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CAPTION CHALLENGE: Feeling Blue Write a caption for this still - and help us choose our favorite by liking the captions you think are best. We'll pick a winner and share your glory on Facebook.

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Brig Harry Jimbo Do you have crabs? You look like you have crabs. Trust me. This new "Crabs be gone" extra strength blue shit works a treat.
Christian Harrington Tosh is only smoking his employers blue to turn them into sad disgusting porn stars that you don't wanna see on the front cover of anything
Meredith Pritchard Release the blue smurf magic . Side effects include. Erected penis. Blue balls. Swollen tongue and face. Rare side effects include. Death the flu erectile disease and the plague
Ryan Rye Thanks to the miracles of science, the crips have created an experimental weapon using their dead homies ashes to counteract the blood gang's offensive.
Daniel Millard I feel pretty Oh, so pretty I feel pretty and witty and bright! And I pity Any girl who isn't me tonight! Out with blue, In with the new I found that his penis, feels just right!

Annnnd he just remembered that he ate bean and beef burritos for lunch. [via Izismile Network]

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Rick Garren They need some type of gas to fuel that clown car of a hybrid telsa
Richard Tanner I'm sure this is not what he was thinking when she asked if he would be interested in being under her and a few of her friends
Tim Kincaid I wounder how many people have died attempting these stunts.
Dillon Hair Something seems off about today's posts lol.
Jimmer DuBois He decided he no longer liked the carpool crew.

Well, that’s certainly an interesting foreplay technique. [via Imgur]

13.9k reactions 1628 comments
Bob Jones Gotta tag Charlie have fun newlyweds
Jason Allen I didn’t even see the cat.😅.😁.
Tom Gunter I'm thinking this won't make him any points with her
Ryan Spratlin The cat knows fish when he smells it 💯💯💯
Rob Farrell Target is painted. CAT is standing by to launch.

Every Monday, without fail, Denise wears that shirt. [via Izismile Network]

4.3k reactions 364 comments
Kyle Keeran Am i too happy to be alive to be tagged in this picture?
Liam Walsh Sylvain Demoulinn I need to get you that shirt
Amber Rayn Marissa I may need this a few times a week
Mike Bumgardner With my cock. Drag my balls across her face
Anne Childress This is great, comedic gold even. Haven’t LOL'd this hard in a while. Is this really serious? 😇

I need to find out if the Dildo Doctor is in my provider network. [via Izismile Network]

2.7k reactions 442 comments
Jason Warner If you drove around in a van called the Dildo Dr, you'd probably need Jesus in your life too.
Clay Nichols How many people just went to that website???
Chad Fuqua Do this in front of a Mosque.......grabs popcorn.
Wes Broome Jordan O'Reilly I think I need a change in job while still keeping that doctor prestige
Andrew Moore So a building full of real dicks was offended by a van full of fake ones?

Your dad has a new favorite pizza topping. [via The Clearly Dope]

886 reactions 106 comments
Nathan Lindquist I don’t even want to know what stuffed crust would be like.
James McPhail Hopefully the delivery person doesn't get "stiffed" out of a tip !!!
Jon Bornemann The pepperoni isn't sliced?
Nestor Gazca Since the sign was erected, the competition has been stiff.
Jesse Pomper Joke's on them, pizza has always been my viagra.

Tom’s new year resolution to get more sleep seems to be working out fine. [via theCHIVE]

919 reactions 178 comments
Lauren Bruno Chase Stanton what I’m gonna be doing at the gym tonight
Teddy Anderson Just drop some weights, making them sound the lunk alarm so it wakes his ass up. 😂
Jester Matty “Working out” fine... I see what you did there!
Carlos Andres Villavicencio “Working out fine” hahaha

A new All-Natural Male Enhancement product is available in a forest near you. [via Radass]

2.1k reactions 551 comments
Steve Injaychock Wayne Wingo you ever come across one of these on the job??😂😂
Daniel Apsel Well it doesn't look like a hard wood but it's manscaped very nicely
Matt Schafer Ryan Cook looks like something you would do 😂
Michael Laughton Check out that wood. I bet he has to grin the bushes around it a lot
Taraniq Selby A little to the left please ...

CAPTION CHALLENGE WINNER: Don't you love it when game night has a happy ending! We picked the caption above from a comment left by Hiram Lopez Thanks to everyone who submitted! Come back next Monday at 1pm for another edition.

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Robert Dodd How did a retard and an Asian end up with half-black and blond white kids?
Ivar Vinkenborg Jorge Liauw Calo 😂
Jeff Ecv Lambright Because Chinese Checkers is racist.
Minnie Chrissy Lewis Stephanie Wells I want to play this when i cum over 🤤
Daniel Pinner Fknoath

Between every man’s legs are the world’s tiniest little airbags.

2.0k reactions 419 comments
Jared Williams Tosh.O is a nutt Michelle
Jeff Anninos Brittany Gertsch we need to watch Tosh.0 again!!
Tiffanie Powell Goedeken Miranda Polyard tiniest little airbags 💀💀💀💀
Ben Chessor Sharon Hubley This is what you get for having Facebook Grandmother. Videos you never wanted to watch.
Jason A Sprouse At least it will keep him from breeding. Don't pass on those genes.

Can I get this on my ring finger? #TattooOfTheWeek #PizzaForever

5.4k reactions 3745 comments
Jeannette Emelie Smyth Shelby, I think this tattoo would be appropriate for you 😜
Joey Roberts Sara, I found another tattoo idea lol
Cherie Wallace April this should have been urs and gias tattoo lmao
Amanda Miller-Hoover Brezee, Blaine asked how old he has to be to get a tattoo
Jack Austin Mara... were you and Meagan talking matching tattoos?

You can pry Christmas from my cold, dead branches. [via acidcow]

1.5k reactions 445 comments
John T. Fours Costco will refund you your money for it.
Jane Bowen lol i see they didn't get a vacuum for christmas.
Jay Compton Should have constructed an additional pylon right next to the tree.
Tavissa Granger Jason Brinkman We've had a couple trees look like this the day after Christmas lol
Keith Breault If you look at it sideways at the base It's Wu-Tang forever motherfuckaz

Don’t look so smug, son...that makes her your aunt. [via Uberhumor]

3.3k reactions 382 comments
Caleb Rowe Peter Noga this your kid?😂
Mike Betts Kyle Cosby I thought of you. Lol
Sean Hector I hear that flies in the kingdom of Westeros.
Korbin Uhlman Jan Cara Eli in a year or two
Meredith Dearien Jeromy Austin Eagan hahaha please get this sticker for your Jeep😂😂

If you’re feeling sluggish, maybe you should go get your snails done. [via theCHIVE]

830 reactions 97 comments
Heather Perry with a fresh wax!
Chris Christopher Escargot?
Eric J Wilborn "Get your snail waxed here"
Rodney Haskell How do they wax those "snails?"
Hayley Rose Gieseke Lexie Ann Gigous wanna get your snails done?

Not even the sound of a can opening could pry him away from the window. Perv. [via acidcow]

1.4k reactions 124 comments
Elizabeth Chambers That has to be your cat Daniel! 🤣
Jaaron Wingo Accidental Renaissance
Anita Caulk Pussy just wants some action too
Aarik Carrasco Chio Castro Jinxies is a freak
Don Crist Nathan Monn is this your kitty🐈?

What's the worst thing you've ever done in an Uber?

1.8k reactions 329 comments
Matt Kissee She is ugly and petty good god woman pick your battles.
Brent Wells She probably got more $1.00 bills out of that box than she does at work at the strip club.
Roque Martinez Guys be nice. She’s saving for a boob job.
Sam Taff I saw the caption “what’s the worse thing you’ve done in an Uber?” Lmao 😂 Ryan Brown Taylor Jarvis Kyle Todd Good times Nothing to do with this video
Anne Childress Great information: D Keep writing and you may possibly have me paying attention in the near future as well. 😓

Better put a bike lock on her or she'll be gone when you get out of the bar. [via Radass]

2.0k reactions 361 comments
Pavlo Patrick Thierry Cordier Behave, Peter Wulff, I can't go out with you like that. :-* xD
ケイ チャド Now there’s a girl who loves riding the pole.
ケイ チャド Does she use a gender neutral toilet?
Chance James Armstrong Ashlea Flores what’re you doing in this photo?
Bill Boone Tomy Bline I'll have to keep this in mind next time we go out 😂

You just can’t get this with Digiorno. [via Radass]

5.8k reactions 743 comments
Jeff Mitchell Lol I partied at that house lotsa times
Nick Caruso Aram Perez this is why some deliveries take so long lol
Todd Michael Lucas ah, pizza delivery. now thats a job with a lot of perks.
Brandon O'Donnell Elbow is way over the line. Forfeit of turn.
Ethan Faust Woah, I know that guy. The Morro Bay delivery driver 👍

Tosh.0's cover photo

162 reactions 17 comments
Travis Rolando This show is too too funny!
Marshall Copper Tosh wash your balls
Scott Charbonneau I will take 2 no pickle thanks
Ben Payne I thought you were dead
Timothy AaronRay Jenkins Only Tosh.0 knows the trick to get all balls in at once.

If they were his real friends, one of them would donate their face for a transplant.

7.2k reactions 1288 comments
Mike Backhus Riley id take a nurf bullet for you little homie💯💯
Christopher Freeman Damn!! Now i want some cinnamon toast crunch!!!
Payton Jett not to mention cinnamon is expensive?
Jessica King Mitchell King David King omg hahahah same thing happened to Freddy and he still became famous 😂😂😂
Jim Scheuerman Why does the camera always turn away? Disappointing we didn’t see him roast....

Hollywood has been totally sold out of these cakes for months. [via Uberhumor]

2.1k reactions 435 comments
Angi Brown Hahahahahahahaha!!!! Ommfg! We were Just talking about this🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kealey Herb Sadie Nicole. Just sayin....
Michael Benes Go back to stand up....when you were kinda funny.
Gerry Whelan But they’re delicious....
David Rosenbaum Tabitha Henson looks like my 16th birthday cake but pink xD

Looks like Tony’s bike finally agreed to a threesome. [via theCHIVE]

3.6k reactions 1258 comments
Emily Love Aeran Hubbard Dane Hubbard aeran this is you with your future boat, and dane this is you with your bike lol
Kim Jackson Kurtz Nichole why did I think of you when I saw this pic 😂😂😂
Erica De Leon Joseph..made me think of you lol
Ed Kranek Mike Slezak. At first I thought that was really you!🤣🤣🏍
Richard Parker Smith Where are their sheets?

Nature is so beautiful. [via Imgur]

1.6k reactions 144 comments
Blade Crayz Ralzie Babess and they say the earth is flat
Jeremy Deck Only when shrooms are involved tosh only when shrooms are involved
Marlena Casto You’d appreciate Danny Casto.
Sandoval Jose Stephanie Newbold... went mushrooming again I c
ShaneandLindsey Cantrell At least they are natural...

Every one of these outfits is worth more than every item in your closet combined.

1.0k reactions 55 comments
Susan Hall Why not decades or fetish wear? Either/or
Sam Porter This show is still going?
Angela Thom Josh Thom I wanna see Tosh in Vegas
Slade Scheibe Saw this hahahahahah
Eric Wilson Extremist ware... has to be

CAPTION CHALLENGE: Game Night Write a caption for this still - and help us choose our favorite by liking the captions you think are best. We'll pick a winner and share your glory on Facebook.

145 reactions 456 comments
Patrick Dooley When you invite the kids over to play "spot the V.D. on my dick" game and the parents ruin all the fun.
Joe Hope This is what happens when you buy your wife and children. That's a diverse looking family to be sure. lmao
Rick Garren I'm pretty sure tosh isn't allowed within 500 ft of a school. What makes him think he can have children next to him?
Justin Walker When they run out of ideas for family board games, and release the first dick idea someone comes up with!
Fred Evans Kids,,,ahhh grow so fast...time sure flys...seems like it was only yesterday when you guys used to sit on my chin aswell...

It’s so important to learn the traditions of our elders. [via Uberhumor]

1.4k reactions 416 comments
Alex Chavez A quick swipe is all you'll get from me.
Thomas Migan Welcome to Shady Acres 69th Anal Bingo party
Nick Beers Lisa Sullivan Vaughn this is the dubious shirt.... Not my gram tho 😂
Katrina Baca This really is great, humor gold actually. Haven’t laughed this hard for decade at least. 😏😍
Kristian Lyle Guess what your next Christmas present is 😂 Cayla Everhardt

My neighbor, Dick Butt didn’t let a little snow stop him from going to work today. [via Radass]

1.2k reactions 355 comments
Gabriel Anthony When your dick gets tired of all the hoes you bang!
Victor Hernandez Was he walking with his erect penis?! No foot tracks whatsoever lol
Chris Wangen Tosh has been playing with bachelorette cookie cutters again. :)
Renee Miller It's true t-Rump has a very small penis. It's a fact Jack.
Jeff Winner Oh I thought that was for, Captain carrot nutts! 😂

HGTV’s new toddler home renovation show looks amazing. [via Izismile Network]

2.1k reactions 470 comments
Hailey Marie Corran, oh my I’d cry if Matthew covered the house in paint.
Jared Donahue Is that water based or oil based, just wondering if you're gonna need some paint thinner
Ron Aslan I'd have to get rid of the kid along with the remaining paint.
Shawna Kyler I would totally cry if that was my house...😂😂😩
Nathan Brown Emma Brown thank god the painting is done

And he’s going to celebrate with a big ol’ plate of cheddar biscuits. [via Reddit]

4.1k reactions 456 comments
Tracy E Watson Jenn Betty Michelle Chester... Now that is cheddar biscuit worthy. 😂
Tracy Koshman Tyler you need one of these for your car.
Simon McCauley Or it was the most unfortunate name for his sister his parents could think of
Andrew Rea Sticking your dingus in the exhaust pipe doesn’t make it so.
Jon Wallace I was going to say fish but better butter dem biscuits

The death tramp is where all neighborhood duels are settled. [via The Clearly Dope]

5.7k reactions 720 comments
Karen Deanna Dobson Only a doofus who's high would tap that.
Justin Taylor Gary worse than the ground is lava
Tony Sexton Brian Pepe found an acceptable trampoline to use for our own octagon
Brittany Nicole Weeks Nick Zeiter... You woulda broke both arms and legs with this bad boy😂😂
Alicia Gress Bobbie Leonard still makes me think of launching neighbor Brandon out of your trampoline lmao
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