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Thinking of all the babies, parents, nurses, doctors on this #WorldPrematurityDay! God bless all the tiny angels!! Thanks to @marchofdimes and the amazing work of so many people that help parents bring home their babies every day.

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Renee Gamble Hollie LeBoeuf Lapeyrouse
Katie Clark <3
Danny Etheridge God bless
Sam Coulter How will you be celebrating Bobunk tomorrow?
Kevin Lincoln Daddy of a 14 year old born at 23 2/7 weeks. Weighing in at 1 lb.

When you suddenly realize someone created dozens of memes of your characters! #lovingthismorethanIShould

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Laura Hailey-Law Fleur Rodway
Lisa Ann Andrew Ben Andrew
Leah Canavan Tara Skipworth
Maik Eckhardt Andree Dunkel 😊👍🏻
Alex Bladimir Ady Vanessa :3

The gang (minus a few key players) got back together for the first time in 14years. What was news to me was that @reddonovan and @alimiballard had never met or worked together but became instant bffs on this day! @moonfrye @bethabroderick @carolinerhea4real @davidlascher @nate.richert #nickbakay Missing @jennaleighgreen @lindsaysloaneyup @paulfeig #MartinMull and many more.

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Eric Cade yeah we all know the show was about Salem lol where's the cat?
Erik J. Matthews Red and Punky Brewster are still SO hot! <3
Alonso Marquez Love you guys, this is great 😍😍 I’m Still watching Sabrina before bed 😍😍
Valerie Cobb I wish Nick was holding a cat or one of the Salem props you guys used. 😁
Courtney Havens This show needs to come back.

Watch A Very Merry Toy Store on Lifetime on November 26 at 8pm

Women Elbowed Melissa Joan Hart to get to Mario Lopez
Women Elbowed Melissa Joan Hart to get to Mario Lopez

Melissa Joan Hart details what’s it like to work with Mario Lopez on their new movie “A Very Merry Toy Store”. The seasoned actress says they went to the movies and women were waiting outside of Mario’s bathroom.

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Kim Butler-Jarrett Kristy Butler-Westmoreland
Leah Cilli Bomar Sandra Fortune Cilli we need to watch this
Elias Simon 👍👍
Sandra Arredondo I can’t wait
Kathy Belmont Myszkowski I have it already DVR’d

So much fun in NYC today with Jif Peanut Butter to announce the three finalists of the “Imagine If, With Jif” contest! I loved judging all the inspiring entries. You can encourage the next generation to reach their potential and help build a better future for all by supporting their Indiegogo crowdfunding projects at One grand prize winner will receive $20K. Rules: #ad

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Super Ewan Thank you, Miss Hart!
James Drum Thank you so much for supporting our little superhero. We can all be a superhero to someone!
Mary Cechovsky Thank you for choosing my grandson Super Ewan to be one of the finalist. He loves helping people.
Duncan Johns Love Jif peanut butter, but unfortunately you can't buy it in the UK. I always ask friends and family to bring some back from trips to the US!

This tiny magical unicorn of a little sister is 21 today, the same age I turned just after she was born. Have a fabulous day and a magnificent year little Sammy! (And Ali, the little buttercup holding my hand, is up next in 2 weeks). #novemberbabies

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Mindy Mattox Happy Birthday Sammy !
Elias Simon 🎈👍👍🎂
Volther Tacbianan :)
Пламен Василев cute pic
Vishnu Nayak Wow

Brothers snuggling together on this chilly Sunday! Big brother is teaching little how to #Minecraft. I’m praying for one architect in the family!

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Lionel Boyce no Doctor ?
Jacquelyn Lovett Adorable!
John Haferkamp Hi guys
Gabriel Palacios Yes friends Like
Libby Skeel They are so cute!

God bless our veterans. Thank you all for your service.

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Christine Mary Jacotine amen
Dennis Shaw Amen
Roger Covey "...Give honor to whom honor is due..."
Anika Lynne Teigen And they are both in one month! #thankfulmonth
Derya Basak Akın maybe there would be an even greater way to honor the veterans: by not sending their grand children to kill civilians and get killed for oil.

Thinking of my brave Uncle Neil and all the men and women who have served in the armed forces to protect this great country of ours! #VeteransDay

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Jesus Sanchez Submariner. Excellent.
John Bryan God Bless our Great Nation.
Walt Konecki *Salute*
Monica Rivera Thank you Neil
Antonio Delanino God bless

To those who have fought for freedom and sacrificed for our liberty, we thank you!

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Bill A Sunbury ty
Tsosewi Hale Hooah
David Phinney Love serving. Thanks.
Ize Ian We!. Ph. . ! only. .
Tony Chliek Thank you for your support.

For more info, please visit

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Nicolas Navrez Rohan Molinillo
Stacy Richardson #T1Strong 💕
Mar-Jo Burns Thank you Melissa Joan Hart. My daughter has T1D. I would love for a cure!
Dawn Leszinske Thank you for bringing awareness! My daughter is 15yrs old and has had T1D for 12 1/2 years.
Samantha Markovitz Thank you for bringing awareness to T1D!

Big Shout Out!! I have 3 at home playing at random times and I can’t imagine those who chose to be around it all day.... #recorder

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Anna-Marie Jurković Dean Camilleri
Ally Kinsella James Power Siobhan Whyte haha😂
Trisha Ni Mhathuna Siobhán Peters 🤣
Kelly LM Cynthia ❤️
Suz Tilghman 😂 Stacy

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Steph Spevak Hahah that's right, Michael Quintana!
Lawrence Stewart Horton hears a who
Daniel Teh Avila Te amo preciosa 💖
Tomasz Sępowicz Michel is that about you? ;)
Tom Guar One survivor - but there are thousands of young girls being victimized in the same way all over the United States right this minute. This isn't something society can do nothing about. This is something society cares little ...


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Karen Riley Erin Riley hope this helps xxx
Jamie Luther Or get a Samsung.
Fernando Hurtado Jr. I've Heard There's A Screen Burn Problem Too - Phone Gets Burned Into Screen That Was Overlooked.
Tatiana Gostev Isabella Shavlovsky (Bella) is this why all your fun posts look weird? 😘
Melissa Laige Matthew Laige here’s the fix you need!!

Did my civic duty! #vote #electionday

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Janie-Jason Giltner I hope you voted correctly. 😄
Michael Awatefe True talk
Germaine Black Venomm Pullen Hey there beautiful..
John Samoila Fantastic....

Sunday morning thoughts? Ps I usually go with A because I think it looks better but my husband throws a fit if it’s not B.

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Steve Richardson People homeless, starving and dying while we debate toilet paper... lol. Put it how you like in your house, simples :) I’m with Melissa though, she can put the big roll up in our house 😂👍
Jaki Gohn I prefer B, but did A when my kids were toddlers to avoid an unrolled tp mess. Or if I'm feeling particularly lazy, I'll just set the roll on top. Lol
Lindsey Leigh I'm the same way- Melissa Joan Hart. I love A, but my entire family throws a fit unless it's B. I will often change it and then I hear groans of displeasure next time someone else goes in the bathroom! (And we've got 4 people sharing one bathroom!)
John J Quaintance I was once A, but my mother converted me to a B. If the wall paper hugs the wall, hands touch the wall that much more and spread germs. Especially if the person got something in their hand by accident. B is just more sanitary.
Sara Fischer Anthony Lawrence, i never used to care until you threw a fit really early in our relationship 😂😂 but now i cant stand it the other way and i always switch it at my parents' house when its wrong lololololol so simple, but so irritating lolol

My thoughts and prayers with the Texas victims and their friends and family tonight; along with action as a member of @everytown and the work they doing to fix this epidemic that is ailing our country. Be it mental health, policy change and gun safety.

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Steve Allen its funny the people who try and compare the USA gun deaths to countries that have banned guns. the UK has 258 million LESS people then the USA and Australia has a 299 million LESS people. of course there is going to be less deaths by guns when there is ...
Sheena Elizabeth Liles Eads 2 law abiding gun owners STOPPED AND KILLED this man! We don't need gun safety we need more people to step in and learn how to properly handle a weapon!
Heather Ann Bentley-Mass I don't see how a gun law would have changed this. He already wasn't allowed to own a gun, yet still got his hands on one. So sad all around, wish I had a solution
DavidandShon Rey Take steps to eliminate Antifa and Islam and CNN. As he was influenced by all three of which he was a follower of each. In addition to being criminal because he was in possession of illegal firearm of which he had been barred. Put them to task. Not the ...
Ellen Brokaw I agree whole heartedly but we also need our country and the people to stand up and be heard. When u see an injustice u have to stand up. We have to teach our children to be kind. We have to as a people make the small changes to see the big changes!!

What Melissa Joan Hart — who played Sabrina — is doing today

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Lindsey Ann Plack Melissa! I can't even express how happy I am that you directed watcher in the woods (new version ). When I was about 21 I rented the original time after time on vhs from a now sadly closed video store called "the video fan" in quite literally the "fan" ...
Hannah Hass I grew up watching Clarissa and Sabrina, I actually have the entire Sabrina series and the two tv films on dvd. I love your character Mel on Melissa and Joey, I think I actually relate to her best and Clarissa too. I never felt I could relate to Sabrina ...
Katie Sue It was funny that in Sabrina you worked with punky brewster. Both of you were my ikons growing up. My friend and i even painted our furniture and collected license plates my dogs name was brandy after brandon. If i would have had a reclining lounge ...
Lauren DeRiggi Besides the sound of music, the watcher in the woods is a movie my sister and I watched all the time growing up. I am 40 now and she is 38 and I just recently found it online and bought it. And I watched the lifetime version the other night. Love ...
Kimberlee Brooke Roberts-Meylan why did Sam crawl in the window is the first p lace? It wasn't like the parents didn't know about him. The mom would come in the bedroom and be like, "Oh hello, Samuel." Or the dad would be all, "Hi, Sport. Oh Sam, how are you?" Come to think of ...

Missing Oz today! Take me back!! #australia best trip ever!! 🇳🇿

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Bruce R Brown come to Warrnambool, Victoria,, see real stuff
Armando Julca Tanto puedes viajar?
Rhys Edwards Best place ever ever
Marvella Miller Looks like. Fun
Rubén Darío Casanova Dueñas Muchas felicitaciones y bendiciones

Cousins. 💙💙💙💙

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شکورالله فیروزی 👍
Cindy Massey Mackiewicz 💙
Eduardo Cano Thats great
Rachel Avila Handsome boys :)
Brenda Howe Precious memories in the making. ❤

This 1 Actor Was Every Cast Member's Favorite on 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch'

This 1 Actor Was Every Cast Member
This 1 Actor Was Every Cast Member's Favorite on 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch'

The cast of 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch' reunited at Stan Lee Comic Con in Los Angeles. Here's what we learned from them.

1.7k reactions 78 comments
Aurelie Ngwabana Salem, of course sabrina was my ultimate fave but that freaking cat was hilarious
Lauren Elizabeth I don't think it's a good idea for a reboot
Brian Seeber I read the new comics, they are much darker tone
Patti Palmer-Rocha All of them were my favorites! Loved that show
Gabriella Berger Watching all 7 seasons again on Amazon Prime!😍😍😍😍

I’ve been blessed with a large family and a large #Framily! Repost from some of the best @alimiballard & @dahnelledior

751 reactions 19 comments
Toni Williams Lisa Holland
Manuel Muñoz Melyssa Velásquez
Courtney Tompkins Causey Andy Jeremy Zachary 😘🍻
Alice Vrenna Maine Rivera te quiero mucho
Maddison Goodwin Alicia WendyNicole love you guys!!!!

😂😂😂 #Repost @dogsoncueny (@get_repost) ・・・ I literally watched this 100 times in a row!!! Hahaha

516 reactions 56 comments
Bevin Jennings Caitlin Jennings 😍😍
Sofii Langenbahn Oliver von Wurmbrand für jenna😍😂😂😂
Catherine Lépine-Bourdon Jade Fortin Carol-anne Bérubé
Rebekah Elaine Bassett Jeremey Burke Piper needs this
Angela Neill Chris Neill PLEASE

Farm boy, move this hay! #asyouwish ✨

1.1k reactions 30 comments
Cecilia Jeff Holland Chad Adams lol
Cindy Massey Mackiewicz 😍
Mark Wegner 👍😎😁
Leslie Jones Very nice!
Ricky Gill Roland 😂😂😂

We showed Melissa Joan Hart pics of her
We showed Melissa Joan Hart pics of her '90s looks — and she explained it all

As the star of "Clarissa Explains It All" and "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch," Melissa Joan Hart has a special place in the hearts of '90s kids.

1.2k reactions 28 comments
Jessica Smith Sura Speemawn
Sarah Louise Samantha Neider
Mark Wegner 😁👍
Jessica Harris you are my friend! :-)
Luisa Nathaly Mora Jara Me encanta cada etapa 👍

Original ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ Cast Reunites -- and Weighs in on The CW
Original ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ Cast Reunites -- and Weighs in on The CW's Reboot! (Exclusive)

Melissa Joan Hart and eight of her co-stars reunited at Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con over the weekend -- and only ET was backstage with the gang.

9.3k reactions 220 comments
Iain Lamond I'm six months younger than Melissa, so whereas I was a big Clarissa fan, I'd outgrown young person's TV (with the exception of Power Rangers) by the time Sabrina came about.
Kayla Marie Clay I loved the old Sabrina but the new one is probably going to have more of a pretty little liars feel to it like Riverdale does. It wont be anything close to the old version.
Shana Nichole It will never be as good as the original if it doesn't have the original actors in it. Melissa Hoan Hart made that show magical!
Jesse Ang hi Melissa Joan Hart, im such a big fan of the whole ORIGINAL crew and im praying and hoping that the whole cast would come togheter again for a REAL Sabrina the teenage witch REBOOT! we need a revival!!!! there are lots of fans out there! Please do ...
Sunshine Bouslaugh Love how honest you are! Wish they would have reboot with you and the original cast. Not cool about a new age Sabrina for the millennials. We need the original you were the best!

My city always bounces back! We will not be afraid to live in the greatest city in the world!!! My prayers go out to the victims and their families and the first responders. #NYCstrong 🍎

542 reactions 9 comments
Rene N Lisa Borrel 🙏🙏🙏❤️
Taylor Brandenburg #NYCStrong!
Alberto García Sabrinaaaa lov 🤗
David Coppock Lovely coment Melissa!!
Bradley S Pilkerton Stay strong new york city ! You got good heart melissa
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