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The DNA store had a two for one special going on today. [via Reddit]

314 reactions 76 comments
Zak Wild Jeremy kyle show
Melissa Franck After Kimmy's house warming party.
Jaclyn Galinis Jeremy Kyle show is a wild ride of trash
Mike Hax I guess the extra P was a little too hot for TV
Mike Caffyn Jr. Sweep week for the Maury Show

Well you see officer, there was this squirrel… [via Radass]

1.4k reactions 102 comments
Tyler Neff Still somewhat of a good boy!
Robert Johnson Squirrel !? Where ...
Shane Turek Of course its an asian dog
Mark Wolfgram Roat Roa better get Macco.
Rod Mash Is that Lil'Kim?

When you flip the switch but you forgot to play the light bill. #OverTheTop [via Gfycat]

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Martin Jolicoeur Hey lets not pay attention to the fact that the guy in the red shirt is commenting in here.
Tyler Wittenborn Body builder vs martial artists
William Park Aric Wolstenholme when you think you're tough cuz you go to the gym
Carlos Andres Villavicencio Literally me. I've beat people with almost twice my arm size consistently
Wilburn Hutcheson That moment when your the only one who got the "Over the Top" reference.

CAPTION CHALLENGE WINNER: Next move is white appendage, brown circle. We picked the caption above from a comment left by Daniel Horchak Thanks to everyone who submitted! Come back next Monday at 1pm for another edition.

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Zachary Paez Sex matt
Darien Leber Right hand on peach
Bryce Brancheau Right in the ice hole.
James Lendennie when you convince your friends to do some questionable shit and watch from afar...
Justin Justin Oh Donald.... what have you done now?

That’s not a salad until one of those guys blows a load of ranch on him.

1.8k reactions 271 comments
Benjamin E Wertz Go Cougs!
Sam Asencios Damnit why does macaroni salad count 😂😂
Maddie Smith Geoffrey Smith how I feel about your weekly salad preps
Crystal Gomez Macaroni salad shaming 😂😂😂
Caleb T Goodman Ashley Reynolds you've salad shamed me so many times.

If you don't charge him all the way he starts running really slowly. [via acidcow]

3.3k reactions 231 comments
David Lovell His eyes turn blue at full battery.
Bangone Nadone Omg this look like my cat lol
Mark Wolfgram His name is 420...because he stays "Lit" all the time.
Douglas Wollenburg At least take the Wireless Vibrator out when charging
Cole Bradley Look Summer he has pretty eyes too 😉

At least he can't hear all the haters. [via Izismile Network]

5.6k reactions 2558 comments
Greg Stell Let me guess now he won't be able to get a job so therefore will either blame someone else or live off welfare for the rest of his life..
James Michael Gray Don't let this distract you from the fact that long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them, but when the world needed him ...
Jacob Thomas He'll save so much on head phones, how is he going to hear his phone ring, no more worrying about which earring to get, I guess If you talk to this guy his response will be "I can't hear you speak up". Going deaf is no longer an option. I guess he can ...
Ronald Avey Don't let this guy distract you from the fact that 47 years ago, the man they called Al “Touchdown” Bundy, cemented his place in Chicago High School Football history with 4 Touchdown’s in a single game for Polk High.
Samuel Diaz Complains he can't get a job, blames capitalism.

This was the most flattering photo reference you could find? #TattooOfTheWeek

1.5k reactions 376 comments
Kristy Maser I think she works at the Glitter Gulch on Fremont Street!
Brian Quigley I'm sure all of the body hair is true to the lovely model this is portraying
Jessica Alvarez James Castillo if you get a tattoo of me this is how it will look like lol
Larisa Marie Moon Hey! Maybe that's what she really looks like! Beauty is all in the eye of the beholder.......
Bobby Bell This is my reminder of what not to do when I drink to much..

The truth is, the Mannequin Challenge was invented by Zach Morris at Bayside High in 1989.

719 reactions 31 comments
Tommy Walker
BuenoyRodriguez Javier 😂😂😂
Tj Pauley Zechariah Payne Matthew Mcclure
Armando Becerra Marcos Rubalcava Dan Firestone
Jose Martinez Fabian Reyes

You and me both, kid. [via Radass]

1.2k reactions 36 comments
Dylan Geerdts Kamau Exaviar Anderson
Neil Hunsinger Darren Minich Jr.
Darrell Mercer Jr Breanah Morgan😭
Tristen Perkins Trent Perkins
Ty Salazar Devin Gurung

Doesn't giving those to kids usually land you in jail? [via Izismile Network]

7.3k reactions 774 comments
Stephanie Johnson Dillon Maynard hahahaha thought you would get a good laugh out of this!!
Ben Cameron Welcome to Pedo Park. We have all the popsicles you could eat!
Zoe Burks 😂😂😂😂 this makes me think of Super Troopers I fucking love that movie
Jacqui Kessler Brian Cranmer omfg between the picture and the comments in here there's enough entertainment for hours!!! 😂😂😂😂😂
Decker Freeman Why isnt this in savage memes??? Jeeeeezuz Drew Freeman Yandrew Scott TyKilponen

I made the same face when I found out magic wasn't real. Except I was six and probably had way less to lose. [via Pikabu]

915 reactions 100 comments
Istvan Gulyas He's texting. And looking at his phone. Not sad. But his outfit is rediculous.
David Lora Looks like the second boss in blood bourne Emmanuel Colas
Danny Morin For 40 years he rode that bus, but alas, it never arrived at Hogwarts
Michael Eastman The newest Harry Potter sequel looks a little too depressing for my taste.
Douglas Dizzy Gibson Have some respect! This dude is getting an award at The Player's Ball for "Baddest Backhand in the Game".

Melts in your mouth, and probably also in your hands, and all over your stomach...maybe a little in your hair. [via Reddit]

11.6k reactions 2371 comments
Megan Dunning The movie theater floor is about to get even stickier.
Bryan Quick Spitting is quiting
Heather Gordon Anne Hauter, specially filled...and Yellow looks so happy to help.
Bob Schoenfelder Bitches won't be swallowing them either..
Tonja Elizabeth Dawn....please don't bring these to the office to share!!

If the earth is round and spinning then when I jump in the air, I should not land in the same place.

174 reactions 43 comments
Marion Cobretti When earth was flat....I went to potty? 🎶hot pocket🎶
Kenny Figueroa Lol
Carl Williams And you won't. Simple physics.
Justin Fendley Tosh is fckn clown shoes 😄
Kees Spierings Wouldn't a flat earth also need a wall?! #trump2020

He cheated on the one girl who cares about more than money. [via Imgur]

2.8k reactions 557 comments
Jason Applebaum Holy shit yes! This is awesome
Reno Vasaturo I'm dead. The fact that this story is completely bullshit and so many people are tearing him up. He sprayed his car for a rally. Not a cheating woman 😂😂😂
Matt Cecil 1. Never understood why women take anger out on a car when it's done nothing to them. 2. Reading all these comments, I never realized there were so many attorneys that's passed the BAR exam in this world. Because apparently everyone knows the grounds ...
Ryan Schwam So now she has to shell out for a rediculously expensive paint job I assume.
Pat Churchman With our laws the way they read now, she "allegedly" wrote the word Jew down the back window. This a felony hate crime now.

The retrieval of the wedding rings from the maid of honor’s upper GI tract, is my new favorite wedding tradition. [via Izismile Network]

1.2k reactions 195 comments
Paul Brankin The girl in red should be getting married with mouth skills like that
Mark Wolfgram You would think she be to popular to take time out for a wedding.
David Thompson Thus explaining why she deserves the next husband and bouquet
Jesse James I guess we know which brides maid is getting married next.
Adam Minniear I imagine whoever picks up the maid of honor goes home happy...

ALIENS: They're just like us! [via theCHIVE]

4.7k reactions 1167 comments
Tracey Tre Delaney Makes me think of the movie Arrival back in the day with Charlie Sheen.
Star Nicole Squires PLEASE JOIN US ONLINE **May 31, 2017** Please join our zebra family for this annual event on the last day of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Awareness Month, to light a real or virtual candle for all ...
Gabby Sanderson That might be the effects of polio as a child...that really sucks.
Beata Bardi maybe Ehlers-Danlos ???wow thats really hyperextending..ouch
Taylor Scheel Ryan ScheelKady Ashley.... is it just me, or do you want to kick them so softly and watch them buckle?!😬

Niagra Falls is such a lame final vacation. [via Uberhumor]

623 reactions 151 comments
Pierre Laurent Looks like voldemort...
Fred Stoldt E.T. Phone Home..........
Martie Ripley It's all fun... until someone gets suffocated...
Garren Seifert Does she know there's a monster right there?
Charles Albert Niagara

Do you know where the candle supply is?

26 reactions 3 comments
Jon Jourdan Steadily cramming it in the back door.
Justin Fendley Tosh is fckn clown shoes 😄
Tucker James I hear Tosh lights his candle at both end one in his mouth one in his ass LOL

CAPTION CHALLENGE: Twister Write a caption for this still - and help us choose our favorite by liking the captions you think are best. We'll pick a winner and share your glory on Facebook.

162 reactions 631 comments
Michael Lautner Wow... the NHL really does let Sidney Crosby do anything.
Tim Burns Excuse me you can remove that toe now, Brown is not an option in this game
Brandi Dawson Well, at least it's more interesting to watch than curling.
Josh Floyd So, this what you meant by "let's go out for some Twisted Ice."
Jacob Taylor Haven't had this much fun since I played candy land at my uncles.

One man's tragedy is another man's opportunity. [via Radass]

3.8k reactions 160 comments
Ryan Budge Too Soon!! Lol
Sasha Berment Edwin Maynard oh no
Blake Powell Looks like a 40yr old Jesse Jones
Henk-Jan Mulder Thierry Kok wanneer jij die baan echt graag wilt
Jason Whitley The guy died I believe. That security guard.

Hey United, if you want me to give up my seat, this is all you have to do. [via theCHIVE]

3.9k reactions 223 comments
Michael Mitchell He should've went with gorilla duct tape. Regular duct tape just won't cut it in this type of application.
Jake Bensusen Its a special kind of tape, meant for high speeds, nascar uses the same stuff
Steve Malone All great mechanics use duct tape...that shit can fix anything!
Adeel Awan Looks like piece of sealant is torn so it is an approved temp fix to prevent further peeling then sealant application is due until aircraft got time after landing
Carlos Torrelio All you dumbasses not realizing duct tape was specifically made for planes lol

Rolling into summer break like… [via Bits-n-Pieces]

3.9k reactions 291 comments
Steve Spirnak Nailed it
Chris Allman Is there a naked dude behind him under the umbrella?
Mark Anthony G He still drowned.
Rodolfo Macedo That's kinda how my week is going
Mono Craig Way to post something that is like a year old

Land of the free. Home of the brave fashion choices. [via Tumblr]

8.2k reactions 356 comments
Stiv Reynolds Call me crazy, but someplace called "Big Lake" seems like it would be a tourist magnet for such patriotism.
Shawn Rutherford Their patriotism is giving the snowflake librard in the yellow shirt a heart attack.
Joe Olmstead It's not disrespectful to buy clothing like this, it's just extremely tacky, and makes you look like an enormous tool bag.
Follow My Head His undies have the Russian flag and the dick flap is the tallest part of the Saint Basil's Cathedral.

Nice of him to drive a convertible so he can share his passion with the rest of the world. [via theCHIVE]

1.9k reactions 238 comments
John Butler Your post used to be funny...
James Asher must like protein bars
Gary Bolles Jr. Is that James Caan? 😂
Jeffrey Michael Carter Fastest IBS remedy salesman in the west
Patrick Bullock Bitches love farts

She doesn’t look super appreciative about her free haircut. [via Izismile Network]

714 reactions 92 comments
Justin Booker The 11 other monkeys were trimming Bruce Willis
Brandon Sanders Well that's what you get when you're a walk in
Joe Galt Ida threw that monkey lol
Adrian Bailey this is the future liberals want
Keith Breault The tables have turned

Going number two after eating that burrito will feel like giving birth. [via Radass]

7.4k reactions 1119 comments
Randy-Virginia Barnes I doubt it'll feel like giving birth, compared to birth it'll feel​ like a walk in the park. XoXo mom of 5 😂
Tim Sullivan Jr. He's gonna be dragging his ass across the rug like a Saint Bernard later.
Bobby Munoz That's awesome recio taco made it ON HERE ..IT'S HERE IN CORPUS CHRISTI TEXAS
Justin Peteler After something like that, I will go to the plumber and request to use his bathroom. Less distance he'll have to travel.
Clifton Flores Reunited finally,ma hadn't seen him since she left the kitchen long long ago. What a shame

Tragic? Yes. Funny? Yes, to people who have a good sense of humor.

Ironic Plane Crash - Tosh.0 | Comedy Central
Ironic Plane Crash - Tosh.0 | Comedy Central

A plane crash creates a chance for Daniel to teach people about irony.

218 reactions 19 comments
Chad Gravesen Blake Bowers
Matthew Cobb Delane Bertsch
Cristobal Balake Monica Lorie haha
Francis Emanuel Michael Jay
Tim Doucette Brendan Kleinberger

This is so weird - who the F wears overalls? #WTFriday

195 reactions 62 comments
Jäy W Dòóm lol who the F? You're hardcore Daniel...
Joshua SŦevens Dat ass though!
Bill Palmer Farmers
Tiffany Bokesch Uh its a romper... Get it right
John Hall Super Mario Bros.

Watch Big Ass Baby get his swoll on and the rest of the Tosh.0 summer finale here!

661 reactions 70 comments
Jason Vos looks like Jason Vorhees
Dan Brown Is that jason voorhees?
Michael Deben Tosh is one swoll big ass baby clown shoes!
Jerod Johnson For my cousin Bodhi Williams,,,,,watch that big ass baby
Jon Rudder John Hovater check out volch trailing to get big
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