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Ok this is the cutest thing ever! I wish!

This Artist Brilliantly Photoshopped Disney Princesses Into Celebrity Photographs
This Artist Brilliantly Photoshopped Disney Princesses Into Celebrity Photographs

Who DOESN’T want to see Sleeping Beauty get her groove on at Coachella?

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Ekim Semaj Angela
Tamàs Mànfai :-) :)))
Hornela Bomabana Belle eeeh
Sseennaa El I
Zebenzui Roberto Romero Diaz Pa ti maka dime lo que piensas

dos margaritas en las rocas con la sal

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Shannon Babbitt She is beautiful but her hairline looks like Count Dracula
Brenda Garcia Jajajajaja como cuando el traductor no hace bien su trabajo!
Otoniel Vega Soy moreno por si te interesa mija y se cocinar lavar y soy muy cachondo jajajaj beso presiosas
Sheen Shami At times i say men keep women in prison in the past this kourtney wud be miserable✋
Naomi Vera Escribis en Español....Que bienn Kourtney.... Me alegra tanto verte Felizz...Divina total...

Literally Chrissy Teigen can do no wrong.

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Claire Macartney James truth not lies
Martn Ramirez OK
Ilana O'Hegarty Claire Boland.... think someone is copying you!
Anny Holmstedt Yummy! <3
Garrett Mee Shut up fuzz bumper

con mi esposa 🌴

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Alyssa Alexander Makes me wonder when they hang out if they like looking at each others' butts and breasts. Butts in my face all day will annoy me. Like I don't want to see my friends' asses.
Ashley M. Najera Half of yall hatin would be doin the same thing with a body like that. Shes wearing a thong bikini, big deal! She's feelin herself..let her! Theyre on vacation! Everyone needs to relax and not be such prude uppity haters. Let people be.
Julie Prudent Kourtney so friggin cheesy and desperate !always trying to look for attention from Scott .. #DesperateMeasures#Classless!
Susan ONeal Stinson Your kids are going to suffer in the years to come. Watch , we will hear about all the rehabs ... Your kids will see these pictures for years. Their friends will tease them for life. Good job .
Jhorladis Cano Bueno Estas Estrenado Culo..? jajaja😍

Calabasas Mom Crew

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Artak Zarobyan Kourtney manifique veri gut Tu forem princesse manifique veri gut forem
Julie Allen You look like you have had the best time away!!!..
Jake Dunne Calabasas plastic mom's!!!
Nathalia Coutinho But if we are talking about body.... Danielle
Khloe Williams Kourtney u will always be the MILF to me...to hell with Kim and her fake booty

Find out what I add to my smoothies at home!

My Daily Vitamin Routine
My Daily Vitamin Routine

Healthy habits.

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Andre Graham with some of your sweetness
Nadia Joszkowski Is it maybe happines
Lori Hastings looks good
Bob Collier Is it seaman ? I bet it's seaman from a dog
Vickie Gretton Leason Who cares lol 😂

Sweet boy! I love this happiness!

Boy laughs so hard in music class, it
Boy laughs so hard in music class, it's contagious. Try not to laugh while watching this

The laughter of a child can light up an entire room. Not only did the laughter of a child bring joy to Sara Shonfeld’s Musical Minds class but that little boy has put smiles on the faces of more than 4 million people on social media. The class was singing Ms. Shonfeld’s song “Clap Your …

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Sarah Louise Johnson Awww
Hassan Syed Shuja-ul This is a really perfect reading. Thanks a lot! :D
Javier Ortega cute
Russell Miller Absolutely adorable... LOL... Priceless...
Jawyz Joham F Sarrameda Cabrera while you´re on that tv show i dont like to be

This is how we do it down in Puerto Rico

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Becky Neish Robyn Neish I sat staring at this for ages and couldn't work out what was going on with her leg! Think I need an early night
Terron Bradford Damn Kourt, nice pic. Bump all these thirsty, dusty, and hating ass haters talking trash. She looks good for 3? 4? Kids at 38 yrs old.
Pedro Fernando Cruces Her thong is so deep in her ass, one can literally have her open her mouth and pull it out that way. #magictrick
Tony Dimuzio That's easier Photoshop her Bsuit bottom pulled up her but. Or she just went the kim, kylie and khloe route with the fakeness. And court was always the hottest she still DEFFINATY is but i hope she keeps it natty
Matt Kokoskie PR nice check st.croix I know you've to Bart's maybe ang but awesome house with same design and view very great feeling hope the outfit is new helps with spending and vaca just new new new very good!

Which one is your favorite!?

The Kardashian Women
The Kardashian Women's 5 Most Iconic Red Carpet Looks

The Kardashian/Jenner babes are the best dressed women in Hollywood. We've narrowed it down to each lady's top 5 red carpet looks of all time.

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Brandon Reed Loyalty lyes with kim
Lorraine Dewhurst Kourtney xx
Lucie Horvathova Kendal n Kyle are best dressed
Ritchy Rina Bernardo Oum kim des magazines peoples et kylie ma beaute Heineken Haschich lol
Ezequiel Charriez Kourtney .Kloe .& Kendal

You can't say happiness without saying penis. #birthdayvibes

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Aimee Duffy Danielle Fox Tiárna Henry I'm pissinf she's really going atr this birthday 😂😂😂😂
Fiona Walker Chloe Smith Brielle Kay kourtney kardashian is the epitome of wisdom 😂
Jenna Ranieri Madeleine Whelan this is why kourtney is literally my fave. 😂
Daniel Hegarty Tamara Miller I feel like this might directly relate to you?
Francesco Artieri Vittoria honestly, she's the Oscar Wilde of our generation.

🌴 🌴 🌴

Get My Tropical Vibes
Get My Tropical Vibes

Palm print everything!

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Wil M. Flythe Dinner..
Kingsley Nweme Cool!
Mthombeni Manjabu Lindiwe Hey Kourt......sending u later love from SA
Wilfrid Malandain Jolie Photo
Teri Jacob Is that Kim?

I may or may not have thrown up four times last night and slept in it. #birthdayvibes

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Kirsten Price Robyn Lynn Ashley Gene sis your kinda like a kardashian
Brandon Cooper That's cute...I remember when I had my first beer...
Molly Chapman Molly Rhodes Diane Nurse this is the shit we wanna see on the kardashians again
Amy McGill Joyce Ní Chionnaith night we went out and us working at half9😂😂
Chantelle Love U can afford to throw your linen out and out new sheets on, I would have to stub them! 😂

These are beautiful!

These shockingly candid birth photos were just named the best photos of 2017
These shockingly candid birth photos were just named the best photos of 2017

As anyone who has seen an actual life birth knows, there’s a reason they call it a miracle. Just the basic mechanics of bringing a child into this world are staggering, but the moment itself is also pregnant with meaning. What will this young one grow up to be? What role will his or her …

3.4k reactions 52 comments
Cassius Fields Hell yeah
Max Mcloud wow !!
Nish Kerri Gud
Amber Harvey Videos of births while driving always make me nervous. Pull over somewhere safe!
John Gustin JK They are a joy to our life. :)

So cute!

Kendall and Kylie Jenner Set The Fashion Tone For "VIPpies" At Coachella 2017
Kendall and Kylie Jenner Set The Fashion Tone For "VIPpies" At Coachella 2017

For Kendall and Kylie Jenner, apparently, the 60s are back. The girls proved it at last weekend's opening of Coachella 2017 and it's a trend likely to catch on this weekend when everyone else will show up dressed like a VIPpy.

6.6k reactions 65 comments
Greg George That is What Happens when You Bang Strangers.. Cabo (Y)
Sheila Wilson The epitome of white trash.
Haoua Diallo Tro mignon
Alex R Lara Kendall will always be prettier cuase she real..
Kingsely Cooper 90 baby!!!!!!!

My favorite shoes right now.

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Kingsely Cooper YES BABY TUPAC LOVE YOU!!!!! MY WIFE!!!!!!!!!
Jim Boroff Jimbo beautiful
John Gustin Can we talk?
Jake Dunne 😫😫💤💤 #snoozefest
Marikiraki Dia Kylie Jenner,Kim Kardashian, khloe Kardashian, kourtney Kardashian

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Rhonda Shorts You got played Rob, simple as that. She never cared. The media said, she was good for you and that she was trying to help you in your depression. She did none of that. You were still gaining weight, depression was getting worse and she belittled ...
John Gustin Robby your better than that! I know your hurting buddy but suck it up and turn it over to God brother. If shes acting stupid then walk away. Your a good man take charge of your life.
Akenese Fonoti He made a choice and now he pointing fingers bitch that how life is...everybody born with out pulling your own self up...be a fuckin man and move on she do the same thin
Casey Pease Prime example of people playing with others lives, thoughts, and emotions... so wrong...head games to make someone look crazy or not together happen so often and are so wrong.. it's mindset don't let others in ur head!
Mejia Glenys It is hard long way go, Robert not easy other way it hard emotions as how much miss Dream daugther. Hope families help understand let them support special robert. It not people, it not chayna, it not dream or family, it is robert hope found other way ...

Timeline Photos

49.5k reactions 2729 comments
Etaf Plunkett Chloe Meadows if a "normal" person dressed like this it would be frowned upon 😂😂😩😩😭😭
Alice Almeida Clara Mascarenhas eu estou seriamente num caminho de Kourtney > Khloe..... E estou achando q é sem volta
Monika Sharkawy Renee Vella hahahahha she looks hilarious but also relevant to us
Monaezha Hall Yomara Celene lmao me trying to figure out do I dress nice at 5am or not
Becky Tyrrell Jodie Hill who does this remind you of, just in everyday fucking life. Fs


1.9k reactions 45 comments
Olivia Sarturius Delicious korn ❤️
Lassiter Kristina Nakia Perfection! A splendid post ;)
John Thomas Polek Thanks for posting! :D
Hassan Syed Shuja-ul Fabulous(Y)
Ray Ragenious Hate the Taste of Alcohol

#TBT My backpack moments!

What I Wore: Backpacks!
What I Wore: Backpacks!

My favorite carry-all.

3.2k reactions 31 comments
Justin Arrieta "Magic Go Indentify Dragon Go see no demon Give" Tech9 gave me the Senergy System https://youtu.be/Xyp80vSr4EQ
Symon Blais Happy Birthday Kourtney ! You are beautiful! Are you single now ?
Elliot Wilton Love yoh
Mohammad Sarwari ?
Lassiter Kristina Nakia Nice :p

So proud of my girl!

Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian Heads To Season 2 On E!
Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian Heads To Season 2 On E!

Khloé Kardashian got some good news this week when she learned her reality show, "Revenge Body With Khloé Kardashian" was picked up for a second season and will begin airing on E! later this year.

7.8k reactions 124 comments
Kelly Dahl Caitlin Dahl do you watch this? If you don't you should! 💁
Mickey Weister Love it congrats Khloe
Danielle de Jong Simone de Jong...mijn gebeden zijn verhoord❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Simone Pereira Naira Alvarenga, esse programa que eu te falei que adoro!
Inna Tarasova-Minnikova Khloe I'm sorry 😉but you looked better before!n

Baby Luna and baby animals! Best day ever!

Chrissy Teigen Does Easter With Kim Kardashian And The Snapchat Pics Are Priceless
Chrissy Teigen Does Easter With Kim Kardashian And The Snapchat Pics Are Priceless

Easter Sunday is a big deal for the Kardashian - Jenner clan and the parties have gotten grander every year. On Sunday, Kim Kardashian took over the hosting duties and had the whole family out at her house for the bash, along with a few close friends.

6.3k reactions 54 comments
Carol Workman No one cares
Anthony House Nice photo! no stupid furs good job lady's!
Lamine Sangare Je vous kiff kourt
John Gustin Can i ask you a question Kourt?
Velasco Darnell Kim hair is not for her in this pic

Let the imaginative play begin!

1.4k reactions 33 comments
Gabby Watkins Kelsea Fusaro
Kazeem Qudus Olayinka Let me tell you my story and how I found A Natural Solution... My Husband and I are married for 2 years and even though I had enjoyed every bit of the relationship right till we got married, I began to get frustrated because of one main issue,which is ...
Nat Maggie Bridie Moody
Jaclyn Cipolla Caitlin Silvey

Thanks for all the sweet birthday messages. So glad you all are part of our extended family! 😘

The Kardashians Posted The Sweetest Birthday Wishes For Kourtney Kardashian On Her 38th Birthday!
The Kardashians Posted The Sweetest Birthday Wishes For Kourtney Kardashian On Her 38th Birthday!

It’s Kourtney Kardashian’s birthday! The gorgeous star turned 38, and you can bet her friends and family were up early this morning to wish her a happy and wonderful day. This family always seems to have such a strong bond and are always there to support and lift one another up… That’s why this swee...

10.9k reactions 327 comments
Dianne Hall Matejka Happy birthday Kourtney!!!!!
Cameron Salvant ""Happy birthday""'to you ms kourtney""us your fans sushineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!'''you an fam enjoy your birthday thanks forr reading!''
Atkins Williams Lovely family.May God blessings continue in your lifetime...amen
David Cowan Happy Birthday beautiful I hope your day is everything you wish and more!
Linda Wissman You make un married mothers look great , you can have your children and know the fathering their life your doing a great job

You guys! This is the sweetest thing!

Happy Birthday Kourtney Kardashian From Your Family And Friends
Happy Birthday Kourtney Kardashian From Your Family And Friends

April 18 is Kourtney Kardashian's birthday and, as soon as the sun came up, family and friends from around the globe all joined in to wish her a wonderful day.

2.6k reactions 413 comments
Gilberto Delapaz You know I don't even know why I said that they don't even read what we say to them
Jack Louis Happy Birthday pretty!may be as blessed as always!
Hilarie Reynolds Happy birthday to the most incredible super woman.I love you so much Kourt❤
Jeannen Brown Happy Birthday 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶My birthday is tomorrow, we are cool April girls, and mom's.
Susan Wilson Happy Birthday 🎂 to u, happy birthday 🎂 to you happy birthday 🎂 dear Kourtney, happy 😊 birthday to u. Hip hip hooray,,hip hip hooray,,,hip hip hooray🎈 🎁 🎂🎉❤ xxxx

I’m kind of into it! 😜

You'll Either Love Or Hate This Line Of Disney Princess Inspired Lingerie

Dressing up as a Disney princess is one thing, but now things have reached a whole new level. Yandy, an online lingerie designer, has recently launched a line of Disney princess inspired lingerie. Some people are loving the new idea.

2.8k reactions 262 comments
Fiona Corrigan Oh I love the Pocahontas one 😍
Anaeli V Garcia Riley Felix you need this Pocahontas getup in your life
Livia Campetti Super sexy!
Samantha Sabato Nicole I dig it!
Christine Bueno Hawton Tara 😘 the night of the wedding 😛

Yes Kim!!

Kim Kardashian Is Cementing Her Place As The Top Milf In Hollywood
Kim Kardashian Is Cementing Her Place As The Top Milf In Hollywood

We here would like to make the claim that a day isn’t complete without at least one post regarding Kim Kardashian. Her and her family are on a whole new level, and that booty of hers has a gravitational pull! In the past few years, she has been getting much recognition for maintaining that amazing

2.6k reactions 97 comments
Bob King Yes indeed the real MILF is Kourtney
Marvin Salonas Kourtney your number 1!
Lance Shingler There all pretty sexy!
Philip Walsh Money can get you anything

birthday suit

31.3k reactions 590 comments
Sam Johnson Oh snap 😱
Gladys Ndambuki Happy birthday to the best mom in the world Kourtney Kardashian
Felipe Martinez You Did Not.... But YOU Did and LOOK EXTREMELY GORGEOUS... WOW...
Karina Martins 18 de Abril, nosso dia . Feliz aniversário Kourtney Kardashian 😍😍😍😍❤❤
Felicity Carnegie Happy birthday Kourt! Hope you had a fantastic day full of love and laughter! Wishing blessings upon you and your family!

These cuties!! 😍

Family Love Binds BFF Cousins North And Penelope
Family Love Binds BFF Cousins North And Penelope

Kim's little North West and Kourtney's little Penelope Disick are Kardashian close even without the benefit of that famous name. Their sister moms are making sure the cousins stay tight. Obviously, it's working.

4.4k reactions 55 comments
Angelina Salcedo So cute
Cind Romu Happy birthday kourtney enjoy your day 🎂🎉🎂🎉😙
Stace Antis Smith Happy Birthday Kourtney 🎉🎈🍰🌹❤
Sue Madanat Roberts Happy birthday enjoy.......

Timeline Photos

15.3k reactions 89 comments
Andressa Daniel He is so cute 😍
Monserrath Andrade Happy birthday Kourtney
Ako Sarxel she is u ??
Clint Waite GAY smh #fail 👎🏽
Royah Ssozi Mason ❤

My beautiful sister!

Khloe Kardashian Is More Beautiful With Each Passing Day
Khloe Kardashian Is More Beautiful With Each Passing Day

Khloe Kardashian is one woman who gets more beautiful with each passing day. And we have the pics to prove it.

8.9k reactions 374 comments
James Atkins O J Simpson daughter looking gud! Probably cost a fortune though. Oh well, money cant buy happiness. So what really matters most.!
Shan Teather She's hot in every photo! Why does every girl in the spotlight have to be compared to the top 1% of women to be considered attractive??
Mary Walters Maybe but her lips just don't look real. She needs to stop whatever she did.
Andy Morales Yeah they keep fixing that face. She's the poorest sister so it's taken her the longest to pay for it
Ann Hounchell-Bingle I think she worked really hard to get into shape she hasn't had any plastic surgery.
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