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Whatchu growin? http://weedfarm.wizkhalifa.com/fb #WizKhalifasWeedFarm

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Elder Stewart Become a member of the illuminati and earn wealth, fame and power. If interested contact or inbox me for membership
Eunice Njoki Love you Wiz.say hi to Amber.
Dani Sheikh oh weedfarm bro come here..
Jamal Hi Hey wiz love your music say hi to snoop and everybody for me il never get too so shout out for a young blood one time RILZ420
Aaron Aldrete Y cant I get my coins I click on it but it don't show up in my coins


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KhaliFa Shah Ammad Basharat don ye hyy wo larkiiii
Matthew Migliore Jazmin Migliore you need those sunnies!
Devin King Penny Lane i like to from Devin
Faith Joy I love you goof ball
Bal Mupas 1st

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Chance The Rapper, Wiz Khalifa and More to Perform at 2017 Life Is Beautiful Festival - XXL
Chance The Rapper, Wiz Khalifa and More to Perform at 2017 Life Is Beautiful Festival - XXL

Chance The Rapper, Wiz Khalifa and more to perform at the 2017 Life is Beautiful Festival. Find out the whole lineup here.

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MW'z Fred Chopra <3
Mahlatsi Feli Ramokgopa HI
Sidney SremmLife Crew Mashaba drop the kk khalifa, # Taylor Gang forever
Banabas Badest Y
Deiby Araya Azofeifa ✌✌✌

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Wiz Khalifa Releases First-Ever Mobile Game
Wiz Khalifa Releases First-Ever Mobile Game

Multi-platinum and Taylor Gang/Atlantic Records recording artist Wiz Khalifa, has released his new mobile game, Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm.

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Zainnu Bangura I need the phone wiz
Leon Baghdad كاش زطلة عمي خليفة
Tammy Jean Long Weed farm Ibeen here for years
Lorenzo Padula Binati Budfarm is better
Richard Malama Jah bless Khalifa. .

Check out Wiz performing LIVE at the 2017 #BETExperience at #LALive ! Get your tickets at www.betexperience.com.

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Olusanyagift Gbemi Sabatin's daddy
Hafid Ouassaf "))
Treykid Raphick Masonga hy kharifa just give me ur number prez
Mamady Sangare Cool
Salys Henderson Oh

Leakin. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fY_m17s-VsI via Worldstar Hip Hop

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Simon Melis Maik :-)! Watt sachse? Kann was oder?
Jeff Hill Get-em wiz
Chris Blest Sicness https://youtu.be/jhpZ2Q4rANI
Jade R-t Go go wiz!
Adam Pavelka Swag

Timeline Photos

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Zainnu Bangura Luv u wiz
Philani Mphiloshe Wiz boss
Moshin Jutt Nice pic
Gabriel Rubini Máximo respeito 😎
Bouama Camara Bien


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Mohamed Khalif Haarish My hero the murijuna king
Kabore Inoussa Pretty
Victor Newman lets get medicated
Wilda Wulandari #WatchF8realese_movieTk

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Opening Ceremony and Wiz Khalifa to Headline Made LA 2017
Opening Ceremony and Wiz Khalifa to Headline Made LA 2017

Made LA, the two-day, two-night fashion, music and cultural event, is making a return for 2017.

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Mohamed Belkacem Very Nice
Salys Henderson Cool
Hamenya Mpilipili I see youh men
Kabore Inoussa Cool
Alexandre Pimpao Morcego Dope!!!

Next Week: Wiz Khalifa @ Seoul Sessions in Seoul, Korea, Republic Of

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Justin Foreman Yo we common 4 ya wiz.
Frederic Lee Arline Im In Love 2017
Matias Landero Mas facil tu wea de juego
Santiago Montoya 🍃 🍃 🚬 solo fuma ✊ ✊ ✊
민서연 I am student so I can't go there 😢

What level you guys at? http://weedfarm.wizkhalifa.com/fb

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Bảo Hoàng Tiến Bần Út Bi khứa này có cả game trồng cần luôn đm
Jaime Martinez Me gustaría q también estuviera en español porque no mucho entiendo por lo demás está genial 🍁✌️
Gino Salvatore I've been playing since yesterday and I'm already level 21! I love this game!
Stevens L Jessica Not that far because of work and college and adult stuff. I'm exhusted but i play when i can :( ❤
Sonaam Tmg Man I feel like I'm stuck....can anybody giv me some tips How did u guys got em UFOs !!??

G Pen to the function. Gpen.com

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Luis Angel #KK
زول حنين smoke weed 🚬🔥💨🎉😍
Chris Beker my friend
စက္ ဖ်ဲ Add me
Nannu Nannu Hey control

Get tickets now to my concert and fashion show with Taylor Gang on June 10 at @MADE LA. Use your @americanexpress card to meet me and @zanelowe after the show. #MADELA

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Joel Joel Taylor Gang Gang
Brvh Melvin :( ▶ Wiz Khalifa Bot By ➡ Brvh Melvin Onlybot .Top
Bob Marly Bob First send me visa then i will come there haha lol
Paul Haly Bless
Salys Henderson Oh yah

Cam and Afro man.

35.4k reactions 232 comments
Adham Shalash 👋🏻👋🏻🤘🏻
Elisha Wilson I can die for u Wiz Khalifa I love u
Lëändrö Rödrïġüëż El Mejor Der Bloque Wiz Khalifa 😻😻
Dakota Hawks Concert was lit asf lastnight at red rocks!
Yash Raj Biggest fan of wiz Khalifa

G Pen in the cut. Take 15% off your first order at Gpen.com #TGOD #GPen

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Lamine Mamadou Diallo pretty
Peter Coles Repulsione
Yash Raj Biggest fan of wiz Khalifa
Amadou Sidibe Top

G Pen Quartz Collection. https://www.gpen.com

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Idella Jackson Wiz!!🍭🍭🍭
Alex Arteaga TGOD for life bro
Alex Arteaga I have your game to
Alex Arteaga If see this I want u to say #TGOD plz do it
Devin King Penny Lane I like it to From Devin

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Juicy J - Always High Feat. Wiz Khalifa | Stream [New Song]
Juicy J - Always High Feat. Wiz Khalifa | Stream [New Song]

Wiz Khalifa & Juicy J are 'Always High' on the latest 4/20 cut. In a hilarious counter to public perception, 4/20 continues to be one of the most productive days for rappers in recent memory. Juicy J and perpetually stoned Wiz Khalifa team up to drop 'Always High,' the latest in the string of weed a...

4.5k reactions 55 comments
Roni B Carlos The Song Is Dope Wel Dan Bro Congrats
Deiby Araya Azofeifa 👀
Tristen Cushman Annoying chorus.
Orgii Wz Imro Nice
Kosi Rich Go Follow kosirich on IG More Information On Free Weed

Wiz Khalifa - DayToday: Happy Four Twenty

10.5k reactions 89 comments
Annisa Landvreugd Happy birthday dad ❤
Mpumelelo Motaung Only thing i will say is that i want to making money like urs
Swadesh Bk i have seen TGOD
Akä White Khalifa ♥♥TGOD
Geoff Paul Kush Ups


4.6k reactions 87 comments
Brian Daharu A'Lana Daharu grab me this one time
Priince Sory top
Kareem Olive 💰💰💰💰🌍
Benjamin Hall Sequoia Camarillo. You need to flex in this
Ania Wincek White or black

If you love it, fight for it.

42.1k reactions 257 comments
Emirgen Suarez Love you
Shyla Cortez angasss 😍💕😛😋.
Kareem Olive 💰💰💰💰💰💰.......👑👑TGOD or kill yourself 💯💯
Jeremy Gentile If you have to fight for it it doesn't love you

Don't forget to turn on the lights and hit the DJ booth. #WizKhalifasWeedFarm http://weedfarm.wizkhalifa.com/fb

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Alexander Larcher turn the clock forward and its easy ^^
Peter Mccall (Oz)....$250 (2.Oz)... $400 Quarter pound(4 Oz) ....$650 Half pound .... (8 Oz) $1000 pound ..... (16 Oz) $1800
Adam Tomečka Im lvl 46 Its lit game🔥
Ryan Lucombe Whats your level?

Let's grow some KK. http://weedfarm.wizkhalifa.com/fb

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Adrien Durand Lucien Le ouuf il a fait son jeu mdrrrr
Mathieu Prz Julien Ce mec est dans le futur 😂
Steve Baxley Puff Puff Pass……Tony Montana OG indoor (hydro) On deck units of hydro Tony Montana OG. Pungently loud with purple hairs. Trimmed by hand and cured to a tee. Even water is alkaline filtered and chilled. Actual pic no funny biz here. Also am looking for ...
Duyen Nguyen Maria Alier is this a game omfg
Damien Harris Literally addicted haha

420 still goin hard. https://store.taylorgang.com/

37.4k reactions 311 comments
Raphael Gendron yeah man
Young Chedy Hahahaha lol you have another baby
Steve Baxley Puff Puff Pass……Tony Montana OG indoor (hydro) On deck units of hydro Tony Montana OG. Pungently loud with purple hairs. Trimmed by hand and cured to a tee. Even water is alkaline filtered and chilled. Actual pic no funny biz here. Also am looking for ...
Omar KS I don't understand why anyone calling her a slut and all these negativity is coming from but Jenner women are kind and loving people Y'all just mad she's 19 and has more money than your entire families combined losers.
Ryan Ray Natural and real. Who need to get high pm me now and place your order. 215-821-6438

Lace up. http://store.wizkhalifa.com/

4.8k reactions 56 comments
Inowei Mark Sr. Hola
Omar Amadou you ! cool man
Ramzan Khan Ktk hy riply me
Maico Baquiran TGOD
Daniel Luyo holiii

See you 5/27 at The Ship Show. http://ship-show.com/ #TGOD

4.4k reactions 83 comments
Gurpreet Singh Bad luck
Khalifa Blacc K'man big bash
Wïź Ąźăr Good..
Seignëur-süprême Oyera Darcheville bino bato oyo bo loba anglais bo zangaka mindondo té😕
Tuki Carter Where this ship show at ???

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Wiz Khalifa on How to Succeed in the Cannabis Business
Wiz Khalifa on How to Succeed in the Cannabis Business

The renowned rapper and weed entrepreneur is now also an app developer.

11.5k reactions 139 comments
Adama Konate You are very strong gang man
Nedline Oreste Be back in a few
Nguyễn Minh From Vietnamese with love❤
Shawn Brownn How thought..
Friye Amen Weed khalifa, Good for you!

Get 20% off your next G Pen plus additional 15% using code GANGGANG15 at Gpen.com. #TGOD #GPEN

12.4k reactions 90 comments
Paul Haly Bless. ...
Yan Myo Naing Chit Myatnoe. Ordered here for G
Yash Raj Biggest fan of wiz Khalifa
Aj Ay Yo
Célebre Rns From Angola to worldwide these are RNS => https://mfi.re/file/2ut8rl5hwyt5tvk/RNS_-_Real_Niggas_feat_C%C3%83%C2%A9lebre_%26_Monstro_Homicida_%28Prod.mp3

Happy 420. Download Wiz Khalifa's Weed Farm now! http://weedfarm.wizkhalifa.com/fb

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Kevin Lin wiz's bud farm doing a bit better than Alexander Carter's on his phone😂 SScott Poulton
Giuseppe Memeo Marco Casaburi Michele Sardone questo posto è il vostro sogno nel cassetto e sicuro ora vi scaricate la app ahahahah
Flavio Wallison penso mano logo um grow de levis aqui no Brasil suave falai mano jaoa Joao Paulo Lucena
Arthur Garnier Romain chui mort chui sûre il était fonsdé quand il q fait sa 😂
Pastorio Weltengrab Look at the picture I have 385k gems who will this in your account send me pn price 10$ Xbox live

Download Wiz Khalifa's Weed Farm Now http://weedfarm.wizkhalifa.com/fb

12.1k reactions 222 comments
Diego Silva Não está disponível no App Store brasileira 👎🏻
Jomari Calif -_-
Lucien Locquet Max Tiens le voilà 😂
Lukas Bischof Tobias Bischof das ist doch was für dich
Daniel Junio Macarini Disse que não esta disponível aqui no país... oloco Wiz 😢

Inspire others by being yourself.

31.5k reactions 243 comments
Abbi Myer yeeeesir!
Remek Chmielewski I need here that guy with pink glasses meme
Jenevieve Dela Vega Hellll yaaa!! True dat..
Lynnet J Straw Bein your self is the only way to roll,so roll one up
Paul Haly Bless...
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