Roman Reigns

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Witness The Big Dog.

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Abd Almoezz Attwergi I am from Libya and I love you very Yaroman and I always watch your matches and you are the only hero in the ring and I hope to see you on the truth
Judith Sheillagh Yeah da big dog will definitely mek it coz he has always done it and will do it again @ Roman Reigns# biliv that😎😎😉😉
Lucia Perez I dont think the miz is going to get it back because the big dog is not going to let him believe that yes sir.
Tessie Doyle Roman Reign is the best wwe wrestling your the big dog yard my favorite man get rid of the miz you can beet the hell out of him
Ever el 3men2 Si alguien Leyera éste comentario😦 Soy un joven Dominicano con el sueño de ser reconocido por todos lados con mi música, pero no tengo el suficiente recurso para los anuncios, y me ayudarías Muchisisiimo siguiendome en mi página, para poder cumplirlo, ...

Surrounded by history in the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis. Treat each other right, respect the struggles of the past, create a better future for our children.

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Peppino Troppfort Treat each other right, respect the struggles of the past, create a better future for our children.... just like 💩 Trump... 😭😭😭😭
Deborah Coley You’re right Roman! You said it!!!!
Nya Luore Eagerly waiting to name a baby reigns
Justin Always stands tall in yard that's like a big dog believe that.....👌👌👌
Cassandra Lewis This is so true.and you are so right..

The Miz will get his rematch for the Intercontinental Title at #Raw25....only if he makes it out of WWE Raw next week.

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Norma Crespi You must win the wwwRaw to get the Continental tiltle! I know you can you're the one, the only ROMAN Reigns! Good luck...
Îñnö Dë Drïp Mbangu Reigns should just move on the miz has got no chance of retaining back the title moreover he was given a lot of chances to prove himself buh he failed
Elijah Phyno Roman just be care ful i pray ur brother dean will be back before then nd the shield will reunite then if the miz tarage interferre in ur match between u nd miz plus samoa joe, ambrose seth rollins, jason jordan will kick their head of nd the ic ...
Maria Isabel Vera It does not matter if he asks for his rematch for the title, anyway Roman will win and retain the Championship, in addition to being the best figther in WWE RAW
Anis Ahmed Hah ha The miz has no change of getting the intercontinental championship title back . He is a funny boy . Roman is a much better wrestler then miz.

WWE RAW: Reigns, Rollins and Jordan vs. The Balor Club

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Rohit Naik romen is bist big wrestlemania 34 mi roman vs brock lesnar Fet hone chay
Mubashar Hassan Bhatti Chetting in a match with Roman & strolanth from the 3persn.
Krishna Khilare The old shield is best roman Seth and den best super star in wwe I love shield
Piya Mondal U are real hero Roman 😍.
Angie Angie Jordan original framed Seth and Roman, and personally led to the loss Match

WWE RAW: The Balor Club interrupts Jordan, Reigns and Rollins

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Samantha Gabrielle Roman's face after Finn's joke. 😂😂😂 You know he was thinking "He ain't wrong." lol
Liiz K'astillo The most dominant is Roman Reigns😌💙
Esthy Bany I think Jason is trying to win both RR &SR's heart by imitating Dean Ambrose
Kayla Rinker Jason you are messing with the wrong man. You are going to end up screwing my man Roman. And for that you will pay
AJ Samson You saw the end of the promo, baylor scared to even stare at Roman. Rewind it

Good to see you, WWE Cape Girardeau.

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Bharathi No L Hi roman u r the wonderful graceful human.god bless u .
Hon Karani Oliver Actually l like your fight and can't miss it
Leola Hoagland You the boss don't let anyone tell you differr
Terrie Gilreath Dean Wish I could've been there, only a couple hours from
Ana Aragon Román Reigns Empire Champion. The Best ILOVE Román iii

Let's start off 2018 right, Roman Empire!

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Christina Stine Ahhh Yessir 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻Definitely big dog !!!! Your yard your rules !!!!
Chishimba Best The big dog, what can samoa joe say now?
Md Selim Peshkar yes. i am selim former of Bangladesh Roman Empire is the best wrestling in the world, on last Monday he face in the intercontinental champion chip somojoy vs roman,they were fighting in the match, we got very enjoy in match, remaining is the victory ...
Shelley Gilger Already started off right by beating Samoa joe, so keep up with the momentum!!! 💜💜💜
Piotrek Dzierla roman din embrows he has a problem with handy samoa joe szejmes and cesaro hacked him and sef rolinsa do something with it you belong to de shield at last

Always been THE BIG DOG. #FBF

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Sohaib Abd Mr.heyman I am totally not agreed with u because its not going to be the year of beast it's going to be the year of ROMAN EMIPER THE BIG DOG ROMAN REIGNS and every body can #BELIVETHAT
Linda Wilson Keep. Up your .work. Roman. Love watching. You. , my .favourite. Wrestler. , hope I can get my.wrestling. back as its. Been off for a while.
Tanjatul Sepat Many people thinks big Dog means just a dog but here they use big dog as " A man with Huge power in a Area "
TK Fazil Manoj Dacchu Appa your right am abig fun of The Big Dog but the last match was so boring....i think a accept that, that he is now boring
Martins Chuks Osuji Sure, Roman Reigns is an idol and a delight to watch in the ring. We can't wait to watch the match here live in Africa - Nigeria!

... and still. Ah Yessir.

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Fatima Ben Abdelkrim ...You're still my hero. Love you so much Roman💜
Abdul Salam Massoud Roman Rains World Champion Roman Rynes WWE Champion I say it with all the courage Roman Rains Superpower around the world Thank you very much Roman Rennes You are also the world champion I challenge anyone who says no No, that's my friends around the ...
স্নিগ্ধ আকাশ yes my champions roman & love you very much
Antje Wagner Aw yea - aw yea - aw yea - aw yea... it's your yard.
Piotrek Dzierla fight on Sunday for an intercontinental master roman you'll give your title a fight against kane I will watch your fight

No rules, house rules... no matter what: I reign.

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Sairam Kulathu Hope Dean is recovering. Convey our best wishes from INDIA. We pray for his speedy recovery. Thanks shield. You are all EXCELLENT
Haytham Saleh oh me gash,,what a nice picture for the big dog. Roman Reigns never give up you are the hero of wwe. i congrate to you for this win gooood luck.....
Tarannum Iftekhar Absolutely!!!! You started your new year u started 2018 with a winning. Hope in 2018 you will win the royal best wishes with you😘😘😘😘
Ahmer Ali Only 2 and a half months to go , then we'll see The Big Dog as your new Universal Champion #BelieveThat
Vinod Meghta Want to see you to win universal championship. You deserve for that and hope when you win you will reign it as a longest champion

WWE Raw: Intercontinental Champion Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe

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Brooke Jackson The Big Dog still STANDS as your IC Champion! Congrats Roman!
Rana Attiq اس لنک پہ کلک کرکے ڈیجیٹل کرنسی کے فری ٹوکن حاصل کریں ۔ اس وقت تیزی سے ترسیل جاری ہے ۔ اور تعداد کم ہوتی جارہی ہے ۔ میک آفی کے مطابق ایک کوئن کی قیمت تیس ڈالر کراس کرسکتی ہے ۔ مجھے تیس ہزار سے زائد ملے ہیں ۔ ...
Ujwal Verma That's what I was talking about now Joe will think twice before messing with the Big Dog
Larry Heward Hard fought match. Congrats Roman... you're still the champ
Wilmer WD Grandeeeeeee !!!! Perro te sigo desde colombia estuvo muuuuuuuuuuy buena la pelea !!! Big dog

WWE Raw: Roman Reigns Addresses Samoa Joe

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Nick Watson Go get him Roman joe sucks and he is a punk
Alicia Teagle Roman reigns won and the champ
Udika Shiwanthi " Bring the Big fight " My Romy ....
Dan Thompson in real ife who u all thinks the punk take look at joe guys solid and strong
Sharon Wolfe Roman must not suck he won go Roman u are the best

Defend the Empire. No matter what.

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Roman Forson Tough guy, be careful without disqualification.
Abubakar Yakubu HEY ROMAN!!! We love the way you took out samoe joe on Christmas night. Keep it up bro. Wishing your brother(Dean Ambrose) fast recovery in good health and spirits and also I wanna congratulate Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan for the Raw Tag Team ...
Janice Hall You can and you will I believe that !!!
Ifeoma Okpara WOW! Roman you are the best, the best player in the world.
Colleene Bridget we are ready for anyone #teamromanempire...Samoa have to pay dearly for what he did to our buddy din

WWE RAW: Roman Reigns gets disqualified

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Michael Yater Jr. This match was horrible and Samoa Joe had every right to be mad of Roman. He looked lost and no sold most of Joe's offense...
Lesa Maples They fined Roman 5000 for touching the ref but if you watch the ref had a hold Romans arm n all he did is swing it like let go ....
Vicky Green So Brock Lesner can split Randy Orton's head open and only get a $500 fine but Roman lightly shoves a ref and gets a $5000 fine.
Nafiw Hossain Rehan Somoa Joe deserves what he deserve. He is a coward. He fears you.That's why he always attack from behind. He gets the extra Christmas gift from you. Good work Roman Reigns. Keep it up.Merry Christmas.
Michel Majid Sarrouh Merry christmss and happy new year to the legend whom we appreciate s And respect wishing you always victory and prosperity

2 years ago today... Sheamus learned whose yard it is.

75.4k reactions 1389 comments
Harshwardhan Sharma Roman reigns you are one the best fighters in wwe
Yash Nabariya Yeah, not only sheamus but also vince mcmahon. Believe that★★★★★
Tej Charan Bogatii roman actually u r the best in wwe....
Ashir Perveaz Congratulations to RoMan. You the best of the Best always and forever. RoMan Reings is my Best heo.👊👊
Precious Ifeanyi Nwachukwu Igwe One of your best fights ever..Hope you continue like this Dog,then you'll have all the yard to yourself

Hello, Roman Empire.

3.9k reactions 1400 comments
Sonia Lee "Hi roman empire " love's all your pic 😉😚😚😚😚 respect support the big dog all time my only #1guy roman Regina .
Luz Maria Gutierres Cornejo I Love The Roman Empire in Especialy Roman Reigns
Pravin Bharthi Thanks for coming to India roman reigns 😍😍😘😘
Shaiyna Roy OMG .........#myheartbeat. love u lot #believethat!
Nhä Continuë Roman Reigns beat the best of WWE Superstars today: #John_Cena #Seth_Rollins #Bray_Wyatt #Finn_Balor #Randy_Orton #Dean_Ambrose #AJ_Styles #Chris_Jericho #Braun_Strowman #Jinder_Mahal ...... and upcoming Superstars.... #Alway_Believed_in_Roman_Empire

Say what you want about Cesaro, but the man is one of a kind in the ring. Mad respect for the fight he brought. Def stepped up, but not enough to take it...

32.3k reactions 753 comments
Melda Basson That moment Im busy washing My school clothes then the people in look Raw then I run in the house and tell my dad plzzz call me when its Roman's Turn to fight lol and my dad say yes my dear I will .....then I was my cloths ....when its 22:00 ...
Kishor Poudel you are extremely tailented wrestler no one can stop and stup up in your yard. you are really a fighting champion.
Ubaidullah Sheikh From universal champ to intercontinental champ....few weeks may fall to cruserweight...than to raw women champ...roman fall
Olubambi Kayode Cesaro is quite unpredictable in the ring but ROMAN REINGS us always ready for any of Cesaro's gimmicks.
Shyam Singh Roman you are a fight champion of WWE you are my favorite male superstar and cesaro or anyone can't take this title from yours truly keep it undefeated

WWE RAW: Roman Reigns vs. Cesaro

24.5k reactions 222 comments
Moliehi Moloantoa Jane I just can not wait to watch the big dog kick someones a*s.
Linda Renninger Fantastic win, believe that
Shelley Gilger Roman should have injured cesaro's bad arm too just saying.
Sanet Reinhardt Louwrens Congratulatipns Roman you are great and a awesome champion Have a nice day Blessings
Debbie Bennett Congratulations Roman Reigns your the best

It's been real, India.

44.9k reactions 837 comments
Priyanka Rawat Priyanka Thanks for coming to india #TheShield
Mala Malavige Thanks Roman. I'm happy to see you in India. Love you so much
Nikhil Jsr Tanx's For Roman Reigns For Coming 2 INDIA
Sonia Bindal Thankew for coming my love
Shilpa Sharma Thank u for come in India🇮🇳🇮🇳 once again.. We all love u sooo much 😊😊😊 #BLIVE THAT

Thank you, India!

112.9k reactions 1968 comments
Bishwnath Das Thanks for coming in India of wwe ... Congratulations for wins shield team Roman empire Rollins and Dean Ambrose I'm biggest fans if your ... I proud of you Believe me that Roman reigns
Shabab Husain Thank you Roman and your shield brothers for giving wonderful performance. Love and support you from India.
Deepak Sharma Thanks for coming in India Congratulations for reunite The shield 😘😘😘😘😄 love you Roman sir `believe that'
Xon Aj 2018 Will Be The Year Roman Retires Another Part Timer And You Can BelieveThat... 2018 will be the year that the big dog (Roman Reigns) will win the universal championship. I predict wrestlemania is when it will happen and the shield will be ring side
Shaik Shareef Sharu Thanks to coming India the big dog roman empire India peoples allvace love u .....and for ever becuce it's...... Your..yard.....

A night unlike any other. #WWEAbuDhabi

136.5k reactions 1701 comments
Collin J Wink Roman gets beat up all match and 1 spear 1,2,3.. typical wwe.. they wonder why their ratings are plummeting.
Ebuchris Mbika Unfortunately i couldn't make it to come even when I'm in the same city hopefully best time of my will come.
Mazharul Babu Fake wwe. Every part of this fight is really fake....every people are fool. & every resler is a good actress
Kim Fisher I don’t see why you unlike in Dhabi not meaning unlike out there is because you don’t thrust triple hhh either mmm maybe so I still don’t trust triple hhh maybe what if triple hhh is changer hope you enjoy in the Du
Moises Olarte Silva Triple H, lo vi exelentemente vien, todo un caballero. Lo felicito. Samoayou es un vil cobarde, no es lo suficientemente hombre para enfrentar a Roman o a triple H solo y cara a cara.

Thank you, #WWEAbuDhabi.

98.4k reactions 1088 comments
Alhassan Sumani *JJ didn't give Roman any tough tm!note that them all are in the business and every match preparation differ Roman did not even prepare 4 him just he annoyed him#*
TejRaj Chouhan As i know Roman reingh The Big dog has played the best so far, So, I and other like Roman Reingh better than any other.
Ãmâñ Mîshrã Heartily warm welcome in #Delhi for coming...You should know that we r the fan of two wrestler most u nd john cena..but unfortunately he is not coming but i hope u will pay more more more respect than any country..u posted wishing of independence day ...
Peach Pie Congratulations Roman Reigns ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ for retaining the InterContinental Title love and appreciate you much !!!!
Aondoakula Sambe Since I started watching WWF now WWE my best guys are The Rock and Roman Reigns. The charisma, endurance and confidence of The Big Dog are unmatched. Reign on Reigns

The Big Dog has arrived.

79.7k reactions 981 comments
Royce Simusandu I watch wrestling cos of the guy roman regins
Prince Nxumalo The shield must beat hell out of Joe and The Bar Next Monday I'm counting on you GuyZ make it a jolly good show
Eberechukwu Okoli Mercy Blessing my dear you a big dog and you are blessing child l wish l will see you or hear your voice, you wil not die, l cover your life with blood of Jesus Amen.
Riyadaydu Waa Maamo Roman empire is the best champion

The Shield Has a Message for The WWE Universe

6.9k reactions 157 comments
Leola Hoagland Roman is the guy are a little behind the guy is my favorite
Jane L. Mbinya You never disappoint , Everyone around me knows ' she watches R R '
Md Rangrezz Super punch man you are good bro you so coool
Sonia Lee Yeh big dog looking young back in the days .baby face Roman reigns 😍😍😍🍯🍯🍯🍯❤❤❤🐇🐇🐇
Tara Thapa All best 3 boy's and God bless them

All are welcome to step into The Big Dog's Yard... especially Samoa Joe.

116.6k reactions 1818 comments
Shem Pedro Toti Hi my hero please we love you and we are proud of you visit Kenya one day and give your fans chance to meet you and see you in reality thanks
Kula Fahnbulleh I think Samoa Joe need a great lesson of his life N the big dog is going to disgrace him for disrespecting the big dog because Samoa Joe is nothing to the big dog
Malaika Maka Aboy Very straight forward man,you always win with no cheats,I like the way you handle them in your yard,,,,,wish you all the best
Kim Fisher Yes you the dig dog believe that love that picture oh am forgot you you wedding day is yesterday happy anniversary same day my birthday yesterday I can’t believe same day my birthday yesterday same day your wedding day and again dean ambrose birthday ...
Babar Mustafa C.Mon Roman Reigns 💪💪... You're the only Men that who can #Beat & Destroy ,Stupid idiot & #TheGod_of_Interupper Samoa Joe.....

The Big Dog took care of business.

36.8k reactions 549 comments
Harpreet Rai roman empire win the royal rumble plssss and face the beast brock and win universal champion ship at wresalmania
جبار الجبوري الزعيم وفتى يافع على نهج ابية الزعيم يتمتع باخﻻقيات المهنة والفتى طموح واﻻثنان من النخبة ولكن دائما عرضة لتامر من قبل ستيفاني التافة وزوجها القذر الذين يمثلون الراسمالية اﻻمريكية القذرة المقيتة حتى مع ابناء بلدهم واكيد تصرفاتهم تدعوا المشاهد العزوف عن ...
Josie Clemz Roman teach that silly Sam joe ad jason on how to respect yo yard drive them out as u dealt with john cena ad undertaker
Rachith Dhanushka How on earth u claim to be the best in ring performer?? u are actually the Best in bed performer inside Vinces bed 😂🔫
Brianna Webb Beat up Jason Jordan Roman ur the best champion ever I love u ur favorite fan is a 4 year old boy and it is my brother I love u Roman Reigns

WWE RAW: Jason Jordan attacks Roman Reigns from behind

14.3k reactions 156 comments
Pepa Míka Learn the best Magic trick ever: v v v v How to download videos from Ytube in HD and convert them to Mp3: 1- Open the Ytube website from the file you want to get 2- Insert the word 'Magic' between the two words 'You' and 'Tube' in the URL (In the ...
Stacy Kaufman I don’t think they planned this very well. It should of been a triple threat match.
Zoya Khan Happy annivesary Roman Reigns Galina the guy the king of wwe i love roman reigns
Nankinga Sylvia Santa Maria May god help u be with you ,Really u a the champion
Lucky Veer Gurjar The POWER HOUSE will beat jordan

WWE RAW: Jason Jordan vs. Roman Reigns

16.2k reactions 114 comments
Raphel Jason Who won the match
Soma Das Roman reigns WWE best hero
Shar Shar Who won😮
Roman Reings Roman Reings The boss last manday night face to face somojo
Fatima Ben Abdelkrim شكرا على الفوز رومان رينز💜

WWE RAW: Samoa Joe attacks Roman Reigns

12.2k reactions 98 comments
Rs Rajib the shield him panisment finis joe
Gaurav Gts No one in this place is stronger than the big dog!
Ismael Castañeda Rodriguez Samoa Joe es un metido no dejo the shild celebrarán los campeonatos en pareja
Rodriguez Zombi MIchael No hagas mucho show en la competencia creo y te cuidas mas envestida y súper golpe o viceversa dos bestias tienes roman
Rodriguez Zombi MIchael El campeonato lo celebre y siempre diferencia esa diferencia se queda hace tu escudo fuerte para que tu DNA cresca

WWE RAW: Reigns, Ambrose and Rollins backstage

8.3k reactions 77 comments
Erica LaBoy That IC Title looks sooo good on you!! 😍🙌🏽😍
Renee Simmons The shield
T Miller Birthwright LOVE THE SHIELD
Linda Graham The shield Seth and Dean and Roman you are great
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