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Last updated: 04:24 11/16/2017

Reba and Carrie Underwood's performance of "Does He Love You" from Reba's 40th anniversary Opry celebration is nominated for the Grand Ole Opry Moment of the Year in the 2017 Rare Country Awards! CAST YOUR VOTE HERE:

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J.l. Cooper Don`t make no difference , can`t beat beautiful song, beautiful Ladies .
Danielle Draemer Vercher I wish y’all did this at the second show too! I was at the second one!
Jess Mason 2 of my favourite country Gals! When are you coming to Australia Reba??
Marilyn Jackson Of all the artists that have sung this song as a duet with Reba, no one has surpassed Linda Davis!
Sheila Berryman Kahl I was there and it was awesome!!

Tune in today to catch a special performance from #MyKindOfChristmas on Pickler & Ben! Check your local listings for airtime here: #PicklerAndBen

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Tony Solorzano Reba You Make anything sound beautiful !!!!!
Don Schwartz Sexy lady with sexy voice any man who would be with Reba would be the luckiest man in the world
Debbie Patzner Yea!! Always love hearing and watching you perform!! Tunning in for sure!! Love ya!!
Kathy Miller Love you...your music..your sweetness. The best to you and yours
Roger Daniel You are a beautiful lady and a fantastic singer happy Thanksgiving and God bless

Loved visiting with Kellie Pickler and Ben Aaron on Pickler & Ben! Tune in tomorrow - you won’t want to miss it! Check your local listings here for air times: #PicklerAndBen #MyKindOfChristmas

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Gwen Zajac I like her show great pic
Tammie Rash McCoy Great show, & what a great pic.
Paula Heather Awsome
Kylie Daniels I was there... It was amazing
Idella Jackson Hello Mizz Reba💗💗⚘⚘🌟

I couldn’t have said it better myself, @shelbyblackstock Blackstock. #godblessamerica🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 #godblessourvetsandtroops

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Eldon Joplin His A good man.
Mike Summers Michaelsummers
Correna Hollenbach Thank you Veterans
Catherine Rampley Someone is on Facebook and messager claiming to be you

I’m playing DJ for Pandora on a very special Holidays at Home station, filled with my favorite sounds of the season! Tune in to hear songs from ‘My Kind of Christmas’ and more of my holiday favorites, from Kelly Clarkson and Trisha Yearwood to Nat King Cole. LISTEN NOW:

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Idella Jackson Omg Mizz Reba⚘⚘⚘ Gorgeous Photo🌸🌸 Download Your Xmas song... On YouTube I Promise🌻🌻
George Ambroziak Every time I See Reba I say I love You Reba, but everybody says that
CarolandHugh Morrison Somerville Love your sweater! Where can I get one?
Karin Pentz only someone as little as you can get away with that sweater :)
Kay Andrews I have Pandora but haven't sign in yet. You look adorable in that sweater Reba.

JUST ANNOUNCED: Reba and Brooks & Dunn are returning to The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in 2018! For access to special pre-sale ticketing starting tomorrow, be sure to sign up for Reba's email list here: An email with the pre-sale code and link will be sent out at 7 AM CT tomorrow morning.

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Sheila Satel Rats!! My mom would have LOVED to see Reba! She has never been to Vegas before so I am taking her for her 82 Birthday (she looks and actss 62!) February 1st - over a month before Reba 😢
Felicia Jane On my bucket list for sure! I'm a 5 yr survivor or Lymphoma Cancer and I now live life to the fullest! This is something I must do when I have the money!
Cheryl Bradford Reba we are going to be at your show on December 8th and we have from Oklahoma can’t I meet you while Iam there me and my hubby it’s our 41st wedding Anniversary????
Cathy Villegas I definitely want to go see them but won't be able to next year! My husband and I have our goal set to buy a house next year. Maybe the following year!
Meg Stooke 🇨🇦Ms Reba, I saw you 3 (maybe 4 ) yrs ago in Victoria, B.C. Canada . my hubby surprised me with tickets in October that year, I was sick as a dog hacking & wheezing with a terrible virus, but I was going no matter what & I did! You were Fabulous ! ...

Join me and take DAV pledge to honor and help the brave men and women who served our country. #IHelpVeterans #DAV

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Joseph Waite Hey Reba I love this picture
Savo Knezevich Thank you may God bless you always
Billy Sisemore Veteran, DAV Life member, and OKIE! (not in that order)
Stephen Rehard Thank you Reba, love you. PNC(AW) USN Ret.
KR Panda Thank you for helping them out just 💙💛💚❤️ it 🐾🐾

#toomuchfun at the 51st #CMAawards last night!!! Thanks Kelsea Ballerini for letting me sing #Legends with you. Thanks Johnathan Kayne for the beautiful gowns and Brett Freedman Beauty for my hair and makeup! 📸: CMA Country Music Association

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Becca Dixon Was on video chat with my mom last night, Reba came out I said "gotta go mom, the Queen is singing".
Paul Lawry Sorry, but you should have performed alone. You are such a talented artist that should not have to share the stage.
Carol Ann Sheehan-Boswell your voice and songs have been my best friend for so long thank you !!! and you were amazing and looked beautiful as always , thank you
Linda K. Shaw Love Kelsie and Reba singing was so sweet seeing how Kelsie was so tickled having Reba sing her song with her. Awesome!
Bobbie Hart Rodgers Reba I love you but am ashamed of the Country Awards Show. Real American thought Our Country Singers were above Slamming OUR PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP. It is trashy and just another Millionaire Celebrities throwing off on OUR AMERICA by bringing ...

From the CMA awards to going to get my mammogram the next morning. Taking care of business and my health! #mammogramssavelives

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Eileen Stowe Good for you Reba, need to protect your ta ta's. You were beautiful last night as always! Were you sitting next to a guy that played in one of your Reba's sitcom??? He looked familiar and then I remembered!
Buffy Hart This is very ironic! I’m at the hospital with my mom who is having a more advanced mammogram because they detected something in the one she had last Thursday!! 😬 very scared I pray for my mom & for you to be in good health as well!!! 🙏🏻
Cindy Brown LOL! Hey Reba, my daughter lives in Hendersonville and she said one day she was sitting at the Red light and looked over and there you were, she scream out there's Reba!!!!!!! lol.....You are so cool! We still watch your TV show when I can catch it ...
Denise Fischer Knouse I take mine yearly! Last year I was gonna pass & not do it but I’m glad I did it! Mammogram found 2 nodules! Carcinoma! Had a Masectomy and now going through Reconstruction. I did self exams & my Primary care Doctor checked & neither one of us felt ...
Bonnie Taylor Dowell Way to go Reba from a 15 year breast cancer survivor. I had mine a couple of weeks ago and got another all clear :)

Don’t miss Reba and Kelsea Ballerini performing on the 51st CMA Country Music Association Awards tonight at 8/7c on ABC! #CMAawards

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Dustin Underwood Oh I️ won’t miss it. I️ may not even blink during the performance. So die hard Reba fan!!!
Norm Pedersen Always Miss Reba all the time anywhere LOL
Elizabeth Christian Got it on. Good luck to all nominees, performers, winners .
Frank Gruetzman Can't live with out you Reba.
Roger Scott Going to watch i cant wait

I love my family! #susiemcentireeaton #pakemcentire #aliceforanmcentire #mamajacmcentire

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Michelle Davidson Love your music Reba and I know you're all about family.
Joe Lucasti Everyone should be so fortunate.
Frank Garcia Beautiful picture you're the best Reba aloha
David Anderson Beautiful Reba and I have always loved you.
John Sykes Family is everything nice photo thanks for sharing

Happy birthday to the best little sister in the entire world! I love you Susie! Happy birthday!!! Susie McEntire

12.7k reactions 1226 comments
Robert Dean happy birthday susie ! you are a beautiful and talented lady, just like your big sister !
FayeandWayne Lloyd Happy Birthday Susie !!🎂🎈🎉🎁🎁🎁Wishing You Many Beautiful Blessings 🙏💕
Lisa McMillan 🎼Happy bday to you! happy bday to you!! happy bday dear Susie, happy bday to you 🎉🎈🎂💃🏼
Carol Ann Carr Happy Birthday Susie!!! Blessings & Best Wishes 🎉💐🎂🥂🍾🎂🎁🎈🎉
Dennis Moore Happy Birthday Susie you have a great sister hope you enjoy your day

Way to go Kelsea! So proud of you!

893 reactions 31 comments
Tyler Mahn Ashleigh Schmidt
Kenneth Felsinger Sr. Wow
Caitlynn Wentz Omg cant wait!!!
Jewel Shannon she is a beauty
Philip Bambarger See you tonight :)

Live at the CMA Country Music Association Radio Remotes this morning!

1.2k reactions 33 comments
Ronald Foster Love REBA.
Joan Case-Wilson Love REBA!
Barbara Slater DeSpain I love Reba!
Rosemarie Campbell AWESOME!

Last day to submit a holiday photo for your chance to win a trip to #CMAchristmas and meet me!

1.4k reactions 85 comments
Helen Weisgerber I don't have holiday picture.
Tracey Db not gonna watch. its not country anymore. bunch of half dressed pop tarts jirating. no thanks.
Savo Knezevich You always look very beautiful may God bless you always
Kaye Reeves Kelley I will see you there Reba!
Douglas Jenkins Sr. Like to meet without a pic, with a pic everyone will know I met you. ha!ha! ha!.

“The Three Mouseketeers” having a wonderful time in Omaha Nebraska last night performing for the Veterans. My heroes. Walter Scott, thank you so much for the invitation and allowing me to say thank you to our American patriots in person. #followtheblonde #snellycat #melissapeterman #carolynsnell

5.5k reactions 203 comments
Eldon Joplin Good job baby. A big thanks from All us Vet's . Love you much.
Cathy Carter Watch out Reba ,Barbara jean is behind you !
Frank Garcia As a Vietnam vet thank you even though i wasn't there thank you
Joe Lucasti Good for you all!!!!! Ok, who’s the FbiReba on messenger????? Is that real?
Linda Rupeika Thank you for supporting our veterans

My #CMAawards duet buddy Kelsea Ballerini has a new album out today! Check it out! #UNAPOLOGETICALLY

2.0k reactions 44 comments
Kevin Heflin Love Kelsi’s music. !!
Lonnie Luna A fan of hers
Rhonda Thompson Love her
Carol Picard how are you miss Miss McEntire
Ayla Phillips Gorgeous!

Jac and her girls!!! Love my family!!!!

6.9k reactions 298 comments
Paula Samples A very beautiful family. Thank you for sharing your family
Gary Culver Reba, Your Family Is Amazing and There For You, God Bless You All, 👀🙏❤️🤠 Gary
Jan Moreland Beautiful family Reba love and hugs
Lori Parry Great picture, thank you for sharing your family with us. I love seeing pictures like this.
Linda Soanes Your so down to earth Reba, love your compassion.

Thanks COWGIRL Magazine for loving our new #RebabyJustin footwear! Justin Boots

Get Excited For The Cutest Casual Shoe You
Get Excited For The Cutest Casual Shoe You've Ever Seen!

This is the PERFECT casual shoe, y'all! The one and only Reba McEntire launched a line of footwear in collaboration with Justin...

1.5k reactions 67 comments
Carole Jackson Very cute!
Lisa Ann Renfrow TA Geez, way too pricy
Brittney Starrett Ordering mine 😘
Shelby Ferrell These are so cute.
Hayley Windham Roxanne Windham ok but these are actually cute

Happy Halloween!!! 🎃👻🧛‍♀️

5.7k reactions 247 comments
Kathy Zollner Williams My favorite party of Halloween is the today show!
Marty Thomas Really cute Halloween skit!! If you’re a country ‼️🎃
Linda Nivala That was awesome !! Hands down the best Halloween show ever on The Today’s Show
Lisa Reinke This was most likely the best Halloween show I've seen. And Kathy Lee reckin ball was priceless.
Joann Thu This was the best Halloween.

Congrats to @patriciaheaton on her 200th episode of The Middle! Love that she wore my #RebaBeauty luminous blush to the celebration. Check out this Sunrise on my website.

3.9k reactions 104 comments
Patricia Morris Maitland The link on your website does not work - cannot find the beauty products
Laura Ehrler Your Reba Beauty luminous blush looks awesome on Patricia
Teska D. Jenfer Congratulations I can't watch the middle bc I work but I absolutely love it.
Elaine Johnson Geldert Website doesn’t show any beauty products! We need a link please!
Karen Smith-perrin Congrats. Luv this show along with the Reba show

Don't miss Reba performing on The Life & Songs Of Kris Kristofferson tonight at 10/9c on CMT! #songsofkristofferson

4.4k reactions 104 comments
Debbie Meyer i dont have cable dang it
Joel Williams I always admired the man but I seen him at the IP Casino and he put on a bum show
Helen Wiecking King Sorry I missed it. Hopefully CMT will rerun it.
Diana DeDe Purlee Awe , Rebas heart throb.
Michael O'Shea Well that stinks didn't even know it was on

Want to meet Reba and attend a taping of CMA Country Music Association #CMAchristmas? Submit your favorite holiday photo for your chance to WIN!

4.0k reactions 149 comments
Liuz Saechao I think someone messaged me a reba imposter im so scared. I should block them.
Kathy Tibert Manuel Lol. This would be nice, but only a dream to come true.
Pam Allen We would love to meet you you so much..
Reba Brooks Tried to enter. But won't let me download my Christmas picture. Will try again later Reba McEntire !!! I love Reba!!!
Melissa Younger What a bucket list dream come true. I would love to meet her!

What a fun night! Lots of giggles great food great company! Celebrating Morgan’s new song at country radio and surprises to come! @morganevansmusic @kelseaballerini @shanetarleton

1.5k reactions 51 comments
Jamie Lodwig How fun! Glad you are having a fun time.
Idella Jackson Hello Mizz Reba💗💗⚘⚘🌟
Shirley Wilson What a great picture
Lucretia Sisco Awesome be blessed stay safe
Lynn Avery What an awesome picture! 😍

Announcing the winner of the CMA Country Music Association Grand Country Christmas Sweepstakes presented by Balsam Hill!

6.7k reactions 1431 comments
Linda Ison Finkenbinder My son Evan adores you! Evan Finkenbinder. Check him out!!!!
Donna Baker I will see you Wednesday at the Kenny Rogers show Reba !!!!
JoLynn Wheeler Coleman Loved you on the Dove Awards!
Maureen Adams Sampey Gonzalez I've been listening to you for 35 years and I tell you what you are just so much part of my life and I want to thank you because your songs have always meant so much♡ big hugs and kisses from Houston Texas man we love you here
Kurt E Hoenig Saw you in Ft Madison Iowa at our rodeo years ago. Xoxo

Don't miss Reba on the 48th GMA Dove Awards tonight at 9/8c on the Trinity Broadcasting Network! #BackToGod #SingItNow

3.1k reactions 117 comments
Mistey Gill Mcmillan Lord Jesus thank you!! Reba I hope and pray you sing more songs like this. Have always loved ya
Susan Brown I have Comcast cable I'm trying to find this channel. Does he know what it is on Comcast
Juanita Enriquez It's soo true we have to give this world back to God GBY
Tom Shawhan One freaking anti trump comment by anyone and GMA will go by the way of the DoDo Bird as well.
Glen Morgan Saw her many years back at the Pendleton Roundup-GREAT show !!!!!

Today is the last day to enter the Balsam Hill Grand Country Sweepstakes for your chance to win tickets to #CMAchristmas! ENTER HERE:

130 reactions 90 comments
Cathy Thomas Mitchell Would love to spend Christmas with you
Dean Leblanc I would like to have all your c.d. is good enough love you all and god bless
Joanne Bertotti Beautiful Reba, The older the prettier.
Savo Knezevich You are always looking very beautiful God bless you always
Dawn Darlene Mitchell Aww it ended already...just saw this today :(

Timeline Photos

334 reactions 23 comments
Frank Gruetzman I love you babe
Steve Zilliox PLEASE!!! No politics.
Wes Loroff oh gee ANOTHER awards show YAWN
Gregory M Margaritis I Love You Reba My Lady !!! <3 <3 <3
Jann Scott Can't wait see you Reba ❤

My buddy Darius Rucker has a new album out today! Check out #WhenWasTheLastTime.

3.9k reactions 81 comments
Tracy Lindgens Bring back Hootie and the Blowfish!
Rita Boyer Darius is an amazingly talented Artist! Love his voice, persona and music....
Pete N Barbara Longoria Keep on trucking Darius ! You the man ! God bless you and yours !
Naaman Moorehouse Wirts jewelers North little Rock Arkansas
Julie Hutchinson Love Darius! Can't wait to hear his new music!

Love it!!!!!

Kelly Clarkson - Meaning of Life
Kelly Clarkson - Meaning of Life

Pre-order Kelly Clarkson’s new album 'Meaning of Life' or stream her new songs 'Love So Soft' and 'Move You'.

939 reactions 21 comments
Jessica Mannon-Phillips Amber Phillips
Trần Hạ Tân <3
Trần Hạ Tân <3
Trần Hạ Tân <3
Amanda Belle Rawlins Love this
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