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Magic Trick Proposal

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Mom Surprised with Cash

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Boy Sees Color For the First Time

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He's killin' it!

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Lassana Cris Marbou Kante
Frank Kenny Stevens Faye Lamprecht
Aminovitc Migalovitc Se Lman
Sabri El Baghdadi Adil El Baghdadi
Mahmoud Ahmadoun Tariq Shukri Ali Ahmadon


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Alison Bullen Lolol
Keyarma Toney Inbox me🤣
Roxanne Glasper great actor keep ur head up and good luck

He Really Wanted a Brother

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Érica Soeiro Valdemar Fernando
Jewel Andrews Ricardo Scott
Sophie Oz Zouaoui Djaballah
Esa Maritza Cynthia Villegas lmao
Lena Heather That laugh from the sister though 😂😂

LMAO! They extra grimy for this

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Gustavo Mendonça Alexandre Felipe kkkkk..

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Beccah Dawson Stars will die Angles amongst us Demons take over Lost road splits A new world I am me My lost halo Don't kill me My life matters Cross my path
Ronica Marie Cj Williams remember you drew a picture of your dad when you were at school? This look just like it.
Miracle Jo-Lee Teboe Little Angel Baby My daughter that I miscarried a year ago... 😔😔
Jacob Hobbs My Mom died she was 52 her and my dad were married 33 years. My dad shot himself cause he missed my mom so much. My 3 words nothing u can't in 3 words.
Beccah Dawson The real me Time goes by In the end What about us All trust lost We lost souls Road to neverland Space between us Who's with me Are we their Love is broken We will live Waterfalls go down It's not over Where are you Walk away love Hurt me not Broken ...

Did you see this???

Your Husband Got Me Pregnant! She Tells Woman She
Your Husband Got Me Pregnant! She Tells Woman She's Pregnant On The D Train!

Well, there's no shame in her game here. While on the D-Train, a woman tells her friend that she's pregnant by her husband. In the day of social media, whenever there's something going on, folks are quick to whip out their mobile phones and start filming. Well things weren't different in the case, a

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Chevel Stewart Teona Ree
Laurie Tolbert Edmund
Richard Fields Jeanine Hill
Robin Harris Wow
Wilson Wen Domkoc How is it come?

We ready 🔥#Greenlight6 @franchizeent 🔥🔥🎧

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Shantina Gunn Nice!
Alpha Abdoulaye Barry Bow wow!!!
Darlene Hutto So cute ❤️
Angelina Valdez Hi bow wow 🌹❤️💋🌹❤️💋🌹❤️💋
Nialanni Jordan Eww bow wow

Atlantic City NJ Feb 9th I’m back at the @harrahspoolac last time was EPIC! This party will be no different! #cirocboys in the building #GUHHATL GET TIX NOW!!!!! #cirocboybow #partyking #aquafridays

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Alexis Jordan Hi
Boly Djénéba Nice
Oumar Traore Cool boy
Ebexcellency BestGuy Colloquy Filmmaker Dope
Lakesha Fayne Hey

I leave my page public so lames like yourself can be nosy and stalk me. Be careful not to double tap. #GUHHATL

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Charity Shane So handsome
Satchel Jay Ain't no lame! Unfollowed you!
Juanae Orr 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Jazzy Jay Upshaw THE CAPTIIN THO SMH #iJusCant
Mzwabantu Mzwabantu Im not lame the only lame persom is you here.Hahaha you depend on them for your succes their votes and like
Tiarnee-Marie Thorpe Umm has no one noticed the mans bein kinda rude tho

Damn. The kids were right in the mix of everything. ❌🚫

Huge Restaurant Fight Breaks Out Over Missing Phone
Huge Restaurant Fight Breaks Out Over Missing Phone

In front of screaming, crying kids, customers fought over an alleged missing phone. Turns out, it wasn't missing at all. Absolute foolishness.

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Antonio Hemphill Insun Wilson
Kwandra Alica Clayton-Hadley Shantell Hadley Ebonique Bonet
Heather Olinger No!!
Fannie Clark Oh my
Mary Rivera Wow


Here's The Post That Kandi Burruss Deleted After Being Accused Of Living A ‘Swingers’ Lifestyle

Not again? So, it appears that Kandi Burruss-Tucker is entangled in yet another lesbian rumor. While it's not Porsha accusing her this time, it appears that Kim Zolciak-Biermann alleges that Kandi offered to lick her box as well. Now, the ladies are having a Twitter war as Kandi responded to Kim's...

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Eleanor Davis Sad if u do
Pauline Grant 😴.......
Jawara Williams What cash ssh agenda easy yeah
Malinda Posey Story line getting very old
Charlene Smith Girls grow up!

Wow! LOL

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Nadia Wise Ewww she's a nasty bitch😡😡
Hannah Maries Barba Marvin Kem-ing
Eleanor Love'sAnthony Cruz Cresencio
Nathan Sanchez to many gold digger 😑

Check out my mother rocking the latest from her online clothing boutique has all you need ladies.

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Latessa Chryar so fly
Hartley Marks Popin vision
Agri Roland Teche beauty mam ttheresa
Alexis Jordan Hi
Regina Bridges Foster Dope pieces

Truck Stick

64 reactions 16 comments
Jason Navarro son will grew up a pussy.
Ingrid N Roger His dad is raising a fkn pussy
Lorenzo Den Heijer Mido Al-Khalidie Jesse Roelofsen Giano Wurms deze vader is de definitie van hecarim
Ivan Krokante Não sabe brincar não desse pro play
Silmara Rodrigues Que cara idiota

Son Ruins Mom's Singing Video

166 reactions 6 comments
Arbaz Tyagi Akanksha Jain
Stella Marie Carreon Li Him Ho Hahahaha
Jawara Williams Drag ssh start ofyourandso for xkvfu z
Tara Parsons Staged
The Law Of Attraction - What you seek is seeking you We meet people for a specific reason. They're either a blessing or a lesson.

Shark Rescue

76 reactions 19 comments
Naediene Baol Luke Peligrino
Zoe Colleran Adam Mec
Delwyn Angell omg
Carlos Mma Vale-Tudo good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yannick Barthelet Magnificent 😃

Best success TIP: Stop listening to broke ass people. #Guhhatl

1.3k reactions 64 comments
Stokes Michelle Sonya Facts
Collins Amoasi Amponsah Let the street talk
Rydge Belaire Boss Molino I bet he got a submarine shawty
Shantina Gunn #truth
Mutalib Adams Haruna nice one

Without respect love is lost without caring love is boring without honesty love is unhappy without trust love is unstable #Guhhatl #g6

2.8k reactions 92 comments
Emah Okoro True
Gladys Merced I agree 💋god bless you 💋
Rocky Runions Keep it 100 my brother
Lashon Baldwin Is those flats🤔
Dee Leger So true


1.6k reactions 146 comments
Leron Lee Pillay Realities of life..
Karen Butler Dam shame
Luu Candy My Word
Kelvin Hicks AWKWARD !!!
Jawara Williams He si so so dude si sisb ssh o wow I xide zoo

Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta

4.0k reactions 165 comments
Latessa Chryar 3aa if u don't like it get da fucc off his page n go do sumtin else MUTHA fuccaz
Frankie Amalla Dope Pic, but yes the Shoes 1st thing i saw pretty nice. Frankie N Grace Amalla dad needs some like thesssse!
Maria Estela Those shoes got to go!!!!!!!!
Virginia Wiggins Looking for some more cooking music for you

100 Year Old Box of Chocolate

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Noble Chiji
Mun Sung Choi Serene Cielo Balingit Tiongco
Gladys Merced Well I just think that it’s amazing 💋knowing my adhd self , I most likely would of took it out the box and played with it lol😂😂😂

Mad scary!

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Joemar Paracale Veras Mariel Sinadjan Grabeh oh :O
Haidar Sufiani Why would a 👻 go through a window
Kelvin Morgz So was the ghost inside the room all along? Or did it av have to get into the house, open the window and relet itself in?
Cathy Mason If it were ghosts dont you think they knew you put up a camera!


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Diana Castañeda 😂

This looks insane!!

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Egon Hasani Armir Xhemaili garant ti qita po don me ba hahaha
Bee Uili Why
Estelle Morales Maud Zam' aller chiche tu me fais ça 😅😅😅😅
Luciana Sunshine Wtf ugly
Aldair Picon Hacen huevadas xdd

366 reactions 491 comments
Jōvan Aubry What the hell did I miss
Shamaka Tyki'e Shamone Why Google what you could go out and see for yourself.
Juan Rollins Literally "Tf happened to me?"
Kwasi Frimpong **types in** Japanese restaurants near me...🤷🏿‍♂️
Alex Rogers How many more Stanley cups the Pittsburgh penguins have and if the Cleveland browns are a team.

How To Makeover Your Kitchen

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Rosa Hamilton Leslie Hamilton
John J Gabriel Genelyn Gabriel
Babycly Elliott Shakira Maloney
Wellise Joseph Bone Joseph
Theresa Marion Racquel Reed
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