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Did we really need a whole study tho? 😂

A New Study Shows More Brain Activity In Women Versus Men
A New Study Shows More Brain Activity In Women Versus Men

Sure, women might not need a study to know we use our brains a lot more than men, but science is here to back that up anyway.

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Vikram Ohri https://impresivefacts.blogspot.in/
Trizy Tree i thought the goal is to conquer the brain
Kristina Williams-Lee Lol.
Alicia T Fox And transexual?
Lesaun Garrido Quality over quantity

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Æñéi MB Who put flowerz on ur head beautiful
Æñéi MB Who put flowerz on ur head beautiful
Jimmie Biagas Yes
Bg Angy 👌 looking stunning
Merlyn Kings Willow you look good Am Merlyn

HOODIE OF BY: @joannathangiah 🤘🏿🌍

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Ciara Mc Ardle Galileo was killed for saying the world was round. ( the bible at the time had stated the world was flat ) and if it was proven that the world was actually round then the bible was wrote by man. The bible is a good book but it was slightly edited to ...
Jennifer Wicks Quetta Bailey
Æñéi MB U feeling sexy
Oluwole Olusola Oluwole Olusola hey
Amigo Twite Tucson Damn bad intention

😂 🍩

The Bride And Bridesmaids In This Wedding Carried
The Bride And Bridesmaids In This Wedding Carried 'Doughnut Bouquets'

Being a bridesmaid is not always an easy job. There are the dresses that the bride swears you can totally wear again, but somehow always end up collecting dust in the back of your closet. There’s the copious amounts of money you have to spend on everything from the bachelorette

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Mandy Cole Frank Casals
Maxine Hynes Krystal Allan
Georgette McCool Kate Keener Ikahihifo
Kelli Caldwell Angie Caldwell
Kelli Caldwell Hannah Campbell

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Æñéi MB Give dat guy wat he wanted 4rm u
Iven Enrico Uirab With who are you willow
Benayah Valantine Keep the fire blazing
Djluikon Kon Love that hoody. .
Henry Wanjala The sweetest pic yet.. ♥


3 Alternative Sports You Have to Try This Fall
3 Alternative Sports You Have to Try This Fall

OZY's Matt Foley shares his picks for nontraditional games that even sports haters can appreciate.

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Thuli Soke WOW😍
Wandi Mboyi Hi
Dan Maxwell Stick It <3


3.3k reactions 59 comments
Jennifer Smith Cute
Karla Dorantes Vendo herba
Bassirou Sene Junior Beautiful sister...
Fadoju Olamide Refined gold...✉
Khris Young I Love You Willow.


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Lucas Zúñiga Pérez Lol
Nevtemore More hi dear how the family
Di Napoli Tenco Mario Tu n'a pas besoin de sa surtouts si tu savait ce qu'il y'a dedans
Ngugi Sophia Wanjiku i know i should be sympathising with this new world...but damn this really cracked me up.. the EVIL EYELINER."IS IT WEIRD TO LOOK LIKE A CAT" no because everyone knows that cats are girls and dogs are boys and dogs are so nice and honest and cats are ...

Viking Warrior Found in Swedish Grave Was Actually A Woman
Viking Warrior Found in Swedish Grave Was Actually A Woman

Scientists have discovered that a Viking grave adorned with swords and axes belonged not to a male, but a seemingly powerful female.

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Nguyễn Hồng Phát <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Keena Sweeney https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xu4pDCiQ5U
Evy Eve Largatha!
Dan Maxwell It is you..you are reincarnated <3
Di Napoli Tenco Mario Aujourd'hui il y as plus personne, elle ont toutes disparut , il ne reste qu'un chevalier qui subsiste en vers et contre tous..W..M..

Sloppy Cover of By Ludo

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Mansie Uiseb I love it.😎🙌👌
Sydnee Lawson Thanks
Rhonda L. Stevenson Passionate, organic...I liked it it. 😎


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Abdulhakam Aliyu Usman my one
Diebaba Sow Nice tof
Eric Yessaya Mmwaaaa.
Vernbayasha MadeIt Lit asf
Christian Ndoy Dad's girl...

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Stephanie Davis 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈
Brayden Wildey are u really u
Amanda Ngubane Nice
Brayden Wildey i love your songs😘
Brayden Wildey willow? I be Brayden... if u read this..

This Mom Delivered Her Own Baby During Hurricane Irma And Gave Her The Perfect Name
This Mom Delivered Her Own Baby During Hurricane Irma And Gave Her The Perfect Name

When a Miami-based mother was going into labor, no emergency vehicles could make it to her. Hurricane Irma was set to hit the city.

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Gladys M Lebona Nice
Amanda Ngubane HEY NICE
Sandra E Fuller What a hero you are to your baby! What a cool labor story to tell her in years to come!
Danielle Levredge It's this kind of stuff that makes me think OBs are a waste of time. Ryan Evans

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BaaTime Dc Cute
Prudence Altou I like.😂😁😀
Filomena Lau Parra Corredor Andrea es tan hermosaaaaa
Fadoju Olamide Crazy phantom🌊
Denise Thomas Unique

Why This Woman Fought to Have Her Brother’s Murderer Released from Prison
Why This Woman Fought to Have Her Brother’s Murderer Released from Prison

This woman developed a friendship with the most unlikely person: Her brother’s killer.

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Amanda Ngubane Nice
Chris Jay True Talk
Sibonelo Mncedisi We will never meet.
Azola Teddy Ngalo Wow
Pierre Dagamtamma Je Suis Pierre Daga Et Jaime Tout Les Chanteurs Et Chanteuses Du Monde Que Le grand Dieu de tout puissant soit avec vous 1 a1.

Feeling this today // @JABS_music 💕

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Fadoju Olamide Repeat mode🎧

5.0k reactions 75 comments
Catia Salvatore Omg girl you are stunning😍😍😍😭❤
Nany Nelson Wau que linda diva
Daniel'Diaz Eric B'Kenzo I love (?)
Shaina Mae Santiago Santos Willow😍
Rae Doll winter z coming soon

Good Samaritan Gives Woman Store
Good Samaritan Gives Woman Store's Last Generator Before Irma

If there is a silver lining to natural disasters and other devastating events, perhaps it is that they can to bring out the best in people. Pam Brekke lives in Sanford, Florida, about 40 miles north of Orlando. Her 87-year-old father-in-law uses an oxygen tank for his heart issues, and

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Amanda Ngubane Nice
Ephrem Biniakounou The real samaritan
Linda Shippey Montes Thanks
Ann Chamberlain Beautiful
Luisenrique Ortiz my brother and friend will smith you are a tremendous person and I hope that God will fill you with a lot of happiness and health so that you can go ahead and fulfill your purpose on my part thousand blessings you are the best

The truth is so painful but it is also liberating because now you have a choice: either to stay in your delusions and continue the same unhealthy cycles, or step into an unexplored world where you are truly shown who you are. It's an excruciating choice but never the less... it's a choice.

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Amanda Ngubane Nice
Gomotsegang Letsoalo Be yourself your Willow remember ♡
Azum Christian Ozoemena E You are beautiful
Joye Long Willow you are a " Wonder ;;; Women can no longer use the same template in business that men structured. Time for change !
Miranda Keuter But that is the problem of most wars .... Goalsetminds of taking over the controll, why not collaborate As Well As unite?

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Carly Findlay You look very beautiful
Msendoo Labe looking cute baby
Fattah De RealKinging BossCartel Black Queen
Lebohang Moloi I 😍 😍 😍 the way you photograph
Jack Tors Very Björk-ish, I like.

Netflix and Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig reveal new anime series Neo Yokio
Netflix and Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig reveal new anime series Neo Yokio

Starring Jaden Smith, Jude Law, Susan Sarandon, Steve Buscemi and more

465 reactions 13 comments
Gradilin Veep David Rios
Alyssa Bills Steven DA Boss Shuey
Shir Klainman Ophir Klainman
Jiardo Mbugua That is cool pal 👌👌👌
Kyomugisha Sumaiyah Smith Jaa

6 reactions 3 comments
Amanda Ngubane NIC
Johnathan Rodriguez Love and courage that's all you got to give her.
Mick Ross No matter what someone do to you must be nice to them that the way but it's so had sometimes to show love when someone gives you hate


60 reactions 8 comments
Roberto Parchment-Chávez Jessica Hernandez 💗
Olanrewaju Abidemi Okay Now Ladies Let's Get In Information
Amanda Ngubane HY
Ronnie Mambondiani Kkkk thats funny
Yofu Alpern So you are not single now!!!

"She'll skin you alive and drink from your cerebellum, broh." <💯>

2.2k reactions 63 comments
Wilson Jayden Smith 😍😍😍
Enoma Edobor Love Willow
Xhafik Ozil Wow! So beautiful
Cassia A Crawford Please
Jiardo Mbugua Cool but that nose earring makes u look like a cow😄😄😄😄

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You’ve Seen Squiggle Brows — but Have You Seen Braid Brows?
You’ve Seen Squiggle Brows — but Have You Seen Braid Brows?

You’ll never guess the new brow trend that’s been blowing up social media.

402 reactions 55 comments
Vusumuzi Gobidolo unique :v
Saiful Titu Yes
Di Napoli Tenco Mario C'est sublime
Di Napoli Tenco Mario Î'm. Terrible. it my delete my number )=====|> 😃.
Dan Maxwell Braidy Bunch <3

10.6k reactions 130 comments
Lights Erick My girl
Maria Angelica Competente Cobilla Willowwwwww❤
Ana María Osorio Lovely..blessinga
Jiardo Mbugua Not cool willow those earrings do not look gud on u
Esther Mcvey She looks beautiful xx

187 reactions 9 comments
Skye Heaven Megan Patch
Sherrie Tilley Loren Kershaw Tia Dean
Jiardo Mbugua I hate chocolat 😝😝
Wandile Khoza how old are u willow
Ellysia Keddy 👌🏻💕

‘The Magic School Bus’ Gets the ‘Hamilton’ Treatment Thanks to Netflix
‘The Magic School Bus’ Gets the ‘Hamilton’ Treatment Thanks to Netflix

This total nostalgia-fest will make your inner child feel warm and fuzzy inside.

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Jiardo Mbugua Hay willow can we be pals??
Reignor Wiggins 😎
Bēãüclåìr Smïth i love you

3.2k reactions 20 comments
Xander Amaral Landon Marchen
Caique Catarina Felisberto
Kyndal Munsie Maia Robustelli
Jean-Baptiste Abet Yevlalia love them
Luisenrique Ortiz Hi willow i love you
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