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"We the generation, trod through great tribulation." #Exodus #Exodus40

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Georgina Ann Lambert Jah bless
Smith De Blingz Selah afrca
Terry Gittens It's true
Bonbon Santillan Yown👌
Rafiqui Amisse one love jah never die

"Look at Elvis. You hear and see him in England and America, but, compared with Bob, his music is not all over the world, while the Beatles never reached the third world country. In any century, there are very, very few people who stand out. Without question, Bob Marley is one of those people." – John Aizlewood, The Guardian, 2001 . 📷 Bob in Ethiopia, December 1978 #todayinbobslife

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Reijan Carvalho Bob foreve
Pebbles Parker Bob Marley for life <----
Brahim MahamatAdoum Bob Marley est unique
Aldo Garcia Eso sí. Pero como que en la pic esta picudeando al tipo mas fornido 😎
Ed McKendry Bob Marley was great but he is not in the same league as The Beatles.

Bob is one of the world's most notable advocates for legalization, but he didn't view smoking as a recreational hobby....

Bob Marley’s Very Surprising Views On Marijuana Use Were Actually The Opposite of What You Might Expect
Bob Marley’s Very Surprising Views On Marijuana Use Were Actually The Opposite of What You Might Expect

His son Ziggy says, “There’s a lot more to it than the whole, ‘Bob Marley, love and peace and smoke weed.’”

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Mc Marly Zion Perfect peace we Itren
Darron Wilder <3
Antonia Goldberg cool
Andrew Becker Yes, Marijuana is used as a spiritual practice by Rastafarians. For meditation and medicine. One Love to Bob Marley!
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Legend!

December 15: Bob & The Wailers perform live at the Queen Elizabeth Sports Centre in Nassau, Bahamas during the 1979 Survival tour! #todayinbobslife

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Ferdinand Enteria The legend😎
JF Brau Fred Kedinger Romain Guldner Christophe Kedinger Nassau !!
Rose Marshall Bob confessed the Lord Jesus on his deathbed. Awesome.
Adrachi Velou A
Yvon Tojo jar

"All together now: wake up and live (wake up and live y'all)!"

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Saffron Jade Thurkettle Legend
Goreth Pereira Melhor dos melhores
Emre Aytemur
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Legend!
Enaughe Benedicta There is work to be done so lets do it little by little

“Let them tell me ‘don’t sniff hashish’ or ‘don’t take cocain,’ great. But when them tell me don’t smoke herb, it come like its crazy, mad! … Everyone on earth is supposed to smoke herb.” Marley Natural #marleynatural

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ທ.ລັດຕະນະ ໄຊຍະລິນ Sysamone Pothisan อ้ายมื่งเบาะนิ
Valerie Bathias 🖤
Frank Brooks Not everyone has the brain power to smoke and function normally. Me on other hand cant funtion properly without
Keith E Gynx Jackson Jr. Feel you Bob
Margarida Marinho ..."Everyone on earth is supposed to smoke herb.”

Have you seen the brand new RitaMarley mural at the Bob Marley Museum that was unveiled by Rohan Marley during the Smile Jamaica Dub Party earlier this month? . Bless up the artist charlB and all who made it out to the event, which helped fund music education efforts for the youth of Jamaica. HARAMBE! #ritamarley #wcw

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Brandon Smith um this is racist...
Seltar Mezey Ummm, that is not up to par and if you didn't mention it as srita marley
Hilary Delasalas Terri Sapp Page
Osvaldo Martinez Oliva muy bonito pintura
ALi Cengiz Rita the Little Queen 🔥🔥

"Now you see the light, stand up for your right!" #GetUpStandUp . 📷 Alex Webb, Smile Jamaica 1976

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Ousmane Diarra I know you don't know
Saffron Jade Thurkettle Legend
Adama Sangare Goodis'one
Descoux James ce n'est pas léve toi pour tes droits plutot ?
Mir Iam ces mots sont d'une très grande sagesse....que celui qui a des oreilles entendent...

December 12, 1979: Bob Marley & The Wailers perform live at The Fox Theatre in Atlanta, GA! #todayinbobslife #Survival

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Rama Lamine Thanks
Haauudy Kaale Thanks bob bro
Chawki Son Smir the king of rigge
Andreas Kuhnert Great
Ousmane Diarra One love

Happy Independence Day to our brothers and sisters in Kenya today! #AfricaUnite

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Abdel Fadil
Alex Triantafyllou Ian Babu
Anthe Kounadis Happy independents day
Abraão Chaves 👏🇯🇲👏🇯🇲👏🇯🇲👏🇯🇲

"I have got a running stream of love you see." #ForeverLovingJAH #bobmarleyart (artist unknown)

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Osvaldo Martinez Oliva buenicimo
Jalen Landry Fire For a Room
Draper January Jalen Landry
Arthur Parisot Fais sa en tableau Julian Logie
Maud Lespinasse j'adore

The Mellow Mood has got me, so let the music rock me....

7 Bob Marley Songs To Bring You Chill Vibrations
7 Bob Marley Songs To Bring You Chill Vibrations

The mellow mood has got you, so let the music rock you....

774 reactions 81 comments
Claudia Saquet The Great music !!!! 🍀🙃😍
Shakil Hossen Rana N
Linda Mckinlay Awesome xx 💕👍👌👏👏👏
Frank Reus That's what I needed today
Nicolas Dubois Thank you !!!

Check out John Legend's #bobmarleycover of "Redemption Song" performed live at the 2017 Nobel Prize (for Peace) award ceremony!

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Andre T. Jandke Not the best cover I have seen of this great song. but not bad.
Flora Milne Saw it on TV. Lovely x
Kelsey Daniels Candice Poole Huff
Javi CT Cela Palma Ojeda Muñoz
Bradley Carr I dont indulge racists...sorry Bob.

"We live like a team." #bobmarleyquotes

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Atzil Madary Ori Yaakov כל מילה 👌
Carroll Jackson 👍👍🌴✌🏁
Win Strong vintage.........THE LIVITY.......
Annan Besmark Respect
Lizzy von Sophie 😘😘

"I [had a] vision that I was in a lot of gun shot. That was a dream. That I was in a barrage of gun shot . . . the vision said, 'Don't run!'"

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Girish Bhardwaj No woman no cry everything will be alright
Marco DE Tropolla Prado superrrrrrr
Ärtùrø Hèrnándéz Süąrėz Gran bob marley👏🔫
Brit Midtsand Reinan ❤️❤️
Roland Venema Jah rastafari

“I like to have young babies around. They bring blessings.” #bobmarleyquotes

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Luudiiviinee Diluxx Erika Trefelle le sang ma soeur 😍😍💋💋
Daniel Souza de Santana Filho de já e nois q taaa
Hannah De Wever Ditte Jacoby Lien Bkkrs Margot Van Look so accurate :D
Ravi Ehrbeck-Malhotra Ankit Mehra Josh Sheehan interesting quote..........
Sonia Anjos Che bello mio Bob Marley 😚😘😙😍

Keep your skin smiling this winter with @marleynatural's hemp seed body lotion 🌿 . Get it today with FREE shipping @

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Devin Johnson Sexy
Lennart M Zum K Jah would never give the power to a baldhead ;-)
Joe Fishwick Ludovic Stocker hope I get this!!
Danny Brown 🤣🤘🏻✌🏻
Danny Brown This is the only lotion that cures my jock itch

#4 is probably the greatest weekend kick-off track of all time!

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Robert Posada 3 little bird's
Tyler Kharazi Brian Meza Here you go.
Mannie William Hatton Zion train Soul Rebel Top Rankin Ambush in the night Cry to Me
Peter Wahler Lifely up yourself
Michael Halliday Ben Halliday

"I can't remember a song Bob Marley has written that isn't good. Sometimes when you wake up in the morning and feel down, that is all you need to listen to." – Sly Dunbar _______ 📷 by Alex Webb, Smile Jamaica 1976

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Chimi Passenger True true me breda
Taureau Rebelle Bob Marley est avec moi dès le réveil, quand j'ai pas le moral ou que je suis heureuse toujours il m'apporte du bien être et de la force 💖.💖 Rastaman d'amour
Łukasz Paweł Krężel Agata Kwaśnik
Yasin Smokie Kaya Kaya is my favourite track (for obvious reasons)
Don Bell great way to start the day

Caption this: ______ 📷 Adrian Boot

9.1k reactions 212 comments
Joe Rodgers Keith Richards explaining why Mick Jagger is an asshole !
Andrew Hutchison Wha gwan
Benjamin Bradley McDonald "Wheres the love??"
Sean Flynn I an I gwan be Famous, Rastafarii
LV Gibson Where's the doobie

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Toumbou Ladji Bjr. Je cherche le morceau hiden en concert live ou jimy raffolais la guitare. Merci pour ton kdo
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Legend!
Corinne De Sousa Trop beau
کامران بھٹ web store site name please
Lacy Childers thanks you

Check out this home video recording of Bob & band rehearsing "Concrete Jungle" at Tuff Gong Studio in Jamaica from 1980!

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Saffron Jade Thurkettle Legend
Mrembula Lekgema Fake Bob Marley
Mario J. Giovanetti 👏👏👏👏👏👏 Siempre es un placer !
Wanderson Sousa Tenho essa gravação muito show
Tuggy Tours The one and only...

Elevate your style with The House of Marley's new #Uplift2Wireless earbuds, crafted from sustainable and eco-friendly materials. 🎧👉🏾 _______ Thanks to our #ProjectMarley reforestation initiative with One Tree Planted, each #HouseOfMarley purchase helps plant one tree 🌲

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Elroy Minor cool
Johan Bergvall please. don't promote wireless equipment in the name of Bob Marley! Do your research about the damages wifi and wireless technology causes peoples health.
Wiz J Das good n great
Paul Kusmin this is kind of sad.
Luis F. Banegas Get out JOH

Did you know Bob's name when he was first born wasn't Robert? #marleyfacts

7 Surprising Facts You May Not Know About The Legendary Bob Marley
7 Surprising Facts You May Not Know About The Legendary Bob Marley

Many of us are familiar with Bob Marley’s famous songs and even know the lyrics by heart. But there is so much more to this renowned musician beyond his international rock ‘n’ roll stardom. Although he died at the young age of 36, Marley’s music and his message have lived on.

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Harold Griffen Jah lives my idol his music is so real
Cecilia Benassi Murdered by a CIA agent. Somebody posted in face the history told by the responsable that is dieing and told.
Glenn Worthman So he was second born as well?
Kevine Positive Robert nesta Marley
Deb Morris Born Nesta first name

"If you're up look down from above; help the weak if you are strong now." #NoMoreTrouble ______ 📷 Arthur Gorson, Trench Town 1973

11.9k reactions 98 comments
Cesar Alfinete Trench T.
Thandeka S'phalaphala Samageza Mageza 1♥
Jacqueline Daylight Hay! Bob Marley fan club legend of Reggae Joe. True story knowledge is #Powerful Ark Tribe. Knowledge and wisdom share with respect from grandfather Inala Elders share with Bob Marley Spirits Kings of Reggae.. Legend of Reggae with #No women No Cry. We ...
Aabbrra Ahhaamm La légende ✌
Lisa Presland We don’t need no trouble 🎶 what we need is Love. Hero. X

Tuff Gong Worldwide is LIVE with Neville Garrick for Episode 15 of #IRememberWhen!

746 reactions 12 comments
Darron Wilder That Crazy!
Bertha Moen cool
Chas Finch love it!
Elroy Minor love it!
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Legend!

Enjoy this 'LIVE' stream of Bob's full set at the Smile Jamaica concert in Kingston, from December 5, 1976! #todayinbobslife

15.3k reactions 3377 comments
Liam Hennelly LEGEND. Ive been listening to Bob since i was a child and i will carry on till i am an oldman. RIP Robert Nester Marley ;-)
Norman Thompson He was assassinated! The 1%er's are afraid of any one that can make it harder on them to laugh all the way to there bank's!!!!!
Peter Folkes I was at this concert 1976.
Bob Adcock I was blessed to see Bob Marley and the Wailers at the Uptown Theatre in Chicago. What a great show!! JAH LOVE TO ALL FOREVER!
Donyia Donoia Douny Rat race.his boive god.without music ,without i threes .he reigns all .people around him people far from him.people not already born.he caught all the world.this Man IS a miracle

December 5, 1976: Bob Marley & The Wailers – with help from band members of Third World – perform during the Smile Jamaica concert at National Heroes Park in Kingston! #todayinbobslife . The event came just two days after a failed political assassination attempt left Bob, RitaMarley and manager Don Taylor recovering from various gunshot wounds. Laying low at Strawberry Hill while police investigate the incident, Bob faces a tough internal battle as to whether or not he should get on stage and perform at the event. He is informed the morning of that it would go on as scheduled, however, and later reports from the stage by Third World's Cat Coore are that everything is peaceful and the vibrations are positive. 80,000 people have gathered, and are all excitedly awaiting their brother Bob to perform. Inspired and determined, the band decides to brave the risk and head down the mountain to do their set. Led by a police escort, the sirens signaling Tuff Gong's impending arrival were universally understood by the crowd, leading to an eruption of cheers audible even to the band as they grew closer to the park. With a couple members of Third World filling in for some of the band who had scattered after the shooting, Bob Marley and crew performed a blistering set of reggae with a noticeable air of defiance, bravery and unyielding purpose. It would become one of the most iconic moment in live music history, and forever cemented Bob Marley as a true-to-form Reggae Revolutionary. . 📷s by Alex Webb

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Bruno Gomes Very Good... Thanks Bob marley... i love" Reggae"...
Bertha Moen very cool!
Nana Hernandez Ejemplo a seguir
Reggae Riddim Respect to king Marley ur unforgetable
Sara Casqueira Cardoso The day I was born! 😉

Kaya Fest is back! Celebrating 40 years since the release of their father’s ‘Kaya' album, The Marley Brothers join forces yet again for another exciting weekend of music on April 28-29, this time in #LongBeach, CA at Queen Mary Park! #kayafest2018 Tickets available 12/14 at

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Leonardo Nato Where Well it be????
Pablo Andres Villacura Gonzalez gondwana¡¡
Lacy Childers love it!
David Fagan Robbie Fagan that would be good to go to
Michael Aylott Sammy Hart fancy it?
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