Allen Iverson

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Oladayo Alabi Merry Christmas . -------- Osollo
Rodhe Marrero Acosta Love him
Jason Williams Merry Christmas
Louis A Lamberty Ai3 tbe
Adac Ace Martinez Whats the Name of the song

Congrats!!! #Str8SerialKilla

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Dartarvius Johnson Rodrick Moore
Giorgio Cagnazzo Pietro Adinolfi
Fabio Muza Jogava muito!
Twelv Silver Ballhog
Willbert Johnson 💯💯☝

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Risacup Stallworth Zhane Stallworth
John Rich Dustin D Mack Henry
John Rich Dylan Hendershott
Nia Carr Kayla Janelle Carr :)
Christopher Carter Rello Bossn

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Allen Iverson | Roots of Fight
Allen Iverson | Roots of Fight

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MsBenita Denise Washington 😂
Daniela Kohnle Allen Iverson 4eva!!
Nuccio Tae Thomas A.I.!

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Zhonghong Li 爹 ! 你還是一樣那麼帥 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 謝欣吟 Ian Chi 葉瀚文 開薰哥 Brian Gong WenYi Gong
Shannon Hill Alandria Resilient Niner..... that’s my Man!!!!!
Penny Heineken 早安,
Nuccio Tae Thomas A.I.!
Juan Gabriel Rosa Mi fan

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Sara Marie Chris Leahy
Nayr Iverson Cinimod Dela Cruz
Tom Sosa Pippe Quiñehual Si
Tim Scholz Robert Geier
Mick Chesson Kanisha Rowe

Make sure you go to to get your pair of the new #AnswerIV

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Andrew Gonzalez César Ramos mira lo que te conseguí aquí hay está el link para que los compres
Moy Aguilera Still own a pair from back in the day. Might have to grab another pair now.
Kendall Alîže Wyatt Reshod Bowden, bro remember we used to rock the hell out of these lol.
Saim Khan Ricci Patrick you gotta admit these look pretty good! Not a big fan of the strap tho
Kyle Yeubanks The Answer line needs to continue or we need retro's. Come on reebok what f**k are you waiting on

Proud to announce the release of my new T with @rootsofight just in time for the start of the new season #KnowyourRoots #RootsofBasketball

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Marvin Orbit Adonis Monay I want:)
Ser Hat COME (back) TO BEŞİKTAŞ ⚫ ⚪ ⚫ ⚪
Arturo Mann Ese es cabron
Carl Price Awesome. It will be a top seller. Congrats A.I.
Dominique Unique I love you AI!!!

Happy 58th ma! & many more to my special lady!!!

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Gary Bartlett Happy birthday beautiful queen enjoy your day
Jan Simone Happy Birthday to the beautiful, strong woman behind the legend! 🍾🍰💃🏿👠🎼💐
Aileen Eddy Happy birthday Ann Iverson. Enjoy. Blessings. Love y'all family
Tameka Adams What she doing wit that cowboys stuff in tho....Love u Mama I
Tom McCooley Bray Iverson's mom a cowboys fan?? I think I have officially seen it all. Moyer. Balzano

Loyal to the core!!!#My Chinese fans

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黃柏憲 想拍個魔鏡號
Andy Qian welcome to Shanghai. But i am not in China right now😒
Kyle Harris II The righteousness of the righteous shall deliver them says the Lord..
David Ahn Hell ya! Haha She prob got disowned for doing that! #butitsAI
賴永竣 I'm your Chinese fans, too

Happy birthday killa!!!

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Jermaine Bruce Happy Birthday (Black Mumbai)
Cody Stevenson Happy Birthday Killa!⛹🏿🏀⛹🏿🏀
Andre Mayfield Happy BDay AI Philly appreciates You Game Changer bro
Eric Williams Happy birthday
Angel Sc Happy Birthday Kobe Bryant 😛

The theme song to my LIFE!!!

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Axel Aksas Tom Jourdain
Dre' Pedro Easterling Meek Mill
Peter Vissaris Charbel
Jonathan Jones Marquis Smith
Steve Pearson James Zhu David Hanno wow....

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Kris Griffith There is no excuse honestly they should cut u from the league
Dylan Mergele Best way to make it up is we all wanna see u on the court big dAwg
Aaron Moose Smyth The guy is a flake.. I loved him but come on, lace up and face up.
Steven Merced Stay out that casino , the HOUSE always wins
April Grant You're forgiven, but like most people- If I'm coming to the game it's to see AI play, no one else... #ShowUp


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Dee Nice Rip Prodigy
Nathaniel Scott MOBB for LIFE
Ranbir Hodges U Kno the channel
Davit Giladze RIP tupac

I love interacting with my fans @ the big3 in Chicago!!

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Ranbir Hodges Yerrrrrrrrrrr
Calvin Brown What's up AI. Check this out
Kian Jafari Dream to see u once
Nuccio Tae Thomas A.I.!
Irene Ramos 😍

I Love this man...Thanks coach!!!

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Tim Green PRACTICE??????
Aniceto Cesar Chilemba He was like a father for you,never forget that A.I
Alfred Wade Yup...
Tameka Adams Wow.... I miss that picture
Chevis Smith An we love you bro

I will cherish this moment FOREVER!

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Alan Brian Rijo Irrizary Nuevo " SORTEO '' cumplí con el anterior felicidades'' Estoy regalando iphones📱📱a los primero 700 que le den like y me sigua en mi instagram:alan_rijo_23. :D
Daniel Abjelina who that nigga
Kevin Ortega Chávez Whos is he?
Lincoln Williams Have a great night cousin and much love to the whole family that is cool that is what's up
Henry Thomas Here comes angry white people

Happy Birthday to my big bro Gary Payton!

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Shirley Weatherspoon Happy birthday Gary!!! From the Snow family!
Carolyn Ferguson-Harden Happy Birthday
Blenda Johnson Happy Birthday Gary! Much love!
Shawna Sheree Happy Birthday Gary!
Darrell Jordan Happy Birthday to 1 of the greatest shit talkers ever! Gary Payton

Iverson vs. Morgan State

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Fede Sandoval Facuu Sandoval
Terrell McGhee Jeff McGhee
Jeremiah Ervin Ai da best
Nikel Stilwonderfull Wow
RAlfh Lagahit Wow

Timeline Photos

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Daniel Mesa 🐐 goat
Djibril Kouyaté Love Iverson
Iver Arnold Hicarte "heart over height!"
Samraj Gurung The answer 🏀🏀🏀🏀
Rod Selgas Sevilla Idol woooww A.I

Timeline Photos

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Gabriel Boisvert-Bonin Tommy Plamondon the 10's se font peter par tout l'monde ....
Tyler Ingley Eliot Percella Eric Encinas who ya got?! I have to go with 2000s. Kobe in his prime was unstoppable with Shaq + Duncan and Lebron at 3/4 spot...not to mention...PRACTICE running it all 😂
Mathew Brading hard to not choose 90's 2 greatest scorers an amazing passer PG Barkley in his prime was great and could help against Shaw and between Hakeem n MJ theres the 8 of the 90s rings right there. im not sure 80's or 00's could topple although the decade ...
David Sieradzki 90's. Although I certainly wouldn't count out a team with Bird, Dr. J., Magic and Isiah. Not enough basketballs for the 2000s and 2010s teams to go around and not enough competitive fire for the likes of LeBron and Durant (aka K-Puss).
Domonìc Hill As much as I hate to say it...I have the 2000s winning because of duncan being the extra big man...I don't see anyone matching up w him and Shaq, maybe one of them but not both at the same time

Iverson's 44 point game against Seattle

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Tarsem Singh You r amazing
Scott Nelson Sick wid it d : !
Lejean Davis I love u A.I.
Razo Armenta Mauro Aarón Sólo es recuerdo
Casey Byrd My boo 😍

Timeline Photos

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T.j. Bombo Lkm Prod c'est bien en novembre ton annif bro ? Lol
Khalil Teg Abda Ugz Seyf Quodes bellehi chouf. CHOUF!!!!!!!!! CHTHEBNI NAAML ANA TAWA bch ndakhlhelk lfekra lmokhek? rabi yehdik.
Jake Quinn Thomas Thompson hell yeah I would have set a record this season and gotten MVP and ditched that traitor bitch named KD
James Murphy July, same in real life actually (July 25th). And hell yeah Allen Iverson! Pound for pound the best player ever and I saw him play at my first NBA game I attended, so fun watching him play.
Olivier Faure-Allara Karel Allara t'as manqué tes 2 premières saisons :/ Wesberto Daleze Innocent c'est chaud pour toi et pour moi 😎

Timeline Photos

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James Spirovski Jaydan Oliver im sorry bro but Ai and Jordan would fuck them up
Anthony Semaan Mismatch in size and height I would unfortunately say Lebron and westbrook Although clearly the quality is clearly on jordan and iverson's side but having a mismatch would harm them badly
Feeno Goin Hard I can tell that everybody on here saying " Russ & Lb " clearly only watched today's basketball & never seen mj or Ai play... y'all dumb asf 😭 mj & Ai smoking they ass like a blunt 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️💨💨💨💨
Phillip Snoddy Well iverson and westbrook...both ball hogs, and lebron's advantage would be "strength buckets" in the paint. Jordan was a Dpoy, while Lebron is overrated, especially on defense. KD murdured him in game 1. Iverson and jordan spent most of their careers ...
Charles Clark All 4 of these players would drop dead before they let the other team win. This game is definitely ending with a tided up score and all 4 going to the hospital in a ambulance but still talking shit 🆘⚠️📞🚧🚒🚑🥇🏅🏆🏀🍿🍺 get my popcorn 🍿 and soda 🍹this is going ...

Iverson on his mutual respect with Kobe Bryant

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Cody Edwards Michael Hirka
Sid Bhatia Sai Narendran
Easton Fornari Justin LS Bunch
Marlo DaBoss 💯
Baqué Plashette 💯💯💯

Timeline Photos

33.5k reactions 665 comments
James Kuhn I want that as a poster. Being born in 1977 they were who I looked up to on the court. Anyone know how I can blow this up or where to get it?
Kyle Surles Just saying look at how the all-stars are spread out through different teams. You don't see it like this anymore. They all want to play together. Smh
Elias Rodriguez Oh wow they're retired ..... of course they're retired who gives a shit the youngest person in this pic is 48
Phillip Beckman Shareef started with number 3 for the grizzles. He played with Big Country. Both high picks but the team couldn't win at all.
Ode Enanreh Shareef-Abdur Rahim.. one of the most underrated superstar due to his team never had success... unfortunately for him he always plays for a weak team but that guy can play...

Some great Iverson moments!

2.3k reactions 10 comments
Chris Buddy McGrady Jaliel Duncan
Jeremy Smith Eddie Thomas
Valeria Langston Sheem Ahmad
Carlos Cotto Victor Mejorado goat
Jamil Porter Tobias Lion Porter

This video showcases what martial arts were like back in the day.

Watch Bruce Lee Destroy This Guy In His Only
Watch Bruce Lee Destroy This Guy In His Only 'Real' Fight Ever Caught On Video

Bruce Lee is easily regarded as one of the history’s most formidable fighters. From his status as a movie star to his recorded feats of a 2-inch punch, bli

201 reactions 8 comments
Ken Cross Vicel Waters
Nuccio Tae Thomas A.I.!
Omar Jackson The one and only Bruce Lee the Legend
Oualid HD Video unavailable 😏
Isaiah Alvarez Bruce Lee is G.O.A.T
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