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Footwear News caught up with Reba to talk #RebaByJustin, the Recording Academy / GRAMMYs and more! Justin Boots

Reba McEntire on Her New Boot Collection & Favorite Musical Collaborators
Reba McEntire on Her New Boot Collection & Favorite Musical Collaborators

The country music star has a lot of favorites to share.

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Sherry Hammer Love the style of your boots.
Brittney Starrett You’re my favorite!!!
Dixie Cowman ❤️⛄️❤️
Rick Keith Hey there's a good Okie
Amanda McCane You’re the BEST!! ❤️

My buddy, @shanetarleton just put on Facebook this is my 35th anniversary of my 1st #1 record. Thanks Shane for the reminder :-) wow! What a fun trip this has been. Thanks to everyone who had a part in my never boring career, for all your help, advice and support. Thanks so much to all the fans! @shanetarleton #lovemylife❤ #thankyoulord

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Jerry Huddleston The very song that made me a fan....wayyy back in the you ask?....I'm watching Reba on the DVR as I type this...llol
Debbie Johnson Congratulations! I've been a fan since the first time I heard you sing. I wish you'd put out another DVD of your latest videos. Love your music. Loved you then, love you now.
Mike Lesley You have given the world the gift of your music for many years and we the fans thank you for that. Your music has made us cry, think and feel good about living. You deserve all the success you have achieved and all the awards that you have received. I ...
Stephen Gervais hi reba love your music your tv a struggling freelance photographer inventor and private cancer researcher.have invented a process for reducing acid in fruits and vegatbles.been eating these things and getting startling changes for the better in ...
Jenn Richie Weitzel Dear Reba, I don’t do this... meaning share my posts with others so directly. But my little girls love your music as much as I did when I was a little girl (and still do!). You were my first CD before I even owned a CD player. It’s so much fun sharing ...

Reba's Ranch House is the final featured charity in Balsam Hill's Season of Giving campaign! With a simple click on this Facebook post, Balsam Hill will make a donation in the following amounts: a like is worth $0.50, shares or comments are worth $1, and comments posted on the Balsam Hill blog are worth a $2 donation. To learn more about Reba's Ranch House, visit

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Roberta Isbell Love that Reba works so hard, but is also such a giving, loving person. Thank you Reba for all you do!!!!
Carissa Nelson Reba is so amazing with her music and her acting and charity's you are one special person and I hope to meet you someday you are such an inspiration to people and I look up to you good bless
Laura Ehrler Such a great place and they help so many people and a wonderful charity to give to I hope they raise a bunch of money all for a great cause
Rosetta Jaunita Galt-Hickman Reba never seems to surprise me. Such a wonderful role.model and great heart. If only all stars would follow her foot steps.
Joan Houfek It's sooo hard to have a loved one in the hospital, and especially for an extended period. Thank you, Reba, for being cognizant of that and reaching out to help. ... a true star.

Reba McEntire

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Wendy Leggett What a great pic of u Reba you look great as always no matter what u wear! I hope u have a Happy, healthy and prosperous New Year
Anna Mase Love the picture you are my favorite love your music your show never change still humble to your roots so glad I have you to bring sunshine in my life
Sue McGallagher Foster Gorgeous my son in law lovesss you we always used to tell him hey your womans on TV lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll My daughter has auburn hair he loves the redheads lol
Marcel Joey Nunez Hey Reba, did some seismograph work on the Chockie ranch in the 80’s met your dad great man, also on the new ranch before y’all purchased it. Also Charlie Battles have photo of that Home place.Saw Pake play at the Meeker county fair dance. Tell you ...
Roger Ashley Lovely lady. The one video you did years ago that I will always remember was your fabulous tribute to Patsy Cline. I really love it.

Reba McEntire's cover photo

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Gregory M Margaritis Love Your Cover Photo!!! I LoveYou Reba!!! <3 <3 <3
Jacqueline Grant Martz Nice always look beautiful..
Margaret Peggy Dailey Luv ya
Zoraida Diaz-Hernandez LOVE IT THE BEST
Matthew Sellers I enjoy listening to her music

#2 stop on our Progressive dinner!!! Great food!!! @shelbyblackstock @rissabranch @lucindafletcher. @nataliefletch #skeeterlasuzzo

3.5k reactions 87 comments
Kori Lynn Where are these stops taking place?? I need recommendations
Jeffrey McManus You so beautiful and y’all look like everyone is happy and having fun
Shirley Wilson You guys are just having way too much fun
Robert Hall Reba, you need to come to Klamath falls, Oregon and go snow shoeing at crater lake with us.
Cathy White Hope you have great new year an all your dreams come true for God bless you love you your friend

Our first stop on our progressive dinner night!!! Mexican food appetizers and drinks! #1st stop @shanetarleton @nataliefletch @lucindafletcher @martiefletcher @rissabranch @shelbyblackstock #skeeterlasuzzo

4.6k reactions 124 comments
Rose Witzel Come back to Sugar Land, Tx we will have some Margaritas..
Amber Clark Still waiting to see u in Atlanta Reba!!!! Make my dream come true❤️
Sherri Bellamy Have a blast! Have a New Year Margarita for me Reebs!
Joyce Chamless Reba U have brought so much joy in my life with your songs I just want to meet U some day👍👍👍❤❤
Ronald Lloyd Miller Jr. Love the pic Reba my new year's resolution is to see you in 2018 that's if you come to St. Louis because I can't afford to go to Vegas but I'd really love to see you again though cause it's been a while and I seen you about 20 times

As the sun rises on another year, I wish for you 365 days of happiness, joy and peace. Pass it on. #prayforpeace #happynewyear

23.5k reactions 1142 comments
Benjamin D Bowen Thanks, Reba I wish you the same let us know when you are coming to Indiana. Is Bruce still playing steel for you?
Denise Jones Happy New Year Reba God bless you in your travels this coming year and wrap His loving arms around you and your family.
Wanda Weidman I love it and you have a wonderful new year and God bless you and your family Amen 😇🎉 I love you Reba you are awesome lady and I love your voice
Rebecca Campbell Happy New Year to you and your family Reba. I need 2018 to be better for me. I am so glad 2017 is over. Love you so much. Love your music.
Jan Moreland Happy Blessed New Year.Reba I hope its the happiest, prosperous blessed best year of your life. Hope all your dreams come true sweet friend.

Hairl Hensley passed away today. What a great man!! He did so much for country music. We will miss him. RIP

2.5k reactions 161 comments
Brenda Womack Sending prayers to all!!!
Marge Kurek-Grant I not sure who is but I will say a prayer for him.
Carol Blevins RIP MR. Hensley. Prayers for all those who mourn your loss 🙏
Corky Nelson Hope y’all have a blessed 2018. And again sorry for y’all loss. May God watch over you
Billy Joe Webster Sr. I'm sorry for your loss. I always heard his name a lot praying for all his family and friends

Have you ever had a Nutella pizza???? We did!! ❤️❤️❤️ @martiefletcher @lucindafletcher @nataliefletch @shanetarleton #skeeterlasuzzo #goodfriendsgoodfood

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Joe Lucasti ......that whatever needs French Vanilla ice cream on it.
Alisha Quigley Paige Tobin I think Reba would be your Nutella friend.
MOnica Dorhoi Thank you Reba. Working in the office over the holidays! Happy new year. i love Nutella! MOnica Dorhoi, Chief Executive Officer see hourly updates at
Robert Germain Peanut butter would go good this. Nutella reese's peanut butter pizza.
Robyn Moses That does not sound good to me at all. I don't like Nutella . Glad y'all enjoyed it!

5th stop on our Progressive Dinner Tour!!! Rooftop dancing!!!! Love all you crazy people!!! @shanetarleton @nataliefletch @lucindafletcher @martiefletcher #skeeterlasuzzo #5thstop

4.9k reactions 153 comments
Melody Joyce Reba is the bright & shining Angel in this picture!
Karen Pierce Sanford You look like your having fun Reba with some great friends!!
Charles Thompson You guys and gals are looking good love you
Joseph L Birbiglia Jr Hope the foods good love a great assortment of great tasting food that the cooks put a lot of Love by making it Taste wonderful😂😂😂😂❤️🇺🇸👏👏👏👍🎉🎉🎉
David Benn The next best thing to being there.

4th stop on our Progressive Dinner Destination!!!!! #dessert @martiefletcher @lucindafletcher @nataliefletch @shanetarleton #skeeterlasuzzo

6.7k reactions 202 comments
Janet Snell Brown Leviticus 5:1-19 6:1-30 7:1-38 8:1-36 9:1-23 10:1-20 11:1-47 12:1-8 13:1-59 14:1-57 15:1-33 16:1-34 17:1-16 18:1-30 19:1-37 20:1-27 21:1-24 22:1-33 23:1-44 24:1-23 25:1-55 26:1-46 27:1-34
Patty Rose Reynolds May God Bless & keep you safe into 2017. Hold onto that new guy if he's good.
Steve Perkins What a good looking bunch of nice people their.🤩
Lori Yarbrough Alli, I say if Reba gets to do progressive dinners, so should we!
Klint Coe What's progressive dinner Reba you are beautiful

3rd Stop on our Progressive Dinner Night!!! Italian!!!! @shanetarleton @nataliefletch @lucindafletcher @martiefletcher #skeeterlasuzzo. #3rdstop

3.5k reactions 87 comments
Rosemary Nieto Glad you are having fun.
Phillip Goins Still my crush since forever.
Bobby Joe Sills . cornbread, collards, mashed potatoes, green beans and corn of the cobb!
Janine Costello Steffens love italian food 🥘what your fav dish reba?
Peggy Sawyers Everyone looks happy in this photo enjoy

2nd stop of our Progressive Dinner Night!!! @lucindafletcher @nataliefletch @shanetarleton @martiefletcher #skeeterlasuzzo. #thaifood

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Tina Mongelli Happy New Year-I wish you all the very best in the New Year and always.
Lisa Cherry Reba McEntire. She's photo-bombing the party. So funny!
Paul Kruger Looks like you guys are having lots of fun! That's the name of the game.
Paul Kruger I'm hoping to come up and see you up in Vegas Reba with a friend of mine
Judith Vallejo REBA You are the best!!!!!!!!! wheres Kelly????

1st stop on our progressive dinner night. @shanetarleton @nataliefletch @lucindafletcher @martiefletcher #skeeterlasuzzo #1ststop

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Dianne Elliott Looks like you are all enjoying your holiday time together... have fun!
Scott Wenrich I apologize for not responding sooner Reba,having problems with FB and Instagram.
Mike Newton Lets party looks fun with a Beautiful lady
Jackie Brown Ever notice how Reba brightens ever photo she in!!!
Sarah Lawson Happy new year u are a fantastic person

We finally made it up for the sunrise. So pretty!

14.6k reactions 481 comments
Catherine Hurst Welcome to my little slice of heaven. Saw you enjoying your family on our marina. Have a great stay!
Kimberly Joy Crowdis Beautiful view!! You can borrow our kids any time to ensure being up for the sunrise every morning! 🤣
Karen Ann Schmid Good morning from Bellefontaine Ohio. So Beautiful! Thank you for sharing the sunrise with us!! God bless!
Angela Bates So beautiful. Please bring some warm weather back with u. Here on the Saskatchewan prairies we r at -48
James Owens I wish I was there with you Reba that sound like glaring to them beautiful eyes and that beautiful red hair love always

Thanks American Airlines for making a very stressful day so much more comfortable. @americanair @shelbyblackstock @rissabranch #skeeterlasuzzo

6.8k reactions 173 comments
Rosemary Nieto Hope the rest of the day goes even better.
Tammie Swaney Kearney Why do some people have to be nasty when others are sharing a positive moment in life? Sad! 😢
Frank Hammond Nice pic .. I always carry Cards in the lunch box when traveling .Ya never know .
Robert Dean wow, a lot of jealous bitter people making comments on here.
Bruce Faanes Should have taken Derks with you for drinks on the plane🤣

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!!! @shelbyblackstock @rissabranch #skeeterlasuzzo #happybirthdayjesus

24.0k reactions 2037 comments
Dianna Honeycutt Merry Christmas to your family from mine. We love you so much & watch everything you are in , your music is so inspiring , have a Blessed Holiday !
Julie Christianson Merry Christmas cheers for a very blessed day filled with His love, peace, and joy! Love ya'll ❤️🎁⛄️🎄
Leo William Carpenter Jr. I like to have a song written by you to actually mean something where me and you both went through the same thing we're we loved somebody so much and then they just left and did give no reason
Jamie Weller Happy Birthday, Jesus. I'll open this one for You! Still one of my favorite songs of yours. Merry Christmas 🎄
Deborah Mize Merry Christmas Reba and your family. The Christmas special was fantastic. Thanks for all the great music.

Go behind the scenes with Reba and Darius Rucker for the recording of "O Little Town of Bethlehem" from Reba's MY KIND OF CHRISTMAS!

2.0k reactions 97 comments
James Strange have a good day at work witch it's the day before Christmas but it might snow here in East Tennessee
Nicole Jannello-Hild My kids ask to play your Christmas album everyday since I bought it the day it came out ❤️
Anne Swearingin Two beautiful people joining together for a beautiful song. Love it.
Tony Bosley I watched you barrel race on Web site.yr no u got the purdy down pat woman
Jamene' Police Love this behind the scenes!

Don't miss #CMAchristmas re-airing tonight on ABC Television Network at 9/8c!

4.6k reactions 259 comments
Danny Rowland Reba may you and your family have a wonderfull christmas and a bright new year you much God bless ...
Roger Daniel Looking beautiful here Reba wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and God bless Love your music.Roger form CORDELL OKLAHOMA
Ellen Ahern I watched it and it was good thanks for having it on again because I had missed it the first round. God Bless You
Susan Purkey Honeywell I loved this show when it was on the first time. I'm gonna record this time so my husband can see it.
Jennifer Roth Cleary Reba, you looked marvelous. Your entire ensembles where fab. Thank you for a great spectacular show.

Skeeter took Marti and me hiking 24 miles in 4 days!! Loved it!!! #skeeterlasuzzo #lovejackson

1.6k reactions 207 comments
Lisa Troche Beautiful scenery Reba enjoy your hiking!
Jamie Lodwig It looks beautiful. When did you go hiking? That is a lot of hiking girl. Glad you had fun!
Gregory M Margaritis I'd like to take you Reba. on a hiking trip in White Mountain National Forest New Hampshire! Gods Country!!! I Love You Reba My Sweet Lady!!!❤❤❤
Mary Mathes How fun, I love to hike! The beach and mountains is where I want to be!
Brittney Starrett Reba you’re too cute! I hope you had loads of fun! That’s a lot of hiking! Wow girl! Go on and get it! Haha

Go behind the scenes of recording the acoustic version of "Back To God" with Reba and Lauren Daigle! #MyKindOfChristmas

1.9k reactions 84 comments
Gary Caler Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world, great song, love the album
Robert Petry Sr. That is so cool, I would love to record there,
Gary Cox Reba I still love you remember Ken lance
Robert Burnett I need you in my life Reba. I been "waiting all my life for you"
Andrew Gonzales Beautiful song and love the new CD, Merry Christmas Reba and your family

What a great year this has been! So thankful for fun times!! @martiefletcher @skeeterlasuzzo #jacksonholewy

4.7k reactions 151 comments
Cecil Crocker Wow beautiful picture ...Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Canada HUGS
Ignacio Hernandez It Beautiful out there miss Reba .
Teresa Abernathy Hope you have a very Merry and Blessed Christmas Reba 🎄🎅❤
Cindy Jones Merry Christmas Reba and a a Happy New Year
Marilyn Gibbs Holland Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas, Reba!

Go behind the scenes with Reba and Justin Boots as Reba sings the National Anthem at the National Finals Rodeo! #RebaByJustin

2.6k reactions 160 comments
Kody Clyde What a gift Reba is to the world!
Terry Jones your hair is goin back to the 80s!
Gloria Jones I remember you come to Houston all the time
Debbie Riley My hubby & I's first date was seeing you at a VFW Dance, long, long time ago! 😛
Tracy Enos Omg I love you more & more each day Reba

Check out My Favorite Christmas playlist on Spotify featuring my buddies Trisha Yearwood, Kelly Clarkson, Lauren Daigle, Dolly Parton and more!

1.4k reactions 50 comments
Lillian V Tallant Good songs...not today wild junk...
George Breese God Bless You A Grammy An All The Wonderful Things You Do For People Bless You With Love And Prayers AMEN 🙏
J Alexander Bennett Wes Bennett the only Christmas album
Ashlee Cunningham Jill Cunningham i know what we can put on this xmas!
Manda Cullen Please read your message on Instagram please

There's still time to grab that perfect Christmas party outfit from Reba at Dillard's! Shop the full collection here: — Products shown: Reba Rhinestone Fringe Blouse, Reba Velour Tunic with Embellished Neckline, Reba Sequin Eyelash Sweater, Reba Pleated Lace Blouse with Bead Embellished V-Neck and Reba Metallic Embroidered Mesh Tunic.

690 reactions 56 comments
Myra Schmidt Like the cloths, but let’s be real, most people can’t afford them. Not in my world, wish I could.
Tabitha Lynn Nicholas Stripe They're out of my price range and don't come in my size, but I do love those tops. :(
Alan Smith Sorry none of them suit my style haha.
Jerrica Mote Should design on a more manageable budget. Not everyone can afford these
Karin Roth Too pricey and doesn't look like the clothes I see Reba in!!

It was a great time at the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas Thursday night. Thanks for letting me sing the national anthem for the Justin Boots night. Thanks Terry Gordon for a beautiful outfit and Justin Boots for the great Boots! Singing the anthem 43 years again after I first 1st sang it in ‘74.

5.3k reactions 196 comments
Livingston Steele Dingman Where are you performing next?
David Fitzgerald I wish I was there it would have give me goosebumps great job congratulations Reba
Phyllis Agee Your performance was amazing!!! You looked beautiful. Loved your wardrobe!!! Justin boots are great .I was friends with the Justins.
Dana J Miller Those are mighty fine kicks!
Terry Gordon Beautiful outfit and boots, for a most beautiful Lady❤️

This Christmas, I pray that wherever you are, it will feel like home. Merry Christmas! Love, Reba

18.0k reactions 988 comments
Connie Steck Merry Christmas Reba! You will always be the number one lady in Country Music! Just love your voice! You are 100% Class!
Brandy Burdette Merry Christmas to you and your family Reba. I LOVE YOU AND GOD BLESS. I love your Christmas album. You will always be my fave
Ronval Warner Merry Christmas Reba! May the season of love, joy, and peace fill your heart and create beautiful memories for you and yours to carry in your heart forever! 🎄❤️🎄❤️
Gheisa Luna Merry Christmas to you too beautiful, and may God continue to bless you in many ways, and may you always be surrounded by loved ones, and thank you for always sharing your gift, telent and thank you for being such an amazing person, you are a blessing ...
Rhonda Stokes Merry Christmas Reba. After losing my mom in 2009 and 3 of my sister's in 2015 Christmas hasn't been the same.

Ready to sing the #nationalanthem at Official NFR Experience! #RebaByJustin Justin Boots

14.5k reactions 566 comments
Reba Brooks Sorry I missed it. And you look fabulous!!! I love your hair. Brett did a awesome job!!! Beautiful Reba McEntire !!!
Dale Seiler Justin Boots a sponser of the Grand Ole Opry or was? What ever happend to Tony lama Boots sponser of the opry reba?
Connie Wagner One Classy Lady:) Reba You sang beautifully as Always! Thank You for being such inspiration to All of us!
MOnica Dorhoi Thank you Reba. Will help from Washington adC and will do government relation s for you. Will mention to everybody about your work. Merry Christmas!
Roger Stone Idea write song "Where ARE U?" U do have them thoughts going on inside, LET's make some money honey .. :) just a thought :)
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