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Thank you to the Puffin Foundation and The Nation Institute for recognizing me with their Creative Citizenship Award. To be honored with the same award that was given to Dolores Huerta in 2002 is extremely humbling. She is one of the most decorated labor activist of the 20th century, the leader of the Chicana/Chicano civil rights movement and more. I was able to meet her over the weekend and she is full of life at 87 and continues to fight for those that cannot. The importance of press is paramount especially in a time where the first amendment and free speech are under attack. It is all our responsibility and especially the responsibility of journalists to speak just in an unjust room. 📸: @KarlFergusonJr

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Dee Loc Warrior spirit and a heart of gold. Much respect to you and your family. For all the lives you've touched and for those who you've inspired to grow a spine and stand up to the bullshyt oppression and racism that this land called Amerikkka was made on. I ...
Robin Thebodeau I am in awe of you,Mr Kaepernick! Thank you for standing up to the haters who don't even understand what you were doing and most importantly why you were doing it.
Chad Eric Bailey A knee= a prayer A stance= incredible A knowledgeable thought On said subject... "At least he didn't kill no one ; you know like cops do?" Just because I don't think some other people know this.
Marti Root when you "live" your truth, the gentle peace can be seen in your eyes, and this inspires others to stay true to their hearts...Colin Kaepernick, your strong voice even in acts of silence gives hope for a better world.
Mike Dolan A lot of people talk shit, but dude gave up a 6 figure income playing a GAME to stand for what's right. Those same people talk shit about Snowden when he did the same thing

I enjoyed teaming up with Meals on Wheels, an organization that delivers meals to seniors and those in need to help them live healthier and more nourished lives at home and in our community. As part of my Million Dollar Pledge, I donated $50,000 to them and part of that donation goes toward Oakland, CA residents for everything from ingredients, to packaging, to gas for delivery trucks making sure the people in our community are fed and cared for. Thank you to Meals on Wheels for all the work you do. It is important that we continue to provide support and companionship to those in need. The nutritious meal, friendly visit and safety check help them cope with the three biggest threats of aging: hunger, isolation and loss of independence. Meals on Wheels currently helps nearly 2.4 million seniors and veterans annually in virtually every community in the country. It’s important we take care of those who once took care of us.

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Debi Somerville Mondares That's so awesome, Colin❣️ I'm a die hard 49er fan and yours, too transplanted from San Mateo County to the Pacific NW. My son bought tickets for him and I to attend my first NFL game, ten rows up from the field on the 49 yard line. I was actually ...
Jenn Peralta Tomi Lahren should take a lesson from him. Colin I'm with you and support all that you do. Keep moving forward and screw the haters.
Ken Hansen But he sis not stand for the national anthem--therefore he is a criminal and should banned to another country for his beliefs! Bad Boy Oh ya-I also need to be banned because I firmly believe the prent administration sucks!
Debra Scaife No matter what people do or say about Colin... God has his back and will forever protect and provide for him! Colin takes care of and provides for the poor and needy like God has called us to do! #imwithkaepernick
Juantia Whitebear How does one get in touch with you Colin Kaepernick have a pretty darn Project you may be interested in here in Oregon with some Native families. Not asking for funds. In box me for specifics masi (thanks).

Though I never had the pleasure of meeting Muhammad Ali, he mentored me without ever meeting me. He in many ways laid the foundation of what I saw as the zenith of athlete-activism and perfecting the utilization of your platform as an athlete to force conversations about how America was not living up to what America professes to be. Lonnie Williams, the wife of Muhammad Ali was in attendance tonight. I am equally honored to share this space with her. She once said that, “Muhammad’s legacy is not just for me and his children and grandchildren, it’s a legacy for the world.” I accept this award, not for myself, but on behalf of the people, because if it were not for my love of the people, I would not have protested. If it were not for the peoples willingness to support me, I would not be on this stage today. Thank you very much to Sports Illustrated for the honor of the Muhammad Ali Legacy Award. I am humbled and honored to share this with the people.

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Keekee Yates Thank you Colin Kaepernick for seeing the vision and traveling an unpopular stretch of road. Because of your efforts, the pavement has been smoothed some and the signs of progress have been laid.
Cynthia Tucker I applaude you! You are an inspiration of millions!! despite what the NFL & others has said about you, brother, YOU ARE A FORCE TO RECKON WITH!! LOVE IT!!!
Tyler Brady Camp Taylor fam here with all the support I can give. Fight on the stage and I'll continue to fight behind the curtain.
Aaron Holloway Congratulations Mr. Kaepernick and thank you for standing for all of us! I can't imagine a more fitting recipient of this award, and it's indeed a great tribute to Muhammad Ali.
Gerry Vilchis Colin Kaepernick, Congratulations!!! You are an amazing Human being and a true role model. You are inspiring many lives. Well deserved.

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Chet Ziebka What a fool, what about all the real black heroes that have actually done something to further black opportunity. By kneeling all this jerk did was make me understand that the real black heroes don't count.
Mary Huddleston So happy to see him honored. He is a brilliant light in these ugly times. A true leader by example. Holding him in my heart with prayers for his well-being and continued rising.
Fran DuWaldt I spoke before two classrooms of Black students at Texas Southern University - having attended there nearly 50 years ago . .and Colin, to me, is an inspiration to this generation of kids . .all colors. . .he being the hot topic of the day . . .from ...
Weldon Barker I have lived long enough to see everything now, we got a bushy haired piece of s*** HOODRAT winning an award for practially destroying the National Football League ..
Brenda Logan He has had the courage to speak out when other stay silent because they're afraid of what people may say or think even though they know things are wrong... Congratulations well done

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Charles Birdswill Wessler We LOVE YOU.......
Clement Coscarelli You cant teach stupid!👎🏾
Veronica Hocutt Awesome! #vetsforkaep
Kelvin Peterson Anazing
Marc A Lee Cool

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Mike Wood Time to cancel the SI subscriptions.
Anton Agalbato Congratulations! Would really love to see you be named Time Magazine's Person of the Year. For the light you have shed on injustice, for the courage with which you kneel, and for your undoubted respect and love for your country, you would truly ...
Sara Margaret Very Courageous Person,,,,,, what I've gained the most out of this,,,,, made me really pay close attention to whom I keep company with,,,,, there's way more to life than football,,,,,,,think about it,,,,, where is the Entertainment???,,,,, be ...
Dave Gordon The similarity to Ali had never occurred to me ... ... He should obviously be proud of achieving an award that so clearly honors another “true patriot” that was unwilling ...
Steve Bryant I wouldn't want the award...nothing having to do with Ali who ran from military service under the guise of religion. Kaepernick deserves it.

Colin Kaepernick updated their website address.

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Jonathan Luck Spaulding Love ya CK! Come to Cincinnati cause we're sick of Andy Dalton. God bless ya bro!
Don Countermime He can’t even lead a football team, he lead you right over the cliff (happening now)!!
Kevin Watts Yet...we never see you trying to help Chicago.
Ladey Lumley Good man - great man. You shone when you knelt, now you shine even brighter
Rodney Goble Kapernick. Did you hear about the 2 cops killed this week?

Colin Kaepernick's cover photo

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Andrei Catalin Respect! But i think that this protest and this fight for the rights could've been done after u have retired. Ur talent is wasted now. I am really for you! I hope u will play next year
Glen David Vest COLON KaeperPrick I hope the vision of the Texas Trooper murdered by a black man Thanksgiving Day haunts you sleepless every night for the rest of your Protesting Kneeling life.
Kevin Watts Hey chieftain, maybe you should get down to U of Miami and ask them why their football team is into wearing chains. Seems to me to be racist. Why would they wear chains? Go chase that bone.
Christian Rau Mein tiefsten Respekt für Dich für das was Du tust und vor allem!!! Wer Du bist!!! Von Menschen deines Schlages gibt es eindeutig zu wenig!!!
Sherry Gustafson Thanks for caring for the right cause. I am part Cherokee snd Sioux. Everyone deserves respect. We are all God's children I love in Denair. Two of my grandsons went to high school where you went. They were 2 yrs behind you.

Colin Kaepernick's cover photo

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Jim Smythe Cap = RACIST ANIMAL!
Anthony Berumi ❤️❤️❤️
Mark Wesley No one is listening to your fake victimization narrative. Like the boy who cried wolf, this racial injustice stuff is a bunch of noise that America has tuned out. How oppressed are you? Fake.
Kurt Isensee Kap is the real America. Love and respect.

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Gwen Anderson To quote an old saying! Right on Diddy!
Robert Muhammed Kap looks ready to slide in a Starting position 😎
Brittney Ashley Brownlee This young walking like a King! A man of THE MOST HIGH....He gives me chills .....Shalom my friend ....#Kap#1
Brian Keith All you Diddy haters jump off the edge!! 😂
Shawn Flores Sounds to me he wants that's spotlight..

Every year we participate in a tradition that is rooted in tragedy. Try as we must to make Thanksgiving about food, family, fun, and forming fond memories, it doesn’t erase the fact that the Natives of this land were (and continue to be) the original victims of American systemic oppression. To help fight that oppression, as part of my Million Dollar Pledge, I donated $50k to UCSF for the Mni Wiconi Health Clinic partnership at Standing Rock to support the relatives there with their medical needs. At 4am this morning, we rode the ferry to Alcatraz Island for the Indigenous People's Sunrise Gathering, in solidarity with the many tribes/nations visiting the space to not only honor their ancestors, and celebrate their culture, but also pay respects to those that participated in the 19 month occupation of Alcatraz Island in an effort to force the American Government to honor the Treaty of Fort Laramie. I was humbled to receive one of the highest honors from one of the elders. Thank you for allowing me to share this space and honor your heritage and history. And also thank you to @mann1e & @oocelestialoo for the help connecting. ✊🏾

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Kathy Turner Keep up the excellent work! You're needed for activities like this rather than football. God will continue to bless you .
Tara Jones Kapernick, know that your cause is great and God has plans down the road. Know that its important work and many understand the sacrifices and struggle that continues to lay ahead. Just look forward . Many prayers are with you on your journey.
Bernard Stephen Chandler The value of knowledge is priceless. You model the process of confront, condemn, and conquer. You epitomize the act of exercising your rights.
Henry Padilla My friend as I said to you when I shook your hand at Alcatraz one please stay strong two my prayers are with you and your families three please continue doing what you are doing the great spirit has plan for you your friend grayeagle
Phillip Hanneman Eat a dick, Colin. How about we stop judging the past on today's standards. The country has changed since then. In some aspects for the better, others maybe not so much. We are a work in progress and your whining makes you sound like you've given up. Be ...


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Kenny MacInnis You sir are worthy of wearing the Cape of heroism
Douglas Dreger Dudes a multimillionaire. He doesn’t need donations.
Bob-Deb Kocher He is a looser period deserves to besitting at one wants a trouble maker
Cesar Moreno Can WE just negate oppression, rather than opposing it? Why must we nourish the CONSTANT battle — endlessly?
Jacob C. Conner Everyone has the same rights unless you're illegal. So idk what kap is going for. Oh wait, I want to be equal to him, so I need some of his millions so I can have equal opportunity.

It’s hard to believe that’s it’s been a year since the first Know Your Rights Camp. Our hope was simple, we wanted to help the people. We wanted to provide the young folks with resources to help them navigate their daily experiences as Black and Brown people in America. We also wanted to help local organizations and community leaders amplify their messages. We wanted the focus of the camp to be on human rights, because often times it is our rights as human beings are what’s being violated on a daily basis. We wanted the youth to know: 1. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE FREE. 2. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE HEALTHY. 3. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE BRILLIANT. 4. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE SAFE. 5. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE LOVED. 6. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE COURAGEOUS. 7. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE ALIVE. 8. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE TRUSTED. 9. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE EDUCATED. 10. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. We all know that the work is not done and that the struggle continues. This day will always be special to me and I want to thank everyone that helped make it possible. Know Your Rights Camp RA Vision Media

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Monica Gomez Cabonios I wish there was camps like this in Stockton CA I would love for my kids to attend if I had the transportation to take them to ur camp I would this is how strongly I feel about what you are doing. Im so proud of you for being our voice and bringing ...
Regina McRiley Thank you, Colin❣️ ✊UNITED WE KNEEL✊ I love you way more on the battlefield of Justice than I do on that battlefield of homeland terrorism getting your brains knocked out!
Princess Prince Congratulations, you doing big and better things....Everything happen for a reason, everyone has a purpose, and you are for filling that..... I know your parents are so proud...
Jaime Johnson We love you Colin. Football or not. You are doing the work you were meant to do and I will always be a fan whether you ever touch the field again or not. My son sees a true leader in you and an example of manhood. Thank you, brotha!
Christine Tollens Love you for what you did, but the blk and brown thing gotta go... Yes, I understand that blk were suppressed years ago, but the color naming is part of the world. You should be teaching ALL kids around the world about love for humanity regardless of ...

Great to build with Steve Aoki ✊🏾 "The movement is contagious, and the people in it are the ones who pass on the spirit." - Yuri Kochiyama Know Your Rights Camp

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Alicia Forward Wilkins I love you, Mr Kaepernick !! I wish so hard you were still playing with the Niners, but I get it!!! 😘
Larry Aragon Kap. Your vision of equality is souring beyond my expectations. Great vision of your initial stance. Great works Brother.
Emma Ethan Real talk. I don't think you should go back to football. They should write you a settlement check and you do what your calling is.
Ray Rodman Live in a world without cops for a day let’s see how that goes for everyone
Kim Sweets Some of you are the saddest most uninformed big mouths behind a keyboard I've ever encountered lol #sad

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Linda Barnhart You have enjoyed all the benefits of being an Amercan and have no respect for our country. You have disgraced our country.
Burt West Oh the horrors...such a putz!!! Go stick a fork in an electrical socket...or visit Chicago, the oppression is self-inflicted. And last... "Do you know anyone who has been struck by lightning? Neither do most people. Yet each year an average of about ...
Xan Manning How will have to open mindness and courage to actually listen to the whole bit? I'm guessing most of you won't. But I'm hoping you prove me wrong
Susan Takuski Thank you so much for what you started. For the first time in ,40 years I clean on Sunday. Instead of football. Maybe you could come help. Hear your free on Sundays.
Tyrone Ash This veteran thanks you too Kaep.

$100k to go until I fulfill my Million Dollar Pledge! I’ve donated $900k so far, and have one more month to go until my donations are at the one million I promised! This month you voted for which areas of social justice I should donate to and here are where the donations went: Dream, War On Children, Coalition for the Homeless and United We Dream. Each of those organizations are getting $25k each. Since October 2016, I’ve donated to 31 organizations so far that are working in the communities to fight oppression. One more month to go til I complete my Million Dollar Pledge! See where all the donations have gone on

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Kimberly Martin Should have started with this Colin. That is how you make a change!!!!! You were the man. Then you disrespected our country, and now you have copy cats. Disgusting. Continue to do good, atonement brings goodness.
Barry Rockliffe ...and to think, he's hated by millions for making a stand against racial injustice (quietly sitting during the national anthem). So much respect for this man!
Nate Green Imagine if other athletes and artists followed suit. I know some do but I feel like if you got enough to stunt hard you should have some reserved for the communities you came from.
Nathan Ellis I love and respect what you doing Colin keep it up the NFL is missing out on a good man and person. p.s that was PI in the Superbowl against the Ravens
Wendy Brennan MATTHEW 6: 1-6...Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them...But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing...

This violation that happened against my Brother Michael Bennett is disgusting and unjust. What do you think happens to people without fame and wealth? I stand with Michael and I stand with the people.

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Katie Healy Smith I wouldn't care if he swore or fought. The video shows he did neither and he called the cop "sir". I'm a white lady. I sure as heck wouldn't have called him sir. But I have the luck of being white. That's all it is, luck. I won't be standing for the ...
Tyrone Smith 😤
Chalyn Coleman It is because of stories like this told time and time again, that I am proud to be boycotting the NFL this year. If they want to silence those who speak out against injustice, I will silence them in my household. #IStandWithKap
Alissa Clark I will or never will understand what you guys go through, but on that note my oldest son is half black. So he may endure some of this because he may get darker or it may not. But also my son is half white. I am teaching all my kids that no matter the ...
Brendon Ayanbadejo So alarming! I always stood with Kaep and his mission to bring equality to all.

Thank you to everyone who went out to support yesterday. It's amazing to see the power of the people continue to grow. My faith always has been and always will be in the power of the people! Know Your Rights Camp RA Vision Media

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Shavonne Ce We are with you Kaep 😘💜 you made a hellava sacrifice by speaking up for my son and brothers and sisters who are disenfranchised.#Iknowmyrights #ImwithKaep
Kiara Yakita There are bigger better things in your future Colin Kaepernick . I feel like this is guiding you down the path to your destiny. You are so much bigger and better than that industry. I'm outraged that they'd do this to you. But sometimes, fate forces us ...
Dan Henkle Sorry,but don't you remember calling that player the N should you were fined..Hypocrite,that's what you are !!!!!!!!!
James McDonough Hope the protests lead to positive change and another shot. I think if you went on Dan Patrick's show, that'd be a great way to reach people who you can't reach on this page and on Twitter and help people have more understanding and empathy. There are ...
John Gadient At first I didn't understand why u sat for the anthem, I hated on u because I was mad, now I understand what you are standing up for. I stand behind you, and respect your decision to protest this unjust madness! You are doing what u think is right, ...

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Lateefah Folayan Do not let any of the negative things being said get you down. You know your heart! Thank You This is a good thing. Who is with you
Aly Baker Not watched a game all preseason. I have 7 tvs in my home and I will not allow one to be turned on an NFL game. I have disconnected from all my fb pages team. Im done. College only for me.
Adrienne Anthony-Bolds Colin, you are a Wonderful human being. I stand with You and Thank you for standing with Me.
Jan McCray Colin, you are an inspiration to so many people. I support your brave cause and I support you, young Warrior
MarieKay Boule God bless you. You are an inspiration Do justice, love mercy...... Endure til the end!

The Million Dollar Pledge is still going strong! $800k donated, $200k to go! This month I donated $100k to these organizations fighting oppression and uplifting our communities: 100 Suits for 100 Men, Lower Eastside Girls Club and J. Cole's Dreamville Foundation. Two more months to go til I complete my Million Dollar Pledge. See where all the donations have gone on "You can kill a revolutionary, but you can never kill the revolution." - #FredHampton Know Your Rights Camp RA Vision Media

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Dianne Fallon Admiring the work you are doing and hoping you get a contract because I know you are a professional and that has been your paid work. However, as I learn more about you, it strikes me that life's work will be something biggerthan the NFL.
Cynthia Vandenberg Thank you for your courage to take a stand against police violence against black people. The NFL has behaved in a most reprehensible way to your courageous, yet understated and respectful, action. I will no longer support the NFL since the owners seem ...
Misty Hay He does what he said he would--help others. And, after all this time, he has been quiet and taken the high road, with exception of shutting down M.Vick. :) Bless you, Kap.
Joshua Swan I don't care what they say Kap, you are doing a good thing. I always got your back when someone starts talking bad on you. They totally missed the point of what you were doing and why. Most people who talk negatively about it can never understand the ...
Bobbie Ann Bowers So proud of you Colin. You are doing so much good for the community and those who criticize and try to bring you down just spew words not good deeds. Thank you for all you are doing to make the world a better place!

Colin Kaepernick's cover photo

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Alan Smith A picture from WHEN you had friends?
Erick John Campbell IDIOT !!
Tracey Ceasar Wonder why that dark north african Ted York didn't join kolin protest,white owners probably make fun of him at league meetings
Roberto Jose Rodriguez Almendarez Thank you for fighting for the voice less. Keep the good work and god bless you!!
John Does You 'know your rights' how about the right to remain silent? So STFU

"What have I, or those I represent, to do with your national independence?" - Frederick Douglass In a quest to find my personal independence, I had to find out where my ancestors came from. I set out tracing my African ancestral roots, and it lead me to Ghana. Upon finding out this information, I wanted to visit the sites responsible for myself (and many other Black folks in the African Diaspora) for being forced into the hells of the middle passage. I wanted to see a fraction of what they saw before reaching the point of no return. I spent time with the/my Ghanaian people, from visiting the local hospital in Keta and the village of Atito, to eating banku in the homes of local friends, and paying my respects to Kwame Nkrumah's Memorial Park. I felt their love, and truly I hope that they felt mine in return.

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Tevin Horton Colin you are Hebrew Israelite , I'm very proud of your stance you've taught the youth that if you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything , I really respect have much love for you my brother they can't break us we Kings 👑💪🏿
Camilo Martinez Keep on fighting for what you believe Colin. Your your man! My Son was shot and killed in Lathrop Ca may 2016 in drive by shooting and I can't even get his story on the news. The news station are ignoring me. Please continue to fight for equality! 🙏
Anita Schiewe I love that you have chosen to follow your passions fearlessly. You are an inspiration to those who do not speak up or act or follow their passion out of fear or shame or ridicule. I became a fan of you through football and love to watch you play ...
Sandra Ortega I have so much respect for you. God bless you on your journey and for all the lives that are being changed and blessed because you have chosen to bring light to the injustices in our country. You will always be my #1 QB never afraid to do what is right ✊
Glenn Hamilton As America celebrate it's 241st independence day, I remember the 246 years of Black slave labor used to build the foundation of America. "America is the greatest country in the world because it was built on the backs of Black people"

A system that perpetually condones the killing of people, without consequence, doesn't need to be revised, it needs to be dismantled! My heart aches for Philando's family.

11.5k reactions 948 comments
Billie Jean I won't even read some of the trash fire comments that are on here full of ignorant people trying to equate your taking a stand for black lives as being a bad football player. Not worth my time, or yours, or anyone who knows any better. Thank you for ...
Pecos Edwards This popped up on my newsfeed and I'm dumbfounded by your decision to publish this stupidity. You perpetuate a victimhood mentality by insanely promoting that all police are racist to the same extent as when slavery was legal over 150 years ago and some ...
Berta Hanson Unfreakinbelievable, but so is the outrage and concern that congress is showing when one of their own gets shot! What about all the others that are shot just because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time...
Sheena Schuler It seems like this post has gone over so many people's heads. He's not talking about good cop vs bad cop or even solely law enforcement really; it's so much bigger than that. He's talking about a SYSTEM, about the way our society works and has worked ...
Debra Farinha I wore your jersey with pride to the OTA mini camp in Santa Clara a few weeks back. I believe in you as a football player and as person who is emphatic to the injustice against others. Keep up the good fight Colin. You are respected for that by many.

Colin Kaepernick

7.9k reactions 360 comments
FreeQuise Jordan Stand up for what u believe
Sevena Scott Love and support your talent
Shannon Reed Keep doing what you're doing! I support you! 💕
Mark Hendricks Keep ya' head up Kap. We Love You Dogg.
Kamar KayMax I have boycotted the nfl. Still with you

588 reactions 47 comments
Tina Sier Way to go Colin
Lavaine Louis Please come to NYC with this we need you.
Dennis Ruiz really love what your doing now. please keep it going.
Morenike King Im a psychologist from Berlin Germany (fluent english 😜).How can I support?!?
Edgar Guardarrama Why are we having Freemason puppets teach us and our kids.. wake up people

1.4k reactions 73 comments
David James The media is full of snakes who didn't like that you threw a wrench in their attempts to start anarchy. Thank you @ colin. Without people like you, this world would be soulless. Life is a balance of primal and spiritual. Without both we don't exist....
Mawuena Attifu This man is not just speaking or bending on one knee he is ACTUALLY DOING!!!! Hats off to this man for all that he is doing.... All the other NFL PLAYERS TAKE NOTE!!! Dont just talk the talk but walk the walk like Collin...👌👌👌💓
Jill Beverly LET US STOP REPLYING TO RACISTS WHO SAY IGNORANT THINGS. Racists are inferior whites who have no life but to hate Black Americans. So let them speak to the air. Do not be baited into replying. We have GOD on our side. After nearly 500 years of ...
Jaye McFly Salute.. rare to see ppl with upstanding Morals such as yourself. I know you'll get picked up and ball out.. shot you're one of the top ten signal callers in the game today Fasho
Rebecca Evans First, thank you for being a leader of change. While not all will agree with you, the movement you are inspiring in those that do will continue to grow through your empowerment. You have my full support, and have all along. Second, my son is a ...

3.3k reactions 223 comments
Leonard H Goveia Jr. Keep up the great work...ignore the haters and you'll be just fine...
Jeanette Casaus Why don't you apologize to our armed forces. And help the American people first. GGGGRRRR!!!!!!!
Joe Recine Does he mean the link is in his bio on his page? I didn't see it in there.
Hesham Hassanein You keep doing what you're doing man. We need more celebs and athletes to use their influence helping those who deserve it.
Misty Hay I made a donation and proud of the work Kap and others are doing to help people here and around the world. The world is really small and we are in this together. #LoveArmyForSomlia

2.5k reactions 219 comments
Mary Cortinas Colin your so awsume I love that no body can ever take your place Love what you stan for God bless you
Damiann Millss Keep it going 'Kap Man', you're doing the right thing and that is being a 'LEADER' not a follower!!!
Dawn Tanya Thank you for staying strong through adversity, and staying true to your principles. Keep going hard <3
Salma Qaadi Thank you brother. #LoveArmyForSomaila #Turkisairlineshelpsomalia
Damon Crenshaw Do God's Will, Brother, He is in control. You are a Beacon of Freedom Justice for All .... Next Generation Action Network

Know Your History: Women's History Month. Dolores Huerta is one of the most decorated labor activists of the 20th century and a leader of the Chicana/Chicano civil rights movement. #KnowYourHistory #WomensHistoryMonth #DoloresHuerta Know Your Rights Camp RA Vision Media

1.2k reactions 72 comments
Alex Mendoza You will be missed! True leader. #kaptainkap #myqb7
Helen Randall-Slofkosky Spreading knowledge 👏❤✊
Cyril Alexander Thanks Kap for keeping us informed and letting people it takes all of to make a great nation!
Jabril Jama Mahamud Allah bless you Colin for spreading awareness of the drought in Somalia. #TurkishAirlinesHelpSomalia
Cyara Hanneman Thank you dear Colin,greetings from Leon Guanajuato Mexico!!

Know Your History: Women's History Month. Yuri Kochiyama was a prominent Japanese American, human rights and black power activist. #KnowYourHistory #WomensHistoryMonth #YuriKochiyama Know Your Rights Camp RA Vision Media

2.5k reactions 96 comments
Jesse Lone That's awesome I never even knew her man I love this history thing food for thought for sure !
Patricia Martinez-Roach Good luck Kapernick7 You'll always be my favorite QB.
Gretchen Mitchell BRAVO YURI!!!!!,so glad I now know of her,never heard of her,Thank You
Brenda Saucer Thanks young man for sharing history that I did not know!
Chad Edwards Too bad he can not read a defense as well as he read his cue cards...
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