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‪Update on the Thomas fire: it has now consumed +230,000 acres, making it the 5th largest wildfire in modern CA history.‬ ‪If you live in the area, stay safe and listen to local authorities. Please keep our firefighters and first responders in your thoughts as they fight to save our CA communities.

At 230,000 acres, Thomas fire is now the fifth-largest wildfire in modern California history
At 230,000 acres, Thomas fire is now the fifth-largest wildfire in modern California history

Firefighters are focused on defending the Santa Barbara beach town of Carpinteria from the raging Thomas fire.

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Michael Strode I'm such a fan of yours, Gavin. Thank you for what you do and represent for our state. Will vote for you for governor... and beyond? Please know we're on your side, even if we don't always respond to the paid trolls who rant in the comments.
Manual Stevens Where are the funds that would have allowed the Calif. Fire Departments, Cities, and Residences to have planned ahead to utilize prevenative fire measures to prevent fires? How many fires have occurred over the past 100 years, statistics, that would ...
Barbara Belanus Harper Funding for the extended fire season, firefighter surge capacity, Conservation Corps fire suppression crews, and aerial assets was slashed by nearly half - from $91 million to $41.7 million.
Jim Hall Funny how you left out "prayers"....
Teri Hernandez And why can't California be declared a Federal disaster so those folks can get money what's wrong with this Administration are they trying to punish California?

‪Honored to have the support of Congressman Jimmy Panetta! ‬ ‪Great to be with him in Santa Cruz today talking with grassroots leaders and activists about how CA must continue to lead the country in the right direction: forward!‬

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Angie Nader No thank you Gavin. We're getting rid of the scandalous men who did shady things while in office. I'm pretty sure you were the Mayor of San Francisco when you used your position to get close to the police chiefs wife(basically your partner in running ...
Keith Jacobson Based on many of the comments there are quite a few people buying into Jerrytopia. I'm sure Newsom's version will be pretty much the same, with the exception of wife swapping Fridays.
Chris Austin Ca has lead the country in the wrong direction with weak liberal policies. Not even sure why libers are still around, they wreck everything the touch.
Priscilla Stuart so far, california is leading in wrong direction....the country is going in the right direction thankfully under President Trump's leadership.
Karen Sweeney we legal US citizens don't want the direction you democrats are going in...MAGA

A few ways you can help those affected by the Southern California fires:

How you can help fire victims in Southern California
How you can help fire victims in Southern California

A list of ways you can help victims of the wildfires in Southern California, virtually and in-person.

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Rebecca Caldwell Bencze Spend monies you should have been spending these past 10 years on water storage infrastructure. More water available to fight fires and for people after the fires. You have been irresponsible in supporting and enlarging our water resources
Dean Cilva Gavin. You ready to go to jail? His (Indiana Rep. Todd Rokita) “Stopping Lawless Actions of Politicians (SLAP) Act” would hold state and local lawmakers criminally responsible for refusing to comply with federal immigration enforcement efforts. The ...
Holly Torrez So many animals died in barns that were used as business to board horses. They should require all barns to have working sprinkler systems and not be able to padlock stalls.
William Featherston How are YOU helping? Are you sending wine from your vineyard to the firefighters and the victims? Or will you be sending $100,000 since you have more money than you need and you feel guilty about have to much money? Will Ms. Fienstine be sending ...
Augustine L Traxler You can help by getting rid of the Liberal Democrats like Gavin Newsom.

"The first significant action on guns in Congress since mass shootings in Nevada and Texas".... is to make it EASIER for dangerous people to carry around loaded weapons.

GOP-led House passes bill making it easier for gun owners to carry concealed weapons across state lines
GOP-led House passes bill making it easier for gun owners to carry concealed weapons across state lines

Republicans rammed a bill through the House on Wednesday that would make it easier for gun owners to legally carry concealed weapons across state lines, the

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Brian Salinas How is allowing someone, who already has passed the background, to carry a gun making things more dangerous. I think it’s time you stepped away from watching Westerns and start actually looking at FBI facts.
Anna Gay These members of the GOP show their horrific “values” every day. Why should a gun- toting person be allowed to do the same in My State, against our laws. States’ rights? Only when it suits them. They are greedy ( NRA paid) uncaring hypocrites who “pray” ...
Timothy J. Allen Please mr. Nuisance, Get your facts straight! What the proposed legislation does, is restore second amendment rights to the good guys. Such as the man who chased the gunman in the Texas church shooting. It will also allow those in the church or other ...
Raymond L. Franklin More misinformation from hysterical gun banners. Get your facts straight, Newsome. People still have to have concealed carry permits from their home state. Your lies about gun violence deprives law abiding citizens of the ability to protect ...
Linda Garfield Hhhhmmmmm ... based on your comments and my understanding of the bill ... my first question would be - who are we issuing concealed Carry permits to? Criminals you say? Well, why on earth would we do something that stupid? Oooooohhhhh, that’s right we ...

Our hearts are with Ventura County this morning. Grateful for our brave firefighters and first responders who are on the scene. If you live in Ventura Co. please make sure to sign up for VC Alert for the latest information: #ThomasFire

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Christi Cocks my <3 goes out to everyone going through this heartache and terror
Laurine Boyd OMG, this is so very sad.
Karin Ahlf So much devastation in our state from the wildfires! :'(
Sabine Atwell We have dear freinds in Ventura... the Santa Ana winds, terrible..
Peggy Blackstone Scary times, stay alert, be safe, prayers up!

‪Once upon a time, ensuring children had access to healthcare was a bipartisan issue. ‬ ‪Now, Orrin Hatch — who CREATED the program he is referring to here — is slamming children because they won’t “lift a finger.” What has become of us?‬

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Cassandra Boday Hatch and his wealthy donors are so out of touch. There are a hell of a lot of ‘middle class’ families who can’t afford health insurance. Is he implying that kids should go work in the factories? Or parents should work 3 jobs so they can afford the ...
Iris Hardig Orrin Hatch has it correct . We have raised a country of slackers who feel entitled and want nothing but to be complacent and have everything handed to them . Their are plenty of free clinics for those who don't want to work and contribute to society. ...
Patrick Woodgate I don't see the word children anywhere in that quote. In this state I do see a lot of adults with EBT cards who have a kid once every 4 years to reset their benfit clock. Rewarding those who simply reproduce while insulting and robbing those who ...
Joanna Ferguson I'm so sick of hearing about these people who won't help themselves, where are those people? All I see are people working 2 or 3 jobs to make ends meet with part time or full time jobs that either do not give the employee an option of healthcare or ...
Mireille Cadoux I'd much rather spend my tax money on educating children (I am a retired teacher) than lining the pockets of people who don't need or deserve it!

Good morning, In case you were asleep like a normal person would be, and NOT looking at the news in the middle of the night, the Senate passed a massive tax bill. The GOP plan will hurt: -Teachers -Students -Women -Homeowners -Our healthcare system -The environment (and more)

Senate passes sweeping GOP tax plan in early hours of Saturday morning
Senate passes sweeping GOP tax plan in early hours of Saturday morning

The Senate passed its tax reform bill in the early hour of Saturday morning, following a day full of Republican leaders making changes to bring enough members on board and a long night full of heated rhetoric on both sides of the aisle.

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Ted Dekens It sure would be nice to see the Democrats bring a great tax cut package to the table. I sure wish they would in our state Gavin. I can't wait to see the tax reduction package you have for us! Is it ready yet? I mean the only reason we need all these ...
Eugene A. Shaffer Andrea - You really believe that after Obama ran the deficit up by 10 Trillion dollars in 8 years? It took the nation over 250 years to get 10 Trillion in debt and Obama matched that in 8 with a Democrat controlled Senate. UNFORTUNATELY THERE IS NO ...
Erik Stewart FOURTH post against the GOP tax bill. Gavin, we get it. You don't like the tax bill. Given that you're not in Congress, you should move on to something you can actually do something about. Perhaps you can start by introducing legislation in ...
Christine Michele Tucker Parents! Loss of the personal exemptions for each person especially those with multiple children now have more of their income subjected to higher tax brackets.
Tracy McDermott Republicans are acting like highschoolers ransacking the school. They have no shame or even self-respect in their rabid greed frenzy. Democrats NEED to be firm, not whining, not pleading for reality, Democrats NEED to be the Captain of the ship these ...

Tomorrow, America will wake up to see the Senate GOP passed a MASSIVE tax overhaul in the dead of the night while everyone was sleeping. Do you know what’s in the bill? Probably not. Do they? Probably not. There were no public hearings. Senators were given only hours to read a 479 page bill with illegible, handwritten amendments. This bill will affect millions of lives. It will have a huge impact on Californians and people across our nation. This is reckless, absurd, and an absolute disgrace to our democracy.

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Sean Painter Our only hope is that bill fails in reconciliation. While I don't think California's GOP delegation has the spine to do what is best for their constituents and refuse parts of the Senate Bill, I sincerely hope they realize agreeing to this magnifies ...
Alan Segal Susan Collins, Jeff Flake, John McCain, Ron Johnson and the rest of the Republican's that voted for this massive addition to the deficit, and tax cuts for the rich and already cash heavy corporations are worthless, self indulgent, un patriotic Americans ...
Billy Whitesides Democracy is dead! Long live the Merchant Kings. I think everyone should pipe down and just write checks out to the 1 %ers instead of paying taxes. Cuts down on the red tape and We the People get the same bang for our!
Gail Nigh Lee Time for the House of REPRESENTATIVES to step up and REPRESENT as it is obvious that the Senate has forgotten for whom they work.
David Robinson I wish Gavin Newsom and Gov. Brown would talk to Feinstein and Pelosi, and all of them take the next flight to Mexico, with a one-way ticket. Newsom supported Hillary Clinton and Obama. He is going to try and make California a sanctuary state.

This is one of 479 pages of the Tax Bill the Senate is supposed to vote on TONIGHT. Senators just got a copy to read for the first time, and it looks like THIS?! It has HAND-WRITTEN amendments. Make no mistake, this hurts California. In fact, it hurts people across our country. It creates a TRILLION dollars of debt. It hurts the poor, the middle class, our students, our grad students, the 13 MILLION who will lose health coverage because of it, and more. There were NO public hearings. NO ONE knows what’s in this bill. Honestly, I don’t expect much of the Senate GOP, but this is beyond reckless.

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Denise McGill This is just not right. I feel like we have morphed into a mafia state where only the sly and the conmen get what they want.
Michael Fitzpatrick This is not the state that a bill should be in when it is presented to the senate for vote. This is unconscionable behavior by the GOP and they should know better.
Jason La Fay I don't know about you, but Edmund G. Brown Is doing exactly what the Democrats say the Republicans are doing with this tax plan. He is taxing me to death. Before he was elected, he said he wasn't going to raise property tax. Well, my property tax ...
Ramrod Jackson Of course it hurts California. There’s a Republican president in office. Did you think he would accommodate the Leftist traitors in a state that routinely calls for his impeachment. Moron.
Linda Rose I was watching when this was discussed. Thanks for publicizing this. What they have been doing tonight is morally reprehensible.

Sen. Cory Booker is currently reading the GOP tax bill. That was given to him minutes ago. That is 500 pages long. That is supposed to be voted on tonight. What is going on.

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Bob White Exactly how Obamacare was legislated! Let's approve the bill to find out what's in it - Nancy Pelosi
Robert Craig I don't get it. That's 2000 shorter than the ACA and Pelosie said everyone had more than enough time to read it before a vote was held on the ACA. Are you saying the Democratic politicians are dumber than the ones who were in office when the ACA was ...
Ed Ford We'll The Demorats didn't bother to listen on ACA so I don't care if he can't read it all. Not Like any obstructionist from the left was going to vote for it anyway!
Joan DePaepe Everyone should be worried that Washington has turned into this. It shows that there are many troubling facts involved with this bill otherwise they would give everyone plenty of time to read and understand it. This is extremely dangerous and could ...
Janis Kobe they don't want anyone to know how they are screwing the public as they lie their way to the bank. Trump needs $$ and will make a haul and they don't want us to know our kids and grandkids will pay for this garbage!

Casual..........the vote on the Republican tax bill was delayed after a report that the economics were off by a TRILLION DOLLARS.

Senate Republicans Scramble to Find Revenue for Tax Bill With Vote Expected Friday
Senate Republicans Scramble to Find Revenue for Tax Bill With Vote Expected Friday

With the Senate debate on taxes set, Republicans were still discussing revisions to their plan to address the concerns of a number of members.

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Stiv Ostenberg Oh well, too late to change it now. We will have to pass this bill to see what is in this bill.... Or did I hear that before?
Jeff Smurthwaite Corporations are saying they will buy back shares and provide more profit to shareholders, not do any additional hiring or investment. This trickle down theory is BS
Benn Murray Gabby, why don't you seek another MURDERER to protect instead of condemning something you know nothing about.
Lew Ferrin Thanks for the update. Notice that the GOP are doing everything but touching the big kickbacks to the donor-class or GOP one-percent. The super-rich are their only true constituents.
Sue Atkinson Robinson So disappointed that our elected officials care more about a win for the party than a win for the voters. Guess we know where we stand.

“You must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right.” - Rosa Parks On this day 62 years ago, Rosa Parks stood up for equality and justice while sitting down on a bus, refusing to give up her seat to a white man. Her courage to stand up for what is right should never be forgotten.

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Jeffrey Lawrence We should all be Rosa Parks. We should be marching in the streets.
Martin Monkewicz Yeah for Rosa Parks -- a hero can come from anywhere.
Dean Nelson I thought this was about Rosa Parks.
Josh Parker Fast forward 62 years... Many of them prefer to sit in the back of the city bus. The young ones, at least.

Thrilled to have the support of Councilwoman Lena Gonzalez and Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia! Mayor Garcia was the youngest and first LGBT person of color to be elected to Long Beach City Council. He's now the city's youngest mayor, and its first LGBT and Latino mayor! Thank you both for your support!

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JR Guillory Disgusting. You are not progressive enough with current issues. You are good ole boy politics.
Chris Dibbern Hey if this guy looks like me he must be working to help make my life better, right? Right?
Trilobite Queen you have my vote no the other ones
Brian Lamarr Stewart Stewart Enterprises,Consultant, specializing in social media /special lobbying, [email protected], let me help get Gavin become governor
Jon Lorensen Blah blah blah blah blah. Wait his lips aren't moving so he not grand standing and lying just yet.,

The Senate may vote on their tax bill TODAY. Important to understand that the GOP messaging around this bill is completely dishonest. It destroys our healthcare system while catering to the richest in our nation. Call your Senators TODAY and tell them to vote NO: 202-224-3121.

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Joseph Songer Well “the people “ have catered to you politicians and time and time again you have squandered our money, filled your pockets and blamed others or just plain ignored us when asked why. So shhhh you may not want attention in your direction. Lest we ...
Nancy Heifferon I block people on both sides of an issue who resort to slurs and name calling. Therefore, I am blocking Chuck Sanford. Feel free to do the same if you are in favor of reasonable, courteous discussion.
Sean Prophet Bunch of suckers on this feed who should be getting checks from the Koch bros. Why are you doing their dirty work for free? Arguing against your own financial security? Insane. But hey, you're about to find out what they really think of you.
Tom Ewing Is the State of California going to steal more money from us. There was famous English lady who said that pretty soon your going to run out of other peoples money. Is the Peoples Republic of California going down this track??
Mark Alcorn In reading many of the Newsom publications against the GOP, Alexander Hamilton said it best " a man is apt to imagine that he is perusing some ill-written tale ,which instead of natural and agreeable images, exhibits to the mind nothing but frightful ...

The GOP tax bill is a disgrace: - 13 million will lose health insurance - Premiums will rise - Ends deductibility of tuition waivers for grad students - Repeals deduction for interest paid on student loans Read this article. Do your research. Raise your voice. Help put an end to this bill.

It Started as a Tax Cut. Now It Could Change American Life.
It Started as a Tax Cut. Now It Could Change American Life.

An overhaul championed by President Trump and Republican leaders could reshape health care, education and social services.

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Lynda Karr-Mitsakos It is absolutely a disgrace but unfortunately — as evidenced by many comments here — the GOP has convinced its followers that trickle-down economics is real and that they will be the beneficiaries of this scam. The disincentive to education is telling. ...
Andrea Dee CA passed a poor man's tax this year that is bringing in on average 80.00/mo out of the pockets of smokers in this state and you liberal goons can still not fund school supplies for our children. Don't feign concern, Gavin. You and your entire party ...
Tracy McDermott I've also come to the conclusion that those who voted for this abhorrent Trump administration need desperately to live the hell they have created. The whole premise of this administration was encapsulated by Steve Bannon "I’m a Leninist. Lenin wanted to ...
Bob White Gavin gets elected as Governor.... Grab your ankles people. More taxes! Just another rich politician ready to take. I truly hope the GOP tax plan goes through so MAYBE people in Ca. wake up to the fiscal irresponsibility of the people we elect ...
Michael Maciel Politicians care about 3 things 1 their pay check, 2 their pensions, and getting re-elected. This has been going for years in government. Get your head out of the sand and speak up. This tax plan sucks, bills should be simple and to the point without ...

The House tax bill could lead to these students’ tax bills increasing by as much as $10,000 a year. Thank you for raising your voices.

Graduate students nationwide protest House tax bill, saying it could cost them thousands

Graduate students at USC, UCLA and more than 40 other campuses staged a national walkout Wednesday to protest the GOP tax plan, which they say would significantly boost the cost of their educations by repealing a provision shielding tuition waivers from taxation.

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Virginia Winn You know the government doesn't have anything to do with the taxes on colleges that's the state tax and the state tax are by the state and those lovely people that you keep putting back in office and those lovely people that you keep letting the ...
Stallos Balafas Pretty vague, “their Tax bill...” hmmm isn’t it fair if they pay their fair share, especially now that the tuition for many is now free?
Stewart Gilligan Griffin You know why student loan debt is already as high as it is? Gov't decided it'd be the only game in town, colleges realized it's a bottomless pocket and jacked up the rates. Maybe undo that first, allow banks to compete for loans, and see how that pans ...
Sherry Hass Since the Congressional Budget Office says this is a terrible bill for the people now and in the future, what's not to believe? trump trools will be picking at you so you just have to ignore their ignorance.
Karen Lee Ziegler Glasgow could the government not listen to the public and forgo the rich, for who is the government but the people, those of means do not need another tax break, they are breaking out back, without remorse or regret. Why?

So, just weeks after some of the deadliest mass shootings in our nation's history, the GOP led Congress is trying to pass a bill that would allow people with dangerous histories and no training to carry handguns. Law enforcement leaders have said the legislation would "jeopardize public safety across America." Yet, here we are. The NRA bought politicians are still pushing for this bill.

Law enforcement leaders fight concealed-carry gun bill
Law enforcement leaders fight concealed-carry gun bill

As lawmakers in the House debated a bill Wednesday that would ease interstate travel for gun owners with permitted concealed weapons, a group of law enforcement leaders gathered with congressmen from both parties on the other side of Capitol Hill to slam the legislation as something that would "jeop...

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Jim Griffiths Hey Gavin, rather than pandering to fear, why don't you back up your hysteria with facts? Apparently concealed weapon permits lead to more violence. I dare you to prove that with actual statistics.
Charles P Ringling So how does a person like myself having a concealed carry in California jeapordize public safety. Myself being a 14 year military man who was highly trained in insurgency and counter insurgency and carried a firearm in the military for many Years? It ...
Laurie Wolfe Some states have no requirements whatsoever to get a concealed carry permit. This bill would allow the weakest states' laws to supersede all other states' laws.
Jon Lorensen Yet you Gavin and your leftist coward cronies would just love to leave calif citizens unarmed and defenseless after your successful campaign to pass prop 47 and prop 57. Oh ya and your buddy the mayor of Sac paying thugs 30 k a year not to kill people. ...
Elijah Sage Ban automatic weapons. Check all who purchase weapons. Buyers must have a valid licence, no under counter business! I want to walk through East LA without feeling like I'm going to get shot. 😉😉😉

Let's be clear: The GOP Tax Bill is a healthcare bill. It reaches into every major American health care program: Medicaid, Medicare, and ACA marketplaces. We cannot allow the Senate GOP to dismantle our healthcare system to pay for a tax break for the rich. CALL YOUR SENATOR NOW: 202-224-3121.

The Senate’s tax bill is a sweeping change to every part of federal health care
The Senate’s tax bill is a sweeping change to every part of federal health care

It slashes Medicare by billions and will leave millions without insurance.

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Oscar Burnison Just what have you done for CA tax bill beside raise and raise some more? Fix your own state then you could maybe have something people would want to hear just not the bs from your mouth now.
Dino Damonte They started with a repeal and replace bill with a tax breack for the rich that didnt work so NOW they have a tax bill with a destroy ACA WHO are we trying to fool here !!!
Matthew Ford Wake me up when people want to have an honest conversation about economics and equality. Elections don't work whenever people you never knew existed can buy politicians.
Lori Raimondi You just can’t fix stupid !!! I say let all the people that voted Trump wait to lay in the bed that they have made for themselves!!!!
William B Noble when there is no health care, many people will get ill and die. some might be bothered by this, and those folks may choose to remember come election time which party felt that their money was more important than their constituents life and health

Jayda Fransen, a member of a far-right extremist group, is guilty of perpetrating hate crimes against Muslims. The President of the United States retweeted her this morning not once, not twice, but three times. His values have been made clear.

Trump rebuked by British PM for retweeting anti-Muslim videos
Trump rebuked by British PM for retweeting anti-Muslim videos

The president retweeted videos shared online by Jayda Fransen, deputy-leader of fringe group Britain First, which opposes multiculturalism.

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Adele Dazeem The most important thing folks should know is, false videos. As in what's being presented in some of the videos is false.
Scott Mickelson gavin can you block me so i dont have t read the stupid crap you post here...i will work on that but i dont have time to play face book and figure out how that works right now
Marilyn Lake Larsen He needs to go!! Someway somehow he needs to be gone! I really don’t care how it happens anymore . I just want him and his entire group of cronies gone!
Rose Morgan I am amazed that Twitter hasn't shut down his racist, hate-filled account. ... oh, no, not amazed, they are probably making a lot of money from all the tweets and re-tweets and comments and all. #Sad
Charles Camarato His values, like at least 63 million other Americans, are very clear, America First ! Still haven't figured out why you lost, not just the Executive branch, but also the Legislative and Judicial branches along with 32 State Governors. That's good !!!

"Deals are my art form. Other people paint beautifully or write poetry. I like making deals, preferably big deals." - Donald J. Trump

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Ramrod Jackson Gavdeau’s deals sell out the working class of California and enrich criminals. Also known as Democrat party voters.
Marsha Tocco-Jones con't....... My specific skill is TRAITORSHIP! I excel at selling out my country, my environment and my people. My eyes are not covered in idealism, its strictly for MONEY! Profit is my god.
Mark Alcorn What Trump should have said was Newsom is too fixated on me and cannot perform his job . Californian's are suffering way too much .He needs therapy and a hobby.
Robert Chandler Wow, Gavin the Hill again? How about you put as much effort into California as you do Trump we might fix this state. But no you continue to divide and be part of the problem and not the solution! 1.3 trillion in debt here and you're more concerned with ...
Carole Colby Korp What a phony picture. If he were to meet with Pelosi and Schumer, it would have been in the Oval Office - not here - and there wouldn't be place cards and they wouldn't be seated on either side of Trump.

Can't believe Trump legitimately held an event honoring Native American veterans in front of a portrait of Andrew Jackson -- the President who signed legislation that led to the Trail of Tears and thousands of Native American deaths -- and took the opportunity to make a racial slur about Elizabeth Warren. This man is either dangerously clueless or dangerously racist. Not ok with either.

7.0k reactions 2032 comments
Priscilla Stuart Every day you give me another reason not to vote for you are, how about focusing the problems in california, or are you thinking you may run for president someday... what joke
Kathy Hannemann Lenhardt He is definitely clueless, but you seem to be most of the time, also. What have you done for CA, lately, Lt. Gov.?
Myles McCarthy I’m not going to vote for you just because you regurgitate the empty liberal rhetoric of the day. #showhorse #emptysuit
Joseph Songer Funny how all of the sudden it’s a racial slur. And good bad or indifferent Jackson was a president and can be used as what not to do anymore. Remember those who don’t learn from history are domed to repeat it. Every time you support the “erasing of ...
Dawn Weddle And the 3 native American veterans didn't have a problem with it. The pettiness from the left is [email protected] you never come up with solutions unless to tax us, allow illegals to have more rights and benefits than citizens, and Gavin why don't you stick ...

Happy 1 year anniversary of this massive lie the President casually tweeted out. Still waiting for him to produce any real evidence that this happened.

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Robert Ichikawa face it your party lost, cheated, still lost. Get to the business of government and quit crying over it.
Marcel Daignault Gavin, you and your followers are delusional... Another thing. You almost daily post crap about our president while never posting about any accomplishments you’ve made. If being with Gov Brown on eliminating the sentence enhancement for felons using ...
Geoffrey Oliver Why... why are you still talking about this. There's a reason so many people say us liberals are obsessed with the past, it's because of this crap. He hasn't shown evidence, therefore the case should be closed. The fact that this is still relevant a ...
Nita George You mean that Killary’s rigging of the Dems party votes were illegal‼️ Trump won by a landslide if we count LEGAL VOTES‼️🤣
Frank Langben Obama won by a larger electoral margin in 2008 and 2016. Of course, there is NO evidence there were millions of illegal votes and they were all Democratic. Trump gets his "facts" from Fox or Breitbart or whatever conspiracy channel he has on.

‪9 million kids and 370,000 pregnant women rely on CHIP. Children’s health clinics are now preparing to shut down because the @GOP allowed CHIP to expire. ‬ ‪Good thing they found time to address that URGENT need for a private jet tax break though.

States prepare to shut down children’s health programs if Congress doesn’t act
States prepare to shut down children’s health programs if Congress doesn’t act

CHIP funding will run out soon in some states. “You can’t say ‘probably’ everything is going to be all right,” a Virginia health official said.

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Carolyn Agnello This program saves a lot of lives, and now there children will not get what they need, so think about the, little children in the country call the United States taking care of the rich and not taking care of the 99%
Jim Wieck good thing dems bumped defense spending 60 billion higher than trumps budget asked for.......................could have been used for universal health care like bernie asked for but pelosi said no to. what say you to that lt. gov. newsom?
Paul Ellis You know it was a dem who put the private jet exemption in the bill. Idiot!
Andy Laeno California has plenty of money, people keep saying it has the 6th best economy in the world, they can fund it.
Hola Yu Yet the current POTUS is promising millions in funds to round up undocumented people. Let's use our tax dollars for healthcare instead. Priorities please!

‪Thankful for these ones 🙂 and of course our youngest, not pictured! ‬ ‪Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours! ‬

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Norma Ratner Waldhorn To you all a happy thanksgiving!
Franziska Fischer Happy Thanksgiving to you and your lovely family!
Joy LeBus Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Would like to see you celebrate Thanksgiving in the White House one of these days.🦃🌞
Dave K Edwards Happy Thanksgiving, I won't vote for you till you up support the Constitution
Richard Wuerth Happy Thanksgiving to the Newsom Family!

Taking away #NetNeutrality and putting the control of information into the hands of a few is dangerous and un-American. Trump and the FCC need to stop putting corporations above the American people.

FCC will vote to overturn net neutrality rules in December
FCC will vote to overturn net neutrality rules in December

Ajit Pai, the Republican chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), announced on Tuesday that the FCC will vote to roll back Obama-era net neutrality rules that require internet service providers to treat all web traff

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Stallos Balafas ....but they won’t allow a media merger because it concentrates power too much in one group... yeah how inconvenient that’s happening at the same time... bad tack
Dolly Odonnell don't count on the orange buffon to help the people, he was put in place to do just what they're power and control by the few...
Craig Olsson Who is Ajit Pai truly working for? Not the US public, that is for sure. He is in the pocket of cable companies and big ISPs.
Conrad Nicoll Now it’s clear — the R’s are so fearful of having Big Brother government in charge, they are willing to place the means of communication into the hands of what they perceive to be benevolent Corporate Overlords.
Rodrigo Piris Correct. Once we lose the freedom to see what we choose, and more content is forced on us, we will lose the ability to have an unbalanced view of the world. It is dangerous to let this change happen. The internet will become a source to either ...

Buh bye! 👋 Give up already, President Trump.

Second federal judge halts Trump
Second federal judge halts Trump's transgender military ban

A second federal judge has blocked President Trump from changing the military's transgender policy,

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Rodrigo Piris Once again, Congratulations USA for upholding the constitution, and for valuing all Americans! The military appreciates the service of all those who are willing to serve their country (and don't have heel spurs), as it should be. More intelligent people ...
Caryn Jones Your Washington phone mail box is full... please listen to your messages, clear the box, so we can call. Thank you.
Donte James Norman I always wonder what would happen if you had a push pin and popped his eye bags. Would they just explode and immediately deflate?
Tom Hansen This is no time to act righteous. While he seems to be accomplishing nothing he’s cramming the courts with right wing ideologues. This is far from over.
Katherine Rodriguez It will take time but the Ban will get passed in time Just like every other bill President Trump has no backing around him except some of the people ,


Economic growth would not pay for Senate tax cuts, analysis says
Economic growth would not pay for Senate tax cuts, analysis says

The amended Senate GOP tax bill would reduce federal revenues by an estimated $1.3 trillion to $1.5 trillion over a decade.

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Joseph Baba The federal government somehow go to help the working class in California after you and good old Jerry raised our taxes here. #NeverGavin
Stallos Balafas Gee Gavin, maybe they can take a page out of the liberal ca Sacramento playbook and raise gasoline taxes on everyone by 30cents a gallon to pay for something tangible FFS
Marlene Munroe They simply dont care about anything other than how to make millions and trillions more to stash in some other country, for what who knows?
Tessa McGinty So what can we actually do about it? All of my reps are against this stupid bill, but that's not enough to prevent it from passing. And sitting here stressing about it isn't helping anybody.
Michele Azevedo Gotta start now Mr. Newsom. Revenue is everything. We the people are running out of useful dough here in my native state.

Today is Transgender Remembrance Day. May we remember and honor those taken from us by anti-trans violence. “Every year, the transgender, gender nonconforming, and non-binary communities come together on November 20 to remember and honor lives lost to anti-trans violence. Each year, the number of deaths increases. Each year, it is mostly brown and Black trans women and femmes who are taken from us.”

Remembrance Brings Trans History to Life
Remembrance Brings Trans History to Life

Every year, the transgender, gender nonconforming, and non-binary communities come together on November 20 to remember and honor lives lost to anti-trans violence.Each year, the number of deaths increases.Each year, it is mostly brown and Black trans women and femmes who are taken from us.

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Sira Sudhi Sudhindranath It's OK to observe such occasions but it should not be used to run away from other issues. What are YOU doing to get SB 562 passed, Newsom?
Scot Steenson Too bad Gavin is all talk. How are those armed security guards working for you, Gav? You gonna donate a few to protect the few you supposedly care about?
Bambi Lopez It is pretty funny that the last words you can read are "Each year it's mostly brown" with a multi-colored candle close by.
Austin Bradford OMG. Maybe next month we can a remembrance of fat people that have been called names. The month after that let's have ugly people Day!! The following month let's have really stupid persons day!!! Give me a break Newsom and your pie hole shut!!!
Buddy Dahl If you and your trans friends would learn how to read and pick up a bible, you might be like the rest of us. There would be no deaths, which by the way were more suicidal because they started it. There are only male and female. which one did God make ...
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