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Happy F'n Birthday Slash!

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Annica Berg Happy Birthday! Thanks for all the pleasure you given us through the years! Lots of Love. 💞 #bestconcerts #bestofthebest #besthands #wettex #incredible
Auli Gama Vasconcellos Parabéns grande mito da guitarra, grande dinossauro do Rock. Que seus acordes continuem ressoando por muito muito e muito tempo nessa estrada chamada vida! Forte abraço "homem da cartola"!!!
Rob Wilhelm Happy Birthday Saul, I wish you the best of fun and wish to personally thank you for all the joy you have given everyone. Take a night off and enjoy something for yourself. Thanks for all the giving, wish I could return something for your birthday.
Katarzyna Kiełb Happy birthday Mr Hudson aka half man half beast 😉 !! Have a great day!! Wish you lots of love,happinness and good people around .And many more amazing solos to play for us!☺🎸🌹
Clara Zimmer Happy Birthday Slash ! You are amazing guitariste for me ... Youre's solos guitares was so ... Fantastical !! 😍😍😍 Thank you so much Gun's N Roses for this magical concert to the Stade De France in Paris ... I never forget this moment of my life ! It was ...

Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Appetite for Destruction by listening to the historic album on Spotify! #Appetite30th

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Katarzyna Kiełb Know AFD by heart from the 1st till last song and love it!!! Never get tired of this masterpiece and can play this cd literally over and over again :) Happy 30th anniversary!
Walker Smith We all have albums that come along and maybe change our lives? Or smack us in the face like a Mike Tyson uppercut. This is one of those!
Mike Nielsen I tried to buy tickets in vegas but they were $1700 for my two daughters, wife and I. I guess we'll always wonder how you are in concert.
Carlos Sixx Cash Ese nombre de playlist se me hace conocido cainal Ann jajajajaj
Tenna Gaarde Nissen How funny is this! I have never heard the album from start to finish, I did this morning 😁 And I could not stop thinking how GOOD I find that intire album - only to find out it turns 30 today. Happy b-Day! 😍

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Lucas Oliveira Brazil Guns N' Roses ?
James Hollman Come back to the UK!!!
Dario Mora lo mejor
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JUST ANNOUNCED New #GnFnR shows added due to overwhelming demand! For more information visit

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Christine Ramirez Ericksen Shannon Kerlin Naylor Are you going to see them in LA?
April Henley Mary Parrish Iles, do you and Herman R. Iles III want to go? I would love to see these guys live! They'll be in Houston in November!
Khili Sharma Bharat Gudala Adyasha Mishra Tour in Sacramento!! Please try if you can call some ex- project people! 😹😹😹
Thomas Gearhart Love their songs but Axel Rose is a bitch. Overwhelming demand for a band who's singer barely shows up to his own damn shows. Slash is the only thing worth seeing them live for these days.
Stacey Hurst London 16/06/17 The most incredible show I have ever been to, I feared that it wouldn't live up to my expectation but it was everything and more. Completely electric and overwhelming, something I will never ever forget. Long live GnR!!

Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Appetite for Destruction by updating your Facebook profile pic with your very own Guns N’ Roses’ Filter! #Appetite30th

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Rolando Hudson cuanta razon tenía Joseph vez ahí esta el resultado GN'RFriends Perú :v :V :V
Ian Ewer Lol, yeah right... where was izzy and Steven tonight then?
Mayara Vitória 12/11/2016 😍
Maria de Sá How can I do this? 😐
Fanny Forss Persson Såklart att det är samma dag som du har namnsdag Johanna 😉👏🎈

November Rain LIVE from the Apollo Theater in Harlem

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Elizabeth Lingo I can't get the video to play, but I know it's an epic performance. I love November Rain. It's one of my favorite GN'R songs. Patience is my absolute favorite ❤❤❤.
Veronica Carpio Carrillo All you're songs are the must beautiful in the all universe! I ❤️ U Axl Rose forever and ever after❣ kisses from Cancun Mexico😍😘💋💋💋
La Herradura Cafetal Sustentable Axl voice now is really bad, still remember those good days 😥
Luis Olivos Ese pinche Frank siempre adelantándose en los tiempos, cuando regresen a México voy a subir al escenario y le voy a partir toda su puta madre
Madelyne Eisenschmidt My 3 year old daughter just said "Wow, they are giving out so much love in that song" 😂😂😂

Sweet Child O' Mine LIVE from The Apollo Theater in Harlem

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Tiago Rodrigues #BOLSONARO2018
Gustavo Fernandez Por favor que no toque la Beriso soporte en octubre en Argentina...No merecen estar ahí con los f Guns son lo mejor y ellos no son nada!!!
Aaron Knox Thought Izzy and Steven would be there for this show.
Rad MacMillan I used to sing this to my daughter to get her to go to sleep never failed
Yaury Franco Sometimes is not that the crowd is being rude, sometimes with certain songs you're just focused on admiring the music & the legends in front of u.

‪Listen to #GnFnR LIVE now from The Apollo Theater on SiriusXM Radio!‬

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GT Giovannucci This sounds incredible ...Axl sounds right on point. Wow!
Panni Sasvári I wish you could see it too...
Janette Antonia THIS I LOVE 😍😍😍😍 Fuckin Axl!!!!!!!!
Jimmy Robbins It sounds great.
Brian Bonnell Damn they sound awesome

#GnFnR Tonight at The Apollo Theater in Harlem Airing LIVE on Guns N' Roses SiriusXM Radio

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Anne Müller Dominik Müller.....das wäre auch noch was für uns gewesen 😍
Lizanne Brandt GnR ❤️🎸
Drew Kowal Make sure you throw the setlist to Dan Shuffelton, the ginger in the front row.
Eric Rollison Awesome show! 3 hours plus... ummm perhaps a new song soln?
Annette Miller Cocke 😳 Really, GNR at the Apollo! What has this world come to!!!!

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Mileva Troika Vukicevic Rodríguez Congrat's 🔫 n' 🌹 #appetite30th #appetitefordestruction #Gnfnr #notinthislifetime #axlrose #izzystradlin #slash #duffmckagan #stevenadler #july
Odin Navarro Liza Rutti I tried to win tickets but sadly no! 😢
Peggy Rupf Just horny!!! Absolutely Guys! Please rock on and never NEVER end!!! 😎🎸
Lika Moshenashvili DOn't miss it!!! it was the best live I've ever seen! <3

Thank you Europe. UK. Israel. See you next time... 🇮🇪🇪🇸🇵🇹🇨🇭🇮🇹🇩🇪🇬🇧🇵🇱🇧🇪🇩🇰🇸🇪🇫🇮🇨🇿🇫🇷🇦🇹🇳🇱🇮🇱 #GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour 2017

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Evgeny Leikin Guys the Tel Aviv show was amazing. I can't find the right words to describe it. You made my dream come true! Come again, you'll get as much love as you want! 🎸🎸🎸🎵🎵🎶🎤🎧
Laurent Beaumont Come back here fast it was just perfect to see you finally gathered. I hope that it announces a new album and a next European tour soon !!!
Nadezda Ostapenko Thank YOU, Guns'n'Roses. All the comments here about the 'best band ever", "making the 20 years dream coming true ', " amazing show" are very true. I was in Gdansk and Tel-Aviv and that was awesome 👏🏻. I know a lot of Russians were traveling to catch ...
Lisa Grant I can't wait for my seventh show in November! Hoping for a do-over of the four hour show at the LA Forum from 1992. 🙏🏻
Eleni Perry Went to both your London dates. Took me back to 1992 when I saw you at Wembley as a 16 year old girl. Will never forget it all. Thank you.

‪Thank you Tel Aviv!‬ ‪That's a wrap‬ ‪#GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour 2017‬

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Marika Assaf Chris Schulz you are obviously one of those uneducated schmucks that have no clue what goes on IN the real world .to save yourself embarrassment you could try educating your self,or just shut the fuck up
Hanafi Fuck you israel!! and Greetings to your sweet little roses!!
Joao Gn'r In past u are well know for play what u want ...but now same all over again, and again. Where is Pretty tied up, Breakdown, Move to the city, Bad obsession, Dont cry (alternative lyrics), some other stuff from Spaghetti, or some from Duff solo albuns or ...
Sara Wichelewski Thank you Guns N' Roses for the most amazing show on Earth and above!!! God bless you!!! You made our summer and life much more happier... and Thank you AXL for your naughty T-Shirts... I loved it!!! 😉💜🌹🔫😘🙏💐
Avivit Georgey 💖Guns N' Roses🇮🇱 !It was a dream come true You are amazing and exciting to tears May God bless you🙏 Thank you very much for the perfect show!

🇮🇱 Israel 🇮🇱 #GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour 2017

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Liat Ben David Me and my sister Anat Kundel saw you in 93' when we were in high school and you were our second concert. Last night we took my 11 year old nephew and it was his second concert... We had a blast. You guys were awsome - pure rock n' roll. Thanks for an ...
Benny Shpitz It was amazing. Everything was great. 3 hours of pure enjoyment and you were awesome. It was one of the best concerts I've seen. Thank you for playing in Israel and see you soon again.
Mahlissa Opunhimaher Frreedmahn I imagine we are very close to this Cool! Did you read so many comment? People who haven't been to Israel have no clue. They think there is a wall with Muslims on one side and Jewish on the other, here I am in Tel Aviv my hotel next to a mosque, my ...
Shai Lelchuk GNR, thx a lot for the kick ass show tonight in Tel Aviv! 3+ hours of pure rock and great fun! U sure gave 1000% on stage and everyone were f***ing loving it! 👌👍😊🤠
Maayan Cohen Thank you for an unforgettable night, 24 years of love and it still burns in me! And screw the haters, take your negative minds elsewhere. No politics in music, people! Things are fucked up all around the world, remember that, and you can't blame GNR ...

QUIZ: How well do you know Guns N’ Roses? Hear them now on G N’ R Radio!

QUIZ: How well do you know Guns N’ Roses? Hear them now on G N’ R Radio!
QUIZ: How well do you know Guns N’ Roses? Hear them now on G N’ R Radio!

We’re celebrating the 30th anniversary of Appetite for Destruction with a Guns N’ Roses channel! Hear it on Ch. 41.

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Josee Poirier-Evita It was.
Soewardi Rutten Word! 😁🤗😁
Ela Leonik 10/10 ✌
Chris Knüttel 🤗🔫⚘
Monica Johnson I listened today!!!

What a night... Thank you Netherlands! #GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour 2017

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Diane Schipper Hey tal volgens mij zie ik ons als je goed kijkt! Die twee met die gunsnroses shirtjes aan... 😉😉😉😉 Chantal Goddery en Eddy Westenberg
Samantha Gekkie Volgens mij staan wij hier 😎 jammer dat de foto niet zo duidelijk is 😉 volgens mij zie ik jou broer Frank Kamp of het is heel iemand anders 😂😂😂
Simone Paulus What a night - indeed! So special to see you guys live! Dreamed of it for 25 years!! Amazing!!!Thnx for a great night🔫🎸🌹😘 See you in Cologne!!!
Anke Verbruggen-van Laarhoven Supergaaf 🤘 Zie ons daar links staan Henri Verbruggen Ik hoop van harte dat ze toch nogmaals een tour gaan doen in de toekomst! Wij zijn er dan iig weer bij 😘
Jessica Bolier No, Thank you guys! What an awesome show....really enjoyed every single moment....cried during estranged cant wait to see you dream to see you live at least once came true.....hope to see you again <3

Riff Raff with Angus Young Live from The Netherlands

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Valeria Hoffmann Noelle Skender na toll auch in der Niederlande war Angus mit dabei :-(
Rudy En Susan Bruins Maurice, op de Goffert.. helaas geen kaartje en wind staat verkeerde kant op
Patricia Peters My son Mitchel Peters 21th birthday ..he never going to forget this
Marine Chlr You know where U arre????
Massimo Selva we need another concert in italy more great than last one in june!!! We all wait you gnfr!!!!!

‪🇳🇱 Netherlands 🇳🇱‬ ‪#GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour 2017‬

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Paulo Henrique Robson Leonel !!!! Tiver aí claro rs
Jonathan Whorwood Love the drawing a great idea! Have fun guys 'n' gals I'm sure the show will be taking off like a rocket queen as usual 🚀🗽🗿 Adios
Raffa Ella I love neuschweinstein's castle adapted to you 😍😍😍 It' s my favourite
John Verheyden Hoe zou ik aan tickets geraken voor dit concert???
Danny Feyenoord Rotterdam 🔫🔫 ☠ ⚘⚘

‪Thanks Vienna!‬ ‪#GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour 2017‬ ‪‬

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Birgit Birx Sammer Thank you guys! Proud to be part in this Lifetime!!!! A dream came true and I will never forget!! Awesome show I loved every single minute! 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
Gee Grabowsky You're getting better and better from concert to concert ! Hope come back to Europe and visit BUDAPEST also! 30-40% of the crowd was Hungarian ;-)
Astrid Gessner Thank you for 2 awesome concerts ... munich and vienna ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Hansen Coolchill Thanks for the amazing Show yesterday in Vienna.Thank you very much Guns n Roses and Beta Lebeis.
Tom Elbers Martina did you went!?? 😉🔫🥀👍🏻👍🏻

‪🇦🇹 Vienna 🇦🇹‬ ‪#GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour 2017‬

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Rutger Jansen Can't wait for the Netherlands' poster!
Harry Stöckl f...k the austrian critics like News! ORF you rocked vienna!!! get in the ring motherfunkers! ;)
José Ricardo Izzy and Steven on the poster .... could be on the stage too...,but , is wonderful see you together again guys
Laura Damasco Guns and roses promoting violence what losers are u apart of Isis too keep taking the drugs u no longer relevant
Jordan Szachta Where is the dumb fuck complaining about them destroying Trump?

More of the action from Europe... #GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour 2017

41.5k reactions 299 comments
Nades Charleton GnR have always had their own voice - telling them to stop voicing their opinions is like telling them to stop playing music - They were the first band to tell the Grammys to go fark themselves, you are a moron if you think the majority of GnR fans over ...
Benny Shpitz Please make another concert in Israel for your fans here cause I and many more left without a ticket cause it's sold out. It's the last concert in the European tour so you can add another one till the American tour will begin. Thank you guys.
Vicky Sandler Will not support no aging band that disrespect our President and incites violence! You're DONE!
Gary Knight I visit the USA a lot, love the place and the people but can not believe the vitriol aimed at GNR because they made a few anti-Donald J. Trump remarks - jeez lighten up, must be the same people who turned on the Dixie Chicks for anti-Bush comments back ...
Vidyut Sinha Some people are hating them these days & Most still Love them...I am one off them.They are still one of my favourite Rock bands.Growing up,i was always listening to G'N'R...Axel,Slash,u guys are Legends...Let people say Shit about u.

That was wild! Merci Paris #GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour 2017

23.4k reactions 506 comments
Cynthia Chevalier Omg what a show !!!!! Incredible, just perfect. Thank you so much ❤️ I love you as people who are indispensable to my life 💕
Thomas Conroe No longer a fan ! They are dumber than a box of rocks to piss off more than half there fans
Alex Barraud Axl gives all of him. Slash was magic. It was more than just a show. 3h30 show !!! Thanks you Guns !
Tony Vodianov Voilà ce que fais l'effet guns sur certaines personnes. C'était magique !!! Le mec est bien dedans ! MDRRRR
Franky Franky Thanks to you guys! Your show was unforgetable! Last time i saw you was in 92, and i had the mediator of Duff, i was 17! Now i am 42, it was such a good time to see you again together! As so many people i grew up with your music! Congrats and thanks ...

🇫🇷 Paris 🇫🇷 #GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour 2017

28.9k reactions 392 comments
Chris Peltier Paris you going to get the best concert in your life,saw them in London was amazing Paris enjoy éclater vous 🔫🔫🤘🤘👍
Sarah Read I love this poster Linda!!!
Vincent Fournier Live at Paris.... The worst sound il ever Heard :(
Stephane Marvy It was awsome !!! 3 hours and all the classics ! Magical !! Merci beaucoup !!!
Alê Freire Wanted is there with you there in Paris Talita Oliveira hehehehehehe

Thanks for a great night, Prague... #GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour 2017

14.6k reactions 255 comments
Peter Sykora Unbelievable experience I've been waiting for for so long. Thank you so much!
Róbert Orbán We thank You for the awesome show, hope to see You back in Europe soon. Take care.
Jan Adamík Amazing show. Thank you guys for all songs you've played last night. And thank you for being back all together, now I can die
Lagertha Lothbrok Thank you soon much! I hoped for this moment all my life... Will never forget this!
Simonka Kollmannová It was amazing night!!! Thank you so much 🤘 Love you guys ❤️

🇨🇿 Prague 🇨🇿 #GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour 2017

15.0k reactions 170 comments
Daniel Danny Kraus Use to lover her and attitute were amazing what a show at prague
Maksymilian Wnuk Thanks for the 3 hours of pure rocking! See you next year 😏🤘🌹
Claire Hannan Oh wow Celia. GnR in Prague, but look at the logo!! From the ossuary we went 2. 😲
Flávio Monteiro de Sousa Guilherme - to esperando o de semana que vem, em Tel Aviv
Petr Hruša Thank you so much guys! Awesome show, awesome energy, you rocked! One of the best experience in my fckn' life!!

Prague... #GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour 2017

45.0k reactions 3053 comments
Duly Robledo Maria Good weather! Happy fourth of July! Los quiero mucho! 🌞
Ania Formicka I went to the gig in Gdansk, it was the best concert in my life! Prague you will remember this night for ages! 🤘🎩🎸
Kim Yandell Awesome can't wait to see ya in Little Rock August!!!! Love you guys
Scot Goddard Watched them in London awesome gig enjoy boys and girls
Brittany Alamo Slash.. meeting you is the first on my bucket list!!! ❤❤

‪#Happy4th of July!‬

11.1k reactions 134 comments
Bobby Zeleznik Fuck you guns n roses. Your display in mexico showed us who you really are.
Aaron Logan Oh, the easily offended. Get over it or be gone. We won't miss you. ✌🏻
Robyn RM I now wouldn't think of attending your concert if you came to town. I grew up listening to more.
Christopher Bayne What u guys did in Mexico was so so sad , I'm done. No more GNR
Chris Mewbourne You can stay in mexico you bunch of has beens....lost all respect with that respect no regard.

We're not done here yet, Europe... #GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour 2017

12.9k reactions 289 comments
Stuart Campbell Beating a trump piñata in. Mexico, how swell. Fucking traitors.
Budi Triatna Taking to my self and nobodys home.., Alone..., :-) 'Estranged' Thx GN'Roses Forever
Samantha Gibboney Never going to listen to you guys ever again. Shame on you for disrespecting Trump with that pinata
Shane Butt Come back to England! I want to come and see you again but with better tickets/seats 😊 xx
Sherry Baker Stay there you traitors you beat a effigy of Trump you can stay there. You have just shown your a traitor to we the people and I will never buy another anything you put out and the word will go out about how you are now anti American .stay there you ...

You were good to us, Finland... Thank you! #GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour 2017

28.3k reactions 371 comments
Sirpa Kiviruusu Thank you!! It was all worth waiting for and much more! Love you 🔫🔫🌹🌹😍
Janne Kamppinen Oh,it was awesome show yesterday!!! Maybe another European tour next year?
Heidi Susanna Aaltonen Thanks guys!
Derek Kinnunen Thx GN'R for an amazing show and especially thx to Duff for the pick! You guys rocked! 🤘😎
Sanna-Maija Helevä I'm in heaven, and I'm not coming down! Thank you GnR, in Hämeenlinna, Finland <3 <3

🇫🇮 FINLAND 🇫🇮 #GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour 2017

11.0k reactions 100 comments
Susanna Hautanen Thank you!!! The show was amazing!! I'm so happy!!!! <3
Zoran Frljada Mateja Herak ovaj mi je najdraži 🙂👌
Taylor C. Laney Kris Manfredini have you seen this one? probably have
Vanessa Zavala Amazing!!!!!
Satu Susanna Rommi What a gig, thank you! ❤❤❤

Patience Finland... #GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour 2017

28.1k reactions 396 comments
David Walker Absolutely awesome Tanya and I saw them in London UK. 🤘🤘🤘
Jean-Michel Martial When will i have the chance to see live my favourite band??? In Mauritius???😀
Rob Gale Eat your heart out Trump, you will NEVER See crowds like this !.
Wolfgang Deckert Enjoy the show guys. We saw them in Munich and Hannover 😄😄
Zdeněk Šmejkal Wow 😲 I wouldn't be able to enter the stage in front of so much people... I'm really shy :D
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