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Summary: While Trump holds crazy press conferences in which he defends white nationalists, he's also trying to raise the price of your healthcare.

Trump Threat to Obamacare Would Send Premiums and Deficits Higher
Trump Threat to Obamacare Would Send Premiums and Deficits Higher

If President Trump makes good on his promise to “let Obamacare implode,” premiums for the most popular plans would rise about 20 percent next year.

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Deena Soto Tan Passing this along! If you've noticed the influx of negative right wing comments at the top of posts in your news feed, Facebook changed its algorithm so the posts with the most comments instead of the most likes sit at the top. This new Facebook policy ...
Jane Olson Omg, Gavin, so destructive, stop the nonsense talk. Please start solving problems, let's hear your positive solutions to real problems. You don't seem to have any ideas, any plans! Solutions please! Start talking to us about what you would do! We need ...
Jim Baer Sorry, Trump blamed both sides and did not defend anyone involved in the violence. In fact, he denounced both sides. If anyone would bother to listen to his entire press conference instead of the Fake News and Political Liberals sending out lies they ...
Jon Brodie Wow, you have got to be kidding me! If you didn't hear the whole news conference please go listen to it and don't listen to this schmuck! He called out agitators on both sides!🤔🙄😡
James Whit Taylor IV This is the CA State Governor posting this stuff. Calling the President a Coward and a White Supremacist all based on 100% lies. If you think CA has stable level minded politicians this should be all the proof you need of why we need change in this ...

"I'd rather have my child, but by golly, if I gotta give her up, we're gonna make it count." A mother should never have to attend her daughter's memorial. In awe of how passionate and courageous Heather's mother is. We stand with you.

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Rick Pierce How are you planning for the free speech events coming to Northern California? Are you planning on regulating these events in any way or are you willing to stand back and let whatever happens happen? As a leader in California are you planning for ...
Suril Patel Gavin - thanks for putting this out there. I don't how Trumpists made it to your page, and can't resist from making deplorable comments even on something like this. It's very disappointing.
Woody Morrison These are the actions of morons. Scared , coward morons that were engaged by other morons who are backed by Gavin Newsom. If Antifa is going to insight violence and create these situations and Gavin has never come out against them .... the just like ...
Barbara Morris Miholancan Really? How do you feel about her thanking Trump for his compassionate words?
Bret Fisher The poor woman is plainly still in shock. She's been speaking of her daughter in the present tense....people do that before they've actually realized what's happened. 😢

Great to be in Fresno last night talking with folks about jobs, healthcare, immigration, and how California can continue to push this nation forward!

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Kristin Maxwell It was amazing to meet you Gavin. Thank you for your transparency, being a breath of fresh air and bringing some positivity to yesterday. I am with you.
Charles Camarato Thank God Cacafornia doesn't decide for this Nation !!!
Lorrie Stephens Tom Vincent, California has the 6th largest economy in the world right now. The American federal treasury wouldn't be able to support the entire country if we decided to separate our finances, without the need for succession from America. the biggest ...
Dean Cilva Did you teach them your secrets on how to sleep with your best friend and campaign managers wife while married yourself? I mean that took a lot af planning and keeping secrets. I'm sure some of those that follow you would love that type of info.
Bob Berger Gee Gavin, maybe you need to take another look at California. The fact that immigration is a talking point proves you are clueless here's a couple of budget items you can review. The state is approaching 500 billion in unfunded liabilities. You just ...

There's a reason why Trump doesn't do many press conferences: his true self comes out

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Joe Moreno Republicans on this thread are defending his bigotry, racism, xenophobia, transphobia, homophobia etc. Why is it so hard for Republicans to denounce white supremacists terrorists, Nazis, extreme alt-right terrorists?
Glee Salveson I wish that those people who love Trump and support his agenda of racism and greed could somehow all move to their own state, maybe Alamba? and then they could wear their stupid hats and swill their beer and cheer for him I we wouldn't have to see it.
Jesus Torres President Trump can disavow the KKK all day- as I have- and Fake Media won't report it. Dishonest people!
Jono Spaulding please tell us you have enhanced security plans to send extra police, elite swat and riot squads, and the national guard to sf on 8/26 .... the ggnra permit should never have been granted to them by general superintendent muldoon... domestic terrorists ...
Kim Stratton He had quite a Freudian slip at the press conference today.

Our President is a coward. If he isn't willing to put a group of Nazis and white supremacists on a "moral plane" then I will. There are not two sides to this. There is good and evil. Right and wrong. And you, Sir, are standing on the wrong side. We will remember where you stood.

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Dan Daniel Didn't BLM and Antifa go for the express reason to disturb and harass the Nazi rally ? AT LEAST Antifa went with weapons, gas and shields knowing there would be a physical confrontation from both sides. IMO Nazis, KKK, BLM Antife LaRaza CAIR and any ...
Pedro Camarena I will wait sitting watched as you gringos are destroyed yourselves you will not occupy north korea or NAFTA you are ending your country are so busy fighting like as children of Elementary school while other countries take advantage of this situation ...
Charley Ewing You know there is a such a thing avoiding trouble that doesn't mean he's a coward that doesn't mean he's on their side neither for instance I have a Confederate flag tattoo on my right arm that doesn't mean I'm a racist because I am not it is because my ...
Joseph Baba I believe you are the one on the wrong side, and not our president. We will remember where you are standing this coming election :-D
Mitch Younger the more comments I read the more I see that not one person in here believes that anyone can be at fault attacking people, and everyone that supports democrats thinks trump is a nazi supporter. KKK was founded by democrats, its all to much. Sad day ...

This picture brings tears to my eyes. As a father of four, I always strive to teach my children love, compassion, and understanding above all else. There is nothing “everyday” about racism and intolerance. We must stand up to it, preach against it, and teach our children to love others. They are the future of this world.

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Angela Giudice I was hoping this was an old picture, but I don't think so. What a terrible legacy to leave children: hate.
Michelle Kenvin Any group that is anti-fascist sounds great to me! Our American Patriot heros have been fighting Nazis and white supremacists since 1941!
Shu Meihaijunliu You can teach children to love and care, but if they go their own way, it's not your fault
Cathy Jensen From South Pacific :"Cable: You've got to be taught To hate and fear, You've got to be taught From year to year, It's got to be drummed In your dear little ear You've got to be carefully taught. You've got to be taught to be afraid Of people whose eyes ...
Joshua Loomis A little background on this powerful photo:

Over the last five years, DACA has helped nearly 800,000 young people pursue higher education, earn better wages, and buy homes. It's good for our economy, and represents who we are: a nation of immigrants that welcomes those who want to pursue the American dream. #SaveDACA

Dreamers mark 5-year anniversary of DACA as program remains in jeopardy
Dreamers mark 5-year anniversary of DACA as program remains in jeopardy

On the 5th anniversary of DACA, Dreamers ask Trump to keep the program in place.

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Sabine Atwell We do need to concern ourselves with illegal immigration. I am a Dem and have a lot of sympathy for all people, but we cannot accept everyone here and need to recognize that .. As to the undocumented people who live here, most peacefully and hard ...
Robert DeMichillie Need to better job at vetting the people who are allowed into the USA...can't be open border...we need immigration reform....and NO SANCTUARY ANYTHING !!!
Marc Lawrence Gavin until there is clear legal path to become a legal US citizen you are just leading them on. Working with our senators to get one written and submitted.
Tom Thomas That's really great for kids of people who don't follow the rules, while my older three daughters had to pay out the nose, worry about not being excepted and keeping good enough grades while having jobs just to afford college! We see who this State ...
Vance White Since you helped abort 3,423,700 African American babies, there's plenty of room. Good job Democrats.


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Linda Louise Koistinen Thank you, Gavin Newsom. Calling this group "neo" diminishes the impact. A Nazi is a Nazi. Let's not wait until there are camps and ovens. Call them out and stop this societal disease.
Jenn Michele Thank you for sharing this amazing woman. It breaks my heart that this is happening in our country. In 2017. White supremacy, racism, and nazis have no place in our America. ✊🏻❤️
Brad Orgeron Shameful that this poor woman has to see this...AGAIN!
Sameya Helen-Gewirtz Pasquale I am here. WE ARE HERE and WE WILL not tolerate hate being spread "in the name of America". This is NOT what our country stands for and as long as we are here, we will not be silent and we will NOT sit back in silence. Gavin Newsom thank you for all you ...
Jacqueline Campbell Patton Why do we have to allow the Nazi rally at Chrissy Field or anywhere for that matter? What a never ending nightmare for the Holocaust survivors! My God what has happened to our Country?

When we allow local law enforcement to focus on keeping our communities safe, rather than becoming entangled in federal immigration efforts, our communities are safer.

California and San Francisco suing Trump administration over
California and San Francisco suing Trump administration over 'sanctuary cities' funding fight

California and San Francisco officials said Monday they are suing the Trump administration, alleging federal threats to withhold fundin...

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Barry Bahrami You act like they are mutually exclusive when in fact they are not. The six year old boy nearly killed by illegal in San Diego can teach you something, if he lives. Just another reason you are absolutely positively #NotGovernorMaterial
Noreen Rosenbaum Blair Reading these comments seems you missed the boat on this one and most people understand ignoring federal law is not working to the benefit of California citizens. The question is, will you listen to your constituents?
TJ Zeiler Allowing criminal illegal aliens "sanctuary" helps only the criminals and creates a dangerous environment for CA citizens. You sir, are full of crap spouting off and demonstrating for all the deplorable level of your stupidity!
Mary Ellen Christensen How "entangled" is making a phone call?!?! Well, for you, I'm sure it's a whole days work. But for our law enforcement, I'm pretty sure they can handle it. Travis Allen for Governor 2018!
Nancy Snyder You dipshit that is doing their jobs!!! They are ILLEGAL ALIENS!!!! In our country, if they are coming in contact with law enforcement they are most likely breaking another law!! If not they still have the felony of being in this country illegally!!! ...

Her name was Heather Heyer and she was just 32 years old. Her last words on Facebook were "if you're not outraged you're not paying attention." Rest In Peace. #Charlottesville

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Denise Pinto Chenier Thank you Gavin Newsom, you are showing the integrity of what a human being with compassion and understanding would do given this horrible situation. The current President neglected to evenlearn to know the name of this beautiful spirit Heather Heyer, ...
Janis Bryan Roque Alt-Right White Supremacist Nationalists Party murdered Heather Heyer on National TV, Media the World with the support of Trump and his administration. This is an outrageous dangerous terrorist organization that should be named as such. Banned from ...
Frank Savage Trump and Russians. Trump and Nazis. Now what certainly appears to be literally a Nazi terrorist assassination of an innocent woman and American citizen on American soil, and the president is not only dishonestly misrepresenting it as "many sides", he ...
Virginia Ham via God on Facebook:. "Hello Alt-Right Nazi, It sounds like you’re a little confused on the difference between the “alt-right” and Nazis. Let me help you out. They’re exactly the same. The term “alt-right” is merely a modern repackaging of everything ...
Angela Hannington Good god man! This is so LOW. For politicians to use this woman to pander to their base to further their own damnable agendas....

Nazi flags, bigotry, racism and cheers of "Heil Trump!" aren't coming from many sides. They're coming from violent white supremacists.

Donald Trump Condemns ‘Many Sides’ For Violence at a White Supremacist Rally
Donald Trump Condemns ‘Many Sides’ For Violence at a White Supremacist Rally

The president faced a challenge not of his own making. And his response was decidedly controversial.

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Freddie Saavedra Let me be the Devils Advocate: Were you calling out Black Lives Matter when they caused way more trouble last year to present? I never saw a press release from you or any other liberal politicians from California. Let alone from than the POTUS! I ...
R.A. Hottman Mr. Trump - I call you Mr because you don't deserve the title a rabid faction bestowed upon you. Your utter and blatant indifference to everything in this country except your own well being and what you perceive as popularity is appalling. Those aides ...
Serenity Thompson Simmons A swift change in national "leadership" is imperative. Trump is divisive, nepotistic, inexperienced, destructive, hateful, and self-absorbed not to mention...
Lisa Oz This reminds me of a song I heard in a movie ( South Pacific 1954 Richard Rogers) it was called "Carefully Taught" It had a profound effect on me as a child. Perhaps it is time for America to give it another listen. We have not learned much it seems.
Joshua Rockefeller LIBERALS: Label anything they don't like as racist, Nazi, etc... And justify their own violent actions - BECAUSE: #Nazis

Hate remains a powerful force used by the cowardly and weak. With torches in their hands, white supremacists took to the streets and flooded Virginia's roads with racism, and bigotry chanting “white lives matter” and “Jews will not replace us” at a Charlottesville rally. It is up to each one of us to speak up and speak out against this kind of hate and ignorance. Engage with those around you, talk to people who are different than you. Never let what someone looks like, who they love, or where they come from define your opinion of that person. We cannot let this be America.

Violent clashes between white nationalists and counterprotesters in Charlottesville
Violent clashes between white nationalists and counterprotesters in Charlottesville

CHARLOTTESVILLE - Hours before a noon rally was set to begin Saturday, violent skirmishes broke out between bands of white supremacists and counterprotesters who have converged on this college town around the issue of a Confederate statue.

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Carolyn Perkins BLM didn't kill any policemen -and they were protesting unjust killings -this is just pure racist hate -
Thomas Connolly quit blaming the whites in this country for all ur problems,racism has always been a problem but u dont help it by picking out a certain group of people!again mr newssom ur part of the problem u lying liberalusing peoples color to gain more for urself,...
Stephanie Marini The 1.99$ Walmart tiki torches let you know they're serious about mosquito bites. Zika's still out there, and these "genetically superior" white boys don't need no help in the tiny head department.
Kenna Sera The absolute irony of this of course is that Ivanka & her family are Jews...the total absence of logic & thought is so disturbing. Racist facist rhetoric unchallenged by the republican party & its president is indefensible
Joy Ulrickson I do not condone their message, in fact I deplore it. I disagree with their desire to keep a statute of Robert E Lee standing. I want to see the fascist faction of the White House, Bannon, Miller, Gorka removed, thrown out, dismissed! However, ...

Headline in the Washington Post today - one that has not been seen in many other presidencies...

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Sandy Nunez Gavin. I'm always amazed at how liberals filter President Trumps words. The fact is, if Kim Jong Un strikes first then all hell will break loose. Yes, President Trump used strong words. When you're dealing with evil, you have to speak their ...
Jerry Williams If President Trump had to wait for a decision from Congress to declare war on N. Korea we would be inialated before they could make a decision!!!!
Chris Austin NK needs to be removed and maybe we need to stop trade with China.
Don Best Twenty years I have seen every president bomb innocents with out so much as a peep from the legislative branch. Every single one! What's different now? Do you really want to follow the constitution, or just castrate this president? I doubt any one in ...
Emil Gorp We should have nuked them by now. It's us or them and they've threatened us with nukes now we must respond with nukes, hopefully first because we don't get a second chance.

Because it makes total sense for the Department of HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES to abandon efforts that help others sign up for health coverage.

EXCLUSIVE: Trump Admin Abandons Latino Outreach For Obamacare Sign-Ups
EXCLUSIVE: Trump Admin Abandons Latino Outreach For Obamacare Sign-Ups

By early August in recent years, Luis Torres was in the midst of a health care blitz, meeting weekly with the Department of...

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Judy Thompson I identify as Latina because my mom immigrated from Cuba. Luckily as a student I receive health insurance through UCLA, but I won't be a student forever. Looks like I'll be looking for a government job if I want insurance in the future.
Tracy McDermott The only unstable part is the states that need ACA the most declined to open Medicare (which will have to pay for unsigned people anyway) to help subsidize premium payments. The health care providers left those states because there was no assurance they ...
Mary Smith yeah, but that doesn't mean the governor's office has to, so what are you guys doing about it? these are things you're going to have to deal with if you want to be in front when the Pacific Coast secedes. might as well get to the drawing board now.
Maureen Kennedy So what dems are saying essentially is that Latinos lack the skills or intelligence to seek life preserving medical insurance on their own? That truly is racist.
Brook Smith Let them keep executing these vile takeaways from non-whites like this one, voting, etc. It will bring the GOP's decline faster than simply waiting for their supporters to die off. Will Dems step up and be progressive or continue the same old stale ...

“I couldn't in good conscience send Department of Justice lawyers in to defend the Executive Order that I did not believe was grounded in truth.” - Former acting Attorney General Sally Yates Thank you for your commitment to justice and our Constitution.

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Peggy Wagner That is a moving story. And there is an element of truth in it. The truth is that we do welcome immigrants and refugees that come here legally. But that is only part of the story. The ban was to stop people coming in that were from countries that ...
Maureen McDonald Thank you, Ms Yates. You are the soul of integrity. It feels good to stand up for integrity during these days when ignorance and hatred is encouraged.
James McCue Typical Democrat Partisan. Conscience had nothing to do with it. The Dems have lost their minds in how they are acting since the Trump election. They don't care about the country just the power of their party.
Ellen McNaughton Wow, I'm absolutely shocked at all of the alt-right negative, hateful, cruel and wrong-minded comments I'm seeing against Sally Yates. I find her to be a highly intelligent person of great integrity. I would love to see her serve on the Supreme Court ...
Ivanka Putin Wow there are quite a lot of delusional Orange Hitler worship going in here. Please go to your Trumptard sites and leave intellectual sites for real Americans. You know the ones who understand there are 3 branches of government and the constitution is ...

Deporting Oakland nurse Maria Mendoza-Sanchez and splitting up a family of 6 is not "Making America Great Again." Do not become numb to these stories.

Deportation order splits Oakland family and highlights shift under Trump
Deportation order splits Oakland family and highlights shift under Trump

On May 23, immigration officials told the couple they had three months to make arrangements to leave for the Mexican homeland in which they last set foot 23 years ago. The family's case, experts said, is one of many that highlights the major shifts under way since Trump took office and made nearly e...

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Darrin Bumstead Promoting illegal activities does not make America great again do not be fooled by the liberals
Kathy Nelson Trump does not understand the situation. He thinks everything is simple, but it isn't.
Kathleen Wilde Bryson The MONSTER is going after "low hanging fruit" to boost his numbers. He's ripping families apart...😡😡😡
Laurent Lew gavin - did you not swear to uphold the laws of the US?
Andie Heden Triolo I'm pretty liberal but this is one issue I'm pretty conservative on. My grandparents all immigrated here, legally. I don't believe that people who came here illegally, even 20 or 30 years ago and even though they've lived otherwise lawful lives, should ...

This new survey shows people are willing to postpone elections based on Trump's voter fraud claims. Few things to remember: 1) This survey is based on a completely unfounded claim. Our President has yet to produce a scrap of credible evidence and has wasted tax payer money and resources hunting for it. 2) Our democracy is a fragile thing and should be treated with great care. The news can be exhausting and overwhelming, but it's important to always know the facts.

Analysis | In a new poll, half of Republicans say they would support postponing the 2020 election if Trump proposed it
Analysis | In a new poll, half of Republicans say they would support postponing the 2020 election if Trump proposed it

A significant number of Republicans would support flagrant violations of democratic norms.

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Stacie L Thomas Here's a contradiction in the results. Most think Trump won the popular vote - even though he didn't. And even more think that there were millions of illegal votes - yes in those popular votes. So shouldn't one question the outcome of both the ...
Michael Leary So therefore by this logic Obama can run again?
Sharon Hadley Lol more FAKE news😳😳😳quit trying to scare people!!!
Matt Stevenson Mr. Newsom-- if you're going to talk about wasting taxpayer money, then let's talk about the taxpayer money being wasted on services for illegal immigrants and a bullet train to nowhere. Your Prop 63 was based on the unfounded idea that it would make ...
Julie Hayes Gordon I believe voter fraud is rampant throughout our country. Illegals or undocumented are voting and they are not citizens. This needs to stop. I agree, hold off elections until necessary.

Teaching LGBTQ-inclusive sex education reduces the rate of bullying and harassment in our schools. Educators and school administrators should be working to make school a safe and expressive space, not finding ways to isolate our children.

Sex education is now the law, but conservative school leaders aren’t happy about it
Sex education is now the law, but conservative school leaders aren’t happy about it

The California Healthy Youth Act requires schools to teach unbiased and medically accurate sex education. But there is concern about how much support the curriculum gets in the Valley.

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Tim Curtis I don't know where you grew up, but sex education was included when I went to high school in the 80's. You all took it away, now "all of a sudden" you all want to bring it back?
Boggs Merin Bible must teach in School not Sex Education!!!
Jim Cleary Moved to Cali from NJ in Fall 2016. Discovered LGBT club existed in Middle School at Halloween. Moved back to NJ Dec 2016. I can understand tolerance in High School, but Middle? Only in California.
Pamela A Smith Teaching children bible lessons would also help them to have healthy relationships and life, I guess it all depends on what a person feels is important, but alas the left hates God
Craig Brill School should be a place to educate! And teach children that life's not about safe spaces and feelings! Sex Ed should be up to parents, no matter how ignorant they are. One doesn't really need education if you have any semblance of IQ. No one taught us ...

ICYMI: "3. Bad news for California. Warming will probably bring further reductions in winter and spring snowpack, which the state depends on for much of its water supply. If greenhouse gas emissions remain high and few steps are undertaken to better manage water resources, chronic long-lasting shortages — or hydrological drought — are possible by 2100."

9 Takeaways From the National Climate Report
9 Takeaways From the National Climate Report

A scientific report on climate change obtained by The New York Times shows that warming is already having a large effect on the United States.

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Brad Sankus We just had record rainfall and snow pack. And if you jerks there in Sacramento can ever get your act together and figure out water storage we wouldn't be in such a jam year after year
Geoff Neely Listen people do your own research. The snow pack on Shasta mountain is 112% of normal. The water content of snow is 109% of normal. Shasta lake is full of water. Sacramento is running at normal flow. Research your candidates and "vote smart."
Jacob Smith I'm sad that I may not be here to see change, not because of old age, but because of human extinction
Phillip Gibboney Good thing they put their predictions so far in the future, that way none of us will be alive to compare the actual results. My take away from reading this: The report has concluded there is an insignificant amount of temperature change for a very ...
Lisa Duron Have you told this to Brown - seems unaware of drought problem. Maybe we could have used all the money for train on new reservoirs & repairing old ones. I don't believe this is caused by man.

A new report shows average temperatures in the United States rapidly rising since 1980, and recent decades being the warmest of the past 1,500 years. The time to act on climate change is now.

Government Report Finds Drastic Impact of Climate Change on U.S.
Government Report Finds Drastic Impact of Climate Change on U.S.

The report directly contradicts Trump administration claims about global warming and concludes that temperatures have risen rapidly since 1980.

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Mark Newland Gavin is leading the sheep
Randy Vidak More bull bile from a liberal dulsional moron with no science background or ant backbone for that matter.
Laurie Lynn You are aware that the Earth is a living, breathing entity, and it had been through far worse than us humans, right? I'm also curious to know when you will be giving up your gas guzzling car, your gas guzzling entourage, your gas guzzling private jet ...
Dave Robinson Another a hole politician trying to make money off of a scam. Just like fear mongering Al Gore. Who uses more electricity in month than most do all year
Martin Sweetman Please list the DOCUMENTS recording the WEATHER 1500 years ago.

Loved spending some time with my oldest exploring the Oakland zoo! She's growing up so fast!

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Gloria Blythe Freer Love Oakland Zoo! We have been visiting since the early 1970's. Great docents teaching kids and adults about the animals they care for.
Scott Lum Wouldn't be better and more educational to visit a wild life sanctuary than a zoo??
Demetrio Mendoza You're still a scumbag, you can't hide or wash that off
Joe Hinol Californias next governor, WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!!
Patty Fillerup Allen Yeah! Good reminder to get out and enjoy our awesome places here in the Bay Area! And as my little boy was born at the same hospital 2 days for before your oldest... I know birthday 8 is around the corner!

Donald J. Trump, you're the expert on tell us.

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Brian Erickson If this state were subject to he same financial standards, it would have had to declare bankruptcy years ago. And it's because of policies and programs you support and want to expand, you hypocrite.
Marian Housel-Watt Gavin Newsom, This may come as a surprise to you but Donald Trump is your president duly elected. I should think that with the wide sweeping support for OUR president, you would get a clue that the PEOPLE support our president. Yes, even people in ...
Antonia Lederhos Chandler A president shouldn't be trying to make sure that a newspaper -- or any other business, for that matter -- fails. Or that a health care plan fails, by refusing to provide promised funding to health care providers.
Sky Hazen Interesting, I thought it was the California budget that has huge unfunded liabilities. Oh that's right, our Federal budget also has huge amounts of unfunded liabilities. Whew, I was worried about the NYT for a second, I don't want their budget to be ...
Robert David The stock price has only just about doubled since Trump took office. But there is something wrong with a sitting President attacking a _specific_ business/enterprise like this. Apparently "small government", laissez-faire is just a load of crap they ...

Donald Trump's latest failure of a bill is...not surprisingly... completely mislead and serves no purpose beyond firing up his far right wing supporters. Contrary to what the President would like us all to believe, immigration actually boosts productivity and economic growth. Do not be fooled. This level of blind hostility undercuts our nation's values.

Opinion | Trump Embraces a Senseless Immigration Proposal
Opinion | Trump Embraces a Senseless Immigration Proposal

Slashing legal immigration would do nothing but energize the president’s nativist supporters.

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Gregg Aleck Trump's immigration plan is based on the Canadian and Australian models...where it has met with much success. Are you saying their immigration policies are racist and fear mongering?
Jim Lindfors Trump is both ignorant and stupid with regard to macro economics. I am willing to bet he doesn't really understand the impact of immigration on population growth and increased techinical development. Without immigration the U.S. population will not ...
Dan Keel Thank you, Gavin for standing against the senseless prejudice against Immigrants! Last week five German high school students were denied entry even though they had temporary visas to study english for six months and were sponsored by five American ...
George Toth Trump's understanding of immigration reflects that of a kindergarten student. American's need to have an intelligent adult conversation about immigration. Trump needs to go back to elementary school and start taking his first grade classes.
James Frame Newsom you need to read more about American immigration laws. The history is interesting, especially the political implications and actions. Your just a stupid lying scumbag pice of cheap talk and have NO original ideas. I hope you have a trade because ...

Protecting our environment is an issue that should transcend all politics. It's about protecting our planet, our kids, our food, and our health for generations to come. Thank you, Governor Brown for your leadership!

Analysis | ‘America is fiddling around’: Jerry Brown says Trump is fueling California’s climate push
Analysis | ‘America is fiddling around’: Jerry Brown says Trump is fueling California’s climate push

"The Trump imperative going in the opposite direction is a stimulus," California's governor tells The Post.

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Candace Marquez Keep pushing those electric cars. They pollute 3x more than the current cars in producing the materials for the batteries. And let's talk about the batteries and land fills. The earth has been heating up and cooling for 100's of years.
Nick Beck Thank you Governor Brown and Gavin Newsom. I am so glad we have Democrats in office unlike Florida that is having terrible environmental problems due to repubtards like their Governor Scott. We are all seeing what is happening to states like Louisiana ...
Tony Cornett Where does a Bullet Train protect our environment? We've been taxed to death literally by this man. What has it done for the environment? Yeah I thought so lol ;) We won't have to worry about the things mention as we won't be able to afford them anyway. ...
Willie Fair Curious what's your stance on North Korea and where does the environment and the discussion of generations rank up against this issue? If you had to rank the two which would be first? And if Korea magically became 1st priority here in the world of ...
Jerry Toni Poe If you want to protect the environment so bad, why are you going to destroy wetlands around the bay and in the valley with your newly approved water pipes for southern California?

We already knew that the vast majority of ordinary Americans don't share Donald Trump's repulsive bigotry toward the LGBTQ community. It's important to remember though that he ALSO doesn't speak for most military families, who believe our transgender brothers and sisters should be able to serve their country just like anyone else.

Poll: Most military households say transgender people should get to serve
Poll: Most military households say transgender people should get to serve

© Getty Images A majority of voters in military households think transgender people should be allowed to serve in the military, according to a new survey.A Quinnipiac University poll found 55 percent of voters in military households believe transgender people should be allowed to serve in the milita...

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Shameless plug: Jen wrote this piece for @TIME on guiding young people through Trump's era of toxic masculinity. As always, I couldn't be more proud to be this woman's husband.

We Must Stop Donald Trump
We Must Stop Donald Trump's Toxic Masculinity From Infecting Boys

The Second Lady of California writes that the Boy Scouts apology won't undo the damage

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Carol Jones Lev Friedman The BSA leaders very weak apology to those who were offended. If the leaders were not themselves offended, there lies the problem. The leaders should be appalled at 45's speech and bending over backwards to undo his words. They should be speaking out ...
Wendy Lefebvre If I knew that my son or grandson was going to camp and Chump was going to be there, he would not go. Chump is a pussy grabbing prevert and not someone that I want our boys looking up to as a role model.
Jim LeSire Calling it masculinity is an insult to every male (human or other) on the planet. This is just plain toxicity. Poison, pure and simple.
Buffy Kuykendall Trump is trying to present a "strong" image to other world leaders and industrialist who are similarly not evolved spiritually and emotionally. Everyone benefits by the individual striving for emotional and spiritual growth as well as firmly but ...
David Bixby-Fields Yeah, the pussification of America, we need all the masculinity we can get!

I want to be absolutely clear: Today's reckless decision by President Trump is the height of cruelty and ignorance. He has weakened our country, and we are all less safe for his cowardice. Military leaders, decorated veterans, and members of Congress from both parties have rightly come together to condemn what is - by the administration's own admission - a cheap, cynical ploy to rally the darkest corners of Trump's base against yet another invented domestic enemy. There is NO basis to Trump's claim that the service of Patriotic transgender people impacts our military readiness. On the contrary, the President today has weakened our military and by doing so, diminished both our security and our standing in the world community. Of course, we know that America's security (and America's global leadership) is not what this President cares about, nor has it ever been. And so it is left to us, the PEOPLE of this country to care even more... to fill the void that he leaves every single day. So please, today, tomorrow, and every day going forward - stand with your brothers and sisters of every race, religion, and gender that is a target of this administration's cruelty. Support those organizations that are on the front lines against Trump's hate agenda. Reach out to those in your community who everyday wake up fearing the worst.... and make sure they know that there is no tweet, no executive order, no act of sanctioned aggression that will make you turn your back. Our collective commitment to justice and equality is stronger than their fear and even their hate. But we must NEVER waiver in our values. We must NEVER hedge in our humanity. And we must ALWAYS be unflinching in our commitment to those whose lives are at stake.

Trump announces ban on transgender people in U.S. military
Trump announces ban on transgender people in U.S. military

Trump reverses the Obama administration decision to allow transgender troops to serve.

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Jim Roberts This is probably an attempt to get the public and media to shift attention from the Russian election interference investigations and also possibly the Senate so-called health care bills. His attacks on Sessions serve the same purpose. So do his ...
Andrea Dee He made the right call. All of us willingly make the choice to give up any number of options when electing to pursue others. It's the way life works. No one gets to do and have everything they want. Same should apply to these same people ...
Roberta Saunders Zuker Schlesinger And where was General Mattis on this issue? It seems General Kelly and General Mattis are fitting in more with this administration with each passing day. This should be a very ignoble end to their public service.
David Gillanders Wreckless implies it wasnt well thought-out or deliberate: it was. It was a purposeful assault on Transgender people.
Michelle Kay Hackett Each day Trump takes us a step backwards to ignorance, intolerance and in the way America is viewed to the rest of the world. These are tragic times.

We should be protecting the families of our men and women deployed overseas... not targeting them.

Trump’s immigration crackdown is stressing out deployed US troops
Trump’s immigration crackdown is stressing out deployed US troops

A popular but little-known program that blocks the deportation of spouses and immediate family members of U.S. troops deployed abroad is at risk in the Trump administration's broader illegal immigration crackdown. Military officials say 'parole in place' is crucial to alleviate the stress and distra...

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Keith Jacobson Come on Gav. You don't give a crap about veterans, citizen or not. Otherwise you would have been posting about the atrocious VA and government employees not being fired or held accountable for their lack of decency and terrible job performance. You ...
Sandi Beacham I agree that these families should not be deported if the husbands & fathers are in our military. How can we expect them to fight for us & then deport their families or them when they return?
Thom Grimaldi Another Calif loss due to these Sacramento idiots....
Sean Stuart That's funny, all my friends and family who are current military home and abroad, some in combat now think trump is doing a great job. Where do you get your info from? I call BS on this...
Marion Jaroszewski I do not understand your comment. I do not recall president Trump changing any laws. He just enforces old existing laws. I don't remember any foreign legion in US (exist in France) and US citizens' wives should not worry. So, what's your point? Just ...

Why is bail reform so important? The 14th Amendment guarantees equal protection under the law, and the 8th Amendment prohibits excessive bail. But today in America, most people are in jail not because they’ve been convicted of a crime, but because they can’t afford to pay pretrial bail. Think about this for a second, and ask yourself if this is what justice looks like:

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Bly D. Brown It's important to you for your votes, you government cronies have already made our streets more dangerous worth the reclassification on crime, and with the full out assault on legal gun holders! You guys really don't have our interest at heart.
Frank Warthemann I don't have to be concerned about bail. Is that because l am white, or is it because l follow the law. Now Gavin, think about that. Looks to me as if your sob story is yet another FAIL!
Heidi Feuerbach It's a free for all in California ! There is absolutely no deterrent to crime anymore maybe you should come to my neighbor hood and see the crime and destruction...
Chelsey R. Myers Thanks Lt Gov Newsom for working on prison reform. We also need work on our policing. I think a lot of people commenting are forgetting that Americans are innocent until proven guilty.
Joe Chavez How about, if you can't do the time, don't do the crime! Have you been to Stockton lately? Petty street criminals are stealing everything that's not nailed down because they know nothing will happen to them, thanks to prop 47 and you Democrats in ...

"Strengthening the federal government’s power to seize cash and property from Americans without first bringing criminal charges against them." I'm curious how my conservative friends feel about this latest directive from former "small government" Senator Jeff Sessions. (The Obama administration had - in contrast - worked to reduce this practice.)

The Bipartisan Opposition to Sessions
The Bipartisan Opposition to Sessions's New Civil-Forfeiture Rules

Attorney General Jeff Sessions expanded the controversial police practice on Wednesday by rolling back Obama-era reforms.

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Alicia Daigre Isaslazo This will not survive a Federal Constitutional challenge. Someone needs to prosecute this evil little elf for treason, perjury, & racketeering. Private prisons, Russian collusion, lying to Congress under oath, and now this. Calexit??....
Mary Tanner Civil forfeiture should only be used on convicted criminals. Seizures are fine but if there is no conviction, the goods need to be returned. This is way too much power for any law enforcement agency.
Derrill Doty What is wrong with this guy?? Did he forget he still lives in America and our people won't lay down for all this crap much longer. It feels like trump and company are "poking the bear" and are just about to find out what happens when they take, take, ...
Jj Ramirez Wouldn't that be the same as taking guns away from lawful gun owners just because your neighbor hates you and reports you? With out due process?
Devon Lewis Adrian I live in the Emerald Triangle and there have been a lot of folks up this way who have had cars, ATVs, even houses seized. Cash, if seized, should be given back if the person can prove it is legitimate. But why, if one person in the family is growing, ...
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