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Faith means believing in the impossible - and then realize that it is possible

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Abhishek Rai How can one believe in what he believes is impossible. U believe when u yourself are convinced. In my version faith is believing in what you believe is true. It can't be forced. There is a very thin line between the faith and blind faith. While faith ...
Célia Baptista É por isso que não desfalecemos. Ainda que exteriormente se desconjunte nosso homem exterior, nosso interior renova-se de dia para dia. (II Coríntios 4,16)
Freddy Arley Alvarez Morales No voy a la Iglesia or eso se que Dios anda con migo. Tampoco creo en la suerte pero cuando nuestra fe es grande Dios hace que pasen cosas buenas
Anurag Agarwal per ur thought..when i wish something then whole universe works to make it it true? If yes how it works?..kindly elaborate as this cause helplessness too..
Roxio Roxio Y sí.. Acertadas tus palabras Paulo....ya tendré el gusto de conversar con usted señor...mientras un saludo y un fuerte abrazo que Dios te bendiga

I know, we are all nice people, but it is not everybody who understands this. Therefore, when you are hit, please don't complain (you are not a victim). Instead, hit back whenever it's possible. And then - only then - forgive and show how generous are you... If you are not convinced, read the story below 10 SEC READ Love but hit back

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Zeynep Zynp I absolutely agree! Hit people with the language they understand! Not everyone understands the language of love, let alone the language of unconditional love and respect. Otherwise, firstly they simply won't understand and misbehave again and again. ...
Ririe Angganita Not everyone can understand and be grateful for my kindness and forgiveness. So yes, I hit back, or throw anything. And then I forgive them.
M.D. Birmingham (Important Disclosure: Words in quotation marks are double entendre and should be read at surface level 1st read) What greater success do/can you have in life other than understanding the (valid) definition of "Love" within your (valid) Human Nature ...
Ulrika Bergman that´s the problem for a lot of sensitive people (bla bla calling us victims) - we have to be brutal with people because if we don´t use their brutal ways they don´t respect us..!
SophiaMarie Estuesta At the very start you have shown how you really feel and probably people would realize and know how to deal with you the next time they encounter you,,as long as you stand with a pure heart doing things reasonable there's no such bad you could create ...

It takes a huge effort to free yourself from memory, but when you succeed, you start to realize that you’re capable of far more than you have imagined. Visit your soul; don’t visit your past.

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Abhishek Rai Memories,whether good or bad ,r part of the life...they r part of me, why should I forget them? If one forgets one's memories he forgets a part of himself coz it's the past which has made us what we are. When I look back, especially at my bitter past, ...
Ghalya Moulay Zein I sleep only with sleeping pills and I am suffering from exhausting health problems. I try to get back to normal and focus on my studies and many memories that do not leave me, but I feel peace when I remember that I did not bring grief to any heart on ...
Ishu Malik I don’t live in either my past or my future. I’m interested only in the present. If you can concentrate always on the present, you’ll be a happy man. Life will be a party for you, a grand festival, because life is the moment we’re living now. Paulo ...
Ki Rf Creo que no es necesario librarnos del recuerdo... lo que tenemos es que aprender a recordar sin sentir dolor, sin sentir nostalgia. Agradecer por todo lo bonito y seguir adelante.
Maria Escobar Paulo Coelho very true! Visit our soul 👍🏼not the past is remembering with happiness and love ❤️ all the good times and the bad times is learning to let go of the past 😃blessings 🙏🏼✨from Chicago with only good vibes 🔆💙!!!


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Ramesh R Rao Dear Paulo, any chance of visiting India would love to interact with you.....
Valda Lúcia Farias Desouza Os seus livros,são de uma refleção, e de uma sabedoria infinita.
Walid Husiny God bless you man! I have learned many things from Alchimest book.
Aracelii Rigada Grato caminar , Apreciando el regalo mas bello la naturaleza. Saludos sr. Paulo coelho.


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Mirza Šehanović De ti nama šta pametno kaži, mani se šetnje u tišini.
Naimul Islam Masum gorgeous look sir.....
Nabil Boufsky You look great Dear 😇✌
Nadir Hashim Hlo paulo coelho wish u a wonderfull evnig
Sabitha S Seethalekshmi Pls be with us are the only inspiration...😊

Happy week and remember: Do not believe all the things you tell yourself when you can't sleep

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Khama Gilchrist Amy Reid, Anney Reid... Author of my favourite book, The Alchemist. This kind of thing is why I love his work.
KY Kit Ying To a certain point, I want to do this v much. Thank you wise man.
الحمد لله السلام عليكم..هذا الشخص "يتابعوا 36الف" ويستحق والله انكم "تتابعوا" اقسم بالله منشوراته جميله وراقيه جدا ..بتمني "تتابعوا"فضﻻ وليس امرا..ادخلوا هنا 👈Tarek Hossam
Maria Rafonsil Grejaldo play game local use the court decisio local illegal corruption to play the game and waiting the report in thee things happens on business,the game don't have work and lack of knowledge on business work.
Maria Rafonsil Grejaldo i remember when Rafonsil sleep at the dark of night inside the house can i hold the things of Rafonsil family of Ricardo Grejaldo,out of house Rafonsil one stand use the point right finger bite of duck long neck wings,Rafonsil silent talk work for ...

April 23: World Book Day!

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Victor Aguilar Velazco Así de simple el leer un libro te cambia el enfoque de las cosas.
Blanca Tamalia Marquez Excelentre ilustracion! “Quien como un libro para cambiar un destino“ Felicidades, bravo por esa oportuna y significariva iustracion!
Burcu Yildiz Aydin Happy 23rd April National Sovereignty and CHILDREN'S day dedicated to all children around the world! Xx from Turkey.
Pranit Khandagle Dear Paulo Coelho, I haven't read many books but I completed The Alchemist, which brought a huge difference in my life I can't thank you enough for that. 😍 love you
Jalda Ferreira Zugair Dia do livro...meus olhos são a luz, pq tudo que posso ler, e conhecimento e ensinamento, onde tento ser sempre melhor. Obrigado pelos seus livros, adoro

Happy #WorldBookDay! When you put your money to buy a book from an author u are buying more than a story , you are buying numerous hours of errors and hard work , you are buying moments of frustration and moments of cheer joy . You are not only buying a book, you are sharing a piece of their heart , a piece of your soul... a small piece of your life.

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Karin White After the Author, you are the one travels thru time & space. You own that time with your mind's eye, the place, the characters recreated inside of you. It's a special gift from the Author worth his salt & is precious in so many ways. I thank you also ...
Blanca Tamalia Marquez Feliz dia del libro y feliz dia de San Jorge! muy real sus palabras apreciado, respetado, maestro Paulo Coelho! “La bendicion de adquirir un libro, leerlo, releerlo, colocarse en el lugar de los protagonistas, vivir la trama, o simplemente recrearse de ...
Carla Woods This is true. I'm a fellow Author. I plan on picking up one of your books soon. Mr. Coelho :)
Giannina Lilian That's why is so important for the authors when somebody likes their books, when somebody chooses to choose them :)
Ma Mayette Mendoza Dionisio The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is a brilliant work and written geniusly. Happy World Book Day! Read to gain knowledge. :-)

5 tips to defeat cynicism (translation in any language: top corner of the blog page)

5 tips to defeat cynicism
5 tips to defeat cynicism

(excerpts from a post in The Daily Mind) The Oxford English Dictionary defines cynicism in a very enlightening way: "...a disposition to disbelieve in the sincerity or goodness of human motives and actions..."� The main thing to notice about the definition is the presence of negativity. A cynical pe...

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Sara Luisa Manrique Barranzuela Yo hablo español
Malita Banderas Saludos. Pablo Coelho y bendiciones !!
Sergio Carrillo Super excelente
Sloan Huff superb
Mayida Amro Separece a deisi Rodríguez la canciller

A lover loses nothing when expressing love

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WaRh Dah Really ? And what about self respect and dignity ? Anza ? Or may be it depends on the person to whom we are confessing!
Gilbert A Jimenez <3 #ColorMyWorldPink but the lover loses the chance to experience the most wonderful feeling in the entire universe if the love is kept and not expressed that is to love and be loved.
Jayakarthik We don't gain or lose....because love is not about collecting from the world..its not a transaction....its the power to give everything you ever held...and there is no end to giving...
Parvaty Shivam Yes a lover does loses something ....regrets ... A lover loses all the regrets of not having expressed love.... No matter what the consequences woukd have been :) but life ain't all that easy. Sometimes lovers gotta lose the love him/her/itself... ...
Fritzie Manuel True, a lover loses nothing when expressing love; but a lover who gave it all felt empty when there's nothing else to give and left all alone...but a sad memory...

Minha querida Rita Lee - amiga, parceira e namorada -acabo de ler sua autobiografia. Você é única, parabéns! (abaixo uma das muitas musicas que fizemos juntos)

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João Henrique Cenço 💐 única!
Raquel Abreu Ual!
Marthaliliana Marin Muñoz "Que lindo "
Suman Sehgal Nyccc
Miriam Martins Ai, que ótimo! 😍😍😍👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Blessed are those who make people feel blessed

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Maria Rafonsil Grejaldo i know Rafonsil one at night happen out when i see the snake on Rafonsil hold the water drink! i know many people they don't see the things happens in the use of snake out!
María Barquilla Hay mucha gente por la que merece la pena vivir, ellos hacen que tu vida tenga sentido y que a su lado siempre aprendas algo bueno.
Vishnu Pratap Singh Chauhan Blessed are those in whose company people feel blessed. And sir, you are one of those who make us feel blessed despite being so far away from us. :-*
Neila Rocha Morbey Eu admiro muito o senhor, ha varios anos quando ainda morava no Brasil, eu tinha todos os seus livros. O senhor e uma prova de que nem todos os brasileiros querem tirar vantagem em tudo, Nao me leve a mal, amo o meu Brasil e o meu Rio, mas nao quero ir ...
Debasmita Basu Bt sir i have a question... Then why the earth those people behave with them like they are no one in there life...when there only intention to make them happy....

39 SEC READ: The natural order

The natural order
The natural order

A very wealthy man asked a Zen master for a text which would always remind him how happy he was with his family. The Zen master took some parchment and, in beautiful calligraphy, wrote: "The father dies. The son dies. The grandson dies." "What?" said the furious rich man. "I asked you for something…

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Ana Paulinha Essa pg é oficial?
Karo Manriquez quien w
Olga Girona Puig No somos nada, pero lo somos todo...
Litty Lokanath The order is good. But how can we bear our elders'
Roopakala Jayandhara True Sir.

30 years after its release, currently #2 ( Nielsen Book Scan, the most reliable data provider for the book publishing industry )

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Sandra Vasquez Still #1 on my list!!
Joe Tolezano Vc é incrivel!
Eva Souza Maravilhoso!! ❤💚💛💚💛
Cristiano de Medina Quebra tudo Paulo!!
Eric Ortiz Uno de mis libros favoritos al igual lo es Brida!!!

“We are travelers on a cosmic journey,stardust,swirling and dancing in the eddies and whirlpools of infinity. Life is eternal. We have stopped for a moment to encounter each other, to meet, to love, to share.This is a precious moment. It is a little parenthesis in eternity.” – Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

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Law of Attraction - Thoughts become things. Everybody wants happiness, nobody wants pain. But you can't have a rainbow without a little rain.
The Law of Attraction Dear person reading this,I don't care who you are but I hope your day has been going well, if not, I hope it gets better You are an amazing person who will inspire others to do great things so keep up the hard work.
Haider Ali I've read The Alchemist 10+ times but never saw these lines. Where are these from, Mr. Paulo Coelho?
Ololade Aiyeloja Everybody is a stranger in this life.Life means different thing to humans depending on the circumstances we find ourselves but by and large,everybody is a student of life while life itself is a teacher.We are all strangers to life and no matter the ...
Girach Uvais In the journey of finding happiness, We are all the piece settled in places but the distractions will come and get us... so we need to move and ignore those distractions to keep our hope alive... We all are facing problems, pain.. Only few have mastered ...

Thank you for mentioning my books Interview today n English, with Portuguese subtitles

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Thompson Glenn nice story
Alexis Reyes Felix buena entrevista divertida
Maria Lucia Vaughan Thanks too Paulo
Viviane Helene Tremblay Lol
Såïda Kâbÿle thank you

“Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And that no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams, because every second of the search is a second’s encounter with God and with eternity.” - Paulo Coelho, "The Alchemist"

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Çlitøriä MatiZa I love these lines from your book "The Alchemist", "It's not what enters men's mouths that's evil, it's what comes out of their mouths that is. "
Muhammad Arshad Fear of suffering is always frustrating, it leaves you with no aspirations and vigour. You need to overcome it, this help rejuvenate your spirit and chase your dreams.
Abhay Ade Your words changed my life when i first read your book! Your understanding of life is very deeper..I will forever be grateful to you for this Paulo!
Stefan Straessle Hello Paulo Coelho, How are you? I started a discussion again, to invest money more wisely or the Govermnent will take it! Feel free and join the discussion. I have a lot more people now, so it will be even more interesting. Greetings from Switzerland,...
Kejê Berwari How great Paulo's quotes ♥️...sometimes I can't feeling how I can pass from this my bad thing or situation ..but when I saw these beautiful quotes ,I can thinking about myself for long periods.!🙈

1 MIN READ Prayer of Forgiveness (Eng, Port, Esp, Fran)>>>

Prayer of Forgiveness
Prayer of Forgiveness

EM PORTUGUES AQUI: Oração do perdão EN ESPANOL AQUI: "Te perdono porque te amo y tu to me amas" EN FRANçAIS ICI : Prière du Pardon ( O Aleph) ___________________________________________________Hilal searches for inspiration on the golden walls, the columns, the people coming at this hour of the morn...

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Lola Ellen LaForge "Pain I replace with oblivion" An interesting swap I don't quite get.
Marcia Rodrigues Operdao nos liberta e nos deixa mais leve perdao e sinal que erramos e reconhecemos ....
Patricia Guzman Gordillo Beautiful prayer of forgiveness.🙏🏼 God Bless You!🙏🏼 Mr. Coelho🙅🏻
Siobhán Ní Fhaircheallaigh Forgiveness sets you free. Negativity is a chain around your spirit.
Jahid Islam Bachalat Forgiving beautiful for ani one nice give I like give beautiful for all thanks good for give mi my heart

Simplicity is our greatest treasure Beauty is in the eye of the beholder Be like a flowing river #DailyWalk

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Cris Duarte Rocha Verdade, mestre! 😌 Como diz a canção de Jarabe de Palo... "Depende? De que depende? De según cómo se mire todo depende!" E isso é para tudo na vida!😍
Abhijith Gopakumar A school girl need heart surgery..Can help anyone..It's a poor family they don't have the capability to collect money for her surgery...Plz help
Blanca Tamalia Marquez Muy bello! “La luminosidad de un riachuelo, invita a reflejar un momento magico, complice, adornado de sentimientos, emociones, en momentos diferentes al igual que epocas, sinembargo el mismo rostro reflejado pareciera el mismo, porque el tiempo solo ...
Daniel Fajardo Alvarez Creo que fue difícil ver el paisaje en representación de las palabras del pie de foto, con esa hipnotizante cola canosa....
Gaurav Maithul And they say be simple to this world ....... get simple they think yur dull....... .ya value will be count as null........ .this mudafkr world just see glitterin' stuffs..... ...time has changed 'so its better to be curl...... no time to ...

Happy week and remember: the distance between two people is the lack of respect for each other

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Jozef Dubois Conjugal art is to find the distance and air that make life that lasts between spouses, it is primarily to discover a way to restore peace and affection after quarrels and mutual satiety.
Hassam Hussain Long distance relationships through mobile communication generally becomes poor because of the weak signals and ends up due to jammed networks. When two hearts are meant for each other, no distance is too far, no time too long and no other love can ...
Melba Lallab Fernandez TRUTH AGAIN!!! two people maybe physically close by circumstance... BUT Without mutual respect... Between them They would be Planets apart!!!
Rossy Gómez Feliz inicio de semana, el respeto se gana, no creo que la distancia entre seres q se Aman pueda ser...una una falta de respeto, el corazon no sabe de eso, buen dia para tds
María Barquilla Feliz semana maestro, yo creo que la distancia es el olvido, pero lo que jamás debemos de olvidar estemos lejos o cerca es el respeto, nuestros valores juegan un papel muy importante.

Lord, I have no idea where I am going (in ENGLISH, PORTUGUES, ESPAÑOL)

Lord, I have no idea where I am going
Lord, I have no idea where I am going

EM PORTUGUES AQUI: Senhor, eu não sei onde estou indo EN ESPANOL AQUI: No tengo idea de adónde voy My Lord God, I have no idea where I am going, I do not see the road ahead of me. I cannot know for certain where it will end. Nor do I really know myself,…

10.0k reactions 215 comments
Rosa Rodriguez Señor te ofrezco mi trabajo con alegría haciendo cosas bellas a mi alrededor
Delmer Rivera Del Rosario I remember this prayer, o I had a copy of it 20 years ago, and I lost it.. Thanks for this memory.
Salvatore Vento You are more than a teacher, beginning you have saved me with your books, and your words... hope .. faith.. love... and in the last months, whenever I feel lost get your message to give me solace. Thanks teacher.. Salvatore...
Lalla Idoukhiat You go wherever the Lord decides you will go.....keep the faith. Even when you are going nowhere, you are in the wait to get somwhere...
Sarah Gould Finished the devil and miss Prym! 💙 Thank you for the great read! 🙏🏽


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Maria Escobar Paulo Coelho enjoy your walk and beautiful picture have fun 🙌🏼in this lovely day 🌼🌼🌼God bless 🙏🏼✨💙!!!
Maciej Cieśliński Excuse Sir, but I had to ask - this is really substitute of ponytail ? Best reagrds !
Litty Lokanath we are celebrating Vishu in kerala. The yellow flowers are dedicated to Lord Krishna.
Laura Ivonne Verdugo Martinez Esos lindos cembradios de mostaza dan la bienvenida a tan grande ser... Que guía a tantísimos seres y almas gemelas que tanto lo siguen y admiran.
Fairouz Massaly Je suis entrain de lire:《 comme le fleuve qui coule》 . Je trouve que c impressionnant.d'ailleurs c toujours le cas avec vos oeuvres

Blessed are those who do not fear solitude, who are not afraid of their own company, who are not always desperately looking for something to do, something to amuse themselves with, something to judge. If you are never alone, you cannot know yourself. And if you do not know yourself, you will begin to fear the void. __________ Paulo Coelho, "Manuscript found in Accra"

40.2k reactions 845 comments
Yolanda Bareng Daquis "TRUE "Mr.Paulo Coelho, I'm living alone in 4 year's and I have lot's of experience, I helped lot's of people's too, and I don't understand, they never value.So it's better to be alone.Thanks and Happy Easter!
Nidia Teresa Johnson Im always working so my daughters make their own plans, when i take a day off i see i have just me, and i don't know where to start. I'm almost 60 and planning on retiring but at the same time im afraid of not knowing what to do.
Sumaz Tahir I admit that everyone is alone but human beings are afraid to stay lonely and they don't wanna admit that, we as humans always try to surround ourselves with people and crowding because we know that if be alone we should think and go inside of ourselves ...
Muhammad Arshad Solitude has two aspects; one which leads you to dismay and despair eventually to a wreck personality. The other aspect is to explore oneself which connect you to your soul, you begin to reform and revisit yourself and that would be reflected on your ...
John Shim Sometimes only through interactions with others do we discover more about ourselves which we did not realise when being alone..

30 sec reading: The black man

30 sec reading: The black man
30 sec reading: The black man

EN ESPANOL AQUI > El negro Por Rosa Montero We are at the restaurant of a German University. A red haired student, and undeniably German takes her tray and sits down at her table. She then realizes she has forgotten her cutlery and gets up again to pick it up. Coming back, she sees with…

4.6k reactions 191 comments
Kinah Silva This text reminds me of a poem "The Cookie Thief" by Valerie Cox . The content is the same.
Bismark Owusu we are all come from one family ADAM and EVE let us love one another
Angela Joseph I would like to find someone that I can share life with to enjoy the good time and be there for me in the tougher times. iI hope and I really hope I will be lucky and I will find my destiny here. All my life I want to find my lovely man! If you have ...
Rossy Gómez Ante los ojos de Dios, no existe color de piel, saludos para todos un fructifero dia!
Christina Diaz Abella Just great! What false ideas on other's culture can make...

Losing a battle or losing everything we thought we possessed will bring us moments of sadness, but when those moments pass, we will discover the hidden strength that exists in each of us, a strength that will surprise us and increase our self-respect. We look around and say to ourselves: ‘I survived.’ And we will be cheered by our words. Only those who fail to recognise that inner strength will say: ‘I lost,’ and be sad. ______________ - Paulo Coelho, "Manuscript found in Accra"

31.3k reactions 596 comments
Subhasis Mohanty Adversity teaches you good lessons of survival. After all life is not a bed of rosses..its the only platform to perform as an actor. We all are just like mud puppet..we all came this world in empty hands and we will go from this world with empty hands. ...
Elizaura Rivera First thank you for your inspiration and all your books you published,for the past few years ago, and now, that is one of the best battle, you do to meantime in this planet earth,God continue blessing you, so I keep my self busy with your literature, 😎
Carin Marie Lundgren It sounds like a poem. But I knows that I struggle harder then you to keep myself and my son safe and healthy both menthally and fysicly. But I failed. I belive my enemies was too strong and top rich and too many and hate was old and mighty ...
Nideesh Krishna There is no such negative and possitive sides its all a side of how we approaches to it with a lets do attitude. .even its results are not much to meet your expectation do again with a different way.There is no negative never go back for Heros
Gianna Hassan Waoooo that way of expressing it, I love this writer ... wonderful the way that gives us to understand certain things of the life, that often do not understand.

Happy week and remember: If you want to be successful, you must respect only one rule: NEVER LIE TO YOURSELF

98.4k reactions 487 comments
Louise Miller That is so,so true but so hard to do.BECAUSE there is a reason one lies to it's self.?
Dustin Gautama Most people love you for who you pretend to be. To keep their love, you keep pretending - performing. The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are.
Chris Kylander Jealous and wrong estimated people put words or happenings in one' s mouth that has never happened, think they are thruthful.
Hortencia Gomez So true. If can not be true to yourself , you can not be true to nobody else. Remember: They are people like, some folks that you never learned.
Śolo Áshley Sometimes lying to ourselves makes us believe the lie day after day.. Especially if it's about strength and forgetting it's the same as practice the brain on believing how much we're strong 😊 I guess!

3 min walking with you

3.8k reactions 107 comments
Sara Jo 😂😂😂 Mr. Coelho, could you imagine to live in Texas?? ☠️
Lisarose Tower Joiner Walk. Just walk in our surroundings. Thank you Paulo.
Θεόδωρος Παυλίδης When??
Ruzica Sever You still did not write novelle The Mother Earth Going to Be Maccu Pitchu
Guarino Luna Señor coelho no solo escribe libros marvillosos tambien nos enseña a ver que en nuestro entorno todo es hermoso solo tenemos que habrir nuestra mente y nuestro corazon .cerrar los ojos y descubrir que todo es hermoso gracias muchas gracias


25.4k reactions 6777 comments
Takbeer Salati Thank you for your words. They have helped me live. Love from Kashmir , Indian military occupied.
Alan Reinert Ola Paulo!! Suas mensagens,fotos e agora videos são inspiradores! Moro bem na natureza, aqui no interior de SP, e consigo sentir toda a paz que ela nos oferece
Roberto Beto Os brasileiros têm que fazer curso de inglês para te seguir agora !! Quem diria um brasileiro nato assim...vivendo lá fora e obtendo o fruto do sucesso brasileiro!!
María Barquilla Feliz domingo maestro!! Disfrute de su paseo y una pena no poder entenderle. Saludos. Gracias por hablar también en español, mil gracias maestro, usted es mi espejo donde yo miro cuando me pongo a escribir.
William Yousuf I just finished reading your book "The Alchemist "! I enjoyed it, and I wanna read it again and again. God bless you Paulo

Water! #DailyWalk

18.5k reactions 164 comments
Essafir Charaf ...And air !!!! Seems to be good to travel with P. Coelho ...deep thinking and we hope a lot of courage to his wife !
Rogerio Quintão nossa que vontade de beber dessa agua, saudade do caminho de santiago.
Jovana Veselinović Finished reading ,,The fifth mountain" yest erday, beautiful book:)
Haitham A Halim Ahmed Mohamedكان حد فيهم قايل ثورته معدية ال200 مليون دولار ، شايف البساطة؟ الراجل ده مش طبيعي اقسم بالله
Mariya Asghar How you appreciate little things Mr Coelho , makes you so great :)

You can't say to the spring: "Come now and last forever." You can only say: "Come and bless me with your hope, and stay as long as you can" #DailyWalk

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Suzanne Rochat Merci pour tous vos bons livres Paulo Coelho .C est superbe la promenade parmi les fleurs. Bon week end bonne santé. Bises bretonnes
Ayushi Shrivastava Spring is when Life is alive in everything- that's what this photo of yours unfolds :))
Maria Amaro Paulo Coelho.De donde saca los paisajes tan hermosos son increibles y que nos dice de este atardecer precioso que esta disfrutando ? Acaso todas estas cosas bellas de las que se rodea son las que lo inspiran para hacer sus libros que cada día me gustan ...
Júnia Do Vale aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh... Hoje escrevi que voce é uma bornoleta. .,.,.,.,......... Voce é um excelente exemplo ...Excelente. Todo mundo te respeita e eu gosto de agilidade. Voce é um grande convencumento.
Júnia Do Vale O meu twtter quando ele "acha" que eu não estou bem comportada ele diminui o espaço da memória das mensagens. Então eu não sei se esta lá.; Mas escrevi a um Ministro de Estado, usando uma foto sua de borboleta entre as flores: Ministro, este é Paulo ...
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