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#CalmDown by @skipmarley is out everywhere today! Hear the full track at #wearethemovement #skipmarley #marleyfamily #LEGACY

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Tennis Vil George Khoury
Dallas Mestas D'Adrian Frazier
Nathanial Laidlaw-Dennis Ethan Laidlaw
Nawfal Chakiri cool story
Akira Zho thanks for the share

"No more sweet talk from the hypocrites... can't take your #Slogans no more."

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Edgar Baesa me bad. you word do me good.. jah ras ta far i.
Luna GS One Love....:-)
Стас Нешев This song is not available?! WTF?¿?????????
Elena Riva Jah bless every one❤️
Cocotte D'azur Cath Youyou Peace for all us. Peace and love.

Wishing a blessed Independence Day today to South Africa, Sierra Leone and Togo today! #AfricaUnite

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Clarence Bobby looking good
Ellard Alfred S.A. remember who helped you when you where need.Do not forget you where everywhere during that time wake up S.A..
Mirinda Francis 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦One Love🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦
Wellive Bukasa Afrika unite
Saffron Jade Thurkettle Legend

Published today in 1979 after Bob's Melbourne, Australia show during the Babylon By Bus tour! #todayinbobslife

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Ousmane Soro I enjoy too much
Marcus Togor #SOULTRAIN
Vincent Nunez awesome
Eduardo Decker looking good
Garcia Jeffery superb

Rohan Marley & Ms. Lauryn Hill's daughter Selah Marley talks with W magazine about her college classes, creative passions, and burgeoning modeling career!

Selah Marley Models for Chanel and Yeezy In Between College Classes
Selah Marley Models for Chanel and Yeezy In Between College Classes

Her father is Rohan Marley, a former football player and a son of Bob Marley, and her mother is the musician Lauryn Hill, but Selah Marley is her own person.

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Andy Archer Keegan Huffman
James Cooper Caya Cooper
Manon Brienne Corentin
Toni Albiach Ares Leila Driouech Slaiti
Leif Eric Hillesland Myke Ikenye

“From the very first time I rest my eyes on you girl, my heart says follow t'rough.” #WaitingInVain #EXODUS40

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Napoleon Adah I Wanna know ,when I gonna come, cos since three years, I have been knocking on your door.
Joanne Legz This is my iconic song always.. I am a true MARLEY fan. Bless up the Marley family anywhere in the world....
Mez A Niangne .his greatest love song? How about this one . . . Turn your light down low and pull your window curtains Oh let j'ai moon come shining in . . . .
Renee Jean "I blessed my eyes on you" #Blessed
Ali Luo Abdallah It's been three years since,and am still waiting some more

On this day in 1976, Bob & The Wailers performed 2 shows at the Music Hall in Boston, MA during the Rastaman Vibration tour! #todayinbobslife

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Dip Jyoti Dutta price😱
Shawn Pou 1 love
Mary-liz Michel HI
Jock Jarvie RIP Bob.👏👏👏

Thursday 4.27.17 #CalmDown Skip Marley #WeAreTheMovement #Lions

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Soisoi Selam SKIP!! Daniel Bryan Thomas 😂
Violaine Couchoux Maëva 😘
Nancy Ruelle Thomas Dlrt écoute ça 😍
Arturo Valerio
Mohammed Fouad How has "life" changed your plans?

"Wake up and live!" #WakeUpAndLive #bobmarleyart

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Rolande Caillot tres bien fait bravo
Tamàs Mànfai :-) :)))
Joy Shimhue The great one one love brother
Silvia Bomfim com certeza
Meta Marguerite Backhaus Right

From this weekend at Kaya Fest!!! . A blessing to see the #MarleyBrothers on stage together again in celebration of their father. We give thanks to all who were there in person and in spirit. LOVE . 📷 by Zach Weinberg (courtesy of Tuff Gong Worldwide)

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Electra Bradshaw-Graham Irie vibes mon!
JordanUni Namotu JAH RASTAFARIE....
Meris Rimon Genial
Carlos Augusto viro minha foto de perfil do zap rs
Meghann Stokes Helllluuuuurrrrrr

“There’s no ‘big life’ anywhere man, everybody suffering today.” #bobmarleyquotes

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Richy True that !
Mike Paul man to man
Edward Blockley One word for Marley, Respect!!!
Rosqueiros Tarados Literally everybody, even the richest people!
Evandro Ponce Munhoz We do miss the King!

"Won't someone help me? Cause I - I've got to pick myself up from off the ground, in this-a #ConcreteJungle."

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Paul Prendergast So many great songs but this is possibly my fav....
Alex Ngeru Bob i need a good song that can win the Grammy Awards not for sleeping and snooring. This is my real Account and true names. The market niche you have for babies is expired ok adrenaline and not Your family singing. I'm watching you. +254 715 897 800
Mark Swift Love love this song jah rastafari
Theresa Maria Einfach toll dieses Lied! Einzigartiger Mensch!
Mary Jane Zilla Marley Respect ! #theKing & #TheWailers

“Let’s get together and feel all right.” #OneLove . Bob invites the Hamburg water polo team to 56 Hope Road in the summer of 1979. 📷 by Bernd Meißner

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Kim Linder Buckoski Bob is awesome.
Rasroy Gayle One love
Emy Sara Bob🙏💚💛❤
Ed Laub Never seen this....👌🏼😎
Eric Goodman I spot two guys clutching the "Kaya" LP.

Give thanks to everyone who came out to @thekayafest tonight! A blessed experience, JAH RASTAFARI ✊🏾💚💛❤️🇯🇲✌🏾 #kayafest #marleybrothers #LOVE

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Edward Gamboa thanks for the share
Draper January I enjoyed this event 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾🇯🇲🇯🇲
Mickey 🎤Feelin' irie I 'Cause I have some kaya now
Catherine Newman Awesome --reminds me of my stay in Jamaica 2017.
Andrew Way Kaya Marks didn't know you had your own festival mate!!

Today's the day! The House of Marley's new #StirItUp turntable is available now worldwide 👉🏾

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Vinal Shah awesome
เดอะฝิ่น ไม้ paradise (y)
Melody Nersesian Yost Looking great
Tim Müller K
Murphy Joel awesome

“We want people stop fighting. Politician and revolution go together. You fight to be free, but you not free for yourself.” . Today in 1978, after over a year of self-imposed exile, Bob returns to Jamaica & helps unite the warring political factions at the One Love Peace Concert. #todayinbobslife

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Angela Favalli Sempre con te Bob
Victor Cabero Nice pic. JAH live 🇯🇲
Edson Rebell Lion the best off the world
Mark Swift Jah Rastafari
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Legend!

"Freedom is freedom… you don’t have to bow.” #bobmarleyquotes . 📷 by Kim Gottlieb-Walker

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Mandy Lines Very spiritual picture of Marley..sorry to point this out..but the caption doesn't fit the picture.
Africa Zeek one love rastafaria jah bless to the most high silla bless jah jahman
Teresa Rodriguez Enes Gracias, gracias, y gracias por esa música que lo dice todo!! Un beso muy dulce para ti Marley y seguidores...
انجليزي ود محمود Dont worry about the thing cause every little thing gonna be all right....thank you still alife
Victor Eze love....fight for your right ..but he who fight and run' leave to fight another day...jah bless reggae

Be sure and follow our Instagram Story for an exclusive look behind-the-scenes at Kaya Fest! #kayafest

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Jenny Senaraine Love the Marley brothers
Twaha Mrimi Marley brothers.
Basit Basu Fan of BOB......BoB was as a legend
Pilger Daniel Bless
Lois Neelam Lion lineup!!!🌞🌈🌺🌴

In putting together #Exodus40, Ziggy Marley uncovered 10 lead vocal outtakes for "One Love", proceeding to piece together a dazzling new lead vocal. Check it out! . Learn more 👉🏾 Pre-order 👉🏾 Listen 🎧👇🏾

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Denna Farai Yah Bless U All
Rob Clements Sounded great :) Love and Hope :) PEACE
Tracey Monique Grimes Nungaray Jah Rasta for Life...
Wanda Lopez Beautiful.
Aaron Saenen Robbe Willems ze brengen een nieuw bob album uit fieux

In celebration of 4/20, Cedella Marley​ has just announced a new #CookingWithHerb cannabis-based cookbook! . Pre-order your copy today 👉🏾

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Adams Eddie superb
张轲 good stuff
Sloan Huff awesome
Serkan Khveci superb
Vincent Nunez good stuff

Stephen Marley was born on this day, blessed #Earthstrong Ragga!

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Titin Rahmawati Komen Date =>00:31:42 21/04/2017 <= 261 => JATUH CINTA LAGI :) :* : "KAMIS" =>wqotkkjmbpcprmfugomp<=
Sanna Bey Marie Op 4/20 ook 😂😂
Rosario Rodriguez 420 indeed... 🌱🙌 🇯🇲
Unruly Bailey We have the same Earth Strong happy Earth Strong bless

Announcing the upcoming release of '#EXODUS40: The Movement Continues', out June 2 worldwide! . Learn more 📰👉🏾 Pre-order now 🛒👉🏾

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David Vanson superb
Kirill Dyagilev cool story
Tom Kani superb
Elli Kimata 🙏
Francis Appiah Cann Movement of Jah people .

Announcing the upcoming release of '#EXODUS40: The Movement Continues', out June 2 worldwide! . Learn more 📰👉🏾 Pre-order now 🛒👉🏾

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Samuel White Pete White #jointhemovement
Elena Riva Exodus, movent of Jah peaple 👍👍🏽👍🏾
Angi Alassane One love ❤❤❤❤
Christine Hicks still have this
Miguel Angel Felix Gutierrez ⛅🎸

Damian Marley back on the cover of High Times magazine, on shelves now! . And check him this Friday (4.21), where he'll be performing live at the #HighTimes #CannabisCup So-Cal 👉🏾

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Nicola Evans My grandma grew a nice plant sat in her lounge room window
Okan Mocan Smoke weed everyday;)
Saffron Jade Thurkettle Legend
Willem Neumuth Peter Kluge, das brauchen wir...
Eric Goad Why did they have to photoshop a joint in his hand?

“If you make me move, then you know you got the groove!” #NightShift

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Taureau Rebelle Mon amour Bob 💖
Nathalie Jaton You will always be in my ♡ forever. I ♡ you Bob Marley.♡♡♡
Robert Johnson Rastafati
Stephen Lemeccoo 👉❤
Justin Welsh Amy Gooding make me move, you got the groove

Pop open Shazam while you're listening to Skip Marley's "Lions" 🦁 and unlock a sneak preview of his upcoming single, #CalmDown! #WeAreTheMovement

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Alen Marian :) B0T P0W3R3D BY ~> Alen Marian :) 😎 KING BOT TEAM 😎 BY 😎 WAQAS BABAR 😎 ❤ SITE ❤ WAQAS-KINGBOT.GA ❤
Doris Groß Selina Groß
Abdelwahab Bouider We are fun of bob king marley
Lauras Willis S nice
Clevroy Thomas Up

“Reggae cannot do anything on its own. God say: until the philosophy which places one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned, then we won’t have no peace.” #bobmarleyquotes

17.9k reactions 138 comments
Hussnain Ajmal First I thought it was sergio ramos on wall😂😂
Shane M Emerich God kills
Izummuo Chibuzor yeah!!! we needs peace, bt we also needs justice'show me whr peace is achv wt out justice & I wil show u whr one party hd bn cheated.
Manuel Garcia Nice!!!|Woww!!!|Great!!!!|Love|(Y)|(L)|nice!|great!|excellent|perfect!|perf!|good|good!|wow!|woah|iupi!|urghhh :D|:D| wow :D|wow! :D|always try best :D|be nice :D|be nice :)|i am bored|want fun :D|want fun :)|want fun (Y)
Brad Breezy Rondeau Probably need to destroy all religion and castrate those with sub 90 IQs

“Get him on the field and he’ll make plays. He’s a playmaker.” . The Undefeated talks with Tulane Football's star linebacker Nico Marley, his father Rohan Marley, and coach Curtis Johnson about his potential in the NFL.

Is Nico Marley, Bob Marley’s grandson, NFL-ready?
Is Nico Marley, Bob Marley’s grandson, NFL-ready?

Rohan Marley goes a little bit LaVar Ball when he talks about his son Nico. So much so that the spotlight-grabbing father of former UCLA basketball star Lonzo Ball might even approve. Nico, the gra…

4.7k reactions 71 comments
Serdar Budak 👤Bob Marley 👽 Yakınsın Sende Al 👽 🔥 Bot Sitesi 💎 BOTCUNUZ.TK 💎 🔥
Carl Hasz thank god for the marley family peace god bless
Thomas Sullivan Weiss The old man would be proud if you was
Amy Koffski Erik Koffski we might start watching football
Len Byron Yes, I do truly believe he is ready.

Today in 1980, months after his track "Zimbabwe" became the war chant that propelled the rebel soldiers to fight for and earn their independence, Bob was invited to perform at the inaugural Zimbabwe Independence Celebrations on April 18 at Rufaro Stadium in Harare, Zimbabwe! #todayinbobslife

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Jan Joubert There is Nothing to be proud about !! Marley you should have stayed at home
Okolosi Ejyfae "Common my people sing that song... Ital Zimbabwe!"
Danovon Bruce Legendary status 💯
Dakota Douglas How. ...i pins for This type of message,,,this days all we get is the devils philosophy..jah save us all..
Adelard Nyembo yeah man!for their years ago it was right not now that motherfucker means country belong just to him¥¥
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