Nikki Bella
19:17 10/11/2017

It's always good to get a little perspective...

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Muh Riaz Uddin
you neme NikkE Balle ok by I'm RiAZ
Sanwara Gurjar
I love you nikki
Vichet Sim
Cute dear
Ahmed Mohamed
Dustin Sittinger
Nikki Bella
Raymond Paker
love you both
Raymond Paker
love you both
Nguyễn Huỳnh Như
Tt nha
Donna Rae Zimple-Harmon
Nice talk girls......
Diana Cavanah
😘 💋 xoxo
Raymond Paker
love you both
Vince Hernandez
You ladies are awesome 🌹🌹
Ahmed Mohamed
Raja Amjad Mahar
Denise Strawford
So I dvr your dance omg . You were all so great. Didn't plan on crying all nite. U rock Nikki

Other newsfeed from Nikki Bella

Had an amazing night channeling Disney Pixar's "Coco" on Dancing with the Stars!

Nikki Bella performs a jazz dance during Disney Night on ABC
Nikki Bella performs a jazz dance during Disney Night on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars"

Nikki Bella jazzes up Disney Night on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" with her dance to "Remember Me" from the upcoming Pixar animated movie "Coco."

7.4k reactions 209 comments
Julia Simone I'm loved the dress and dance,we love you nikki
Rosangela Figueroa Good job Nikki that dance was awesome.
Wilson Ernesto Salazar Romero Nikki ejercito bella te apoya saludos desde colombia hermosa y vuelvan pronto al ring me hacen mucha falta las dos
Raven Viola Holy crap that doesn't even look like Nikki LOL love u Nikki
Kae Bradford Dessert Loved watching this on your page. Thank you for sharing so your Australian Family can see you perform. <3

#FearlessNikki and #BrieMode are coming to Ace Comic Con at NYCB Live in Uniondale, NY, from 5 - 9 PM on Friday, Dec. 8!

Ace Comic Con
Ace Comic Con

ACE Comic Con

1.1k reactions 21 comments
Nicelly Oliveira Elvys Huriel :O
Courtney Jill Domenico Pasquale Mallozzi !!!!
Rhiyan Khan But when you come to wwe
Marg Diglio Christopher John can we go????
James Dockery Why?

Rolling into rehearsals like 💃🏽🎸

8.1k reactions 81 comments
Abdul Sattar Jaan Kiazai Nice Good Hello Hi ok
Jëannëttë Nölän Your Absolutely beautiful Nikki Bella
Hải Trần I ♥️ you.You verry beautyful.
Sebastián Montoya 😍
Lucia Mellema Godspeed

Mood lol Bae's back in town! ❤️

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Eddie Pessalano What happened what is that all about
Hamada Ahmed Ezz Allah OH Nikki You And John Cena The Moon Both OF You Good Allah ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Debbie Mata I think she is to good for John!
Shivanand Gadgi Awesome couples I love both of you
Becky Pittman Eden This is their, we are arguing face.

Empowering women, one life chapter at a time!

5.9k reactions 49 comments
Qu En Chel Pastoril hi nikki ?i am your fans in the wwe
Lucky Rajput You are my dream
Tahir Shaheen So Nice
Ahmed Mohamed متعه أحمد الاسكندريه
Ahmed Mohamed انتي حامل مبروك

Birdie is going to miss her Coco so much!!

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Malik Saim Hy nikki my 1,request your accept
James Samaniego wow nikki
Sara Rodriduez Hey Brie how is Birdie
Arrington Marquell hey
Raja Amjad Mahar Nice

It's always good to get a little perspective...

1.9k reactions 38 comments
Muh Riaz Uddin you neme NikkE Balle ok by I'm RiAZ
Sanwara Gurjar I love you nikki
Vichet Sim Cute dear
Ahmed Mohamed 💚💙💛😍
Dustin Sittinger Nikki Bella

This led to a VERY interesting call from Brie Bella...

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Stalyn Elías Lluén Manuel Sánchez LLuén :'v
Gezime Hoti Bellissima💥👑
Benito Alanis I love you baby my girl pr
Amari Marchbanks Wow
Zafar Fasil Nice

Last night was such a memorable night. Everyone's story was so touching. So much strength and bravery.

7.8k reactions 133 comments
Joyce Metzger Beautiful and aspiring, brought tears to my eyes, Fearless. 💙
Debbie Heaton Liford Love the dance you always get all my votes
MarySue Wilson Love you Nikki Bella u are so amazing and beautiful
Angie Flax McKenna Loved the dance and my 6 yr old daughter loves u and can't wait to watch u dance each week!!
Michael Walters You definitely should have scored way more! It was great!

This. Felt. GOOD!

Nikki Bella shares her comeback story through contemporary dance on "Dancing with the Stars"
Nikki Bella shares her comeback story through contemporary dance on "Dancing with the Stars"

Through a contemporary dance, Nikki Bella reveals that 2016 was her most memorable year ABC's "Dancing with the Stars."

25.1k reactions 351 comments
Florence John Seears Wow fearless is right congratulations nikki to overcome and persevere with a passion as strong as yours it was absolutely beautiful and I was crying by the end
Shelli Nieto Sanders Yes Nikki girl u made me cry. I felt the emotion behind that dance and u kicked a**!! You have my vote cause u are really doing a great job. 😎🤗🐯🏆
Julie Francisco So loved your dance tonight!! Perfect adding the silks. Made me think of my daughters ( Abbagayle Francisco) fight to come back from her ACL surgery to the sport she loves soccer. Thank you for the inspiration always. ❤️
Tobita Colon Plaza It was so beautiful! !! I could watch over 100xs! Youre an amazing role model to all woman from the youngest to the oldest!
Anisabel N Silvester Rodriguez-Garcia Nikki Bella you did amazing! I think your score should have been higher. The judges are not scoring right.

Lots to talk about before tonight's Dancing with the Stars!

4.2k reactions 78 comments
Caren Tu Great performance! I hope you win the mirrorball! 🎈🎈
Christine Bennett Is it weird to not watch WWE but love the Bella twins? Aaking for a friend
Lisa Marie Someone broke into my Gym locker last year stole my Diamond bracelet I was so mad!
Amy Reed Nikki you got all 11 of my DWTS votes! So sorry to hear about your necklace.
Stephanie Patrick Kronewitter You were amazing tonight!!! I got gooseys and tears!!!

What is Daniel Bryan thinking?!

7.7k reactions 82 comments
Michael Beahr Butt hurt central up in here
Gianni Wilcox G
Sham Patil Nice
Jayla Bazemore Btw am so happy ur in DWTS NOW and I sub to ur channel also
Jayla Bazemore evertime ur show come on ON E on tv watch ever single Show I never miss no more

Something AMAZING awaits The Bella Army when we hit 900K! We JUST got 875K... hit "subscribe" to make it happen!

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SaSi ReDdy Alan Walker Lv u Nikki I'M From India
Niraj Kumar Sah You are my favourite....."#Nikki#Bella..
Sharan Kumar Hi
Roberto Serratos Nice
Anik Bhuiyan Antu want something hot again....

Can you tell it was "Guilty Pleasures" night on Dancing with the Stars??

Nikki Bella dances the Viennese Waltz during Guilty Pleasures Night on "Dancing with the Stars"
Nikki Bella dances the Viennese Waltz during Guilty Pleasures Night on "Dancing with the Stars"

John Cena joins fiancée Nikki Bella on the dancefloor after her seductive Viennese Waltz on "Dancing with the Stars."

31.4k reactions 377 comments
Deirdre E Gates She did not deserve more than sevens! All she's doing is putting on costumes that are too small to cover her chest.
Kevin Morrison Unless you live in nevada then you got to watch about the shooting all day and soon to be all night long
Melissa McCormick I thought the dance was amazing and definitely deserves higher scores. The judges are terrible and already have their favorites.
Shavani Teepa Yea that was the best dance that you have done so far Nikki Bella I am a huge fan off you and brie and John Cena use are a really good couple you know that ohhh well love you girl❤️
Christine Jennifer Nikki you were awesome. You are turning into a wonderful dancer and you have a great partner in Artem. You deserved way more than 7’s. You have my votes like always. #TeamSmackdown

Date night with my Love last night ❤️ So happy he's here to support me tonight!

73.3k reactions 900 comments
Haaj Ferogh Wait a sec.... He's NOT wearing a suit for once?? He's actually in shorts??
Doris Day Beautiful one are nt yet born. Don't know this Nikki fine, wht ever.. We want to see ur type soon. 😁😁😁
Daniel Oregel Yasser Castillo Ivan Jhovany Ramirez so you guys see this right they still together haha you know what I'm talking about
San Villa Don't worry you just show Cena you can do it and the scores will be a great ones tonight we will be with you tonight you will be great good luck 🍀👍 💖
মোঃ আরাফাত হোসেন রাতুল Nikki we are from Bangladesh.. Even you don't know where is our country but we love you also your partner

No mess can ruin quality time with Birdie!!

3.7k reactions 42 comments
Raj Malhotra beautiful😊😎😍🤗👍
Ivory Kinita Love you Nikki Bella Dex kiss
Jorge Yovany Sebastian Mendez beautiful baby
Praba Praba Wow nikki good news
Margherita Fonseca Ma ci sarà anche John stasera a #dwts?

A little Dancing with the Stars outfit sneak peek...

5.3k reactions 70 comments
Abhijeet Tripathi Hi nikki
Serenity Howell Good luck
Prasant Bisoyi So sweet
Madhu Vikrama Hii nikki
Misty Bascle Lmao ! Hi Nikki!

Join the fight in helping support the FEARLESS Superstars of Tomorrow!

13.0k reactions 115 comments
Arun Benny Kuzhithottiyil Soo pretty
Mohamed Azeez Best of luck God bless you
Billy Crisp Very nice pic of ya Nikki
Nkechinyere Samuel 😍😍
Jogdand Yadav Yadav Kumar Love you bella

A record-breaking Complex video shoot!

7.6k reactions 41 comments
Jabid Khan Nice
Denver Bonsato super star in wwe is nikki bella
Gianni Wilcox G
Lisa Marie LOL
Sarath Kumar Ks Hai friend

Frozen dead people?! Not sure if JJ has the right idea on this one...

4.3k reactions 38 comments
Priske Baktawar Killy Manger Baktawar Radjan Rambali
Havana-jaè Lynn Fisher Ryanne Reece Danes
Alyssa Lara Eric Ortega Patricia Lara Gonzalez Rocky Lara this is what I want to do. Be frozen
Cristian Hernandez I LOVE NIKII BELLA I'M YOUR FAN N° *1*
Nic Nguyễn ❤️

SO sore!

12.0k reactions 203 comments
Ram Kumar Verma Beautiful and strong
Abrar Khan Tnsf Awsome
Mahendra Patel You rock Nikki! I'll always support you and John! John is a class act,and great role model to his fans.
San Villa Im voting for you you will be great good luck 🍀👍 💖
Pete Pennock Hey Nikki I've been voting for you I hope you win You are so beautiful

Took a unique field trip with JJ on Total Bellas...

5.3k reactions 52 comments
Kurax Leeyda Nikki Bella youlve
Iftkhar Rana Nice boobs
Roberta Gonzales-Munoz South phoenix!!
Valentin Olvera Valentin Olvera
Amy Carroll Crazy

The samba was so tough!

2.9k reactions 62 comments
Jenn Keys Don't worry Nikki you did a good job you got this girrll i'll send good vibes your way for monday though 😀
Lucia Mellema Nikki honey you did good! You are learning a lot! Give it your best Monday!
Carolyn Ponce Rios LOVE the Bella Twins go Nicky
Stephanie Leonard I really like your outfits you have picket you are beautiful
Anna Lee Watching DWTS...for Nikki Bella💃🏽

Couldn't believe that John Cena told JJ this!

19.8k reactions 189 comments
Rajat Baran Maity Cena is the best guy for u.....
Jessica Spurlin They act the way the script tells them, that's their job. Their great actors..
Erik Phan Travers - your fav girl looks naked in this one
James Franz hey this must be a movie
Jon Paul Have a baby and make it thenew power of attorney

"Latin Night" on Dancing with the Stars was so much fun!

Nikki Bella dances the samba on "Dancing with the Stars"
Nikki Bella dances the samba on "Dancing with the Stars"

A sultry Nikki Bella dances the samba to "Despacito" on Latin Night on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars."

22.4k reactions 328 comments
Ruby Arteaga Hope you read this but I'm torn apart between you and Derek Fisher !! Laker for life but love you Bellas!!
Alision Lott Nikki Bella when you are where we are training with all girl you need to wear your fairly shirt so you feel confidence
John Armstrong Sorry to say but're slowly but surely losing with Nikki....she's becoming too much for you to handle..
Ashley Mckinnon Those scores were so unfair nikki your dance was not the worse dance I'm so mad right now grrr get it together judges
Holly Akers I thought you looked and danced amazing. I don't watch WWE (sorry) but you have made a fan out of me on DWTS! way to go! Got my vote!

This is a big decision...

10.1k reactions 265 comments
Marilou Dominguez John cena has a big surprise someday.. I think Nikki will be happy on that day. Let's see later.. Go with the flow Nikki..
Kristi Moktan Nikki I like you but john is right. So give him time if he wants to say to you he will say off camera not on camera. That is privet things.
Emsud Boskovic I agree John cena is becoming jerk too. But Nikki deserves respect. John cena don’t be a dick.. show respect... I though u stand for hustle royal respect....
Laurel Siek I was my Mom's POA, when she passed it was natural. I don't think I could have done that. God is the only one who knows when he is taking you home!
Kelly White "Your not on the list" 😂 also he don't care her feelings are hurt because maybe he is like why are we talking about this ..

Team SmackDown does the VIENNESE WALTZ!

Nikki Bella dances the Viennese Waltz on "Dancing with the Stars"
Nikki Bella dances the Viennese Waltz on "Dancing with the Stars"

An elegant and graceful Nikki Bella waltzes through the "Dancing with the Stars" ballroom on ABC.

11.4k reactions 159 comments
Vonda Granger Got my max votes in for you .... hope u smoke this Go Nikki Bella
David Edward Sheckler Another reason for ratings to crash even more
John Troupe GREAT job you are more then JUST a hot sexy lady on WWE.
Jan Solo Dang I bet John wasn't too happy watching this !! Lol good job though!
Heather Rogers Emma Campbell Ruth Turner just to keep you updated with her progress 😍

Had a little slice of quesadilla HEAVEN during Hispanic Heritage Month! Prepare your taste buds for a fiesta...

4.6k reactions 68 comments
Matthew Herrera #latina yess!!!
Daccine Benson Must be cheat day😮
Melissa Bauguess Hello
Subhash Sain what is this
Anthony Pariz Orale que rico 😍😎🤗

Getting ready for Latin Tuesday 💃🏽 #dwts #teamsmackdown #latina

10.8k reactions 105 comments
Dannie Howard Isn't john cena mad about another guy dancing with his wife!?
Tammy Dudley No one can ever be a bigger fan than me!!!!🤗😎
Ŕøoñēx Vzl Oh this is u nikki bella Feeling sad for johncena haha
Lily Lee This is not beautiful she have a fiance she must dance with him not with other man
Lanie Boss Get Romain Virgo Live on DWTS to perform the cover songs "Stay With Me" and "Soul Provider" 💚💛💚💛

So glad JJ and Lola finally gave therapy a try on Total Bellas!

1.2k reactions 33 comments
Justin Arrieta Fire needs to take a no kill fire break day so he can teach you about blowing up planets John Cena Lost 60million exaves transporting to other planets Kids killed him before he died
Justin Arrieta Www.Dragon System Oryx Immune Bullets and Knifes vains heal.netvetDragonWWE "All Wrestlers go Dragon eat non noneone involved killing Ryan Reynolds and not for pregnant wemon" I will give to the WWE
Brenda Zepeda Gely Martinez Lopez Osea! Ya eres famosa 😱😱😊
Rukhaya Akter Rubi nice
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