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Congrats to my brother CC Sabathia for advancing to the next round. Love u bro. Keep grinding !! Lehgo!! #yankeeshomie

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Ronen Mantsury Nice shirt!
Christopher Mastrianni Are you trying to jinx the Yankees with a Giant like boat picture?
Mychal Clark Sundblad Remember the last time a New York team partied on a boat while in the post season?
Jason Lecomples Yo boy will be back on the boat soon...hehe...2-0 Houston..
Omri Gilat Come back home to Jerusalem, Amare! You already have the shirt ready... (and btw - Us fans in Jerusalem are heartbroken that you did not continue, we just don't understand how management let such a blunder happen)

Just a few brother searching for righteousness, bible study when I was in Houston, Texas. Stay strong H-Town. As we bring in THE 8TH DAY FEAST, I hope everyone have a blessed Shabbat. 🕎. #StayPrayedUp

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Davie Lee Where two or more are Gathered by Davie Lee Ryan
דביר ווילף please🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
דביר ווילף Amara will return to Hapoel
Arturo Maces Nothing like the word.
Teew Driel He s rather to fast or still with protocol lads tell the office

COVETEUR I’m grateful to have the opportunity to work with you all. AMAR’E STOUDEMIRE’S CLOSET IS FULL OF RARE SNEAKERS AND ONE-OF-A-KIND JACKETS Because Stoudemire might just be the only baller who, in his downtime, covers men’s fashion week (and interviews Raf Simons and Rick Owens) for the likes of Esquire. Miami.

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Shela Jay Basketball Hall of Famer! For sure!
Joel Hopkins Awesome
Sadiku Ma'at Ma'at ok bro... hope all is good 4 ya
Dennis Minuti Amari playing this season???
Alhaji Harun Sesay We miss u in seirra leone,freetown needs u baller


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Ami Karoutchy Come to jerusalem pls
KeepOlim We love you Amar'e!
Lorenzo Marelli Wonderful choice!
Michael Ian Bartolome Jean Michel 🎨
Dennis Minuti Basquiat

#Consumers250 sharing my insight on social influence, experiential marketing, and more. Thanks to Moneyish and the editor-in-chief #raakstarwrites. Love you all The Wall Street Journal and Spiritual Gangster ✌🏾& ❤️

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Raakhee Mirchandani Singh Like I said: Spiritual Gangster, unofficial wardrobe of cool moms everywhere.
Daniel Steinberg Samuel Gatan he stays rocking that spiritual gangster- loyal man!
Moneyish What a great event Amar'e Stoudemire - next time you're in town, you have to come by the office for some Moneyish fun!

#JeanDubuffet 🎨 #themelechcollection Title: “Art should make us laugh and frighten us a little”

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Shela Jay Interesting , i like like!
Dennis Minuti AWESOME!!!!!!+

Meeting of the minds !! #forbes30under30 Miles Chamley-Watson famous Fencing Olympian

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Levan Futkaradze Zauri
Josh Jacobs Amar'e Stoudemire, you ever make it to the D, let a fellow tribe member know.
Thaddeus Wislinski Miles is a cool dude! I work for the company that supplies the US fencing team.
Alon Aharoni We miss you here in jerusalem! Come home

Picasso 🎨 #contemporaryart

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Lacy Lowe I see ya!!!! #hometown #STAT

Sneak Peek 👀. #NewWineAlert 🍷 #StoudemireWine #comingsoon‼️ #KosherWine

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Eli Goldstein Eric Rubenstein
Peter Fishkind Dani Goldberg gotta get this
Abe Diaz Idol
Damien Parker Barranco Huh
Bryan Roberts Melissa Minnear. Look STAT is making wine now 😋

Say no more 🎨

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Steven Salzman Easy fast Amar'e!
Corey Ant Hamilton My boi i forgot i had you on my friends list

Feels good to be back where it all started #phoenix 🌵.. 🎥reminiscing about the great times we had. Celebrating Phoenix Suns 50th Anniversary. Future looks bright for the organization, excited to see what's in store. #SunsAt50 #SunsForLife

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Ted Ramirez Favorite Player but worst dressed
JJ Guimalan John Paul Soriano bro. Look whos back hahaha
Erica Ethridge James Trackstar Lowe I found your celeb look alike!
Chase Rankin Bro you Nash and Marion were the og big 3

Just a kid from ... Nike Basketball #LilStat

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Nadav Even Ari Miss hem
Torix Kon John Go:you're the best amare!
Mark Calhoun Amare you were a beast for PHX!!!


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Thank you @_winner_league The Jerusalem Post / @sport_5 Hapoel Jerusalem Basketball Club "When I decided last summer to retire from the NBA and join Hapoel Jerusalem, my intentions were to help this team, from this holy city win my first championship with the team and the second championship in franchise history. I am extremely proud that not only did we meet that goal, but that this achievement, capped arguably the best season this team has ever had. Reaching all three local finals, of which we won two, along with a eurocup semifinals appearance, personally winning the All Star Game MVP Award 🏆 and coming to within one game of the finals, made it a truly remarkable season. I am extremely proud that not only did we meet that goal, but that this achievement, capped arguably the best season this team has ever had. It has been a great ride for myself and my family. We enjoyed the city, it's people, the holy places 🕎 and of course Hapoel fans🗣. Although I would have liked to return for another season, the team, coach and I could not find a role that I felt would allow me to meaningfully contribute in the way I have always been accustomed to play I feel it is my time now, to return to the shareholder's position and help make this team even better. I would like to thank Hapoel Jerusalem president. Ori Allon, and the entire Hapoel Jerusalem organization for giving me the opportunity to retire as a champion 🏆and doing it in the holiest of cities made even more special. I wish my teammates, friends and fans another great season. Yalla Hapoel!!" #kingdombusiness #shabbtshalom

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Paul Dunn Congrats STAT
Rafael Rodriguez Your a awesome person congratulations
Yishai Charnis Thank you, champ 🥇
Aniscal Jack idol wish you best of luck !!

Duane McLaughlin building his collection 🎨 #jeanmichelbasquiat #Blessed 👑 Love u brother

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Nomar Añames the BOSS!
אסף פרץ come to hpoel amere
אסף פרץ come to hpoel amere
Zane McGhee Trying not to say anything rude
Dennis Minuti Sweet!!!

E1T1 United has been a blessed 🙏🏾program for many years. Thanks to Nike Elite Youth Basketball and #NikeBasketballAcademy NIKE EYBL Nike Basketball for always helping the next generation to achieve excellence. #nikemafia. #StayPrayedUp

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Efren Dizon Lumba Amare are u still Going to play in NBA?
Robert Stoudemire Keep up the great work
Andrew Linwood STAT and KG were the most dominant high school athletes to ever play the game
Don Diego Amare is a champion in basketball. He loves the game and stayed focus on the game contributing to communities through the game. Unlike some NBA players nowadays who likely to be politicians

Peep the new Cover Boy !! Architectural Digest Where art 🎨 and life 🏡 connects. Read more:

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Tj Neville Drew Neville
Josh Swan Tommy Morris
Bambu Carlos Eduardo Pimp
Brown Yahosophat Al-Rahem I see you big stat salute king
Shela Jay amar"e you have a beautiful home,handdown!

Signature shoe days !! #nikemafia Phoenix Suns

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Daniel David Miss you to jerusalem
Robert Stoudemire Sweet
Robert Stoudemire What up cuz, "like"my page man.
Francine Coleman 🙂
Abe Diaz Idol

#JMB #TheMelechCollection

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Noam Sharon Hi Amar'e Stoudemire did you painted it?
Olivier Cassin Jean Michel Basquiat.Off course. 👍
Dennis Minuti Basquiat?
Shela Jay A true artist, loving it.

#tbt Sending well wishes to the young men that are about to embark on the next chapter in this amazing journey called life. Young men your lives are about to change, embrace it, appreciate it and stay humble. NBA #manyblessings #HighSchoolToPros #youngstat #thatboyclean 😂 #ROY #2002draft Phoenix Suns #18yearsold

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Amir Sharabany #Yehoshphat
Allison Cheney CLASSIC TBT...hope you and your family are well!
Dennis Minuti We are STYLING!!!!!
Shela Jay thanks for that encouragement for young aspiring stars.
Richard David My favorite player

Wow !! On top of out team Hapoel Jerusalem Basketball Club Bus 🚌 . The fans stopped traffic. Epic night !! 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆#Champs2017

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Shela Jay Amar'e. , you always been a champ to me. congrats my brother. fan always

My Foundation 🙏🏾 Champions 🏆🏆2017 #StatFam

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ישועה דרך יעקב Endless Shalom to you brother
Daniel Goldman Rafael David Zeitune
Mike-Lee White Sleepy Lilthug
Avon Barksdale Congratulations.
Zachary Harrison Congrats Israel in Jesus name!

Champions 2017 🏆🏆🏆🏆#Yahosaphat

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Sebastian Hardt Lars Magenheimer 😂
Ko Kyaw လီးပဲ ဖာသယ္မသားေတြ
Torix Kon Your idolix John Go
Elaine Kornbluth Congrats!!!
Arthur Smith IV Is that Amar'e or Chief Dunking Ball?😂
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