Wiz Khalifa

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20.1k reactions 144 comments
Jason Sloan Whiz been pimpin since pimpins been pimpin....ctfu..
Isaac Gyan Nice one man, me love that
Chris McCall Why she got man hands bro 😂
Ange Mederic Tanoh nice couple. I hope you will take good care of my wiz.
Nate Garcia I’m diggin da flag tho wiz I C ya cuzzo ♿️♿️♿️♿️

Wiz Khalifa - Something New feat. Ty Dolla $ign [Official Music Video]

8.8k reactions 82 comments
Tony Trillions From Brand New on to the next... Something New. #Dope
Eduardo Herrera :Está de ataque Muy Buena mezcla de talento.
Aleksandur Stoqnov Good but one love
Sky Leo are like this video
Gladyce Hills More Glory wiz khalifa.$$$$


17.1k reactions 121 comments
Anlovi Khalifa Happy love
JB Briones Wiz 😎
Kelsie Bennett Khalifa pickin his weight up I 👀👀👀
Flëö Olämidë Tz sec0nd
Mae Mae Scientia Potestas Im glad to hear that, if and only if it is your truth(?) 😎


51.4k reactions 308 comments
West Molan Nice bro .high grade i n i respect yeah
Oje Joseph Wiz khalifa baba....boss on the thrown! 9ice 9ice 9ice
Norbert Cabactulan Cutei both of You*LL happy holiday all***😊😁😄💖✌✨🌅🌈🎄🎄🎄🎧🔊🔊🔊🏁👑☕☕☕
Chris Wright Why that look like one of Obama's little girls 🤔🤔🤣🤣
Moises Silva Khalifa tá mais gordim em véi, Uma brasileira tá fasendo bem aí mano kkkkk ok!


11.4k reactions 89 comments
Tpeezly Sukwa Wiz &wife
Bullet Proof Heart First to comment
प्रमोद प्रधान wiz havin fuckin fun with that sexy beast 😍
Heritier Premier Wiz smoking
Johnpaul Atara eut manqin

New DayToday: How To Maintain. taylorgang.com/watch-wiz-khalifas-new-daytoday-how-to-maintain/

3.3k reactions 35 comments
Daniel MaNaj II taylorgang.com/watch-wiz-khalifas-new-daytoday-how-to-maintain/
Gahool gdrt @ [ Winda Winarsi Bukamo➡FULL MOVIE HD (2017) ➡THOR RAGNAROK JIGSAW TI Boo 2! A
Gilda Baham Hello everyone,and I base in USA . I have a testimony to share with you all! I used to think spell was bogus, but after my manfriend left me I felt open-minded to try it. Maybe I was desperate too. But this is real! In just 72 hours, Dr. Harrison ...
Charlie Luna https://soundcloud.com/user-817225601/pop-the-window
Javan Villebrun Peter Martin


20.6k reactions 91 comments
Abood Salameh مرتك بتشلق😍😂
Tpeezly Sukwa We the best
Balima Bazie Magnifique
Prince Thapar Ohhh sher wiz kalifa love u
Subha Roy এটা কে??


5.8k reactions 45 comments
Mara State Birdman I am like.wi khalifa
Go ßind GoGi 😍😍
Kacper Pestka 🖤
Yanki Mora 24
Md Rahat Xxc

Watch @WizKhalifa New DayToday: How To Maintain - Taylor Gang

Watch @WizKhalifa New DayToday: How To Maintain - Taylor Gang
Watch @WizKhalifa New DayToday: How To Maintain - Taylor Gang

Wiz and the gang head out to promote the new mixtape and make the entire world happy with weed and music. #LNFL Laugh Now, Fly Later Available Now! Download/Stream: Atlantic.lnk.to/LNFL Download Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm for iOS and Android: weedfarm.wizkhalifa.com/install Follow Khalifa Kush here: ...

4.8k reactions 35 comments
Marcel Rivait Nathan Labonte
Lindsay Hapner-Fellows Stevie Slap Bacon gotta watch this tonight
Wÿ Kiss moi j'aime (y)
Gaetan Kaleeb Le Petrova AMEN


150.7k reactions 1404 comments
Tgod ComptonKing tHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa you know what play boy it's Lit #LNFL
Sarah Somes The chick needs to pick her pussy off the ground
Doneashia Randolph Stop comparing her and Amber rose they are both pretty it doesnt matter as long as hes happy .. ❤
Skido Biliz You prefer cute ass then big ass hahah
Starr Fye Looking good Wiz! Glad you found someone better!!!


2.6k reactions 40 comments
Kevin Lafond Zoey Gagnon
Mando Valenzuela Selena Reyes
Bre Ïmmørtãl Flåké Cool
Marianela Lopez Have fun baby 😍
Scott Dierking Its essential Cam

Listen to @WizKhalifa's New Mixtape #LaughNowFlyLater - Taylor Gang

Listen to @WizKhalifa
Listen to @WizKhalifa's New Mixtape #LaughNowFlyLater - Taylor Gang

Listen to it here: https://Atlantic.lnk.to/LNFL Rolling Papers 3 Coming Soon.

2.0k reactions 33 comments
Magdalena Bielak 🙌🙌🙌🙌
Young D Low 2025 world
Michael Spriggs Rolling Papers 2😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Walter Munashe Joe Plane 4 you✈... Astronaut tings Yeh
Fanwell Kapaya marijuana........makes as fly

Timeline Photos

41.4k reactions 506 comments
Abdullahi Hosny Like if u think Wiz is a drug addict that belongs in jail 😂
Paulo Silva He probably doesnt know 😉 where he ,s😀
Teddy Hage I've been following since MySpace money on my mind. Husslin all the time.
Michael Nott Good work, wiz kid. Keep it up. Just dont go over board, like busta.
Tony Valenzuela Don't start snorting that gains powder like rich piana lol

Timeline Photos

22.3k reactions 232 comments
Dustin Wall That nigga skip leg day like every day. Haha. It’s cool, I do too. Lmfao
Ronnie Copper Lol lol you working out I'm sure the chest is burning lol
Gtmg Prod Wiz is deep And dope Big Up wiz U look Nice bro !
Kerfalla Kourouma Wow .wow !wow!!!my wiz you make me crazy by your style !!!💪💪💪
Jeffry Montiel Omg wiz jaja, you are crazy men, make your blunts jaja

Holiday deals still poppin at store.wizkhalifa.com

3.5k reactions 70 comments
Shoko Gabriel Calderón Lopez Good..
Fans-nya Yogi Mickey Tertamvanz YEAH UH'uh you know what it is
BigBoy BigBoy Quallity p m boy
Karen Boucher Hope you are safe from the fires
Johannes Luther Tourob I Want To Be There..

Last night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

3.8k reactions 49 comments
Innos Khumbanyiwa see u again
Pepito Delpilar aye
Smanga Pathwa Mabuza Like that track
Jaden Michael El Nelson Tune
Eric Sharma Wow


17.8k reactions 121 comments
Sidibe Youg Thung Mohamed Very cool wiz khalifa Taylor gang.com
Polly Klapthor Struggling People💸💸💰💲Inbox Me
Northern King Facts 🔥🔥🔥
Vineeta Maya She looks like FKA Twigs
Joey Taylor King and queen

Fly night with @zegnaofficial #ZegnaCoutureXXX

7.8k reactions 66 comments
Lake Bassy So nice
Fahad GT مؤدب ضلعي 😄
Salvatore Maggio E comm m rai
Łőțfè Hïmä After smoking?

Tune into The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

2.2k reactions 29 comments
Fernando Romero Mexicans Criminals intoxicated my heart , mexicans actors televisa are Criminals Tray Kill me on One Aeroport from acapulco, direccion Toluca City Aeroport estado de México , backguards televisa intimade me wanna kill me , they and Odalys ramirez perez ...
Siu Kit Lau Matthew Mak
Zachary James Honea Rachel Clay
KR Nurudeen Nular 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
Erin Cornish nice


31.4k reactions 208 comments
Brianna Skyler In those heels she'll trip 😂😂😂
Damian Peterson Amber much badder
MI NA who the fck is that gal with him?
Alex Davis How much money do you make a days even selling it or smoke it hit me
Camilla Hernandez Those shoes with that dress? Oh no baby what is u doin


8.5k reactions 84 comments
Rudebwoy Palmer Legend❤❤
Lucas Schoenberg I'm The Lover❤❤💕
Wïîïz Silynho Knbg wiz or die a m fans number one
Usman Yunusa WizAmeer Dope Nigga
Rick Miron Bardownski bro. Sniping the cheddars boys

O.N.I.F.C. 5th Anniversary sale is happening now at smarturl.it/Wiz.HolidayDeals

13.8k reactions 191 comments
Romain Preto " Think anything you want, no problem I've got enough KK ! "
Gabriel Santos One of his best albums!
Steven Sanchez I had this album when it was first hot I love you Wiz
Josh TroNahski Seems like yesterday it came out. Paperbond was the first song I heard on it.
Renee Board Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah the look is perfect you got it guy

Wiz Khalifa - DayToday: Road to LNFL

1.9k reactions 19 comments
Kim Iglesias cool
Alwale Sudane راسطا
Abdelkadel Kengne 💪👀👄👄👄👄👏
Davi Beckham So skank
Tressa Perrone Astounding! 💛 😈


23.6k reactions 203 comments
Mohit Kerketta Can I have some weed to smoke
Tpeezly Sukwa Good father sabastian
Yella Wolf Best rapper alive...like if you agree
Lancy Sikanembe I do this I wish to smoke with u khalifa
YasirArafat Omar each and every gat dam day u smoke my life give rush give me de kush give that gat dam thing that blow my mine


16.1k reactions 214 comments
Carlos Carrillo Jayy Rivera how im tryna be❤️😎
Vander Luiz Junto A La Vida De Un Magnate Que Fuma Marihuana Todo El Dia Y En La Prueba Del Amor La Quiere Siempre A Ella. !!!!
KayDee Srumchie Masindi Wiz Khalifa♡🍁🔥
Thushan Sudaraka Awesome ✌️
Abhishek Verma Do you have private jet ?


2.2k reactions 31 comments
Abby Slaughter Brandon Reed
Raúl Jimenez Adrián Meza :v
Fahad GT Ahmed Landr
Israel Espinosa Perea <3 ...
Xander Hill Best rapper alive!

“Something New" is featured all month long on iHeartRadio.

656 reactions 18 comments
Mapholi Thizwilondi TRASH
Steve Nürburgring https://youtu.be/08SWNT8V4Ds
Lacy Childers <3
Alwale Sudane معلم
Bertha Moen cool


11.2k reactions 160 comments
Shein Khalifa Happy birthday beb gel
Kathy Goodwin Happy Birthday
Dharma Khadka Happy birthday
Marcy Weathington Happy Birthday <3
Denise Wilson Awww Happy Birthday Day pretty girl...

Catch me performing live TONIGHT from the Breakthrough Prize in Silicon Valley at 7pm PST / 10pm EST.

1.1k reactions 18 comments
Geraldine Tanaka thanks you
Chas Finch wow
Teacy Shelly Uh oh! 👽💯
Antonia Goldberg cool
Mina Alami Can’t I come join you?????


3.5k reactions 51 comments
Kalifa St Vil Nice
Pro Hermes Love
Williams Lozada Hello
Steven Acero Taylor Gang Or Die. 🔥
Tressa Perrone I like it very much! 💚 💛
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