's gonna treasure that for the rest of his life! ❤️👍🏻🤘🏻
Keith Ballard My name is Luca. I live on the second floor.......
Simone Coccia Colaiuta The best band in the world with Green Day
Ethan Da Real Larsen wish that was me fuck, too bad i couldnt get close to the stage

i've met Chester a couple times. he was very kind and also very smart. and one hell of a singer. mental health and drug addiction are really complex issues. but just know you are not alone. rest in peace Chester. you will be missed .. suicide prevention hotline: +1 (844) 540-5889 - Follow billiejoearmstrong (Instagram).

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Melissa Bollenbach Today the fans of rock mourn not only Chester, but still Chris as today would've been his birthday and it was only a short time ago that we lost him in the same fashion. Thank you both for speaking the words that all of us have felt at some point or ...
Pablo Alejandro Its crazy how the death of Cris Cornell and now Chester have changed my mood on the day of their passing and after. Both great singers and were able to tune into the melodies they sang to great levels. Rip to the voice of of one of the most influential ...
Dillon Matt Brooks I may not have liked their latest album, but it was ok. Liked a song or 2 but as the years go by, people's taste in music change as well. They tried to go along with the flow but because they're welcome known for their old music, of course it wouldn't ...
Skylar Sayers In the end, it doesn't even matter, when truly it should. Here's to one hell of a singer, and someone who will be remembered in music as a legend. Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington... two people that'll never be forgotten.
Akshay Gaur As a teenager from India,GreenDay and Linkin Park were the bands I grew up listening to.All this while I wished that you guys collaborate.Sadly that can't happen anymore.Anyway Keep making good music,And Chester we love you man! RIP ❤

East Bay Punk Spotlight: Corbett Redford, Richie Bucher & Impact of EBP

East Bay Punk Spotlight: Corbett Redford, Richie Bucher & Impact of EBP
East Bay Punk Spotlight: Corbett Redford, Richie Bucher & Impact of EBP

We talk about 'Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk" by Corbett Redford, an interview with Richie Bucher and the rise and impact of the East Bay Punk.

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Maria Conceição Know how to get 1 year of Netflix content! ➮ #NetflixOneYear
Meggie Silva Each day that passes i love more the green day
Hernandez Cruz XV3
Alice Edmonds Is this movie going to be worldwide soon?
Audrey Rogers That is amazing!

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Ras Maxwell Joda Joda Joda GREAT
เดอะโบ๊ทร์ แฮงค์แมน สะพานสูง รั่ว
Brian Lee Hoping green day can help out a huge fan battling cancer
เดอะโบ๊ทร์ แฮงค์แมน สะพานสูง I love u
เดอะโบ๊ทร์ แฮงค์แมน สะพานสูง ประสาทหลอน

i love this kid.. #revolutionradio ! - Follow billiejoearmstrong (Instagram).

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Daisy van Belle That kid was so super cute! <3 You heard most people in the crowd around us say '' Awww '' :D
Ambrosios Shindo Sidney Dickson this is why I love Billie dude. He's such an awesome guy
Niki Bush Imagine the future rockers Billie Joe inspires with this one act!? <3
Phil Yearley Absolutely amazing group and billie joe you are simply awesome.
Natalin Alecsian What's his name?

if you're lookin for fun come down to this shindig in Oaktown! great bands. great peeps - Follow billiejoearmstrong (Instagram).

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Cristina Sanches Your pet deserves FREE mega LED PET Collar ➧ #LedPeet
Matthew Lee Moore
Førgjarson Controlepellicce Aleksandr Https:// dear billy joe do you play a song before your concert? We play for free ..
Jenny Dennison is pinhead gunpowder still a thing?

Get it here: Today marks the release of “If There Was Ever a Time” by Armstrongs - a group featuring Tim (Operation Ivy/Rancid/Transplants), Billie Joe (Green Day), Joey (SWMRS), and Rey Armstrong. Releasing the track via Hellcat Records, Armstrongs will donate 100 percent of proceeds to 924 Gilman: a DIY, nonprofit, all-ages venue for music, art, and community events in Berkeley, California. In addition, a run of flexi-disc singles (limited to just 1,000 copies) are available now via Pirates Press. Additional Donations to 924 Gilman -

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Simon Mellor Love it sounds like the Pogues meets Greenday.
Cindy Lobur Allred Tim Armstrong's usual clear pronunciation LOL.
Γερασιμος Μαραγκος Its always flawlessly good when Armstrongs cooperate together. (for example ,Billie-Norah ' s songs are decent)
NiGel Soon II You Guys Are Amazing, i hope we will see you In The Philippines. :-)
Catherine Lourme Tim & Billie Joe 😱😍

i stole a limousine this day - Follow billiejoearmstrong (Instagram).

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Wendy Reyn One of my favourites!
Di Rogers Yes! I remember this. 💚
Γιάννης Βλαχούσης Hopefully you will remember the lyrics to 86 :p
Elaine Purtell More Letterman/Green Day videos here
Mark Peace how far can you throw a guitar pick

insomniac - Follow billiejoearmstrong (Instagram).

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Arun Kumar Great album
Ben Whigham Wish they played Stuck WIth Me live
João Marx Sousa Billie Joe's blonde era!
Gregory Alsobrooks Someone love their instagram? 🤣
Eric S Harrison They need to make another album like this

Get your tickets to see Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay ...

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Julie Eley Vancouver Canada????,
Leanne Prujean Where's New Zealand?? 😣
Lisa Heppinstall Lee Greenwood
Glenn Kinzey Tim Clark
Nicky Silver Is this going to come to the UK?

ABRAMORAMA ROLLS OUT NATIONAL THEATRICAL TOUR FOR TURN IT AROUND: THE STORY OF EAST BAY PUNK TIMED TO GREEN DAY’S NORTH AMERICAN TOUR DATES New York, NY -- July 13, 2017 -- Abramorama will kick off the national film tour of TURN IT AROUND: THE STORY OF EAST BAY PUNK with a week long run at the IFC Center in New York City on July 28, 2017 and exclusive one night only showings and week long runs in cities across North America in tandem with Green Day’s Revolution Radio World Tour. More than 60 theaters have already been booked with more to come. See below for the current list and check for regular updates. In a unique release strategy, Turn it Around: The Story of East Bay Punk will “tour with the band” enabling theatres to be marketing partners with Green Day in promoting the film’s theatrical release and the band’s nationwide tour. The feature documentary had its world premiere as the opening night film of the 16th SF DOCFEST on May 31st followed by a sold-out two week theatrical run at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in San Francisco in early June. Written and directed by Corbett Redford and executive produced by Green Day and Pat Magnarella, TURN IT AROUND: THE STORY OF EAST BAY PUNK is narrated by Iggy Pop and features Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt & Tre Cool (Green Day), Kirk Hammett (Metallica), Duff McKagan (Guns N Roses), Jello Biafra & East Bay Ray (Dead Kennedys), Ian Mackaye (Fugazi, Minor Threat), Tim Armstrong, Matt Freeman & Lars Fredricksen (Rancid), Brett Gurewitz & Jay Bentley (Bad Religion), Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill, The Julie Ruin) , Michael Franti (Spearhead, Beatnigs) and interviews with more than 100 artists and musicians from California’s East Bay punk rock music scene. TURN IT AROUND: THE STORY OF EAST BAY PUNK spans over 30 years of the California Bay Area’s punk music history with a central focus on the emergence of Berkeley's inspiring 924 Gilman Street music collective. Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk is the definitive telling of this vibrant story, drawing from a wide variety of voices and viewpoints and featuring the music of many of the most famous and infamous punk bands ever. Theatrical Dates as of 7/12/17 Montreal, Canada – 7/25/2017 New York, NY – 7/28/2017 Red Bank, NJ – 7/29/2017 Baton Rouge, LA - 8/3/2017 Dallas, TX – 8/3/2017 Yonkers, NY – 7/29/2017 Berkeley, CA – 8/4/2017 Chico, CA – 8/6/2017 Houston, TX – 8/7/2017 Seattle, WA – 8/9/2017 San Jose, CA – 8/10/2017 Salt Lake City, UT – 8/10/2017 Sebastopol, CA – 8/11/2017 Denver, CO – 8/11/2017 Kansas City, MO –8/12/2017 Cedar Falls, IA – 8/16/2017 Cedar Rapids, IA – 8/16/2017 Iowa City, IA – 8/16/2017 Elk River, MN – 8/16/2017 Oakdale, MN – 8/16/2017 Rochester, MN – 8/16/2017 Nashville, TN – 9/4/2017 Shakopee, MN – 8/16/2017 Waite Park, MN – 8/16/2017 Cape Girardeau, MO – 8/16/2017 Des Peres, MO – 8/16/2017 St. Charles, MO – 8/16/2017 St. Louis, MO – 8/16/2017 Austin, TX—9/10/2017 Bellevue, NE – 8/16/2017 Lincoln, NE – 8/16/2017 Omaha, NE – 8/16/2017 Columbus, OH – 8/16/2017 Pickerington, OG – 8/16/2017 Appleton, WI – 8/16/2017 Ashwaubenon, WI – 8/16/2017 Madison, WI – 8/16/2017 Menomonee Falls, WI – 8/16/2017 Oak Creek, WI – 8/16/2017 Huntington, NY – 7/29/2017 Chattanooga, TN – 8/18/2017 Indianapolis, IN – 8/19/2017 Omaha, NE – 8/20/17 Maitland, FL – 8/21/2017 Cincinnatti, OH – 8/23/24 Addison, IL – 8/30/2017 Bloomington, IL – 8/30/2017 Country Club Hills, IL – 8/30/2017 Gurnee, IL – 8/30/2017 Orland Park, IL – 8/30/2017 Philadelphia, PA – 8/302017 Chapel Hill, NC – 8/31/2017 Buffalo, NY – 8/31/2017 Coconut Creek, FL – 9/2/2017 Avondale, AZ – 9/7/2017 Mesa, AZ – 9/7/2017 Tempe, AZ – 9/7/2017 Moreno Valley, CA – 9/7/2017 Redlands, CA – 9/7/2017 Denver, CO – 9/7/2017 New Orleans, LA – 9/8/2017 Tampa, FL – 9/13/2017 Phoenix, AZ – 9/14/2017 San Antonio, TX – 9/14/2017 Winchester, VA – 9/16/2017 Los Angeles, CA – 9/18/2017 San Diego, CA – 9/18/2017 For more information on the film please visit:

Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk
Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk

A documentary that spans over 30 years of the California Bay Area’s punk music history with a central focus on the emergence of Berkeley's inspiring 924 Gilman Street music collective. Narrated by Iggy Pop and executive produced by Green Day, Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk is the definit...

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Lauren Cannon Anita O Meara
Andrea Zarantonello Valentina Piazzola
Erick Escamilla MONTERREY!!!!!
Taylor Mackin Where in Berkeley?
Emily Nicole Evans Atlanta though

UK! Green Day’s @BSTHydePark performance will be replayed in a special show on @absoluteradio from 9pm on Thursday. Follow The Official Green Day on Instagram - @greenday

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Sarah Raynsford Brilliant hearing songs from the concert, thank you!! Wish I'd gone there x
Lisa J Bates 45 minutes, really I was looking forward to relive that night.
Simon Lush Was at the MK bowl all those years back, astoundingly good concert, great live band.
Valeria Salvatore Graced by this on my birthday! Awesome!!! I get to relieve this since I was there. Loving it
Mark Godbolt Epic gig. Green Day, the best live band on the planet

Join us at Oakland Coliseum on the 5th of August! (ticket link in bio) - Follow billiejoearmstrong (Instagram).

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Stuart Anderson Come back to glasgow
Valéria Telles November ❤
Laura Vasquez I wish!! That is my actual bday too!!
Susan West We can't wait!!!
Conr Wilkerson id kill myself to go to your concert, but you'd play the show anyways

hello summer - Follow billiejoearmstrong (Instagram).

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Matthew Lloyd Billie Joe Armstrong plz don't treat Ur Europe fans like this fight pcl
Madeline Brown Nathan ,, who even is he,,,,,
James Pickering New foxboros?
Rayhan Islam Saz IB Big from bangladesh now I also listen boluveted of broken dreams.... Love you brother!!
Thomas Baudry Oh Father Billie take my hand, I'll be your saint I'll be your man ...

who's ready for a Hot tubs show? I am! - Follow billiejoearmstrong (Instagram).

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Suson Maharjan I love this album....the songs are amazing.....hope to see again!!!
Ryan Grummett Yeah, in England pleeeaaassseee? Anywhere in the uk, I love you as Green Day or Foxboros :)
Hollie Morgan Sara Turnbull yess!! I didnt know they still played this stuff 😁😁😁
Rachel Wright I'm ready for a Glasgow date to be announced.
Cat Stevens Rojerk but this time do some on the east coast!!!! how about brooklyn??

From Billie Joe:

9.8k reactions 122 comments
Diane Whiting I would have hated to see you cancel the concert and disappoint so many. It would have been cool If you could have dedicated the concert to Pedro and his family and friends.
Rocio Lopez Garcia You made that day one of the happiest I remember, in spite of everything that happened, thank you for an unbelievable night. You gave it all for us and made it worth the rain, the queues, EVERYTHING ❤❤❤❤
Marcos Delgado Núñez You're great! In Spain we love Green Day! You didn't have any fault and your show was amazing. We are so sorry that you're going to keep this image. Mad Cool organisation was awful. RIP Pedro
Lisa Taylor We ❤️ you Green Day and we whole heartedly know that you are the most genuine band out there. Ignore the haters and nasty comments, those who think they know actually know fuck all! RIP Pedro xx
Aneehtah Applebum Plus the decisions of that incident will not be made/announced until the body get to the hospital and have the Dr. announced it in writing and investigated that would take at least 5 to 12 hrs.


572 reactions 13 comments
Tara Byrne
Linda Walker Xxxxxxxxx
Lesley Blackwood 💔
Rachel Spuggy Sharp 💙 xxxxx
Jennifer Walker The promotion co didnt tell you cuz $$$. Not your fault. ♡ RIP Pedro :'(

We just got off stage at Mad Cool Festival to some disturbing news. A very brave artist named Pedro lost his life here tonight in a tragic accident. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

9.7k reactions 282 comments
Brittany Marrone Okay let me get this straight. So you people supposedly upset that the band still performed wouldn't have STILL been upset if they said that they weren't going to play out of respect for Pedro? Bullshit. Then you'd just complain that the band was money ...
Humberto Oyarzábal Bullshit!! I saw road manager, guiter techs, drum tech, roadies and audio console tech shocked while watching the efforts to save the performers life. It was 50 meters from stage. I was there and saw it. The knew from the very moment it happend. We are ...
Raven Diana I'm going to guess that they weren't told about it as organizers probably don't want to panic/upset a huge crowd of people. The same thing happened to The Who many years ago. 11 people were trampled to death trying to get through the entrance doors of ...
Marina Londei If they knew about this, they would have said something about this guy. Maybe they were told there was an accident, but didn't knew how bad it was. Stop this useless hate, people... Just fucking think before opening your mouth.
Wayne Bodnariuk Fuck all the negative comments on this post! Look people, this is an amazing band, i would be thankfull to see them no matter what.. even if billy joe had shot a random audience member after the show i wouldent care. So what if they were 30 mineutes ...

11.0k reactions 489 comments
Steve Lowdell Being in the crowd, singing along was a special moment... even now it sends a tingle down my spine...
Cassandra F. Megan Cabral This crowd killed it compared to me and you screaming this hahahahah <3 <3 <3 <3
Isabell Ha Helen Meyer Maria Stps Anna Pol Nur damit ihr einen Eindruck bekommt wie es war 😍
Lucy Sheppard Sam Staniforth idk if you've watched this yet but it's great
Lisanne Riethorst Esther van Batenburg dit moet je echt even zien, kippenvel all over

South American tour 2017 Porto Alegre and Curitiba are on sale today!! Follow The Official Green Day on Instagram - @greenday

2.3k reactions 145 comments
Pete Douglas hope it doesnt rain
William Nazato interessar.
Tracy Neil Don't hire PCL to do the stage work..
Ewen Cameron Better luck than Glasgow
Jack Aiton They have gapped the 16th of November which is my 18th birthday please play Glasgow that night hahah


7.6k reactions 77 comments
Geetinder Singh The resons why is like... sorry love green day is becoz of all these awesome feeling and lifetime moments that they share!
Samantha Damiano At least u have someone to be with my life it's like Romeo and Juliet I found my love but we live far away from each other
Ted Mahoney You guys have time be the hardest rocking hardest working band in the business. Thank you !!
Lenny Mills Y'all should bring jawbreaker next time! Rancid rules too!
Maria Rivera I'm just as excited to seeing you guys for a second time!

#revolutionradio #stillbreathing #bangbang #forevernow #happybelatedfourthofjuly !! - Follow billiejoearmstrong (Instagram).

5.4k reactions 81 comments
Jessica Jeik Sinje Henrich coming soon to a city near you... Nähe kommt auf die Perspektive an 😭
Amanda Cordery Saw Green Day in Brisbane, Australia earlier this year. FUCKEN AWESOME!!
Liliq Koleva Ralica nikoi nqma da doide v Bg tva e qsno 😕 no The Weeknd e tolkova blizoooo
Terri Hopkins i am 61 and disabled can i sit on the stage somewhere please love you gramma terri
Ravanagh Arlington Manhattan Allan And that one poor bastard (the third most important member) whose job it is to have blue hair!

USA! More info and tickets:

3.8k reactions 100 comments
Helen Sarah Nicole Green Had the most amazing times at Leeds and Sheffield on this tour. You have my heart ❤❤❤❤ Please come back soon!
Macy Brashear Travis, I really think we should go for round two in KC on my birthday!!!!
Nathan Black Going to the Oakland Coliseum show and the A's/Giants game right before it can't wait!
Emily Coyle-Bauder Rayven Cierra Bauder are you going to have this day off?
Aidan Toland I hope they reschedule the Glasgow gig, so many people missed out and we've not had a show in 7 years.

No Amp, No pedals, No Frills, Just a couple trills! #BoutTimeiLearnedThisOne! #starscrambledbanger! Happy 4th of July! - Follow mikedirnt (Instagram).

3.6k reactions 48 comments
Michael Gay PLAY BALL!!!!!..........
Duffyfan Sheffield shouda couda played tonight but the glasgow council is shite
MaShū No TensAi No Amp, No pedals... Are you talking about Flea? 😅
Vimerson Alves da Cruz baixista bo d+.
Yassine Jdir Anouar Sfaihi mike dirnt elw7id irodd bass 3oud

- Follow billiejoearmstrong (Instagram).

9.1k reactions 241 comments
Charlie Collins Breaking News: Donald Trump was asked how he felt about the cancelled gig and replied " An instrument is yet to be invented that could accurately measure the amount of fucks I couldn't give".
Charlie Firth After missing todays show due to the unfortunate cancellation I am just thankful I saw you guys in London on Saturday night! Hopefully see you again soon 🤘 #stillbreathing
Jojo Danielle Montgomery 😣 i feel so bad for u guys 😣 they put on a great show in belfast last week and if this had of happened to me i would have been sooo distraught. Hopefully they come back soon and dont leave it another 8 years 😣 xx
Maxine Adam Funny how I remember seeing your band play at T in the Park many years ago, it was pishing it down something chronic then, nothing like today's pathetic drizzle.
Sarah Blair I don't like how fans are outside, we went past by chance and there was a group shouting and chanting and I felt awkward for GD, like can't they have privacy without being bombarded. The rest of us are all in pubs and bars across Glasgow enjoying the ...

Hey Scotland, I can't believe this is happening. Safety and a good time is all we ever want and in this case we can't have one without the other. We'll be back to see you again. We love you, Glasgow. 💙💙💙💙💙 - Follow trecool (Instagram).

6.8k reactions 161 comments
Deborah Archibald Strathie Aw Tre buddy, was so excited for today bringing my two kids to see you. We re all gutted. Get ur asses back here soon 💚💚💚💚💚
Alan Douglas Appreciate the band are victims here too and might feel the need to rush to the Hydro. Please don't. Not your kind of place. Remote from the audience and shit atmosphere. Take your time and hire a stadium, allow set up time and use anyone but PCL ...
Thérèse O'Brien Feeling for the Scottish fans, I would have seriously cracked up if this happened in Dublin last week x
Scott Macpherson Fuck you ! Call yourself a rock band cancelled on the day !!! Can I just say been up to my knees in mud at t in the park never cancelled the gig but then again probably better bands there
Laura Redinger I just saw then in Washington DC this past February and it was amazing. I feel really bad for you guys over there. I'd have been really PO'D at someone. Not the band, but someone.
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