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Last updated: 06:18 11/19/2017

Stats vs Phoenix Suns

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Savion Summers He's back
Splaki Tengteng What are those shoe?
Benhoor Mahgerefteh How the hell did you pass on 205 mil.
William Fonseca shoe os is CP XI!?
Kathy Wilkerson Holmes CHRIS BACK

‪It started off so innocent, had a vibe and I really started diggin it... 🚀🤘🏾🚀‬

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Isaac Cuban Awaat Wet Dreamz
Jeffrey Montford
Ryan Gebrael Hamza Chaudhry
Gwénolé Paquet Zacharie Paquet
Martin Caron Laurane Desranleau

My moving sale is live on eBay! All proceeds will be donated to the Houston community through the Chris Paul Family Foundation. #ad Check it out-

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יפתח בריימוק ארז בריימוק עמרי בריימוק
Zachary Grayson Scott Koretsky
Adrian Lopez Matthew Marin
Johnny Ray Come back
Jose Carlos Malkun When you come back dude?

‪GAME WINNER for my lil guy earlier!!!!! #SoccerSaturdays ‬

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黃斯頎 曾宇平
Armando Aleman Yoni Rios Salvador Velazquez
Masih MJ What's your fav soccer team?
Harry Hariev Кирил Точевски я го виж цигането къв спорт играе 😂
Henry Anderson Lopez Erick Lopez next USMNT star haha

"You can't look at it as a black and white issue, you have to look at it as a human issue". Make sure to sign

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Kamryn Krause Logan Boyd
Adam Tristan Gregory Mays
Scooter Bryant Ray Aguirre Panduro sign it
ED Johnson Sooner than later But God
Scaramellini Clito Chris ma dove sei che al Fanta mi stanno aprendo?? Davide Mencaroni

One chapter ends and another begins. Join me in thanking Cliff Paul for every assist he’s given me and every assist he’ll undoubtedly go on to dish out. Gonna miss you bro.

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Henry L. Chua Always thought cliff was really cp's twin
Rose Marie Brown the end of an amazing ad campaign. it's been real Cliff.
Quentin Moorman That was my Halloween costume 2 years ago.

A lite 56 tho 🔥🔥

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Brendon Poulin Ahmad Marzuq Thabet Maher
Jimmy Chen coming back!
Prabash Paul 1 more week
Ryan Lagunzad Come back already
Brian Simontacchi King James

Houston is as resilient as they come!! Congrats Houston Astros on making history!! 🤘🏾

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Crystal Williams Congratulations
Santa Hightower Alright CP
Lupe Vizcarra Miss you in LA Chris Paul ;-(
Mika Gainer Way To Go Chris💯
Michael Karapetian The pussy continues.

Hope everyone enjoys family time tonight 😂😂

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Ece Yurukoglu Su Durakbaşa
Vasilis Goudas Vassilis
Raniery Henrique Júlio 😂
Alvise Elvis Charizard Mason-Agostini Stefano quanti
Luca Tarantola Stefano guarda il tuo deandre

Houston’s King Middle School was destroyed by Harvey. It’s up to us to help ‘em back on their feet. Start by donating a book for the 11/4 book drive. #ad Find out more at

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Na Sur
Damon Walker You’re not ugly at all
Damon Walker I do not hate you at all
Prabash Paul Come on CP3 Get ready to play Rockets

I've said it before and I'll say it again - basketball is my life! Proud to be able to give you guys a behind the curtains glimpse of free agency.

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Michael Howard Dear friend: I'm sending this email for the utmost importance: to reveal and share the NOTABLE individual’s pertaining to “biblical end times”. My intention to make you aware and to FOREWARN you of the inevitability of these end times, as written ...
Pernell Coleman Cblock Town
Eric Beane Andrew Bedick
Ricardo Alamilla CP3 🏀 👌
AdSj Ben Super va faire la différence....allez Houston ! Allez Chris !

Stats vs. Golden State Warriors

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Chasen Lewis Why does he post his stats? This seems pretty egotistical.
Vincent Sanders Solano That's good stats he effects the game without scoring.
Jake Radermacher CP3 is the distributor and as long as the threes fall and he gets to play some pick and roll, their solid
Muttaqi Mustafa 11 assist. He's a point guard. That's what he's supposed to do

It begins tonight. #Chapter3

The inside story of how the Rockets landed Chris Paul
The inside story of how the Rockets landed Chris Paul

As last season ended, Chris Paul and James Harden had the same revelation: They could not beat the Warriors alone. In this ESPN the Magazine cover story, we ask: Can they beat them together?

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Aaron Batchelor Alex Bas must read
Ray-Anthony Cornejo II Chris Paul #LAC #FYT
Andreas Petersen Rasmus Rudolph Søgaard Lars Smed Christensen godt kald af Kris Povl
Jimmy Padilla 👎🏻
Jacob Rivera buddy's lol

Chris Paul's cover photo

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George Ehenzo Gimose Signed jersey
Michael Luong Can I get a signed jersey, please!?
Boosso Oumar C'est super !!!!!
Dai Nius 😎👌🏀💥
Mateus Garcia Gabriel Miguel pega CP3 com esse Uniforme bolado

He kills me 😂😂 Gamevice

391 reactions 9 comments
Enrique Zambrano Fernando Zambrano Jose Soria
Kuba Wnorowski Jakub Kamberski
Jeffrey Ogbeide Brilliant 😂
Tường Vân Kết bạn tương tác nha :*
Bernard Mc Bride love H town

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the one who really made BALLisLIFE for me and big bro! Love You Pops!!! #CP1 #HeStillYellsKOBEEveryTimeHeShoots

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Maxime Schott CP1 yass
Virginia Saenz Felicitaciones
Tường Vân Bạn ơi ib nói chuyện không
King Ray Happy birthday to you.

C H A P T E R 3 🙏🏾🤘🏾✊🏾🔥

16.8k reactions 181 comments
Jason Walker You know how the saying goes, the third time is a charm!!
Lorenzo Evans All is well. But a few still gone get snubbed for the AllStar Game. No matter what team you on
Cedeo Munoki No excuses this year, go for the ring CP3 💍🏀🏆
Azad Aj Chapter 4 because you were a Laker for an hour or so.
Jason Hidalgo Ray Should've stayed with the Clippers.

Please support my brother Carmelo Anthony as he helps the people of Puerto Rico with their hurricane relief efforts #BiggerThanBasketball

2.0k reactions 20 comments
Imelda Pabalan-Llamosa Bryan Llamosa
Krizia Michelle De Ayala Miguel De Ayala
William Manuel Cheila Nicole Ramos 2nd fav player chris paul
Robert St John You help him & his people!! GTFOH
Armando Kozomara So is Melo half Latino??

Never not working.

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Tường Vân Yêu cậu nhiều lắm luôn á
Alex Basco Before and after
Raphi Pak Die neuen Nike Sachen sind mega
Raul Celaya Bruh y yo bro so fat tho
Amadou Juwara Bro please! All that millions!


4.0k reactions 28 comments
Eman Glo My son Esai TheGod
周宇昊 Your my love
Erle Murphy My boi CP3!
Talec Jones CP3!!!
Shikai Hao love cp3 4ever!

"He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord" Jada, 6 years down and I still feel like the luckiest man in the world to call you MY WIFE!!!! #HadToGetThatLentOffForHer #ItsGoodForHandStrength #GoodGame👋🏾

5.2k reactions 71 comments
Yvonne Newburn Still luv Cp3! Almost makes me want to convert; almost!!!👊🏽
Kaluma Ni Redick kitiw kaau ka oi😂
Cathi Futrell-Thomas Yesss Jada and Chris
Bassett E Che'von Congratulations!!
Leshonda R Boyd #loveit!!! #CP3 #BLACKLOVE

‪Continue to support those impacted by the Hurricane!! Visit‬

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洪晓波 祝福
Jeffrey Holbert love
Nico Suave Ollie 🙏🏼
Kay Smith That's great
Zheng Wei Lin 火箭加油 休士頓加油

Great day of service in Houston today. Thank you to all the volunteers helping out the community!! #HoustonStrong 🤘🏾

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Justin JustWon I go on TV. Decisions in this country have been corrupt and promoted by television.
Damon Walker And you can't tell me to be quiet
Mohd Alif Aiman wtf damon
Beverly Marshall Great job
Damon Walker All three of you not going to get that close to me and if that one sets me on fire he's going to be arrested I told the department that he's making threats so you could tell him in a white car White Honda Accord tenant when else so

Pass me the ball James Harden!!! #Madden18

1.1k reactions 24 comments
David Alhaji Issa James Tony Muks
Luis Kämpfert Dominik Rothacker
Justin Singh John Christopher Antonio
廖證喬 廖證翔
Ben Hammond Aaron Gunstone

Follow along tomorrow as we come together to #RethinkHighSchool! Watch EIF Presents: XQ Super School Live 8/7C on ABC, CBS, FOX & NBC. #XQLIVE

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XQ America We can't wait for tomorrow night! See you soon!
Damon Walker We are not going out you don't belong me and I don't belong to you I'm only going one person and that's not none of use because it's not going to happen leave the PCH people alone cuz they know that you scam in them and it's true you don't talk to him ...

Houston strong 🤘🏾

2.3k reactions 34 comments
Bak Patrik Kiss Balázs
Cam Wilkerson Chanelle Wilkerson
Jannik Dorsch Ivona 🙂
Rico Suave II Christian Candelario Mohamed Diallo she got a cp3 jersey before harden😂
Justin Capers Im Wood. Darren W. Woods, ExxonMobil Houston Campus
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