Nick Jonas
02:09 01/12/2018



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you are so handsome and your dwayne johnson too~
Molly McDevitt
Have fun at the critics choice awards. Looking good!
Msk Kms
Nick Jonas is the hottest guys from the Jonas Brothers
Pike Pike Pwint Zar
ChoChin Cherry Candy always out of control under his eyes😍😍
Bianca Frank
That suit jacket looks incredibly soft
Devano Denandra
I dont know why but i disgusted, his eyes tried so hard to be look so cool, look sexy, its just disgusted
Diana Espinosa
yo desde la infancia enamorada de este guapo! Dulce Espinosa
Lesly Paola Jimenez
Elisabeth-Cécile Magalhaes
Je te préfères avec la cravate :) bonne journée Nick Jonas!
Maria Ritter
Madi Hood Probably one of the best looking pictures I've ever seen of him.
Огнян Йорданов
Alexander another great pic of you bro 👍
Ricky Carrasco
Very handsome man its nice picture of
Patito Camargo
Eh visto todas las alfombras por ti bb .. No la vallas a cagar porfa !
Nicolas Gabriel
Hola Nick saludos con cariño desde Argentina tenés que venir a mi país acá te queremos mucho te vas a divertir con nosotros !!!!! Abrazo fuerte amigo !!!!!
Sarah Sweeney
Congratulations Nicky. I love your suit very attractive. Your smile is so great.

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21.7k reactions 361 comments
張恩慈 you are so handsome and your dwayne johnson too~
Molly McDevitt Have fun at the critics choice awards. Looking good!
Msk Kms Nick Jonas is the hottest guys from the Jonas Brothers
Pike Pike Pwint Zar ChoChin Cherry Candy always out of control under his eyes😍😍
Bianca Frank That suit jacket looks incredibly soft

Sony open 🏌️ PGA TOUR

3.5k reactions 57 comments
Max Martin Hot as fuck🔥🔥🔥🔥
Noah Wais Nick ur sooo awsome😘😘
Louise Clarke Cool!! 😀😎xo
Abril Arce Te amo
Daniel Michael Holtz Get it NJ! ;)

Golden Globes moments with the incredible Mariah Carey.

20.6k reactions 448 comments
Theo Marcelja I love Mariah Carey's music, but she's gotten really ditsy.
Joseph Vallejo Nick find yourself a nice boyfriend
Adam Evans I'd love to meet Mariah Carey some day, you are lucky.
Jacob Jacobs *puts finger over Mariah’s face* daddy.
Ashli Rae literally everyone took a pic with mariah last night lol

When you wake up after a night out and you’re not hungover. 😎👍🏼 thanks E! News for the cool slow mo vid

21.8k reactions 831 comments
Leonardo Daniel Ponce Herrera Alondra meate jajajajjaja
Angela González te amo 4ever
Devon Serna Demi Brown his caption 😂😂😂 how I felt on New Year’s Day lol
Kimberly Alarcón I'm never hungover after a night out🙄 are you?
Michelle Yañez V Isabel Yañez mamita chula, seguro con ésto te sientes mejor, yo me embaracé no más de verlo.❤

Behind the scenes of the #AmericanWay shoot with American Airlines, Ink, and Chris Sorensen.

5.1k reactions 103 comments
Fernanda Medina Ojalá me salgas en la rosca, muñeco
Aliaa Mohd Noor 😍
Alexis Salgado Lindo
Paulina Zelikowicz Yeah boiiii 😍😍
Timi Garcia TE AMO TE AMO

Hitting the town. #mountainlife

9.1k reactions 238 comments
Aridia Cruz Fierro alv compa, que sabroso se ve de bushon😍
Raymond Norman LOVE....The HAT great bit of MASCULINE swagger on point ! Raymond Norman Buffalo New York my gateway to REAL TALK and me Keeping it 100 solid !
Tali Lyons Sarah Kalkstein yeshivish in another life
Kimberly Rodriguez Princess Ovalle Dios mio🤤🤤🤤😍 asta me salió cowboy el wey lmao ahhhhh
Mohammad Bataineh I hope that u are having fun alex

#TBT from the Berlin Jumanji premiere with Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Kevin Hart. Can’t thank you guys enough for all the amazing reaction to the movie. We had the best time making it, and it means so much to see you guys having so much fun watching it. #JUMANJI is in theaters now!

6.5k reactions 118 comments
Carol Misoni Just got done watching it, love it!
ريفيرا لوبيز دايرا Me encanto.... Fue divertida y con el toque de romance ideal... Sencilla mente me encanto
Austin Mcconnell Everyone look for the cameo of my friend Morgan Gardner
Amanda Goodwin I saw it and it was so hilarious!
Izy Hernnan Hey baby it's great movie, te perfomances are amazon! 💙

What a way to kick off the new year. 😎❄️☃️

8.3k reactions 94 comments
Jody Bakos Looove this❤️I love skiing ⛷ Happy New Year🎉🍾🍸🎊😘
Chaimaa Boujendar Juliette Lebey c'est pour ça que tu veux tester ça 🤔
Ābdür Ràhmâñ Søhãñ Wow
Sana Shereen Love you!!! ❤️
Valeria Gutierrez Ramos Love you😍😍😍😍💝


4.2k reactions 74 comments
Robin Umlah Now that's awesome!!
Dafne Jacome Que hermoso NICK!!!.😍😍😍🤗
Alexy Trott Have fun Teddy Bear!
Nurul Yasmin Oh my god my love..take caree. :*
Sapna Tina Sajnani That's so amazing you guys did ❤


14.7k reactions 165 comments
Adam Hammon WoWzA Y'all
Katy Renee Stamper Looking sexy as always baby
Brenda Spinella Happy New Year Nick..🎉
Gina Casinoo Love you Nick Jonas😍😘❤️
Gaby JS Oh my love 🔥🔥🔥🔥🤤🤤

I’d been wanting to write a song for a movie for awhile. Ferdinand was the perfect fit. #HOME

3.1k reactions 37 comments
Luciana Mamani Herrera Love you Nick Jonas <3
Dafne Jacome 😍
Arien Shahril Current fav song 👍
Yaya Jiménez Te amo♡
Jenny Faughnan Nice video

If you find yourself on an American Airlines flight this month, you might just see me on the plane. Thank you Ink Global & Chris Sorensen! Full interview is up at

12.9k reactions 156 comments
Emma Rose Sofie Amelia we are gunna fly every day okay
Erin Patterson Marsha Patterson too bad we fly American next month 😭
Kathryn Gotland Susan Sharp I need to fly somewhere this month
Alan Keyes We need the flight # so we can join in..... A fun flight. Possible Man crush!😎😎
Lindsey Venable Kaley Venable I get to stare at him all month

And it was in that moment I entered 2018. Happy new year everyone! Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve

13.4k reactions 179 comments
Sakshi Tewari Harshita Tewari .. Remember something???? 😁😁😂
Kavya Mason Enjoyed watching your performance in Jumanji!
LadyLee Marbas Cabello Why camila screams like that? Shes so cute omg. I wanna kiss her. 💝❣😍
Steve Hasten Happy New Year Nick and all the best to you this year! 😊👍
Destiny Sowell Happy new year's!! Enjoyed watching you perform!

A little NYC soundcheck. We’re just under 3 hours away from 2018 on the East Coast. Stay warm if you’re out there in Times Square and if you’re at home turn on your TV and tune-in to Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve!

8.5k reactions 93 comments
Scott Moore Have fun! Be safe!!!!! Happy 2018
Marcus Key Jr. Happy New Year Nicholas!
Patty Hughes-moore Happy New Year to you
Sonia Robles Alvarado I love youuu<3
Mikha Brown Love you Nick♥️

Tomorrow 🍾🎉 Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve

3.2k reactions 57 comments
Ary Hernandez Love you nick 💖💖💖💖💖
Arianna Tatum Love you
Paola Villegas Hello Nick!!!! 😘
Holly Henderson My baby 😘😘😘
Dara Vuthy Idol, love u

Really proud of this one. #Home Ferdinand

1.9k reactions 35 comments
Fatima Titi Love you from Belgium 😙😙😙😙😙
Litzy Fer 😍
Dafne Jacome 😍😍
Thenjiwe Ntuli Love
Fiorela Ramos Valencia Love you from Peru 😍... 😘😘😘

Gearing up for our Times Square performance with Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve on Sunday night. Bring it on 2018!

11.1k reactions 100 comments
Mike Grint Papi chulo😍
Shanya O'Brien Jonas I love u 💓
Margaret Martinez Yay cant wait
Sara Camila Gutierrez Hazme un hijo, pero de una manera tierna 😂😍❤️
Tina Eaton Blackwell Yay! So glad you’ll be performing!

My everything. ❤️ I hope you’re all having an amazing Christmas.

39.6k reactions 425 comments
Paola Martínez Ana Pao CR husband material 😍
Jorge Isaac Rincón Pineda jejeje the boy thing OMG is Nick acting normal!!! Imposible... is irrisistible
Cecy Ma Aww So Precious, Feliz Navida 🎄to 😘you and all of your Beautiful Family🎁🎅🏼🤶🏻
Rocio Kassandra Gomez Garcia you miss me, my everything, I love you so much ❤😗
Daven Desai Rebecca 😍😍 we’re literally made for each other

See you in one week to ring in the new year NYC! #RockinEve Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve

5.3k reactions 60 comments
Alvaro Nicolas Mendez Sosa Feliz navidad
Lexi Abbott I love yo!! 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Guillermo Benavides Ovallos Hermoso
Lauren Combs Handsome
R'Angelica Floress Uuufff como te amo pelón!!😍😍😍


32.8k reactions 654 comments
Anais Cárdenas Mendoza Nicole Morán Navarro estuve a cuadras de él y nunca lo encontré 😢😢😢😢por qué me pasa esto a mi ?
Tony Gm Merry Xmas sheketeto jajaja
Karen Mitchell Shaver Merry Christmas 🎁🎄 It sure is a wonderful time of the year! Enjoy your time in NY! ❤️🎄❄️
Doug Griffin Aww I hope he gets cute again.
Melissa Briseño Babyyyy i love you !!!!!


75.9k reactions 795 comments
Nicolas Gabriel Feliz Navidad Nick saludos con mucho cariño y amor para vos desde Argentina !!!!!!! Feliz Navidad para todos !!!!!!
Joseph Vallejo Merry Christmas Nick may many blessings be upon you this new year
Tina Eaton Blackwell Beautiful! Merry Christmas, Nick! Are you going to Belmont tonight?
Marlene Lizette Reyes Me encantas chiquito bebe hermoso precioso cosa chula hermosa cosa bien hecha
Erica James amazing to look at; both you and the tree. Have an awesome Christmas Nick. You and your family

Merry Christmas from me to you 🎅🏼 Shot an acoustic version of #HOME just for you guys.

6.6k reactions 115 comments
Danyele Dornelas Aí vou chorar Victória Fonseca dingo bells
Paula Manzo Felipe feliz navidad parce 💙
Odon HM Nick Feliz Navidad, desde Peru
Ashley Beede Such a great job. Merry Christmas Nick.
Jessica Martinez Garcia Merry Christmas Nick to you and your family 🎅🎄🎁

#JUMANJI is in theaters now!! Who’s heading out to see it tonight?

10.2k reactions 126 comments
Kristy McKee The movie was fantastic!!!!
Katherine Whited Me. I gonna go see it and buy it I have loved nick JONAS ever since I heard JONAS Brothers and I am 33
Jennifer Moreira Eu não vou sair hj pra ver o.filme pq moro no.Brasil e nem sair para comemorar o natal é deprimente.
Kim McNiel Lol, it depends if the nearby theatre has it
Ashley Jeffers Haha I'm too poor! I'll have to wait till it hits the dollar theater.

Thank you #ChasePay for helping the procrastinator in me get my holiday shopping done in time… #LastMinHolidayShopping Chase #ad

15.0k reactions 123 comments
Kim Berly Cute 😍
Clyde Wanatee Is that a mistletoe over your head? :)
Viviane Sebben Me carrega pra sua vida! me carrega kkk😂😘😍
Veronica Bianco Merry Christmas
Abril Arce Te amo

‪The #HomeLyricVideo is here with some new scenes from Ferdinand! Who’s seen the movie already?‬

2.3k reactions 36 comments
Vilde Sørdal Wictor Sørdal
Carlos Quimbar Claudio González
Suwipha Deser ไปดูกันๆๆค่ะ5555 Olivia Lambert Jullada Lambert Sarita Suriyaprasert
Anto Barreto Federico Palacio mira!¡¡¡
Ana Caroline Silva ❤❤

Woof woof

60.7k reactions 1409 comments
Alec Xandra Angeo Corral Can't decide if I want that puppy or THAT PAPI 🤔
Toine Hill Ralph....dont wreck your car or fall down while looking at this...
Katie Jerome Olivia he’s telling you to get a puppy.
Danny Lima All I want for christmas is...... Nicck Jonas con ese cachorrito 😍 Rocio Romero
Lau Hernández Cindy pa que tengas un buen día amiga... Luz, tú también 😘

‪#HOMEvideo shoot day was a great day. Watch the video now on Vevo if you haven’t seen it yet!‬

3.1k reactions 40 comments
Antonella Paulucci Megusta de video
Suraj Grg Superb
Lenore Moreland Tell me that you’ll stay with me
Laura Ssa Quiero aprender inglés para entender luego luego lo q m dices
Elizabeth Fernandez Estas haciendo tu. Película. Qebuena cuando la estrena s. Iré. Ábrelo

#JUMANJI is officially in theaters people 🙌🏻 This guy’s in the movie and he’s alright. Take the family and go see it this week! Jumanji

27.0k reactions 659 comments
Nestor Eswin Niño Mondragon That great! friend Nick Jonas I from Perú Jonas
Ibeth Rodriguez Julia Wong now I want to go see it tia, nick jonas is in the movie😍😍
Krystiana Drougas I Love You Nick Jonas, I so can't wait To See It!! 😘❤❤❤the best part is your in it
Mikaela Murdoch Amy Leigh asap please! He’s so cute hehe xo
Brandy Fader I saw you at Jingle Ball Atlanta and seeing you in Jumanji tomorrow with my daughter
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