On Air with Ryan Seacrest
18:30 11/13/2017

Heart-stopping video shows why kids should never cross behind the bus

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Caroline Kinskey
Greta Kos
Tiffany Pieler
Amara M Powell
Annka Lehmann
Nate Lehmann
Marilén Sollie
Åsne Midtbø norge jo😂
Sarah Asare
Briana Nguyen
Jehna Dunn
Judrandour Lander
Kieff Baluyot
Michelle Hinek
Rebekah Nelson
Tania Pineiro-Colamarino
😮 that is terrifying!!!
Victoria Marie
YO Katie Kd this is scary
Jillian Shaw
Ruth K Lehmann
Ric Ky
Netty Jeannette
So lucky kid. 😲
Ashley Cain
Gave the driver a heart attack

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Ryan's Morning Hack: Wash your shower curtain before you use it to prevent molding!

65 reactions 3 comments
Conny Carnes I do was mine,
Tsitsi Chikomba Zindi Useful info thanks
Ebony Callie Thank you Ryan Seacrest 😂

Said no one ever...

1.2k reactions 244 comments
Ashleigh Brown Melissa 😂😂 Truth.
Ali Saberi 😄
Rozina Rattani Ok?? Anusha Pardhan Tanya Rafiq 😂🤣🤣🤣
Dragana Palavra Denita Khosrow emails on your end 😂😂😂
Kelly Dilliën Talia hahahaha

Tag your hangry friend

2.4k reactions 651 comments
Elloha Daudi Muhadasa hahaha true
Erin Finn Ryan Tran everyday hahah
Vy Le Jennifer Perez oh how the turnt tables
Narelle Mccauley Davis Temia Davis you & me both! 😂
Laura Williams Courtney Wyllie has Cort figured this out yet?

Rejoice in some of the best moments from previous years

27 reactions 2 comments
Uwais Manly Meulaboh Where is Agnez mo
Abigail Chosen Since 2000 all awards are JayZ’s joke nothing serious👙👠😤🚽⚰️🏺⚱️🚬💣💉🌡💸🔦

So many babies, so little time.

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Abigail Chosen Garbage trash douchbag 🦗🐜🐢🦎👙👠💇🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️💅🏿🤳🏿
Michelle Willis Alaina Rahamim
Bianca Rijsdijk Eva longoria is not on the list
Marisol Sepulveda They forgot Eva Langoria!!
Julie Hilding Kinkennon So.....Kylie IS pregnant!

Live Every Day Like You're Brooklynn Prince On A Red Carpet

966 reactions 914 comments
Manya Johnston-Ramirez Ahmad Imran Idzqandar when I finally realize you're taking pictures of me
Kacy Whitney Sarah you at any casual event
Marissa Jimenez Jessika why do I keep finding your future children roaming around? 😂
Lynn Westendorff Jana Ri da hätten wir uns noch was für die photos abgucken können😂😂😂
Sarah Battaglia Nevada Riley this is what I think your first red carpet will be

Twitter is doing a deep dive into #LenaDunam's deleted posts

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Allie Crump Sydne Rubeor
Freya Jensen Aila Hunt
Linda Anne Now that is raising the standard from the insufferable disgusting troll he was with.
Zine Ebersohn René Cloete PLOTTWIST
Moriah Bame Jenna Bauer you called this line a year ago.

Do we even want to know how this happened.....

23 reactions 3 comments
Kara Greeley Lori Sarah Nicole Meg LOL
Jesus O Guerrero If I have a male or female partner, I give them hickies to show them how much I love or care for them? To shows others that that person belongs to me!

You're welcome random person next to me at this stoplight.

3.3k reactions 839 comments
Ellie Cody Jade Cook Amy French I feel like this is you two..all them show tunes 💃🏼😂
Mariell At Jajajajajaja we perform, got it poeple? Claudia Val
Nabadip Choudhury Shijisha Adithya This is my WhatsApp status !!!!
Shannon Mead Alex Powell on our way to colchester😏😂
Céline Le Grice Jenn Tapner fasten your seatbelt kid

Ryan's #QOTD

179 reactions 5 comments
Bryan Carpenter Andrew Heidorn
Vicky Vallarta I decide what i want
Nicole LaBerbera 😆 hey. Nicole. Chicago. Meet. Good. Sing sing love. Bing fans
Vicky Vallarta I want love god and neighbors and enemy
Sharon Simpson I want to be more closer to God because He holds my future...have a blessed week ends Ryan.....

Weekend Plans

1.4k reactions 317 comments
Michelle Rogers Missy again. Us!
Jessica Maciel-Hernandez Brenda you 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Francesca Iacoviello sì, nei miei sogni ahaha Em Collins
Sandra Flos Sandy Lindholm "Skal vi se en film?" "Vi kunne også sove" 😂😂
María Gabriela Fallas Adriana vos hoy!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂😙😙😙

Watch #TaylorSwift's new "End Game" video with #EdSheeran and #Future:

135 reactions 4 comments
Neeti Swarup Aaroh Swarup
Jeff Witt Briana Bayer
Tsitsi Chikomba Zindi I loved it it already had over 3 million views
Cheryl White Omg it's amazing love it love her and Ed sheeran

"lmfao Cardi B’s real name really do sound like a spell from Harry Potter tho"

Fans Just Realized Cardi B’s Real Name and LOL: Read the Tweets | Ryan Seacrest | On Air with Ryan Seacrest
Fans Just Realized Cardi B’s Real Name and LOL: Read the Tweets | Ryan Seacrest | On Air with Ryan Seacrest

‘lmfao Cardi B’s real name really do sound like a spell from Harry Potter tho’

128 reactions 16 comments
Rohini Jadnanansing Kiran Jadnanansing
Brenda Chand Ryan Chand
Ileana Ballard Ariana St. George
Abigail Rose Sarah
Krystal Verdiguel Vanessa Garza

Welp, now we have micro-cheating to worry about:

47 reactions 5 comments
Kristina Marie Gibson Samantha Jeffrey 🤔
Lesley P Vee Dumb
Ryza Mata Maspiñas Ung mga guilty, taas kamay!🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️ Angelo
Nora Van Rooy Guilty of doing this in the past.......
Michelle Bass Anderson People just need to communicate more & be honest.

Every teacher when you are taking a test

18.2k reactions 6284 comments
Lauren Baer Alexis driving through discovery
Pam Cornelison Reid Kourtney Emmert. This reminds me of Ana walking around with her hands behind her back. 😂
McCayla Stone Sydney Debbie Julie I'm way to entertained with chickens wearing clothes. It's hilarious!!!
Bulaklak Rosas Mam Magnolia naalala mo po ba nung nag ikot ka pa icheck yung desks namin? Hahahahha 😂🤣
Courtney Alexandra Lmao Kerry this was actually me today during 8A

All the details in the Sis Report:

23 reactions 6 comments
Craig Brown He's moved on from her and she's moved back on to her sister, probably. Vile creature
Linda Anne Moved on? You mean, run away from. She’s a disgusting troll with no morals or intelligence.
Janice Kennedy Who cares
Melissa Kowalczk Who wouldnt move on from that troll
Amanda Winstead Peyton I can’t imagine why 🙄

Singer's eyes welled when talking about the 5H dig

142 reactions 6 comments
Sally Labson Just sing, "LET IT GO!" 🤣
Kristen Aitchison Just because she left does not mean they had to do what they did , she had the right to leave and just because she left doesn’t mean people (media , fifth harmony, fans ) should be rude about it to her
Aleicia Boudreau I found it a fitting way for the group to move on....she left what did she expect?
Roxannie Martínez Menéndez 👇She didn't bring it up, she was asked about it.
Kelli Windle For someone that puts things in the past she sure brings it up every chance she gets. It was her choice to leave how she did yet shes still crying about it.

Could you imagine reaching into your pocket and pulling this out?

13 reactions 3 comments
Nora Van Rooy That is just nasty!
Deborah Stinson That could have happened wherever the jeans were made, which is probably not USA.
Sarah Houle A dirty, used thong #endclickbait

This one everyone can test out. All the details in the Sis Report:

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Melissa Bartlett Shelly Leger
Sil Rizzo A team
Teddy Tedders Professional makeup and hair is the secret?
Nora Van Rooy I would love to see her up close without makeup.....
Maria Ulu Not looking young in this photo
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