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Reality check Mr. President: YOU have the majority of the House, the Senate, AND the White House. That means you're the one who has to get your sh*t together.

Trump blames Democrats for government shutdown threats
Trump blames Democrats for government shutdown threats

Democrats and Republicans are on track to pass a stopgap funding measure through May 5.

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Rich Davis And to think that Gavin is dumb enough to think that Trump is really a Republican. Thank God for both sides keeping the President in check.....they way it was intended to be from the beginning.
Heather Hunt Nothing like the POTUS acting like a terrorist attempting hostile negotiations ...which should be met with a stone wall by Democrats...we do not negotiate with terrorists - end of story. -_-
Tomer Rabizadeh You exemplify such great leadership! What a great role model for civil discourse you are! #sarcasm It's such a wonder why my generation has absolutely no interest in serving in public life!
Glen J Caldwell They are now blaming Obama for Flynn. How crazy is that. I guess they just lack leadership because a true leader will accept responsibility for failure. So sad.
Chris Čżæçh Hidalgo . tRUMPansy is such an idiot, it's crazy. He thinks his lies and attempts to deflect the truth and his scandalous ways with off-the-wall tweets will work on everyone. Well, they work on his supporters, but that's not many people.

Remember when Trump claimed he would help bolster the middle class and fight for the working people? Welp, he's pushing the same old scam to take money from the poor and give it back to the rich. Regular ol' Robin Hood working for the people.

The Latest: Treasury chief cites
The Latest: Treasury chief cites 'largest tax reform' ever

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Latest on President Donald Trump's tax overhaul (all times EDT): 8:50 a.m. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin (mih-NOO'-shin) says

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Joe Lovell The big cuts in the '20s, '60s, and '80s brought about robust growth. Also, who do you thinks pays corporate taxes? If you said anything but "The consumer" you have no clue about economic realities.
Kim Barker Napolitano More supply side economic BULLCRAP. Hey America, supply side economics does not work. No wait, I take that back, supply side economics did work during feudalism and during slavery, but it has not worked since the Civil War. And the reason that is is ...
Jessica Adkisson Sadly, nobody is helping the middle class. The middle class has to leave CA in order to survive. The middle class in the Bay Area needs to make over 100k to not be living in poverty.
Dan Paul What 'reform' are they talking about? I see a tax cut plan that could have been written by a 2nd grader who constantly hears his daddy complain about taxes. Oh, wait, that's exactly what happened! Oops, my bad!
Sandra Andre If we are a sixth of the world economy, California must be doing something right. Stay strong, hold tight it is going to be a rough go until the congress and the people have had enough. I still believe in the people and our Constitution.

The US district court judge who handed down the decision does not sit on the Ninth Circuit.... But yes, sure, SEE YOU IN COURT.

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Terry Thompson this is encouraging: it indicates Trump is aware of the three branches of government. Who knew being President was so complicated? Not Trump, that's for sure.
Kathleen Polletta Duh, doesn't trump realize that it's the federal court jurisdiction of the city or county or state that submits the request for stay, restraining orders, etc that says what judge/court that handles the case. (sorry for my poor sentence structure.)
Rosemary Zahnow tRUMPy, it wasn't the Ninth Circuit, it was a US District Judge, there is a difference!! For Gods sake, learn those things!!!
Lynda Sisk He could simply ask for advice before posting 'stupid! ' Morning laughs should be restricted to the comics, not the president.
Devin Ball But... it's not ridiculous to withhold federal funding from the very citizens that pay federal taxes? Trump needs another history lesson.

The people of California have already spoken loudly and they soundly rejected the NRA's deceit and profit-driven agenda. Whatever challenge the NRA throws down against California’s voters, we'll rise against it. We’ll never stop fighting to save lives by reducing gun violence.

NRA announces legal challenge to California
NRA announces legal challenge to California's expanded assault weapon ban and other new gun laws

The state affiliate of the National Rifle Assn. on Monday filed the first of a series of planned lawsuits against a package of gun cont...

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Jorge Arias De León Newsom and brown are jokes making it hard for The people of California passing laws that don't work. Criminals don't care about your background checks or assault weapon ban jackasses
Greta Morchel Since when does Gaven Newsom, the fascist, actually ask or care what Californians want? He only cares about those that agree with his fascist agenda. Venezuela. Research their political and social recent history.
John Bridges Brad, you know nothing about California. We are a state that actually values the constitution. Are you from Florida or Alabama? There is nothing anti-American about me, or anybody I know in California. Get your facts straight, or do these posts on ...
Norman Swanson California born and raised and I believe this state is violating our 2nd (a) rights. Its redicilous the laws they have and are creating. Those against guns are ignorant when it comes to guns.
Wesley Morris The people of the south have spoken. They want to rid their cities of crime by enacting Jim Crow laws to keep minorities out. The Klan will never stop fighting to save lives by reducing minority crime. It is so sad you think so little of Constitutional ...

Well, this didn't age well for him. Flynn at the RNC, "Lock her up! Damn right, there's nothing wrong with that. You know why? Because if I did a tenth of what she did I would be in jail today."

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Sandra Lopez-Olvera Yup, lock him up now ... Did worst then Hilary. He received $ from Russians and did not report it to Republicans. Plus said he did not meet with Russian leaders, big liar.
Michael Lodge Gavin, keep up the hate. It makes you look worse everyday. What have you done for California? Thats right - nothing. Worthless
Alan Sargent What Gavin says is True. Flynn should go to jail. BUT he is a protected republican so prosecuting him is a waste of time. Remember the outing of a CIA agent? Scotter Libby ?? Well after tons of work and a convection then came a pardon. Gop dont go ...
Mary Catherine White Please tell me they did not reall use the word @slew"!!! Guess they don't know it is a synonym for "swamp"! Or, that it is the past tense for murder.
Adan Amaya So, should they both go to jail if they broke the law? We all know Hillary did! They can be roommates since gender is no longer an issue for the new left and their binary system...

Missing: -Failed muslim ban -Failed ACA repeal -Failed to get Mexico to give $ for do-nothing wall -Failed to hide Russian ties -Failed to avoid FBI investigation -Failed to block funds for sanctuary cities

New White House site touts successes of Trump’s first 100 days
New White House site touts successes of Trump’s first 100 days

The White House has launched a new webpage touting President Trump’s first 100 days in office, despite Trump’s own claim last week that the 100 days timeline is a “ridiculous standard.”

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John Jaramillo He can't hide ties that do not exist. Of course it is difficult to get things done when the other party is blocking your every move, cheating during elections, and unlawfully placing you under surveillance. I am sure the previous president knows all ...
Denis Cremisio Spicer today referred to this a "legislation" as he spouted more lies. They speak only to their core base that will believe anything.
Efrain Gonzales What is a fail is you and Pelosi sorry excuse for a government. You hypocrite. Just go away nobody outside of CA cares what you think. Fix your pathetic house first.
Dave Matthew Gandzalas Gavin Newsome, you are a shill of the greatest order. You would even give Trump a run for his money!
Noreen Hutchens He is the laughing stock of the world and has successfully screwed American and the people to the best of his ability in his first 100 days in office. Something to be really proud of.

Not just immoral, but unconstitutional seems to be the ongoing theme here. -Muslim Ban -Muslim Ban 2.0 -Defunding #SanctuaryCities #BYE👋👋👋

Judge Blocks Trump Effort to Withhold Money From Sanctuary Cities
Judge Blocks Trump Effort to Withhold Money From Sanctuary Cities

A federal judge in California temporarily halted the administration’s efforts to withhold funding from cities that limit their cooperation with federal immigration enforcement.

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Tina Hess Gavin step it up while you can. Don't be one of the gripers with your posts man. Be a leader as elections are coming up and you know these Trumpsters have hidden money and spring up when least expected. It is your ONLY stance to be a leader but ...
Derick Fudge Wait until you tick off the Republicans and they drop to your level and stop playing by the rules. It'll be a dark day fro everyone and it'll be your fault. (Liberals)
Stan Moorman Let the ICE Raids begin, idiots like you and Brown brought what is sure to be workplace and neighborhood sweeps to come. The genius of liberals strikes again.
Don Cody Byrd Nice picture Gavin, bunch of snowflakes. Not one real man in that bunch. Keep up your bs Gavin, the lawless will pay one of these days.
Jason Belotti Hey Gavin.. how about you and all your supporters invite some of these Muslim refugees to come and stay at your house, since you all love them so much? Let them personally shove Shariah law down your throats, and take them off our dime.. let them PROVE ...

It is outrageous and unjust to force tuition hikes on students while the U.C. hides secret funds. The tuition decision must come back before the Board of Regents for reconsideration and reversal.

University of California administration is paying excessive salaries and mishandling funds, state audit says
University of California administration is paying excessive salaries and mishandling funds, state audit says

The administration of the University of California system pays top workers salaries significantly higher than that of similar state emp...

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Daniel J. Pico Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom We hope you take a stand in your upcoming campaign for Governor on this! Please prove that progressives can be both fiscally responsible and provide the services the citizens of California need to be successful in life, education, ...
Maria Lorna Azul Kunnath The salaries of management, administrative staff and ordinary staff are higher than faculty while the students bear the brunt of high tuitions and get in debt - how outrageous
Joey Lomelli How about you kick out all the antifa professors from the UC system so they stop turning into a joke. Berkely in particular has almost overnight gone from being a bastion of equality and free speech, to a fascist, oppressive institution. A shame
Luke Allis Yep. SJSU really likes to mistreat students with PTSD, and other mental illnesses. Alan Soldofsky specifically ignored my emails for help when I was struggling.
Richie Blackburn Look at Gavin pretending to fight corruption. This guys entire career and personal life is a lie. His followers are the definition of sheep. They get butt hurt about Trump saying something sexist yet Gavin, goodie two shoes Newsome screws other people's ...

NOT TO BE MISSED: The new GOP Healthcare Plan would eliminate protections for those with pre-existing conditions. This new plan will result in millions losing their insurance and costs to sky rocket. The level of indifference for American lives by these Washington "leaders" is astounding.

Public pans Republicans’ latest approach to replacing Affordable Care Act
Public pans Republicans’ latest approach to replacing Affordable Care Act

Post-ABC poll finds opposition to letting states decide on insurance rules for health benefits, preexisting medical conditions

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Lyzah Betty Douglass Gavin Newsom Where does CA stand on our proposed Universal Healthcare? We can do this and become a beautiful example of taking care of our people. The time is NOW,
Grace Coates Welcome to the alt right Don't get sick, even if some conditions run in families. And yes, even those who voted for trump will be affected.
Chris Brady The people of the USA should have the exact same coverage as their representatives. No pre-existing coverage for us...then no pre-existing coverage for them.
Cm Thrasher After they cost millions of voters their health insurance, its a safe bet that those same voters will recall the details at their polling places. Vote these clowns out before they do more damage.
Craig Bradshaw Many washington pols hate the fact that they are part and parcel to the ACA with their own healthcare, and it doesn't fit their political talk and ideology.

Appearing at his first public event since leaving office, Obama fired off a punishing fusillade of grammatically correct sentences, the likes of which the American people have not heard from the White House since he departed.

Obama’s Barrage of Complete Sentences Seen as Brutal Attack on Trump
Obama’s Barrage of Complete Sentences Seen as Brutal Attack on Trump

Appearing at his first public event since leaving office, the former President fired off a punishing fusillade of grammatically correct statements.

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Kevin Stiles I will agree, every one of his lies were grammatically correct, well except when the teleprompter broke, then he just stuttered and stammered. Google it, they are easy to find and very entertaining.
Gloria Villarreal What is expected from an educated, intelligent, erudite president unlike what we have now. We are the laughing stock of the world! VERY EMBARRASSED!
Jane Roe I can understand young people worshiping this guy, but anyone over 40 has no excuse. And anyone over 50 knows what this country stands for, what it represents, and what this POS attempted to do to this great nation.
Barb Morisette I watched this and it was very refreshing to listen to real Americans make sense and being honest and helpful ideas to the table. Boy I miss President Obama
Mary G. Steffes Hewson I was just thinking that when I heard Obama on the radio on the way home from work. He speaks so eloquently. And then there's Donnie......

California is a state that believes in truth. We are a state that believes in justice. We are a state that believes that embracing people from other places, especially those fleeing institutional persecution or senseless violence, doesn’t make you weak – it makes you strong. Being a superpower isn’t measured by your dollars or your weapons – it’s measured by your moral strength and the capacity to shine that beacon-light around the world.

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Mark D Uniat That's a lie... TELL Californians about 500 BILLION $$$ UNFUNDED PENSION LIABILITY... for starters. Then about all the pending tax increases....
Bruce Warner Oregon roads are not perfect--this past winter has wreaked havoc on the roads that weren't in the best of shape to begin with. Miles of unpaved roads in Portland alone.
Silva Rehm Thank you so much for educating the crowd about Armenian Genocide and actually using the word Genocide.I so wish to see you one day as my President.
Efrain Gonzales What a bunch of horse dung. You have the worst economy in the nation. You tax your people to no end. Your infrastructure is terrible including the power grid. You sell water rights to huge corporations while small farmers can hardly feed their families. ...
Bill Cooper You are, as the governor said, "Decliners"; you who can't stand to see success and progress and constantly preach decline and doom. Move to Kentucky....the latest haven for those who have done well in California but don't want to see others do so.

Today I'm marching in solidarity and remembrance. Now, more than ever, we must understand the terrible price paid for bigotry, denial and indifference. #armeniangenocide

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Shoghig Maganoonian Thank you thank you thank you for your support Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom! Great speech. God bless
Joe Lovell Remember - it was muslims who did the killing. You know, the same kind of people you want to bring in without vetting.
Roy A Prior I'm surprised to see an American flag there because we all know you do not represent it! Crook
Hermine Mnatsakanian 👏 bravo. Thank you for marching with Armenians and showing great support. You are a true leader.
Michael Lodge Gavin does not march in solidarity - he marches only because he is a failed politician running for Gov.

This interview represents Trump's first 100 days perfectly: -Unintelligible -Chaotic -Filled with alternative facts Seriously, is he even speaking English here?!: “Well he said, you’ll be the greatest president in the history of, but you know what, I’ll take that also, but that you could be. But he said, will be the greatest president but I would also accept the other. In other words, if you do your job, but I accept that. Then I watched him interviewed and it was like he never even was here. It’s incredible. I watched him interviewed a week later and it’s like he was never in my office. And you can even say that.”

7 Baffling Moments From Donald Trump
7 Baffling Moments From Donald Trump's AP Interview

So many words, so little sense.

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Kathleen Cooney Thompson This interview is unbelievable! If doctors from Johns Hopkins are giving their opinions that he has a problem, why is nothing being done about it? He should have a complete, immediate, medical evaluation done by a staff of independent doctors, before he ...
Janice Keyes I read the entire mind boggling debacle earlier today. Who would have ever thought we would such bafflegab coming from the chief office of our WH? 😱 (Bafflegab - confusing or generally unintelligible jargon; gobbledegook; verbiage impenetrable to a ...
Beth Chavez He's gone almost completely off the rails. What's totally unbelievable to me is that so many people surrounding him are either in denial on what is right in front of them and/or they don't care.
Sherry Gardner I read the entire transcript. Jumbled double-talk. Messy, incoherent, irresponsible, contradictory, and outright lies. Such a high standard, not. This makes me so furious.
Frank Nuciforo He's looking more and more like Vigo the Carpathian from Ghostbusters 11.....He might even sound like him a bit; "On a mountain of skulls, in the castle of pain, I sat on a throne of blood! What was will be! What is will be no more! Now is the season of ...

After recession-era cuts to California’s Medi-Cal dental program, which remains chronically underfunded and leaves many without access to dental care, dental care remains one of the most under cared for health issues of our state. Great to join the California Dental Association’s “CDA Cares” dental clinic this weekend. Spoke with folks as they received oral health care and education at no charge. CDA cares, with the help of 16,857 volunteers, has provided $16.4 million in care to more than 20,000 people since 2012. A huge thank you to CDA and all the volunteers who made this event happen!

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Matt Anderson-Tocatlian Government shouldn't be paying for bad brushing habits
Ken Wilson How about addressing the prices of dental care or will that impact your doners?
Steve Davenport How about we get people to work instead handing everything out. #draintheswamp
Pat Albertelli Seniors don't have dental coverage on Medicare eithe and mostly can't afford the dental premiums.
Gerard Livernois disabled veterans don't get dental care unless they're more than 50% service connected disabled

No we don't want money from budget going to border wall because we don't want crucial programs for students and seniors, the arts, and climate science defunded at the expense of a do-nothing slab of concrete.

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Tony Gleadhill Mr Trump, your word isn't worth the air is takes to express it! You have failed to deliver on any of your campaign promises not because of any party or news media or marches. You failed because your promises were inherently misguided in spirit and ...
Julia Beach Anderson I can't take anyone seriously who says an antiquated border wall will be most effective in dealing with South American drug cartels, particularly when he wants to slash funding for the Coast Guard. I knew the man lived in a golden tower, I just didn't ...
Shana Smith If you said that Mexico was going to pay for the wall why would we want it any other way? Because you're a lying conman and you knew dog on well that Mexico was not going to pay for that wall.
Casey Loop God I wish Hillary wouldn't have been such a despicable human being we could have had someone else as President. I mean, both parties should have expected this when there was Trump and the worst nominee in the history of politics on the ballot. Now we ...
Den Baccam Another well deserving loss for Trump. When is this nightmare going to be over. He doesn't care about any of these issues. It's all about feeding meat to his base. It's so painfully obvious but he still has a 40% approval rating.

Science allows us to progress as a society, save lives, and keep our earth beautiful and clean for the next generation. Thank you to all those who showed up yesterday and marched!

Tens of thousands marched for science in more than 600 cities on 6 continents
Tens of thousands marched for science in more than 600 cities on 6 continents

Three months after the largest demonstration in US history, Saturday’s March for Science again brought droves of people into the streets.

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Jim Mckinnon Gov Jerry Brown, Thank you very much for all that you do and did for the State of California. Fracking does pay off big time. Wait until the tax revenues from recreational marijuana start to come in. That is going to be a huge influx of cash to the ...
Douglas Jaeger How many trees were planted by these marchers, how much of their trash was recycled, how much "genetically" grown food was eaten afterwards...?
Michael Stark They did not March for science. This was just another political democratic, progressive rally disguised as a scientific march.
John A Craig Do you even know the scientific method? It appears you don't at all! Plants which feed us all and essential to all life and create oxygen for us to be able to live and breath! Plants start to die at 150 PPM of C02 it was down to 260 PPM when we started ...
Christopher Craig It is so sad that in this day and age we have to argue about the validity of science itself. What is going on? And to the anti-abortion activists out there, who are trolling this post by Gavin Newsom, let me say, I am praying for you to come to your ...

Immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than citizens, but why let FACTS get in the way of a good scare!

Justice Department Warns
Justice Department Warns 'Sanctuary Cities,' With Grant Money At Risk

Justice Department officials are demanding proof that cities receiving millions in law enforcement grants are complying with federal immigration law.

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Michael Lodge Gavin, you never think before you write. Tell it to those affected by violent crimes by illegal aliens. Tell it to the mother and father who lost their daughter by a gun shot by an illegal repeat offender in the city that you were major of. Or my ...
Matt Stevenson Mr. Newsom, please make a distinction between legal and illegal immigrants. Legal immigrants come here the right way. Illegal immigrants are not immigrants, but criminals. I'm not concerned with statistics. I don't want illegal immigrants in our ...
Mike Nehez I agree Gavin. Immagrants get in line, learn english, are tested for any disease or the such, obtain the proper paper work and take an oath to the US. An illegal alien on the other hand broke our laws the first body part over the border.
Donna Stewart As usual, our Lt. Gov. plays fast and loose with the facts. Here's a fact for him: "An Immigrant is an alien who has been granted the right by the USCIS to reside permanently in the United States and to work without restrictions in the United States. ...
David Ferguson You mean the Keebler Elf himself who apparently doesn't realize Hawaii is a state is ignorant of crime statistics? Oh well...when you forget to mention things like meeting with Russian officials that then cause you to commit perjury when testifying ...

Jeff Sessions shocked to learn that states exist outside the Confederacy apparently.

Sessions 'amazed' judge 'sitting on an island in the Pacific' can stop Trump travel order

said he was "amazed" a judge in Hawaii could stop President Trump's order blocking refugees and people from six predominately Muslim countries from entering the U.S.

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Mary Ann Daugherty Soooo we impose our strategic imperialism on the Hawaiian Islands, subjugate their way of life, discourage their language all so they can become the 50th state in the U.S. of A.,but when Hawaii wields the power afforded it by the constitution we imposed ...
Joan Cusick I deplore Jeff Sessions and believe he should be ousted as Attorney General. But please don't use the uninformed comments of one individual to justify stereotyping all those who live in the South.
Nicole Fortune Carscadden Remember when it wasn't okay to have a job you weren't qualified for? It would be nice if the AG of the US understood the basics of our court system.
Craig Bradshaw geography is not a RWers strong suit. they thought that obama being born there, meant he was not born in the usa. but ted cruz being born in calgary, alberta, canada, meant theodore was born in the usa.
Sharon Kinsel Markwell This is actually rather disturbing. He is our chief enforcement officer and he is demeaning a judge, part of that third branch of government, who lives in a place that has been a state for over 50 years.

Urge you all to take a few minutes and read Tyshaun's story. Fear and gun violence have gripped the lives of too many children in America. His is just one of many stories of growing up in a neighborhood where "pop, pop, pop" was a normal sound. Please, don't become numb to these stories.

'Did your father die?' For a 2nd grader, gunfire, lockdowns, then the worst violence of all

He wanted to be brave like his dad, until the gun violence circling his life found a close target.

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Bob Bobster This is how DemocRATS enforce the myriad of gun laws they imposed on law abiding citizens. Gavin Newsom tell me how this is suppose to protect us?
Philip MaCrevis Well maybe his community has no regard for its people and maybe you should let the Ones responsible for these continued gun related events actually get shot to death resulting in a decrease in Said related firearm related crime...... just a thought?
Brent Hodges Not numb to the stories. You aparently are numb to the socialistic illegal protestors behavior in Berkley. Once again you fail to enforce law, constitution first amendment.
Christopher Condon We are the most violent people on the planet; visiting wars of terror promoted by both Republicans and Democrats on innocents world wide. This is who we are, it is what we do. These are the consequences, the wars coming home. Nothing we can do, it will ...
Jannie Seaver I'm not numb to the stories. Gun control is NOT the definitive answer. The bad people will always find a way to get a gun. I don't understand why you don't understand this.

Hey FAIR - you're better off putting that promoted tweet $$ into buying bricks, because Mexico isn't paying for it, and neither are WE.

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Daniel Chole Gavin- How about Westbrook's stat line last night?
Sheree DiCicco I have a $107 million dollar idea! Ya know all the donations Trump got for the teeny tiny inauguration? HE can pay for HIS big mouth saying we need a wall. Put his money where his MOUTH has been!
Jon Michael You are my hero Gavin!
Greg Turquand Another pithy comment from Mr. Guilfoyle.
Bob Bobster That wall has a slam dunk ROI

This 11 year old Muslim boy has experienced so much anxiety & harassment after the election he has considered taking his own life. To all those who feel isolated, or those who feel like you no longer belong, please know -- we love you, you are welcome here.

Post-Election, Doctors See Kids Suffering Trump-Related Anxiety
Post-Election, Doctors See Kids Suffering Trump-Related Anxiety

Bay Area pediatricians are mobilizing to help kids from immigrant and Muslim populations with physical symptoms of anxiety.

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Scott Laramee I'm very proud of the stand my state of California is taking to oppose Trump's hatred and bigotry. Not because I'm one of those groups of people. I'm not. Because I'm a HUMAN and I understand compassion for my fellow man. THANK YOU to all who aid in ...
Danielle Quick Henry Why don't public figures that are supposed to be fighting for the best interests of Californians stop the hateful rhetoric and start talking about how to fix the numerous problems this state faces. Poli Sci 101- make a name for yourself and people will ...
Carolyn Bartoni This man, his family, and his cabinet, as well as all those rich, white Republicans are a cancer to our country. So sad for any child to see and experience such bigotry and hatefulness.
Steve Sueoka You should've supported Bernie, Gavin ... you need to take responsibility for propping up neo-liberal sellouts. The Revolution is watching and we're coming for those seats!
Jenna Federico You belong, little one. This is your country. This is your home. Pay no mind to the hearts of those filled with hate. No good can come of it.

Shocking turn of events!

Exxon Seeks U.S. Waiver to Resume Russia Oil Venture
Exxon Seeks U.S. Waiver to Resume Russia Oil Venture

Exxon Mobil has applied to the Treasury Department for a waiver from U.S. sanctions on Russia in a bid to resume its venture with state oil giant PAO Rosneft in the Black Sea forged in 2012 by then-CEO Rex Tillerson, according to people familiar with the matter.

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Drew Small United States Office of Government Ethics please investigate Rex Tillerson for helping his former company Exxon get a waiver to resume oil ventures in Russia. This is government corruption at the highest levels.
Bill Parker You can predict it just like the little mini war he has going on through the media. No real conflict until the FBI and CIA start taking depositions.... Then some bombs will be walking all over the headlines.....This is the TRUMP Game.... Better get to ...
Jim Bradbury This Gary Durrett sounds like a whining, sniveling liberal. Full of hate. The criminal he wanted to become president didn't win. In fact she was wiped out in a landslide. How about we investigate the Clinton-Russian connection. That actually exists. ...
Lina Correa paying back to Putin for giving the election to the BS artist and his children at the same time has been reported the Trumps will get money for the oil transactions
Richard Mayer A Trillion $$$$ inna ground. All they need, is to make Trump President. Oh,...that's done already. It's a win-win for everybody! Well, not really everybody, but it surely will, "Make Exxon More Greater Again" even.*sigh*

Yes, thank you for your help in galvanizing Dem support and allowing Ossoff to receive the most votes in a previously deeply red Congressional district!

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Kimberley Bauman-Hooton Remember when Trump cried and complained about Obama supporting democratic nominees??? Yeah, me too. Yet another blatantly hypocritical display.
Suzi Parker Candidates are probably cringing at his "support"....soon and very soon that very thing will be their biggest downfall....the kiss of death to their chances....trump support....noooooooo, please, noooooo.
John Kravitz Yes BIG Help! Hope the Democrats I mean GOP, or is that Koch brothers? keep paying him....... His only interest is not being prosecuted. His only hope is the fantasy of a GOP controlled congress continuing.
R Eric Schulze The democrat still lost . Almost winning doesn't matter . A Republican will still be in power. As long as the democratic leadership keep lauding almost winning instead of winning we will continue to lose and the country's citizens will pay the price .
Nate Winslow Well, I guess this is now considered a "win" under the GOP-led Trump administration. That's not a win... that's a message. ;-)

How small and pathetic do you have to be to say this? And how small and pathetic do the House GOP have to be to tolerate it?

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Matthew Martin What a disgusting, mean, ignorant, fear-based, hypocritical, small minded post. Did I mention ignorant? When does the "winning" and "great again" start? I'm still waiting for the orange one and his magic crayon to make it happen. president Douchebag ...
Aaron Cornejo They're more afraid of DREAMers than gangs because DREAMers are getting an education.
Mary Marquez Low hanging fruit will not make America great. There are so many more important people to go after than people showing up for immigration interviews, victims in court cases and DREAMrs. I see undocumented workers in the same group as jaywalkers.
Jennifer Kestenbaum Levine Yes. Your second point exactly. How small and pathetic does the House GOP have to be to tolerate it. Their silence and/or excuses = hypocrisy on just about everything going with this administration.
Jessica Gordon As an Iowan (not in his district) we know and we are sorry. No idea how to beat him, either. Just found out the person who will run against him again was an internet psychic several years ago. So...yep. At least 2 more years of this guy.

"They shouldn't be very worried...I do have a big heart." - President Trump, January 2017. You're a fraud.

First protected DREAMer is deported under Trump
First protected DREAMer is deported under Trump

Trump vowed he wouldn't target DACA recipients, but one has been deported.

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John Kiermas He was arrested 4 times. And the "protected" status was thrown out in the courts and found unconstitutional. He broke laws to be here, and then broke laws once he was here... Enjoy your plane ride home.
Capute Joseph I am not outraged do we know if this man paid taxes or did he get free medical and food stamps without being a legal us citizen good bye now have a nice life buddy!!!
Tracey Mobley Absolutely detest this administration. They don't give a rat's behind about our country or it's people. All they care about is themselves and their make America a white supremacist's dream come true.
Brent Swenson This model non-citizen has 4 criminal convictions. What threshold would you suggest as being adequate to deport someone here illegally? Do they need to steal something worth more than $100? $1000? Rape someone? Kill someone? Kill more than one? At ...
Jackie Davis ...and who was foolish enough to trust his word. The Mexicans do not deserve this treatment. Where would our country be without them. Try not eating fruit or vegetables for one week. You will soon realize what they do for us and have for more than ...

You call it "pointless bureaucracy and political meddling" we call it protecting families from being separated. So no, no one is going to "shut up."

DHS Secretary Kelly says congressional critics should ‘shut up’ or change laws
DHS Secretary Kelly says congressional critics should ‘shut up’ or change laws

People should assume immigration agents follow the law, he said in a combative speech.

1.4k reactions 106 comments
Josh Parker If you don't want to enforce laws, then change them.
Cristina Rodriguez How are we supposed to change things when the GOP keeps cheating and changing rules to keep their power and completely disregard what their constituents want?!
Joanne Taylor Busby change the laws or enforce them.. trump is trying to enforce them..dems pick and choose which laws they want to obey
Mike Parker ANother "tough guy" who picks on women and children. Bullies, every stinking one of them.
Joseph Stetz Let's not break up the arrellano family, victor is probably father of the year! Even non criminal illegals seeking residency want these career ...

This effectively ends commercial oil and gas production in state waters at this location. This decision signifies yet another landmark in the evolution of California’s energy portfolio. As President Trump voices his determination to expand oil drilling and twentieth-century energy policies, California is pioneering the sustainable alternative that protects our coastlines and environment while gaining a strong foothold in the future energy and global economy.

California offshore oil platform to be decommissioned
California offshore oil platform to be decommissioned

California's State Lands Commission says a platform in an oil field off the Santa Barbara County coast will be decommissioned.

3.3k reactions 145 comments
Ann Noble Amen Ta Ra. We must go forward not backwards. Get with the program people. Im sure the railroads were upset about the airways being invented. Progression. I'm an uneducated Caucasian and only have myself to blame for not furthering my education. 30 ...
Shirley Anderson The platform is not "California's" it belongs to a company called Venoco which is $1billion in debt. I don't understand all the whining here. Even oil companies can go belly up.
Sabine Atwell Thanks! Ugly and unsightly. We need to go and are going into a different direction.. in CA.... solar folks are busy in the desert installing panels on everything...Then there is wind energy....
KitKat Harris That's cuz cali knows hempoil. Henry Ford rolls over in his grave looking at Petropoison and pollution...never ever intending that BS. Any petroplastic can be made better stronger biodegradable with hemp, and hempcrete is longer lasting, etc, etc, ...
Rosemary Anderson No quality of life, no jobs, no independence of Saudi oil. Businesses fleeing the state due to all the idiotic red tape and over regulation. We need jobs. We need business here to provide jobs and we don't need criminals being detained or protected in ...

Heartbreaking. Forcing families into such fear they don't get the healthcare and food they need to survive doesn't make America greater or safer.

Trump's immigration crackdown has serious public health implications

The surprising connection between Trump's border wall and health care.

915 reactions 162 comments
Sheila Marie Souza-Herr 'TIA'‼️........Trump Induced Anxiety, according to Deepak Chopra many Americans are in therapy for help with this condition. I think it would benefit us, excuse me while I make an appointment‼️
Farah Tavakoli Gavin, would you ask Jim Reilly and Steve Davenport about their background? Are they native Indians? Or did they come in the "wild west" era?
Matt Stevenson Illegal immigrants don't belong here. They violate our sovereignty as a nation. President Trump is simply enforcing the laws on the books.
Tim Logue Isn't Gavin New$cum the fella whose family made their fortune by their personal/legal connections with the Getty Family ? And after wife 1 left to go on Fox News as a commentator- didn't he betray his allegedly best friend by schtupping his wife when ...
Jerry Bons Under Trump so far, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement removal authorities made 21,362 arrests from January 20 to March 13 of this year, including 5,441 non-criminals, according to statistics provided to CNN and first requested by The Washington Post....

President Trump, a man with one speed. Here we see him telling a group of children at an Easter Egg Roll that "we will be stronger, and bigger, and better as a nation." Meanwhile, the crowd of 3 year olds just want to hug the bunny next to him 🐰

4.1k reactions 1245 comments
Sharon Steed-Cairney Lott Its just gets worse and's seriously hard to watch...painful! He saluted a singing Toy Soldier or or marching band member !! What a embarrassing...he won't shake the Prime Minister of Germany hand...walks off of a pressz conference ...
Heather LeVan Love Thank the white lord above that he isn't a young black American gymnast who forgot or there would be hell to pay! #POTUS #EasterEggRoll
Stacy Müller Bühler If your Mommies and Daddies said that the world was going to explode in a giant fireball, don't worry, kids. We will be bigger and better and stronger than ever before. We are right on track.
Corey Vuu I'm surprised he didn't talk about the Paris Accord we these little toddlers , then again he's probably unsure of what it is.
Matt Scoville You just have to be a hate filled man don't you, Gavin? Leading by example is, without a doubt, the best way. If my child were in your presence I'd have be sure and tell him that you're an example of what not to be.

Drain the records.

The White House Will Keep Its Visitor Logs Secret
The White House Will Keep Its Visitor Logs Secret

Breaking with Obama Administration policy.

3.3k reactions 446 comments
Lane Kinkead We pay for his use of the White House. SHOW the records. Why all the secrets? Possibly because you, your family and staff are crooks, liars and thieves ! Oh my! 😳
Zlata Ramic Daley Shame shame, those log as White House as I know belong to the people not to drum who act like king😡when will be enough of this shame and people stand up hind this disgusting men?😡
Gregg Aleck Reminds me of Jerry Brown and his administration (Newsom et al) deciding they won't turn over any of the info on the Oroville Dam crisis, as requested by the Sacramento Bee the other day. You guys just don't get it, do you.
James Alan Jones Boy...for somebody constantly proclaiming their innocence this guy sure seems to have a lot of secrets...Taxes, Visitor logs, who was in meetings...
Jaimee Brown Holdgate On the contrary to what everyone thinks....not everything needs to be made public. Don't you have more serious issues to deal with here in CA. Get your nose out of the WH log book and take care of more important matters that you were elected for.
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