Nico Rosberg

Last updated: 19:12 12/14/2017

together with our chancellor Angela Merkel and Deutsche Bahn Konzern CEO Richard Lutz. what an honor it was to launch germany’s high speed train track (munich-berlin below 4 hours) with them.

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Renato Lupacchino Guten.tag..uaooo.unvergeblich..bewundern.merkel..grobartic..ku"ssen.durch.merkel..reny.
Stephen Soulsby "our" you've lived in Monaco all of your life ya Numpty
Matthias Binder Nico, Du solltest auf Deinen Umgang achten😉😖
Ruth U. Manfred Bickert Nico, das haben Sie auch verdient! Mit der Bahn fährt doch viel entspannter als mit dem Auto! Ich "liebe" die Bahn!
Shirwatel Simini they'd choose Micheal Schumacher if he's available !!


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Marie-louise Reiske Happy Birthday Keke 🍾🎂
Sigrid Sietschka HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Conny Svendsen Congrats Keke <3
Raffaella Mura Happy birthday Keke !!! Tomorrow it's my birthday !!!
Ritva Lehto Hyvää syntymäpäivää ja hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää 🏁🤗🏁🍾🎂☕🤗.

Holding back the tears... 😢 Full video in the comments!

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HD Vreden A real man can be emotional!!!
Despina Jones You worked so hard for this Nico, well deserved World Champion. Respect!
Maurice Momo You mean to have no nuts to left F1 because you won the WDC because of luck?
Claus Hansen Well deserved big Champ ❤️😎👍🏁 You are missed on track 👌
Terri Theresa Korsman-Sweet champ be as emotional as you WANT!!! so proud of you and your humbleness!!!


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Michael Ho Big congratulations !
Михаил Годисов 🥂👍
Adri Quanta Where is Ham?
Marika Salmijärvi Congratulations😊👌
Jonathan Lepage Felicitation champion

wow. tonight was such a huge honor for me. Merci, Mr President. FIA 🙏🏻 #HallOfFameFIA

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Helina Paronen YOU DESERVE THIS ;;;NICO;;;;;;
Paul R Routley Only one Lady, who is she ? and why are there not more women on the FIA hall of fame ?
Ann Booth Congratulations Nico! I do miss Schumie so much!
Mo Dow Fantastico Nico UR Truely Inspirational F1 World Champion Awesome Congratulations 🏎🏎💙
Silvio Urdininea Por favor! Por favor! Te estamos esperando en la F1. Y no en la Formula E. Volvé por favor!

SPECIAL 24 HOURS! And I drive in a race simulator...

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Mel Gasser Wanker.
Amelia Amel PROMO BESAR😊 mau buka olshop sndiri tpi bingung cari harga murah?? yuk kak,FILE yg mempunya RATUSAN SUPLIER TANGAN PERTAMA ONLY 10RB. klo di tmpat lain mah puluhan ribu. yuk kak,10rb untuk SELAMANYA.
May Wong Welcome to Hong Kong
Taufik Hidayat Thank you
Sandy Jr thank bury mach

Excited to take my long relationship with HUGO BOSS to the next level, as their global brand ambassador. We’ll do great things together.

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Alfa Bernd Jetzt noch Socken anziehen und das Outfit wäre perfekt.
Michael Ho Excellent! It was great to meet you in Hong Kong :-) hope you had a great time.
Ferdinand Butler Nico !!!!! Please come back to F1 Racing !!!!!!!! We need you !!!!!!!!
Arturo Cid del Prado Hugo Boss is lucky to have you as ambassador! Greetings Champ!
Mziyabo Singwango At least do the Dakar Rally I'd you're not going to do Formula 1

Behind the scenes of Abu Dhabi race day 2017!

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Niehan Upreti Nico Rosberg.........:
Umam Republik Radoz Ay donnot
Moritz Steidl Ann Sophie ☝🏻hier die neueste Ausgabe
Aimin Karaing Brilliant nico
Simone Batista Leureni 😍😍

Very emotional being back on the grid where I did donuts a year ago!

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Louis Wodje Nico, could not you come back? It will be exciting
Jacqueline Handtschoewercker C'était un grand plaisir de te voir au dernier grand prix de la saison tu nous manque beaucoup en f1 c'était vraiment super de te voir piloter tu es une très belle personne et je t'admire pour cela ne change pas reste comme tu es je te souhaite beaucoup ...
Giovanni Castellini E lo sanno tutti che stai aspettando di entrare in ferrari..............
Raul Poletto Nico quando avevi 4 anni sei venuto con tuo padre al porto di Riccione a fare benzina camper andavate a Imola f 1👱‍♂️
Mohamed Rusli Darwi It was Fantastic!!!! A magnificent Team Effort !!! A job well done!!!

some close fights. how do you like the race? will Valtteri Bottas bring it home???

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Kai Kleinert Hallo Nico, würde mich riesig freuen, dich nächstes Jahr als Moderator bei RTL zu sehen ! lieben Gruß Kai
Rebekah Ong I'm hoping he does!! Go Valtteri Bottas!!
Emanuel Casamoto Meiner Meinung nach fehlt eine freie Reifenwahl in Verbindung mit Tankstops!
Rens Königs Bottas will win cuz Hamilton wants him to win it!
Eddy Mennicken-lentz Nico ,plz take the place over from Nicky ,you did a great job today for RTL Television

I watched qualifying from a different seat this year...

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Blanquita Cuellar Yes
Felice Bellini una sofferenza comunque..
Ingrid Gienger How does it feel? .. wärst du gern mitgefahren....!!??
Alan Armstrong They to slow for u nico 🤠
Aretha Woodward A safer seat 😊


10.1k reactions 46 comments
Nicole Catherine Come Back. It's Soooooo Crap without You!
Dan Holder **the race that broke Nico as a man
Edwin Hew Much respect, Nico.
Sabine Khaira I MISS YOU SO MUCH 😘😘😭😭
Djaaroun Amr تم

Qualifying from above 🏁

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Julia Romeo Hallo bon Dimanche
Furkan M Power Du Fehlst Komm Zurück Weltmeister !
Isa Caron What a great pic of you! 👍
Mo Dow Fantastico Nico ❤️ UR No 1. Top Top F1 World. Champion. Will enjoy ur commentating @ Abu Dhabi In Jersey ( tv this Yr ). 🏎❤️🏎🏁
Diane Cullimore Our World Champion!!!

Only 23 of these EVER MADE and I've got one! 😆

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Adam Mustakim helllo nico!
Diane Cullimore Miss you dear man
Christian Hey Einmal einpacken bitte 😅
Glynis Mcdonnell You deserve it, you earned it! Enjoy.
Leif Thylin En klocka..

throwback to how I started my racing career. having this footage is very special to me. watch the full video on my youtube channel. 👉🏻 #tbt

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Rodolfo Merani DESDE ARGENTINA: Lo he visto Nico, buenísimo y ya tenias muchos cartings..
Cathy Finet Mon petit bonhomme à Genk..... Garde bien tous ces souvenirs, Nico...... Les plus beaux......
Martín Silva Muchísimas gracias Nico por compartir este recuerdo!!!!! Muy emocionante!!!
Jackie N. Le Bel I have watched this video many times. My classy champion Nico❤️
Michael Führer Super süß....aber tollen Vater hattest/hast aber hat dir die Leidenschaft vérmittelt....

Grateful to have this woman by my side since I was sixteen 🙏🏻

11.6k reactions 181 comments
Ela Byrne You are a wonderful couple and family!!!
Hannele Ja Roman Fehrmann Yoy are lucky. Im am also I have a great man by my side ❤💙❤💙 we are happy and lucky. 💙❤💙❤
Mea Anderson Con toda la fama y el dinero que tiene pudiera tener la mujer que quisiera pero se ve el respeto y amor que siente por ella ... es admirable
Luca Löschmann Niclas Heiderhoff kann man absolut verstehen warum der nicht mehr fahren will 😁
Lynda Smith Wonderful couple, keep the Love and Happiness you share always xxx ❤️❤️

Incredible night at BAMBI 2017 🤵

4.1k reactions 64 comments
Laura Brombach Lovely
Dirk Kohnert Glückwünsch an Nico Rosberg zum Bambi
Ahmed Zoom Got the fur from Lewis' closet? 😂😁🤣
Usch Rondorf Pelz ?? 😢😢😢
Diane Cullimore Nico please tell me that's not real fur Vivi is wearing . 🙏🏻😌

I really enjoyed speaking at WIRED UK last week! It was great to have a little sneak peak of what the future holds! 😃

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Raffaele Tavolieri Vitale Valentino
Monsif El Mouden ☺☺
Marika Salmijärvi =) =)
Alex Sinclaire Awesome!
Beth Portwood Super interesting video and special thanx for the comment for Parkinson's sufferers, that's an exciting possibility - have shared your video to a friend whose wife has Parkinsons (coincidentally he's an ex F1 mechanic of over 30 years on the circuit ...

congrats to Seb for a strong performance. great to see the fans singing Felipes name 🇧🇷🇧🇷 👌🏻

5.6k reactions 55 comments
Eleonore Schulz Thank you Felipe!
Steffen Fobe #Kubica2018, we count on you Nico Rosberg 👍🏻
John Abrahamsen Time for Nico Rosberg to get back in a car. Maybe a Ferrari?
Patrick Miettinen Wäre top gewesen hätten auch die Fans in Hockenheim für dich gesungen Nico #blessed
Jason Lapper I hope he doesn’t have to do it again next year as well 😂😂


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Marie-Odile Manier Un vrai Champion dans tous les domaines !! Quel bonheur de vous voir si heureux ! Merci pour cette belle photo !
Manon Bourgeolet Où la est la petite soeur? Elle est belle cette photo. Ont voient beaucoup d'amour , de joie .
Kath Bray Photo of love and precious times ❤️💕❤️x
Donna Ward thats what life is about.. treasure this time x
Alex Sinclaire Awwww! That’s a very sweet shot, Nico. I know she’s a handful these days but it’s over so quickly.

Throwback to #BrazilGP 2012. Final race with Michael at Mercedes. Will never forget what a special experience it was to be team mates with him! #TBT 📸 x Wilhelm

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Maria Sacher Grande Nico. Almeno hai avuto la fortuna di correre con un vero campione. Poi purtroppo ti è arrivato in squadra un pagliaccio 😄
Lin Yan Naing I hope and wish Michael the best. Lastly hope you’re in contact with him
June Griffin Just the F1 Family. Pity Lewis never recognised any of this xx. Nico and kecky. History made.
Carole O'Neill I often wonder how Michael is x
Etiziana Eti Beautiful memoirs! Return soon in F1, we miss so much! ❤️

it was an inspirational meeting with Didi! thx for bringing us together 👊🏻

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Sue Sukri rosberg start 2018 formula 1 ?
Max Trescazes Thanks UBS 💸💰💵💴💷
Jojo Panfili Mes 2 idoles à la retraite sont réunis! Wow,
Terri Theresa Korsman-Sweet Nico was NEVER a PRIMA DONNA"!! Worked with his team and NEVER craved to be centre of attention! Got to love THAT!!!
Edward Radesky Nico, I respect your decision to retire; but it would be awesome to see you racing in Ferrari RED. It was good for Michael Schumacher and you were blessed to be his team mate:) Cheers!

i went to to Frankfurt this afternoon. Spent the trip reading a really interesting interview...

4.7k reactions 114 comments
Waldemar Jung Nico Rosberg Das ist nicht das kleine Smartphone. Der Bildschirm ist sogar größer als die bisherigen großen iPhones. Es sieht vielleicht kleiner aus da es keinen Rand mehr gibt aber der Bildschirm an sich ist größer :-) Keine Sorge
Adrian Börner Nico, Come back to the Formula one
Vanessa Duddington Great fun times then back to your beautiful family, enjoy champ 😉x
Sue Griffin Always a great interview with Mr Nico Rosberg xxx😜😜😜(UK)
Erich Andreas Keller Top Nico 💪 umweltbewusst unterwegs 👍 ich mag Deine offene , ehrliche Art ❤️

Loved racing around a track in a new Mercedes-AMG GTR! No traction control... obviously 😉

1.5k reactions 36 comments
Pascal Pflug Fais toi plaisir 👍
Karin Lohan Genial. Macht eben doch Spaß 😁
Ąbert Kiwiński #SupportKubica
Dom Inik Die Reaktionen sind aufjedenfall immer noch da Nico!
Victor Ellas Hola Nico, soy de Mexico, me gustaría poder conseguir tu libro, donde lo puedo encontrar???

Train ride. Im Zug nach Frankfurt.

4.3k reactions 612 comments
Bettina Kleemann Hej Nico, alles LIEBE und GUTE für Dich...LG aus Schweden
Thomas Vorwerk Das ist es, was man sehen möchte... Ein Mensch wie du und ich 😉
Gisela Hofmann Nico ohne Dich ist F1 langweilg.
Despina Jones Hi Nico, World Champion! So good to see and hear you.x
Vero Leclo Nico tu m'as manqué cette année à la F1, mais c'est comme ça, il faut faire un choix dans la vie, toi tu as choisi la vie de famille, tu as raison tu peux profiter de ta famille, **bises **

Congratulations Lewis. Well deserving champion! Also brilliant for Team Mercedes to clinch both titles 🏆🏆

9.9k reactions 293 comments
'Yves Dreißigacker' Letztes Jahr fand ich es noch eine gute Idee aufzuhören. Dieses Jahr muss ich leider sagen, das es ein Fehler war. Du hättest dem Arroganten Fatzken schön den Marsch geblasen. Miss you.
Si Bel Hauptsache das Mettschnütchen schmollt :-) Ich mag weder den einen noch den anderen. Sind beide unsympathisch. Aber in diesem Fall bin ich der selben Meinung. Verdient gewonnen und zum Konkurrenten braucht man nix sagen. Der muss sich erst wieder ...
Lorna Nowicki You are a truly an officer and a gentleman Nico. After all the snide remarks from sore Lewser Hamilton you still have the manners and grace to congratulate the rat!! I salute you Nico! ❤
Despina Jones Well not going to comment on these fanboys and girls anymore, where there is no sense as they say!!! 😂 however I took great pleasure in seeing Lewis take soooooo long to pass at the back. Hilarious.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Cristina Vitale "Obviously each year I could do the easy thing which is stop and retreat like Nico did with these four titles, but I think there is more in me," says Lewis Hamilton in the press conference Nico, I don't think so. It's not an easy thing to do! Te lo ...

Throwback to the last Sunday of the Summer ☀️🛥️ #TBT

2.6k reactions 38 comments
Pauline Owen Love it x
Karin Lohan So könnte es ewig bleiben 🌞🙄
Anderson Cleyton Dos Santos Ferreira Isto é viver a vida boakkkkk😎
Manuela Cadorin Immer sehr schön
Ivonne Mad Come back Nico!!

Learning lots of different skills. This time: presenting! 👨‍🎓

3.3k reactions 62 comments
Marika Salmijärvi Great job😊👌. I'm proud of you❤.
Margaret Morrice lookin good as usual nico
Maria Sacher Torna Nico... Ti prego...
Stany Kartopet great pic !
Amy Johnson It suits you, Nico. Enjoy :D


3.9k reactions 73 comments
Laura Gabriela Núñez Rodríguez Nico! Que gustó saber de ti. Te extrañamos.
Nicole Catherine Just come back Nico.
Simone Batista Leureni Volta para f1 Ou para alguma cotegoria do automobilismo 🏎🏎 Saudades 😭😭😭
Maria Sacher Sei sempre più bello Nico. La pensione ti fa bene!
Mateusz Duszyński #SupportKubica #NeverGiveUp #ReturnToF1
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