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Last updated: 16:48 12/11/2017

On This Day in #CONAN History: Conan, Kevin Hart, and Ice Cube got in a Lyft together.

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Piper Ordaz Yeah, not really too shabby. Have considered this exact topic relatively often. 🕶
Tyler Hamelwright I think this is the funniest segment he's ever done
Kelly Crawford That one never gets old 😂
Angela Brickman RY Christian have you seen this before? 😂
Ramona Grahamagotrunoverbyareindeer I was just talking about how much I love this with my son! Whoa!

Krampus the baby-eating demon is angling to become the next Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. #CONAN

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Jonathan Barker To be fair, babies are delicious!
Craig Fenton It's only the bad kids. Come on!
Matt Lies Andy!!!! Hahahaha. More Krampus
Angie Esposita O'Dowd Lol he called krampus a dick

ICYMI: Denis Leary often gets mistaken for Jane Lynch. #CONAN

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Carlo Panlasigue William Morales kelly Anne conway
Scott L. Thornton And a comedian.
Chelsea Vuchinich Willem Dafoe
Lawrence E. Harmon Wow. He does look like the green goblin
Theresa Bouché Or Bill Hicks

Spread the word! An all-new episode of The #CONAN Podcast featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme, Patton Oswalt, and more is available now.

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Piper Ordaz I guess that isn’t too bad, but still. I wish to see more fresh text 🕶
Adam Veaner Hey Conan, I would like to be a comedy writer. But I am not very funny. What do I do? Also let me know if you are free Monday. Thanks.
Peter Nault I play the invisible box challenge every night, but hoo ha, no way you're getting any video of that.

Just saw John Mulaney at the Orpheum in Los Angeles and I have not laughed that hard in memory. I want to grow up to be that funny someday.

2.2k reactions 59 comments
Rochelle Rudy Taylor Rudy Can they be best friends
Jason Putzier Such a cute couple!!!! 😂
Mickey Buntz Estes "... or a Nursery"
Darrin Klein So wrasterd, but for seriously, that's cool dad bra!
Anton Jackson What's Nathan for you doing there

"Do I ask him to dress up as Gollum?" - Patton Oswalt wanted Andy Serkis to be a ring-bearer at his wedding #CONAN

852 reactions 40 comments
Julie Estrada-Islas Henry Islas
Andrew Penna Kim
Sarah Wright Steven Wright
Sara Haidon Perry Dustin
Eric Treisch Michael Tisevich

Andy Serkis thinks Supreme Leader Snoke is trying to "Make The Galaxy Great Again." #CONAN #TheLastJedi

857 reactions 43 comments
Rohit Kuthiala Elie Gharib Chris Dawson Samer Chehade
Cyd Josea Malintad Reambillo Juan Paolo Snoke!!! :)
Jan Emil Kristoffersen Jørgen Steiner Håvard Skjæveland gleder meg til vi skall se den !!
Dillon Bigboypants Jones Jacob Ronda Corey Minich Make the Galaxy Great Again!
Adam Fearn Seen Andy at EGX

Krampus, the baby-eating demon from German folklore, is trying to soften his image by hosting a holiday cooking show. #CONAN

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Nickie Ramirez Conan's show is always hilarious. Good writing team.
Krystal Carter Christian T. Misner next time there's a crying baby in your audience,let's stick it in a casserole! Lol 🤣😂
AJ Akel Patrick Conan doesn’t get enough credit 😂
Gavin Hage I like how the baby wasn't scared at all
Jenny Stevenson Izzy Carroll when Lydia was afraid of Krampus 😂

#Conan on Trump’s slurs and more @

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David Yang ...and women, and minorities, and pow's, and 5 star families. Lol
Justin Zeimet With the same joke over and over, it's no wonder you couldn't get the NBC job...
Steve Ponchaud Conan is a hack piece of shit.
Nelson Dias Not funny at all my brother Carrot 🥕 top , 😂😂😂
Zach Bateman Conan, keep the gloves up bro. Some people are in the middle on these topics

#CONAN Highlight: Patton Oswalt compares the shelf life of Trump jokes to "sour cream in a sauna."

1.5k reactions 58 comments
John Marchant Never liked him
Darren Kalix Spence!
Col Wall wonder what Patton's gonna get his wife for christmas ;)
Morjana Coffman Thank you, Conan, and Patton! <3 #45 is a train wreck per day ride. Some days, it's multiple train wrecks on separate tracks. Treasons Greetings and merry indictment to the Trump administration, family, minion, cronies and lapdogs. #LockHimUp ...
Steve Ponchaud Hey look, two pieces of shit! Patton's wife killed herself to get away from gnome boy.

Dr. Denis Leary delivered the world’s shortest graduation speech. #CONAN

1.2k reactions 41 comments
Billy Huynh Eunice i was here
Joshua Liebenthal Just unfollowed team coco - FUCK LEARY
Chad Harrison Fish boots!!
Bradley Kline Did he plagiarize it?
Jamie Marie Bonfanti Aren’t they cousins

#Conan’s TV INFO button provides accurate descriptions of House of Cards, Young Sheldon, and This Is Us.

530 reactions 19 comments
Richard TheKing Mark-Andre Roy
Michael Glogowski Kris Vargas
Matheus Valloti Lucas Fernandes
Ross Cochrane Michael D Dempsey
Carlo Panlasigue William Morales oh god wait for it

Frankie Shaw talks about her very Boston family — including her second cousin once removed Denis Leary. #CONAN

588 reactions 20 comments
JOR Back in my day people named Franky were men!
Samantha Douglass Elliott Hill
Richard Patchett Matthew Moody
Steven De Leon Roxanne Poulsen
Leslie Goering Hi, Tracey!

Here comes Santa Claus to ruin your childhood memories of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. #CONAN

409 reactions 21 comments
Billy Fitzpatrick They’re not their moronic subtitle people.
Philip Gulotta This could do it too!
Noe AR Carlos De La Garza
Dylan Bernbaum Ethan Bernbaum
Ryan Winters Chris Gallo Jr

When someone tells Khalid Rahmaan to go back where he came from, he doesn’t know if they’re racist, Islamophobic, or really hate Brooklyn. #CONAN

1.1k reactions 58 comments
Ainy Mazhar Amber
Gino Guajardo Kitrina
Tatjana Vejnovic Avion Foster-Jarvis lmao
Derrek Hidalgo Chad Vercio, Peter Vercio, Kari Hart Hidalgo
Nicholas Fortenberry Chad “ochocinco” Johnson?

#CONAN Highlight: Throughout his career, Denis Leary has been mistaken for Willem Dafoe, Kevin Bacon, Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi, and Jane Lynch.

3.7k reactions 124 comments
Salaar Khan Could potentially add James Woods to the list too
Randy Green When you realize he got famous and successful from his "I'm an asshole" bit..... Which he stole from Louis C.K.
Jordan Crosbie He's made way more money acting and writing fantastic shows like 'Rescue Me and his books than he has done performing stand up.
Jo-Anna Ashley Smoke Funniest shit ever!!!! Omg! Couldn’t contain the tears! 😭😭😭😆
Sean PatPlo And that time he was mistaken for bill hicks.... aka stole his joke

ICYMI: Jean-Claude Van Damme is #Conan’s new personal trainer.

2.9k reactions 137 comments
Jose Castrejon Nick Go this shit was classic lol.
Jeannine Green Mooseknuckle
Angela Miller Daniel Lamont not sure if you are seeing these!
Wesley Bausch Greg Bausch another one that popped up on my feed
Jonathan Ho Eric Dallemagne speak of the devil!!!! haha

The GOP tax bill includes a handwritten addendum that recognizes Papa John as a founding father. #CONAN

665 reactions 32 comments
Armin Schulz Charlotte Rhodes Krista Reemeyer Jaryn Symons Tegan Wilder
Kc Hall Cindy Leach Hall
Ben Phung Kwun Tung Chan
Hank Curry Trace Hall
Albert Cornejo Patricia Cornejo Cristian Cornejo

Barkhad Abdi on the weirdest place a stranger has told him, “I’m the captain now.” #CONAN

3.0k reactions 145 comments
Gagii Bektasevic Ismail Boss Agon Reshitaj Ertan Bektasevic Muudey Saadiq
Zach Cochran Jerry Gordon Rackmill you’re psychic dude 😂😂 😂
Jaime Abrego Jr. Your cell phone tho lol Junior Villanueva
Francis Fernandez Jason Calinisan Look at me...
Mark Howland Melissa Henderson ... your backstory :P

Dina Hashem on the problem facing Arab women that often goes undiscussed. #CONAN

3.3k reactions 115 comments
Kitty Larmee Nicole Landis. She talked about canceling on account of rain!
The Daily Truth Hi! Whoever is reading this, I understand how rough things are right now. I just want to let you know that things will get better, I promise. Keep holding on just a little bit longer. I know you feel like nobody really cares. You're wrong, stop denying ...
Ruba Rashed Dana Knight omg the low energy lol
Luis Molina Christine Caruso....remember the night train live taping!
Miguel Balmaceda Betsy Esguerra di ko alam na stand up ka na pala. Hahaha Siggy

#Conan on Russia's Olympic ban and presidential win:

7.6k reactions 192 comments
Martin Busch Dotard sure is one dumb puppet. Not only does he speak Russian poorly but he can't even handle English covfefe
Scott Boyd No, that was your own SHIT candidate. But keep lying to yourselves Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco, whatever helps you sleep at night.
Sam Ryan Hahaha love it! Go Conan! Trump supporters can kiss my grits.
Benjamin Munk The FBI confirmed that Russia did not tip the election. I how long before people actually get that?!
David Yang Russian athletes will just be given citizenship and compete for the u.s....u.s. also has top tier doping programs.

#CONAN Highlight: Jean-Claude Van Damme helps Conan do a full split.

4.5k reactions 327 comments
Joanna Banuelos Erica show this to Diana for me
Michael Keel That dude is in top form.
Linda Kindopp Oh my goodness too funny seeing Conan on the floor had a good chuckle gee he didn't fart
Laurence Day you should have jcvd on more often so funny
Franzis Ka Natasha STRETCHING 😂😂😂 learn from Jean-Claude

Jean-Claude Van Damme dances his way back to #CONAN tonight @ 11/10c on TBS Network.

3.5k reactions 418 comments
Piper Ordaz Yeah, certainly not too shabby. Have thought about this exact topic honestly. 😆
Lu Dean Ian Palmer our favourite scene in kickboxer
Chummed Corn I would prefer to watch him and the green ranger go at it in the cage.
Michelle Orner Adam Williams he def wasn’t going to try the splits again in those jeans
Angi Martin Stop giving air time to known abusers!!!

"They take pictures of my butt when I’m not looking." - Ana Gasteyer’s children are comedians in training #CONAN

424 reactions 13 comments
Joel McCabe What a boring fucking cunt. Get to the point you pompous failure.
Arley Brock Shayla Cheyenne Brock
Amanda Cecil Cassandra Bronson
Kelly Wang 你行的
Martin Busch She should be promoting Lady Dynamite.

You deserve a #CelebritySurvey with a double dose of Larry King. #CONAN

731 reactions 36 comments
Tonyaal Alvarez Francisco Rosales
Jaime Taylor Dom O'Shea
Erik Morten I just randomly typed in "" into my browser guess what
Jake Menez Ian Panda King
Mergim Kelmendi Joar Holmgren

Dan Rather says Trump’s attacks on the press are "reminiscent of authoritarian regimes in other countries." #CONAN

1.2k reactions 142 comments
Richard Floyd Rather has ZERO credibility. I'm not against criticizing the President, but this guy is a complete fraud!
Garren Seifert Bush wouldn’t have been wrong if he called out dans fake news about him ........ news channels push their political parties and when most are left leaning you have a lot of biased news going out to people or in the case of trump fake news and as dan ...
Jason Robert Fuck off, the press is the government's mouthpiece, remember when GW's Whitehouse announced that all publications on scientific discoveries had to get their approval before publishing?
Troy Mosher The Conan show is obviously anti-Trump. That's ok. Its fun and its part of the act, you can see the jokes coming. I have to say, it is sort of discerning to have media outlets with an opinion/agenda either way. It's all propaganda. I don't know if It's ...
Rob Johnson Bryce Jeske I'm a Democrat. You just called me a "child molester/sexual assaulter." Prove it, or apologize.

"Life begins at insertion" and more last-minute additions to the GOP tax bill. #CONAN

370 reactions 16 comments
Steve Ponchaud Conan and his low ratings and low IQ audience are the reason Trump won lol buffoons.
Juan Velazquez Ian Douglas
Ezequiel Santiago Lestat Quiroz
Dan Lee Lulz. Alison McClelland
Annie Shields Love Conan!

#Conan talks gross guys and more @

3.6k reactions 122 comments
Michael Gätor Creesley Literally the only reason right there.
William Glen Chambers molesters of a feather stick together, pretty sad day in this country really :(
Burr Martin trump needs a wing man, that's why.
Nate Burnes Have you been following it? It's pure bullshit political attack.
Scotty Millar When will you be posting the punchline?

#CONAN Highlight: "Many things about the Age of Trump will make the stomach sicker than bad oysters." - Dan Rather

2.4k reactions 147 comments
Tammy Bradenton For most of the existance of America after elections - even very contentious elections - members of the Congress of all parties came together to work on compromises to get the People's Business DONE. President Trump is doing everything possible to ...
Tammy Bradenton You can bet there will be no plane loads of taxpayer cash going to terrorist countries in the middle of the night. No IRS targetting. No billions to Palestine during his last week in office in Jan.2025. No world apology tours. No condemning Americans ...
John Haughey Dan Rather, the founder of fake news.
Ryan Rd Newberry Old haggerd propaganda artists like Dan are exactly people don't trust the media and I don't even like Trump
Spencer Worthington Davis Conans ratings are going to drop if he keeps showing us how left wing he is. It's not appealing when looking for "comedy".
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