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Check out what DJ Khaled, Jon Batiste, State Farm and I did down in #NOLA #NeighborhoodSessions. Show was 🔥🔥🔥

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Jay Crews 🔥🔥
Nate Corleone Thompson
Twomikez Bsmooth
Kmg La Fakts
Chayce Wynter Corey Fischer

Stats vs Sacramento Kings Shoes: Jordan CP3.X

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Otgonbayr Bathuleg Best assister 💪
Zachary Bertrand He sucks now
Sharon Clarke Dumb coaching cost your guys the game.
Kevin Chirng Fire Doc
Asim Hawkins L

Stats vs Utah Jazz Shoes: Jordan CP3.X

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Matt Tinker
Bradley Roy Coombe-Star Jay Coombe
Ramell Owens Used to get 25 points a game and 10 assists
Marvin Pulumbarit No its CP3 IX
Özcan Ayer very poor statistic. i want better. i can do it this.


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Falan Farr 😍😍😍
Ya Wang 多投点3分球,你比库里还准
Anthony Sikuku Simiyu You're mah inspiration CHRIS
Pars Arian "Everybody hates Chris"
Ojas Desai Can someone explain to me what this pic means?

Our girls need our protection and love. Let's stay vigilant and keep our kids safe. #StayWoke

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Zxnz Aro love you style
Sharon Clarke Thanks Chris. Well said.
Shirley Ann Webster White Thanks
Dane Dumalagan Nice bro
Shyanne Murphy Thank you Chris! We ❤️ you Always!! 🌟🙌🏽

Stats vs LA Lakers Shoes: Jordan CP3.X

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Alex Wesley Cameron Scrimgeour
Elias Mykonos Κωνσταντινος Αναστασίνης no trash😂😂😂😂😂
Donna Cameron WHAT'S GOOD? BIG UP.
Andre Hu Plz need more assist from u to be fantasy champ👻
Matthew Batiste Now that's the CP3 I know

Stats vs New York Knicks Shoes: Jordan CP3.X

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Andrew Hebert EVERY African American should read this informative information
Jack Shields Hudson Freeman
Simo El Hili شاهد أنا من الأوائل 👀 ~*
Eugene Donaire De Castro cp3ple double
Prabash Paul Point God CP3💯🔥💯🔥🏀🏀🏀🏀

Stats vs Cleveland Cavaliers Shoes: Jordan CP3.X

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Kylian Abiassi Adam Baril-Veillette
Kylian Abiassi Adam Baril-Veillette
Tristan Calabrese Thomas Balios
Elias Mykonos Παναγιώτης Γκιόκας Άγγελος Τζάρος you trash😂😂
Emmanuelz Glo No no no. Esai TheGod

The best way to show you care is by doing. I loved giving back to the community of New Orleans during All-Star Weekend. Go to to find volunteer opportunities and stay tuned for the story of my work in NOLA! #HereToHelp

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Matt Antetokk youre my fav pg ever!
Garbienne Em Moise Awww
Garbienne Em Moise Make room for American born US kids no difference
Streaming Live NBA <- Join us my friends :) !
SayHa Francisco 😁

Stats vs Denver Nuggets Shoes: Jordan CP3.X

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Devilkyo Resident fuk u black dog
Miha Klanjšek David Krejić koncn
Arnold Chisamba Pointgod 🙌
Linda Young LOVE LOVE Chris Paul
Kevin Musni lit af. 👌

Stats vs Milwaukee Bucks Shoes: Jordan CP3.X

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Mark Eraldo Aw
Gabriel de Vore Bruh
Nikos Aggelopoulos dope stats
Williams Kaycee How?
Eone Mathias What??!

Stats vs Utah Jazz Shoes: Jordan CP3.X

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Arvid Mohan Ghandi Luke Richards
Archie Pagounis Lucas Galgano Sunny Lee Leow
Lucia Lu you come back! cp3
Andre Hu More ast for my fantasy team would be great
Luis M Diaz Yea!

Stats vs Philadelphia 76ers Shoes: Jordan CP3.X

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Emmanuelz Glo Esai TheGod
Archie Pagounis Turning up the form before finals Lucas Galgano Sunny Lee Leow
Falan Farr 😍😍😍
鲍建华 Great shoes
Sergio Chen Humblesness level 0

Harold and Belle's with the fam ✅ ✊🏾

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Adam Saab Guy Hick
Tessa Geonanga Nice Family Pic my man CP3👍
Tao Lai perfect game this night
Michael Olatokunbo Ajayi Austin Ajayi that's you in the far right
Dane Dumalagan Lol find the person who is not black

Stats vs Memphis Grizzlies Shoes: Jordan CP3.X

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田野 Jason JJ Lee more stats
Karibi Harry Paul getting heated for the playoffs
Matt Schröder cp3 will explode in the playoffs i feel it
Tao Lai cp3 i want you😂
James Hong Now, No jobs 現在,沒工作

Stats vs Minnesota Timberwolves Shoes: Jordan CP3.X

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Joshua Holladay Ewww
A.j. Caserta Come back to New Orleans buddy
Emmanuelz Glo Esai TheGod he playin like ricky rubio😂
Bulut Doğan Cp3 old man his over..
Luckie Luciano Horrible

Stats vs Boston Celtics Shoes: Jordan CP3.X

2.9k reactions 11 comments
Brendon Poulin Ahmad Marzuq
Dagoat CP truly god and goat cp!
Oussama Abbad Point God
Ryan Ribandt He makes everyone around him better true point guard. #clippernation
Simone Coccia Colaiuta The best friend in the world with Chris Paul

Stats vs Chicago Bulls Shoes: Jordan CP3.X

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Matt Tinker
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Jainam Patel NICE Chris Paul
Michele Mastrandrea Questo è tutto? Enrico Caruso

‪Happy Birthday Mama!!! #MamasBoy ‬

4.0k reactions 37 comments
Fabrice Montcheu Jonas Kürbis
Mathew Kane Emma Kane lol
Kreso Horvat cp3 <3
Lisa Renee Tisdel 🎂🎂🎂
Messïah Scøtt You've made Mama Paul Proud. 🙂

Keep going!!!! #CP3Family

1.8k reactions 3 comments
Jeffrey Holbert Love 2 cp3 family
Glo Traver ✊ Big Respect

Stats vs Milwaukee Bucks Shoes: Jordan CP3.X

2.9k reactions 15 comments
世豪張 LOVE U CP3
Ke Wilson When you leave LA I'm coming with you!
Jake Lingbanan Work hard to beccome CHAMPION
Milan Ercegovcevic Why 5asist?😂
Alan Lui Move on. Go to spur next year.

The Harvard Experience Harvard Business School is like no other. Special thx to prof Anita Elberse for sharing invaluable knowledge. #TBT #HarvardHBS

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Cheral Israel Solo Israel!!!!
Somya Jalan Ivneet Bhullar
Stefan Stoleru Mara Vicol
Brandon Luxkaranayagam Riley Pflomm
Laiin Whelan Alexis Thymie

Stats vs Houston Rockets Shoes: Jordan CP3.X

3.8k reactions 22 comments
Mark Eraldo More points next game Cp3 pls
Matt Lang Defense optional for LAC
Avelino Solomon II you need to get bucket
Brandon Lee Duffey You might have to make a little more shots next game bud... 38.5 aint cuttin it
Dane Dumalagan Nice bro its me your bro dane

Tonight. Watch it!!! #StayWoke

317 reactions 8 comments
ThatBoy Keys Taurean T-Mac Cannon
Mad Gemini N you know this ..maann!! #GoClippers #Cp3
Rhea Manalo Cuse i love you
Dagoat CP now the point god has ready beardy cuz your opponent is a God..lets go!
Namsoo Mike Cho Ok


6.1k reactions 36 comments
Rachel Chappell Nice one Gabriel
Trevor Haffke Goat
Agustiin Arce Crack!
Rajendra Kumar Paul Love lee
Justin Akins She doesn't look all there


8.4k reactions 31 comments
Jainam Patel Chris Paul REPLYYY
Harouna Koné Eytan Cohen ta ca toi ?! 😻
Treyvon Gadiare Role Model 🔑
Bello Emmanuel #CP3
Jett Osbern Looking fresh Chris Paul

#PostGame 👀 📸 by @cr_parker (IG)

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Alia Ar Raman Maur Stephanie Ramsuchit Jonathan Ramsuchit Preet Singh #staywoke
Treyvon Gadiare I want that hat
Sergio Salvi Perez G.O.A.T.
Ryan Roger Jr. Stay woke
Williams Kaycee Cp3333

Stats vs Charlotte Hornets Shoes: Jordan CP3.X

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Amgad Ajak Matthies Abera sauce
Ben Hu Luis DosSantos 0 turnovers
Lukas Poškevičius Oskaras 40min
Noriel Daga nasty ball handling
Trevor Haffke Goat
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