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❄️⛄️⛳️ #nodaysoff

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James Murray William Jarrett very similar to your video! In fact compared to your set up Rory has some work to do 🤣
Gerard O'Neill Does rory ever reply or like to these posts
Mike Prine Pick up the practice balls after the “big thaw”?
Connor Lyon Jonathan Besselink with the money he has he could live the rest of his life without ever seeing snow again.
John L. Armstrong Trick is finding the ball....

Only 15 days to Christmas so the perfect time of the year for a competition! LIKE or SHARE this post for a chance to win 1 of 15 Bose #SoundLink Micro speakers. Winners will be randomly selected on December 15th.🎄🎅🏻

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Mary Ann Thank you for the chance to win. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. Looking for the new year and the upcoming golf season.
Anne Scott I not very lucky but instead of the speakers I would like to have the beautiful dog for my club fingers x good luck with 2018 Merry Christmas you and your wife
Suzy Woods Gray My little boy wants to be rory the golf man when he grows up. He even drinks in the Bellevue Arms when back in NI
Linda Gallagher Great gift!! Maybe my brand new grandson Rory will bring me some luck with his name!!! ☘️☘️ Best of luck to you in 2018.
Anne-Marie Natan Whatever the outcome of the draw, wishing you a very nice and great Christmas time 🎄 and a happy and successful New Year 🍾🎉🏆🥇🏌️!

Stunning views from my helicopter ride yesterday 🇨🇭🚁🗻

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David Newlove Looking to build a new golf course stunning scenery
Diane Donnan No golfing there ......
Leslie Halliday This trip will get you in the Christmas spirit.
Lisa Blyth rather be on a golf course though ⛳️
Keith Hill Stop taking the piss out ordinary folk,Who can't afford bus fare some day's.

My visit to the OMEGA Watches factory today in Switzerland. The watchmakers I met are true master craftsmen.

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Martin Williams Sold out - will say anything for an endorsement fee
Brett Troutman Are you going to Tyler made and addis 2018
Lee Everhart why would you want to wear a have the time on your phone and everything else..o well..
Nigel Dominic I bet that Robot can putt better than Rory :)
Maureen Houston Chance would be a fine thing!

What a special day with OMEGA Watches Looking forward to many more years ahead. #Happy40thBirthdayZeki 🎂

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Heather Hughes Fab Experience! Enjoy every minute Rory x
Patrick Henry Maguire do we get a discount...
Malcolm Cairns Mind you don’t hurt yourself!
Pauline Armstrong Stay safe Rory want you back a s p
Gerry McCormack Omegod!

Robots at work inside the OMEGA Watches factory. Fascinating process

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Chris Mugavero Lol. Ur a joke. Can’t wait till tiger whips ur ass. That is if u can make a cut.
Chris Spivey Fine “handcrafted” robots 🤖
Sharon Novik We'll there goes human jobs.
Rob Camplisson Really !!!! You need to get out more Rory !!!
John Buswell I am a proud owner of a perfect 1951 Hammer Omega Calendar

Coffee in style ☕️☕️

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João Forte For sure is a expensive coffee. 😄
Joan Campbell Enjoy your coffee Rory.
Martin Geraghty Get back to number 1in golf ranking
Sean Hackett Hi Rory, any chance of picking me up a Seamaster for Christmas?⏱
Wayne Soares Wishing you and your wife all the best for the Christmas and New Years break.

Rory McIlroy's cover photo

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Josh Hummel Tia Hummel
Peta Fairclough David Martin
Madeline Bond Grace Nygaard
Alison Walker Andrew Walker Zara Walker
Mike Higgins Noel O'Leary 🏌️‍♂️ ?

Rory McIlroy's cover photo

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Thomas Mulcahy Dave Harder
Dean Cloete Harry Wiles imagine boy
Rebecca West Tony Ogle x
Dave Haywood How?
Joe Buccino His friend from 1 direction the band.

Fancy playing golf with me and Niall Horan at the OMEGA Golf Dubai next January? All you have to do is download the VoxGolf app and follow these simple steps for a chance to WIN! #MadeForGreatness #OmegaDubaiClassics TaylorMade Golf

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Gert Swart Downloaded but cannot register. Tells me Oops Unauthorized. Is this a geographocal restricted app?
Dermot Devine Nobody ever wins these things ...
Nicolas De Coster Looks like my home club, the beautiful Royal Waterloo Golf Club, is not on the list... Too bad!
Michael Brennan Probably fake advert just for the money
Mark Hewitt Robert Ferguson - Sign up for this. Our game at the weekend will count towards our entry.

Delighted to be teeing it up at the OMEGA Golf Dubai in January and later today have an exciting competition to share with everyone!! ⛳️🎤 #MadeForGreatness #OmegaDubaiClassics

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Jamesy Moore Tiger > Rory
Steven Smith Go Rory!!!
Maire Mansfield Oh, do you still play?🤔⛳️
Gregóir Mac An Tsoíre Over rated
Michael Brennan Appearance money? Only place you turn up now

It's nine years this week since I hit this shot in Hong Kong. Great effort guys trying to recreate it! #ShotsRecreated

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MaryAnn Prochazka Miss you on the tours. Can't wait for your return. Stay safe.
John Loftus No pressure in a recreation. Rory stay healthy.
Bryan Westman U can’t recreate pressure situations. But good shot kid🤘
Sheri Grant Woywadt Nice to see Bradley in my old hometown😀
Dennis Yuen Your amazing shot now still a hot topic when we talking about HK Open.

Best of luck to the 80 PGA Jr. League golfers playing in the National Championship this weekend! 👍⛳️🏌️‍♀️🏌️‍♂️🏆

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Chris Bramley Daniel Gleeson
Rebecca West Tony Ogle
Tina Kong 👍🏼👍🏼
Derick Du Piesanie Karl phillips in the field?
Brett Troutman are you going to tylermade addias in 2018 season

Progressing to some wedges. Working on my take away and setting the club a little more vertical half way back.

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Pee-wee Wallis Good stuff there rory keep up the hard work mate
Mark Lambe Tommy wearing green for Ireland again bud 🇮🇪☘️
Billy Fordyce Not to bad , stick in there son , you might go somewhere!
Maxence Matin Vnce Bvn me semble qu'il est pas dans le plan comme le Tigre
John Lancaster Listen to all of us Rory, we all know what’s best for you 😳😂

At the end of my gym session I remembered it was Gary Player’s 82nd birthday today. What better way to honor the legend and pioneer of fitness for golf than doing a plank. Hopefully everyone can join me today and #PLANK4PLAYER to honor the great man! 🎂🏃🏻💪

3.6k reactions 232 comments
AJ Patrick Like if you just watched Rory McIlroy do a plank for 51 seconds.
Brian Gemmell You should have held it for 82 seconds In tribute
Michael Rollberg Jr We have a plank challenge all month in our fitness center. #Plank4Player and for NOW prizes!
Steven Wayne Simpson My birthday as well Roary. Welcome to join for me for a beer if your in Yangon after you finished planking
Jensen Stork Gym session honour the legend @garyplayer 82nd Birthday today!! #PLANK4PLAYER @rorymcilroy #golffitness

To generate power and maintain stability in the golf swing, it is essential to use the ground. So choosing the correct shoe is as important as any club in your bag. By working with @nike we have created the Vapor 2’s which are the best new piece of equipment for your game. #NikeGolf

1.6k reactions 189 comments
Bobby Jones But will they help you putt...?
Tommy Rice get off the catwalk Rory and get back playing some golf.
Alasdair Williams Willing to test free samples of shoes, clubs, balls, anytime!!
Darren Taylor They look horrendous. Just like every other golf shoe Nike have produced. Ugly
Barrie Moore Phil Hall I told u Welly boots aren't good for a game of golf.

Great news for golf. Pebble Beach Golf Links confirmed as venue for the 2023 #USWomensOpen and 2027 #USOpen ⛳️🏌️‍♀️🏌️

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Brian Callahan Tessie Sioson-Jeup
Angela Porter Tom Williams
Gilles Lavigne Emma Lavigne
Henryk Szepietowski Rory - You can do it!
Kevin Hanlon Pick me

Looking forward to teeing it up in the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am with my Dad next February. 🏌🏻🏌🏾Going to be a very special week

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Lilian Outram You and your Dad will do great, I am looking forward to seeing the Pro-Am.
Jack Fisher Lucky you have your Dad. Have great time buddy
Declan Saunders Would love to come from belfast to see you play Rory mcilroy
Philip Keers Plenty of time to work on your wedge game before then!
Don Nelson Enjoy your time off and get well and come back next year and start kicking ass again. All your fans want that and are behind you.

Beautiful day in Florence 😎⛪️🇮🇹

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Rory Burke Most amazing place. Could you pop a wedge over Duomo?
Denis Dineen Enjoy your time off Rory come back fit and healthy
Philip Waidmann I hope you have a good time and get a chance to relax some.
Nick Tighe Was there this time last year, fab place. In Rome right now, you should visit 👍🏾😎
Pat McIlmoyle Enjoy your break. Look forward to seeing you back playing great golf 😊


2.3k reactions 58 comments
Penne Hart Wow 💥💥💥💥
Anna McCartan Paul McCartan this time last year
Derek Lindsay Yahoo Stewart Larnach bought a drink. Lol
Tina Kong Go low tmr rory!!! End your season on a high note !!
Ian Cherriman Have a amazing last round today . If you need a practice partner during the winter give me a shout😜

Beautiful weather and great crowds today @kingsbarnsgolflinks #DunhillLinks

1.7k reactions 65 comments
Bill Robins Hope Roy Keane wasn't hiding in crowd to get your autograph 😂. Well done Rory
Robert Kilgour good job Rory your a credit to the sport keep up the good work
David Creighton Rory always the gentleman. Always has time for his fans and always a very decent guy
Paul O'Connell Yep and you missed the cut again
Robert Elton But he barely made the cut !

More of this needed over the coming days #DunhillLinks

9.1k reactions 732 comments
Töm Ôâtlëŷ Tim - I’d forgotten how easy it is! 😂☹️😩😫
Iain Douglas Great tee shot. Please tell me the putt got rolled in too!
Nick Pfeiffer Thata boy Rocky!! I mean faggot, thata boy!
Trevor Polley Drive 360 yards , 12ft two putts. Drive for show Putt for ?????
Stephen Bradley Tank Reid mind the time we took tiger woods rake


2.8k reactions 148 comments
Berry Britton Plan to take a 2 week Scotland trip in a couple of years. Can't wait to play this.
Ralph Perretta Did you Drive it past the Valley of Sin, Rory ?
Rick Walston Rory McIlroy, it simply astounds me at how much our swings look a like. (y)
Mike Philipps I could watch that swing all day.
Adrian Robinson Just keep on the fairway then can win it...C'mon...

Morning practice round with Dad. Doesn’t get any better. #DunhillLinks 🏌️🏌🏾

4.5k reactions 124 comments
Bhajo Jaswal Hope dad gave you some tips? Do well this week before you recover.
John Mcintosh My money's on Connor Syme to win the practise round 👌🏻 haha
Phil Jackman That's what golf is all about. I love it
Jade Eva Rich Bowen Dave Lillyman look The same, if only Greg or ken could hit like this mate 😅
Pat Ryan Life Goals......Derek Ryan (y) Give me a shout when you have the Tee-time booked! :)

Big congrats to Paul Dunne on an impressive win today at the British Masters. Crowds were amazing all week. Thanks to a great host Lee Westwood and to Sky Sports for supporting the event.

5.0k reactions 159 comments
Greg Dodd Be good to get some more events in the north east again, great wk great players, hope its sooner rather than later. Well played ⛳️⛳️⛳️
Sarah Hart Well done Rory, your back with a roar!!. Get yourself healthy and ready for 2018. Great to see the Rory we know in action.
Will Smith Great performance Rory was Marshall and could hear the Rory roar good to see you on top form good luck next week
George Russell Well done Rory if only few putts more had went in,still vast improvement this week,hope to see you at st Andrews nxt week.
Patricia Bell Following you today and yesterday, so good to see you back on form . Good luck next year . We will be following you next week at The Dunhill .

All laced-up and ready for Round 2 of the @britishmasters with my new Vapors 🔥👟#nikegolf

3.5k reactions 183 comments
Julia Jarvis Great day Rory won't be long before you're No 1 again .... roll on next year ⛳️👍
MrBoat Manahthanthasee Nice swing, Awesome new shoe. Looking to have it one
Craig Brand Thought I'd swung like that on Thursday alas NOT.
Marc Goguen Impressive lag. I would be in traction afterwards
Chun Li Alimonh Lavarn since you have some time now, you should be swinging like this by Tribune

Thanks for the gear this week Nike Golf! Loving my new shoes!

3.8k reactions 242 comments
Daniel J Alban Thanks for rubbing your free swag in our faces!
Nathan Clark More than welcome to drop ship a few sets this way. I'll be now than happy to wear it and advertise!
Simon Parker Looking forward to seeing you play tomorrow Rory - been a couple of years since we caught a round with you at The Open and hoping for a great season end - good fortune
James Gore Which some one would bring me new golf gear. Could do we some right now anyway Rory mcllory hope you play well.
Payton Ponzer Send your dude from independence KY some gear! You golfed on my grandparents range when you were a kid! Make it happen!

Visited the Sky Zone earlier today for a special @skysports Masterclass on iron play. Here's how I hit the low 'stinger' shot. Hope it helps.

3.9k reactions 274 comments
Mark Wright So if I listen to all his tips and do the opposite I'm in for a major next year?
Justin Gayner I love the little chortle of delight from ND.
Riccardo Conflitti Rory all' Time the best !!!!!🏌🏿🏌🏿🏌🏿🏌🏿🏌🏿
Keith Flynn Imagine an on the range with him. Michael Flynn
Cerizza Gian Paolo We are waiting you for Italian Open, come on! 🎩👑🎯

Great crowds and even better commentary at the ProAm today!!! 😀Watch all the action this week from the @britishmasters on @skysportsgolf 🏌️

936 reactions 89 comments
Jayke McHugh Think he was speaking about your gere 😂
Matthieu Mouliac Quentin LE RETOOOUUUUR😍
Darren Hallmark Ron Hodgkinson Hitting off with an iron..Remind u of anyone...
Jonno Davis Ricky Fisher best swing on tour
Shane Mccluskey It's like watching Ronan Smith
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