Roman Reigns

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Ahmed Naseer You are the best big dog but the Shield is the best team in wwe everrrr
Hula Mae Smith I got to talk to my daughter's first see dog they want to come
Geetha Viji I am big fan of you Roman please like my comment
Kunwraj Rathore Mulana Roman best player on the world number 1www...
Sonia Lee I can't wait to see you roman believe that that is my big dreams

Need more reason to Believe in The Shield this Sunday?

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Jordan Bowers I love the shield but it is funny that they are using this footage. Is was a good match but it was also the last match the shield had together before Seth Rollins turned on them.
Nadia Fardee I like the shield😍😍 because there are champions...💪💪💪 The shield is back believe that.💞
Nkululeko Shankura Mabaso Shield is united and they deliver all the best... I don't doubt shield love them impressed me alot guy's
Grace Emmanuel Honestly that shows that Roman Reigns is back. I am so happy as the Shield defeated nd won the battle, praise God Amen
Darlin David Onofre Orellana The shield ha vuelto solo para que el público te quiera y los estúpidos caen y no van a durar tanto tiempo ya que Ambrose los traicionara para Ambrose VS rollis en wrestlemania

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11.9k reactions 180 comments
Aulai Brian Roman reigns ur incredibly d bigest super star in wwe.i place all my bets in ur hugest fan in africa
ADian Sagar Waiting For Another main event By the Guy 💪 My favourite Roman😎💓
Shaikh Estak Roman reigns vs Lesnar at Wrestlmania i am very exicited Let's go Wrestlmania
Rai Harpreet love you brooo pls meet me
Sonia Lee Hopefully I can make it wrestling Mania it's all about supporting Roman Reign

The Big Dog is BACK!

76.3k reactions 3866 comments
Dawn Brabiner Glad u r back missed u in Manchester roman reigns only took my son so I could watch u enjoyed it but would have enjoyed it more if u we're there a bit disappointed xx 💖
MD Johurul Islam Reigns, Distroy "the game" for Kurt Angle, for Jason Jordan.Jason is unable to do this.Kurt have nothing to do beacuase he is the GM of WWE RAW.Only SHEILD can learn him a great lesson.
Đông Phát You made the impressive action on last Monday Night Raw!!! Welcome back The Big Dog and hope you get victory in next matches...
Darlene Farrell I think they need to up there game if triple h is going to be in raw Shane needs to up his game because if he’s fighting the other there Stephanie is right beside her man triple h breaks every rules in wrestling he does not know how to fight right I ...
Opatolah Adeolah Welcome back The Big Dog.. My forever Crush... You're too talented and powerful,,I love everything about you Man...keep it up and we people dey your back

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24.3k reactions 494 comments
Md Billal Ahmed Your page is giving post after 20 day...oh my God..ok back in the shield...and we belive in shield
Mohamed Amine Djebara Cena still the face that runs the place lol Roman rocks too :D
Sachin John Roman Here REIGNS...RETURN....BUT NOT GOOD DECISION.... To compete with THE NEW DAY... It would be boring....match....and simple
Stephen Thiel Been a Huge Fan Of Wrestling since I was a Teen and never Been to an event I'm Now 50 Years Old and Before I Die I Would Love to Go To A Wrestle mania Event Please Help Me Roman Reigns Get To An Event Next Time You All Come To Tampa Florida WOULD LOVE ...
Jaston Mushahary I haven't watched WWE since TLC but I Will Watch Tonight's WWE Raw! Because of THE BIG DOG, THE YARD OWNER ROMAN REIGNS

WWE Ride Along: The Shield Discusses Cesaro

16.0k reactions 353 comments
Udaya Luitel I watch wwe because of roman ..I respect u from my heart..I am the great fan of u roman .
Clayton Fernandes I'm i the only one who thinks raw was boring without the big dog😟
Omel Elliston Dean , why would you give Cesaro a Halloween costume so soon... Is he still searching for his tooth...SMH 😂😂😂😂👏🙌🙌
Vera Lucia B. Do Carmo Meu Deus que coisa feia kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk agora indo pro banheiro Joe tá frio novamente bjão meu mozão gostoso doentinho te amo demais....
AayuShi Reddy TLC is quite sad n bad without u. Missu #TheBigDog😌😊😍😘

No one is safe from the wrath of The Shield.

49.7k reactions 403 comments
Shivam Gujjar Sachin Bhai Kon h yo... Or isme Kyo bjaya shield n ...
Nicole Swan Wooooow Roman Reigns is thee guy. The shield the greatest of all time.
Andres Arevalo Say what ever you want, but Fandango is by far more talented in ring than you 3 together!
Malik Anum Roman aap buht begrt insan ho Allah kre tumgri ak ak hadi tooot jaya ur tm kute Ki mout mro
Faraz Khan This is ROMAN REIGNS yard now baby

The Hounds of Justice will never back down.

31.9k reactions 653 comments
Sanatana Rout I love Roman & the shield is back & beat the every one & specially TLC he is beat the brown,Miz,sejaro,semons,&last the kane & winner of this match the shield team all the best
Shavonni Smith You keep smilng roman.. The sheld just wanted to tell you.. Keep the wonderful jobs.keep smling for us.😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Sneha Tripathi Congrats roman reigns , seth rollins and dean ambrose Individual you are awesome and together you were the awesome and unbeatable
Teresa Barnes I think having to go up against the Mix, Cesaro, Shamus, Braun Stroman and Kane is wrong. I know the Shield will do their best. I want the Shield to beat those thugs.
Niví Käur The best shield in wwe nw...Roman is best wrestler in wwe..the powerful man..god bless u roman..carry on.the yard is only urs..

John Cena's time is up... The Big Dog's time is NOW!

25.6k reactions 370 comments
Trevy Paul Recalling John cena style... Bt anyway, Nice makeup. #RomanEmpire.
Tuhin Das Don't say anything about john Cena ..... He is the all time best ..... But .... Now .. The big dog stand tall..
Airwing Jonathan The yard is yours....keep the torch Man
Betty Coulter John Cena is a has been...Roman Reigns time is now.
Emma Begnaud That was a great match Roman Regins and John Cena

WWE Raw: Kane Re-Emerges

21.5k reactions 678 comments
Anand Singh Whether it’s 3 or 4 or 5 member in opposition Trust me this is the best of the best of Shields. Each and every member are at the best shape and trust me they are gonna beat them like a hell in TLC. One more thing Mr Braun Stroman you can’t beat Roman ...
Rachelle Vazquez I mean i get Kane attacking Roman to "avenge his brother" but if they hadn't gone from Demon Kane to Corporate Kane back n forth 8 times it would have had a better impact. They've watered Kane down such much I have to swallow a diuretic to watch Raw and ...
Somesh Karmakar Yesterday monday night raw was interesting and last moment made me shield needs help shield can't beat 5 members and 2 of them are mosnter.rollins and Ambrose can handle just 2 guys roman can't handle 3 guys they'll beat shield badly in my ...
Maripat Conroy cheating again!!! always cheating!!! the big dog is the bomb. wish I could call this a professional sport but cheating isn't allowed. I thank Roman reigns for showing my son "cheating makes you a looser!! and makes you look very small. no matter how ...
Brandon Fletcher I'm telling you wwe is making Braun look weak every time him and Roman tie up he has to have help oh and the miz that scared peace of crap always needs help to win but oh well don't really matter

WWE Raw: Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman

28.5k reactions 350 comments
Samy Pineda Nombre así no se bale con trampas eso no debería balerse ..asta cólera le da a uno seguir viendo esas luchas..xq ya d ultimo lo joden siempre...
Dawn Kennedy Roman would have won that should be disqualified and should be 3 on 3 Kurt said no one at ring side this is b.s
Leighann Williams I'm peed Roman had Braun beat I'm starting to dislike raw a little bit because of how they are doing things
Tammie Dix Roman Reigns would Of won if Braun strowman hadn't cheated that goes TO show you he needed help TO win Roman Reigns ALL the way
Wali Bigra Shehzada I think now raw is doing great job restarting, This is awesome and now the time is come where we can't wait for next weak raw...

WWE Raw: The Shield Is Ready to Dominate

25.5k reactions 229 comments
Sima Banerjee I am very happy to see the shield is back
Romanika Khan M soo happy really awesome shield power superb believe that love you so much roman😚😚😚
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Ursha Kbs Fiksha That's wt they call a cruise team
Monica Flores YES!!!....It gave me the CHILLS when the three of you came walking down those stairs...❤❤❤

Relive the destructive history of The Shield

26.5k reactions 221 comments
Patsy Paul I know the shield is back and better than ever
Sonu Rockers It's Braun strowman who is going to land his first short...believe that waiting for keny omega
Michael Corrado Nope and it's all because of boooooman lames..
Aaliyah Proppa The Shield Going To Be Bk Tonight On The Show???? Anyone!!!
Singh Abhi No #roman #this cheater #seth_rollins will cheats with you

The calm before the WAR... Believe That.

50.5k reactions 540 comments
Sameer Arif The only guy who can handle "THE MONSTER AMONG MEN"
निलेश टाकळे You're my motivational person for alll life
Abu Tarif Sajid Looking forward to #WWE_TLC. Hopeful for the victory of #The_Shield. Shut down that stupid #Mike_The_Miz and others
Mohsin Khan I Think The Justice Face Mass Is Missing
Ali Dinaly And me too ibeleive that

Focused and ready for justice.

52.9k reactions 626 comments
Emma Begnaud Hope have a great match tonight with the monster good luck tonight Rom an Regins is the best
Christina Stine ❤️The big dog!! Never underestimate Roman the big dog reigns !! Ahhh Yesssir 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻
Jacklyn Martha Torsu go roman, im with u big dog
Sarb Dhaliwal This is my yard big dog awsome
Mohamed Bou The shield is back #believe that

The Big Dog is prepared for war.

26.8k reactions 1214 comments
Ben Protsman Sick show last night! Watch Roman put Braun through two tables in a last man standing match for the win!
WaQar Ali KunBhar Braun, Miz and The Bar doesn't know what is store for them at WWE TLC The Shield Will Unleashed Upon Them Believe That
Stephanie Weidenhaupt Leati Joseph Anoa'i, Roman Reigns this is your Yard 😍😍😍😍😍😍 Greetings from Germany
Deepak Kumar Whenever Roman will not beat Brock Whenever Roman reigns is not world heavy . Ok sorry brother. But I would like to you
Vera Lucia B. Do Carmo Sim meu amorzinho lindinho vc tem potencial pra isso, meu campeão, minha estrelinha brilhante 🔆 beijos 😘 te amo ❤ muito minha vida...

Saskatoon is The Big Dog's Yard.

54.0k reactions 574 comments
Debbie Johnson Ashby Im a huge fan of Roman Reigns..Love ya Big Dog.💝💝
သီ ရိ ေက်ာ္ I love you ko" Roman ❤ you are the best player ko"😍
Adarsh Kr Aye Roman you are tha breast wrestlar en tha doblu doblu ee You har nat ah good gay You har nat a bad gay You har the gay Bolieve that
Alex Zoleon Roman I Love you but I Hate That Dialogue repeated again and again that its your Yard 😐😐😒😒
Jessica Holt #Jess&Emily#1Fans #MakeItReign #RomanEmpire #BelieveThat

The Miz doesn't know what's in store for him at WWE TLC...

62.4k reactions 614 comments
Cathy Wedner You know it somebody better tell the Miz my superman Roman Reigns is noooooo joke he will put them hands on you and knock you the hell out i ❤ me some Roman Reigns
Chacha Banda I believe Roman is going to bring down the miz.
Melannie Phillips Hopefully the miz gets snapped in 2. Put him out for 6 months
Sue Dorathy You guys should please beg The Miz to back off before Roman Reigns break him limb by limb.
Marc Dorrian The Miz is the best Heel in this era

2018 will be a great year for The Roman Empire.

207.0k reactions 3091 comments
Emily Bennett I love you Roman reigns so much. You’re my favorite wwe wrestler, and I’m so happy that the shield is back together again!
Israel Lwats Chanda Jr. I challenge you for a fight I need to show that it's the entertainment but it's beating you until you say African guys are bad news
Callum Hillier Anyone else think the only way Roman Reigns will beat Lesnar at next year's WrestleMania is if Dean and Seth play a part in the finish
MCs King Roman.. Brown strawman was soo harmful for u.. & he caused a huge harm to u.. for him u face dangerous injuries.. u give ur mind blood for him. so, i expect u give him about the highest injury that he can be never look to u again or anyday..
MD Torab Hasan you better than brock lesnar i hope you bit him and new universal champion....and good luck for the future. @Roman reings I love you

The Big Dog and a Hound of Justice. Believe That.

98.2k reactions 1324 comments
Zack Elias I admire your your spirit, never giving up.. But I have never comprehended why fans jeer at your. Its inexplicable!
Apine Gilbert In Big Dog Yard. No one can mess up or mess around. Also he is the Guy (Not a Bad Guy. Not A Good Guy.) Bl've That
Sonia Lee You surely do big dog nice pic 😍😍😍😍😍 roman let see normal pictures of you before Roman step in the WWE .Roman I think when your hair opening make you look like them Greek god. romans your name suit and you have attitude 2 . I look at you like you ...
Phyllis Marlow Win or lose,Roman does it on his own!Am excited to see the return of the Shield,but Roman,always watch your back.
MD Azad Hy gys. You all join this topic. That he was a guy that cannot believe any wrestler who against them. i. e the undertaker. Randy orterns. Monster. And then miz


177.9k reactions 4544 comments
June Jordan One day I hope to get a hug from all three of you. I jokingly call you guys my bodyguards. Roman Reigns I think awesome sauce.
Clifford Lane Wrestling has become nothing more than a circus that is completely choreographed from start to finnish. I watch it along with cartoons, there IS no difference.🤑 I will watch but I will NEVER buy their merchandise.
Shaffie Smart I really doubt Rollins back in the sheild.. Let's hope for the best though he may betray Riens and Ambrose....
Donna Noble i love that the Shield is back but fear it is only for a short while so they can achieve certain goals and then they will turn on each other again
Edgardo Martinez About time this is what the best in the new generation for wrestling take over the locker room the other wrestler got to step up like the shield did they had almost all the belt when there were separated each of them now is time to take it to a new ...

WWE Raw: The Shield Confronts Braun Strowman

88.2k reactions 2048 comments
Jennyprincess Eze The shield is back, am happy. They are going to take on the monster among men "Braun Strowman" and teach him a lesson he will never forget. WELCOME BACK "THE SHIELD"
Raven Dickerson Love this the greatest thing that as happened since wrestlmainia I think glad to see the shield back together they will win tlc and BELIEVE THAT! this is awesome they are my favorite three superstars always will be a fan and you can BELIEVE THAT!
Harshit Bansal I loved it😂😂😱😱😘😘😘now de became reorigin sheild ,reformed,,its too mch lunatic crazy super moment whnevr they r gonna beat & burst to de fake nonreal strwmnn
Amos Chege Huhu!!!!! Amaaaziiing in advance,,now this where Strawnman career will be demoted to square 0.1% ....the shields are the best dominance to defeat..many feared their arrival and now here they come -up again....
Roman Mushtaq I am happy Roman Reigns you beat the maze and cesaro and Sheamus and Braun strowman Braun strowman through the announce table I am happy the shield is back more importantly The Shield what gon happen at TLC I cannot wait this match

WWE Raw: The Shield Reunites

64.5k reactions 1491 comments
Julie Chochrek Totally awesome although short lived..WWE gonna screw it up with making them go against the 4 idiots...
Rishabh Singh Rajput Its great moment that the shield is again back together Now the shield will be very dangerous for their oponent ♥♥♥♥♥♥Shield♥♥♥♥ ✍💖 #Roman_Dean_Seth
Prabhat Kumar Great job by sheild.. bad time for miz tv and his crews because real warrier returns... love u The sheild specialy Roman
Bhæţťą HĮ-mąļ It's so amazinG to see u guys together again when i first saw u guys together i can't belive that n when i saw #Big_dog superman punch n three man powerbomb then i realize oh its live n i'm so glad guys n excited to see ur match in #TLC
Daniel Jimenez Yea the shield is back, were cheering for the group, once they split again everyone the booed Roman before gunna go right back to booing him lol

The Big Dog must protect The Yard.

43.1k reactions 1076 comments
Lia Mistery II Roman Reigns love love love u,,,good luck
Priya Sharma the real hero is roman reings. I liek super man punch...
Prince Mishra Guy's Hit like if you are think #Roman is the best wrestler in Wwe.....😎.
Vera Lucia B. Do Carmo Meu bebê fofinho eu estou querendo por off pra assistir um filme, mas vou estar aqui sim meu amor te amo minha ternura gostosa, beijos em vc todinho meu benzinho lutador....
Richard Chukwumerije Roman Empire beat Brock Lesnar world heavyweight championship last year if not Seth Rollins Roman almost destroyed him

Just a little something to help humble The Miz... #TBT

99.4k reactions 953 comments
Kathy Bailey Mix needs better acting skills. You can tell he grabbed the post on purpose and it wasn't the momentum that did it.
Veeru Singh Hii to the Crown Estate, and a half hour. If you have a great time. This is a great day out. The only problem is that I can see the new years eve, and 6th of July. I think I will not be published in your area of the Crown of
Abhishek Ambilwade If you are fighting to the cheap wrestler like Miz, you prove that, what a lower class athlete you are. Brock Lesnar is the most dangerous fighter. Fight with him.
Hàmzã Añsårí its a little bit shocking... because the sheild reunite roman reigns fight his own battel properly.. roman reigns can beat mistourage with single handedly
Onnika Pheety Ralla Go get that universal championship Roman i knw u gonna show them what ur made of, go get it Big Dog....<3 i will be watching and cheerin' You on Man<3<3

Always thinking ahead...

70.9k reactions 1055 comments
Gcina Aggriment Roman I know u have dat anger dat why I choose u to be my best wrestler I would like to see u live the yard and go to take the universal championship to that beast you have beaten him in the special mach
Donnie Yen hahahahahaha roman you are a looser and saying that you always think ahead go roman go you cant defeat my champion brock lesnar never means never.
Ali Gul Mallah Roman u are the best first u kill the #Miz i hate the miz i am really thinking about u in raw miz cheated u if i was there i fight with the miz and the #bar because some0ne beat u i can't bear this i hope next week u will break the leg of miz. I love u ...
Roseline Nwaeze roman!roman!!roman!!! the only roman will continue to run the roman empire with ee d citizens bn afraid cos reigns we c know can't br defeated so dude just do what u think z right i am solidly behind u always
Ifeoma Okpara super strong always think ahead, love u pls Roman if u are back to the shield don't change. don't allow them to pull u down think twice.l love u guys but think twice.

WWE RAW: Roman Reigns vs. The Miz

11.7k reactions 371 comments
Sandra Milena Angarita Carrascal Roman Reigs para mi sigue siendo el mejor y el campeon .. the Mizz no demostro ni tecnica ni mucho menos valentia para enfrentar a un luchador de la talla de Roman ...debe escudarse detras de sus guardaespaldas mmmm
Janette Yada Guajardo Miz you are a disgrace seriously and wwe you are worst than that by letting this happen. Put miz by himself against Roman without help and let see how the story ends. Come on you really consider the miz a champion? What a joke. Roman is a true ...
Elval Rivera Jealousy is a disease get well soon , Sexy Roman Reigns is the best get used to it haters . Miz looks like Bart Simpson 😀😀 Reigns, Rollins, Ambrose togather be niiice , awesome.. The shield ...
Mary Rodriguez Why can't the miz fight one on one why is he holding the belt .it time to make him lose that belt and let a true champ win that belt some one who can really defend it one on one and that is Roman .yes yes yes
Gourav Singh Next Monday night raw both miz , cezaro & sheamus take care about you all because the shield is back & beat u

WWE RAW: Roman Reigns Is Focused on The Miz

10.7k reactions 199 comments
Manu Manoj Bang them all in the old shield style
Mike Morefield Uhh aren't you supposed to be in the ring 😂😂😂
Basheer Jaf Really u r the first in the world
Abhijith Vijayan Roman you win intercontinental championship
Sujan Chandra Roy Roman the most championship game,

Ready for war at WWE Grand Forks.

83.6k reactions 1184 comments
Moloko F Mogaila You retired The Undertaker, you gave John Cena a match he later would respect you of. Believe That! The Guy the Big Dog..
Mary Mulenga #Daffni alex you are right those haters cant just accept that #roman_reigns is the best wrestler,thats his #yard
Lennert Vanderhaeghen Mistake powers plays can do game matters feedback and can force master history in ring You Braun strowman real yard come back killer lads
Tammy Delawder The best in WWE Roman Reigns you#1 love you
Ezekiel Opolot That trou is heavy enough, no worries when delivering superman 👊s. Goforward... It's 👆 time. Ur yard!!!!!!!

Just another day in the life at WWE No Mercy...

33.0k reactions 585 comments
Blessing Esoso Nobody comes to Roman yard n go free, the punch,roar,spear you will feel the heat, cena feel the heat from the Big dog, hahahahaha respect Roman reigns keep reigning.
Ella Marie I want that vest lol that one and the blue ones are my favourite.... #IRideWithReigns #TrueFan #BelieveThat
Mpho Gwen Mokoena I love Roman some day I just wish to hug u I'm from South Africa and my dream before is to meet the BIG DOG keep it up and I like the way u so confident and now at school I don't always have to hide from bullies any more
Kim Barragan Rothberg Jana bernier of you want to message someone with a message that looks like a child or a drunk wrote at least unblock yourself
Fanie Fani Hey man u are the best strongest Big Dog WWE fighter. But I didn't see you kicking u just punch of right hand and final win of HEAD.
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