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FINALLLLLLLLLLY!!!! #PeachJamChamps🍑 #CP3Family

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Steven Pool Good
Aurelien Pola Yes CP3
Tường Vân Yêu cậu nhiều lắm luôn á
Brandon Boulwen Munk Htine #TEXAS ♵💯💯💯
Anthony Simiyu Makana Loving to see [email protected],wherever you're #chris I'm a great fun of yours,,bravo

What a day... H-town appreciate all the love and support!! Excited to be here and get this going 🤘🏾🚀 #RedNation

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Joao Luiz Paulielo You Will do great things in Houston Cp3... good luck!!!
Scottie Miller Not too bad, Hometown... Your FANS have to get used to it, too!! I can appreciate the "Krimson & Kream," tho!! 👌🏽♦️♦️♦️
Brandon Mack Wish you would have come back to where it all started. N.O. still got love for CP3
Roman Maciel You should of Never left, better chance to Win with The Clippers then ball hog harden
Travis Bruce Thanks for all you did with the Clippers the past several years. Good luck to you in Houston CP3

It's that time again!!🍑 PEACH JAM!!!! #TeamCP3

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Damon Walker Walker I don't want you wasting your time on me stay of all the people you could do that with all the people sound want you set yourself up for failure I'm not so but that's all I ask just for us to just be friends that's it not there now
張宸菘 高正宇
Maxime Poirel
Amourel Marius Tsogo For you
Damon Walker Walker Only

Great day with a group of special kids at the Brotherhood Crusade!

FULL INTERVIEW: Jim Hill Sits Down With Chris Paul
FULL INTERVIEW: Jim Hill Sits Down With Chris Paul

The former Clipper stopped by the Brotherhood of the Crusade Youth Center In South L.A. to say goodbye to the kids he was close to during his years in L.A.

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Jacks James What Crusade?
Damon Walker Walker You're not going to tell me who the Dayton win the get started on dated I don't need to you're not getting any of my money either in this true and you can go ahead and have me arrested cuz it's not going to happen I got other friends out there besides ...
Damon Walker Walker Don't worry I'll find somebody in person not online all them people are not telling you the real age you never know what they are they could be Crooks and all that good stuff all that bad stuff that's why I don't believe in them dating websites and you ...
Yoann Abisse Lucki Vinc'
Damon Walker Walker Okay

‪CONGRATS!!!! To hell with the ball, lemme hold some 💰‬

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Jeffrey Lee dat contract though...nice to see harden willing to stay in houston though. they've done pretty well at surrounding the dude with viable units.
Josh Kav Remember back in the day when you had to win championships to get a raise?
Stevens Concepcion-Molina It ain't about the sport no more... it's about the money. No wonder why you ain't a champion, boy.
Cornelius Wooten Shut Up, feed him the rock, Trade for Melo and beat the Warriors!

NATIONAL CHAMPS!!! Congrats to my 13u team winning AAU Nationals today! #TeamCP3

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Chris Paul O I want to be your son . you are so.great
Beverly Marshall Congratulations
Lashon Turner Awesome 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾💥💥💥💥😊
Sharon Easley Congratulations you guys rock
Hunter Frazer Congrats

Unbelievable amount of emotions right now- I don't even know what to say. Lots of love and tears. I'm so blessed and thankful for the ability to play this game, this is the part that no one can prepare you for. To the Los Angeles community and to CLIPPER NATION I say THANK YOU!!! For the past 6 years you all have welcomed not only me but my family. We love all of you. Most importantly, I'm thinking about the kids at LA's Best and the Brotherhood Crusade. You guys have changed my life. Doesn't matter where I go to work- we have a lot more to do.

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Kaleigh Howard Its always hard saying goodbyes Chris Paul to a community that welcomed your family for 6 years and wish you all the best. I will be praying for you and your family for a new chapter in Houston.
Mario Valdez Thank you for being part of Clipper Nation brother. Blessing to have you on our court for so many years. See you in the playoffs though! Wooo! Much love from Los Angeles!
Veto Villanova I was not salty over Chris Paul's trade to the Clippers despite being a long time Lakers fan. In fact, I was happy that he came to LA as a Clipper. He helped changed the face of the franchise and in doing so, helped elevate me to embracing the team and ...
Ben Gage Go through all that trouble to keep dj, come up with the collective bargaining agreement, bring on jerry west and then you leave for the rockets. At least go to the Spurs. Chump!
Gabriel Clift Good luck with everything CP3, you were the best player the Clipps ever had. Really gonna miss u, but will definitely be rooting you and the Artesia Man on to get a ring. Wish it didn't have to be this way or hurt so much, but this is a business and I ...

I'm partnering w/ Kaiser Permanente Thrive today to show the Compton Ave Elementary school the importance of mental wellness. #TrainTheMind

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MEME Team Check out the new "Welcome" design from Meme Team
Javad Ahmadi Houston Rockets next super star
Ricky Varquez Spurs idol.😊
Ricky Varquez Chris paul to the rockets .haha
Νίκος Μπόζογλου 🚀🚀🚀

‪FATHERHOOD doesn't have an expiration date 🔑‬

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Collins Clipper Paul you did mi proud.....success to any where go i want to see you mvp next season
Patrick Delaney Only one place u can get that wooooooo!N.O we need u
Judith Ann Thomas Rotruck Love this! CP vs CP!
Tony Dodson Your dad and Steph Curry's dad 1v1
Sharon Easley Congratulations CP3 on being re elected.

Harry Giles III CONGRATS!!!!! #TeamCP3

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Liam Briant Nathan Strkalj
권진욱 PAUL LETS GO TO THE San Antonio Spurs
Josh Gentry
Jacob Fritts Tre 44444444
Caiden Bolger Aviv yoooo Harry Gizzle

‪Some things will NEVER change....‬

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Dre' White CP1 is the TRUTH💯💯
Daniel K. Moorefield Which Chris Paul from the State Farm commercial is this?
林宗平 Come to Spurs...go
Gottaloveme Johnson Omg! Chris paul😘😘😘😘😘

‪Happy Fathers Day to the REALEST ONE out there ✊🏾 #CP1‬

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Rachel Chappell Gabriel
Dorrian Williams Happy farther’s day cp3 aka iq god
С. Мөөгий Cp go t
Alane Henderson Excellent genes!!!!!!!
Zuhdi Salem Happy Father's Day!!!

When I first came to the NBA, I used to go to my teammate's house like everyday after practice just so I could play with his daughter. I've always loved kids. So now to have two of my own -- little Chris and Camryn -- I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. #EverydayDad NBPA

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John Woodworth Except probably a ring.
Kaleigh Howard Happy Fathers day Chris Paul.
Justin Gallegos You da man chris!
Enedina Perezmartinez GOD bless you. GOD bless #CLIPPERS #CP3 🙏☝. Happy Father's day!!!!!!
Beverly Marshall Happy Father's Day

A little motivation on this Monday!! #BreakfastClub

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Ante Markoc Robcheck ST
Isiah Hale PJ Edwards
Patricio Blue Jalon Lacy
Abhyun Chatterjee Vasudev Sastry
Eliott Delair Zuili Florian

This turned out hilarious!! These kids man.. 😂😂😂Dwyane Wade

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Tyler Hughes Coy Rigdon this is pretty funny lol
Steven Jiménez Tu das risa
Pauline Gazaube Thierry grave choux son ptit haha autant que lui
Babyluv Ated i wanna see more of these kids ,
Rodney Washington Future Hollywood actors for sure. Too funny.

Extremely grateful to be part of Bloomingdale's Father's Day catalog!!

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Kimberly Jones-Robertson No,you need to get passed the first round
Khadijah Herrera So beautiful
Jeffrey Holbert Love you
Debra Williams Beautiful pictures
Kleykens Patrick allready in black and white the colurs from the spurs :-)

Congrats Faith And Hoops on the new book! Everyone check it out

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Jaroslav Clarence Stupka Matěj Cerha
DLeb Tannenbaum Thank you Chris!
Ab Chen lbj
Anthony Simiyu Makana Hey #Chris you're my inspiration
DLeb Tannenbaum ...who love to hoop. God Bless You and Yours!

Sad to hear that one of the Leaps...n...Boundz vans was stolen over MDW... watch for more info and make sure to donate!!

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Yijun AN when
Γιώργος Καραμβάλης Go to spurs
Susan Osborne Thank you for supporting this wonderful organization
Chris Whitfield just buy them two
Michael North Cp3 reach into that 200mil contact and shout em a 16k van please

HAPPY 8th BIRTHDAY to my first born!!!! Nobody keeps me on my toes as much as he does and I couldn't imagine life and knowing what love is without him! #MyMan

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Brenda Nowotka Happy birthday Lil Chris!
Patty Estudillo Happy birthday to your boy!! Felicidades!!
Irene Torres Happy Birthday to your son!
RO Lovecraft Happy birthday! Please stay!
Stephen D'Alesio Happy birthday

Here's to a GREAT season TY!!! #Year10 #NC #WNBA ✊🏾

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Giacomo D'Angelo Alex Pirco
吴统欣 保罗,下赛季去哪
Mehmet Fenotip Come to sas we need true pg like you
Dunechii Carter What shoes are those ?
Dunechii Carter What shoes are those?

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mothers out there!! There's no love greater and you guys should be celebrated daily!

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Rennji Naito こどもの髪型ファンキーやな( ̄▽ ̄)
Coleman Chestnut HMD! To momma Paul ☺️💌🌺🌸💐🌹
Emin Tural You mom very lucky paul
張晉銘 Go Spurs please.
Terence Mason What good Cp3

‪NCCU School of Law x NC A&T #Graduates #ProudCousin ‬

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Jacqueline Fenstermaker Jesse Fowler
Lisa Pqt Moni Tee
Francisco Ramos I need help on this one, Hugs are exceptional
Jamil Crosson Chris Paul !!
Sheila Hunter Congratulations

Excited for the Inaugural CP3 Memorial Day Classic hosted by MADE Hoops, May 26-28!! 14U/15U/16U. Register: ! #CP3MDC

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Damon Walker Don't worry you're coming with me when I win then leave your comment don't tell nobody
Ryan Stassart Hey Chris great season. Good luck to you in free agency I hope you find the perfect fit for you and your family.

Don't miss us tonight on #DearMamaVH1 - 10/9c on VH1!!

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Smith Tony nice picture!
Judy Ford Very nice family picture. It's a keeper.💐🌴
Felipe Menezes <3 CP3 POINT-GOD!
Zuhdi Salem Nice pic!!!

Magical ✊🏾#32

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Bassett E Che'von Happy 32!!
Tonya Jones Happy Birthday my fav Pt Guard enjoy and Blessings 🎂🎂🎂
Dominic Long I see it...gotta make it happen big bro. (Insider) #BLESS #FBD
Gilbert Branch Happy belated birthday my fellow Taurus nation
Gigi Freeman Happy Birthday CP3!!!

Chris Paul's cover photo

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Dondovdorj Margad You're my hero #CP3
郑豪 帅帅炮
Mitchell Smith Alex Jose suit represents free agent?
Cj Caparas All I can see is a living, breathing L.
Iz Summerlin Come to San Antonio CP!

Timeline Photos

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Trint Jacobson Jazz got it
Aaron Bawoo An 이깁시다 🏀 지고 빡친 모습 더이상 보기 싫..
Dion Willis Strive#for#greatness#cp3#
Lectér Gabriel goodluck master..your my one and only fav pg in the league
Irene Torres You can go it !

Stats vs Sacramento Kings Shoes: Jordan CP3.X

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Anton Sambolek Ivan Miskovic Zvjerka
Ted Hsu Why CP dislike Curry?
Nathan Matson 1
Samuel Caushllari How many turnovers?
Aaron Hudson Dishing out a bunch of dimes.
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