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Although given to him earlier in the year, Bob was officially awarded the Order of Merit – Jamaica's third highest governmental honor – on National Heroes Day in October of 1981. #todayinbobslife

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Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Legend!
Felipe Felipe Linda
Mauro Dallaparte Perchè non il primo ?
Polly Nkirote My hero....I love u Bob...😍😍😍😍😍jah bless
Maria Khan Wow

Today we celebrate Jamaica's National Heroes! #NationalHeroesDay #outofmanyonepeople

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Ethiopia Man where is bob marly ???
Jacob Nathaniel Are you a businessman or woman, politician, musician, student, athlete, footballer, fashion designer, doctor, nurse, administrative personnel, politician, engineer, model a hacker or you need a loan to start either a small or large scale business, a ...
Katrin Franco Bob Marley is missing!!!!!!!
Alessio Trastullo Ou Yes Marco Pannella is very important man in that contest
Onemalawi Banda remember when those two political enemies met? he united them single act of heroism

Every man got a right to decide his own destiny....

"Zimbabwe": The Song That Fueled A Revolution
"Zimbabwe": The Song That Fueled A Revolution

Bob Marley did something very special for the people of the newly created Zimbabwe…

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Awofisayo Bolanle Zaccheaus onnthe judgement day there will be no partiality
Mark Andrew Adams Zimbabwe is possibly my favourite song of Bob's.....
Dee Lvs Mokgalaka Soon will find out who is the real revolution
Alphie Martinez Every man's soul has already written their destiny before they were born.
Zaynab T. Smith We gone fight!We have to fight!Fight for our rights🎤🎶🎶!!!

Check out Brazilian street artist Kristofer's inspiringly unique Bob Marley medley! #bobmarleycover #repost @bobmarleyarchive

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Andy Abeyta That is much better then the drug smoking post.
Frank Wau This is awesome! Great job man! Love your talent 😊😀
Victor Brd Anthony Mondot mon frèrot si tu fais comme lui dans 3 mois , je te paie tacos pendant une semaine
Maxime Piot Kithy Keo le mec fait tout ! Quand est-ce que tu atteindras ce niveau ?
Viincent Rivalin Lola tu le prend en soirée et tu as pas besoin d’orchestre ahah 🤘🏻

“[Bob’s] (music) is the music of a suffering mass trying to break free…. It is the natural progression of a man’s feelings and experiences set to the music of his generation…It is the music of hope and victory. It exudes positiveness.” -Black Echoes July 24, 1976

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Chris Jesun Joss
Rikki Simangungsong Hbnx suvwusvxbzvshvssjvssbbszbjjjzbbsssbsbbjhsbbjx nxjdssoksjdgjdjeddddj
Emy Sara Music of hope&victory🙌💛💚❤
Ken Toy ...shout out for the jamen right now in negros ft.roberto and jade dunlao..
Jelani Wu Tang Tru

What's YOUR favorite weekend kick-off song?

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Nkwakwadi Tryphosa Lastborn Mekwane Is this love Adam nd Eve
Ian Porter If I hear on more person in an office cubicle tell me that "Jammin'" is their Friday Party song I'm gonna throw up - 'Jammin' is a celebration of the life and struggle of Rastafari people. "No bullet can stop us now, we won't beg nor we won't bow - Nor ...
Idy Tuk I want to disturb my neighbor 'cause I'm feeling so right/ ....(blow them to full watts a rub-a-dub style)
Charles Thomas It's hard to mention, but because I have to mention.....Let me say.....'One Love/People Get Ready'
Ronnie OT-Morpho Al-Ghurair Coming In From The Cold!!!!!!!🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵 Listening From Kenya Bobs Music Inspires Me Day By Day Especially In This Political Crisis Times In Our Country....

"Marley saw a profound, radical purpose in cannabis smoking. To him, it was a gateway into a truly revolutionary mindset."

Rihanna, Billie Holiday, Bob Marley and 6 of the most famous stoners in music history
Rihanna, Billie Holiday, Bob Marley and 6 of the most famous stoners in music history

Portraits of 9 key stoners who have drawn inspiration from marijuana and returned the favor with their advocacy.

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John Gavnik Legalize it!
Karanja Joseph Ganja! Easy skunking.
Bryan Baca Lara el mas grande ....
Sue Jones Love Bob Marley
Likes Jbb Skanki sweet... One Love, One heart, Lets all come together and feel alright..#R.I.P.P#Bob.

“They must dance. Dance is movement expression. I mean dance, believe in music and love music.” #bobmarleyquotes

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Gerald Kimana Music...the food of the soul when it's playing
Tường Vân Kết bạn với mình đi nè <3
Chantal Grasso J'ai vu l'original de cette photo à Les Rencontres de la photographie, Arles ! Elle est d'Annie Leibovitz...😍💜
Kristie Judd I would've luved to have gotten the chance to DANCE with Bob...over and over again.Hes jeans EXCITE ME...#infactuation
Horace Andre Ruddock You caint stop the Rasta man

In the latest episode of #IRememberWhen, former Wailers art director Neville Garrick reveals Bob's original lyrics for "Time Will Tell"! #fromthemarleyvault

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Rafael Santos Muito maximo
Alisa Morgan nice
Ah Riman miss u...bbm
Amal Joshi Bob
ابوالقاسم ادم my boblvoe

"Rise ye mighty people, yeah!" #WakeUpAndLive

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Frédéric Evrard Ton âme flotte toujours dans nos coeurs, tu es la lumière qui éclaire nos esprits. Jah live rastafarie !!
Aswad M Suallah wake up and live ..wake up from the slumber...
Alexi Polzin thank you for this great moment❤️
Marcelo Zocola Grande siempre te llevo en mi cuerpo y mi corazón todo los día de mi vida le agradezco a Dios x allas existido
Amor Ayadi Wooooooooooooooow Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake Up Woooooooooow And liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive ...Bob Marley....JAH...Yeah ...dajdouji spècialement pour toi je t'aime khalouli

None but ourselves can free our minds... . Emancipate yourself from mental slavery with Marley Natural's new Smoked Glass Collection 🔥

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Ankit Singh Herbs make you free from stress and tension
Subash Gurung Roving Baba i think u should marry her😂😂😂😂
Onipaa Jaisu Happiness is not sold in the shop so its something u make by urself and for urself
Tyesha Williams Ronny Paipa Christmas is coming (hint) (hint)
Claudia Solange Shalala Rojas wow this is cheap :( <3 Bob Marley hate this money grabbing shit

Nuff respect and blessings to the people of Equitorial Guinea on their Independence Day today! #todayinbobslife

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Rzigui Hejan
Yadhi Yorkton Happy Independence Day 😍✌😆
Aggrey Stephen Shyfuture Basie True
Fos Belachew ✊🏿✊🏿
เดอะฝิ่น ไม้ all LIFE

"The ting we need is the direction; because no one can change it. What direction we need? The direction towards we own self." #bobmarleyquotes

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Lazaro Benitez Fire à babylon???
Jagndeep Singh Jagndeep Singh I love you
Linda Willingham I love this!
New Flower Blessed.
Opiti Akpo Super Yeah man!!! Man, know thyself!

"Oh, it's a disgrace, to see the human race, in a #RatRace."

22.0k reactions 173 comments
Onemalawi Banda in the abundance of food the fool is hungry.......whats killing him? Dog Race!!!!
Anass Romani only rats who run after glory, instead of commun prosperity.
Sherif Bonti Mgully Don't involve rasta in your say say
Tunde Abolarin ... we have a horse race, we have a dog race, we have a human race, but this is a rat race....
Sharon James Leaving Jamaica soon,love the place RESPECT

Spotify includes the recording of 'Exodus' in 1977 as part of the iconic moments of London's music history. Check it out – segment starts at 11:22 – w/interviews from Ziggy Marley & Neville Garrick! _____ If you haven't yet, be sure to check out the newly-released #Exodus40 at

Music Happens Here: London | Spotify Video
Music Happens Here: London | Spotify Video

Down by the river sits a city that has stirred musical legends, past and present. From Bob Marley to the Police, from Pink Floyd to Glass Animals, the streets of this town have called to all of them. This is London. And Music Happens Here.

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MFÖ Music Group One Love Bob!
Adari Ouedraogo Zone love
Sunday Sunday Bob marley
Gobeza Kasa Bob.m
Oyebode Kehinde Real

"How come the people always believe in #Rumors?" . 🎨 by Yauheni Chanau (Digital portrait of your photo)

31.2k reactions 186 comments
Ras Kerry Manor flesh can grow older it can reveal your rock and roll
Dominique Facon Lourenço cc christian, tu vas bien, il y a longtemps qu'on ne te voit plus fb
Diana Smith It seems as if people are just too lazy or don't bother to find out the truth
Master Wagas ooo we ooo we oooo wa see them fighting for power
Andre Glover Idk I ponder this quite often...

Bob's original employment application – written out by RitaMarley – to work at the Chrysler factory during his brief stay in Wilmington, Delaware, 1966! #fromthemarleyvault

2.7k reactions 71 comments
Joann Bodnar-Riggs Interesting fact!!
Lynette Fennell 🇯🇲 ONE LOVE 🇯🇲
Nigel Deo Real baller football & cricket!
David Klika Desired rate- "8.3t"?
Toni Mack "working on a forklift. on the night shift"

“When you write, you must write the good things that are beneficial to the people. You have to sing love songs.” #bobmarleyquotes

19.2k reactions 165 comments
Lamin Sanneh That's why I do love Rasta music. One love.
Randy Conatser Ron Conatser Love this quote so much.
Daniel Ernst Black Thank god, it is a blessing, B blessed.
Teaco Wilson Ok thank you for all your aspirations.Mr Marley.
Kiran Prabhu But I love rock music inclination too wat to do Marley.

Big up the people of Uganda as they celebrate their 55th year of Independence today! #AfricaUnite

4.7k reactions 83 comments
Aziza Taha One love africa
Moses Miles Love you people's
Mandla Martin how good and pleasant before Man and God to see the unification of Africa...
Latif Jangle-Luver Happy Independence day to my motherland
Kenton Archer Every man got a right to decide his own destiny

Angela Ricci performs a unique version of the classic "Is This Love". Check it out!

4.8k reactions 71 comments
Max Emile She fucked it up
Yakub Kara Shit ...shit!!
Daniel Pluta Can someone tune his guitar?
Muriel Kraanen i love it
Andy Thomson Rubbish leave well alone girl...

Thanks to @houseofmarley's #ProjectMarley reforestation initiative with @onetreeplanted 🌲 every headphone purchase helps plant one tree. Learn more at

3.3k reactions 36 comments
Tuff Gong #support_us Tuff gong in #sudan 💚💛❤️
Geeske Supheert Robert Sluter
Simon Fraser
Matthew Gregory Aimée Owen
Vishal Sharma ❤❤❤

“He who hide the wrong he did, surely did the wrong thing still.” #MixUpMixUp

6.4k reactions 137 comments
Matheus Takendarre Takendare " Cann't runaway from your self"
Vusumuzi Anderson Ndlovu Spiritual doctor
Reginaldo Artur Forever, loving Marley!
Emmanuel Chidebe There's so much stumbling blocks in our way...
Amir Khalifa Idriss So through the eyes of the fool the deaf is wise, And through the eyes of the wise the fool is size

#Repost @recordingacademy ・・・ 🎶 Could you be, could you be, could you be loved? Could you be, could you be loved? 🎶 At the 55th #GRAMMYs in 2013, @BrunoMars, Sting (@theofficialsting), Rihanna (@badgalriri), @ZiggyMarley, and @DamianMarley joined forces for an unforgettable performance of #BobMarley's "Could You Be Loved." ❤️️ View 👀 our Instagram Story for more photos of their performance! #GRAMMYVault #LyricFind

2.4k reactions 36 comments
MADE IN BLACK Good Love <3
Acción Poética Hola! 😍 probablemente nadie lea esto💔 Pero tengo la esperanza que alguien lo hará😊 Soy editor y escritor de frases y agradecería que dedicaran un minuto pasando por mi pagina y dale me gusta🙏no les obligo a darle Like👍 👉 Acción Poética💙🌻シ 🌻💙👈, te ...
Benjamin Timmer dat was top
Adrianho Nswana beatrice no tho a fn
David Blond Some

"They say love is a stream that will find its course." #Crisis . 📷 by Esther Anderson

16.7k reactions 123 comments
Daniela Anita Poggi Giustini Love forever
Siyanda Lubisi them belly full but them hungry forever lovin jah
Mar Ley DOING IT Doing It doing it, Give Jah All The Thanks and Praises!!!
Kevron Mark Oldfield They say the sun shines for all but in some people world it never shine at all.
Aggrey Stephen Shyfuture Basie No doubt of course Give thanks #Lions #Vision #Love #Exodus

Bob Marley is declared "The King of Reggae." The New York Phonograph, October 1975. #todayinbobslife . Full article at link in comments.

10.0k reactions 91 comments
Christian Lewis Kinky reggae
Mdurai'za King Mbokazi King
Lisa Fineberg ❤️💚
Corynne Mory 👽✌️💚
Mikey Wilson Brown 😎👍

"Everybody need to get high, but some people gettin' high with the wrong things." #marleynatural Marley Natural . 📷 by Adrian Boot

30.1k reactions 261 comments
Mànî Näidû Blast aaaaaaa( Bob marley) smoke the weed don't smoke the seeds ######
Vere Hulana Joshua Lama Taera . You man. Something you'd probably say. Post related. Hehe
Weston Daniel Enjoying di chillum pipe wid bredda Seeko...
Keenan Tobin Now this guy knows how to relax .....maan
Pinkytorres Medrano hi idol bob marley!i am one of your fan here n your music very much.

FULL CONCERT: The Wailers' final performance at the Wonder Dream Concert on 4 Oct 1975, with special guest appearance by Stevie Wonder! #todayinbobslife

7.9k reactions 1505 comments
Kingsley Uranta Babylon is really going down. As it was said in the beginning by the prophet Bob Marley
Kristel Villagomez In this hard moments we surely need God please repeat this prayer and receive him in your life Jesus today I confess that you are Lord and Saviour you die and rose 3 days later to save me heal me and to give me a new life come into my heart today ...
Joe Pavia One Love..Bob you always sooth my soul..
Ebony Tamunosiki Inibi Bob was indeed a gift to our generation.

October 4, 1975: The original Wailers (Bob, Bunny & Peter) perform together for the last time at a benefit concert supporting the Jamaican Institute for the Blind, alongside Stevie Wonder! #todayinbobslife #wonderdreamconcert

7.0k reactions 61 comments
Tony Leuck he was so good
Ruth Gichuhi Love must conqure it al
Gretchen Romig Swierczynski Bob ans Stevie look so happy
Arkan Love Love Bob Marley
İsmail Hakkı Akbarlas never die bob marley

Did you catch Damian Marley on Saturday Night Live with JAY-Z this past weekend?

3.4k reactions 313 comments
Chris White So after all these years I thought I would never block "Bob " he will always be in my heart just not on my wall any more
Leiana Helms People all upset over a damn shirt! Seriously? Is your life so boring that you are aching to get pissed about a shirt? Yeah this nation is shit for brains with people going crazy over a shirt and not hearing the music.
Sean Johannson all respect lost for marley jay zs a fucking scumbag money grubbing dickhead !! Money is his god gene simmons wannabe
Jim Walker Love Bob Marley to the depths of my soul...but that SNL performance was all,kinds of awful. It was literally painful to watch.
Steve Arnold Ohhhh edgy.... that guy is so well class act.... such a great role model for young black males... his father must be proud whoever he is
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