Green Day

Last updated: 10:24 01/17/2018

Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, be classy not trashy! Coffee good. Plastic bad. Go Green In 2018! Oakland Coffee

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Hayden Hagler How come i like this more than actual santa and elves
Jackie Daisley Why does Mike look so worried? ha ha such a cool pic!
Tim McEwan That picture is genuinely disturbing...
Fatima Wolff Armstrong who am I going to lie to be one daughter from, of bitch dick 😓 Merry Christmas 🎅👌 Green Day
Tamás Mészáros Tree is creepy :D Merry Christmas guys! Keep rock on!!!! \m/

#TBT to being back in South America. Thanks again to everyone who came out to some of the most amazing shows we’ve ever played.

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Judith Bradley Come back to ours soon - Liverpool-Manchester connection - and please go to Glasgow and make up for that abandoned show. Other UK and Ireland dates would also be welcome.
Gill 'Gina' Ashworth Come back 2 UK asap... I have 4 unhappy kids (15, nearly 13 (my only daughter), 10 & 9) that are mad with me that I didn't take them with me 2 watch u play 😁 I'm raisin them well... They 💝💘💖 Green Day as much as me ☺👍👐 U need 2 hear us all when we play ...
Cata Winchester Fernanda Camus ctm mira a los maricones estos 😭😭😭😭😭 nos lanzan videos para recordarnos ese dia glorioso . P.d: ojalá en este video no se haya escuchado tu grito desesperado Mike 😂
Melina Bianchini Being part of that amazing, insane, and lovely crowd in Argentina was the best experience in my life! The best show and crowd of all the tour! And all of that is because of you, Green Day. We all had the time of our lifes. You've given us the best show ...
Mauricio Guzmán Martos November 14th, 2017. 5 weeks ago I went to one of the greatest concerts EVER!! Billy, and everybody of Green Day, thank you so much!! With my friend Gabriel Salcedo we´ve witnessed a glorious concert!! You are, and will always will be welcomed to Perú!! ...

This animated video for Bang Bang rules!! Thanks to Matt Katz Animations for bringing our shenanigans to life

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Federica Quaranta 💚
Susanne Weipert-Hotz Coleen 😍 schau's mal an 😂😎
Andrea Salhuana C mamo
Stew Putwain That's awesome!
Damian Torres Balmaceda La cago el weon pa ingenioso!! Felicitaciones!!

Confess your sins & follow the steps to the end to get saved 🙏

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Matt Castellano Just say 15 heyyyyyy oooooooooos and you’ll be forgiven
Michael Fortner Can't wait to elect trump as president again in 2020!
Kathy Durkin I hated the new Star Wars. May god have mercy on me.
Kovácsné Orsolya that will be awesome as f**k, sorry Father....;))
Juan Diego Castro Nicolás Gabriela I confess I do not have any physical CD of God´s Favorite Band, Dear Lord please forgive me

Wishing a big ol' happy birthday to Tre today!! 🎂

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Debbie Pluthero Happy Birthday from Hampshire, UK :)
Arun Kumar Happy birthday the best punk drummer 🎂 Love from India
Lauren Trey Young Hope you get sprinkles on your cake! Happy birthday from Australia
Ana Armstrong Grohl Happy Birthday Tré 💚 love you so much!!! Kisses from Argentina 🇦🇷
Ashley Nicole Phillips It's my Hubby's birthday today too! Happy birthday to you too tre!!!!

God’s Favorite Gifs are all up on GIPHY now. Thanks to Jbetcom for bringing the album covers to life - see them all on

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Emmanuel Cappelletti FuckYouHippie
Adil Najib Trè Cool ❤
Marco Casavecchia Yari mado che ansia
Willemijn Forte Tré the finger fucker
Darron Wilder That Crazy!

The 10 Commandments of Green Day according to Drunk Bunny #GodsFavoriteBand

13.1k reactions 519 comments
Alan Salinas Adrian GA <3 Será nuestro credo de ahora en adelante xD
Mandy Hicks The Ramones one is great!
Bradley Neil Moser Much better rules to live by than the ones in the fable. Gabba Gabba Hey!
Liana Rose Meisenzahl Marty Allocco I love green day so much it hurts
Katarína Diškancová Love Green Day best best punk rock band 💚💚💚❤❤❤

God hit the streets to spread the good word about thy Lord's favorite band Don’t disappoint God, listen to the album:

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Thomas Jenkinson Niamh O'Gara see even god thinks green day are better then biffy they are his favourite band 😂😂😊
Victor Randazzo LOVE IT!!!!! My all time favorite band. Love those guys
Maarten Redant Jari Tina ik zou dees ook kunnen zijn hahahaha
Matt Stilwell Excuse me, can I share with you the good news of The Beatles, GOD's Favourite Band ?
Marco Wagner Marius Jana Jonas wenn mich jemand nach meiner lieblingsmusik fragt

Black on black snapback released for black friday ➡️➡️

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Hegedűs Zita Máté Kovács...ezt is felírod a listára?😊😘
Tamara Ashley Mason NEED
Carlos Fernando Regalado Obregon Quiero una así Dennís 😱😱😱
Jennifer Annalee Sulek 😍😍😍
Candela Candelita wwoooow me encanta

Black Friday sale starts now!! 40% select items + more, get those deals

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Alberto Mora Fernanda Hernández
Alex Welch Ali Griff
Nate Cannada Mary Campos
Emily Foyle Penny Foyle
Arianna Mackey Joseph Semhric

All of the Back In The USA behind-the-scenes you could ask for and more

11.7k reactions 157 comments
Aaron Williams Grace Gavin Just some more Billie for you to look at
Ann-Marie Mair Natalie, I assume you saw this?
Markus Dittrich Didn't knew the guys could look that nice. :D
Thomas Mixon Here you go Brooke another new song from green day.
Lauren Stone Love this song and the video it is so funny xxxx ❤️❤️❤️❤️💚🎸

Favorite music video from all the songs on God’s Favorite Band? Watch them all right in one place

God's Favorite Band - YouTube

Blessed are those who listen to God's Favorite Band - the new greatest hits album is out everywhere now -

3.6k reactions 52 comments
Francesca Caldaroni All of them
Gabrielle Morey Minority, Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Fryda Sofya Ja ja ja ja Siiiii, que vuelvan :P
Yamila Vargas Waiting seria para mi
Alex Deters Warning. Somehow the main actor survives.

That's how you do it Mexico 🇲🇽 Amazing end to the Revolution Radio Tour!

22.5k reactions 360 comments
Yamila Vargas AAAAaaaa y en mi país? ,aunque se y reconozco que es un Estado!!!,que no es Nación. igual espero que lo hallan pasado lindo gente!!!
Michelle Lenfert It Was An Amazing Tour, Indeed. So Glad that I got to see them play in Oakland!! Until next time.....☠️☠️☠️❤️💋😘🎼
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Cesar Ian Estoy ahi! En primera fila a nada de morir asfixiado pero fue el mejor dia de mi vida aun parece un sueño del que no puedo despertar
Elizabeth DeAlmeida Happy to say you guys were my first concert. And an incredible one at that! Thanks for the good vibes.

Blast from the past with this video of 2000 Light Years Away

13.2k reactions 250 comments
Pat Hilton That album kerplunk is def one of the best. Love this. Keep rocking.
Sean Lavin Only took 30 years for this video to come out!
Przemek Karol Machajek It's great to saw short billie and high microphone <3
Alber Trias Jaded in Chicago... and only 22 years old for the guys... how awesome is that?!!!
Ana María Torres Díaz I can't believe i heard this live in Colombia <3

Thanks to Miranda Lambert for adding a little something special to Ordinary World

6.8k reactions 96 comments
Lorenzo Arturo Raciti i like it, but the original's better...
Maria Fernanda Love it... sounds good, but original is much better 😘💚💚
Adrizz Garcia Espero con ansia su regreso a México,ojala que no tarden otros 13 años
Shane Moglia I don’t even like the original tbh. Should have just ended the album on Forever Now.
Nader Chahine The original is better. Had to force myself to listen the whole song.

Gracias Colombia 🇨🇴 On to Mexico City for Corona Capital!!

11.2k reactions 144 comments
Yuliette Perez Los estamos esperando .... Ya listos en el Corona 😎
Lee Goodsell Shyte plastic punk millionaire morons🔫💀
Adán McIlrath Buenos musicos, pesimas personas
Ale Garza Ya lleguen 🙂
Ceci González de Ortega Come in private concert, please! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Little peek inside the world of Back In The USA 🇺🇸

22.2k reactions 157 comments
Ryan Gaynor Had a bit of a Walking Contradiction feel to it.
Amanda Visser Another North America tour!!!!
Marilyn Young Come back to Atlantic Canada.....PLEASE!
Fêrøz Ähäméèd আপনাদের গান গুলো আমার খুব ভালো লাগে এবং আমি আপনাদের ফেন ও বটে।লাভ ইউ অল।আমরা বাঙালি বাট সবাকেই ভালোবাসি।এগিয়ে যাও Boss
Ray Schaeffer Would be badass to come to Alaska!

Kick off the weekend with Back In The USA on Apple Music's #BestOfTheWeek

Best of the Week on Apple Music
Best of the Week on Apple Music

Updated Today, 76 Songs. Free with Apple Music Subscription.

1.8k reactions 25 comments
안태민 김영빈
Bella Rose Yay!!!!!!!!!!!
Wilber Quintero That Crazy!
Rita SkyLake 👏👏👏👏👏♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Tyler Davis cool

Your prayers have been answered - God's Favorite Band is taking over Spotify's #RockThis!

13.8k reactions 177 comments
Sadie Stranks Does mikes puppet have a moustache? XD
Spencer Vargas Dude!! I want that Tré muppet! LOL Sebastian Vargas
Michaela Kemp O M G Christian Jones Green day muppets
Vivian Thompson Brooke Niska Are you sexually confused?

Be a saint, listen to God's Favorite Band on repeat today

Greatest Hits: God
Greatest Hits: God's Favorite Band by Green Day

Preview, download or stream Greatest Hits: God's Favorite Band by Green Day

5.8k reactions 57 comments
Dave Christian Three imaginary boys
Jéssica Moura Ananda Sarro Gods favourite baaand!
Valéria Telles The saints are coming
Jojo Danielle Montgomery Yep done 4 times already 😍 xx
De Riv Jaskier That's what I am doin, listening on repeat !

Your life is about to change forever. Watch the video for Back In The USA and see the truth

9.5k reactions 250 comments
Deb Kable Leanne Kable have you seen/heard this? Fucking love it. Especially the Suit and tie 😉😎💚
Jam Austin Murray That’s the Green Day i love 😉🤟🏻
Curtis Budworth Randy Crowley your Trump loving friends would love this video
Alison Castro Munin That is seriously the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. Stay weird and truthful boys.
Tanja Heuer In your faaaccceeee so called "Mr. President....."🙌🙌🤣

Go live out the American Dream with our new video for Back In The USA 🇺🇸 God's Favorite Band - the new greatest hits album is out everywhere now. Go stream or download the ultimate playlist of 22 hits including “Back In The USA” & “Ordinary World" ft. Miranda Lambert

901 reactions 85 comments
Fabrizio Martinez Deos <3 Jossii escuchala
Christ Armstrong quien va al corona el domingo? xd
Diana Gonme Amo a Green Day...
Martyna Rogalewska I love this video 💚
Eriick Strychnine Twitch Kary learn it to Sunday 👊🏼

Blessed are those who listen to God's Favorite Band - the new greatest hits album is out everywhere now. Go stream or download the ultimate playlist of 22 hits including “Back In The USA” & “Ordinary World" ft. Miranda Lambert Then go live out the American Dream with our new video for Back In The USA 🇺🇸

10.1k reactions 214 comments
Matt Davis Shelby Davidson holy fucking shit the video is amazing.
Addie Ann We are so blessed to have Green Day in our lives!!!! <3
Luka Chitishvili Amazing video and this song is epic, damn i am in love
Richard Ruiz No jesus of suburbia?
Pascale Bluche Demarche You're my favorite band for life!

Get to know God's Favorite Band better with the songs that influenced us on Spotify

10.3k reactions 104 comments
Ale Ramone Glad you like Dead Kennedys. It's a cool band.
Ed Struck Where are the Ramones on this list?
Katie Wilson Azalia Martinez guess whose on here twice!
Avry Christie "I Want Candy" by Bow Wow Wow is on the list 😂
Luqman Nurhakim Is the songs just the same from the previous records or new version?

God would be proud... Dookie is #1 on Rolling Stone's 50 Greatest Pop Punk Albums list, with Kerplunk and American Idiot making appearances along the way

The 50 Greatest Pop-Punk Albums
The 50 Greatest Pop-Punk Albums

From Blink-182 to the Buzzcocks, we count down the best of punk's most lovable, lovelorn offshoot

28.3k reactions 621 comments
Brian Glaneuski I can complain about this list all day but one thing that stuck out Yellowcard Ocean Avenue as 37? GTFO
Daniel Andrés Dookie y American Idiot fueron una "bomba"... Kerplunk, fue un buen comienzo. Existen al menos un par de albumes más que deben ser considerados en esta lista...
Maxi Stratos For me: 1º Dookie 2º Insomniac 3º Nimrod Where's Insomniac in that RS list???? Also this is proff that you have not improved over time. xD
Neil Gruber Lol. Green Day is not and never has been pop or punk. 🤣 But still, they will always be number one to me. 🤘❤️
Jenna Dekker - Maijen My personal favorite poppunk albums are American Idiot, Take off your pants and jacket and The Young and the Hopeless. Soundtracks to my teenage years. 💖💖💖

Welcome to Peru-dise!!

17.7k reactions 265 comments
Cynthia Nataly Excelente concierto! La pasamos genial! Frida Milagros #EstamosEnElMundial 🇵🇪🇵🇪
Pame Lazo <3 best concert ever, I've just have no words to express how I feel

3 days 'til God's Favorite Band 🙏

5.6k reactions 97 comments
Rob Shane Hansen Looking forward to it's release ....
Gabriela Arriagada We're all god then <3
Ve Armstrong Mexico awaits you with open arms.... <3
Heather LaVance The greatest band God ever created!
Jose Armando Castro Garcia Cesar Osvaldo de seguro estabas llorando ahí como toda fan desesperada...

Chile, that's how you do it! Next on the list is Lima TOMORROW at Estadio Universidad San Marcos 🇵🇪

12.7k reactions 152 comments
Fabiana Chipana Welcome to paradise 🇵🇪 guys!
Deivit Rob Huamán Thanks guys for sign my discs!! I love you GREEN DAY 💚💚💚💚💚💚
Maria Julia Vasquez I am from lima :[)
Connie Pintabona Looks awesome ... I kinda miss your muppet videos though lol :p
Richie Calle Welcome to colombia territory cocaine Pablo Escobar nice gira ladys beach droga and forcé maquni

Insane crowd in Buenos Aires! See you later tonight Santiago 🇨🇱

20.8k reactions 234 comments
Nadia Zoraire Come back soon!!! Thanks for give me, AGAIN THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE💚
Naty Bocija Loved u, amazing show. My throat is still recuperating. Every second was worth it!
Analia Suarez Dai Anabella con razon tardabamos para poder salir de ahi jaja.
Vanesa Mayorga Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, FUCKING THANK YOU FOR SUCH A SHOW!!!! You're amazing!!!
Flor Cabrera An amazing show! Thank you GD! I really enjoyed that!

One more week until God’s Favorite Band is out. Get ready to feel #blessed

24.0k reactions 291 comments
Kelan Moore Owen Hearne you heard it here first, they are god's favourite band
パパドプロス イリアス can't wait to receive my GOD'S CD BUNDLE!
Audrey Lively That's not Billy in front...😏
Zoe Cooper Really want gods package but think I’ll have to settle for just the cd for now!
Aybe Nahos one ok rock, tokio hotel, super junior and now... greenday!
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