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Lucas Di Cicco Viktoria Irwin mood
Kevin Kretz You Stevie Kretz
Paul N Mary Johnson Kendyl Johnson also you...
Tina Bryant Olivia🀣🀣🀣
Aleksandra Mosor David u xD


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Nelson J. LaFleur Vince Carter. Outside of dunking what else has he accomplished? Nothing.... and I hear you saying McGrady didn't either but Mac was a scoring champion twice, A.I. was league MVP and D Wade is a 4 time champ... dunk contest titles carry no weight which ...
Alan S. J. Hoke Everyone saying, they would get rid of d wade is nuts. Especially when I see them saying he only won because of shaq and LeBron. Wade is a flat out winning player. AI could fill it up, was fearless, and led a horrible team to the finals and multiple ...
Travis Banks Tmac gotta go...It's not his fault but he was way too injury prone. A.I. and Wade are 2 of the best to ever do it at their positions. Vince was exciting to watch and had a great long career (still playing)... Plus that dunk contest was legendary. I'm ...
Drawde Sggurcs For those saying Wade, in his prime, no one had a single more dominant finals then he did in his first title. McGrady before injuries picked him apart was an unstoppable scoring machine. Iverson, the Answer, enough said. So with that being said it has ...
Brian Ball T Mac, never won a ring, isn’t as iconic as Vince or Allen. And d Wade the best player in this list so yeah. Funny tho cuz t Mac is personally my favorite out of these four players.

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Travis Gilliam Steel sharpens steel
Damon Brooks Jordan over Kobe fasho
Jalin Johnson β€œ you reach, I teach” - Michael Jordan
Masayuki Ozaki For me, Mike is no1 and Kobe is only one.
Travis Carney Scott Ebert Hurley here we go again. Ok ill maybe shut up now

Why would that be here?

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Ginger BailBonds Snap Its like a panic room i always forget its there
Ginger BailBonds Snap My house has one of those downstairs.... Lol
Shanesha Moore Previous owner built it before he sold it and continued to live there.
Charles Roaf If you find this scary watch the movie within
James Langham Watch the movie Within and youll be checkin your attic afterward


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Virginio Toussaint Reggie Miller....Not only his three pointers but he was also no joke against my sixers and Allen iverson in the playoffs back then...
Sam Woodberry Can't go wrong with with anyone. Jordan was clutch, Bird clutch and the three point min was further back in those days with better defense, Miller, ask NY abot those 9 points in eight seconds, Allen clutch, and Curry breaking records on the three
Lloyd Harris Miller with halfa second left when he catches the ball, backs behind the 3 point line, and swoosh with .1 second to spare!!!
Stanley Byrd I’ve got to go with the guy who has broken my heart more than I care to remember… Larry Bird! Although I am a fan of all of these Greats, I have learned the hard way not to bet against Larry bird in his prime!!
Kenny Greene Ray Allen.... the question is, down 3 who’s tying it up with the triple? Not who is hitting the winner. So Ray Allen, simply because without uncle Ray, there wouldn’t have been a game 7 in the finals series, Heat v Spurs. He tied the game, while down ...


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Reginald Steele GOAT
Brad Bunn Goat
Mark Marrow King James
Fidel Gonzalez But when the Greek plays LeBron LeBron chokes
Mike McMahan Ohhh...noo..he beat the bulls..


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Mina Jackson Lol this stupid!!! Hahaaa
Kevin Murphy Too bad okc is trash
Robert Morgan Long Yo that was nasty R i p Favors
Chalie Wilmer Lol poor Mr. Favors. C'mon Paul, really? During the holidays?

Isiah and Magic together again

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Renee Cooper Mathews Unity...
Ike D Harris Good stuff
Sandra Pete Hawkins Must see tv
Kristy Rush Real men. Thank you
Wendy Brown I love it!

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Fya Flame F
Antonio Buffington My Brother!!!
James Terrell Congratulations.
Sheila Starks Gwynn Congratulations!
Tracy Richardson-Gillespie Congratulations!


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Christina Finley Tj Whitmore...see, not a funny joke at all 😑
Minaj Mack that was Awesome
Elissa Michelle Walker Smh
John Judge Not funny
Jada McBride She was crying because she knew that all the responsibility was going to fall back on her!

Daddy Daycare ...

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Donna Smith Look at God.......
Antonio Campbell Sr. Congrats
Debra McGee Reilly Congrats πŸŽˆπŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸΎ
Lynn Ellis Congratulations
Lillie Simmons Caldwell Congratulations


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Ryan Jones Jon Jones lol
Jhan Thomas Montgomery Michael Fornasier il migliore di sempre
So Cal Vito L
Julien Ge Wahab Dang dieser Typ
Anthony Fennell Players do this everyday B


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Philip Rossi Ethan Rossi
Jordan Beveridge Jesse Porter beast
Adam Betman Skidi Field Eric Miller
SΓ©bastien Cliche Mike Audet Samuel Laroche
Ashley Brewin Ainsley Richards what a unit

Crazy ...

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Shay Waring Eric Cecilia
Mark Lantz Mitchell Payette
Tiago Cardoso Diogo Cardoso ve e analisa...
Moses Wejuli Brutal!!
Marco Morales Abizaid Emiliano Chavez te dije que era over este game

Mike Vick updated their website address.

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Wes Bostic Pulled for that 7 since frank beamer years in the late 90s can a lifelong vick fan please get an autograph. Im redskins fan and pulled for you except when you played us w phillym even have your falcons jersey
Wes Bostic You're one of my favorite players tried messaging you and all for autograph. Like jeezy said "play for that 7 call em mike vick"

AI x Kobe πŸ™

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Rolando Jimenez Jordan 😍❀️
Craig Metz Jenna Cable
Denise Fisher Vandegrift ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️ Tekeia Fisher
Timothy Holt Jr. much love to the mamba!!
Carol Malcolm poor baby is scared to death with all the noise and confusion.

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David A. Hines Just no...cant do it...impossible...cut one these kats...young melo too...tgats even better than hoodie melo...in my stephen A voice...this is blasphemy...but I gotta cut young vince...
Bruce Johnson If it’s the melo that played in Denver then start him. He was a straight baller for the Nuggets. Saw him here for 7 years. Start the Nuggets Melo, bench VC, cut McGrady
Sean Lynn Tmac and vince play both ways, and open the floor. If your going to play isolation basketball every possession melo is your guy. And whoever he's guarding is putting 20+ up anyway sooooo...
Joel E. Simmons Vince carter still holds the 7th spot in the history for three pointers made. He will NOT be cut! He can hit the bench and T-Mac can start. Bye bye lil baby Melo.
Harris Osborne Cut Melo.. no thinker there.. start T-Mac bench Carter his cuz... use Carter to come in to keep score up high then Mac come back in. Don't need Melo.. Mac got point and shooting down πŸ’― both Mac and Carter drunks and shoot 3

Guess Xmas came early. Much appreciation to my V7 team for the bumpboxx. S/O to @gfedale @bumpboxx #bumpboxx #boombox #bass #speakers be sure to check them out www.bumpboxx.com 😎

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Kevin Wyszynski Brian O'Keefe
Brandon Geer *Christmas*
Terrell Harper Dope homie
Liam Bright Sam Watt we need one
Diane Brodie Hello Mike

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Jeremy Key Bo jackson the best athlete on this picture. Mj had that killer instinct and that winning mentality but bo did amazing things like it was routine. Plus we'd get to see him play two sports.
Nicholas Turtenwald Bo no doubt without the career ending injury I think he had what it took to be the greatest tailback ever and that's going of what I've seen in highlights and the E:60 they did on him because I'm only 20 but the guy would run over 90% of the league
Chris Orr I thought it would be Tyson but he fought for years. Same with Tiger had a great career. So I will take Bo. Career much to short. His greatness was going to be huge. Bo Jackson for sure.
Donald D. Thompson Bo, because we never really got to see his full potential. His football career was cut short due to his hip injury. I feel sure he would be the all time leading rusher in the NFL instead of Emmitt Smith
James Rea Gotta have more Bo Jackson. The others actually had a good prime but the world was denied a decent helping of Bo. His legacy as the best athlete ever may be deserved but the fans and Bo deserved more days in the sun. Can we bring back Sean Taylor too?


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Cooper Reis Scottie Pippen never would have won a championship ring if MJ wasn't letting him tag along. He's an outstanding ball player just in in the same league as MJ..haters gonna hate.
Phillip Snoddy Lebron is an all-time great, but is overrated to me. He can put up numbers but he can’t win 4 championships. He had wade and bosh and still lost in 2011 and 2014. Espn bows down to Lebron too much. Lebron is top 10, but probably won’t be top 5. You ...
Paul Calhoun Scottie Pippen should wash his mouth out with soap, namely Tide. This brother is saying LeBron is ahead of Jordan.....what about when Jordan retired, came back, then retired again, there is a point Jordan did not play, or win another championship, and ...
Ryan Saunders the league is weak with no defense so everyone scores big, i cant even watch it and Lebron doesnt have that IT factor that makes me watch basketball until the Finals come around
Christofer Dunstan Only difference that makes Jordan look better is he liked the "spotlight" cameras on him while lebron trys to hide. . on camera Jordan may look more beast . but reality is lebron is better. .


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Nico Anthony Dewitt Covington rivalry
Anton Sianchuk Carson Halliwell Mark Graham Andrew Murphy Matthew Carmichael
Erik Newhart Tony Asheford Romee Byous Chris Ortega Chris Pirkle savage
Dezmond Padulla Chase Hentrich Luke Callan Connor James
Gustavo Dias Giovanni Marraschi e Ruano Carneiro treta na NBA

Devin Hester Retires

1.5k reactions 50 comments
Caleb Pike #Thankyouhester
Wallace Payne Jr. The Greatest
Mark Marrow Dion Sanders!!
Frank Harley Jr. Devin Hester-ing πŸ˜‚
James Palazzotto Deion was the best

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Tim Wells Alrio Young
Kenny Toles Jr. Nah.
Keith Quotez Barnes He a busted
Paul Montes FIND A 7' 2" , CENTER.
Kurt Wittman Ben Simmons, ROTY.

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Cid Centeno-Kuykendall With pleasure
Debra Winfield That's me
SaVone Andrews That's me!!
Ricardo Reese Throw the red shell!!
Kyle LaRiviere Allllllll the time. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Let's go birds! D up! #InTheBuilding #Legends

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Rosalind Bakion Nice!
Becca Dawn We dat!! Rise Up!!
Stella Lockett Cheaters!!
Babette Murray nice pic fellas
Gina Taylor Legends!

Prayers up!

Prayers up!
Prayers up!


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Debbie Hollander πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
Marilyn Nugent-Paisley πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ
Shanay Thornton πŸ™πŸ™ #prayerworks
Angela Jones Wishing him a speedy recovery
Ryan Hughes What was he like to have as a teamate Vick?


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Erik Culp Isaac Culp
Derek Doud Talas Mahon
John Wick Dam aye Vick y slim jump thoe 🀣🀣🀣

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Jackie Lowery Cute ❀️❀️
Jackie Zamora Love love love ❀️❀️❀️❀️
Mary Ragland Beautiful Congratulations
Elizabeth McDonald Congrats
Wm Earl Jr. Love this pic bro of love,kc love. Congrats

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Gabriel Vergara It ends in Lebron opening up a school for kids and him paying for others to go to college and Jordan telling the same kids to buy his shoes.
Tony Emeraldz Watch all these folks go into stats and name calling and who has more rings which has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the fact that Jordan is about to get flushed on LMAO... And then LBJ will do the patented Jordan shrug after...
Daniel Chamberlain It results in him drawing a foul no realistic elevation could occur that would lead him to dunking that ball past Jordan lest they simply collide in mid air
Tim O'Meara It ends with LeBron James passing the ball to JR Smith at the top of the arc because Cleveland is up by two and they don't need another easy two. Then MJ will come down and bust a three game over.
Sam James Sparks LeBron overall better career stats in every individual catagory. Only thing Jordan has in championships in a team based game....camparing is apples and oranges. I've seen both play live but you Jordan fanatics are just trolls thinking the 6 rings make ...

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Koby Kennedy πŸ₯‰because the bills only score about 3 points per game
Alexander Barella EAGLES πŸ”₯πŸ’ͺ🍻🍻
Jessica Rentas πŸ’ͺπŸ¦…
DeCora Dooley-Coleman Killer B's 🐝Ben🐝Bell🐝Brown🐝Boswell🐝Bryant Them Pittsburgh Steelers πŸ”·β™¦οΈπŸ”ΆπŸπŸπŸ
John Aiken there's no emoji strong enough to describe the eagles
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