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Check this out! Way to go Keenie!

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Lesli Reimer ❤❤❤
Fred Murdock love it
Larry Bias Very Good song. Enjoyed it .
Irene Kosloski Beautiful!
Kay Andrews Beautiful song!!!

I bought mine on iTunes!!!!

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Anthony Fuller 👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼
Lucretia Sisco Nice
Brittney Starrett So freaking good! So proud of Caroline! I love love love it!
Lori Parry Great new song
Hope McMahan I bet she is freaking out that Reba likes her music.

70 years ago today, 9-17-47, Daddy won the all-around at the Pendleton Round-Up, at the age of 19. He still holds the record as youngest. #missyoudaddy #ranchercowboy #pendletonroundup

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Jeannie Kipp Kingery I don't know if u read these comments but thought u should know there is a page out there claiming to be Reba McEntire!!! I know because they tried to friend me. I looked at the page because I found it suspicious. Sure enough it's some scammer !!!! ...
Theresa Smith Robertson Awesome. He was an amazing man and raised you and your family the right way. God bless you each as you remember him daily.
Cathy Czarnecki I know your proud of him as he knows your proud of him. He's also proud of you also dear heart . He seen what you have done and he misses you also ,but he's with you every day .
Lynn Mary Anna Congratulations. I know how special Daddy's are and to be so proud of their accomplishments is an added bonus to your heart and soul!!!
Denise Dyson-Kauffeld Just finished this years Pendleton Round-up, great pic

Thanks so much for letting me be a part of the show. Very honored to receive an award with Mae Boren Axton's name on it. Thanks so much, ACM.

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Richard James Congratulations Reba on your #ACMHonors for Mae Boren Axton award and may God bless you and your gift from him! 🙏🏾❤️
Amber Hunborg Gaaaaahhh so close, Reba McEntire please do a duet with Alan Jackson ... It would be country music gold 😍 I dont understand how it hasnt happened yet. P.s you two rock 💗
Mitzi Weir Canupp A Great Show. It reminded me of how it use to be..
Shay Blakemore Unfortunately I will not be able to watch because NBC is trying to price gouge ATT Uverse and has blocked our viewing!

So proud of my buddy, Shane for the well deserved promotion! WARNER MUSIC NASHVILLE SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT SHANE TARLETON TO LEAD ARTIST DEVELOPMENT TEAM NASHVILLE, Tenn. – (September 14, 2017) – Warner Music Nashville Chairman and CEO John Esposito announced the appointment of Shane Tarleton to the newly created position of SVP Artist Development. In its commitment to supporting artist progression and improving team structures, WMN will reformat the existing Brand Management department to better harness the marketing and creative muscle of the company. Under Tarleton’s direction, brand sponsorship, marketing, digital interactive and creative services will all fall within the purview of Artist Development. “Shane’s creativity, leadership and community involvement render him exquisitely tailored for this position, but it is his artist-sensitive vision that makes him uniquely qualified for such an important role,” said Esposito. “For seven years Shane has been able to translate concepts into video and design realities on behalf of each individual artist. It is only natural that he should expand on that incredible perceptiveness in a larger way, for the benefit of both the company and, more importantly, the artists we serve.” Tarleton joined Warner Music Nashville as Creative Director in 2010. “I am honored to have this amazing opportunity. We have stellar artists and a brilliant staff, and it's a dream to lead this team to many successes!”

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Lucy Cruickshank GO SHANE ❤️🎉
Kay Andrews Congrats to your buddy!!!
Kristin Stutzman-Kelly Congrats Shane!!!! 🥂🎉
Charlene Walker Congratulates
Chandra 'Schneider' McCoy Very well deserved Shane!! Bravo! 👏🏻

You never know what’s going to happen in our lives, but thank God we have Troy’s music to carry on his legacy. Montgomery Gentry

Better Me - Single by Montgomery Gentry on Apple Music
Better Me - Single by Montgomery Gentry on Apple Music

Listen to songs from the album Better Me - Single, including "Better Me". Buy the album for $1.29. Songs start at $1.29. Free with Apple Music subscription.

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Rick Savage Troy will be missed. But in a way he'll live forever though his music.
Timothy Rainier So true got to meet him one time he so nice he well be miss
Ronald Beatty I always say Each day is a Blessing and treat it that way! RIP Troy
Denise Rivera Rest In Peace you will be missed love the new song
Sarah Gamble So true, please be safe in your travels. We all love you.

Don't miss Reba on the 11th annual ACM - Academy of Country Music #ACMHonors tonight at 9 PM ET/PT on CBS!

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Lucretia Sisco Congratulations Reba your awesome
Elliott Nicholson Grow Is there any chance they will replay it? I missed it!
Robert Hish Just wish one day I could meet her in person
James Burroughs Reba, have a fun and beautiful night tonight, Just wish I could watch it and see you!!!
Eddie Grissom Could I sit on a porch swing with you and listen to you sing me a song

On my barrel horse, which Delores Smith said was the ugliest horse she'd ever seen. So I named it #Fancy just to make it feel better. #tbt #throwbackthursday

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Gladys Foster Was that picture taken at your place down by Stringtown Oklahoma? A cousin was in the Wal-Mart in Atoka one time when you came I'm? What area does Pake live in, Oklahoma or Tennessee? I haven't heard of him in a long time. I shocked him one time at ...
Debbie Kroes Well I happen to think Fancy has a pretty head on her. Long ago I had an old horse named Dillon and he was a little worse for the wear at 25, so my best trail riding friend always made fun of how ugly he was, that is, till the day my horse beat her 10 ...
Annette Elizalde Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder I believe! I think that name is justified , she's a looker for sure. Blessings 😇
Brian Betty Jean Snyder Now just what is wrong with the looks of that horse ?? I am scared to death of horses but love the looks of them in pictures and from FAR away !! lol
Heather Daugherty-MacKinnon ⛅⛅⛅Fear⛅⛅⛅ I am scared Yes, I’m scared of Tornadoes Hurricanes Fires and floods So do not fear, for I am with you… I am scared Still, in the dead of night I am afraid of Most of those on the left Even some on the right Afraid to speak Petrified to ...

Reba McEntire

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Missy Molitor Looks great Reba , you're a very beautiful lady inside and out. For I thank you so very much for the utmost beautiful Christian music that you sing and for the wonderful country music that you sing. It all has something to say to everyone. Meaning, it ...
Ali Gonzalez Can you please find time in ur busy schedule to come to Plant City, Florida. We just survived Irma and you being here for the Strawberry Festival would definately make our day. Not to ment my day. You were here a few years back and my first concert ...
Laura Gould Beautiful picture Reba.i remember meeting you here in Brownwood Texas back in 1985-1986 you came into were I had worked it's called Underwood's you was doing a concert her you and your back up singer came and set down in my area I was working I was an ...
Cheryl Davis You're so beautiful Reba love you to death miss you on TV please come back and make another comedy your singing is absolutely out of this world please keep making your records but please come back to TV and make more comedies I love the Reba show I ...
Jolene Lantz So beautiful I would love to be able to meet you in person and my son Christopher Nolder just turned 10 Tuesday loves you he is always singing your songs

Reba McEntire's cover photo

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Tina Kay Sweet Can't wait to get this Jim Sweet!!! 💖👑
Cody Morphis You have a very beautiful singing voice Reba your songs a very beautiful!!
Barbara Gann Your love of god. Shines through you and glows as a. Becon to all.....
Laureen Best You never age and always beautiful
Barry Schinkel Love you Reba,I wish I could meet you sometime.

I'm ready!!!!!

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Sidney Patterson Me too! She's so talented! Sweetest girl ever!💖
Coleen Denson I have the recorder ready!
Amanda Rawlins reba- just so u know, you are my number one fantasy! just imagine if it were reality? what a wild ride to rock my world!
Stephanie Rose-Carr Cockrell My Dad loves you and he is the most important piece of my life! Lost my Brother, a police officer 8 years ago and he still keeps plugging along with all the hurt. What would it take to meet you? I can't repay him for all he's done and the amazing father ...

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Tony Mellish Thing u would help in the USA 1st
Dena Boggs ❤️
Sharon Miller Jones 🙏🏼
Ray Mosser Good people
Kay Andrews Awesome!!! God bless you!!!

This is so cute and so true! I love this!

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Nan Erdahl So cute! Thanks for sharing. Congratulations on your Mae Axton award!
Margit Freeman Annas Number 7 is me for sho and maybe 8 lol
Jeanie Carr too stinking cute, and true Baby style lolololl...
Sheryl Lesieur Flores Love it and I love your shows maybe meet some day lol
Laura Ehrler Hilarious and yes very true at times

I’m so excited to announce that I’m hosting #CMAchristmas Monday, November 27th on ABC Television Network! AND, the CMA Country Music Association has your chance to win a signed copy of my soon to be re-released “My Kind of Christmas” CD with brand new songs here:

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Cheryl Rieken I would be honor to get a sign cd years ago she had a tv show that was great never miss one then the sofa she had on here I wanted for the living room myself and the gal who owns the furniture store couldn't find a match that was the same so I call the ...
Mickie Russo-Wood I just love your music. It was always my dream to see you in concert and my husband had tried to take mevto see you nearly 21 years at or so in Atlantic City but I got sick! We never got there, figured you come back and we had time. Unfortunately, he ...
Sharon Potts Love Reba, I just read your story in Blessings, which we received in the mail. Love your old TV shows, and your song I am a survivor! My husband has just recovered from a broken neck, your inspiration means the world to us, Sharon and Jerry Potts
Carl Sheila Malcom Reba McIntire you have such a precious heart of GOD. It would be amazing to watch you on my Mother had 3 sets of twins and this is the day after our Birthday October 13,2017 that is the day after my birthday! Thank you for you are a blessing!
Ginny Holland Florence I have listened to you since I was a little girl. You are my favorite female country artist. I had he opportunity to see you in concert in high school. I've been trying to get tickets for My daughters to see you.

I never will. God Bless America!!! #neverforget

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Lisa Carlson-Peterson Amen. Reba, I admire you and your heart and I apologize for posting this under your tribute of remembrance, but this is so vitally important and we want to reach a large number of people. I heard a plea by you to donate to the Red Cross on my Pandora ...
Joe Martinez Yes never forget this is our country our freedom united as one God Bless the 🇺🇸
Maria Mcaleavey always remebered never forgoten .
Carol Novick With so much going on let us not forget this special day of remembrance!
Linda Fort Flag,s should all be at half mast...lost of NYC

Is Rome ready for this?????#melissapeterman #snellycat

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Lola Tsagakis Palividas Have a safe trip Ladies! Was all that luggage just for you Reba? If it is you'll be gone for a long time. Hurry back safely.
Allison Galyardt Im just. A big fan of urs reba and the reba show,u guys r beautiful ladies .may God watch over u and bless u always have an awesome time.
Linda McGonigal Love you Reba! Everybody should be ready for Reba! I don't know about Melissa though hahaha. She's a real hoot!
Katherine Harrington Enjoy enjoy enjoy ladies have a great great time.reba you go to Italy quite often don't you,you must love it there.have fun.
Jacqueline Tarantino Klinger You two ladies need another hit show together. You are a great team. Have fun, Like I need to tell you that. Looks like you are. Enjoy

My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to the family, friends and fans.

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Jeni Smith Gave me goosebumps. Sincerest sympathy to family, friends & fans.
April Brooks Absolutely heart breaking- thoughts n prayers for all.
Lynn Avery Thoughts and prayers to him, his friends and family. 🙏🙏
Pamela Peck Borgquist Heartbroken for his family.... All time favorite .....Rest Peace
Connie Poole God bless him and prayers for his family!

I was so blessed to get to share the stage with this very talented wonderful man. I will surely miss him.

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Starla Angel West So sad. I will miss you the most. You have been always there for me when i feel lonely and needed some good music. RIP
Jim Lila Mcgill I grew up listening to him. He will always be one of the Greatest Country Music Singers & was one of my all time favorites.. I BELIEVE IN LOVE..TULSA TIME, AND SO MANY MORE. THOUGHTS & PRAYERS FOR THE FAMILY.. RIP
Laura Demler Storrer Reba...saw you with him in Topeka, KS, years ago...two totally different types of performances and one totally pleased crowd!
Chris Seastrand I believe in love is still my favorite song ever and his duet with Keith urban was amazing and A lot of fun.
Monica Myers My very first concert was a concert you shared with him and Diamond Rio.. it's where I learned to love him.

Tourist by day, singer by night...

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Crin Hannah Rutherford You should become "The Singing Tourist"!
Art Harris Cool!!! I would never recognize ya, as a tourists...
Mary Silva Have fun Reba thanks for pics
Lynn Avery You got that right and a great singer at that! #TheBest

Walking into the Colosseum last night here in Rome was surreal. The history, unbelievable The entertainment from Elton John, Andrea Bocelli, Steven Tyler and many more brought us back to the present. #ohwhatanight. @celebrity_fight_night

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Lisa Spangler wow, thanks for sharing
Dan PE thanks for the updates
Tamra Clark Baxter I so wish I could see one more concert Reba your my fqvorite
Kelsey Norton Can't wait 2 more weeks and I'll be touring Italy and watching my big sister get Married 🙂
Rene N Lisa Borrel Thanks sweetie for sharing your Trip❤️

What can I say? #loverome❤️

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Donna Rogers I would like to get ahold of you Reba someone is using your profile over messenger they contacted me this morning ask me if I was single I know it's not really you
Monica Vaughan Then come to Rome, Ga...I mean go from one Rome to another LOL. Seriously we love Reba!
Ron Jones " Forever Love "...and " Does He Love You "......:-)
Todd Usher Should have goose him Reba.

So excited !!!!!

Kelly Clarkson - Meaning of Life
Kelly Clarkson - Meaning of Life

Pre-order Kelly Clarkson’s new album 'Meaning of Life' or stream her new songs 'Love So Soft' and 'Move You'.

740 reactions 17 comments
Daniel Purvis Have fun in Italy
Brenda Lasher Your an awesome woman!!!
Kay Andrews Awesome song
Stephanie Nutt- Sommerio So excited!
Pam Tigert Love it

Love your new video, Kelly! You go girl!

1.3k reactions 72 comments
Angie Sullivan Foster She's in a class of her own! Love it!
Carolyn Moyer-Norris Liked it so I download it on YouTube.
Kay Frances Waters Phenomenal voice!!!! 🙂

My heart hurts for all of you. Such a beautiful and peaceful place. Praying for healing.

7.4k reactions 328 comments
Bunny Torres Prayers... I am from Dickinson, TX We are also had to leave from our home we got flooded and loss everything
Juanita Collins We all here in Florida needs prayers now and will need your help in a couple of please help in any way you can...thank you in advance
Lynda Perry Hearts must mend and people must turn to God to help them through this horror! One step at a time and one day at a time! We will survive and go on . . .
Sue H Scdoris God put on this earth and God can take us away just hope pray for no bad weather or nothing in harms way Lord keep all of us safe
Faye Bledsoe It is terrible that a hurricane followed so quickly behind Harvey. and then there is Jose and one in the lower Gulf...God is definitely try to get our attention.

So much fun! Thanks so much to the President, Andrea, Veronica and the Ricci family for the super hospitality. What a wonderful evening!!! #celebrityfightnight

191 reactions 13 comments
Keven Lamar Belcher
Mary Donato Wow
Bill Ratliff Wow
Blanche Boatfield gorgeous
Amy Kelley Beautiful. I would love to go there

Off we go!!!

8.9k reactions 248 comments
Tricia Wilson I love that you she still hangs out with Melissa Peterman 💙
Anita Dahms Have a safe flight and a wonderful time. Love to see you and Barbra Jean
Mary Harmon-Miller Will Barbara Jean be having a slide show of your trip when y'all get back? LOL
Jamie Lodwig Have an amazing time Reba! Safe travels for everyone! Can't wait to see more pictures !
Kathy Young Fun to see you with Melissa!

Do you think I'm taking too much luggage to Italy? I couldn't make up my mind :))😜

25.4k reactions 2255 comments
Dilia Medeiros I love you...everyone always teases me because I take too much's very hard to make up our minds. Bonnie Ayala Rodrigues, look someone with more luggage than
Ruth Ann Anderson Women and kids can never have enough luggage, lol. We love ya Reba. My husband has been an owner operator truck driver for 30 years and he was asked now for 4 years to drive for the stars and you would be one of his. He's seriously thinking about it. ...
Patsy Ingle Phillips When I went to Italy for ten days, I packed everything I needed into a 20 pound backpack..of course by the time I came home, it weighed about twice that!
Jade Johnson Please that looks like half of your luggage tehehe My babies come by it honestly... We left yesterday for two hours and they packed food electronics blankets and a first aid. I almost died laughing. Amber Hunborg
Renee Warner You go Reba! We are women that need a lot of things. Tell Italy Hello for me! I would love to see someday. #youluckylady

Great time in New York City last night. Josephine thank you so much for dinner!! Love you guys!! Now, on to Italy! Let's go to Italy!! #italy #celebrityfightnight #arno @kixbrooks @ronniedunn @reba @melissapeterman @snellycat @neil_robison @melodyjane2 @barbaradbrooks @mjmirongirl @soulstar

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Tweetie Lester Blankenship Lord it must be nice :)
Elizabeth Cheeley lovely picture
Billy Culpepper No more Reba please
Beverly Fidler Hi, Brooks and Dunn. Lookin good.
Carol Baker Great picture. Have fun in Italy.

Way to go, Dustin!!!!

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Candice Clark Already have it in my iTunes 😀👍
Deidre Miller Beautiful 💜
Robin Sanchez either way <3
Rhonda Thompson Love, Love, Love!!!
Lori Parry I absolutely love Dustin!!

Congrats to the Belardi Auto Racing team!! Also to @kylekaiser18 for winning the championship!!!!!!! #belardiautoracing. Shelby Blackstock

1.6k reactions 40 comments
Maria Reale Difiore Nice looking man
William Carter Congratulations Shelby
William Nelms GO SON
Paulette Cavallo Tralongo He is so handsome!
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