Ozzy Osbourne
12:42 07/16/2017

Set up for tonight's show at Chicago Open Air Festival

Set up for tonight's show at Chicago Open Air Festival

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Twinkle Bobrowski
Have a Great show with Zakk Today Ozzy and me and my Bunny Love you so much Ozzy💙💚💜🐰
Chad Harmon
Me too, Oz! See you there.
Wayne Speers
Watch you don't get shot there ozzy !!!! Hope you have good security .......
Justin Time
Enjoy the show. I like Ozzy, seen him several times over the years. and I still have the stub from the shows
Shawn Petersen
Look at website she took picture and told Dave Shawn bought picture I think cool
Lorraine Allmark
All the best for tonight's show Ozzy Osbourne, raise the fucking roof ! Love ya Ozzy 💜
Maryann Graziano
Hi Ozzy I Love you Ozzy and Rocky and Bella and The song Dreamer you made is Beautiful and Have a Great Show Today Ozzy and you are a HERO Ozzy Osbourne 💙💚💜🐇❄🌟
Shawn Petersen
I got to Dave Ellefson from Megadeth coffee sign picture I made it offered to the girl for 40 bucks and I got it so I got a Megadeth picture autographed and signed by him he owns a coffee company and I selling his coffee at the show
Sylvia Freifrau von Kallenberg
I really wish that I could go to a concert of you. I hope it will soon. You're really great. ☺☺
Kamil Inglot
It'll be great to see another concert album, it's been 15 years since the last one ;)
Helen Tracey
Hoping you have the best concert eve. r you deserve it only wish I was there to see it, your the best😄💜
Curtis Wright
Mr Osbourne . Thank you for a spot on perfect performance !!!! It was worth every min of the drive .. 🎸🎸
Kathy Jo
Can't wait to see you in August, had to miss last night show in Oshkosh do to Rockfest in Cadott, Rock on everyone!! 🤘🤘🤘
Adrian Velez
In buenos aires we are waiting for you, good show genius OzzyOsbourneArgentinaOfficialFans 🇦🇷
Kristopher L Brummel
These last 10 minutes before your scheduled time seem to be taking forever.

Other newsfeed from Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy at Rockfest Barcelona

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Arabella Sebastiani Ila Ria volendo.potremmo andare in vacanza a Barce 😀😬
Julie Redican Barcelona then Annalea?xx
Vangela Xu Daniel Carbajo López
Edilene Baldam Venize Amazonas
Hilda Balsillie Karee Vallevand

I had a vision, l saw the world burn And the seas had turned red The sun had fallen, the final curtain In the land of the dead Mother, please show the children Before it's too late To fight each other, there's no one winning We must fight all the hate #fbf

3.0k reactions 126 comments
Bill Taylor Another Song that I have been singing wrong 😀😜
Mike Warren This is my favorite song of all time, a true masterpiece.
Rob Morris Did bob daisley write that? Sharon is the Hillary Clinton of rock
Andri Zandrigo ola ozzy ou moderador o link do youtube brasil "Este vídeo não está disponível." obrigado. ... ola ozzy or moderator youtube link brazil "This video is not available." thank you
Jj McGuckin Ross Louis Jon This title reminds me of something...

Less than 7 MONTHS until Download Festival! https://downloadfestival.co.uk/tickets

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Betina Martinez Ramirez Un genio y monstruo en el escenario!!!
Doris Deaconor Rock on "ozzy"
Regis Coia Hellfest ?
Mike Gawlik Can’t wait
Tim Hamlin 🙁 best line for years.... can’t go 🙁

Released Nov 15, 1983

18.1k reactions 449 comments
Richard Oakley Love You Ozzy!!!! You Are The Man!!!! Bought this on cassette when it came out, I was 16, IT FREAKING ROCKS!! I Love it!! OZZY RULES!!! Jake kicks ass on guitar!!
Dennis Hatfield One of my prized objects is a huge Ozzy doll as the werewolf from the video. It even plays a piece of the song.
Susan Pãül Happy birthday to Ozzy's album ( Bark at the Moon ) lol & also to my husband Mike one of Ozzy Osbourne / Black Sabbath fan
Christopher John Ivey I have this one I have blizzard of Oz I've got the essentials and I used to have down to earth but I think it got stolen at a party one night
Jeff Hill Jimmy still got all the original lps and books and programmes and cuttings of ozzy be worth a fortune now you can't beat rock and roll pal

Have you taken a trip to see ELVIS PRESLEY's Wart? Tune in TONIGHT to an all new Ozzy & Jack's World Detour

5.6k reactions 257 comments
Jon Crew Well we have that to wait for lol
Steven Miller Rated X Love that shit no holes bard . you guys Rock.
Lorri Davis This is great!! This is,why I just love Ozzy and Jack to funny
Edda Campbell Already have the TV set to see it yeah 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Arlene Wendt Lol my 8 year old son and I just love this!

New episode of Ozzy & Jack's World Detour tomorrow on A&E!

1.5k reactions 58 comments
Anna Bubba Ozzyyyyyyyyyyyy FirenzeRock 2018!!!!! Siiiiiiiiiiiii
Samuel Terlick Beth Crookes gotta check this out
梁麓顒 Could you go to China to have a show? I am a Chinese, I love you and your music very much^ω^
Arlene Gill Love this show, Ozzy and Jack are really funny togewther. You see a whole new side of Ozzy.
Jesus Garcia Baeza Tened cuidado por esas,carreteras.Abrazos tios.Rock and Rolllllll!!!!.

What did you think of the first episode of the new season of Ozzy & Jack's World Detour of A&E?

4.8k reactions 319 comments
Dave Hendershot I was in key-west area when you was there filming wish I’d have know ... love your father son relationship.
Benjamin Kelk "I'm not retiring!" Ozzy says in an episode that aired 2 days after he announced his retirement tour
Darrel Hoffman Great show. Thanks Ozyy for the countless hours of entertainment and happiness over the last 40 yrs of my life.!!
Kyle Wagner Man, I hope to do a similar trip with my dad someday..... Awesome show! Keep it up guys, but most importantly, have fun!
Abel Delgado I watched the show and I enjoyed but let's be honest, It's all because of Ozzy is in the show, sorry Jack no offense pal!

with Rodney Dangerfield #RIP

6.4k reactions 160 comments
Teresa Ortega Es mi idolo por atrevido por exentrico y buen músico. En la entrada de su cada tiene a lucifer muy loco jajaja
Brandon Petroski One of my favorites. Caddyshack, Little Nicky, etc.. I've always enjoyed his humor.
Steve Rolick One of the original comedians that was funnier then hell along with the original prince of darkness
William Perrault Rodney was always a blast..
Brent Diaz I tell ya, I'm all right now, but last week I was in rough shape....

Saturday Night is Here!

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Lorraine Allmark Have a good one Ozzy Osbourne.....love ya 😘💜❤️💜
Yanie Arink Renee Ott thought this would make you lol
Marcos Nicolas Droguett Rodriguez Lucas Matías Gallardo mira el mensaje subliminal de la imagem papa
Geraldo Prado Oh my good !!! It is bewdefull thank Very mathil
Haseeb Ejaz This man can do anything.

Please do me a favor and see if you are eligible to register with Love Hope Strength to be a life saving marrow donor for a patient in need of a match! http://ozzy.gotl.org

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Daniel Cobran Master ❤ozzy Osbourne 🤘
Lee Gallaugher 💥😬❤️❗️
Joseph Carino Ok what do I have to.do
William C Kelly rockinroll brutha :)
Kate Mix Thank you, Ozzy!

Crazy Babies Never Say Die #tbt

5.4k reactions 69 comments
Stephanie W Farmer NEVER!!!
Mario Martín Looocooo
Mark Holloman Loved the show Ozxy !!!!!!!!
Iron Mihell Maiden Classic Rock song! 🤘

TONIGHT on A&E is the Season Premier of Ozzy & Jack's World Detour!! Set those DVRs and Tune in!

2.4k reactions 118 comments
Julie Z'berg Love this show!
Michelle Roman Ozzy still rules! Please call me for your next cruise vacation. [email protected] 800-510-1786 x 2306 On most cruise lines I can offer you lower rates or amenities, sometimes both! Mention promo code "Ozzy" when you call me to receive a personal ...
Shirley Beam Shane Hendrix we need to watch this lol
Piet de Vries Ok, in all seriousnees now: Who the fuck permitted Ozzy to drive a tank?! :D
Rebecca Rothenberger Thrad - tonight!!!!

Ozzy & Jack's World Detour Season Premier THIS WED on A&E!

2.2k reactions 166 comments
Lynn Olcott ROCK ON GUYS Best to your new season. I will be watching !!
Andy Grima Kim Patch Reeves here you go. Tomorrow night on A and E.
Cheryl Brown Got it auto tuned for tomorrow..cant wait!!
Oliver Harvey anyone know how i watch this in the UK??
Patricia Vera When are you all coming to visit San Antonio, Texas????

Ozzy Osbourne To Celebrate Five Decades Of Performing With Farewell World Tour That Will Last Into 2020

Ozzy Osbourne To Celebrate Five Decades Of Performing With Farewell World Tour That Will Last Into 2020
Ozzy Osbourne To Celebrate Five Decades Of Performing With Farewell World Tour That Will Last Into 2020

“People keep asking me when I’m retiring,” OZZY says. “This will be my final world tour, but I can’t say I won’t do some shows here and there.”

12.2k reactions 649 comments
Dave N Kelly Ozzy keep doing you! Enjoy yourself be safe and take care!! Hope to see you Detroit one day!! Lots of love to you!!!
Mike Williamson Play a new set list. All solo stuff. You already retired your sabbath tunes. I like sabbath stuff best but do all solo stuff this last time. It'll be something different.
Jerry Millard Ozzy is amazing he's been doing this for so many years and he's just he's just one of the excellent musicians out there I think whenever he's ready to retire he deserves to enjoy the rest of his life
Amanda Jasionowicz Hope he comes back to NZ! Absolutely loved watching him perform. He has been an icon and huge part of my childhood.
Steven Alexiou How come ozzy no Canadian dates on this tour? Love you man love your music since I was a small boy Ozzy will always be in my blood heart and soul. You are indeed a rock God forever and always ❤️

Five decades. 18,262 days. More than 2,500 shows. On his upcoming farewell world tour, OZZY OSBOURNE--Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee and Grammy® winning singer and songwriter--will celebrate more than five decades as a performer (both as a solo artist and as lead singer of Black Sabbath which formed in 1968). This tour, expected to take OZZY around the world with dates into 2020, will mark the end of global touring for the legendary artist, though he will continue to perform select live shows. "People keep asking me when I'm retiring," OZZY says. "This will be my final world tour, but I can't say I won't do some shows here and there." The tour will kick off in 2018 with a show in Mexico, before heading to South America for OZZY solo shows in three countries. Next up, a six-week European leg of headlining solo dates and festival performances that's set to launch Friday, June 1, 2018 in Moscow, Russia The beloved rock icon will subsequently headline a North American concert tour produced by Live Nation, details of which will be revealed in 2018. Photo: Mark Weiss Photography

17.9k reactions 986 comments
Michelle Reed Believer & Randy Rhodes, The Ultimate Sin & Mr Jake E Lee and No More Tears & Zakk Wylde. Wow , thanks Ozzy for some incredible metal Music. Oh yes and there was Tony too.
David Bowers Ozzy and black sabbath are the father's of heavy metal sabbath has called it quits ozzy is a grandfather now he needs to retire
Kim Doll I've seen it I've got to rock out with the legendary Ozzy Osbourne I'm going to miss him hopefully I get to see him on his last tour
Robert Stretch Sippach It's just to get you, to oh shit got to go he's my favorite but I do remember at one Ozzfest his voice kept going out that's why Zakk sounds like him he would take over wasn't his best that year but then we all have our days!!! I'd still see him again ...
Lloyd Ensley Ozzy please play Atlanta this tour, it's been a long time. Was disappointed Black Sabbath didn't play here!!

Thank you to everyone who came out to Ozzfest yesterday! Photo: Stephanie Cabral Photography

6.0k reactions 92 comments
Don Crandall Saw ya in Sturgis, You guys kick ass!!!!
Dylan Hubert Can't wait for your new album next year Ozzy looking forward to it
Missy Cook I got to see him in Oshkosh Wisconsin this summer. ❤
Adam Sawyer I can't believe he's still playing those damn guitars.
Rodney Wade Shepherd Zakk and ozzy together again totally amazing

Main Stage setting up for Ozzfest!

6.0k reactions 177 comments
Ashley Baker I wish I could be there!
Anthony Fox ... I wonder if Iron Maiden is going to be on it this time..... :P
Debbie Turgeon Have a great show. Was going to be there but hubby is sick I'm wore out so passing my tickets along to a friend. Play Shot In The Dark and Mama I'm Coming Home Nice And Loud !
Илона Ширяева Как я завидую вам, американские друзья! Увидеть , услышать Оззи- это предел мечтаний . С Москвой Он распрощался навсегда, а у меня с визой проблема.
Tena Stabile Ozzy, could you send a private plane to pick me up? I'll be ready in about an hour!😉

Ozzfest is TOMORROW!!!

1.6k reactions 52 comments
J-F Robert Wow I wish I was there?
William Anders Jannusch Absolutely awesome..
Justin Mullens Bet antifa fucks that up
Courtney Sparks I wanna go
Marcus DeSpade Prophets of Rage suck.

Set Times for Saturday’s Ozzfest!!

494 reactions 40 comments
Bill Noro Jordan Vamos no Marilyn Manson
Ron Hewie Ozzy
Agnete Emilie Paknyte Where is this? ?
Ebraheem Mahmood Alghazaal صباح،،مسا،،الخير،،~..~
Nicolás Arias Iria a ver a Children of bodom ozzy osbourne y DEFTONES

Nov 1, 1981

3.0k reactions 38 comments
Camille's Hudson Mckagan 😍😍😍
Johsuf Vuhsoloh Speak of the Devil
Fabio Vieira Crazy
Mariana Parra Wow!!!!
Jessica Jenkot Come to Philly!

with Joe Holmes at Ozzfest 1996 Ozzfest 2017 is THIS WEEKEND!

2.2k reactions 53 comments
Jodie Aripez ROCKFOREVER ~_~
Bella Kilmister Yvette Hartmann ZEIG DAS DEINEM VADDDER!!! 😥
Dustin Schipper I still gotta pull for zakk.
Marla Marbles Jean Marko Ozzfest 2000 was bangin
Ken Ruger I seem to remember a few snippets of that show.

as Rev. Aaron Gilstrom with Tony Fields as his character Sammi Curt both from the movie ‘Trick or Treat’ #UltimateSinSunday Photo: Mark Weiss Photography

9.3k reactions 210 comments
Bill Wardle i had "trick or Treat" delivered by mail this morning...
George Gillespie I loved that movie when I was younger !!
Frank W. Bartlett Hokey movie but I like it anyway and the soundtrack is superb. BTW it was Curr
Kenny Dugan Ozzy's cameo was the best thing about that movie......in fact, it was probably the ONLY good thing about that movie.
Trevor Weston they oughtta make a movie about ozzy and have brent smith from shinedown play him...

Get a VIP Package with amazing seats to Ozzfest NEXT SATURDAY!

VIP NATION - Tours - Ozzy Osbourne - Ozzfest | Where True Fans Get Tickets!
VIP NATION - Tours - Ozzy Osbourne - Ozzfest | Where True Fans Get Tickets!

Great seats, personal photo opportunity and intimate Q&A session with Ozzy Osbourne, commemorative 2017 Ozzfest VIP gift item and more! - VIP Nation provides premium concert ticket packages, VIP treatment, and access to your favorite artists.

353 reactions 10 comments
Kimberly Pierce My boys!
Gabrielle Bragg 666 reactions!! 😂
Michelle Baptiste I have my package..anxiously awaiting my email :)


1.2k reactions 48 comments
Erika Krauss Sooooooon!
Tammy M Hill wish i could go ozzy is number one in rock
Victor Torres Can't wait until next weekend !!
Tammy Tomm Love ya Ozzy :)

4 Days until #Halloween! Photo: Mark Weiss Photography

5.4k reactions 110 comments
Simon Wahlstedt Spooky Ozzy
Ernest Mijares III Ozzy Freaking Osbourne rocks! !! Ozzy rules Halloween.
Edward Adams Happy Halloween Motherfuckers
Kalvin Mezza Happy Halloween 🎃 Ozzy!!!
Law of Attraction - Thoughts become things. You will find true happiness in life when you realize it only takes "you" to be happy. True happiness lies within yourself, it doesn't come from others.

Watch Ozzy's scenes from the 1980's movie 'Trick or Treat' #halloween #tbt

2.4k reactions 55 comments
Brenda Jester i have this on VHS
Julie Marie Cox Not seen that for years x
Aaron Woodard 'Do It Like A Dog' LMFAO!'
Carl Berghan Reverend Ozzy, too funny
Kalvin Mezza Great Halloween 🎃 movie 🎥

Promo photo for the 1986 movie “Trick or Treat” #halloween

3.0k reactions 102 comments
Mark Skaggs Use to have the movie and soundtrack trick or treat
Cathy Pruss Crazy- My daughter just borrowed this movie from me the other night!
Tony James watched this last month, great movie,
Alfonso Duemila One of my favourite movies in that period
Wilbur Marler Where can you find the DVD

1 Week until #Halloween

4.4k reactions 120 comments
Laura Stirewalt Looks like one of those sandwiches you like to eat.
Douglas Vogel Ozzy didn't you learn your lesson when someone threw a real bat and you did that what if that thing is real !
Massimo Fasci I recommend, after washing your teeth do you think you'll have them red? great Ozzy Osbourne
Michael Fenech Is that Sharon's leg in the mad man's mouth?
James Gelinas Ozzy has a foot in his mouth...😎

at the first Ozzfest in 1996 Less than 2 WEEKS until Ozzfest 2017!

1.9k reactions 51 comments
Keith Onash Turn it up I can't hear it
Sabrina C Stein Wild Strong and fit!
Mohit Nikam 😘😘😘🎧✌
Daryl Ballard The man himself!!!!
Enrico Civardi e tu fratello,con sto cazzo di microfono d argento cosa vuoi dirmi?vuoi succhiarmi il cazzo???

Getting set up at Aftershock Festival

2.2k reactions 71 comments
Ana Paula Silva Very Good Ozzy ✌🎼👏👏👏😍😘
Oliver Almqvist Brandberg Alan Hussein Jag hade gjort vad som helst för att få vara där
Zeth Mathew Seeley lookin like a beautiful day sir' enjoy
Ingrid Abecassis Have a great day, rock on
Michelle Baptiste See you at Ozzfest. I can't wait!!!
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