Jessica Ennis Hill

Last updated: 11:06 12/17/2017

Jessica Ennis-Hill

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Chris Brooker Stunner
Michael Scott nice squat rack u lifting platform with eleiko plates
James Gerrie Cheesy Pasta
Ian Bucknell Love that woman X truly great
Reda Chetouane Beautiful

Thank you to everyone who entered to join me at the @adidasuk event this week, I enjoyed reading all of your lovely messages. The winners are Georgia McCall, Noemie Cavaillon-Ram, Rob Hill,Emma Jones and Cathy Rice🏅🏅! We will be in touch shortly to confirm details, so keep an eye on your DMs. Can’t wait to see you there #TAKECHARGELDN”

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Lauren Cadden And me and Ellis Conway ❤❤
Justin Cerri
Coren Hanley 😱 Noemie Cavaillon-Ram well done!!!
W4 EPC #Gutted. 😓😓😓😓
Samantha Williams Well done all winners.

To celebrate a summer of athletics in London, you can win a chance to meet me at a special event this week. If you and a guest want a guaranteed spot, comment below & I'll pick five winners tomorrow. I'll also be giving away another pair of spikes on the the day. Hope to see you there #takechargeLDN @adidasuk

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Claudia Ortiz I would love to come with my 5 year old. She ran her first mile on the Westminster mile and she would love to meet you! She wants to be as fast as you! Not sure it is a child friendly event but worth trying! Or I can bring someone else? 😊
Kerry Longden My son is not your natural athlete, but this year started training once a week at eis in sheffield, where you (jess) began as a youngster. He has tried every sport going and given up after a few sessions, however athletics he has now been doing a few ...
Will Harwood Pick me if you like. My family brought tickets hoping to see you at the World Championships next week however it wasn't to be. We did however watch you on the first day of your competition Jessica Ennis-Hill in London and that atmosphere was incredible, ...
Grace Elizabeth Wass Aww I know a little girl who would be made up to have these! Rachel Thompson Eva will be an athlete some day!
Stuart James Street Emma Fowler... Have a conversation about changing take off legs due to injury ??

Great to see the third in the Evie’s Magic Bracelet series out today… enjoy! x

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Darragh Kelly Catríona Ní Cheallaigh, Lindsey Quinlan, Siobhan Baynes.
Dean Simms Josie Docherty
Dan Watts Kerri Meaden
Maureen Connor Rachel Sanderson 👍🏻
Paul Gonzo Stone Evie Baines

Congratulations to the first finishers of this morning's VitalityMove races!

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Nick Watson Fantastic Freya. Well done. X
Katie Haywood Amazing!! And in the MAC vest. 😁 xxx
Jakki Simmons Brilliant Michelle, was she chuffed?
Leanne Orchard She is so amazing such an inspiration and role model u look fantastic 😍
Donna Mcclelland Fantastic ambassador for sport and all round wonderful person love Jessica ♥️🇬🇧

I'm running the Disney music mile at VitalityMove with my family and some fundraisers for Diabetes UK! What's your favourite Disney song?

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Marc Mc Lean all of them
Penny Pugh Woodfield Whole new world.
Debbie Evans Well done Jess.
Damian Murphy I wanna be like you or the circle of life x
Ronnie John But you are pregnant, Jessica !!

Congratulations to the first finishers of this morning's VitalityMove races! Tune in for prizes later #MovetotheMusic

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Melanie Seifert Fantastic
Andrew White Look after your bump Jess! xxx
Kerry Douglas I is about time ur back running
Daniel Whatling Jessica pregnant OMG 😲 ❤️❤️😍😍
Jayne Hill @hannah

Incredible atmosphere at the VitalityMove ROCKSTAR finish line with Radio 2's Vassos! #MovetotheMusic

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Kam Bhatoa Narinder, Ant
Chris Scott Looks great
Florence Keeton Chatsworth
Gary Montgomery Where is it ? I missed where it is...well done all 😎🙋
Peter Bycroft Was Corbyn there ? 😀

Incredible atmosphere at the VitalityMove ROCKSTAR finish line with DJ Trevor Nelson!

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Giorgi Ramon Valdivia
Julie Boyle Jessica Ennis-Hill is ione of my heroes and a great role model for all.. Just love her book .. . Unbelievable! read it 3 times!

We're at the start line of the VitalityMove 10K at Chatsworth! #MovetotheMusic

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Sammie Cartwright Charlotte-Louise Troman I see you dancing over the start line lmao . Check us in the elite pen hahaha 🤣🤣
Jade Traynor Stephen Bannister
Laura Turner Diabetes UK for the guy asking xx
Emma Creasey Fab dayxx
Mike Giles Wow

I'm with Trevor Nelson and Radio 2's Vassos at the very first VitalityMove 10K here in Chatsworth! #MovetotheMusic

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MCF- Manda Crofts Fitness - Healthy Eating & Fitness Fantastic event, really glad I got to be a part of it, I loved running the warmups! Well done to everyone that took part 🙂 #mandacroftsfitness
Sylvia Gent Brill girl go for it fantastic for you Amanda
Nikoletta Stuart It looks so much fun and Amanda you are famous 😍😮
Leonard Darby Great Job
Diane Offland Love vassos!!!!!❤️

I’ve set #MySummerGoal with @Vitality_UK, What’s yours?

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Fiona Munro Derek N Donna
Matt Greeves Congratulations Jess.
Nigel Coe David Samuel Le Bas classic JW here for me
Gareth Hughes It's lovely to see Chris Martin give up music for rugby after the Gwyneth fiasco. Great cause!
Martin Howarth Mind you Jen ,and Jon , true British legends true winners , not many real ones about 👍🏻💕🇬🇧

VitalityMove Chatsworth run. Entries open until July 6th. Come and join me run the Disney mile with my little boy. Still a chance to join in and be there. Under 15s run free (must register)

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Marc Holmes Karen Holmes
Jonah Sweeney Joe Richards
Caroline Stringer Karl Stringer
Jo Bradshaw Charlotte Bradshaw?
John Macpherson Cool!👌🏻

Timeline Photos

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Damon Kemp I'll be there
Paul Hoskins What a gorgeous photo of you.!!!
John Macpherson Aww, that sweet little smile of yours, just says it all!❤️😘❤️
Jo Knight Hi! My name is Miss Knight and I am a PE teacher at Llantwit school in Wales. I see my main role as motivating and inspiring children to take part in and develop a love for sport. It is with this in mind that I am currently developing a 'wall of ...

Some warming down tips for after a run.

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Nicola McMullen Jacqui Turner
Mark Burton Denise Burton
Henry Gomm Helen Ainsley
Claire Greenhough Robbie Black
Beth Callaghan Gareth Tidmarsh

Timeline Photos

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John Macpherson What a sweet take!❤️👌🏻❤️
Keith Morgan You are looking great x
Michael Burke The greatest ever
Roger Thompson Who cares as long as the conservatives don't get in
Damian Murphy You ll ALWAYS be #1 You're the Queen and I worship everything you do Damian x

Here are some top tips on warming up.

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Tony Stephens Hayley B Rice Adam Stephens
Charlotte Adams Karin Zickero 🏃
Rhiannon Dunkley Charlotte Dunkley 😂😂
Lauren Elizabeth Ketchley Stevie Tnn :)
Charlotte Stocker Matthew Stocker any good? Xx

511 reactions 14 comments
Chris Uren :-)
Bobbie Rice 😂😂😂😂😍😍😍
Brennan Lively What the f**k
Jim Cross Rock on Jess!!!!!!! Jim xXx
David Macisaac New career.?

Kids Go Free!

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Darryl Ferguson Kerry 💪💪

Timeline Photos

38 reactions 2 comments
Sam Darlington Gareth Middlecoate
Sri Hollema Hazel Birchall

What a great day. 600 great children asking some smart questions, and a lot of books to sign! Thank you Westholme School and the other visiting schools

935 reactions 19 comments
Elfed Hughes Great work by jess enns
Bez Lad #J4C
Carole Ball Wonderful. 😊
Paul Smith Hasn't Toni got one for Bella yet ?she needs one
Charlotte Bingham Brindle The children from Ashbridge Independent School and Nursery loved it, thank you.

Timeline Photos

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Brian Loader Michelle Loader
Anita Ransley Kyle Harley?
Tony Brown Lea Lea Gibson
Alison Carswell Tara Mooney Nicola Rolston
Sital K Gami Lata 😊

#bringaball How many sit-ups can you do?

455 reactions 32 comments
David Finch Rebecca Anne
Rachel Heslop Sian-louise Heslop
Lee Martin Amy Alice
Sophie Scott Lucy Scott
Rachel Street Kieran Street

I had a great day at Chatsworth. What a lovely venue for our run in July VitalityMove.Loved meeting all the kids from the local schools and look forward to running with them on the day. Remember kids go free so hope to see lots of families come along.

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Sharon Pritchett Michael Stables
Ishaq Sanni Jessica, well done.
Ryan Sharky Wakefield hope all went well jess x
Tony Martin Well jess great photos keep up the good work, we all still love you. XX
Massi Barbiani Hello Jess. Saturday at Rimini Marathon there will be the Kids Run with hundreds of children leaving for 1,8 km. My daughter Caterina will race at this great sporting event in our city. It will be wonderful!! Congratulation Champion, greetings from ...

So proud to be made a Dame. I would never have believed this at the start of my career and am very humbled.

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Damien Scott Thouroghly deserved. You're an inspiration to thousands in a society full of get famous at all costs you show what commitment hard work and dedication can bring
Kevin Doyle So so well deserved Jessica Ennis Hill. The best role model for many many years. I hope you enjoyed your day, as much as I enjoyed watching you and screaming at the TV. Xx
Elaine N Suzanne O'Hara I went into work yesterday to see my boss - the fine gentleman on the very right. Amazing to know he was with you, as I am a huge fan. CONGRATULATIONS Jessica 🤘🏼
John Randle Unfortunately, those moaning on here won't ever be the ones dishing out awards so they may as well just enjoy it or ignore it. Me? I just think it's a great picture.
Rachel Harper 100% deserved - you really are a fantastic inspiration to young athletes. Not only have you given maximum effort in competition, but you have done so with grace and charm. Thank you for your example and congratulations on your special day :)

Competition time!

Sunday Times Sport on Twitter
Sunday Times Sport on Twitter

“You could win the chance for @J_Ennis to come to your kid's sports day, thanks to VitalityHealth. Visit for more”

160 reactions 13 comments
Paul Stewart Jayne Stewart Debbie Ford
Janet Lycett Rebecca Hamilton john John Lycett
Emma Cresswell Great prize, fingers crossed for the girls.😜
Sylvia Brookes Well done best u all
Ray Milam I love that girl x

Jess Ennis-Hill embraces life after running

Jess Ennis-Hill embraces life after running
Jess Ennis-Hill embraces life after running

Jessica Ennis-Hill slips into a café in Sheffield with all the unfussy stealth that marked her career on the track and her retirement last summer. Once her foot had crossed the line at the end of...

1.7k reactions 42 comments
Damian Kershaw Lucky life..
Mick Otter No more pies in local coop lad l
Ian Bucknell Jess next challenge, strictly or TV expedition push boundaries?
Ryan Sharky Wakefield hows retirement jess? any plans to get into coaching? x
Rod Page Dame Jessica from now on ....

Some sporting memories #BringABall

328 reactions 9 comments
Sharon Day Jessica x
Sue Moores Such a lovely lady x
John Travis Beautiful Jess is still the best
Andrew White Absolutely! Well said Jess!
Dermot McDaid Of course it was basketball :-)


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