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The roots of East Bay punk rock go deep. Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk premieres May 31 in San Francisco, followed by screenings in cities across the U.S. in tandem with our Revolution Radio World Tour. Take a look ↓

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Diego Aragón Alejandro tenemos una cita
Rebecca Rae I wanna chalk the hill!!!
Esme Gallegos I'm in love with punk rock
Pamela Camargo Where in San Francisco??
Jenny Van Hoecke and the price for best country goes to belgium! where its almost rare if you can find this :c. sigh. but still tho i love it

It’s time to tell the story of how Northern California helped take the punk underground global. See the newly released trailer for Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk on Billboard.

Legendary East Bay Punk Scene Comes to Life in Green Day-Assisted Doc: Exclusive Trailer Premiere
Legendary East Bay Punk Scene Comes to Life in Green Day-Assisted Doc: Exclusive Trailer Premiere

"Turn it Around: The Story of East Bay Punk" is the latest project to get that coveted Green Day co-sign. The exciting new doc tells the story of the hyper-influential San Francisco-area punk scene that nurtured numerous notable bands.

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Dan Hoad Anna Elizabeth
Andrea Tellini Niccolò Dalla Brea Francesco Giovannini
Tömmy Röckstar Mario Asaro
Ash Dixon Joseph Niven Cathy Rees Sarah Pover
Leanne Prujean Tracy Gaughan show Bailey this!!

New Alt Weekly on iHeartRadio All Access:

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Emily Boardman Curtis Landers
Samantha Watts 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Bruuno Escobar 😚😚😚
Gabriela Erazo Yeah buddy
Em Boldt SWEET!!!

Some new items added to the online store. Shop here now:

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Beth Seymour Tracy Andrew that baby vest. 😍😍
Omar Zarza Alguien sabe si hacen envios México?
Alexia Garcia Carlos Gutierrez the baby dookie 😭😭😂 aww
Diandra Cappello Katie Wilde loook at that baby outfit 👶
Joshy Brown Kim Roxx dat baby grow look good ?

Armstrongs / New Noise Magazine Flexi Teaser

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Dalton Bassett Zach Youmans
Fernando Garcia Shaq Kharisteas 😱
Mijail Fernández Esteban Martínez Fdez
Jamie Irwin Paul Irwin
Leonardo Lima Guilherme Douglas - Follow mikedirnt (Instagram).

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Jackie Gallagher They are sick bastards( whoever is responsible) No ifs , buts or whatever. No excuses.
Jon Day Shame on you, Green Day. Using this tragedy for fucking 'likes'. Pieces of garbage. Gtfo.
Luis Fernando Marroquín Ochoa am i the only one that saw MCR and thoght about My Chemical Romance?
Jasmina Diana Davis Laura At wie alle von mcr reden und es eig um die Manchester Bombe ging
Alex Komacek You make me all sick. This isn't a laughing matter and absolutely not a great time to make jokes...

I'm shocked and so sad about this horrific tragedy. my heart and soul go out to everyone effected.. especially the city of Manchester. - Follow billiejoearmstrong (Instagram).

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Suzanne Muse Caley Your show in February was the last one I seen there before this happened, I'm devastated I spent much of my time with fans before every show,of various bands artists since 2003 its my life going to shows I love Giggers we pull together, but I'm numb .
Belinda Henderson I took my son to see you there in February for his 21st birthday and made some wonderful lasting memories with him ! All those children that survived last night have to live with this for the rest of their life it is heart breaking 💔 The people that ...
Leigh Mcgivern I saw u at Manchester arena in February. Can't believe this has happened. What should have been people having the time of their lifes turning to them losing their lives. Totally awful and sickening. 2 terrorist attacks in the UK in as many months. ...
Corey Davis I'm weary of the fecklessness of candlelit vigils, the piles of stuffed animals, and tired recitals of Lennon's "Imagine." I've given up on Muslim leaders countencing by silence. I've lost faith in the media for complicitly trying to conceal the truth ...
Didier Laplace What is this fucking joke, it's hilarious!!! ... USA sells weapons to ISIS via Saudi Arabia, with Israel's blessing, for eliminate Iran ... killing childrens on conflict grounds, childrens than no one cry. Are you crazy or just ignorant ?...

Who's ready for a European tour? I can't wait!! 🐴🎸✈️#revradeurope2017 #summer see y'all in Hyde Park #uk - Follow trecool (Instagram).

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Touria Nohas Benson Secret gig anywhere?
Kerti Gergő Budapest is ready!
Touria Nohas Benson Oh my God can't wait 😂😂😂
Char Thompson Jess, they'll be near you soon.
Ryan Benson fuck yeah you will!


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Mateo Rangel Kariinaa Aydee Zuñiigaa
Katie Gullo Julie Adams Deeken
Jade Stribling 💚💚💚💚
Tom Kay 🤘Green Life 🎸
Vinicius Rosa Revrad!🌹

Video: Green Day performs
Video: Green Day performs 'Still Breathing' live in Central Park

The band rocks out in Central Park as part of the "GMA" Summer Concert series.

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Joanne Wall Just saw them in Perth & Sydney. Absolutely brilliant!!!!!!
Gary White Best live band I've seen, buzzing to see them on Independence Day in Glasgow.
Ashley Bishop Magouirk Saw them in ATL! They are amazing! Loved them since I bought my first album dookie in the '90s!
Alice Wheeldon Amazing song and performance, but the levels and sound quality...eek!!!
Tonya DiBello Ruiz I don't know how they are doing it! They are flying around all over performing almost every night! Mad props to Billy Joe! I love the "music producers" making comments about him being flat. You try singing that much and see if your not flat a time or ...

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Babette Schröder Welch blöder Beitrag, der nach dem Interview und VOR dem Auftritt endet! :-(
Adrian Parada THEY DONT AGE
Evadné Marx Can't wait to see you at the British Summertime Festival - Hyde Park, London 1 July!
Javo Alonso ves chance y si vienen, van a tener gira en sudamerica Juan Pablo Alonso Covarrubias
Richard Michael Billie is a glamour boy now,.....all the Punk has been traded in.

New York! See you in Central Park at Good Morning America today!!! Instructions for VIP Guests for Summer Concerts in Central Park VIP guests should arrive at Rumsey Playfield in New York City's Central Park by 5:30 a.m. on the concert date. The best way to enter Rumsey Playfield, also known as Central Park Summerstage, is at 5th Avenue and 72nd Street. As you enter the park, please follow the sidewalk on the North side of the street. A Good Morning America staff member will direct you to a check in area where you can get a wristband or to where you will lineup if you already have a wristband. At 6:00 a.m. you will be allowed to enter the venue prior to the general audience. You will be required to show a wristband to gain entry. VIP’s will be ushered to an area directly in front of the stage. The show airs from 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. A sound check by the performer usually takes place at 7:30 a.m. The concert usually starts at 8:30 a.m. The artist will perform 2-3 songs. The concert ends at 9:00 a.m. and the concert audience is dismissed. Important Information: A VIP reservation does not include meeting the artist or a backstage pass. If you need to arrive later than 6:00 a.m. simply follow the instructions above. Because of the large number of people that attend each summer concert, arriving early is strongly recommended. If you arrive after 6:00 a.m. Good Morning America can NOT guarantee you access, or a great view to see the concert. Access is on a first come, first serve basis and will be permitted until capacity is reached in the venue. Backpacks or bags are not permitted inside the venue. Please bring an umbrella just in case it rains. Wear comfortable shoes as you will have to stand. If you are handicap or traveling with someone who needs a chair, seating can be provided. The park is accessible by wheelchair. (The Good Morning America staff and security are willing to assist if you need help.) We look forward to seeing you in our summer home, Rumsey Playfield in Central Park!

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谭坤朗 Ashley
Lauren Hudson Amy Hudson
David Ciminsky Hailey Dulberg we should go
Amgela Fontes Amgel Billie❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💋
Raimundo Falcao Torres Green Day show


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Arun Kumar R I p
Brad Thorburn Sr. Very sad
Lisa Wall #RIP gentle soul 💔
Jodie Warren So so painfully sad.
Holly Smith God Bless


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Roberta Fiore <3
Jennifer Annalee Sulek Favorite band. 😍😍😍
Kathie Adams Break a leg 🤗 I'll be watching!
Daine Newcombe These Guys will be the next big thing

Green Day to open "Good Morning America
Green Day to open "Good Morning America's" 2017 Summer Concert Series Friday - Green Day Official Blog

Instructions for VIP Guests for Summer Concerts in Central Park VIP guests should arrive at Rumsey Playfield in New York City's Central Park by 5:30 a.m. on the concert date. The best way to enter Rumsey Playfield, also known as Central Park Summerstage, is at 5th Avenue and 72nd Street. As you en...

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Jalessa Diaz 💚💚💚
Bįllï Pērkins Jøë Årmstrõńg Gønzâlęz I love you Green Day
Lauren Hudson Amy Hudson I could have still been there 😩
Cecilia Garcia 8:30-9:00?? NOOOOOO I'll be in school by that time :'(

#peekaboo #stillbreathing - Follow billiejoearmstrong (Instagram).

24.1k reactions 354 comments
El S Earl Travis Earl thought this was u for a sec no joke. Cute pic :)
Craig Brown How do you still look like an emo teen? What's your secret?
Mizore Marisol Cuevas Siempre te amaré aunque envejescas, eres como los vinos entre más viejo más bueno 😘😘
Marisa Grasso Billie, you are my first rock star crush! You saved my 15 year old life, those were the days x
Glen Zapata @_,@ How can there be all that beauty in a single man? <3 <3 <3

Slow and steady wins the race! #springhassprung2017 #cali - Follow trecool (Instagram).

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Gustavo Silva
Christof Hel Laeti Sia
Kasia Nowogórska Czarek
Mark Buijze Michelle
Adam McBryde oh so cute

The Definitive Documentary on East Bay Punk is Coming (@: Pit Warning)

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Sarah King Grant King
Miachael Jokire 12:24:05 17/05/2017 =>ukxlxcriibmuqdtqzxta<=
Tyler Davis Green Day Is Awersome
Michele Sgambelluri Old-school Green Day punk rock RULES!!!
Miachael Jokire 12:24:48 17/05/2017 =>lgocmqglzbrjipfkzhed<=


6.5k reactions 37 comments
Keith West Great couple of shows
Lionel Masson Whitch member f Green Day is from France ?
Jesica Lee 👍Cool soon in Peru' were all waiting you Green Day.
Aura Mitzi Open new solo dates in Mexico pleaaaaseee!!!!


209 reactions 44 comments
Lesley Sanderson Massive show
Ivan Kenji Shinoda Yo quisiera tocar Jesus Of Suburbia a su lado u.u
Carol Peterson 😊🎸🎸😊
Erin Willson Sar-ah! Sar-ah! Sar-ah!
Ryan Paice Lucky lady!! Getting to rock out wit rock gods!!

Just the tip (down under) #greenday #revradtour #trecoolshiddensticks #sjc #drumfills #nobueno - Follow trecool (Instagram).

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James Alexander Southall Natthan Bagshaw
Bart Colen Tom Colen
Αργύρης Μπαδέκας Meimei Saurus
Amgela Fontes Amgel 😍😍😍 Te amoooo! Kissessssss❤️
Robert Ryan Does Tre look like the muppet or does the muppet look like Tre?🤣

Join the movement! Post a photo to Instagram with #StillBreathing with what it means to you. For more details visit Follow The Official Green Day on Instagram - @greenday

17.3k reactions 151 comments
Kendra R Poitras I don't have Instagram. But I'm getting a #stillbreathing tattoo soon bc this song just struck a cord with me and has been with me through a rough time in my life. Thank you green day.
Eryn Dahl Still looking young man! I remember the first song I heard by you guys. 21 guns. After I found out about you, I couldn't stop listening to your songs. You are SO SO SO awesome.!.! Don't ever stop making music ❤❤
Scott Carnell #stillbreathing I'm still here after struggling with the maths learning disability Dyscalculia and stress the song still breathing has been an inspiration for me to continue my fight against it. Thank you Green Day for such an amazing song!
Carreto Echevarria David That we are outlaws and could destroy suburbia. Ive got a sentimental illnes for your music boys theres no band like you, as fresh as you;)
Johnathon Bright #Stillbreathing Every day I deal with my horrible mind, visions, enviroment, people, and loneliness. But somehow i'm still here, drinking wine and doing artwork.

Join the movement! Post a photo to Instagram hashtag #StillBreathing with what it means to you. For more details visit

Green Day #StillBreathing
Green Day #StillBreathing

Make your voice count and take a photo showing what #StillBreathing means to you and get featured on

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Arun Kumar Make India trip Green day please
Jordy Lasso ECUADORRRRRRR...!!!! XFAVORRR para cuandooo???????
Danilo Ferreira Carol Mendes, vamos postar haha


6.9k reactions 47 comments
Karen Kenney Reynolds 👍
Angelo Reyes Mike Dirnt very proud of you!
Stuart Sutherland Remember don't be strangers.
Jess Baker U still rockin it 😉
Wendy Cressotti-Knox That explains SO much!!

stoked for my boys in U2!! #u2 #weirdosfreaksandstrangers - Follow billiejoearmstrong (Instagram).

1.1k reactions 42 comments
Cassi Gray Lauren Atwell good morning 💚💚
Kacper Muc cool
Erik San Bernardino Alsmark green day maldits 3 generations. Satanás.
Eduardo Memo Rocha Yeeeeaaaaaaa
Karina Flores More dates in Mexico pleeeease!!!


3.5k reactions 48 comments
Michelle Romain The concert was fantastic.
Julie Gray Lol this was so funny 😂
Michele Bonne Come to Brazil! Porto Alegre! Please! 😍😍😍
Cara Grace Smith their patch 💖
Chels Lund Such a lovely pic, made me smile :)


5.5k reactions 80 comments
Stefy Trinidad More dates in Mexico please!!!!! Corona capital sucks!!! Green Day
Jacinta Nicholls You guys were absolutely captivating last night!
2contra1 🤘🏻
Jennifer Annalee Sulek Please come to the Rose Bowl already. 😞 I can't wait much longer. ❤
Borys Boy Tampubolon Alangkah baiknya jika sekarang waktumu untuk berkunjung to jakarta tuk menyampaikan sesuatu yang kau miliki.



FESTIVAL OPENING NIGHT FILMStage dive into 30 years of history exploring Northern California?s role in the evolution of punk rock. SF punk pioneers helped take the punk underground global, but as the once vibrant scene became wrought with violence and racism, punks over the bridge in the East Bay re...

569 reactions 5 comments
Aurélie Desfossés Caroline Cloutier
Ekin Kıyak Hey... you got like thousands of fans in Turkey. You guys never been here as far as I know, and I have no idead why. I'm a fan for like 7 years and I want nothing more to see you live... PLEASE JUST COME TO TURKEY
Charly Calderon Viva mi green day para toda la vida...los quiero los amo...son lo mejor que me a pasado...los quiero...gracias a ustedes todo e logrado...gracias Billie Joe
Molly Pursian Harry, was it you who was talking about this?
Yazar Çözer East bay punk makes the world a better place. So thankful and happy for everybody involved in this documentary.I hope some day i will visit all those places .Congratulations Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk

Announcing the 16th SF Documentary Film Festival SF DocFest, May 31- June 15, 2017 Roxie Theatre, Vogue Theater and Alamo Drafthouse New Mission in San Francisco Returning to San Francisco for the 16th year, SF IndieFest is pleased to present the return of the San Francisco Documentary Film Festival (SF DocFest). For 16 days, SF DocFest will screen real life stories about rockʼnʼroll, activism, art, sport, animals, business, disability, the environment, spirituality and the just plain weird. Screenings will take place May 31 to June 15 at the Roxie Theater, Vogue Theater and the Alamo Drafthouse New Mission Theater in San Francisco. The complete lineup information is available at For more info, contact DocFest at 415-662-FEST or [email protected] Festival Opening Night –TURN IT AROUND: THE STORY OF EAST BAY PUNK The 16th SF DocFest will kick off on Wednesday, May 31st at the Alamo Drafthouse New Mission Theater at 7PM with the World Premiere of Corbett Redfordʼs TURN IT AROUND: THE STORY OF EAST BAY PUNK. The film spans over 30 years of the California Bay Areaʼs punk music history with a central focus on the emergence of Berkeley's inspiring 924 Gilman Street music collective. Narrated by Iggy Pop and executive produced by Green Day, TURN IT AROUND: THE STORY OF EAST BAY PUNK is the definitive telling of this vibrant story, drawing from a wide variety of voices and viewpoints and featuring the music of many of the most famous and infamous punk bands ever. Director Corbett Redford and guests will be on hand for the screening. Following the film, SF DocFest will host a Gilman-style live music showcase at DNA Lounge in San Francisco that will feature The Pathogens, The Love Songs, Kamala and The Karnivores and Hammerbombs. Tickets Available Online: Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk

1.3k reactions 5 comments
Aacis Pandey
Angello Bravo Cuándo vienen a Perú? 😭😍🇵🇪️
Ekin Kıyak Hey... you got like thousands of fans in Turkey. You guys never been here as far as I know, and I have no idead why. I'm a fan for like 7 years and I want nothing more to see you live... PLEASE JUST COME TO TURKEY
Shelby Kay Swanson I hope I can buy this on DVD or see it on spotify D: I'm in Michigan and literally all the cool stuff in our country happens in Cali freaking fornia 😭😭

sydney sydney sydney!!!!! oi! oi! oi!! - Follow billiejoearmstrong (Instagram).

2.1k reactions 20 comments
Kristy Hook Cheryl Tyler - Keating
Lilian Portela Green Day ❤💖
Parisa Haider Leo Santa-Ana dead
吴毓雯 Valerie Bai sydney !
Kirralee Beveridge Rochana Kalani
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