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We may not like it, but if God had not shut that door, we would have been satisfied to stay where we were. God loves you too much to let you miss your destiny. You have too much potential, too much talent, too much in you for you to get stuck where you are. He’ll put you in situations that make you stretch, make you grow. Blessed in the Darkness is available now! ORDER your copy here: #BlessedintheDarkness

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Lisa Phillips Keep me in prayer, went to ddetost, the needle she numbed me with, is excruciatung. I feel the nerve running from my tooth to the top of my head. She actually jugged it into my gum.
Patience Awuku I have been through some tough times too, but until I let go of bitterness and pain, the walls came down.. May we get rid of bitterness and pain and trust God for His goodness. Amen
Tone White I Sure Hope So I NEED the Great LORD blessing day to come back to life Amen. Thanks Minister Joel Osteen God bless you'll and your wonderful family members have a great day.
Keaton Clark Please pray for me , that the light of Christ would in lighten my heart each and everyday to show people his love and what he has done for us.
Ginny Knott Thank you for bringing light in the darkness. I love your simple messages that give us hope in times we feel we can't go on. Life is so good and I have had a blessed year.

"Healing Words" We’re all so busy these days. We all have our own challenges. If we’re not careful, we’ll pass by people in need. Let them know that you care. There’s no greater feeling and nothing is more rewarding than helping others rise higher. Get this and all of Joel's messages on Podcast! Video: Audio:

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Ena Ward Please pray for me and my family AMEN...
Norma Castro Prayers for use I love this messages .thanks
Geraldy Rodriguez Peter J Zorzy always surrounding by those who have the encouraging words !!
Vaneisha Nicole Venus Agoddess thanks 4 always doing this 4 me .. I appreciate your surrport!

Stay calm; the Good Shepherd is watching over you. The God who created the universe, the God who knew you before you were born is guiding you, He’s protecting you. Yes, there will be some wolves in our path, things we don’t understand. Stay in peace. You don’t have to run, you don’t have to worry, the Good Shepherd will fight your battles, He’ll lead you into the green pastures, He’ll restore your soul. You may go through some valleys, some difficult times but you don’t have to fear any evil. For the Lord your God, the Good Shepherd is with you.

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Veronica Kemirembe Amen and Amen. Pliz Pr.Joel am asking you to pray for me so that I may receive total healing of every sickness and disease in my blood and body,Am praying for my daughter,favor,blessings and financial breakthrough. Am asking God to heal me,my daughter ...
Natasha Wright Yes. I have hope that God will fight these battles and work out the situations of my life. I put my faith and trust in God Almighty to take care me and my family. You're unfailing God. Thank You Heavenly Father. In Jesus mighty name. Amen!
Donna Nelson I’m asking for Prayer the Dermatologist Found Cancerous Spots on My Head that have to be Removed. Hopefully before the End of the Year My deductibles are Paid up and My Insurance pays 100% I’m real Scared. I Love and Trust In The Lord.
Pamela Davis Oh Lord,I'm home alone,my son just started a evening job,we have a serial in our neighborhood,and I thank you so much for this reminder,words of comfort,I need an receive this right now in Jesus name,Amen
Marsha Edwards Amen! I’m going through al lot right now, I pray everyday and every minute, I really need to hear this just pray for me . And guide me through all this! My husband is doing everything he can to bring me down but with God on my side I have faith that I’m ...

Listen to @JoelOsteenRadio on @SiriusXM 128 for FREE now through November 27! Just hit the SAT button in your car to hear 100 channels including commercial-free music and so much more. Go to for more details.

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Ce Afadama AMEN. SURE
Christina Paez Amen holy spirit
Barbara Jane Ross Gingerelli Amen!!
Nagi Odrater God bless both of you...
Khetoi Sumi Thank you Amen

"Healing Words" When you go out of your way to bless someone, when you make it your business to encourage a coworker that’s down, when you stop by to see that friend that hasn’t been feeling well, because you're taking care of others, God will make sure someone is always there for you. Those are seeds you’re sowing. Get this and all of Joel's messages on Podcast! Video: Audio:

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Stanley Mwenya Pastor osteen, keep on the good works for the kingdom of god here earth, represented by the churches.A great tool , a blessing to all nations, you are blessed.
Evelyn Tillack Amen please pray for me and my family brother. God has amazing. Power thank u god bless you and your family in Jesus precious name Amen.
Margaret Willery Jessemy I am thankful for God mercy and grace forgiveness for me not losing my mind car and for my son doing well at school even got accepted at college and believing for the fiance so he can do so
Karsten Shortey Amen. Past few years I've been struggle but I'm still hanging on at end of the rope. Trying my best not anything overtake me. But praying helps me get through thru tough days. I'm still here staying strong.
Carmen Cecilia Sierra Arroyave God is our father , He reflects his love in you. I am a two survivor cancer, first breast cancer and then methastatic bone cancer and never felt so great and cared for. To the Lord all Honor and Glory.

Cultivate a lifestyle of being thankful, of remembering what God has done and how blessed you are. Let's take time to reflect on 2017 and all the things we have to be grateful for. What are you grateful for? Let us know in the comments below and share with others!

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Rissa Rowell I am so thankful for God who has got me this far in my life through every struggle and every tear of sadness and happiness. He has blessed me with 4 awesome children a loving family and a loving man to be by my side. Thankyou Jesus for everyday and ...
Romao Sobrinho I'm really thankful for the grace that was displayed on the cross through our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Without that grace i would live in the disgrace. He was the luxury found in the rubbishy that was the manger. And it was the revelation of a ...
Roseann Alioto Oliva So much to be thankful for id be here all day talking about the times our farther has got me threw alot of hard times n for the love i gave to others got so much back..
Ariel Flora Salene Thankful for being homeless right now after Harvey, we are repairing our home and it's taking too long, we (our two teenager daughters) and my husband are thankful for everything we are going throughout with out our home, it teach us to appreciate what ...
Jaya Manickchand Thankful for God's grace and mercies. Especially thankful for my mother, for the beautiful soul that she was. I'm so thankful for the relationship we shared. Now that she is with Jesus and I miss her more than words can ever describe, I know that we ...

When it feels as though you’re far behind, outnumbered, outsized and outclassed, instead of being discouraged, have a new perspective. At any moment things are going to shift in your favor. A good break, a healing, a promotion or a restoration is coming. Blessed in the Darkness is available now! ORDER your copy here: #BlessedintheDarkness

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Robert J. Dudash Sr. Outnumbered on Fox News...great show! Nice job Lisa Boothe on the show today. I hope you get a permanent spot on Fox News in DC so you could be near your family. We all were blessed with special and unique qualities. No ...
Jennifer Lee Please pray for J. A. S. to see clearly that Jesus Christ is Lord! To let go of be done with and completely delivered from every addiction including the slave maker who purchased him. Praying his heart be encouraged and that he find God's full ...
Abraham Sosa I purchased this book but haven’t had time to read it. I’m sure it’s good though. It’s definitely on my to read list.
Terri Mendiola Amen..Thank you so much Joel Osteen.. I Really Needed that .... Been so worried about everything.My son's. My job ...Every thang... Got too keep the Faith and keep going. 😢💝
Lewis Dean Atwood III Although the darkness is so thick I can't see how my situation will turn around.. I believe that it is. even if it's another 10yrs.

Proverbs 18:4 says, “A person’s words can be life-giving water.” People are thirsty. People have gone through heartache, they’ve been pushed down by life. We have something to offer them. Our words can help heal the hurts, our words can help break the chains that are holding them back. Get this and all of Joel's messages on Podcast! Video: Audio:

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Williams Pamela Amen. Your words have certainly boosted my mood .......more than a few times.
Marie Dillard Amen God is so awesome praise the lord in his name.
Rose Ramos Thank you, need prayer for my children.
Simiyu Albert I thank God for the word blessed day pastor joel
Rose Roberts Trust in the LORD! preserve! Hold on to GOD! UnChanging word

When you compliment somebody in front of people, it carries more weight. Yes, there are times it needs to be private, but when you can, speak a blessing in public. After all, most people don’t have a problem saying negative things in front of people. Why don’t you spread some good things about the people you love? Use your words to push people into their destiny, to encourage them to pursue their dreams, to let them know that you believe in them.

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Cindy Ann Madison Please pray for me. I have been having insomnia, anxiety and depression. I am fighting hard because I have to go back to work. Thank you. I listen to your Pod cast when I can't sleep, and other times too.
Bbosa Dorothy Katantazi Pastor Joel, I live in Kampala, Uganda and I used to love and follow your late Dad ministering. When he passed on, I felt such a great loss, but today I thank God for your life and ministry. I follow you on fb and on TBN and I am so proud of you and ...
Fatou Sow Chama May God bless the works of yo hands, am a big fun of you n yo preachings I feel blessed n encouraged each time I watch n listen to yo word. May u b blessed n share yo blessings to us.
Amalia Mayol thank you God for giving me Love, its the only way to understand other people for their unreachable behavior. i hope soon they also believe in you and accept you as their Lord and saviour
Kristi Bowersock I always tell people to have a "blessed" day. It's so warming to see and hear their surprise of endearment and receiving it. ❤️

Joel and Victoria are coming to the State Farm Arena in Rio Grande Valley, TX on December 1! Make plans now to attend this inspirational night of hope, worship and encouragement. #NightofHope

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Haykay Stanlee Yeah That is Good Joel
Marisol Fuentes Salinas I cant wait!!! 🙌🏻🙏🏻
Olga Velasquez Amen Amen💖💖💖
Kilande Robinah Am there by faith
Margie Motta Amen 🙏

When you tell someone, “I love you, I’m proud of you, you did a great job on that project.” you’re not just being kind, those are healing words. We don’t know what people are going through. They may smile on the outside, but on the inside they’re hurting, they’re lonely, they’re insecure. Just a simple word of encouragement, “I’m praying for you.” A simple compliment, “You look great today.” Your words can be what keeps them moving forward. Check out this and all of Joel's messages on Podcast! Video: Audio:

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Norms Van Tulang Hi Joel, im from Cebu, Philippines. Thanks for those inspiring message. Sometimes there are people who really don't understand us though u haven't done bad to them. But deep inside, it's hurting me. Yet I always pray for them...
Jeanette Montilione Amen. Yes everyone needs to be loved. And a little word of kindness and love really helps. God Bless us all.
Karen Anne Madueño Amen please keep me in prayer these clips and daily word are very encouraging. Helps get thru the bad days. God bless this ministry
Cece Anderson Your healing message got me through the day today. I was really having some tough moments, but your message kept going over and over in my head. By the way Pastor Joel, I bought your latest book today at Sam's Club. I own quite a few of your books, and ...
Zorene Bacchus Pastor Joel Osteen, you are the only one I can listen to and feel the encouragement. Love to listen to your words. Thank you so much for the encouragement you give to others. God bless you and your beautiful family.

"Healing Words" We live in a society where there’s a lot of negative chatter through the internet and social media. It’s becoming normal to be disrespectful. People think nothing of saying hurtful, judgmental things. More than ever people need your healing words. Check out this and all of Joel's messages on Podcast here: Video: Audio:

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Tamara Su Heath Majam Yes❤️🙏🏼Great sermon Joel .. watch out world 🌎 I am rising higher thanks to being ripped apart. God bless past becoming stronger . Amen
Robert J. Dudash Sr. People don’t want to hear you tell them negative things to their face, rude text messages, or disrespectful words written on social media. If you see someone, try to lift their spirits by giving them a compliment. If it’s a person you know, encourage ...
Birdy Martinez I need your prayers I'm sick I'm under depression and I need a prayer I hope you can answer me I've been through alot and I need a lots of prayers I've been through my heart problems my kidneys my family please pray for me
Beulah Lei Love one another. Be there for each other, you never no who is going through there own personal struggle..Block the negativity and come with positive people positive things and and positive outcome and environment
Andrea Liana Thank you Pastor Joel Osteen, words can cut and cause real pain in peoples lives. Lord help me to think of others first and use my words for healing and love 💑 of all.

Don't miss this the show today. My friend, the incredibly talented Tyler Perry and Matt & Laurie from Trinity Broadcasting Network joined Victoria and me. Tune in now to SiriusXM Radio Ch 128 Make sure to pick up a copy of Tyler's new book, Higher is Waiting.

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Amrutha Vani I stay in India, how can I get copy of this book.
Bonani Erisa This is my first time to here about you but am already blessed.
Emmanuel Pillay Keep up the great work ,God bless you. Well done!
Kesh DE Sly Amen, hallelujah!! I love both Mr and Mrs Osteen also am a big fan of Madea!!
Krista Jordan I missed that!!! Where can I catch a replay?

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Ogwuche Onyilo A 1000 cattle upon the hills belongs to God. The whole world is His footstool. He can do anything and nothing is too big for Him to give those who believe in Him
Jacq Lyn Barba Amen... Thank you ABBA father God... I really need this msg. This morning... Thank you Ptr. Joel for inspiring me this morning..
Arbnesha Lleshaj Annabella Lleshaj Romans 9:8In other words, it is not the children by physical descent who are God's children, but it is the children of the promise who are regarded as Abraham's offspring.
Nina Reeves I'm praying for catching up will car payment, rent, bills, better job postion, peace in our world, and a better 2018 I boldly pray out loud amen
LuLu Hutto God Thank You for A Flood of Financial Favor today for talking to the right people about me giving myself a break

You have the power to put someone on their feet, you have the power to keep them from falling into depression, you have the power to cause them to pursue their dream. Without your blessing, your encouragement, your kindness, they won’t become what they should have become. Don’t miss the opportunity. Take time to be a healer, be a lifter of the people in your life. Get this and all of Joel's messages on Podcast! Video: Audio:

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Brandon Jenkins: Born Again Fitness Personal Training & Lifestyl Just want to share some love 💓 and positivity to anyone who may be reading this, especially if you're going through some rough times. I think most of us don't do this enough (I know that I'm guilty of it), but during nights like this, when I realize...I ...
Rosie Morton Blake Smith...I hope you are having better days I pray for your wellbeing throughout this tough time...tough times don't last but, tough people do!! I Believe that !!
Linda M Toma I wish I can encourage and convince my daughter to continue her higher education....She is very good at certain things but just has to decide on one as her specialty and other as hobbies. We've discussed it all before, but I haven't yet convinced her,.....
Fatou Hamid Yes and Amen. We all need each other during trying times in our lives. Almighty father, let your healing words work through me in prayers for your children here on earth. Gods miracles and mysterious ways are mighty and divine, when we deligently seek ...
Marseill Renee Robinson-Hudson Indeed!Thats why I will continue to pray for God to help me enter & stay in his presence!I can do nothing without him!I will lift up my eyes unto the hills which comeeth my help!Lord Im worn out in my flesh tryna love & serve & give!Lord thats why I ...

Spending time with friends at The Church of God in Christ 110th Holy Convocation. Thank you Bishop Blake for an inspiring evening in St. Louis.

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Deanna Rosania Blessings for all of our love ones!
Angela Locke Bowen Amen to that God is good.
Martinez Lollie Amen it's a blessing to have pastor Joe Olsteen there with you God bless you all and y'all have a blessed place service and God bless all of you in the name of Jesus Hallelujah amen
Marcus Strange Psalm 43:2King James Version (KJV) 2 For thou art the God of my strength: why dost thou cast me off? why go I mourning because of the oppression of the enemy? King James Version (KJV)
Lori Paillon How do you handle communion with such a large gathering?

Lakewood Live Catch us LIVE at 11:00am CT to experience a Lakewood Service! Joel and Victoria Osteen will be delivering inspirational messages along with powerful uplifting music with our Lakewood worship team! Let us know where you are tuning in from! PRAYER We would love to pray with you. Please post your prayer and praise reports here: GET CONNECTED We were never meant to journey alone. Connect with us! THE AUTHOR OF OUR SALVATION PARTNER WITH US Make a difference and partner with us today! FIND A CHURCH Wherever you are, we always want to encourage you to get connected with a Bible-based church in your area! Click here to find one of our Champions Network of Churches:

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Evelyn Wiafe Lord l continue my two kids who are in their final year into your hands, that they may come up with good GPA
Elizabeth Olivares Thank you lord for all the blessings for myself and my family.. I am peace with my lord but I will still stand 🕴 Amen
Diana Solano Yes God. You’re bigger than the cancer my sister is battling. Clean her body and all her organs, wash them with you precious blood, restore her perfect health and give her a long life to glorify you Lord 💕
Tammy Triche Praise Jesus.....Hallelujah. Thank you Jesus in advance for helping us be successful. In Jesus name. Amen 🙏
Rachel Mallory Beautiful I love it God is so awesome in our lives we are nothing without Him praise and glory to the Most High God and our Lord Jesus Christ

Lakewood Live Catch us LIVE at 8:30am CT to experience a Lakewood Service! Joel and Victoria Osteen will be delivering inspirational messages along with powerful uplifting music with our Lakewood worship team! You can also watch here: Let us know where you are tuning in from! PRAYER We would love to pray with you. Please post your prayer and praise reports here: GET CONNECTED We were never meant to journey alone. Connect with us! THE AUTHOR OF OUR SALVATION PARTNER WITH US Make a difference and partner with us today! FIND A CHURCH Wherever you are, we always want to encourage you to get connected with a Bible-based church in your area! Click here to find one of our Champions Network of Churches:

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Maurissa Ramos Prayers for everyone for healing through our dark times to be delivered that we invite the Holy Spirit to take over and give us strength wwe don't give he like he'll never give up AMEN
Genny Johnston I pray for a better paying job that I can excel at. I pray that you send a good man to be in my life and we become one in your sight. In your name I pray Amen 🙏🏾
Diane Guill Need some prayer left leg and back went out ( numb and pain off and on) this am...second time this week. Regeneration need and wisdom ...
Barbara Parker I need a lot of heavy prayers! Had the carpet pulled out from under me have no idea how i’m going to recover!!
Robert Bisset I love Joel Osteen ! Always a wonderful message from a wonderful man! Always uplighting and speaks to me Everytime I see one of his services! Shout out to Victoria as well!

Lakewood Live Catch us LIVE at 7:00pm CT to experience a Lakewood Service! Joel and Victoria Osteen will be delivering inspirational messages along with powerful uplifting music with our Lakewood worship team! You can also watch here: Let us know where you are tuning in from! PRAYER We would love to pray with you. Please post your prayer and praise reports here: GET CONNECTED We were never meant to journey alone. Connect with us! THE AUTHOR OF OUR SALVATION PARTNER WITH US Make a difference and partner with us today! FIND A CHURCH Wherever you are, we always want to encourage you to get connected with a Bible-based church in your area! Click here to find one of our Champions Network of Churches:

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Judith Edwards Let everything that has breath Praise the Lord! Thank you Lord for our Country. Please make us sincerely One Nation Under God!!
Sam Kaye I Forgive everyone! bondages, and yokes, and strong man are broken off of my Life and Familys and loves ones, and stays off! in Jesus Name Amen!
Christina Paez God body worse painful my savior healing my fibromyalgia journey is honor purposes God almighty God heavenly father glory mercy
Marie Fabienne Zaletta Pls pray for my childrens Adrien and Maryjane to keep persevere spiritualy joyfully with God. to make God there Lord and Saviour to be hungry for God
Douglas Gavetti Prayers for my little Gem passed Dogs go to heaven? Dog spelled backwards spells God....answer Yes..I believe.

Some of the things that God has in your future you wouldn’t be able to handle if He gave them to you right now. He loves you too much to let that happen. He’s developing your character, growing you up. Blessed in the Darkness, available now! Get your copy here: #BlessedintheDarkness

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Elizabeth Atieno Amen thank you heavenly father i know you have good plans for me I believe Amen
Evelyn Aligba Yes, God is developing my character and preparing a table for me in the presence of my enemies.
Vida Dormer Almighty Father Lord Holy Spirit Jesus Christ please grant me my husband our marriage and families your blessings and anointing of our marriage and families' reconciliation forgiveness mercy grace love joy faith and hope now and forevermore Amen ...
Shawn Rech So who's the guy on the cover... because it doesn't look like Joel... not even a little.
Gerard Gebir That's right. God's silence may be to stop you awhile in order to prepare you for the challenges ahead. Do not misinterpret His silence as rejection.

We honor all of our faithful Veterans. Thank you for your service to our country. #GodBlessAmerica

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Carla Spizzirri There is no glory in war... Peace comes from peace ✌️
Immanuel Mike Thank God for everything!
Ongwech David please pray for me,my life is moving in opposite way and my business is stuck
Teneko Robinson Amen! Yes God blesses to all the America 🇺🇸💗💙💜💝💖
Aldo D Cristo And God bless all America's victims all over the world and through all it's centuries.

God has something amazing in front of you. He has a purpose for you to fulfill. Stay encouraged through the week with this and all of Joel's messages on Podcast. Video: Audio:

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Juliet Judethea Amen, but PR Joel Austin, u reply me as well, pray for ma sister to excel in her senior six examination n I also pray DAT God listens to ma cry on Monday
Barbara O'Neill Kane What a beautiful wonderful to have in yr life, I would be nothing in this life without Jesus Christ Amen ❤ 🌟
Patger de Ocampo Amen..Sometimes we may not understand whats happening in our life but i Trust Your will Lord..You know what is good for us 😊😘
Nakato Annet Amen. So true I know that God is always on my side and he will not let me bitterness come into my life. Thanks Joel for your inspiration .
Sheila Fazal Amen hallelujah Lord Jesus for your mercy and grace and protection. Therefore we trust you Lord for every breath of life amen

Joel and Victoria are coming to the State Farm Arena in Rio Grande Valley, TX on December 1! Make plans now to attend this inspirational night of hope, worship and encouragement. #NightofHope

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Birungi Patricia Amen and Amen glory to your God!!!
Rudy De La Cruz All glory be to god
Joseph Oppong I wish I'm there
Joseph Oppong I wish I'm there

In Exodus 14:13, 14, Moses said to the people, “Don’t be afraid, for the Lord will fight for you if you hold your peace and remain at rest.” Notice there’s a condition, if you remain at rest then the Creator of the universe will fight for you. If you don’t worry about the medical report, if you don’t get upset over the contract you didn’t get, if you don’t live stressed out over the people that are talking about you and stay at rest, God will fight your battles.

76.8k reactions 6161 comments
Sipho Moyo Amen IJN. I don't really want to ask the Lord for anything but just to thank Him for the gift of life, loving me unconditionally and for fighting my battles that am not even aware of.
Scott Headlee I truly believe this and Jesus is my savior my almighty father I love him more than words can say he is my healer Amen.
Joxe Guchu Haha am happy about God. He is already fighting for me. Glory be to you Almighty Giver of peace and happiness. Receive my praise and worship tonight. Christ is my reward,and all of my devotion
Sandra Vilshes Pido mucha oración por favor necesito que me ayuden ah orar por mis peticiones que dios las conoce y creo en la ayuda de ustedes la oración intercesora mueve montaña,estaré muy agradecida ,todo lo ponga e n las manos del creador..
Minerva Brito Overstreet Amen ! Praise God! I have just witnessed this in my life.. living through it at rest and peace. God has spoken to me in so many different ways . With the same message. Trust in me. ✝️💟✝️

The Scripture says in Matthew 6:34, “Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will have enough worries of its own.” God gives you the grace for today. You don’t have grace for tomorrow. Don’t try to figure out the next five years, playing all the ‘what if’s.’ The ‘what if’s’ will make you depressed. If the ‘what if’ does happen, God will give you the grace to handle it.

50.9k reactions 4594 comments
Martha Wanjira It's true we just need to let God take charge n b in control of our lives, as worrying n thinking of d 'what ifs' doesn't help nor change d situation.. It makes u more anxious. Thanks all b blessed.
Mila Tesoro Tortuya LIFE isn't easy,however, is one of HOPE and HEALING, We can ALWAYS TRUST GOD to be honest good and the bad.Only with the help of GOD will you have the strength to consistently follow through and and do the right thing. Just live simple and ...
Anna Yeoman Please I’m asking u and ur congregation to pray for my brother!!he had surgery last month from cancer on his head!! Not very comet the one that he has,so he’s going to see some one that knows more about the treatment ,so please pray to be acure for ...
Stephanie Donnie Smith Needed this. Please pray for my sister. She is schizophrenic and in denial. Praying for her to be healed
Oladipo Akinyemi Omole Pastor Osteen dear,I've really been blessed with this your latest, because I have been worrying myself silly about how I'm going to survive in the future given all my responsibilities and obligations to my family without any job yet.I lost my job here ...

God promises He’ll give you grace for every season. He won’t let you go through more than you can handle. Stay encouraged through the week with this and all of Joel's messages on Podcast. Video: Audio:

14.4k reactions 820 comments
Nancy Norton Thank you for inspiring people m your encouragements pastor Joel osteen n May god continue to bless u n ur family as well.
Della Burton I know my purpose and I declare it will be fulfilled..My life book is not chapters just have yet to be completed!! Praise God Hallelujah!! Thank You My Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for Your Blood which has redeemed my presence at the Almighty ...
Lyn Tamayo Alcera Thank you lord Jesus for everything and I pray that we will always be in good health safe and happy and thank you Joel Osteen to all your messages I hear you watch every Sunday please pray for me and my family I lost my husband last January 5 and I ...
Phyllis Lubinda Amen what a powerful and encouraging word indeed God is always fair to each one of us he only give things that we can handle
Ruth Norva Amen Pastor Joel. I receive God's miracle in my life.:) Thanks for encouraging me. God is awesome. God bless us.:)

4.0k reactions 78 comments
Gloria Amaro Amen .
Demery Charleston Finally diversity.
Saraileah Cassanova I was there!
Margo Gray I missed it!!! I really wanted to see it!!!
Gjon Llolluni GOD BLESS YOU

There are people God has in your life right now that need your healing—they need your love, they need your kindness. Be on the lookout. Live with the attitude, “Who can I bless today? Who can I help heal? Who can I push into their destiny?”

63.9k reactions 2441 comments
Vita Lofaro My family needs healing we have been through a lot so I pray that I can let them know that The Lord is in Control and He will Bless is And Our New Home Thank You Lord For this Blessing🙏🏻
Rebecca Acuna Prayers for my son Brian Acuna that will have surgery on November 29th to see what this mass is between his spine and brain and I know we serve a mighty God and he needs a healing and that this is not cancer and is benign
Lilia Fabro Pls pray for my daughter and grandson for miracle and complete healing hsleluiah, Lord cover them by the blood of Jesus that was shade on the cross of calvary that no works and plans of the enemies shall prevail in their lives in Jesus name bless them ...
Rachel Bridges Jenkins But now I'm the one that needs help and no-one...all I can do is trust in God cause I help all I can but when I'm in need there's not another me.
Cameron Nair Amen Pastor Joel, I'm happy to have this post in my life today, I'm two weeks sober, please keep me in your prayers, I'm walking in sobriety, and my prayer is for God to keep me and strengthen me, in Jesus name Amen!

We're in St. Louis tonight to speak at the Church of God in Christ 110th Holy Convocation. We met a lot of great people on the way in Indianapolis and Chicago. Joel would love to meet you and sign your copy of Blessed in the Darkness Thursday in Oklahoma City and Jackson, Mississippi. Check out the upcoming book signings here! #BlessedintheDarkness

2.9k reactions 76 comments
Caesar J. B. Squitti One of the best....please stay humble...!
Davida Lawson Pastor Joel Osteen is an awesome preacher.
Darius Martin I enjoy the message you brought at the 110th holy convocation
Daverley Dorothy Turnquest Antonio Leanardo Hanna plz get me a sign copy of his book
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