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About last night #OOTN

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Mark A. Espinosa Never any pics with husband.
Ninette Duca Si seulement !!!! Bon dimanche ma Barbie 😘😘💕💕
Andrew Avitua Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous ...
Heidi Sambaba Pretty in pink!

Thinking about the weekend... #TGIF

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Octavio Barrera Bellisima✌
Danny Kinsella Absolutely gorgeous Eva !
Orville Baroya Whatcha gonna do?
Norman Martin BEAUTIFUL
Lincoln Williams And that you see the Lord's Glory around you

Jinxy will always be a puppy to me! #NationalPuppyDay #TBT

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Anthony Cain II 😍😍😍😘
Rick Chan You look marvelous darling
Jessica Bove Cute! Have a nice day <3
Norman Martin BEAUTIFUL
Colin Cowley Just beautiful xxx

Throwback to that one time I was Miami's hottest DJ! #AtLeastInMyHead #TBT

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Kenny Santiago Smokin
James Scott Goldie Cute!!
Tom Moresi Your hotter now babe!!
Claudia Cestau Liz Divina
Gierga Stefano Farrugia Still are

Back on set today! #EarlyCallTimes #NeedMoreCoffee

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Samia Sassa Fati Saadi Ôn a pas tous le mm job😥😮😥😩
Kevin Mammeri Calvin Rebaud our favorite star 😉
Ann Marie When is devious maids coming back??????
Eunice Imene I luv ur movies

Second day of Spring and it's still bomber season.

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Irina Kounitskiy Real women
Dwight Hall Sexy Mama!!
Nathan Godwin Sexy ass
Totte Looman My adorable Eva! I am sending you a thought and a kiss by mail, email elller or air with me personally. a hug to you, love you ......... Your friend Niki
Luis Usmc Hello to my 4th generation cousin on my mother's side of the family #............THE ( EVA LONGORIA ) #............

So excited for the premiere of Decline & Fall on BBC One! Tune in March 31 at 9pm #DeclineAndFall

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Samuel Peters Tell that Lopez nigga to stfu! http://www.opposingviews.com/i/social/george-lopez-sparks-controversy-comment-about-pimping-ivanka-trump
Samuel Peters http://trib.al/DCIlmoC
Samuel Peters http://trib.al/DCIlmoC
Samuel Peters http://mobile.wnd.com/2017/03/sanctuary-policies-led-to-brutal-bathroom-rape-of-14-year-old-schoolgirl/#6fps2wkrcgiLK7Pb.01
Bastien Waffle Ornellita Nella Romain Marchand Virginie Rossetto Cortes Christine Palomares Cortes ca fait bizarre !

Happy Monday! Have a great week! #CoffeeTime

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Rosa Pinto Rodrigues Bom 😊 dia ⭐️
Nance Art Love that China pattern.
Krystyna Wojcicka Happy monday 👠
Hissein Hissein Djimet Nous vs souhaitez de prendre la suite de Desperate house wife please
Roberto Atk Coffee with Eva in the Mornings. Heaven. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Watch my brother Mario Lopez and his hilarious family on their new YouTube channel! #FamiliaLopez

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Robert Garriott No thanks not gay
Sanda BeBo Samia Fray ton mari, tu te souviens? Lol
Anna Gia 👍
Genet Asihun Beautiful family
Carmen Reist hermosa familia Mario, Dios los bendiga !!😘

Starting the morning off right! #BecauseWineWillBeLater 😉

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Emma Marie Ce qu'on appelle un petit déjeuner "healthy" ;)
Maurice Kiefer Frühstück ganz nach deinem Geschmack od Christine Kautz?!
Lincoln Williams That is very healthy
Mara Fossaluzza EVA u r so stunning
Laety Di Renzo Gilles Crx je veux des petits déjeuner comme ça 😋

Happy St. Patrick's Day y'all! #StPatricksDay 🍀

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Samuel Peters http://trib.al/UBIsjCq
Samuel Peters http://trib.al/UBIsjCq
Samuel Peters http://trib.al/UBIsjCq
Lena Cometa Dori Na 👭💚☘🍺
Sonia Varela Nava 🍀💚🍀💚🍀💚🍀

Throwback to hot Miami nights! #TBT

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Jason Briggs Still hot....
Chardonnay Lacey Alexis Always beautiful Eva 🔥🔥✨ xxxx
Musti Kusak I like your shoes Eva. Forget the #tbt 😘
Hamza Nageep Eva Beautiful and nice
Octavio Barrera Bellisima✌

Just confirmed! Brand new adaptation of Evelyn Waugh's #DeclineAndFall premieres on BBC One, March 31 at 9pm. So excited!

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Franca Forte Bacio dall'Italia
Samuel Peters Hope your mom doesn't fish in Rio grande: http://trib.al/HoLkX99
Samuel Peters Hope your mom doesn't fish in Rio grande: http://trib.al/HoLkX99
Johnny Anzaldua Llanes Do you use a British accent?
Johnny Anzaldua Llanes Ill be watching

It may be my birthday but I have a gift for YOU! I want to celebrate with you so we are giving 25% off EVERYTHING on EvaLongoria.com. Hurry, the sale ends tomorrow at midnight! (No need to add a promo code - the discount will be applied automatically at checkout!)

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Susana Rosa Happy Birthday my dear. Big Kiss from Portugal
Veronica Matto https://www.dailypetition.com/Ask-LOreal-to-stop-testing-on-innocent-animals-immediately-t-1054
Jaime Martins Happy birthday Eva, Kisses from Portugal :)
Al E Nixon Happy Birthday Eva!
Praise Huguette Tembo Happy birthday my favorite woman...my star remain blessed

This is my new daily uniform! Sweats!!

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Ivanova Regina С днём рождения, моя любимая, неповторимая и просто очаровательная Ева! Казань любит тебя, приезжай к нам в гости!
Gerardo L. Berríos >>> Happy Birthday to Eva Longoria! <<< http://batallante.blogspot.com/2016/03/happy-birthday-to-eva-longoria.html
Greg George You would look Great in Anything... Even a Burlap Sack.. <3 U
Antonio Vazquez Barroso Que preciosidad de mujer tanto de gala como casual como en pijama eres mi amor platonico...me encantas!!!!
Ty Barker Hey! You can lend me some motivation to get in shape! Ty

‪I’ll be at the LA Women’s Conference today with Mayor Eric Garcetti to talk about building better futures for women and girls! #WomenMoveLA‬

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Jennifer Ibanez <3 :D
Izzettin Alkan sağlık-mutluluk-başarı-huzur seninle olsun iyiki doğdun
Peter Smith Your the boss eva
Ivon Kop Reeb 🌏🌏🌎👌👍👍👍😃
John Brown Sounds good. Keeps you out of trouble

I’m thrilled to announce that my collection is now available at HSN! You’re going to love my new spring collection! Check it out and tell me which piece is your favorite! http://gohsn.co/cgNhiU #TheFashionEdit #EvaLongoriaCollection

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Vikramjit Singh u look pretty nice picture
Anna Imparato Molto bella
Norman Martin BEAUTIFUL
Praise Huguette Tembo I like your top
Staph Imperator 😁

Miami! Join me at the Invicta Store in Miami International Mall tonight at 5pm to see my latest watch collection for TechnoMarine! Can't wait to see you all there!

7.9k reactions 77 comments
Norman Martin BEAUTIFUL
Octavio Barrera Beautiful. Bellisima💐💐💐✌
James Lyon looking good lady
Nickolas Rolando Eva <3
Rudy N Paula Hernandez Hi!

So excited to be back on Evine with more watches from my Eva Longoria for TechnoMarine collection! Tune in at 6pm ET tonight!

3.2k reactions 50 comments
Paul Alvarez Romo Good morning
Casa Bella Homes Que Mujer mas bella
Jeniffer A Matamoros Ella es un éxito 👏🌸
Thomas Selby Hill You're still very Beautiful
Rosalinda Ruiz Beautiful. 👍

Here's to a great weekend! 🍹#DoYaLikePiñaColadas #LoveMyChipsWithChili

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Nance Art Count me in
Verito Villarreal Delicious!!
George William Gockel Your choice Eva.
Graciela Gaytan Mmmmm! Enjoy Eva!!
George Bolkovac Is that my drink?

Thank you so much Allure for the awesome article on the Eva Longoria Collection! ❤

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James Lyon nice picyure
Rodolfo Reyes Rodriguez E V A Longoria Gran MUJER EJEMPLAR Femina PURA SANGRE,....
Rafael Vera hi baby
Jacobo Longoria Siempre Bella Prima
Michel Turco Bellissima 💗💗👄👄🌼🌼🌼🌼

I’ll be back on Evine Saturday, March 11th from 6pm – 8pm ET with new watches from the Eva Longoria Collection for TechnoMarine! Find out more about Evine & where you can watch here #EvaForTechnoMarine - http://bit.ly/2mj9t80

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Nickolas Rolando <3 Eva <3
Giorgia Prezzavento #Beatifullmodel#i'mfandi EvaLongoria#
John Brown At Your Service for any event you arrange.Best service going.
Rani Firman ☛ Logan (2017) FULL MOVIE [ HD Q ] 1080p [ English Subtitle ] ➡ #Watclogan3315342zd
Hissein Hissein Djimet Mortel

Coffee always tastes a little better when it looks like this 😍#FridaysAlmostHere #HangInThere

1.0k reactions 23 comments
Matteo Di Maio Arte Italiana
Greg George <3
Layja Nadia Eva Bisous de la France 🌍🌎🌏❤❤❤
Priscilla Camacho Spurs play tonight!
Claire Feltsman I love evalongoriaaaa

Great article about the Eva Longoria Collection! Thank you InStyle ❤

Eva Longoria
Eva Longoria's New Clothing Collection Couldn't Be More Perfect for Spring

Still need help stripping away the last of the winter blues? Take a long look at Eva Longoria's new spring collection. ...

2.6k reactions 30 comments
Samuel Peters http://www.cnn.com/2017/03/09/politics/coverline-snippet-3-9/index.html
Samuel Peters http://www.cnn.com/2017/03/09/politics/coverline-snippet-3-9/index.html
Fiona Refalo Hayley Refalo 😙
Dennis Justus Julia Buda🙌

A conversation with Eva Longoria on International Women's Day

1.3k reactions 27 comments
George William Gockel Happy womans day Eva.
Roman Kravchuk like! invite in Kyev
Amir Ali Shah Amazing
Reyna Valentin We love you..❤
Chrisostomos Kontovas Eva, you look stunning! Happy women's day!

I’m taking your questions on Facebook Live! Join me on International Labour Organization's page for an exclusive conversation with international journalist Femi Oke about the incredible contributions working women make around the world. #IWD2017 https://www.facebook.com/ILO.ORG/

197 reactions 17 comments
Christopher Jacquet Galb Ozor
Anabella Rutte Happy women all around the world
Sirene de Toi
Caramelo De Limon Erica Montalvo Tarazona Yo solo qro conocerte
George William Gockel Have you Eva been to Hawaii? I have not been to Hawaii?

Ready for that summer weather 🌞👗

17.5k reactions 164 comments
James Lyon A very pretty picture
Florencia Cespedes I love your dress 👗 . I want the same one .😀
Irfaan Dookhit :) :).
Kelly Vaughn I need thissssss!!!!!!
Mary Sabatino Divina

Eva Longoria Baston's cover photo

745 reactions 15 comments
Tyler Marie Martinez https://www.facebook.com/tyler.m.sears/posts/10155105431676518
Christopher Jacquet Galb Ozor
Ced Leblan Je l'aime set femme
Andrzej Kućma Hi Zosiu. Pięknie wyglądasz.
Rudy N Paula Hernandez Beautiful!

Spring 2017 | evalongoria.com #EvaLongoriaCollection

28.4k reactions 308 comments
Sophy Knowles Tu as vu Magalie Santos Knowles le moussoulélé est à la mode 😜
Marisa Villa Celina Perez I love this collection! 😂💜👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Sophie Steinfeldt Jenny Krüger hast mir ja gar nichts von Don's Nebenjob erzählt 😍
Olivér Kilenc Dejovagybaszki
Thierry Minet you are absolutely too gorgeous Eva Longoria Baston

Can't believe it's finally here! Shop my new Spring 2017 Collection on evalongoria.com! #EvaLongoriaCollection

4.2k reactions 59 comments
Steven McDaniel Lovely
Julie Ramirez I hope you carry petite sizes?
George William Gockel Excellent for you Eva and your female fans.
Jessica Lynn Roberts I'm so excited!
Lisa Garcia Already out of stock😢
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