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Bonjour Paris! Je suis la pour voir tous mes amis français ! Viens me voir demain à la boutique L'Oréal a 17:00! Hello my French friends!! I'm here to see you, come meet me tomorrow at the L'Oreal Boutique at 5p! #LorealParis 🇫🇷

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Totte Looman Hello Eva , When will you meet your friend here and let him invite you on a dinner date.Your friend Nik
Erika Peterson Liz Rainey want to meet Eva Longoria?
John Rowland Audrey Ptibou Zouzou Cestmoi Allez y pour moi et faites lui un big 💋 de ma part
Asiimwe Lynn wanna come but oops in Africa need a visa need a ticket need every thing just in box me eva am a big fan
Soraya Mira Sofiane Bruno Demain elle sera à Paris 😮😮😮 dégoûtée! Tellement envie de la voir dommage !

Little Black Dress never fails! #LBD #BomberJacket

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Robert Domalik Gorgeous!
Naveed Lakho Look you so pretty and so cute??
Greg George Whole Lotta Love.. For You.. <3
Harper Sherie looking good lady

Early work day in Paris!

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Eva Mouret 😎
Mini Brune Jolie Eva 💋
Max Robert On doit pas avoir la même!
Serge Hager Eva est une superbe femme 😀😀
Alicia Séveran Michael jackson look ?!?

¡Feliz día querido México! País lleno de cultura, pasión, sabor y un gran corazón 🇲🇽 #diadelaindependencia #vivamexico

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Maybelle Arevalo Salvador ❤❤❤❤❤
Teresa Cervantes Viva México 🇲🇽
José Lima Kalunga Oi Eva abrazos de Luanda Angola.
Lilibeth Hernandez Eres genial!! Eva Longoria Baston😘😘😘😍😍😍
Greg George Love Mexico, <3 You..

I've been sewing all my life and never dreamed this moment would come... 🙏🏻 #EvaLongoriaCollection #NYFW

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George William Gockel Amazing Eva.
Tye Merricks Yeah?.
Alita De Pollo Felicitations Eva!!!
Luismayo Contreras Sew me too you
M Luz Alvarez Suerte desde Asturias

Stop by NYC’s Washington Square Park with me and Novartis Cancer today from 10AM-3PM to #KissThis4MBC. Who knows, I may even photobomb you! #sponsored

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Joao Mendes 😘
Sarish Shamprasadh You such a happy girl
Elvis Pro Stanic 🌟🤣🤣🤣😙😙😙😅😅😅🌟
George William Gockel Excellent Eva.
Robert Garriott In the bay area cant go

Date night 👯

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Maybelle Arevalo Salvador Eva you look 20
Cristobel Premier I'am sorry, il'suffit juste de parler,
Samara Samara Love it !
Tye Merricks I'm doin that next.
Ivona Šolčić You look beautiful ladies!

Love my Lace Ponte dress! 👗 #repost Ken Paves ・・・ Sexy in the City! Eva Longoria hits the streets in her Eva Longoria Collection hair Ken Paves makeup Elan Bongiorno hair color Lookbybstevens Ken Paves Salon

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Arun Thailand Beautiful sexy 😍😍
Silvande José de Santana Muito bela, muito bem composta, bem comportada. Encantadora.
Wayne King Hey pretty baby! Classy look!
Manuel Antonio Rojas Abella Hermosa
Robert Domalik Beautiful!

Eva Longoria Baston updated their website address.

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George William Gockel Amazing Eva.
Tye Merricks That part.
Victoria BruBaker Beautiful collection, I'm watching on today show and I'm trying to get info on the kiss? post for MBC? Breast cancer. Can you do this on any social media or a specific one only?

Behind the scenes #EvaLongoriaCollection #Spring2018 #NYFW #YesISew

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Tracy Déchaux https://youtu.be/cFG0-gRJAZ8
Thanh Hoa Nguyễn
Sarish Shamprasadh Impressed 😘
Denyss Ogarrio González 😍
Ricardo Reyes 💘

In case you missed it... Eva Longoria Collection, #NYFW. #EvaLongoriaCollection #EvaLongoriaNYFW 🎥 Ken Paves

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Litza Davmar Llm La mejor. De todas eva langoria saludos de Perú
Peguy Ngo Nonga Très pratique
Nanou Chenet J'adore
Paul Elo Elles son magnifique
Jessy Nardiello The best❤️

Thank you to Andrew Shang and WWD for this amazing review of Spring 2018 for the #EvaLongoriaCollection We worked so hard on the line and I'm so grateful for all of those who appreciate what this line represents! Chic, sporty, feminine and beautiful! Check out the link to the article in my bio! #NYFW 🙏🏻

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George William Gockel Excellent Eva.
Sarish Shamprasadh You are far more beautiful Eva
Tye Merricks I look like h*ll.
Eva Cisse Eva, tu es la Meilleure. "NO COMMENT "
Nendo Nino Moussati First like and comment

After the show... #exhausted #mommy #EvaLongoriaNYFW #KiaStyle360NYFW #EvaLongoriaCollection #NYFW

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Moises Hernandez Even sleeping shes georgeus.
Florence Ibe Gabby, Desperate housewives
Diane Pfennig You a very pretty mom
Omotola Alake Long life mama eva
Violetta Violetta Sempre piu bella.

That's a wrap, New York! #EvaLongoriaNYFW #KiaStyle360NYFW #EvaLongoriaCollection #NYFW https://evalongoria.com/?s7ic=c2b34318ef75&gclid=CLSE45jNotYCFZOEswodaisHfQ

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Ryan Alcalde yup
Ryan Alcalde lmao
Lisa Marie LOL
Patrick Bates cute
Robert Garriott To fast i cant see your butt

Behind the scenes... #EvaLongoriaNYFW #KiaSTYLE360NYFW #EvaLongoriaCollection #NYFW https://evalongoria.com/

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Galb Ozor Christopher Jacquet
George William Gockel Excellent Eva.
Totte Looman Good luck with the fashion show Eva, I wish you all the best and a fantastic 2018 with your spring collection, Eve, you're amazing and it's no wonder I got so touched by you when we met the first time in Madrid, my heart is completely sold by you and ...
Victor Namutwe Joroh keep shinning Eva Longoria Baston the galaxy is out there for us to conquer ;-)
Gianfranco Cipollone Hello longoria. Actress.. I love longoria. A longoria in film 🎬 hot bother cooming soon film 🎬.longoria to. Come in italy. A I. Open New Restaurants. Beso old italy🍔🍛 a longoria. Foundation. Children. Latina. Good longoria to come in italy a Vatican. ...

Final touches. #EvaLongoriaNYFW #KiaSTYLE360NYFW #EvaLongoriaCollection #NYFW Eva Longoria Collection https://evalongoria.com/

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Bruce Grady 😍🤗
Sarish Shamprasadh Best wishs.
George William Gockel Fantastic Eva.
Roger McGraw Priceless
Ivana Angeli Eva, so charismatic! 👌

Can't wait for the fashion show tomorrow! Spring 18 collection is so chic! Follow me on Snapchat 👻realevalongoria tomorrow for live behind the scenes!! #EvaLongoriaCollection #KiaSTYLE360NYFW

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Robert Garriott Dont have snap chat me sad
Johnny Roberto Llanes Would be nice to watch!!
George William Gockel I will think about you Eva.
Abdelrahman Taha There are no such thing as desperate house wife , What the hell ?
Greg George How Long Will it Take to Be a somebody that You will Accept. I'm Still a Nobody..

Can't wait for you guys to see the fashion show tomorrow!! #EvaLongoriaCollection #KiaSTYLE360NYFW

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Rosemary Anselem Congrats classy woman
Se Da 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Sandra Alungu 👌👌👌👌👌👌
Simone Coccia Colaiuta The best Eva Longoria Baston
Robert Garriott What station?

🙏🏻 #WeWillNeverForget

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Иван Еневски America did america things
金韜 🙏🙏🙏
Francisco Mata 🇺🇸
Mini Brune 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
William Egan Ryan Amen

Thank you to the beautiful country of Greece for an amazing sunset every night of our vacation! Until next time! 🇬🇷 #Vacation #Sunset

805 reactions 43 comments
Silvande José de Santana Realmente belo.
Randi Lee Still not as beautiful as you!
Marco Antonio Scotto Tessin Kalisberra.
Esther Oliver Thank you for sharing

Check out the new issue is Haute Magazine! Thank you to Kamal Hotchandani and your amazing team for these beautiful photos!! 📸 by: Don Flood Hair: Ken Paves Makeup: Elan Bongiorno Styling: Charlene Roxborough

10.8k reactions 177 comments
Ernesto Cortez Nice nalgas. ;)
Johnny Anzaldua Llanes Wow. Those 20 year old Pageant legs. Amazing.
Santiago Arreola Gorgeous LEGGS / HEELS XO :)
Totte Looman A confession from my side to you Eva, but I'm sure you already know ..! Eve, you inspired me, my heart my soul and a better me since we met for the first time soon seven years back. and the ...

Being photo bombed by Sean Elliott! Hahahaha 🇬🇷

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Greg George Looking Dynamite By the Way.. <3 U.. BOSS.
Bruce Grady Sweeeet even if that isn't u! 👀😱
Totte Looman Eve, you inspired me, my heart my soul and a better me since we met for the first time soon seven years back. and the love for you have only strengthened over the years, although I tried really tried to deny it but I can not, my heart ...
Simon-Narcisse Dezzou-Koulombo Quelque soit ce que vous dites d'elle, Eva est ma femme, ma mere et ma princesse et tres bientot la mere de mon enfant si Dieu le veut. Je l'aime profondement et je l'aimerai toujours. Car le coeur a ses raison que la raison meme ne connait pas. Donc ...

Very alarming and yet he doesn't think #GlobalWarming or #ClimateChange exist. #Repost ATTN: Video ・・・ When we have two biblical hurricanes in one week, it's time to worry about the planet. https://instagram.com/p/BYzR0Acg78T/

840 reactions 40 comments
Loleni Iakopo It is true
Sophia Bittner Global warming is not a new thing
Marco Antonio Scotto Tessin Algunos solo cuidan sus intereses "
Adolfo Turri AMEN.
Greg George Sure Seems Like it.. <3 U BOSS..

Lazy shopping day! 🇬🇷

18.2k reactions 183 comments
Mary E Johnson Leslie Howard...This was you a couple of weeks ago !
Simon-Narcisse Dezzou-Koulombo My very Beautiful mama Eva, I truly deeply love you!!! I can't wait to make love with you!!!
Robert Garriott I bought zac efron poster's for AB WORK you know gut work - yesterday 1st day of 100 sit ups took a lot of sets but i did it😂
Panayoti Mentzelopoulos SO LAZY YOU DIDNT GO ANYWHERE :) CHEERS :)
Panos Paraskevas Welcome to my beautiful country Eva ! Have a great stay !

Good night Greece 🇬🇷

4.0k reactions 0 comments

Who inspired you to love learning? Be sure to check out the XQ Super School Live Show! Sept 8th at 8pm ET on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC #RethinkHighSchool #XQLive #ThanksForTeachingMe

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Simone Coccia Colaiuta Eva Longoria Baston
Greg George <3
Silvia Li YAAAAS
George William Gockel Excellent Eva.
Eva Cisse La Fête pour la Rentrée Scolaire

https://instagram.com/p/BYtktx9FQoN/ #DefendDaca #DACA #Dreamers #USA #LandOfImmigrants

118 reactions 9 comments
Melissa Rumney Hmmmmm..... https://www.google.com/amp/www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/09/05/2139-daca-recipients-convicted-or-accused-of-crimes-against-americans/amp/
George William Gockel They need help Eva.
Diane Cox Fitzjarrell Not true
Tye Merricks I'm finna get my swerve on.
Robert Garriott Impeach trump

As Obama said "This is about basic decency." My heart breaks for these young people who are contributing to our country and now have to live in fear. The DACA program protects 800,000 immigrant youth from deportation and gives them freedom to work and lives law abiding life. Today we reaffirm our solidarity with our DACA-mented, and DACA-eligible youth and their families, and pledge to do everything in our power to preserve their rights, protections, and opportunities. Don't just like this post- take action to defend DACA and protect our immigrant communities. What you can do TODAY: 1. Release a Statement. Declare that rolling back DACA is immoral and will harm our communities and nation. 2. Call on Congress. Drive calls to Congressional offices to do their job and pass a CLEAN Dream Act with no enforcement measures, or trades for other things that would harm our communities. Tell Congress to pass the bipartisan Dream Act of 2017 immediately to protect immigrant youth and do not jeopardize other immigrants. Please do so by calling the following number: 888-542-8298 3. Take to the streets! Join events, vigils, and other activities to support Dreamers on Tuesday Sept 5th. It is so important that our broad community stand united and show that this decision impacts all of us, and we will not stand for it. Go to www.DefendDACA.com to list an event you are organizing or find an event near you 4. Go to "We Are Here to Stay" ( http://weareheretostay.org/ ) to participate in a 48 hour response plan with coordinated messaging in English and Spanish, sample tweets, hashtags, slogans and more. 5. Call on your state and local officials to issue statements of support and resolutions to protect immigrant youth #DefendDACA #HereToStay #UnitedWeDream #SURJ #HispanicFederation #Dreamers

1.4k reactions 63 comments
Stefan Kwiatkowski Eva, I'm sorry to say that THIS is ON YOU (and Lana Parilla, too) because of both of your absolute HELL-BENT insistence on Hillary Clinton getting the nomination during THE PRIMARY last year. SHE is to blame for Trump, Bernie most definitely would've ...
Naomi Eisenberg The lovers the dreamers and me
Greg George Nobody Can Take away what You Have BOSS.. <3
Joshua Gomez Yeah Obama also said "if you like your doctor and your plan you can keep it" I think we're done here.
Deborah McFarland Itis also about obeying the law tbey need to be legal


16.2k reactions 184 comments
Florian Jallon Tom Wood elle est magnifique ma femme😍😉
Sarish Shamprasadh Send me a personal message Eva. Please
Onur Akdoğan I think the Holiday season is over man🤓
Ivan Kiryushin Eva you look fantastic in this photo ! Love your dress ❤
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