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Last updated: 04:36 11/18/2017

‪You guys Google some weird questions...thanks WIRED.‬

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Gabriela Marquezan Gabriela Jung tô adorando que agr eles tem coragem e falam mesmo o que todo mundo já sabia 😂
Victoria Alejandra Zúñiga Mariela Loucel YEESSSSSSSS! por fin lo admitió, im dying aunque ya sabíamos
Jc Darilag You're so hot while talking💕💕
ロバーツ ショーン Rox, ¿Por que no le ponen la verdaderas cosas?, ¡COSAS SUCIAS! 😂
Marcio Canedo Pat Patricia, ele precisava ter entrado na fila do maravilhoso tantas vezes?

💃🏻🕺🏻 Camila Cabello and I at the Latin Grammys Person of the Year... honoring the incredible Alejandro Sanz

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Car Harveaux You are the most handsome person
Valerie Moran Kiara Aguilera la kgada este csmr xd
Dana Rodriguez Sanz Angie Fields tú mujer está tocando a mí hombre 😈
Paulina Ramírez Barboza Ale que significa esto ? 😑
Yaredis Emmanuelli Aquino Abneris M. Colón husband material sabe de alejandrooo

So fresh and so clean.

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Coral Twito Eden Atlan חבל דווקא רציתי שיאריך
Evelin Rendes Boglárka Bodnár ahh a palim szépül de nem tudom már hova 😍
Mi Andres Riquelme I love this man.
Richi Ricardi Be cool brother
Rosalyn Delaney Short hair looks great on you !

Today is #WorldDiabetesDay. As someone who has lived with Type 1 diabetes for 12 years, I’m honored to be a co-founder Beyond Type 1 to help people living with diabetes live beyond their diagnosis 💪🏼

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Paul Morrison My dad was diabetic, you've done so well Nick I'm proud of you!
Melanie Dafne Recagno I am so sorry for you, living without sweet.. That must be horrible
Alyssa Dale Megan Dale as someone with type 1 diabetes. Does this post make Nick 100xs more sexy 😜😜 haha do I need to ask?? Of course it does!
Briana Keaton God please come up with a cure already.


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Agos Rodriguez Hola Nick,Soy de San Luis capital Argentina y te sigo desde los 16. Ahora tengo 26 aňos. Te quiero mucho. A vos y a tus hermanos.! Por favor dale me gusta a mi mensaje y seré felíz! :D
Michael Walker Hey Nick hope you have an amazing day!!
Wãfôõ Elhadi هلوو الله والرسوول 😍😍😍 احنا كويسيين ات كييف بالله .. احيييي انا واحي انا .. الود التقول هارب من الجنه بالله وااااااااااااي انا احي 😍😍❤❤❤ هلو زاتا منك غير ..
Stéphanie Papadopoulos Alexandra Lepage je veux plus un alpagas, je veux lui 😍😍😍
Katy Renee Stamper Hey Nicky baby message me video chat text me and call me snapchat me luv u and miss you

One of my favorite shows to perform on. So happy to be back this year. See you Sunday, American Music Awards.

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Bri Michaletz-Morse no smoking this year 🤔🤔🤔
Jameswade Crain Can't w
Laiane Novais MDS AAAA
Wanie Yusuf Dmw Pls remember I need u live
Patito Camargo Awww ya quiero..

Getting pumped for the Glamour Awards tonight and love taking #LyftLux to get there. Thanks Lyft for the free rides!

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Irwin Mcnair have fun tonight .
Hyacinth Lopez Morales 💘💘💘
Sechaba Kgotso Sebati 😍😍😍💋👄💋👄💋👄💋👄💋
Tuane Tagava Martins Cute.


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Geo Ojeda Ya voy😍😍😍😍😍
Louise Clarke Love you nick! 😍💖😘😗😙😚xo
Valentina Murillo Martinez Mine :)
Yahaira Vitte Igual estás bien putamente guapo, bebe🔥.
Anthony Sanchez Awesome!!!! If Only I Had A Music Studio Like That. Here I am Making My Music on My Phone. Check It Out.

Vibin in the studio today to one of my favorites Unhinged from the last album Last Year Was Complicated. More new music on the way soon 👊🏼😎

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Ashlee Harnist Chassady Gray omg he's a babe 😍❤️
Rosalyn Delaney Can't wait 4 your new album!Loved your last one!
Daqui Jay Olay but can we get a piano version of the song push too 😭
Ken Jenkins Time for a relationship, find a muse. Break up then write. Do a Taylor Swift album! Now look what you made me do!
Kayli Adams Definitely one of my favorites.

Thank you guys for a fun day in Rosemead and Long Beach! Had a great time with the Altec Lansing crew celebrating our Walmart launch 👍🏻

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Mohammad Usman Rasool 💖
Adriana Valdez 😍😍
Ari Escobar Wooow q bello:)
Joshua Quiroga Beautiful nick
Thenjiwe Ntuli Am glad you had fun

LA! See you Saturday in Rosemead and Long Beach. Altec Lansing

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Ketlyn Geovana
Margarit Pepito
Randall Rector 😀😄😊😌😚🤓😎😜😍😍😍😍
Gerard Niles wow Nick.
Guillermo Torres thanks...

When I wrote this song a few months back with the Monsters & Strangerz there was only one artist... one voice I wanted to sing it with, and thankfully she agreed to do it! Thank you Shania Twain for making my Christmas. Hope you guys like it. 🎄

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Taylor Fegan Kayla Davis Brandy Foote Taylor if this doesn’t end up on our holiday playlist I’m quitting early
Katie Boland Nick Perrotta wow super excited for this song
Mary Lyn Coppola Omg this is the best ever! So happy this exist
Shannon W Giselle lol I'll have to listen to the full song
Paige Noe Kacy Frederick!!!! My two favorites in one song ❤️❤️

Love this #FindYouRemix by KaRoL G. Out now

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Elvia Naranjo Hernandez 👏👏👏👏😘
Cleo Goodheart Hudson 👊👊📿
Margarit Pepito 💚
Margarit Pepito 💜
Daniela Quiñonez Me morí😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

Go make today great.

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Claudia Fonseca Amanda Gloria Gabby this is the kind of motivation i need in my life lol 😂😍
Patito Camargo En definitiva me tengo que mudar a Quebec .. Siempre andas por allá con frío y sin mi ... 😞
Ronnie Wood Nick rocks will trade him for Justin Bieber over here in Canada.
Marwa Mari Kawtar Zabette Hell yeahhh it's very cold .Welcome to Montreal Nick Jonas ❄️😰
Sébastien Robert Paramita it wasn't even that cold today, i'm disappointed in him

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…..isn’t it Shania Twain 😎 👊🏼

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Molly Hall Caitlin Theros this is the Christmas song I didnt know I needed but I am so here for this 😍😍😍😍
Alex Zack Rebecca Stow !!!!! I bet it won't be as good as Girl of My Dreams but still!!
Caleb Cornett Michael Corey you know I love these two. This is about to be my Christmas jam this year
Kasey Kennedy Nicole Marie I️ might actually listen to Christmas music if he sings it
Màiri Dundee Eh Ellen... Did you know about this?!?!?!

#FindYouRemix is here 🔥 RAMI

2.5k reactions 34 comments
Bence Csóri Ramóna Gácser Rami remix😂😂😂😂
Dulce Henderson ❤😘👍
Margarit Pepito
Tanjima Khan It's really amazing. I Like You Nick.
Susan Johns 💖💖💖💖

Shoutout to RAMI for the sick #FindYouRemix. Out now! 😎

1.8k reactions 21 comments
Javiera Ignacia Preciosooo😍❤ saludos de Chile 😍❤
Camila Carnovale #ArgentinaNeedsNickJonas pleasee baby
Ketlyn Geovana
Kim Hye Jing 😆
Mriza Corre I love that... find you... nick😘😘

Craigslist Missed Connections is a truly incredible place. Thanks for letting me dramatically read W magazine

5.1k reactions 240 comments
Michele Calicchio Maggie DeGroat tbt to that time you found a missed connection about me
Rachel Searcy Cristina Olivia I’m living for this lol
Alexandra Marie Brieona Isela hahaha god I just can’t 😂😍
Holly Blankenship Amanda Kathleen Geter Jenny Thompson he’s at it again! Stealing our hearts and getting in our mental pants. 👖 😂😂
Jessica Newman Karen Dobberfuhl I️ literally love everything he does

#FindYouRemix. Tonight at midnight.

6.9k reactions 123 comments
Kai Santaharju Great photo.
Thenjiwe Ntuli Nick yohhh you are so cute #muchlove
Mariana Hernández Acevedo Daniela Moran oye tu marido se ve atractivo

Beautiful night celebrating beautiful people. #JOPHIE

31.7k reactions 275 comments
Shelly Ater Gordy Congratulations Joe and Sophie.
Emily Gutierrez I Hate You Fanss All you stoppp bullying me
Kathy Grace Molina Happy to see that the jonas brother r together agaiiinnn💕
NaDa Amirouche Sam Ira can we talk about these cuties 😍
Jesse Valdez Nice, the Jonas family is getting bigger.

#FindYouAcoustic on Chill Nation

3.5k reactions 37 comments
Emily Perez ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jeanette Sowery Xxxxxx
Susan Johns 💖💖💖💖
Brandon Blake Booker Stay whole.
Lenore Moreland You sound good on both nick

Another sneak peek at the #Home video shoot.

4.0k reactions 42 comments
Manuel Lopez Luna Good good!!
Angie Pao Hernández Futuro esposo, te amo. 💖
Margarit Pepito Hmmm Awesome😍😍😍
Nolwazi Mtakwende I want the song .# Home
Alvaro Nicolas Mendez Sosa love you

Coming for you Carnival Cruise Line Liberty….11.17. More info:

4.9k reactions 117 comments
Panuwat Daoruang I had been aboard more than 10 times,1 trips I ever take a long flight more than 10 hours.
Ashley Kennemer Andrea McCutcheon shall we book a cruise 🤷🏻‍♀️
Maggie Campbell Alex Campbell...want to go on a cruise???
Liane Tate Kirstie Woods can you get me free tickets?! :P
Tracey Bonavia Silvina Punton Ebony Bonavia Now that's a type of cruise to go to 😘😘

A little bit of #FindYou under the Brooklyn bridge. #TBT

5.5k reactions 92 comments
Louise Clarke Love you nick! 😍💖😘😗😙😚xo
Wanda Patterson Awesome
Araceli D. Moska Rompe bandas :v
Cristiann Coco great show Nick i like
Deydania Andrade Padilla Por el amor de dios eres un hombre increible! 😍

A man and his guitar.

22.2k reactions 257 comments
Doug S. Of course ya gotta get that flex in the pic 💪💪😂😂
Leesly Canto Quien fuera guitarra para que me tocaras en Re La Mi Do la cucaracha, papasito🙊❤
Nikita Gallardo Barrios A man handsome and talent 😍
Alva Proaño God bless you, nick you are a cute boy and with an excellent voice I love you
Barb Kettle Herkner What more could a girl you

‪Let's cruise the Bahamas. $10 for a chance to win two VIP passes to my concert on board plus cruise and airfare. Proceeds benefit Beyond Type 1. See you there.‬

4.1k reactions 221 comments
Katelyn Rhea Bethany Parker want me to win this for you?
Laura Jane Danny Cummins ready for a cruise now
Kelly Ginter $10 to enter?! We should enter this Loryn Jones-Gibson!!
Nicole Hart Tyler D'Errico hey you’ve always wanted to go on a cruise.
Samantha Terry Allison Picurro if u dont win this for me we are divorcing

Nick Jonas Goes Undercover on the Internet

12.2k reactions 578 comments
Lorena Segura Balarezo Is it okay to still have a crush on him? It’s been like 11 years... I may need help? Clau María Alejandra
Kali Owen Amber Griffin I love these videos😂😂 and I love the pants/shirts getting tighter thing😍🤤
Julia Janus Kasia I knew he was the best Jonas brother from the start
Christa Michelle Nelson I love this. Lol. My teenage crush on NJ will remain forever. 😘
Ana Gaby Rt Daniela Moran Andrea Faz Mariana Hernández Acevedo me muero si un día me rosponde algo, no más bien ME CASOOO CON ÉL!! Jajaj

I love these home videos... getting to see what home is for you guys is incredible. Keep em coming! #homewithnickj

2.2k reactions 25 comments
Lauren Agostini Lorraine
Kamrey Purvis Joseph Doles please
Lewah Maggie Puri <3
Misty Ouyang Veronica Paskulin how do we get in on this
Edith Gutierrez Guerrero I love you nick ❤

Cool shot from Home music video shoot yesterday. 😎👊🏼

4.1k reactions 32 comments
Daryl Russell I love you Nick Jonas
Thenjiwe Ntuli am such a huge fan of you MR Jones
Sofi Amezquita Garcia 😍😍😍
Ramirez Rene ♡♡♡

It was #ActuallyMe....and GQ 😎

6.4k reactions 158 comments
Annfrancis Solis Andrew Mier the second one!😂
Jackie DeFelice Kimberly Marie Freddy kruger hahahaha
Jéssica Pittzer I never thought that you are so funny.. It is your best social video in Internet. Hahahahaha
Aideé Guevara Lenin si ves lo que sueñan otras Jajajajaja yo sólo un besito no más le di jajajajajajaja
Ricky Cisneros Nick your a great singer an amazing actor and everything else i hope i get to meet you one day
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