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Happy birthday to a real one ✊🏾

6.7k reactions 97 comments
Mike Kidd d wade dressing in mary janes closet again Mark Peterson
Neil Perlmuter Wishing you a Happy Healthy Birthday!!!!!
Jon Umfrid Paul, you are garbage. Money hungry, crybaby, quitter
Justin Irani Abel el 100 khayeh , But coming off the bench is harsh halibi
Naldy Paldy When u end up in the Land.But the Chef cooks u and u wanna keave town looool

Stats vs L.A. Clippers

1.2k reactions 57 comments
Julie Cook MLK of course. Doesn't look like Paul knew the difference anywho. He is no Kobe not even close.
Jessica Cline Andrew Howard, meet your neighbor, Chris Paul 😂
Norman Perry dude, leave it on the court. So you lost....
Kyle Sexton Not a good look homie you better than that
Eric E Winebarger No longer a fan.. What were u thinking , Blake would cause more brain u. ROCKETS BLOW!

We must continue the work already started within our communities. Thank you for paving the way Dr. King. ✊🏾#MLKDay

874 reactions 13 comments
Sam Goldberg Go Clips!
Willbert Johnson 💯💯💪
Cj Harper Right On
Vernon Fakondo #ThankYouDrKing
Allen Chen Continue to fight 💪

Stats vs Phoenix Suns

322 reactions 15 comments
Chris Paul Good
주진목 유재진 ㅈㅎㄴ ..
Болдбаатар Б. #NBAVote Chris Paul
Larry E Lee You know my work. C!P!3 #markjackson
문정재 크리스폴 언더제조기 시벨럼

Always nice catching up with friends on the road!

1.0k reactions 11 comments
Julio Rivera THAts awesome
蔡睿丞 真温暖
Renee Robinson 👍🏿
Willbert Johnson 💯💯
Lisa Imhoff Michael Phelps!

Stats vs Portland Trail Blazers

2.2k reactions 36 comments
Marco Mäkler Luca Cilluffo😍
유재진 주진목 잘해.
도유권 박관용. 경혜왕 미쳤다
Nate Dizzle Beast
Edward Almonte Keep strong 🔥💪🏽

Stats vs Chicago Bulls

1.3k reactions 20 comments
Jeffrey Montford
Todd Evan Eli Fazzolari
Mickey Stax That's every game
Lourdes Aranda You're the best :D
Juan Carlos Correa Castillo Es el mejor base del mundo sin dudarlo .

Stats vs Detroit Pistons

1.0k reactions 13 comments
Todd Evan Eli Fazzolari
Kevin Young Daniel Byun
Jung Ryul Lee Chris Paul #NBAVote
유재진 주진목 잘해
Stephen Crompton Nice loss

Stats vs Golden State Warriors

1.3k reactions 29 comments
Kevin Young Daniel Byun
Zeroy Lamez CPTHR33
Phillip King #CP0
Jamey Tarrant 💪🏾
Nicholas Stroman John Anthony Cuevas Jr. Still elite

Stats vs Orlando Magic

1.0k reactions 12 comments
陳泰銘 周子瑜 Tzuyu 쯔위
Daniel Byun Bro Kevin Young 13
Maluko Cxela V
Κώστας Τρ. Chris Paul #NBAVOTE
Carlo Trinidad Oo pure point guard numbers

Stats vs Los Angeles Lakers

1.8k reactions 29 comments
Todd Evan Eli Fazzolari
Dany Tejada Bryan Vega
Prabash Paul Chris Paul #NBAVOTE
Pranit Pokhrel Gsw still schmooping
Caysie Dixon #NBAVOTE James Harden

Stepping into the new year the right way!! 🤘🏾#HappyNewYear

713 reactions 26 comments
Feng Li Kendria Whitfield
向铭 新年快乐
Matt Wilkinson Finessed him
蓝启翔 加油
Mickey Stax Finesse game strong

Stats vs Washington Wizards

1.0k reactions 25 comments
Joseph Bownds Looks hurt
Prabash Paul Keep doing and beat them
Ray-Anthony Cornejo II #LAC #FYT
Reed Fanguy LaVar Ball> Chris Paul #facts
Mack Williams Chris Paul hot in that situation I saw it in this game

#ad I've been fortunate to star in many game-changing commercials over the years, but I really think this is my masterpiece.

7.0k reactions 807 comments
Brock Joass Takes me back to one of the first ever videos on YouTube Jason
Steve Abrokwa Harden is like i just want to get out from this car😂
Martin 'Bęñ-j' Caesar Peter Okello i have a feeling you know this song word for word 😂
Skylar Anderson Emmett Ray Look at Oscar singing with nba players!
Ayrton Muamba Maax Laax American people are very openminded 😂😂😂

#ad My new State Farm agent gets me so well, you'd think we were in a commercial or something.

3.5k reactions 325 comments
Adam Jay Jaso Dani Dan Leyva Ortiz oscar moved up and got famous with the Rockets
François Guittard Antoine Balayssac mdr check trevor ariza dans la vago à la fin 😂
Remy Somsanith Brian Rodriguez they got oscar in this commercial 😂
Darcy Voltz Claudia this is why basketball is the best sport tbh
Patrick Schmid Branko einer meiner Lieblingsspieler in einer Werbung 😂

'Tis the season for buckets! #SweaterBall Spalding

228 reactions 1 comments
Judy Buffett My Grandson wants a Chris Paul Jersey Rockets so bad for his birthday Dec. 22nd and we can not find one anywhere...why are they so hard to find if you do not live in TX..guess we will try to order one to arrive at a later date geez..if any one knows ...

Stats vs Utah Jazz

2.3k reactions 26 comments
Durant Lo Double double
Melih Karaca TEBRIKLER kardeş
Dre Day Good afternoon bro✊👊💛🏀🚀🏆
Arnold Soab Signing of the season
Dashawn Heyward Bruh keep up the good work

Congrats Bean on a career that will be remembered for generations!! #Mamba #Ko8e24

8.9k reactions 28 comments
Arisa Furukawa Tomonori Furukawa
이병욱 차정엽
Matheus Bautista Olha essa imagem Eric Santana
Maurice BreadWinner Quinn CP3 ❤
John Carlo D. Lopez sayang magkakampi sana tong 2 eh😞

Walking into 14 straight like....

3.0k reactions 34 comments
Rami Villarreal Carmelo Antony
Brendon Poulin Thabet Maher Ahmad Marzuq Andrew Krause
Ivan Pavlović Talar Hagop Garen
Jairus San Juan Proud of cp3 Jherolled Biteranta
Zachary Bertrand Nba finals mvp

Always an honor and a blessing to be mentioned with the greats 🙏🏾

4.5k reactions 34 comments
Reece David Baker Zac Gadd
Jordan Perri Phillip Atkinson Ronnie Atkinson
Daniel Byun Kevin Young
郑操 Do you play LOL, CP3?
Erle Murphy Hell yea CP3!

Stats vs Milwaukee Bucks

1.6k reactions 14 comments
Dre Day Sup CP3 👊💯🏆🏀
Deparius Smith Just goin nuts
Mickey Stax THE GENERAL.
Maurice BreadWinner Quinn CP3. GO 🚀 S
Prabash Paul That my boy CP3 🔥🏀🚀🔥🏀🚀🔥🏀🚀

‪Post Game #13🤘🏾🚀‬

884 reactions 20 comments
Guillermo Machado Sebastian Machado
Jeffrey Montford
Daniel Byun LOL Kevin Young
Gianluca Zacchi 🔝🔝🔝
Danny Chaparro Simon #VinoChronicles🍷

Stats vs San Antonio Spurs

1.0k reactions 32 comments
Jackson Ballangarry Josh Walker
Daniel Son Christopher S Dot i hate u...
Joshua Ng Dylan Tan point god
李君超 恭喜破新加入火箭连胜记录,
Christopher Burnier 🍿

Closing out the year as one of the top NBA players searched on Google in 2017! Thanks for the continued love. #YearInSearch

958 reactions 19 comments
Nyakuni Vincent Hw're u my frd long tim
Lefteris Patouxeas Half of your searches were mine :x
Woohyung Kang 강성현 우리둘이반은하지않았나싶
Emre Yildirim You deserve it
Donel Destinord PointGOD

Stats vs New Orleans Pelicans

1.5k reactions 18 comments
Tru Jefe Beanz Zzzz
Tru Jefe Beanz Dud8d
Chen Rock great player you are!
Francis Peres CP3😉
Tony Mendes Good job

Stats vs Portland Trail Blazers

1.9k reactions 17 comments
Axel Wait For-It Valentin Pisias allez bim !
蒋雨辰 Omnipotence
Amii Wallace Dood
熊全良 CP3
Damon Walker Awesome you is

Stats vs Utah Jazz

1.9k reactions 36 comments
Montrel Nelson Jeffrey Tremaine Sadik McNeil I’m speechless
War Kobe
Matthew Rage Martin Almost a trip-dub my man. So close
Edward Ortiz 🔥🔥🔥
Hao Sun 我们就是打球!

Dec 4 👑 🙏🏾

1.0k reactions 15 comments
Cam Wilkerson Chanelle Wilkerson
Phil Enriquez This a 13thwitness shot?
Jonathan Diola man0ng gaiko n0mber nenyo ha.jonathan2
赵军 Jayz and captain🤔
Cornelius Wooten Never seen this pic before...

Stats vs Los Angeles Lakers

1.8k reactions 24 comments
Thomas Mareisch Adrien Altieri
Vasilis Hondros Τεράστιος Δημήτρης Κώτσαρης Anestis Barsakis
Jonathan Diola man0ng msta nam0 dha?asa si antey iyay
Çağın Topuz Berbatsın aq
ED Johnson CP3
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