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Parents and children

Parents and children
Parents and children

When I was young, my parents sent me to a mental institution three times ( 1966, 1967, 1968). The reasons in my medical files are banal. It was said that I was isolated, hostile and miserable at school. I was not crazy but I was rather just a 17-year-old who really wanted to become a…

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Pepi Jiménez Marchante Buenas noches ,por favor me interesa el artículo pero no lo puedo leer ,no se inglés .
Yolanda Reyes The Prophet, one of my dearest books. If all peren
Susana Mendoza Genial ! Verónica decide morir fascinante libro , con unos mensajes llenos de poder !!!
Catherine Barry sending so much love , you inspire me always x
Kim Cazin Stockton you are a brave strong admirable soul. khalil is also

Dreams: the 12 steps

Dreams: the 12 steps
Dreams: the 12 steps

When Joseph Campbell created the expression "follow your blessing,"� he was reflecting an idea that seems to be very appropriate right now. In "The Alchemist,"� this same idea is called "Personal Legend."� Alan Cohen, a therapist who lives in Hawaii, is also working on this theme. He says that...

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Basudev Dutta Amazing!!
Thibaut Sandra Totally agree
Susana Mendoza Creo q lo que parece imposible es posible !!!
Claire Sideras Or laziness

“I believe that extroverts are unhappier than introverts and have to compensate for this by constantly proving to themselves and to everybody how happy and at ease with life they are.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Witch Of Portobello

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Brock Sidhu One such incarnation has been born in India, which will lead revolutionary spiritual transformation not only in India but also in the ideology of the whole world, will establish peace throughout the world. That is Saint Rampalji Maharaj about which is ...
Stephanie Grace Well Paulo that is a blanket statement and sounds pretty horribly judgemental. I know extroverts that are just happy people and want to share it with everyone!! God bless them!! There is so much negativity and I admit I get dragged into it too.. Need ...
Gwen Cremona Being an extrovert is not a contrived behaviour.It expresses an individuals character expressively ,sometimes in an exuberant way,and can be an exact opposite way to being an introverts.
Luisa González Fortunately it is just a fiction writing quote. Personality as well as happinnes is diferente from one to a another person. I consider my self extrovert and happy the most of the time however, I also am shy and reserve my thought and self opinion for ...
Mahta Safmanz extrovert - you are energised by others. Introverts - others denergise you. Neither is good or bad, they just are. Each has its own set of strengths and qualities.

You can love your country without having to love your government

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Lulu Fabiola Sanchez Jasso Por supuesto! México es hermoso, su gente es bella pero está secuestrado por grupos en el gobierno que sólo aman al poder y al dinero. Yo amo a mi país.
Chris Conway Love the planet and all its peoples everywhere. There is beauty, courage and love everywhere. The lines only appear on maps (or in places where idiots build walls).
María Barquilla Y eso precisamente es lo que hago cada día. Amo mis orígenes, mi gente y mi tierra.El amor profundo que da la patria, no se puede decir con palabras, se siente en el corazón.
Richard Block I use to love GB, but now no way. The government is in the biggest mess ever, looks like money is the ruler now. If you don’t have any they want you off the site.
Hari Govindan There will be few who love their country's Government wart and all. A Kind of dislike grows in most from day 2 and this evolves into what they call the incumbency factor in some so-called democratic Countries.

“Don't be like those people who believe in "positive thinking" and tell themselves that they're loved and strong and capable. You don't need to do that because you know it already. And when you doubt it — which happens, I think, quite often at this stage of evolution — do as I suggested. Instead of trying to prove that you're better than you think, just laugh. Laugh at your worries and insecurities. View your anxieties with humor. It will be difficult at first, but you'll gradually get used to it. it's merely a question of believing.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Witch Of Portobello

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Liliane Lobe That's my leitmotiv!! I just laugh and tell myself there's nothing to stress or worry about. God got this for me. I'm just gonna sit, relax, chill and watch how the issue resolved itself
Yasemin Sariata You have to face your anxıety, you have to face your fears they are yours thıs ıs the result of strugglıngs wıth lıfe alone ! They threw you so many stones ! I named these stones responsıbılıtıes they dont want to carry ıts the easıst way to throw ıt ...
Chica Morena Personally, I think that positive thinking is the best solution to stimulate ourselves to do better .if we don't think positively here we are avoiding our worries and obstacles ;we need that inner force that promotes our thoughts to be changed.
Arlenne Victoria Arredondo Ramirez Muuuy Acertado sr... Muchas personas se creen mejor o superior que otras, por tener o no las palabras y actitudes correctas o incorrectas.. Seria mas cencillo tener Actitud, de triunfador.y no de perdedor... A eso se le llama creer en si mismo........
SophiaMarie Estuesta but that was just the same as positive when thinking just as you have said believing ..,to live a day enjoying laughters staying strong that's kinda spirit of positive life,,though you're not thinking of perfection ,,or good results but lifting it up ...

When you possess great treasures within you and try to tell others of them, seldom you are believed

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Lars Weber I think you are very wise... I think about your wise words...
Mayank Gupta The novel ever...😁
Engelina Haley All the time,but it doesn't matter,for the treasure is in my heart,true and strong,
Michele Castro The greatest treasures need silence.
Quispe Arce Aron very true very few believe it, that is why it is better to demonstrate and not say much

1 MIN READ: the law and the fruits

1 MIN READ: the law and the fruits
1 MIN READ: the law and the fruits

Illustration by Ken CraneIn the desert, fruit was scarce. God called one of his prophets and said: - Each person may only eat one fruit a day. The custom was obeyed for many generations, and the ecology of the place was preserved. Since the remaining fruit supplied seeds, other trees appeared. Soon,...

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Melba Lallab Fernandez The law and the fruits... 1 minute read
Fayaz Ahmad Beautiful message
Dina Moreira Obrigada
Faiza David I love it!
Emmy Nieves Gracias.

“Intense, unexpected suffering passes more quickly than suffering that is apparently bearable; the latter goes on for years and, without our noticing, eats away at our souls, until, one day, we are no longer able to free ourselves from the bitterness and it stays with us for the rest of our lives.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

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Maria Uze SR P COELHO Pero eso de que suceda, debe evitarse. Todo de una manera u otra hace daño también. Sin embargo dependerá de cada uno, para poder vivir en Paz, con nosotros mismos. Muy bueno lo extraído del Alquimista ...
Shirley Rose Suffering forms character, that character evolves and converts to wisdom, that wisdom aids us in making wiser choices, thus limited suffering.
Nihaal Robert Dear Paulo, this is intensely negative observation . Continuous suffering can chip away at your soul and leave it in an eternally serene space if we can be grateful.
Hugo Florez Right! To suffer? To cry? To die? Who thinks about that? Betrayal is a friend that importunates. Look at me now! With NOTHING to wish them.
Che Gacul It depends on suffering we're getting to, some just passed so quickly,some just lingers like It curses our soul,the longer it stays the more it hurts.

Goodreads: 5.900 Paulo Coelho Quotes

Paulo Coelho Quotes (Author of The Alchemist)

5999 quotes from Paulo Coelho: 'And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.', 'It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.', and 'One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving.'

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Jack Mandreicke
Epic Quotes One of the reasons why I created this page was the intense love I had for Paulo Coelho's books. I'm sure many people here feel the same way I do. If you like reading quotes please visit my page and if you like what you see like and follow for more ...
Shafas Ahammedv
Khouloud Rh Iness Bd
Tajamul Hussain Turi Fida Hussain

Paulo Coelho – Dare to dream big – The Life is a Journey…

Paulo Coelho – Dare to dream big
Paulo Coelho – Dare to dream big

Paulo Coelho was admitted in a mental hospital 3 times because he wanted to be an ‘writer ‘Really means to follow your passion and your heart and being different in this very world of normali…

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Cecilia Figueiro Guidon realmente a vida é uma grande jornada,atreva-se a sonhar
Martine Costa Moi je rêve et ma vie voyage au travers de mes reves
Julia Woods I love his writings.
Jessica Bakker An writer?
Rajeshree Kumar Lovely

“Try to find pleasure in the speed that you're not used to. Changing the way you do routine things allows a new person to grow inside of you. But when all is said and done, you're the one who must decide how you handle it.” ― Paulo Coelho

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Abdool Mohungoo Man is a creature of habit. Too much change can ruin a happy and peaceful life.
Elsa Agostinelli It s fundamental the change even in the smallest things
Nabila Zhman Your books are inspirational and so are your quotes. 👌🏼
Zulema Marrero Abreu Gracias.Paulo por sus palabras .creo que la rutina siempre es mortal y hacer un cambio siempre nos fortalece cuando es para bien
Pennie Taylor Slow down , not everyone is use to your speed....

Sunday reading: The 3 symptoms of killing our dreams (Portugues, English, Espanol)

The 3 symptoms of killing our dreams
The 3 symptoms of killing our dreams

____________________________ ESPANOL CLICAR AQUI: Matando los suenos PORTUGUES CLICAR AQUI: Matando os sonhos ____________________________ The first symptom of the process of our killing our dreams is the lack of time. The busiest people I have known in my life always have time enough to do everythi...

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Jona P. Hoti Afrodhiti Shehu that's not a coincidence 😉
Greca Che I think you are right. Dreams are our "fuel" in life.
Irie Vee My favorite post by you ever. I share it with everyone i can that I’ve come across over these last couple of years
Maureen Graves Synchronicty This just came in time.
Magdalena Hoke Sehr wahr. Das Verweilen in der Komfortzone ist auf die Dauer einschränkend. Frei ist, wer vermeintliche Grenzen ignoriert.

There is a work of art each of us was destined to create. That is the central point of our life, and -no matter how we try to deceive ourselves -we know how important it is to our happiness. Usually, that work of art is covered by years of fears, guilt and indecision. But, if we have no doubt as to our capability, we will fulfills our destiny. That is the only way to live with honor. - Paulo Coelho, The Pilgrimage

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Edmond Salus It a calling we all have, each one different, but yes, one must at least work at doin it, whatever it may be
Saxena Nidhi If you don't get what you like start liking what you get ..this is how you move towards your destiny ..God knows our capabilities better than us so whatever comes in our way, we should give it our hundred percent...don't analyse that work thinking its ...
Billys Papadatos sometimes it's more difficult you know. you have the money and the time to create your art easily. i mean there are lots of factors that stand against in the modern societies, but everything is a matter of time... live with honor means to live with ...
Craig Trantraal Amen, I am grateful for clarity and heavenly guidance to complete my album and share with the universe, spreading the love...
Patricia Fernandez Vallejo Lo creo con firmeza!cuando aprendemos a usar las herramientas del camino...y nos despojados de inseguridades y somos nosotros mismos....dueños de nuestro propio destino!

See Death as your Master, and ask every day: 'Since I'm going to die, what should I be doing now?' The idea is to die young, but as late as possible...

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Pauline Hardiman We all know we will die one day in the meantime we should enjoy our lives and do all we can to help others.l love Paulo Coelho Books.
Rehan Zaidi Wonderful thought. This is the power of positive thinking. You can even mould very bitter things/facts to very acceptable one. Great!!!
Jo Tan For those who worry about finance, the chinese have saying "you eat and live according to your pocket" , you will consider very blessed your whole life.
Daniel Stirling-page I dont really like to think about the subject. But on the topic I often wonder what I will come back as! Greta Garbo perhaps!
Louella Sealy Acknowledge that some of us have less years ahead and that we should enjoy life in all its beauty and be thankful for being here.

“People are never satisfied. If they have a little, they want more. If they have a lot, they want still more. Once they have more, they wish they could be happy with little, but are incapable of making the slightest effort in that direction.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Winner Stands Alone

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Lily Guzman Muy acertado sin juzgar, hay personas que se la pasan la vida acumulando bienes y nunca disfrutas de la vida, cuando se dan cuenta ya es demasiado tarde porque las fuerzas y ganas para disfrutar de la vida se han acabado, lo importante no es ser pobre o ...
Prerna Naruka Igor was the most twisted of characters I have ever read , for he was candid and scary but empathy at its best gleaming through his words
Ana Rocha Já li este livro " O Vencedor está só " resumindo os comentários : Eles têm o poder. E o poder não negoceia com ninguém, apenas consigo mesmo..... ,!!! Já foi há uns anitos, mas sempre actual.
Patricia Guzman Gordillo It’s true. Let’s pray for them. Have a wonderful day! Friend Paulo Coelho and friends in this page. And go Always Forward! 😄🙋🏻🙅🏻😘
Adil Khan Everyone realises this bittter truth but at wrong time, the time when we loss some one or we loss our age.. The luckiest are the one who have both right now & still have opportunity to turn the stairing at right path..

“Love fills everything. It cannot be desired because it is an end in itself. It cannot betray because it has nothing to do with possession. It cannot be held prisoner because it is a river and will overflow its banks. Anyone who tries to imprison love will cut off the spring that feeds it, and the trapped water will grow stagnant.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Witch Of Portobello

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Irene Pereyra Cuanto dura la angustia de la perdida de unser querido? Muriomi mama hace dos anos y meses y ahora mi papa ! Me duele tanto y los que tengo alrededor me dicen que no puedo esta.r asi ! Dudan de cuanto los quiero! Y no entiendo! Si estoy mal yo o estan ...
Rossy Gómez Sin duda, motor que mueve cielo mar tierra, motivacion para la existencia el Amor, gracias Paulo un excelente diaaa para todos, que leen este mensaje.
Hiriguchi Yazaki On parle beaucoup de l'amour qui se partage entre deux individues, l'amour donne,partage,echange ,compréhension ,mais le veritable amour est la paix,la communication,la stabilitée entre les deux individues
Marwa Mohammed “Real love is a cosmic force which goes through us. If we crystallize it, it becomes the greatest power in the world.”
Aleena Noor It cannot be desired because it is an end in itself" isnt it a paradox? Very confusing. Could anyone explain this.? Love and desire are two sides of a can u not desire love when you are in love?

" Someday, we’ll forget the hurt, the reason we cried and who caused us pain.. We’ll finally realize that the secret of being free is not revenge, but letting things unfold in their own way and own time. "After all, what matters is not the first, but the last chapter of our life which shows how well we ran the race" (unknown)

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Linky Thinane Life is Love, if we passionately love life, pain we will feel but forgiveness will always be at our fingertips. This is the only way of letting go to the Universe, for the pain, the grief, the disappointment does not determine our destiny. Instead it’s ...
Chelese Perry Indeed! Even if revenge is being directed your way, you are still free, you don't have to defend nor participate. Things will unfold in their own time and way. Live your life, run your best and most authentic race. ❤️
Emmanuelle Lumadilla i always thought that my life will never be sad even theres so many problem to face ,but its not like that it will come and so on you cant prevent it from happening because it was meant to be the things that you care ,the person you care the place that ...
Yasemin Sariata Last chapter wıll be the end of the human race ! Human race means money, selfıshness ! Runnıng after money forgettıng all your responsıbılıtıes! Chosıng the easıest way ısnt a mankınd Sır!
Zohaib Ansari Andari Dear person reading this I hope your day has been going well, if not, I hope it gets better. You are an amazing person who will inspire others to do great things so keep up the hard work. I know you may feel unimportant or insecure at the moment but ...

Senna & Piquet #TheGoldenAge

1.2k reactions 45 comments
Eva Fariou Senna... The other Mago...!
Wilma Alves de Souza Obrigado por compartilhar esses momentos com a gente
Salman Nambola ഇങളോട് ഇഷ്ടം മാത്രം
John Merriman Senna!
Juana Espino Muy bonita colección

‪Happy week and remember ‬ ‪Talent is a universal gift, but it takes a lot of courage to use it. ‬ ‪Don't be afraid to be the best - only mediocrity is safe ‬

24.2k reactions 210 comments
Eliana Martelotta Coragem é preciso mas talento é opção para países desenvolvidos. No mais é perda de tempo.
Gudelia Balderas El talento es una bendicion de Dios el cual ay que estar siempre agradecido
Yolanda Reyes Thank you for reminding me.❤
Blesshe Domingo Thank you for the reminder. Really needed this😉
Monica Reyna A veces cuesta !reconocer lo que valemos! Es el no merecimiento !gracias maktub shukran

Faith, relationship, politics - one of the weirdest feelings in the world is having to doubt something you thought was unquestionable

11.1k reactions 126 comments
Rehab El Masry So true, but some doubt without questioning to find the right answers, in this is the biggest issue
Flávia Silva É complicado ,a gente lê ...acha que entende ... Mais não tem certeza se estar certo rsrs( o tabu do ingles) 😙
David Grimm :) ah, the art of politeness.
Susana Mendoza No mezclo política, con religión. No hay una única verdad absolutista, solamente la tiene Dios !!!!!!
Mississippi Writer Laurie Parker Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd. —Voltaire

To those who are alone at this moment: never be frightened by the words of the devil: ‘You’re wasting your time.’ Or by the chief demon’s even more potent words: ‘No one cares about you.’ YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Trust me - Paulo Coelho, Manuscript found in Accra

24.9k reactions 385 comments
Nouna Mds Mds You're not in relationship that doesn't mean that you are alone att all that means you don't support fake love being alone is the best way of seeking inner peace being alone is the best way of avoiding the break ups ,cold feeling you're not alone ,...
Girach Uvais You need to be devil for someone because sometimes being too nice means letting yourself being taken as an advantage wrongly.. People think you're a fool but you have to let them realize that what they're thinking isn't truee.. What they imagine about ...
Arlenne Victoria Arredondo Ramirez Porsupuesto..... No sin antes agregar:::) Hay personas. Que no sabias que existian... Pero un Buen dia Aparecen... Te endulzan la vista, cn su carita de angel... Te endulzan la mente cn letras y palabras hermosas, ..... Palabras del diablo se le llaman ...
Siddhartha Sharma their is a law of conservation of energy which says energy can neither be created nor destroyed it can only be transformed from one form to another. you're wasting your time is a same energy travelling from place to place generations to generations. can ...
Vikas Maheshwari In our deep silence resides soul ... part of Almighty ...and in silence resides God... So why to worry ... being alone and in silence you are with and within the Almighty..

" When winds and waves a mutual contest wage, These foaming anger, those impelling rage; Thy blissful light can cheer the dismal gloom" (J.W.Smith) THANK YOU FOR BEING MY LIGHTHOUSE, my wife

17.5k reactions 523 comments
Ushaq Ul Maarij Butt Happy birthday to chivalrous Mr paulo
Swen-William Bormann Happy birthday your wife and god bless you 2, Paulo Coelho (y) ;-)
Imran Immy Wish you have many More Christina jee, Remember universe is with you guys♥♥
Shazia Islam happy bday Christina .May Allah shower all His blessings on u

The best way to live a miserable life is to pay attention to what other people are saying about you

22.2k reactions 297 comments
Fely Banan Dela Merced Yes.let people talk about you. It is their problem not yours
Hiam Okdah fortunately it's my last concern what people say about me although I live in an arabic society
Sarah Mimouni Mimouni Asma ;) ;) people gonna talk no matter how perfect you are
Saady Talib My life is a my freedom and respect to law is a freedom.
Fyaz Lashari In other words to live a happy life Don't pay attention to what they say.

" I just wanted to inform you that the books arrived in Zambezi Zambia. The teachers and students are overjoyed. Thank you, Paulo for all that you do. In our world, this is significant. Njinga " (thank you for your support, my friends)

4.3k reactions 82 comments
Zakaria El-ramli - مـٰـنـؤؤر ❣✨
Vongai Nzenza Thank Paulo!!!
Naglaa Salah Eldin This is truly kind of you ❤
Nora Graciela Rodriguez Que belleza.. y que valor...😍
Akshaya Debashish Great work sir😊

No siempre necesitas un plan. A veces necesitas respirar, calmarte, mirar a tu alrededor, e improvisar. Porque, como ya sabes, TÚ NO PUEDES controlar el futuro...

36.8k reactions 356 comments
Rainbow Jaycee Mira Mel lo que te decía de No hacer planes a Largo plazo! A esto me refería! Melanie Rockbell
Beder Lion yls................. nadie sabe lo que pasa en un minuto menos en el futuro
Federico Xavier Lopez pues si...el verdadero control es el no buscar controlar, porque tomas conciencia que el futuro es simplemente presente en accion,
Elham Tabari Improvise, I certainly like this term <3 (Y)
Rosemary AG What is this language 😃

Haters don’t hate us, they hate themselves. Because we are a reflection of what they want to be.

21.0k reactions 564 comments
Gabriela Petre If life would be so simple ... just 'a reflection of what they want to be''! Actually 'haters' are not really haters, they just disagree with someone or something, and that's perfectly normal and ok. We all do that in a way or another, it depends from ...
Lor Y. Teck Not good to hate. Better to have a clean soul and live a happy life. Care and love for the people that hurt you. God will bless you and good things will come your way.. people that hate are people that cannot be themselves, people that wish they would ...
Arunpreet Sidhu Haters dont hate us. They just want to copy us and be the person like us. I would rather be happy inheriting my positive instincts in someone.. Even if it's coming out of hate..
Michelle Osburn Yes! I tell my 15 year-old this when kids are saying things to hurt him. It is an unfortunate fact of life, though. And you have to keep your chin up, although it is really tough at times.
Latifa Mez. Or they Just hate for What you look like, the way you talk etc. They Make fun of you. Why? God knows why. I think it's the most exhausted thing to Your life with hate. To be honest it's also sad. Really sad.

Thank you God, for this life and forgive us if we do not love it enough.

50.5k reactions 355 comments
Chitra Nayak As a voracious reader she once asked me.. "Mama when I can read so many books written by others, why can't others read my book?" So a story that started as a fun activity for my 10 year old, turned out to be her first successful publication. YES!!!! ...
Shimaa Ali Yes we don't love it or appreciate it enough,we give up easilly forgetting all the blessings focusing on our problems, forgive us lord.
Cristina Reis To do not love enough too Master Paulo Coelho, greetings from Brazil a blessed weekend to you and Cristina <3
Matt Towery Was just watching ESPN Washington vs Utah and the announcer mentioned your book. By the river Piedra i sat down and wept #shoutout
Hassam Hussain The only way you're going to reach places you've never gone is if you trust God's direction to do things you've never done.

20 SEC READ: Learning to live with some wounds (ENG, PORT,ESPA) >>>

2.6k reactions 61 comments
Diane Fitouri 💕❤️love this
Yulia Uretsky Beautifully put ❤
Melba Lallab Fernandez Not this itchy wound.. Please no.
د.محمد درويش أقرأي دي يا ميادة مجدى...هتعجبك قوي.
Tania Abate Angela Urbani look how meaningful 💕

Patience is not about waiting,but how we act when things take longer than we expect

56.8k reactions 514 comments
Nano Messo Sometimes you don't know what to do to wait or to move i think its more harder than only waitting for somthing clear .
Khitam Khtoom Patience is a teacher of our souls, it's diffecult but so sweet because within it we can control our needed. But not everyone can be patient.
Arlenne Victoria Arredondo Ramirez tolerancia va de la mano con la paciencia, la paciencia va de la mano con la madures.....y la madures va de la mano cn la solo un pequeño circulo, donde todo va conectado... Nomas no dejen ezperando mucho..... Por que todo se ...
Mauquit Hussain “Patience is not sitting and waiting, it is foreseeing. It is looking at the thorn and seeing rose, looking at the night and seeing the day. Lovers are patient and know that the moon needs time to become full.” – Shams Tabrizi
Vivek Adivarahasarma Patience is about being versatile.Everything will test you & time will kill you . Killing is a patience.You can be a violent crusader but being a silent crusader in situations make you a man of character .

20 SEC READ: The Chinese bamboo

20 SEC READ: The Chinese bamboo
20 SEC READ: The Chinese bamboo

After the bamboo seed is planted, you don’t see anything for approximately five years, other than a tiny shoot. All of its growth happens underground; a complex root system that extends vertically and horizontally in the earth begins to form. At the end of the fifth year, the Chinese bamboo grows un...

5.1k reactions 151 comments
زهرة الاقحوان yes of course bamboo ...power of Patience and Persistence
Kamini Gupta The fifth year of bamboo.... vow...I am waiting for mine..
Rohit Nair I had heard this in an interview from Rahul Dravid. Inspirational!
Tarek Tico I guess That was the whole point of Aleph
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