Guns N' Roses

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Andreza Almeida alguém sabe onde o guns vai se hospedar no rio?
محمد حاكم مبدع يا غالي رد مقرب <3 VipFB. Vn <3
Tradd Gelsomino I still haven't gotten my stuff
Vincenzo Ciccolella uff!!!
Michael Feldman My night train tix sucked. Waste of money.

Brazil! See you in a week at Rock in Rio... ‪#GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour 2017‬

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Elisabete Ramos I looooooooooooooooooooooooove you so much!!!!!! <3 The best band in the world and you are so important to me... my boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyys!!! 😘😍😭
Natale Onofre Marcelo Castanha! Eles acabaram de redefinir o conceito de saudade! Hahaha vai fazer muita falta, homem!! ❤️😘😘😘😘
Claudio Roberto Silva Esta foto foi tirada em Porto Alegre. E eu estava lá. foi demais. Welcome to Brazil!!!
Cy Freitas This photo was in Porto Alegre! I was there and I'll be in Rio de Janeiro to see you. 🌷🔫🎸😍🤘🎶💀
Christian La Rosa A Rodr Farinas hey buddy, are you will go Rock In Rio?

See what fans are saying about the #NotInThisLifetime Tour! Get your tickets to see #GnFnR while you can...

13.5k reactions 620 comments
Lu Garcia Fernandez I saw them In Miami and it was the best concert I ever attend , they still got it like time hasn't pass
Josh Potter Guns n roses are fucking awesome and there concerts are one of the if not the best show you'll ever see seen them in Minneapolis and they fuckin rocked the place for almost 4 HRS best concert I've ever seen gnr are rock legends
Walker Smith Fuck how much the tickets are if you have always wanted to watch this band then just DO IT! You won't regret it
Rick Martinez This show was amazing. A little over three hours of music from every album. And the band was amazing. No body mentions Duff, but that guy can sing!!
Donna Callaghan I would love to see Guns N' Roses But I live in Scotland and it was not possible to make it to London. Maybe someday.

F*CK CANCER All T-shirt purchase proceeds will go toward the American Cancer Society. Join us in the fight to find a cure for cancer! Get yours here:

10.5k reactions 282 comments
Max Steel Let's give the top 100 richest people in the world cancer and watch how fast it gets a cure
Jamie Rose Thank you for these shirts. Was front row in the pit in St. Louis. Can't wait for my shirt!!!
Natalie Simmon Fuck Cancer is the original... soooo a portion of this goes to then I assume....
Becky Lewis Gonzales FUCK cancer!!! Took my husband,sis and too many good people!!!
Ramon Saltz You should at least be donating some of the money to the charity that is actually named F*ck Cancer

What a ride... Thank you North America! ‪#GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour 2017

25.9k reactions 408 comments
Francisco Aguilar Thank you for giving us the opportunity! I hope u guys realize how much we enjoy GNFR and we need More! Go to the studio plz!
Gregory John Beardy Mestaegun Saw them live for the first time in Winnipeg and it was f$&king awesome best concert I've been to....thought I wouldn't see the day but I did....I asked my life partner to marry when Estranged played which is one of our Favourite songs...Guns N Roses ...
Maarit Rusanen It was Amazing ride. You all doing so great job bottom your heart. I have Love You since 1985🌹💖😘 and I'm still alright to smile and love :) ! It is sure, that growd/audience love you every where and hope to see you again soon! "How wonderful life is ...
Nicola Zolob My husband and I took our boys, 11 & 13, to the show in Vancouver. I wish I had it on video the day I told them I bought the tickets.... Smiles for MILES!!! And what a show!!! LOVED IT!!!
Brian Martin I attended the Edmonton show and went in with a poor expectation. The show was great. Probably the only G n'R show I'll ever see. Thanks for the memorable show fellas

‪Sold out and loud as hell!‬ ‪Thank you San Antonio‬ ‪#GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour 2017‬ ‪‬

12.5k reactions 245 comments
Mitchell Miller Definitely one of the best shows I have ever seen
Lisa Waldie Dougherty Loved it! We saw them in Dallas last year and this show was so much better thank you for Don't Cry.
Sandi Maxwell We had 11th row fun. Was great and definitely would do it again.
Cesar Carreon Veliz It was a amazing show, everyone gives the best from them,thanks a lot guys!!!
Leonardo Daknown C.R.KerS, I have to in society of Rockers,list of pass away and new up presented in this era, at Rock village of the mount dart Partıeshıeld declassified documen of riots 1969, tf-urban

San Antonio #GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour 2017

12.3k reactions 120 comments
Gail L. Fitches Time to Boycott Guns and Roses. Many are getting rid of their DVDs and CDs and one guy is going to shoot them. How disgusting.
Steve Gonzales I got mine and it was a killer show. ZZ Top also killed
Aji Jeber come back to indonesia guys...c'mon...
Gabriel Ciuban So. It is a disgrace that Axl Rose is even considering singing with ACDC.
Claudia Douglas #GnFnR #Notinthislifetimetour Sec A1 row 16 seats 20-22 Guns & Roses Fan 13 years in the making

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Beljan Tom What about new album?
Leila Louzada Guns N' Roses, I'm very, very, very fan!!! 🇧🇷️🇧🇷️🇧🇷️
Juan José Garcia Acosta Sweet Child O' Mine please Julio Trejos
Johnny Velasquez When the fuck are they coming to atlanta GA
Agus Imam please axl come to indonesia again.but this time, must be in original member.see you guys.....

El Paso showed up for us! Thanks for a great night #GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour 2017

8.6k reactions 121 comments
Carlos Casas Amazing show, thank you so much, hope you come back soon!
Myrna Kunkel-Rodriguez You guys were awesome! I'm so glad I saw you again! LOVE ME SOME AXEL😍 AND SLASH😍!
Homero Olvera Thank you for coming!!!
Jason Gaspar That was awesome. Great sound at the Sunbowl!
Teresa Fierro It was awesome. Thank you so much. Lots of fun. Loved the Chris Cornell Tribute.

El Paso! Comment on this post with a photo if you're at the show tonight with your kids and you might get a nice surprise from us...

4.5k reactions 130 comments
Celene Gallegos El mejor fan q Guns N Roses puede tener un excelente pintor 👨‍🎨 hizo esta obra de arte en en honor a ustedes gracias por existir y hacer pasar el mejor momento a Victor Gallegos
Will Todd Kafka I was at the show last night and it was 30 years ago that I last saw Guns and Roses. I was so happy to be in the pit watching it. Unfortunately between leaving the pit and pushing back to my car I dropped my t-shirt and matching limited edition poster ...
Michael Brodka I've been waiting most of my life to see GNR play I was ecstatic when I saw they were coming to town, bought tickets....then the Army decided to send me to Georgia the day before the concert 😭😭😭
Rosa Andrea Arellano She's not my daughter she's my little sister! I'm glad I was able to take her and have a great time with her! Thank you Guns N Roses
Arlene Gonzalez Tonight was my 1st and last Rock Concert!!!! NOTHING WILL TOP TONIGHT!!!! I remember seeing the November Rain video as a little girl and seeing y'all performing it was literally Took my breath away!! 👏🏼🙌🏼

El Paso #GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour 2017

13.9k reactions 148 comments
Alan Lazo Morales Awesome flyer of Guns N' Rodes, in El Paso... Yeah...!!!
Jared Martinez This pictures seems close to Iron Maiden's "A matter of life and death" album.
Tester Omar hasta que por fin visitaron ese Pueblito abandonado del Paso Tx. ;)
Heather Trokey Beautiful photo thanks for sharing
Dimitri Bade I was in Munich... Just amazing how they rock...

‪That was special!‬ ‪Thank you to everyone that came to The Gorge‬ ‪#GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour 2017‬ ‪‬

4.0k reactions 124 comments
Michaela Epp Saara Odermatt scho krass was sie immer nu fir Stadiä villät.😍
Greg Fox i came really close to going to this...
Robert Earley Absolute time of my life! Thank you for being with me Angela Earley
Sarah Thomas-Vanson Amazing performance, thank you!
Sanchez Munson Still buzzing from there concert last Wednesday in Edmonton Alberta Awesome

‪Happy #LaborDay! ‬

9.1k reactions 80 comments
Matt Burns Not to spam or anything but everybody should check out my GnR fan memoir JUNGLE F'NG FEVER. Very fun Kindle single about my 30-year love affair with #GnFnR culminating with seeing them live in Boston in 2016 @ the #NotInThisLifetime tour. https://youtu....
Tricia Avenell Sima Great show at the Gorge last night!
Steve Turner When they comeing around Louisville my or Ohio or Indiana
Anthony Murphy happy labor day to the one and only GNFNR!
Ignacio Villalba No puedo esperar para volverte a verte en argentina gnr. . y el nuevo álbum

Washington! Comment on this post with a photo if went to the show at The Gorge tonight with your kids and you might get a nice surprise from us...

40.3k reactions 767 comments
Mike Vetrecin For all the talk of Axl Rose is this Axl Rose is that this picture is the tip of three of you know he does appreciate his fans and I go back to helping out another fellow rock band ACDC which I thought was really cool
Mélanie Dhordain What an Amazing experience for this fan! I wish i would have been so lucky too! Axel you're the best!! ❤
Dirk Larson I waited 25 years for y'all to hit the Gorge, it took til I moved away:( Still not quite the same without Iz, but still would have loved to have been there!!! You're one in a million, yeah that's what you are!!!!! OH YEAH, AND GO TRUMP.
Juanma Nuñez Cumplí mi sueño de poder presenciar el recital de Rosario.Argentina el pasado año..ea algo que quedará en mi corazón el resto de mi hubiera gustado poder haber llevado a mi hijo Alex de 16 años ya que el también ama la música de los Guns......
Dee Dee Tinkham My daughter fell n love with GnR when she as just 7 yrs old!! She is now 32 and still love them! But lives on other side of the country!! I wanted to go but due to disability can't travel that far! But was there in my heart!!! Saw them last in ...

We're ready for you, Washington...

9.1k reactions 123 comments
Reetta Kinisjärvi Wow, that place the stage is located. That scenery!
Wade Helmich Thank you so much guys!! I was right up front in the pit and it was beyond epic! Fabulous show!
Mary Teese Washington....missing home..have fun and enjoy❤️❤️😂
Stephen Browne Kike is this the one your going to ? Went to ?
Kurt Granstrom I think the smoke in the air it's even going to make the stage lights even better spectacular

The Gorge #GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour 2017

7.8k reactions 60 comments
Spencer Singleton Come to Alaska.
Danielle Swanson-Hill Waiting patiently!!! 🤘🎸🎶
Sheryl Coon McCoy So ready to rock out see you soon!!
Lucas Lucas G 3 more days El Paso
Darren House i was there

You were good to us Vancouver! Thanks for everything Canada #GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour 2017

10.6k reactions 127 comments
Mace Wetter Phenomenal show can't see me in there ha ha too far to the right #Slashisthejesusofguitarplayers
Carrie Copeland Thank you for the best show ever!!! ❤️💕🎉 I danced my ass off!!! Wicked wicked wicked!!!!
Luis F. Esquivel Thank YOU Guns N' F'ng Roses for putting up a kick ass 3.5 hr show. A dream come true!!!
Xavier Pedron If you guys were at least as good as you were in Europe last July, then there is no doubt u put on quite a show!!
Josh Fabick Saw that show last night awesome man been singing gnr all day

Catcher In The Rye LIVE from Vancouver

12.6k reactions 861 comments
J Man Burns You guys Rocked in 1992 In Saskatoon Saskatchewan From Use Your Illusion World Tour and Axl Still has The Guns,Guns n' Roses Still Rock🤘
Sean Kupser Best concert ever! I!!! Please come back soon, keep on keeping on!
Edith Lauenstein super, what a fine day......
Aarom Castro If u read this, i love u :(
Marcus Tait Best concert I've ever been to. Thanks Axl, Slash, Duff n' friends!!!

Vancouver! Comment on this post with a photo if you're at the show tonight with your kids and you might get a nice surprise from us...

3.3k reactions 80 comments
Marie Van Wyatt's first concert at 3 1/2!!
Hagar Fadel Bavaty if you'll come again to israel i will come with my little rock princes.
Donna Lynne Sweet child o mine
Jasmine Holmes This was in Ottawa. Took 4 boys. These are the two twelve year olds. First concert big success
Chris Bray Thanks for the killer show in Vancouver!!!! We had a blast!

🇨🇦Vancouver 🇨🇦 ‪#GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour 2017

11.1k reactions 144 comments
Dave Oleksiuk Welcome to the Concrete Jungle!
Tyler Magee Whoever is doing the poster art is awesome!!!
Leanne Emery Greig Roberts does this just scream Dark Tower to you or is it just me? X
Chris Remilton Wish I was but I'm flying to Melbs for my nephews wedding
Shawn William Henry Brandie this one is so awesome..😮😮

Vancouver! The first 6 people to head over to The Steam Clock right now will get a used #GnFnR drum head... Good luck

4.5k reactions 82 comments
Jean-Jacques Enrich Super
Caro Bruera Que buenoooo!!!!.
Przemek Bieroński Nice !
Rebeca Garcia Peñaloza Tercer comentario :'3 uwu
Mariana Corgozinho Kika Guns aí hojeeeee 😭😍

What a night... Thank you Edmonton! #GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour 2017

6.1k reactions 81 comments
Dave Oleksiuk Thank u it was fn awesome!
Derek Nyeste From myself and my daughter, thank you for a night to remember! Don't be strangers and come back!
Brandi Lyn Mills 27yrs later for me and my 14yr old sons first..wicked 🤘🏼please remember your fans..we love GNFR!!!
Devin William Third time was a charm for me. Next time don't wait 7 years to come back to Canada 🤘
Shauna Carey It was an amazing show!! Thank-you for everything in Regina and Edmonton.. it was a dream come true for me!!

In honor of the late, great Glen Campbell... Wichita Lineman...

22.0k reactions 1070 comments
Josh Briggs Saw you in Little Rock, Arkansas. Best concert on earth! Please do North America Round 2.
Rafael Cyrino Whats song is this?
John McDonald Come back to Tennessee sometimes Guns 'N Roses!!!!!!!😁🤘🤘
Carol Johnson My sis is there right now and I was in wpg last week and they rocked 🎵🎩🎶
Brent Logan It was so damn good in Edmonton tonight- Axl was amazing- way better than I thought he would be from video I've seen- sounded amazing live

Edmonton! If you came to the show tonight with your kids comment on this post with a photo and we might just give them something special...

255 reactions 137 comments
Patricia Prodgers Edwards Took my mom Linda Mckerchar and daughter Erin Michelle Lyn to their first GNR show.. .they both loved it!!!!
Taylor Boyd Me and my dad what an amazing concert my dream was to see my all time favourite band and my dream came true thank you guns and roses for being an amazing inspiration and making the night the best ever !!!!!!
Ray Alan My Sweet Child O' Mine... Drove 3031 Km's from Fort McPherson, NT above the Arctic Circle
Marci White Quills My son loves GnR and had a blast tonight!! Thanks to the band for putting on a great show!!
Arron Clark We had such a great time, and brought your biggest fan with me

🇨🇦 Edmonton 🇨🇦 ‪#GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour 2017

3.7k reactions 113 comments
Shauna Kachersky Damn the shirt I want is already sold out 😞
Allen K Albert Got mine at the show lastnight!!!
Ed Arroyo Meny Black-Label
Misty Burchert My kid is ready to ROCK!!!!
Don Boychuk A little teaser before tonight's powerhouse show. Nightrain from Guns N' Roses killer show on Sunday night in Regina. A little something dedicated to Edmonton's GNR fans going to the concert tonight. Have fun and enjoy an awesome 3 hour powerhouse show!...

Our thoughts and sympathies go out to all those affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas. Please help in any way you find possible. #HoustonStrong

11.4k reactions 80 comments
Pam Robinson Lindsay Robinson Thanks GnR from Houston!!
Nazak Lopez Desde argentina nuestra condolencias texas
Joey Gift God Bless Texas and a Aman for that .
Rosie Renshaw Williamson I love you all God Bless u All. Axl and band, you all ROCK
Jimmy BL texas saldra adelante, fuersa amigos.

We're not done here yet, North America... #GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour 2017

26.9k reactions 225 comments
Ben Moore Jodi I wanna play a gig with them and play paradise city
Nita Shutter You can tell they are having a great time being on tour. Glad you're back GnR.
Brenda Bourgeois Guns N' Roses yall are Awesome!!!! I love your music!! Very, very talented musicians!!! I love you!!! Come see us in Biloxi, Ms.
Mario Chabot Took 30 years but finally got to see the most dangerous band in the world..well worth the wait to see them in Regina
Aimecita Gómez Arguijo Adriana Martínez

Sold out and packed tight in Regina... Thank you! #GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour 2017

8.6k reactions 136 comments
Dahnis LaRiviere It was an awesome amazing night. Slash is king 👑🤘🏽🎶 🎩 a night I will never forget. 😊🌹❤️
Michał Juszkiewicz And that's why Regina rhymes with fun :D :D :D
Kamil Czarniecki informacja dla organizatorów koncertów w Polsce: tak wygląda golden circle
Crystal D Whitehawk Loved the show! It was amazing! By far the best concert I've been too!
Rosetta Pilon Love you guys so much!!!! It was a dream come true to see you play live! Still on cloud 9 from your amazing show!!! You guys killed it!!!

Patience... LIVE from Regina, Canada

22.8k reactions 2588 comments
Bill Packo You guys literally blew the roof off IGF in the Winnipeg.
Lê Moura Gunner Axl, Slash, I love you guys. My dream is to meet you !!! Forever in my heart. ❤️🇧🇷
Amy Leigh Ridsdale Am I seeing Izzy there aswell?
Sarah Theaker It was amazing to have been there last night!!! Great show!
Weng Doms De Jesus great show last night guys! best band ever🤘🏻😜 - reginians
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