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This chicken looks perfect for Sunday (Via @thespundotcom)

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Eike Vander Flath Fynn Gutschke
Chase Charney Brandon Johnson
Jeremy Evaro Rhea Ashley
Piotrek Dolba Kyle LaDouceur
Chris Hudson Jessica Nicole Hudson

Next generation Karate Kids (Via @spectacular)

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Austin Rice I wanna see the deleted scenes
Jay Elliott Corneilius Goggans thats how i be doin niggas cus
Jorge Portela Artie Jahn their facial expressions lmfao!!
Mike Bridges I could probably still knock that small Asian woman out though.
Dan KG Darren is this old footage of Jacqueline??

Let me hear y'all thoughts 🤔

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Cassandra Monach Wade, Isaiah Thomas and Melo are injury prone. So them playing well now don't matter. They may not even be playing midseason. Still Dubnation until they're beaten.
Anthony Ranel The east don't have a chance against at Cleveland but the west gone b very competitive. They need another powerhouse east team
Adee Black Only one ( Warriors) has actually played together so they get the nod here. Lebron is still the best player and still the best at making his teammates better so we shall see,
Ptah Provo Wow...,did you see some of the pre-season owt at Oklahoma ...,PG13 and the rest of the crew...........they oll" got defense but Damm PG !!!
Lolita-dai Dai Lebron ,c town all the way he is the best player ,he is humble and does a lot for kids anyone around him is an enhancement to his game and God has his hand on him for great and big things

That's a strong squad 👈🏿 #OKC

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Joe Calderon Simple Jordan lol
Belinda McKinstry Russell Westbrook
Jacob Scott Baker Jeremiah Baker
Cody Boatner Westbrook or either pg13
Ryan Steele The hidden one

‪That Friday before GameDay feeling‬ (via @collegegameday)

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Matt Simon Ryan Peters slipknot who?
Paul Wittayaworapat McKenzie Hutchison this is Aran Armutlu when he is in a dance circle
Chris Sharpless Brant Gauthreaux when he get that JJ after work Colby Vicknair
Rhys Newman Jake Bartlett Christ even James 'Donovan' Davies dabs better than that
Brandon Samuel Lol 😂😂😂

Priceless (via @daquan)

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Ryan Reed Thomas
Phil Nunziata III Melissa Nunziata Nangle
Cameron Rowenhorst Robyn Rowenhorst
Jonathan Andrew Ransom Isabel Altarejos wow
Sergio Ceron Enidmarie Carías 😭😭

The Hulk alive and well (Via @fbaftermath)

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Wesley Stephen Jessica Lopez how I felt yesterday when I realized I was gonna finish my first day back in a year 😂😂😂
Quinton Hall This after generous 23 scoop preworkout mix.
Couri Fries James we need step our game up Bro! This is insane
Munesh Sadhoo He needs to be better on the Damm o line
Jesse Jamaine James The Tru Definition Of SelfDiscipline 💪💯

Change the game.

Change the game.
Change the game.


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Rosendo Briseno Still have my issue!!

Happy Bday to my oldest daughter Jada #TeenageYears 😩

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Trimeka Warren Tolbert Happy birthday
Dorothy Willis Happy birthday jada
Pastor Gloria Felder Happy Birthday
Aileen Eddy Happy birthday Jada. Enjoy. Blessings. Love y'all family
Glenda Mitchell Happy Birthday Jada !!!!!

99 is an absolute beast! (Via @ShowOut_65/Twitter)

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Steven T Santone Anything is a dildo if you’re brave enough, Mike.
Mojtaba Mehry Tom Qi when they’re giving out free pancakes
Todd Abrams Rich Brown this how we need our guys to play!
Anthony Hurd Xavier Eddy pursuit drills at practice be on 1000 don’t it?😂😂😂😂
Adem Jakupi Lawrence Taylor speed and determination.💪🏽

Rate this trick shot out of 10 (Via @holein1trickshots)

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Josue Gomez Mendoza 400 ballons later...
David Thaggard Boss level ish
James Flores Only if it went in
Jeff Gonzales 9. Would’ve been a 10 sans balloon.
Kris Smith Not bad 7

Is there any better feeling? (via @nfl)

1.2k reactions 194 comments
Alwaysstrive Andprosper I did ayyyeee turn up
Qwesi Mintah Thomas Ryan when I got Deshaun
Emiliano Andriassi Dan Calderon así bailas tú papu
Richard P. Johnson Yazz Garcia when I win!! lol
Austin Weis When u pick up Desean Watson 😏

Anything is possible (via @spectacular)

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Matt Hoffman Derrick Adams
Alex Jacobine Austin Shaffer
Brandon Moffett Stephen Wilner
Adrian Miranda Dan Downey
Gilberto Gonzalez Bud Charles Norris Gonz

Nailed it (via @Spectacular)

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Sondra Elise Jerrica Goney wtf did I just watch
Joseph Houde This guy > Tony Hawk
Chuck Haton love it
Abram Deng William Taylor McKenzieDarian MillerMyron Andrew AdamsBrelin TilfordChristopher Allen Robinson when I watch this I think of Myron’s pop! 😂😂
Russell Simms Tommy you ain't got no job!!! Martin

Odell Beckham Jr where you at? (Via @spectacular)

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Marco Castro At home nursing a glass ankle, that's where he's at.
Brian Hillyard Probably in the hospital still with his broken foot lol
Andrew Chiccini I think he was out of bounds anyway...lol
Mike Smith Probably watching from his hospital bed
Pereira Rocky Tommy Thats some serious awareness and body control. Dope catch

Who you got? (via @letsrumbl)

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Ian Andrews I'll take Rondo as qb since he played in homeschool and has big hands like a quarterback, John wall rb, LeBron and kawhi as my receivers and Anthony Davis as my right end
Kyle Long QB. Harden, can see over the defense and will make smart plays. RB. Bledsoe, can take contact, seems the most durable. WR. Giannis, kahwi: both have unique size and strength. TE. Drummond, excels at everything except free throws.
JaMichael Allen Jones QUARTERBACK: Curry RUNNING BACK: John wall , if on a real football court you have to get MARCUS SMART . He bigger then all of them . RECEIVERS: lebron : GREEK FREEK Tight end : draymond
Jeremy Santiago Rondo at QB because he has good vision, Wall at RB because he's fast and aggressive, LeBron and KD at WR because they're tall, physical, and freak athletes, and Davis at TE because he's arguably the best big guy right now!
Kingo Pacino Lonzo Ball, Marcus Smart, lebron James and Kahwi Leonard,KAT. Lonzo is young and he’s 6’6 great qb height. Marcus smart speaks for himself compared to those guys. Lebron and Kawhi do too.

Blount is a fan favourite (via @l_blount29)

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Dan Hannon Matt Widmaier
Shemeika Miller Nezzy Barnett
Rickey Marquel Moss Ladarius Amos
Rodolfo Nava Rocio Nava
Ryan Acri Matt Zuziak

All great choices, but who's on your team?

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Allan Doinwhatigotta King DeMarcus Cousins it's hard to find a dominant force in the middle. That can score rebound and play defense.
Anthony Carter Wall is the obvious choice here. Let's not forget that both cousins and pg were just previously traded away...
Justin Turner PG. Versatile, plays D, and one of the top two way players. Plus Stats mean nothing (See westbrook) lol but seriously
Jesse Booker C been overrated since college, he's like your baby daddy he show up when he feels like it, ok it was a joke.
Ty Marshall I want to say Boobie bad, but no matter who he plays with he doesn't win. Last season proved that so I have to go with Wall




266 reactions 28 comments
Bettie Threatts yessssssssssss
Dedra Close Congratulations Mike Vick!
Donald Jay Chautin You rock Mike!
Jeffrey Holley Happy for you my Brtha!! ATL
Juanita Covington Congratulations Mick

When your girl goes through your phone and finds nothing... (via @andcassady/Twitter)

199 reactions 437 comments
Ryland Ditizio Patrick make this a meme
Barry Worthy better get his haircut
Eric Cornelius He got two phones 😭😭😭
Casey Evans Erick J. Snell-Williams
Peter Dyson Someone needs a hug

Sportcenter goal of the year (via @gabe_carneiro / twitter)

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Vent White Thaddeus Mikle
Jeffrey Joyce Aaron Moritz
Matthew Kennell Ryan Scott Desper sick
Anthony Benavidez Emad Konna Abdul-Wahid Mohamed
Jason Foreman Britten Banerjee

Bruh....Why she do him like that!😂 (via @sportshighlights)

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Ty Nielsen Jordan Ehr
Jeremy Hunter Joe Specht III
Andrew Hambrick Amber Powell
Daniel Aragon Sr. Matt Jacobs
Zach Leiner Micah Nelson

This man is a BEAST! (via @thespundotcom)

2.3k reactions 323 comments
Brittanico Rios 😂😂😂 Got me, good one!
Quinton YoungKing Hadley Dude stupid as hell
Jonathan Garza Jessica Manley that's me at the gym
Juan López Kyle D. Marsh Jose Alicea Jose Alicea
Matt Cain I'm a beast at taking down a Grande meal. It's a real thing.

Football the way you played in your backyard. No pads, full contact. (Via @barstoolsports)

3.9k reactions 814 comments
Taaj Barnett It's football when football season is over. In organized football. Kids play football all year so they can have pads.
Nathan Byron I think its awesome but how does a league get insurance that allows this? Like major head trauma waiting to happen
Aron Cramer Ironically, the NFL would be safer without helmets. This honestly may be how football in the future is played.
CedCed Bennett Back in the gap, good football days, this wasn’t for errrbody, that’s what the side lines were for bck then...
Lawrence Griffith This is extra retarded

Happy Football Sunday!!! I need everyone to tune into FOX NFL Kickoff at 11am EST. It’s going to be a great show @NFLonFOX

1.9k reactions 143 comments
Rochelle Walton Yes Michael Vick it is because the Lord bless you to be on it and bless you and bless your family God is good
Brenden Vick I told em .... I was in ya corner... ever since birthday night ... in Raleigh... God wit ya boi !!!
Anika Coleman Congratulations I am so proud of you.
Camelle Reyes So happy see you talking about some football 😁
Sandee Kirk Beard You were great and you predicted the packers would win!

Caption this.. #Falcons #Family

1.8k reactions 223 comments
Brandon Patrick Spross Mike: "so what should I do?" Owner: "...Run?" Mike: " oh yeah that's right!"
Victor Robinson Owner: look I know y'all have plays and stuff but when the ball snap just do you! Mike: Gotcha!
Larell Buckeyesforlife King Coach- Vick i need a 65 yard run. Vick- no problem
Steve Hynes You should have played in Canada.

On point (via @deestroying)

952 reactions 77 comments
Jonathan Keith White Roselle 😂😂😂
Tee Swave Marc Nolan 😂
Zoheb Khan Shahzeb 😂
Jay Ardizzoni Scott Fletcher David Elias Zach Hohl Brandon Dorey Qwan Brodie
Ger'Mario Williams Nate Dickey look 😂😂

3rd and 15 ....what you callin #Madden

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Jeff Tavares Punt fake disconnect ethernet cord connect it back in run for the touchdown and score while the opponent is still reconnecting.
Branden Brooklyn Toussaint The Steeler drive!! If the running back is good n can cut quickly it’ll definitely work!! All the attention is directed towards to right and the RB should do the rest!!
Chris Taylor Four verticals but send the rb on a wheel route then run to the right if the lb coming at you pass to rb if he doesn't then run it I know you would Mv.
Taylor Horton If this was madden 2004 I would just run circles around every defender using you maybe 6 times then run it in for a touchdown after running around the field maybe 6 1/2 times
Jeffrey Oliver Y'all really put that much thought into it? Seems most of the plays have same or similar outcome. Pass = pass, run = run

Excited to what this guy can do (via @nfl)

2.4k reactions 126 comments
Phil Clark Vick is the one who's exploring the comparison of scrambling ability. He might not be as fast, but he might be almost as athletic as MV7
Adrian Durazo Douglas Bee really?! Wentz can, but no Michael vick!!
Marcus Allen I'll take Deshaun Watson & Marcus Mariotta over any of them. Including Vick.
Cody Baker Still not a very good comparison.vick looks much quicker and faster
Jay Hill Dude is just as delusional as their fans.
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