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The first few days of President Donald J. Trump's foreign trip have been truly historic. We are witnessing a remarkable shift in foreign policy, yet the media doesn't seem to realize this.

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Doug Sheldon The media knows exactly what's going on.... They have only one agenda. Go after Trump, anything and everything. That's all the left knows.
Timmie Campbell I will be forever astonished that some people can be such rabid partisans and refuse to work for the good of the country. The negativity on both sides of the aisle toward this president is ridiculous. I wonder if any of them realize that the future of ...
Tracy Wilbanks Dalton He has more respect around the world than the media or democrats will show him in his own country. They are truly trying to destroy him and shut down all conservative voices. What CAN WE DO ABOUT IT?
Eliane Tita Atterbury The media and democrats are stuck on the Russia derangement syndrome. No evidence, but they always say "not yet"... we are going to find out about the collusion when we meet the real tooth fairy. Maybe she has the answers.
Louise IP I'm wondering who are those 9 people who are so angry with Trump for being in Vatican. Look how many people loves it for one reason or another. Who are these 9 people? Are they enemy of the US? Terrorists? I think it's very anti-American to hate this ...

I've said it before -- the CBO needs to go. They were unbelievably wrong on Obamacare. They're dishonest. They're destructive. And we have no reason to believe their scoring of the GOP health care bill is accurate.

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Jenny Stiles So bring in all the experts from all areas of health care, get them to score Trumps plan, get them to tell America what is wrong with both plans. And go from there.
Rob Wettengel Believing economic projections ten-years out as if its gospel is absurd. At most the projection should be no more than 2 years into the future.
Fred Storaci Ah yes,, the CBO.... Another government agency wasting our money... And with the results they presented on 'bamacare, grossly over paid.....
Sue Gillies Correct, keep discrediting them and the media as we know they both love to give false information to the public for whatever their "agenda" is. Thank you for all you do.
Stuart Boblett The CBO and most if not all of the bureaucrats need to be drained from the swamp. In Washington, success is not an option or a goal.

The opposition media doesn't care about accuracy and honesty -- as long as they've successfully magnified a supposed problem or invented a new one, they've met their daily goal.

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Robin Spencer Dems are celebrating and honoring a terrorist released early by Obama! Meanwhile Trump is forming a coalition to get rid of terrorists... Kind of says it all doesn't it
Robin Cheves MSNBC been brain washing the masses with false narratives and half truths. The new drug for liberals.
Glenn Horlacher I'm personally offended by fascist scumbags like you. Russia beckons, get on the first plane and don't ever come back, you goddamned Nazi traitor.
Fran Butkiewicz MSM ignores the big stories of the day to continue bashing Trump. Is it no wonder that hard working Americans have no trust or respect for MSM?
Elaine Hodge There are 75 radical left-wing groups plotting and planning and acting against Trump, Trump Supporters and all Conservatives to take down our country. There are only 10 Conservative Groups to fight back. Don't know what they are doing - but we need to ...

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Pat Slavin Spears Thank You Mr Gingrich on behalf of the people of my country x
Ron Riddle Texas condolences!
Chase Strong this guy should get his press pass revoked !!!
Lisa Smith Amen!!
Josy Nevada even if they are ignorant

Pat Nolan and I explain why tougher sentences won't cure opioid addictions in our new Fox News Opinion op-ed.

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Ron Murphy I am afraid Newt is right! As soon as their out, they will return to drugs!
Sandy Rixey Wait a minute. You were just fine with tougher sentences for crack addicts, Newt.
Heidi Waldvogel McNulty Kalis Thank God I have 27 years clean from heroin. My husband didn't make it.
Joe Nieters Don't blame the attorney general for enforcing the law...blame (and change) the legislation!
Robert White about Attacking DEALERS? not users. we simply cant put up, with the left, lumping things all togeather. if you tell them, we cant have drug runners comming over the border, they respond, by saying "oh, you hate all mexicans!" they dont ...

The gap between how world leaders treat President Donald J. Trump and how the American media treats him is inexcusably big. Watching the leftwing media's coverage of President Trump's first foreign trip has made their overwhelming dishonesty and hostility even more apparent.

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Lena Greuel So thankful for President Trump! It's too bad he can't be accepted here at home as well as he's accepted half way around the world. The Fake Media and Democrats should be ashamed to be leading these evil actions against our government. They're nothing ...
Dwayne Carroll Again supporters are out weighing dissenters by a huge margin. Their stranglehold on our lives is fading and they hate it. They hate it with every ounce of energy they can muster. That's why most of the liberals are literally losing their minds. ...
Faye Harwell Trump’s doing a good job. The media prefers lying because it fits their adjenda more than the truth. If CNN, HLN ABC, CBS, NBC, etc told the truth over 50% of Americans would have heart attacks and not enough hospitals for everyone. We are getting so ...
Barbara L Lirosi It's sad but they only continue to disgrace themselves to the world! They will never again be seen as legitimate news sources!
Barbara Raczak The people in other countries are relieved to have a leader again. Obama tried the old idea that other countries would pick up the slack and be happy if we didn't lead. But as we saw for 8 years that turned out not to be the case. The world was relieved ...

President Donald J. Trump's speech at the Arab Islamic American Summit was clear, direct, and realistic. He did not project appeasement or cowardliness like President Obama did during in his speech in Cairo. Instead he directly addressed the threats we face and was clear about what we need to do.

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Frank Gilchriest It was Historic, Epic, Immortal!!!! America is back! Thank you Mr. President! Onward!
Tammy Rodgers Good! Don't be a Barry Bow Down! Stand UP for America!!!
Ann Stevens Trumps speech was clear,direct and realistic...because he has level headed speech writers. In the US we can see and here what Trump says..and we remember. They speech was not of his creation.
Caroline A. Higgins barry otero did not display cowardice...he made sure he communicated humbly w his own people letting them know they were in charge of him.
Lynne Kruger We must support Pres. Trump in his efforts to bring world peace, and lift America up.

Trump to nominate Callista Gingrich for Vatican ambassadorship

Trump to nominate Callista Gingrich for Vatican ambassadorship
Trump to nominate Callista Gingrich for Vatican ambassadorship

Her husband Newt Gingrich has been a staunch supporter of Trump.

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Margie Johnson Who is going to be the ambassador for the Protestant population?
Leon Piepenbrink Excellent, Mrs. Gingrich. You will serve our country well.
Harald Patt As Jesus himself talked to prostitutes- why shouldn't Pope Francis
Katherine Sichz Wasn't she your mistress? Makes perfect sense to appoint her Ambassador to the Vatican. NOT!
Debbie Seay Willis Adultress to be our representative to the Vatican? We have lost our way, for sure. How can the Pope allow this?

The propaganda media wakes up every morning determined to either magnify a supposed problem about the Trump administration or invent a new one. They don't care if it's true or not, they just want to make sure they meet this daily "goal."

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Emmanual Samson I am not an American, but i am stunned by this mans courage to live up to his promises. Honestly I prayed Hillary doesnt win, she dint have truth in her eyes and was cunning. She would've just made money. She is using all the money to target using the ...
Cindy Taylor Jeffers I used to have Fox on all day long during the election cycle. Now I can't stand to listen to it. How many times do we have to listen to the same story? They are guilty of not reporting the news these days. I could give a flying fig what the pundits ...
Sandra Shields Bennett Agree! Ignore them and continue focusing on winning with his agenda. Love his positive updates on his team's results and uplifting messages (keep them coming). Results are what they fear most! They will have a hard time denying more jobs, strong ...
Natalie Heflin Liberals have become Domestic Terrorist running around in the streets afraid to show their face, attacking Americans that have different opinions than theirs, Standing up in Congress and trying to destroy America instead of working together to make ...
Wanetta Lynn Rose Smith Love you Newt .for standing strong .. We are on theTrump Train for the long haul .. No one else wants to help our nation as much as President Trump. Prayers for all the Trump family and staff and a country full of patriots who love our nation.

Roger Ailes was a genius at politics and the news media. His advice to Presidents Nixon and Reagan was historic and helped elect both. Ailes played a key role in electing President George H.W. Bush in 1988. He understood the American people, and he knew how to reach them. Ailes’s greatest contribution was the founding and development of Fox News. He understood that ‘Fair and Balanced' was the key to success. In the years I worked with him he was a great mentor, deeply patriotic, committed to Fox News, and really worried about America. The history of cable television will have a very big chapter on Roger Ailes. Without his success at Fox News, Trump could never have won.

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Gayle Grimsley Heninger RIP Mr. Ailes! You changed my life. Until Fox news, I thought I was the only one like me out there!!!
Kit Rowley NEWT - True Republicans and believers in MAGA must come together; this DOES NOT include many in the GOP who are RINOs at best. There are millions, maybe 40,000,000 people who despite his short coming still believe that Trump is the best thing to happen ...
Carolyn Scruggs As long as you weren't a pretty woman trying to have a career in broadcasting. Go to bed with him or else! That is not acceptable behavior from anyone!
Dustin Dubree Reagan is the only one worth mentioning...The Bush's are globalists..I remember H W telling us on live tv that they were bringing in the new world order with the help of the UN and there was nothing Americans could do about it...We see the results today.
Fannie Esidore I feel so bad that his name has been drug through the mud along with other conservative men on Fox News. I personally do not believe all the nasty reports that were told about him and Bill O'Reilly %Thank you Mr Ailes for giving the world Fox News.

While the President owes the American people many things -- a stronger economy, a better health care system, defense of the U.S. Constitution -- he most definitely does not owe anything to the Washington press corps and the left-wing hypocrites who dominate today’s news media.

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Stephen Robert Hebron He spent the last two years busting his butt to get to a place where real good may now be accomplished, and it already is! No one believed he could even get THIS far! Who even wants DJTs job? It is so stressful, it takes amazing stamina and intellect ...
Sue Sheppard You are SO RIGHT. Just get Our economy moving get a handle on people from other countries flooding in here taking advantage of our generous system unfund PLANNED Parenthood cut BS government spending. These are a few things he can we work on. We quit ...
Linda Louten Fleury I say cut off the WH briefings. The media isn't interested in any accomplishments that the President has done, or what his agenda is for that day. They have the noose ready just waiting to pick the right tree! They called themselves journalists, when ...
Terry Daniel To drain the swamp it will be necessary to enforce espionage and treason laws; bad stuff but it has to be done. "News" outlets cannot be exempt.
Carey Ann Mcclure If they succeed in ousting the man WE put in office, and our party doesn't do anything to stop it, we WILL get them out of there, even if we have to vote for anybody on the ticket, in the next election, rather than them. What difference will it make, ...

The President Owes the News Media Nothing: Part 1

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Joe Wierbicki Despite all the political & media hype aimed at Trump, there's no obstruction, there's no impeachable offense, there's no constitutional crisis, and there's no impropriety.
Pat Norman Go Newt! Remind him there are people in America that love the truth and God. We are under attack.All those billions the drug dealers made are working to stop The lawyers
Christian Loepp Newt, I hope you will formally join Trumps team and help shape the message. I know nothing will stop the Dems and the press from making up things, but you could make a huge difference!
James Brown Every question should be met with some variation of "I would say you are disgusting, evil swine but that would be an insult to pigs. You really should be ashamed of yourself you know."
Eve Valleser The media are crazy. They are against President Trump at anything and everything of his agenda. I cannot stand listening to them. The President should just stop the media briefing. The press media is like a snake or a crocodile ready to attack a victim!

I challenge anyone to go back and analyze the last four months of the news media's coverage of President Donald J. Trump and come to the conclusion that it's been unbiased, serious, or focused on important topics. It's not possible because the news media today has reached a level of bias and dishonesty unlike anything I've seen in my lifetime. Read more:

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Karin Calistri I am an independent, but have voted for both democratic and republican presidents. But, what I have seen being done in the democratic party is such a disgrace. I am now leaning to register Republican..
Carol L. Hale Agree. I am very bothered and upset that our president who we voted for and won more than half the country is being treated so poorly and with such horrible disrespect. President Trump is a man who loves this country and deserved much, much more than ...
Cheryl Nichols God bless you and our President. if it is hard for the people to listen to this BS it must be very difficult for our President and family
Tina Beck I'm SO disgusted with the news media. I'm tired of them thinking we should even CARE about the crap they are spewing. We voted for Trump because he is NOT a typical politician. When are the reporters and the democrat's and some of the republicans going ...
Sue Friedrich It's very sad. Once so respected, we would turn on our TVs and depend on honesty and integrity reporting the news. Those days are gone. Now it's biased, prejudice, racist, and actually being paid to be puppets for certain corrupted individuals rather ...

The left-wing media is not committed to the truth, they're not committed to reporting accurate information, they're committed to being the dishonest opponents of the Trump administration, and the President and his team should absolutely think about restructuring press briefings to speak directly to the American people rather than a room full of individuals pretending to be honest reporters.

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Patricia Alzate Arcuri I think Chuck Schumer could be the source of the leaks. He was the one that threatened president Trump, saying that all of the intelligence agencies had ways of getting back at him. He should be interrogated and he should have to explain what he meant ...
R William Cooper Facebook pages of the Liberal Media Elite are like an old fashioned back porch bug-light. If you state any conservative views-the switch is ON! The Liberals swarm with the degradation, profanity, insults, anything but reasoned discourse. If you finally ...
Scott Weaver YES 100% .....isn't that what its all about the American people..real Americans don't watch the liberal garbage new's ....end it shut them out make them new's only for their sheepish followers real Americans wont watch fake new's
Pat Brooks Galloway I am so tired of the left-wing media and all others. Seems all they do is find something wrong with Trump! They harp on the same subject days on end. Report it once and move on......
Joseph Tierney Once you hear the briefing you can see wether the reporters are biased &/or respectful or not and get the response straight from the press secretary. Right after wether in print, radio or TV they spin a web of lies and conjecture to slant the truth.

It's not the job of the FBI director to take upon himself the job of the Attorney General, and that's exactly what James Comey did last summer after Bill Clinton met with Loretta Lynch on the tarmac. We need an FBI director who knows what he's doing, is prepared to defend it, and willing to take the consequences when necessary.

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Marlin Johnson Reopen Hillary's case. She wasn't doing anything in the public interest, everything she did was for her own benefit.
Shirley Eaton Huey oh Comey knew what he was doing - obstructing justice to protect hillary, Bill and Lynch and then that Obama guy.....
Donna Blankenship-Colley Comey is a good start...Now Finish it and DRAIN THE SWAMP!! Get rid of the rest of OBAMA/CLINTON CRONIES! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!
The Chepo Team Donald Trump is our President! Because As American hispanics, we are tired of how all of these coward racist liberals that hate America like Obama, and their supporters are trying to turn this great country into a 3rd world one. Unfortunately, one of ...
Kathy Robertson I wish Hannity, O'Reilly, Mark Dice, Newt Gingrich, Alex Jones, etc. would get together and create the mother of all news channels. The media we have now is severely lacking. Most hate Trump and most are so biased it is ridiculous. Most also hate ...

Women Who Work -- An Inspiring Read This Mother’s Day

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Jotus Fitz Ken Hi newt
Carl Slashausen Fran Townsend2017
Stacy Burke Drivel.

Happy Mother's Day! 🌸 With my beautiful mom, Kit, in the 1940s.

8.3k reactions 327 comments
Diane Hunter Guy Newt, your mom was stunningly beautiful, and you are an adorable little boy. I know she must've loved you very much.
Diana Williams What a cutie pie and a great American. God bless you and your family Newt. Thank you for speaking out for our America.
Kelly Zentner Woosley Such nice picture and think you still have the same look now as then.
Barbara Butcher Meidlinger You can definitely tell that's you Newt! Thanks for sharing your mom with us!
Robert Cullen III So what you're saying is you haven't changed your hair style in 70 years?

Very excited that my new book, Understanding Trump will be released one month from today! Pre-order a copy now to be the first to receive it on June 13th.

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Dana Romero He's easy to understand He's American ❤ Our Voice ⚓ Trumps🕊
George Williams Pres. Trump is inspiring, intelligent and Different, I get him!!!!
Kris Rhodes-Sauerwein Yes, but will the Liberal crazies read it?
Jim Bedrava I am buying for family and friends. Would love to go to a book signing.
Tony Rooster Cogburn I already unsterstand him!!! I dont need to spend money on it!!! GO DONALD & MELANIA!!!

If President Donald J. Trump were to say, "the American flag is red, white, and blue," Senator Chuck Schumer and the Democrats would immediately claim that he was wrong, it's fuchsia because that's their whole approach right now. They don't care about facts, they only care about disagreeing with the President.

7.6k reactions 559 comments
Dorris Bishop Rodgers The media have become paparazzi of the air. They are all running around trying to one up one another with one story after another with no substance or benefit except to further their hatred. Wish their broadcasts could be thrown in the garbage like ...
KD King I wish we could all find ways to turn them off and not even discuss the unrest they incite. Otherwise, can we stand 8 years of this. I like the idea of news coming from the White House and disband the press conferences.
Barbara Cole I'm not crazy about Trump, but I am really tired of people acting so hysterical over everything the man says and does. He needs to quiet down and the people need to let him work. It's sad that so many egos on both sides don't allow anything to get ...
Linnea Lee Tell it like it is Newt. You're right on! I feel sorry for President Trump. He's have to "put up" with sooo much crapola just because he happened to have money and then won an election he was expected to lose! I am sooo sick of those like waters, ...
Debbie Logan Sexton They make me sick, tired of hearing this childish garbage!! It wouldn't have mattered if Jesus Christ himself had won over Hillary, they would argue he cheated with Russian involvement!! Need bottles and pacifiers on every desk!!!

#FlashbackFriday to the fall when Senator Chuck Schumer claimed he had "lost all confidence in Director Comey." Amazing how quickly the Democrats changed their mind about Comey after President Donald J. Trump dismissed him this week.

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Dianne Snow You'd think!! But I think their only motive at this time is putting down our President. They couldn't care less about anything/anyone in this country but themselves.
Paul E Mason Right, Now nobody remember. In my opinion All White House have to GO TO WORK in important issues. they have to stop their nonsense. No respect at all.
Robert Petricko They are all idiots. They are trying to shake President Trumps Credibility so when He goes after Obama and Hillary He will have no support. Pathetic. They are in bed together
Sylvia Martin Lafferty The Democrats are just evil! You can't talk to them.... they don't know how! Their one and only response is hostility!
Donna Reed White Hillary would have fired him the first minute of her presidency ... don't think for a second that she wouldn't have done that...

If President Donald J. Trump had received the recommendation from the deputy attorney general and then waited to act, the Democrats would've had an issue with this too. The President made the right decision, at the right time, and the Left once again refuses to admit that he was correct.

3.8k reactions 233 comments
Jose Fitch Now is timing,next is why,when,where,how, 4 long years of nothing just obstructionism, the American people wants full time jobs,food, health care, nice roads,less taxes, security, investigate all you want, but earn your salary by doing what the ...
Sue Gillies Why can't the press start being sued for slander? It is horrible the hate that they are spreading that is mostly from false statements. We love that President Trump is keeping to his agenda and draining the swamp, just like he said he would do. Trump ...
Sue Fox This is another game for the Democrats. They would rather chase ghost then do their jobs. While this is going on many many people continue to lose their healthcare coverage. The Tax Reform gets set back further. Where does this help the country or the ...
Charlotte Chase Peterson Why can't people quit talking about this. Is no big deal. Geesh. People are crazy. Every little thing that Trump says or does is made a federal case of every single day! Trump is doing a real fantastic job. He is the president. Accept it, or If ...
Lynne Kruger regardless of what or how he does anything the left will pick and pick. they are vultures dating for their prey. shame on them for putting party above country and working on moving America forward instead of this BS and distraction tactic.

Congratulations to my friend and fellow Advocates for Opioid Recovery advisor Patrick J. Kennedy on your nomination to the President’s Opioid Commission. You will be an invaluable asset to the Commission, and I look forward to working with you to ensure that all Americans have access to evidence-based addiction treatment by creating policy that is founded in science.

AOR Statement: Patrick J. Kennedy Appointment to Presidential Commission on Combating America’s Opioid Crisis
AOR Statement: Patrick J. Kennedy Appointment to Presidential Commission on Combating America’s Opioid Crisis

AOR Applauds the Appointment of advisor Patrick J. Kennedy to the White House Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis

232 reactions 6 comments
Brenda Black The doctors are too free in prescribing pain medication.
Sue Sheppard Limit their use to hospitals ONLY
Thomas Ray But obama said we should release drug pushers who have no skills other than dealing drugs
Norine Donnelly Oh, just legalize medical use of marijuana and be done with it. At least, marijuana never killed anybody.
Mike McWilliams Quit using methadone. It's worse than the real deal and you never can get off that . I have read kratom is successfully being used to get people off heroine and other opiates .

The media seems to be conveniently forgetting that the deputy attorney general who recommended Comey's dismissal is a 30-year career professional who was President Obama's choice for U.S. Attorney for Maryland. He was not someone from the Trump campaign, and his memo makes it clear that former DOJ officials on both the Left and the Right questioned many of Comey's actions.

3.7k reactions 278 comments
Sue Fox I don't think this is why he was dismissed. I think it was other more recent things. The fact he refuse to do investigating when asked, the fact that he told "stories" to the Senate hearing committe. He went rogue. He chose to be higher then his ...
Modupe Odusanya Pity all Republicans propping up Trump. By the time you realize Trump is only about Trump, it will be too late. How do you reconcile everything Trump and his associate said before and after the inauguration about Comey only to fire him when the ...
Kevin Ruh Mr. Speaker, you seem to be conveniently forgetting that the AG recused himself from anything relating to the Russia-Trump investigation, including oversight of the people doing the investigating, and so it HAD to be the Deputy AG who initiated the ...
Shea Nosal Newsflash!!! The person who recommended the dismissal isn't so much the concern as the President who SIGNED the paperwork! Additionally, it is clear that the timeline of this recommendation does not line up. Funny how the GOP always tries to blame their ...
Chris Jackson I can't speak for the media but I can tell you no one with a brain believes Comey was fired for the Hillary stuff. Some of us do read those letters you know. I voted for you in 2012. Your endless Trump schilling is disappointing. No one thought Comey ...

President Donald J. Trump's decision to terminate FBI Director James Comey after reading the deputy attorney general's thorough recommendation letter was absolutely the right thing to do. The President promised the American people he'd restore integrity and the rule of law in Washington and that's exactly what he's doing.

11.6k reactions 448 comments
Marie Ledoux Absolutely!!! And the libs are trying so hard to "create" a controvery where there is none! Hiring and firing in certain positions is at the POTUS' pleasure .... one of the perks of the job .... he can get his own folks in those jobs.
Jorge Segovia Tellez Very well done by Mr. Donald J. Trump. No one in the world should know in advance his ideas, intentions or decisions. You are a real President!
John Bunger Every time I listened to Comey the madder I would get that he wasn't fired.Wanted to be politically correct and a prosecuter instead of law enforcer
Bob Warner Right or wrong it's his decision he's the President of the United States 🇺🇸. Good grief get a grip. And I personally feel it's the correct decision.
Paul Richards Evil will never wins! In time under pressure even dry bones will speak. No one is above the law! They will ALL be consumed by their own corrupt and selfish ambitions! Time is the master and Time is ALWAYS on time! GOD'S SPEED...!

The Democrats' answer to health care is to bankrupt the entire country, spend whatever they can come up with, and then ultimately go to a single-payer system to make Bernie Sanders happy, so of course they're not going to like the Republicans' plan because they think the government should be the monopoly deliverer of health care.

3.5k reactions 250 comments
Laura M Dill president Trump ran on protecting preexisting conditions - and why is there a tax break in the bill at all for the top 1% they are the only demographic that doesn't need a tax break
Joyce Underhill I do believe in universal medicine this way everyone would be covered. However it's got to be fair from people on the system putting into to it and working people. Say like a flat tax of 3% of income no matter if its welfare, unemployment or pay check ...
Ellie Allen Its not about Health care. Its about following through on Hillary's thesis in College. Its all in the book they are following to a T. That book should be verbally exposed. What they are doing to President Trump is right out of their little how to ...
Guy Vincent this was the outcome planned by the Obama administration,,it was a system designed to collapse on to itself from not enough healthy young adults participating to pay for "high risk" citizens...
Ömer Icten Why not they are not your community. ? No body like turkey i know , but even turkish government did bring healt care free!!! I was wondering usa going to be great community.. now i understand no body carries them community. To be honesty life should ...

Great seeing Condoleezza Rice at Fox News! Her fantastic new book, Democracy: The Long Road to Freedom comes out this week. Learn more:

4.5k reactions 176 comments
Liz A. Vansickle Nothing but Love, Respect, and Admiration for this lovely lady.
Carol McCormick She's a woman I would want to see as the POTUS. I guess it's not because HRC is a woman after all, it's just that she's HRC.
Maxine Rains I admire her very much. I would love to see her as the first woman president.
Raymond Chavarria Two of my most favorite people in the world. Keep up the good work. God Bless.
Jane Kissel Hintermaier Always a big fan of Condoleezza Rice. She would make an excellent president but is too smart.

Congrats to Ivanka Trump on the release of her new #WomenWhoWorkBook this week! Check it out here:

4.1k reactions 149 comments
Mike Willey No wonder you women are not going to get anything or anywhere life you're too busy knocking each other down and you blame us men
David Pettengill She's already doing more for women than Hillary has her whole life 😊
Terry Teague Love ya,Newt. This is great. You are a voice of logic and reason.
Kristi Weaver What a wonderful role model for all women- and especially young girls! ❤🇺🇸❤🇺🇸

The passage of the American Health Care Act yesterday was an enormous victory for President Donald J. Trump, House Republicans, and the American people. Here's why:

2.4k reactions 158 comments
Gerald Schumacher Thi sis all lies. Nothing has become law and the senate has already stated this bill is dead on arrival. The reublicans in the senate simply will not vote for this.
Larry Bezad hey all you angry people, get on with your life. We normal people had to put up with your joke of a leader, the former POTUS!!
Gail Larralde OBAMACARE DID SO MUCH DAMAGE TO OUR COUNTRY - it will take more than a few months to fix it -THE PROBLEM IS NOT INSURANCE - the problem is COST OF SERVICES- an insured person goes to the doctor, has a bunch of lab tests, procedures- BUT NEVER ASKS HOW ...
Doug Johnson There never should have been a mandate in the first place. It's just another illegal god dam tax and don't think any different
Margy Bee Govt shouldnt have to provide healthcare to anyone other than vets. Problem is that once you provide an entitlement, you can't ever take it back.

Happy #StarWars Day! #maythe4thbewithyou #tbt #throwbackthursday

573 reactions 23 comments
Alessandro J Papi Matteo Dalainon Falcioni con colpevole ritardo
Mike Smith Luke is a Gray Jedi. Carry on.
Ginger Lauver Stay with us Newt. We got your back and you have ours.
Jason Urbanczyk Thank you Dark Sith 🤡
Rick Frederick 100 million deplorables are boycotting Fox....................

The GOP health care bill has gotten better by not passing initially. It increases the range of choice, it increases freedom for the states, it lets governors manage Medicaid much better, and it gives people with pre-existing conditions a greater guarantee that they’ll be covered. If this bill is passed today it'll be an enormous breakthrough for House Republicans, President Trump, and the American people.

2.9k reactions 167 comments
Michael J Partusch OK....maaaaaybe...IF the inevitable 'steps 2 and 3' ultimately provide for a free market approach that incorporates small business pooling across state lines so that competitive rates will enable affordable coverage for pre-existing conditions, ...
Jim Fortune why don't we just cut to the chase and admit we have lost our conscience as a country to take care of people who can't take care of themselves............the people who are well off say "I got mine, and I don't care about anyone else"
Molly O'Connor Holzer All pre existing conditions need to be covered. Period. If you ever had a cough most conditions would be attributed to that cough when you were a kid. Most people need medical insurance because of their "pre existing conditions". Who ever thought of ...
Debbie Starks Some of us r very concern about the cost of our medication that we have to take to stay alive? Examples here.
Debi Sams wow for the last 8 years we have been torn down so much you people seem to forget the truth of the matter. pre existing illness happened already and should be covered. unless you have someone you love that has a disease or illness that has been ongoing ...
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