Ozzy Osbourne
12:42 07/16/2017

Set up for tonight's show at Chicago Open Air Festival

Set up for tonight's show at Chicago Open Air Festival

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Twinkle Bobrowski
Have a Great show with Zakk Today Ozzy and me and my Bunny Love you so much Ozzy💙💚💜🐰
Chad Harmon
Me too, Oz! See you there.
Wayne Speers
Watch you don't get shot there ozzy !!!! Hope you have good security .......
Justin Time
Enjoy the show. I like Ozzy, seen him several times over the years. and I still have the stub from the shows
Shawn Petersen
Look at website she took picture and told Dave Shawn bought picture I think cool
Lorraine Allmark
All the best for tonight's show Ozzy Osbourne, raise the fucking roof ! Love ya Ozzy 💜
Maryann Graziano
Hi Ozzy I Love you Ozzy and Rocky and Bella and The song Dreamer you made is Beautiful and Have a Great Show Today Ozzy and you are a HERO Ozzy Osbourne 💙💚💜🐇❄🌟
Shawn Petersen
I got to Dave Ellefson from Megadeth coffee sign picture I made it offered to the girl for 40 bucks and I got it so I got a Megadeth picture autographed and signed by him he owns a coffee company and I selling his coffee at the show
Sylvia Freifrau von Kallenberg
I really wish that I could go to a concert of you. I hope it will soon. You're really great. ☺☺
Kamil Inglot
It'll be great to see another concert album, it's been 15 years since the last one ;)
Helen Tracey
Hoping you have the best concert eve. r you deserve it only wish I was there to see it, your the best😄💜
Curtis Wright
Mr Osbourne . Thank you for a spot on perfect performance !!!! It was worth every min of the drive .. 🎸🎸
Kathy Jo
Can't wait to see you in August, had to miss last night show in Oshkosh do to Rockfest in Cadott, Rock on everyone!! 🤘🤘🤘
Adrian Velez
In buenos aires we are waiting for you, good show genius OzzyOsbourneArgentinaOfficialFans 🇦🇷
Kristopher L Brummel
These last 10 minutes before your scheduled time seem to be taking forever.

Other newsfeed from Ozzy Osbourne

July 13, 1986 #UltimateSinSunday

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Graham Fern You'll Reed it out
Graham Fern You change your surname to Miller
Graham Fern Smokey & the fucking bandit
Graham Fern I feel sorry for you Joe.
James Coomer The one and the only Ozzy god


7.5k reactions 73 comments
Lisa Bain-Baldridge Moonstock 2017 Requesting So Tired...thank you
Mary Moran Love Ozzy!
Gabriela Marquez ❤❤❤🎼🎼🎼✈🗽
Nina Doreuli Thank You For Are You Ozzy ! Love You Ozzy ......
Annette Love Badass Ozzy !!!! Love it ♡

with Zakk Wylde in Chicago, Illinois July 1989

4.6k reactions 56 comments
Doris Deaconor "Ozzy" yow-zer yow-zer
Bill Shirk Rock on
Diego Seijas The Golden Age!!!
Dan Hinton Fuckin a
Steffen Höck Zakk the best

early days with Randy #tbt

10.5k reactions 102 comments
Brian Frederick Randy did great work with Quiet Riot also. Slick Black Cadillac!!!
Keith Allen EPic!!!
Mayara Pereira One of the greatest of all time
Jessica Jenkot Awesome picture! Come to Philly
David Morgan You look like Meatloaf

with Rob Zombie, Jonathan Davis and Fred Durst at Skywalker Ranch back in 1999.

10.9k reactions 197 comments
Daniel Gross All i see is Ozzy and some fans lol (I do dig rob zombies movies)
Nick Campana All these great talented musicians! and Fred Durst.
Michael James eeerrrrrmmmmm who's the odd one out lols
Terry Luderman Jonathon Davis(Korn) discovered Fred Durst(Limp Bizkit)- the dude is a genius🤘👍
Jeremy Cox Zakk should be sitting where that cock suck FRed Durst is resting his sorry ass!!! Bleed BLACK, S>D>M>F

at home in Staffordshire 1978

10.1k reactions 97 comments
Helen Tracey Very handsome 😘😘😘😘💜💜💜💜💜💜still are
Lance Cawley Are you gonna tour Australia, Ozzy?
Penelope Duren Lawless Beautiful place and you
Kevin Bee I thought you lived in a room without any view!!
Lorraine Allmark Love you Ozzy Osbourne 😙💜

Thank you Chicago Open Air Festival!

10.3k reactions 129 comments
Nicholas Steven Schwarz U put on amazing set Ozzy! I was amazed it was the first time I saw u much love to you Oz
Helen Tracey Wow seemed like you guys did a great job so happy for you, I'll have to find it on utube😃👍💜
Paula Alvarado I love ozzy Osbourne hes the greats person in rock n roll
Colin Farr Ozzy looked and sounded great!
Ted Gaudet love those open air concerts. hope you make it to barrie ontario canada sometime 😊

Set up for tonight's show at Chicago Open Air Festival

2.6k reactions 101 comments
Twinkle Bobrowski Have a Great show with Zakk Today Ozzy and me and my Bunny Love you so much Ozzy💙💚💜🐰
Chad Harmon Me too, Oz! See you there.
Wayne Speers Watch you don't get shot there ozzy !!!! Hope you have good security .......
Justin Time Enjoy the show. I like Ozzy, seen him several times over the years. and I still have the stub from the shows
Shawn Petersen Look at website she took picture and told Dave Shawn bought picture I think cool

Getting set up at Rock USA

4.6k reactions 96 comments
Maryann Bobrowski Graziano Have a Wonderful and Sparkle show Ozzy and Zakk and you are a HERO Ozzy Osbourne🐰💜🌸
Frank Veerman Nick Tol
Paul Piendzik Need him to come to Cleveland Ohio . rock n roll capital of the WORLD.
Tina Jones Ozzy was the fist and only concert I have ever went too
Timothy Braucht send a sin ascend extend me no hand demand a stand dast dash the soul of a searpent defend

Ozzfest Meets KNOTFEST 2017 November 3-5 at Glen Helen Amphitheater Tickets onsale Friday!

2.4k reactions 136 comments
Brenda Musquiz Tyla Lane dad liked this lol
Jeff VonMonster Quick shave that beard of the homeless guy !
Lorraine Allmark Ozzy lol 🤛🤘 you're looking good Ozzy ! 💜
Robert Hutchison Sweet!!!!
Jeff Castro Júnior Dias Gonçalves Arthur Ribeiro

Chicago July 12, 1989 Looking forward to seeing everyone at Chicago Open Air Festival this weekend!

8.0k reactions 77 comments
David Morgan Looks like Ted Nugent in that pic.
Alex Farebrother It's Zakk before his mum sewed his name on all his clothes
Jessica Jessica I will say it again lol. Ozzy come to Philly! 😘
Ryan Beavers Sarah
Rômulo Barva Ozzy, the most luckiest guy in Rock n Roll history.

Only 1 MONTH until Treasure Island in Welch, Minnesota!

690 reactions 43 comments
Lee Gallaugher 💥😬❤️❗️
Douglas Sommer Ok rest of tour dates so we can plan
Mike Bauer All aboard the casino train hahahaha
Trisha Schroeder I can't wait! I'll be there!
Stacy Cuevas I'LL be THERE.

Ozzfest Meets KNOTFEST 2017 Full details are available at www.ozzfest.com and www.knotfest.com. Tickets on sale Friday July 14 @ 10AM Pacific Time See you in the pit!

6.7k reactions 334 comments
Bryanna Prahlow Can we go to CA? Lol Matt Lakatos
Dan Garant 1 show? West coast? What happened to the beautiful circus around the country that happened back in the day?
Gabriel González lml
Bárbara Matuck Liza Otavio bom seria ir.....
Trevelyan Raine Manny Motahari this would be pretty sick

at rehearsals for the upcoming shows http://bit.ly/Ozdates

16.8k reactions 362 comments
Dennis Trask Styx and the Stones might rock my bones but Chains Sabbath and Ozzy Excite me lol
William Graham Tom Foster-Grundy HOLY FUCK WE NEED TICKETS
Jose Ignacio Lares YEAH...¡¡¡ How sound this band...? any track for us...? Please...
Eva Mccarty I told my boys ever since they were babies Ozzy is my man. Lol
Jen Pestel Ugh!!! Can't wait for Aug 11!!!! Last time I tried to see him he got sick and cancelled. Did get to see meet\ greet BLS though!!!

Only 1 MONTH until I perform at the The Legendary Buffalo Chip in #Sturgis, SD

2.1k reactions 50 comments
Douglas Sommer That will be killer
Lee Gallaugher 💥😬❤️❗️
Tim Kalsnes Kick asssss
Doris Deaconor Always "rockin on ozzzy" !

Rehearsals for the summer shows underway Photo: Zakk Wylde

8.2k reactions 145 comments
William Doutt Bring back the OZZFEST! !
Jocelyn Lebel Zakk Wylde is back \m/ \m/
Mark Vaccaro Is that the ODIN GRAIL GANGRENE BULLSEYE? IS IT!? You know I want that right? DO YOU? :D Yes, do want.
Steve Kurkerwicz Met u guy's at peaches r and t , love ozzy , Black Sabbath . Been a fan for 40 years 🎶😎
Dhimitri Vasili Can't wait for Sunday the 16th, Chicago Open Air!

with Zakk Wylde July 1989 #fbf

10.1k reactions 82 comments
Loren F. Lunde Didn't realize they went that far back.
Michael Clasen the dream team ^^
Arturo Rodela this is MY PRESIDENT ppl...
Daniella Daniella Mmm...Zakk ♥♥♥♥♥
Lee Gallaugher 💥😬❤️❗️

Receiving a star on Broad Street Walk of Star in Birmingham, UK on July 6, 2007 #tbt

6.3k reactions 153 comments
Leslie Talbott SWEEEEEET, Now can YOU please....stop BARKING at the 🌚 ...? Oh, and Perry Mason hasn't called me yet ...!?!?!?!
Pauline Green Brill love you and Sharon. Xxx
Anthony Green still waiting on the ozzfest we were promised when west palm gave you the key to the city.
Alan Heap You dissevered it
Anita Bilek Alter <3 Falter, wurde auch mal Zeit! Herzlichen <3 Glückwunsch Ozzy

Diary of a #Madman

9.1k reactions 86 comments
Theresa Oszaniec Love Ozzy
Bradley Ray-man Ringheim morning ozz man xo
Thomas Allenstein Hallo euch einen schönen guten Abend gewünscht
Dennis Trask Let me know how that works out for ya lol

with Randy at 'Day on the Green' in Oakland, CA. on July 4, 1981

9.5k reactions 104 comments
Veronica Perez mr crowley!!!😎
Ronda Powers May his memory be a blessing.
Troy Curtis Wine is fine but whiskey quicker!!!
Leland Osborn I was there . It was an awesome time. Kick ads show
Barry Montgomery I was there, I had back stage passes

Happy Anniversary My Love, You Are My Everything!

47.5k reactions 825 comments
Corinne Coleman Happy Anniversary! You take care of her. She's a keeper!
Joe Crofts Happy anniversary Ozzy and Sharon :) i hope for many more
Bob Martin Sharrrrooonnnnn....Fucking dog shit everywhere...lol I miss their show!
Greg Michaels unless some other bitch is around
Adam Joshua Glad you worked it out. If marriage were easy...I'd still be married and have a house 😂

Happy 4th of July!

12.9k reactions 213 comments
Araitz Zabaleta Os podéis ir a tomar por culo con vuestra mierda patriotica vomitiva y purgante en lo que a mi respecta...
Maria Carachiciu Today is 3 July 😂😂 too much vodka😂😂😂
Dave Bowman Fuck you, hijo de la Gran Bretaña, sajón de la Anglia. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Orian Claudiu Dan Ce faciii bolund ??? la fel si tie .. repect tie dracusor pamintesc !!!!
Steve Fountain But it's the third today l think Ozzy did to much good drugs in 80's

2 Weeks from today I'll be performing at Chicago Open Air Festival!

1.1k reactions 50 comments
Frank Nukerly im there.great to see zakk back
Helen Tracey Wish I was hoing😃
Richard Johnson Might see you there Oz, might see you there!?
Daniel Medrano Houston got cheated
Dwayne Dail I'll be there!!!

Poolside 1987

2.1k reactions 98 comments
Alejandro Hodes He went on a crazy train
Barnet Schmidt Ozzy you're a great guy!
Danny Ford Bark at the moon hair days?
Todd Nalley Hoe awesome were the 80s..
Rômulo Barva Holy shit!!!! kkkkkkk

Looking ahead at the long weekend like...

7.9k reactions 102 comments
Juso Silva Ozzy... The demon....
Christy Hancock We Love You, Ozzy!! Rock On!!😜🤘
Rômulo Barva The Grudge rsrsr
Flávia Adriane Happy!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Hannah Kate Carey Hurburgh us on zomboy/herobust weekend

4th of July is coming! Time to stock up on Black Cat Fireworks #tbt

7.4k reactions 73 comments
Rich LaPlant Don't give Ozzy explosives!🤣
Jess Anne Newbigging Oh my goodness love u Ozzy 🖤😂🖤!.
Jessica Jessica I can't wait for Ozzy to come to Philly!! 😘
Amy Gross So handsome....
Greg Lee Ward Fire In the Sky!!!

Stay tuned to the Ozzfest page as well as Ozzfest.com #Ozzfest 2017 News Coming July 10th!

2.5k reactions 114 comments
Harold Light Bring it to Albuquerque NM..
Jose A Granados Alejandra Lizeth se me hace que va a ser así aquí!
Ozzy Syriekpannho Bring it to Tampa FL
Emily R. Ingani North Carolina!! Please!!
Matt Damron Need to come back to Indiana.

Today i saw a Miracle Man, on TV cryin' Such a hypocritical man, born again, dying

8.1k reactions 88 comments
John Blake Love ozzy my ultimate favorite
Annie Roy Ozzy dans ses plus belles années!
Tony Bourg Miracle Man part 2
Tim Ohle Great lyrics from the one and only Bob Daisley!
Keith Holstein Bob Daisley & Geezer Butler have always been Ozzy's best lyricists!

Timeline Photos

1.1k reactions 71 comments
Kenny Peery Ozzy Rules
Helen Tracey NICE😘
Karine Bouchard I LOVE YOU ❤
Christian Vergnaud Verry good picture .
Lee Harrington Ozzy is best singer in my book

Diary of a Madman

10.3k reactions 185 comments
Eddie Hayes Id be mad too if my hair looked like either of two guys' on the end
James Coleman The guy on the left? He's looking for something other than this picture. 😂😳
Jay Lucero Might be my favorite album from Ozzy and his band. Would like to hear mores of this album played on the radio and performed live.
Tyler Davis Coby Dingman I didnt know Trevor used to play with Ozzy.
Jeff Skaggs Oh weird, for some reason, my most recent copy doesn't feature the same bass player and drummer...
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