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19:55 05/18/2017

Roger Ailes was a genius at politics and the news media. His advice to Presidents Nixon and Reagan was historic and helped elect both.

Ailes played a key role in electing President George H.W. Bush in 1988. He understood the American people, and he knew how to reach them.

Ailes’s greatest contribution was the founding and development of Fox News. He understood that ‘Fair and Balanced' was the key to success. In the years I worked with him he was a great mentor, deeply patriotic, committed to Fox News, and really worried about America. The history of cable television will have a very big chapter on Roger Ailes. Without his success at Fox News, Trump could never have won.

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Timeline Photos

Roger Ailes was a genius at politics and the news media. His advice to Presidents Nixon and Reagan was historic and helped elect both. Ailes played a key role in electing President George H.W. Bush in 1988. He understood the American people, and he knew how to reach them.

Ailes’s greatest contribution was the founding and development of Fox News. He understood that ‘Fair and Balanced' was the key to success. In the years I worked with him he was a great mentor, deeply patriotic, committed to Fox News, and really worried about America. The history of cable television will have a very big chapter on Roger Ailes. Without his success at Fox News, Trump could never have won.

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Gayle Grimsley Heninger
RIP Mr. Ailes! You changed my life. Until Fox news, I thought I was the only one like me out there!!!
Kit Rowley
NEWT - True Republicans and believers in MAGA must come together; this DOES NOT include many in the GOP who are RINOs at best. There are millions, maybe 40,000,000 people who despite his short coming still believe that Trump is the best thing to happen to America since Reagan.
Carolyn Scruggs
As long as you weren't a pretty woman trying to have a career in broadcasting. Go to bed with him or else! That is not acceptable behavior from anyone!
Dustin Dubree
Reagan is the only one worth mentioning...The Bush's are globalists..I remember H W telling us on live tv that they were bringing in the new world order with the help of the UN and there was nothing Americans could do about it...We see the results today.
Fannie Esidore
I feel so bad that his name has been drug through the mud along with other conservative men on Fox News. I personally do not believe all the nasty reports that were told about him and Bill O'Reilly %Thank you Mr Ailes for giving the world Fox News.
Bruce Patrick
Yes, the loss of Ailes and Bill O'Rilley is devastating to all Americans who love our Country, and who live by our laws and Constitution.
Bob Elliott
I never realized until recent news reports that Roger (3 years younger than me) was from my old home town, Warren, Ohio. RIP!
Doug Gerrie Foster
Mr. Gingrich, tell me of a true Leader who has led with dignity and can honestly say self interests and Infidelity was not part of their repertoire. How can you say good things about that person and not understand that their faults, which are not minor, can be ignored. This means YOU accept his/her misgivings. A spade is a spade in my book and I completely disrespect your idea (and many others) of true Leaders. Fair and balanced, ha. I'm surprised at you as I thought you turned this corner.
Randy Rogers
Neil Cavuto's eulogy was fantastic, a really thought laden tribute to the contributions of the man. Farewell, Rest in Peace.
Betty Wright Pannell
And that is the reason O'Reilly got fired. He was way too popular with the people, told the truth and probably helped Trump, and the liberal Murdoch's hated O'Reilly and Trump.
J Sue Topping
Fox, please stay fair and balanced. I sense some left leaning. If this keeps up we will have no truthful political news to watch
Faye Solberg
turning into just another liberal network, more liberals as guests talking out of their other't watch it much anymore.
Steve Schutter
Had Ailes and Fox been around back during Watergate he would have convinced many the Democrats did both the break in and the cover-up. Thankfully back then news was not opinion.
Marilyn Benson
Big thank you for a news media that we can watch and really know what the truth is. RIP Mr Ailes. You have made a very large mark on this country.
Ronald DeAngelis
I might not agree with everything on fox news, but where would this country be with out them????? Think about it, no one around to put all the bullcrap liberal lies down , no one around to fight against the fake news media??? No one to point out the Hypocrisy, Some one to point out the fake polls, Somebody who strives to report accurately, and with truth, and when they are wrong they point it out immdiately , Where would we be???? Think about it!!! Thank you sir!!!! R.I.P You have single Handedly saved America

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Live now talking about the first two lessons of Defending America. Ask questions:

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Colleen Cardoza Souza Hello from California! Please help us! Moonbeam Brown is distroying the state!
Rosangela DeAzevedo I am Naturalized. Hyphen is hypocrisy! I am American by choice.
Scott Wingfield Love the course. Highly recommend because it helps me understand the left's position. However, to have a debate requires a willingness to have meaningful honest discussion. Their answer is violence or insults. Sad.
Dale Calantoni-Baker I'm glad I didn't watch it!!! Bunch of hypocrites...... hope they don't need the president anytime soon!!!
Sue Poulton You can use your God the father as your Shield because you will go to the abyss with him the hole buttcrack Hill

I will be live on Facebook at 4pET to discuss what it takes to defend America from the Left. Submit questions now.

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The illuminati JOIN THE GREAT ILLUMINATI BROTHERHOOD TODAY AND LIVE A BETTER AND HAPPY LIFE. The opportunity is here again for this Christmas holidays, do you have brothers/Sisters who are into music/Rapping? we are looking for upcoming artist and those who are into ...
Adam Garcia Your a great America.
Judith Wiggans Great job, Newt!
Mike McWilliams Muzzles fire their mouths
Craigand Kristy We need YOU as Speaker 🙏🙌🇺🇸

The Left wants to make us dependent on government, to subordinate ourselves to bureaucrats. Defending America is a new online course designed to give you the tools you need to defeat the Left. Over 2,200 Americans have enrolled so far. I hope you will join us.

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Amy Anderson Shull Newt for Speaker of the House!
Precy Osoteo They left want to dictate and run your life
Stephen Chapman our WW2 vets gave us the tools!
Bob Lee Ahhh SHUTUP Newt. All you do is purposely pit Americans against each other. Worst kind of fake leader on earth
Joseph Schulz that what I call ahoot from afruit named newt what a toot

A Message from Ronald Reagan and Newt Gingrich.

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Amy VanCuren Ottman Reign Trump in please. He's leaning left.
KC von Renner Libtards be like... "We're gonna show the whole world what utterly butt-stupid pathetic losers we are by leaving laugh reacts, insults, lies, slander, unqualified criticism, and hypocritical judgments for well accomplished, well educated, successful, ...
Don Zimmer Thought you might like this Bill Adkins and John Hamlin. Ronnie called it.
Fred Romani I hope and pray its not too late.

Congrats to my friend, Senator Dole on being awarded the Congressional Gold Medal! #flashbackfriday

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John Reinert What was his time? Personal best?...✌️Congrats Mr. Dole!
Viola Rowden Congratulations Congratulations
Norma Brooks Congratulations to Bob Dole!!
Lex Fresno Congrats to Senator Dole👍👏☺️🇺🇸
Charlotte Miller Well deserved

I believe in teaching and I believe in an informed citizenry…Defending America is about how to defeat the Left intellectually, the arguments that allow us to remind people why America is unique, why American history matters, and why being patriotic is important. Join 2,000 of your fellow Americans who have registered for Defending America today >>

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Pamela Durler Yes but if some are destroyed and others are removed they should All Be Removed.
Michael Quigley I love teaching. I love learning. This is why I hate public schools. They don't teach. They indoctrinate. They brainwash.
Barron Joseph Clepp Just got the course. Great value- insight and good intellectual level.
Thayer Eldridge Gotta do something and hurriedly.
Fred Raby If we don't know our history we're doomed to make the same mistakes !

An on demand course about American history from Newt Gingrich.

An on demand course about American history from Newt Gingrich.
An on demand course about American history from Newt Gingrich.

From a war on culture to a war on faith. From the poisoning of the melting pot to the poisoning of the Second Amendment. From destruction of the American Dream to destruction of free speech.

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Sue Ann You go Newt!
Nancy Enterline Coppede Educational for both sides
Pamela Warner Good Idea Newt!
Stephen Scotto And nobody lies like Donald Trump!
Danny-Sunny Gooden Great man with great messages

President Donald J. Trump's budget deal last week made it more likely that we'll see Democrats vote for a Republican tax cut bill this fall. It's much harder now for Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to say don't vote with Trump, when that's exactly what they did.

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Mike Bergeron ESPN SUCKS!!
Fred Kame I agree
Cheri Bunting Very good commentary… Very open and very logical
Matt Kenney It was a long time ago...They don't want a guy with post traumatic stress doing band things.
Jeremy Wells Besides Adams Apple Anne Coulter turning on Trump, all those supposive Trump supporters burning Trump hats are really never Trumpers posing as Trump supporters. TRUMP TALKING POINTS JOURNAL

Just a few hours left to save 20% on Defending America – my new online course designed to give you the tools needed to defeat the Left and preserve the historic America that has made us prosperous and free. Please join me in Defending America >>

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Matthew Franklin Scumbag money grubbing imbecile.
Paul Richards ABSOLUTELY!
Lori George Let go for money
Laura H. Urquidi Lmao He is trying get your money to "defeat the left" old people are nuts
Walter Ashworth Committee of Five presenting The Declaration of Independence to the Continental Congress.

The key to economic growth right now requires two things: cutting taxes and cutting red tape.

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Nicolas Mills if anyone is interested in Crypto currency, here is my referral link for Electroneum, it looks promising. if you sign up with my link we both get bonus coins. feel free to write me if you have any questions.
Deborah Trost I can not longer stand looking at Mc Connell and Ryan sitting on high sides of our President. These two men are horrible and need to be removed asap. They have the look of evil
Mark Marek and stabilizing or reducing healthcare costs....reducing or freezing healthcare costs may be more of a economic growth tool than tax cuts
Ed Pehlke McConnell is gone he will not be happy with the results of his next election!!!!! Remember where you heard it, #KYgopagainstmcconnell
Kenneth Eihusen Newt Gingrich, my provider is stopping service in my state next year. This will be the 3rd time I am forced to switch. Each time premiums and deductibles go up. Congress knew this about the ACA, yet they kept it. They screw us every time they get a ...

This is a country whose very core is based upon the principle that we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights. In fact, God is central to the meaning of America. The Left’s attack on religion is vicious and a threat to all our liberties. I believe we need to stand firm for the historic America that has made us free. Join me in Defending America >

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Robert Quina Lafayette , French aristocracy, came fought for the colonist's cause against the British for our rights as free men that give birth to America in 1757! Defend America ! Thank you Mr. Gingrich !
Lauren Dion you should be high on trump staff...
Margo A Tobey As evil as they are, they could use some religion in their life to keep them humble.
Rebecca Ferguson Harvey It is our duty and a privilege to defend America♡
Steven Ott For a mere $20/mo you to can be brainwashed by this grifter.

I believe America is one country – a country open to anyone who wants to become American and who recognizes that America is a great adventure in which everyone has a chance to succeed. The Left believes in a multicultural mess, which would break up America into warring tribes. I believe it is imperative we defeat the Left, and I hope you will join me in Defending America >>

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Jeannette Kruel Stop trying to sell us on one world govt😁 Don't want to join with atheists,perverts, anti Christs and idiots
Amos Lane If Trump compromises on DACA it will turn this country Blue. That's why Democrats are pushing it. It's all about votes. #NoAmnestyForDACA
Leon Zapantis What is the Obelisk for in the USA? I say the spirit of Egypt. Shall you be unpunished? You shall not be unpunished. Said the Lord, for I will bring a sword.
Cheryl Holland Hunstock I would almost listen to a man with absolutely no moral standing preach to Mr about history. This man is one of the deplorables.
Judy DeRolf So right Newt tell it how it really is. The liberals are destroying our country and need to be stopped

President Donald J. Trump's budget deal last week was a very smart, tactical move to gain momentum. He was able to get the people of Houston the money they needed almost immediately and postpone a big fight over the debt ceiling. He showed that, unlike the last eight months, both parties can come together, act quickly, and get things done.

1.7k reactions 59 comments
Jake Martin If Trump crapped on Newts face, Newt would say "yummy".
Richard Weir Dems are not honest dealers will not do whatever they agreed to
Sharon Holden Look who's. Coming. For Dinner uncle schummer. And aunt. Pilosio.
Kim Weems And the democrats swore they'd never work with him. LMBO
Janice Sternik President Trump did what he had to do to get the Ball rolling for a quicker relief effort.

The importance of defending America.

2.4k reactions 409 comments
Robert Bruckner This is the guy who let the speakership of the House of Representatives in disgrace. Someone you really need to listen to, right.
Armani Dunya If Afghanistan attack on America killed Innocent people and killed baby's and women's and girls and man's so after you are love to Afghanistan or you are fight to Afghanistan?
Mary Ann Merry Why don't you become speaker of the house? President Country need you!!!
John Dolan Why Isn't Barry Soeturo and Killary Arrested ??
Donna Dearien Alabama here. Love hearing you talk about the history of this great country. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Join me today at 1:45pET for a Facebook Live on what we must do to defend America from the Left. You can submit questions now.

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Gracie Lundy Where do I watch this at?
Erik Knight Newt rules.
Anna Woodard boycott espn!!!!!
Elizabeth Anderson Does President Trump have any core principles he would not forfeit in pursuit of a "deal"? Don't get me wrong, I voted for him but his wishy-washy attitude is disturbing.
Greg Fieser While the gov. keeps stealing Fannie Mae profits from the shareholders. 10 year conservatorship =Bullshit.

822 reactions 24 comments
Gloria Liptak Wonderful speech...bless the USA
Marsha Best Amen President Trump 🇺🇸😇
Chuck Edmonds Remember Benghazi also
Janice Pollard Ivey Very well said...
Robert Armagno I have not forgotten.

We will never forget the innocent lives lost. We will never forget the families who were changed forever. We will never forget the heroes who risked their own lives to help others. We will never, ever forget. God Bless America. #NeverForget

1.4k reactions 45 comments
Chris Salmon NEVER!
Georgia Gordon no we won't forget ever
John Wilson The Muslims were cheering! Ask Obama!
Yosanda Tabor Fear mongering

In part, it was President Ronald Reagan’s farewell address that inspired me to create Defending America – an online course series about the principles that make America successful, and the forces on the Left trying to tear our country apart. Learn more.

1.8k reactions 68 comments
Tom DeSimone What inspired you to become a sniveling, spineless, simpering Trumpkin?
Laura H. Urquidi DACA recipients ineligible for: - Medicaid - Food Stamps - SSI - Welfare - Section 8 - ACA DACA recipients must reapply with a $500 fee every two years. Requires background check. Anyone who has a criminal record not eligible. That makes 100% of DACA ...
Deborah-Lynn Senger Modern parents can be equipped with details to share with their kids! Watch Now!🤓🤓🤓
Pensri Lordan Would like to see you again at The President Ronald Reagan Library 📚
Peter Gallagher President Reagan was a Great Man Iconic!

As a matter of law, the DACA policy is almost universally regarded as unconstitutional. President Donald J. Trump's decision to eventually phase out – rather than abruptly end – the controversial Obama-era immigration policy known as the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) struck the perfect balance of law and order, American pragmatism, and compassion.

2.3k reactions 133 comments
Dennis Nagan The Left is upset because for the last 8 years they totally ignored our laws and intentionally broke them.
Dean Precourt Forget DACA the distraction. You're only focus should be on the rigged system of law & order. Rice, lynch, hillary, snowden, shipp!! On and on! Dems and GOP are one team united with the media against the citizenry. Pigs.
Gloria Cheatham Wilson These people may have been minors when their parents brought them here but they haven't done anything to try to be legal. This country has paid for their schooling and most of the time free health care and residents paid for. Time for them to go back to ...
James Jones We must face facts. This do nothing Congress will not get DACA done anymore than they did Obamacare or anything else Americans want done. The obstructionist Democrats only care about regaining their power and the Republicans can't seem to get out of ...
Pam Toms Moore DACA isn't the issue; it is his collaborating with Pelosi and Chuck that is the problem. You can't keep defending him. He refuses to prosecute Lois Lerner and that is inexcusable. He claimed he would shut down the government if his "wall bill" didn't ...

The Importance of Defending America

525 reactions 17 comments
Karr Ash
Peter Smith <----- Oath Taker. #GodFamilyCodeCountry
Lex Fresno 👍🇺🇸😁👏
Julie Hyde Morton Thank you Newt!
Fred Kame I agree

Tax cuts will mean more jobs, higher wages and a growing economy. It's time for tax cuts now. Sign the petition at to let Congress know we can't wait any longer.

1.1k reactions 45 comments
Greg Maxwell Stop borrowing money for spending. That is a bigger tax on us than the IRS levies.
Karr Ash Tax cuts do not do any of this. It keeps you and your toe tapping restroom buddies in power and wealth.
Beatrice Garza Let's do it USA or vote politicians out of gov most lost touch with real Americans.
Paul Parkhurst Its time to move forward with our country. Weve been sruck in the Obama mud too long
John Sandy Harris A petition will do no good. Congress totally ignores us.

Defending America requires a lot more than just talk. It requires facts, research, and most of all action. I am excited to announce the launch of Defending America, a new 6-part online course designed to teach other patriots the truth about our nation’s history. By the end of the course, you’ll be armed with the intellectual firepower needed to debunk the Left’s arguments as hollow and dangerous to the cause of freedom. I hope you’ll pick up the mantle of freedom and join me on this journey. Join now:

2.4k reactions 86 comments
Tanya Culp The Dems are trying to erase the facts by destroying statues and everything else that has to do with the past. They have no clue they cannot erase history just by pretending it did not happen.
Lynne Kruger America, what would the world be like without. We lead with moral compass.
Doug Rollenhagen Is this free? What does it cost. Won't give my email until I know the answer to these questions.
Nancy Mansell I remember courses in the past that you taught on TV. You're an awesome teacher!
Zubair Khattak Gr8 step GOD BLESS you and help you.

We've had a lot discussion about obstruction of justice -- well we now know who was obstructing: Former FBI Director James Comey.

3.0k reactions 198 comments
Trixie Hill They were brought here illegally and received free benefits, it;s not THEIR fault that OBAMA BROKE THE LAW, and it isn't President Trump's fault or OUR FAULT EITHER!!! OBAMA;S created problem WILL B FIXED by CONGRESS!!! Thanks to OUR PRESIDENT !
Lynne Kruger Come really is getting away with corruption. Especially with his leaking and his inappropriate relationship with Mueller, conflict of interests. Congress has to deal with this NOW. Enough looking into fake stories about Trump. Here we have evidence ...
Tracy Kedovary And it took you how long to figure this out? America knew this from day one when he opened his mouth!
Gayle Griffin Also we have also found out the Democrats started the Russia theory, so why is this still being investigated and spending taxpayers money. I think they all should be in jail. We keep hearing all about the corruption Comey lying under oath, etc. but ...
Linda Marie Foster Why can't the idiots on Fox News let a person finish a sentence without them interrupting? Those dummies in the morning are the worst, male and female.

The Chinese are in a box right now and should be very worried about the next steps. They're watching as Japan and South Korea begin to arm themselves in a serious way, and this is going to have an impact on the Chinese range of activities over the next few months.

728 reactions 37 comments
Jami Hurlburt Thanks Newt!👍
Randy Baran good.
Paul Lindsey Smoke that sucker.
Gae Calarco Be vigilant, and pray.
Clarice Rupert Desiderio So love Mr. Gingrich and his philosophy.

President Trump showed real leadership in terms of his DACA decision. He’s made it clear that he’s going to keep his campaign promise and enforce the Constitution, but he’s also going to give Congress the opportunity to fix it, so it won’t be unconstitutional — and if Congress focuses, they can do it in three weeks.

7.6k reactions 380 comments
Michael Cattell This is why I love Newt, tells it like it is and knocks down all of the scarecrows. Anybody who is compassionate to the "dreamers" as I am, would prefer proper legislation to deal with it, and not unconstitutional and lazy presidential declarations. ...
Kevin Patrick Gorman If Congress "focuses" ? Seriously ?! Oh, they'll focus alright, the focus will be that Donald Trump is a racist. That's all you'll hear. The immigration problem started this whole "Trump hates minorities, Trump's a racist" rhetoric. We know it's coming. ...
Patty Carlson Lewis Let's see when Obama announced DACA he specifically said it was not amnesty, that it was temporary, and that Congress needed to arrive at a permanent solution. Despite his promises of immigration reform and a majority house and senate, they did nothing....
Charles L Wilson Only one caveat, GET ALL DREAMERS OFF THE GOVERNMENT DOLE! They don't need things that American Citizens are not able to get! They want in, fine work, achieve, and live on YOUR OWN DIME, NOT on the taxpayers dime!
Linda Fifer Ralphs Yes. If we allow Presidents to make laws we will end up with dictatorships rather than a Democratic Republic... and our laws will never be upheld because every administration will do 'whatever'... Protect the Constitution and get this Lazy Congress ...

Citizen Newt by Craig Shirley

91 reactions 4 comments
Susan Tracy I'm half way through the book. It is fantastic!!!
Audrey Bender I'm about a third of the way through...brings back many memories for me, as I voted 3 times to put you in Congress...and third time was the charm. In retrospect, your career and ideals sound very familiar to what we now have in the White House. Drain ...

Saying goodbye to summer in Wailea. ☀️🐳🌴

5.6k reactions 210 comments
Brian Krieg Pray on, til the answer comes!!
Sherry Jones Get back to work, Newt, we need your support!
Dan Sutton Readin the Trump book and Loving it. Thank you.
Lillian Robinson What a great looking couple, happy labor day weekend, 🌹🌹

Our prayers continue to be with all those affected by Hurricane Harvey and the selfless volunteers and service men and women who are working around the clock to ensure food, shelter, and safety of every person.

President Donald J. Trump Proclaims September 3, 2017, as a National Day of Prayer for the Victims of Hurricane Harvey and for our National Response and Recovery Efforts
President Donald J. Trump Proclaims September 3, 2017, as a National Day of Prayer for the Victims of Hurricane Harvey and for our National Response and Recovery Efforts


2.9k reactions 95 comments
George Palumbo yes good idea but was more then that or he gave to middle east
Cathy Rogers Some of us have been praying every day for our nation...
Beth Love Wow prayer imagine that #powerofprayer
Pat Johnson Let us all bow our heads and seek his comfort believing He will answer our faithful prayer
Chris Fuller So nice to have a President who knows the power of prayer!

Timeline Photos

72 reactions 9 comments
Tom Barr Where is Percocet Patrick??
Ron Lena Phillips Stigma ? What stigma ? Every liberal loves drugs and the stigma !
Paul DeWitt Eliminate big Pharmas GREED and that will cut it in 1/2 overnight
Clyde Denver Triplett The drug companies Deliberately hooked America Class action law suits Are being formed . They knew the end game. Some of them should go to jail for life! 100 billion Is needed to help Americans that were Savaged need help Class action .com
Ellen Chase rehab/recovery is a waste of money. It has turned into a profit making-off-the-taxpayer program.

French President Macron was at 64% approval in June. Now, less than two months later, he has fallen to 36% -- an approval rating less than President Trump's. But the elite media won't talk about it. To them, Macron is the brilliant young technocrat who saved France from Marine Le Pen and Trump-like populism, so therefore the numbers don't matter.

1.5k reactions 162 comments
Stan Pruett If your going to a pollster company and going to pay them and thy know your political agenda their in business to keep customers so is media whos their largest customers democrats ?
Judith Giglio Polls are never to be believed... I personally don't put much truth in them and they don't sway me to change my Trump support.
Chloe Smith Who are the liberal media asking? They certainly haven't ask me, nor anyone I know. I am sure they are cherry-picking who and where they ask. The liberal media is totally dishonest!
Richard James It might have something to do with his spending 10,000 euros a month on makeup. His wifemother could have taught him for much less. He's a dopey diva.
Pat Clark Jr Newt we don't care... We care about America. Why don't you talk about your buddies who won't pass anything and are holding up Trumps agenda...our agenda!!!
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