Newt Gingrich
19:55 05/18/2017

Roger Ailes was a genius at politics and the news media. His advice to Presidents Nixon and Reagan was historic and helped elect both.

Ailes played a key role in electing President George H.W. Bush in 1988. He understood the American people, and he knew how to reach them.

Ailes’s greatest contribution was the founding and development of Fox News. He understood that ‘Fair and Balanced' was the key to success. In the years I worked with him he was a great mentor, deeply patriotic, committed to Fox News, and really worried about America. The history of cable television will have a very big chapter on Roger Ailes. Without his success at Fox News, Trump could never have won.

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Timeline Photos

Roger Ailes was a genius at politics and the news media. His advice to Presidents Nixon and Reagan was historic and helped elect both. Ailes played a key role in electing President George H.W. Bush in 1988. He understood the American people, and he knew how to reach them.

Ailes’s greatest contribution was the founding and development of Fox News. He understood that ‘Fair and Balanced' was the key to success. In the years I worked with him he was a great mentor, deeply patriotic, committed to Fox News, and really worried about America. The history of cable television will have a very big chapter on Roger Ailes. Without his success at Fox News, Trump could never have won.

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Gayle Grimsley Heninger
RIP Mr. Ailes! You changed my life. Until Fox news, I thought I was the only one like me out there!!!
Kit Rowley
NEWT - True Republicans and believers in MAGA must come together; this DOES NOT include many in the GOP who are RINOs at best. There are millions, maybe 40,000,000 people who despite his short coming still believe that Trump is the best thing to happen to America since Reagan.
Carolyn Scruggs
As long as you weren't a pretty woman trying to have a career in broadcasting. Go to bed with him or else! That is not acceptable behavior from anyone!
Dustin Dubree
Reagan is the only one worth mentioning...The Bush's are globalists..I remember H W telling us on live tv that they were bringing in the new world order with the help of the UN and there was nothing Americans could do about it...We see the results today.
Fannie Esidore
I feel so bad that his name has been drug through the mud along with other conservative men on Fox News. I personally do not believe all the nasty reports that were told about him and Bill O'Reilly %Thank you Mr Ailes for giving the world Fox News.
Bruce Patrick
Yes, the loss of Ailes and Bill O'Rilley is devastating to all Americans who love our Country, and who live by our laws and Constitution.
Bob Elliott
I never realized until recent news reports that Roger (3 years younger than me) was from my old home town, Warren, Ohio. RIP!
Doug Gerrie Foster
Mr. Gingrich, tell me of a true Leader who has led with dignity and can honestly say self interests and Infidelity was not part of their repertoire. How can you say good things about that person and not understand that their faults, which are not minor, can be ignored. This means YOU accept his/her misgivings. A spade is a spade in my book and I completely disrespect your idea (and many others) of true Leaders. Fair and balanced, ha. I'm surprised at you as I thought you turned this corner.
Randy Rogers
Neil Cavuto's eulogy was fantastic, a really thought laden tribute to the contributions of the man. Farewell, Rest in Peace.
Betty Wright Pannell
And that is the reason O'Reilly got fired. He was way too popular with the people, told the truth and probably helped Trump, and the liberal Murdoch's hated O'Reilly and Trump.
J Sue Topping
Fox, please stay fair and balanced. I sense some left leaning. If this keeps up we will have no truthful political news to watch
Faye Solberg
turning into just another liberal network, more liberals as guests talking out of their other't watch it much anymore.
Steve Schutter
Had Ailes and Fox been around back during Watergate he would have convinced many the Democrats did both the break in and the cover-up. Thankfully back then news was not opinion.
Marilyn Benson
Big thank you for a news media that we can watch and really know what the truth is. RIP Mr Ailes. You have made a very large mark on this country.
Ronald DeAngelis
I might not agree with everything on fox news, but where would this country be with out them????? Think about it, no one around to put all the bullcrap liberal lies down , no one around to fight against the fake news media??? No one to point out the Hypocrisy, Some one to point out the fake polls, Somebody who strives to report accurately, and with truth, and when they are wrong they point it out immdiately , Where would we be???? Think about it!!! Thank you sir!!!! R.I.P You have single Handedly saved America

Other newsfeed from Newt Gingrich

Keeping our corporate tax rate at 35% won't keep businesses in the U.S. The GOP's Tax Cuts and Jobs Act slashes the rate to 20%, which means more jobs and higher wages for the American people.

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Eleni Kerry Currie O'Leary Insanity - doing the same thing over and over and thinking the result will be different—- hasn’t worked in the past so what is different? Nothing
David Douthit Unless you live in places like dumbfuckistan (Ca) where the government will increase their taxes so it goes to them. If you like your money, move out of dumbfickistan and like minded states.
Shiela Morgan Conder Simple economics no business no job. We are in upper limits middle class and will be getting about 250.00 but that is something.
Robert Crouch Every middle income family and heavily taxed the Wingland is going to get screwed losing all the income tax write off we used to have we’re going to be doubly text now
Lisa M Kirkeby I heard this morning that pass through businesses will be taxed at 30%! Why do we get screwed - a lot of small businesses are pass throughs! It should be 20% for all businesses, regardless of the type!

Happening now: Advocates for Opioid Recovery and the Collaborative for Effective Prescription Opioid Policies (CEPOP) are hosting an important conversation on the ways that our federal government can ensure that people have access to the most effective opioid addiction treatment. Watch the live stream below.

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Richard F. Gilbank morons all of you
Helen Ciupka-Kilstrom Nadine Marie Scott Rich
Don Sternburg Is that SANTA
Rick Smith Legalize and save lives and money
Florence Rachel Riales I have an idea. Don’t do drugs

The FDA has approved three types of medications to help Americans recover from opioid addiction — yet these are not covered in Medicare. Today at 4pET, join Advocates for Opioid Recovery and the Collaborative for Effective Prescription Opioid Policies (CEPOP) for a discussion on the federal government’s role in making the best practice for opioid addiction treatment a common practice:

213 reactions 50 comments
Tony Rooster Cogburn And YES, 'BIG PHARMA' IS 2 BLAME!!!
Michael Senchak MAT is a sham. You cannot fix a spiritual malady with a drug. Treating drugs with other drugs is backwards
Paul Grow How bout this......mind your own GD business!
Rob Griswold More drugs to help recover from drugs, yeah ok.
Paul T. Bacchus Ibogaine CURES ALL addictions.

President Donald J. Trump's Asia trip was remarkably successful. He proved once again his strength as a leader and returns home even more capable of representing America on the world stage.

4.6k reactions 182 comments
Kat Taylor So why are the dems trying to impeach him? He is a great President and I hope he gets in another 4 years!
Mary Olsgaard Channel 7 can't hear well. The woman made a stupid account. She is an idiot. The white woman. I'll add it soon. No respect for our president. It was this morning.
April Duwe You are truly a president that we can be proud of you stand for America thank you mr. Trump for all your hard work we love you and we will stand behind you 100%
Louise Mahnkey Thank You President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump for Making America Great Again, not only here at home, but around the world. God Bless You !!!
Yvonne Olson Thank you and keep up the great job you are doing. Nice to have a real leader who takes charge and gets things done.

For nearly 40 years, Hillary Clinton has been getting away with corrupt, illegal behavior. It's time for the Justice Department and Congress to stop tolerating the lies and finally hold the Clintons accountable.

7.6k reactions 470 comments
Danese Mathis She will never be convicted, Newt, even though she needs to be. There are a lot of reasons why she won't be convicted, we need to quit kicking a dead horse. Common people do much less than Obama, Hillary and Bill and they will never see the outside of ...
Martha Shipley Amen. Obama was venomous snake. However congress and the others think the Clintons can whatever they to and never pay for their criminal acts
Peggy Sue Saw your interview on FOX this morning. It burned my ears when you said you didn't want to see her go to trial. WHY???? Us low lives out here in the real world would have been locked up years ago for doing a fraction of what she has done. I am sick ...
Jeff Bramlett I agree with my whole heart. But, nothing will ever happen, they are a protected, elite, class all to themselves.
Nancy Smith-Polisky But, it seems that we have an AWOL DOJ !!! Either that, or he chooses to do nothing and simply hang back into the shadows!! I had expected SO MUCH MORE of Sessions and am not only disappointed. I am regretful that I had previously regarded him with ...

In the latest episode of What If? History That Could've Been, I look at how history could've been different if the Berlin Wall never fell. Thanks to Kevin Jones for submitting this episode idea. Submit your ideas here:

158 reactions 9 comments
Kate Boger If the wall never fell, those Germans they freed might have been worse to free then they were.
Amy Owens What if Putin had left Hillary alone?
Sally Bergmoser Love Newt !
Albert Lee Miller III To answer the initial prompt: SJWs would yell at it until in crumbled.
Steven Ott What if Fred Trump had not been banished from Germany or even better yet, what if Maryanne had swallowed.

It’s past time that we make the best practice for opioid addiction treatment a common practice. Join Advocates for Opioid Recovery and the Collaborative for Effective Prescription Opioid Policies (CEPOP) on November 15th to discuss Congress’ role in ending the opioid crisis by ensuring that Americans have access to medication assisted treatment.

206 reactions 37 comments
Craig Phelps Stabilize Ween Cut off Stabilize addicts w SAFER PILLS like oxycontin or Vicodin vs street drugs STABILIZE -daily pick up of daily amounts After you STABILIZE in 2-3 weeks You lower doses Over 2-4 months Get to taking codeine Getting clean off the ...
Vonnie Speck Amen
Lance Duncan How did we get to a opiod epidemic?
Joann Kepshire Wish I knew sooner....
Gordon Gabaree Arrest the Doctors!

Thank you to the brave men and women who serve our great nation! We all know a veteran who has impacted our lives. For me, my stepfather Bob Gingrich and Senator Bob Dole are two in particular. I encourage you to share a story of the veterans who've impacted your life in the comments.

125 reactions 9 comments
Kate Boger took.
Hannah Cookie Goldt My Dad and My husband.
Shirley Marsh Amen thank you for you service
George Williams God Bless all of our Veterans.
Stephanie Glenessen Great video Newt Gingrich, thank you so much! <3

The Veterans Who Have Shaped My Life

285 reactions 8 comments
Steve Kysor 50 years ago.
Lana Brown Ross XXX
Hazel Marthinsen Great tribute to our veterans
Vonnie Speck Amen
Rickie Johnston Go Newt...

We all know a veteran who has had an impact on our life. With Veterans Day approaching, I wanted to share with you two veterans who helped shape my life: My stepfather, Bob Gingrich and my friend and former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole. I also invite you this month to join me in supporting the Elizabeth Dole Foundation, and their efforts to help military families. #TheyServed

369 reactions 13 comments
Norreen Zellmar Brooks My Father is my inspiration. Two wars, Korean and Vietnam.
Roberto Lucania hello..
Fred Kame I agree go Newt, salute
Robin Mcquatters Amazing! God bless our Veterans 🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸
Emmanuel Ugojor Ogoh May the God IS serve in Christ Jesus caise His goodness to follow the United States Arned Forces...

Meeting of the Ambassadors + one former Speaker! Great to join Ambassador-Designate to the Holy See Callista Gingrich and U.S. Ambassador to Italy Lewis Eisenberg here in Rome.

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Isaac Anim Go! Newt Gingrich
Fernando Ballesteros Classy
Abdhllh Bahache 👍
Jaaouan Ali AHLAN+++
Thayer Eldridge Bleah

Corruption is nothing new to the Clintons. In fact, Hillary's first major act of corruption dates back almost 40 years, when she miraculously turned $1,000 into nearly $100,000 in 10 months during her first attempt at trading commodities. Read more:

3.9k reactions 590 comments
Gene Brown And sadly getting away with it. Talk about your American justice system at work. We may as well be a Banana Republic.... Yeah the store, politicians and big money already bought and paid for the Justice Department...
Ellen Coleman The only other Clinton scandal should be the one she runs in jail to protect her ..... from being killed. If Congress and the DOJ don’t bring charges against her we the people should bring charges against the DoJ and members of Congress for collusion, ...
Kim Marker If Mueller convicts Trumps people without also convicting Obama’s, Hillary, lynch, and all of them, then there will be hell to pay with the American least sixty three million of them. We are tired of corruption.
John Underwood Such arrogance to think that you can be that corrupt for that long and the entire career you think that "one day, I WILL be president, one way or another." Sad country in which we live in when there is one set of laws for the Clinton cartel and its ...
Dottie Glenn Kellebrew I've lived in Arkansas most of my life and when EVER the Clintons names where mentioned there was always scandal attached..its long over due that they answer for their sins ,CORRUPTION "GRAFT" MONEY LAUNDERING...THEFT AND SO ON AND SO ON....

If passed, the GOP Tax Cuts & Jobs Act will be the most important tax reform legislation in more than 30 years. It will save Americans more money, create more jobs, and lead to more economic growth. But in order to pass, Republicans must stay focused and not allow minor policy arguments to derail their progress. Read more:

1.8k reactions 299 comments
Scott Coloney Do you really believe the smoke and mirrors mr gingrich? You were there when Reagan saved us. this is no where close. What about this extra percentage of you make over a million
Becky Warren Witt The republicans better get something done or else they will all be replaced with public servants who will actually serve the people and follow through on their campaign promises!! They work for the American people and I believe personally that they have ...
Mariel Johnson Falk Tell that to Daryl Issa. Instead of putting pressure on California legislators to improve to lower their taxes, he's refusing to sign off on this tax reform plan because it will hurt them even more. It's a self-inflicted wound and maybe the tax reform ...
Ginger Reitz Morgan You do realize it would be possible to abolish the IRS, right? The politicians would fight hard to keep it from happening but if the people stuck together we could do it....and don't think those lazy butts aren't watching the American people as we stick ...
Jeannette Kingery Oregon Gov. is excited about this. She is looking for a way to tax this benefit out of us. And she will find a way , no matter how ludicrous. Like tax our health insurance. Yes that's true.

Happy 99th Birthday to Reverend Billy Graham! His witness saved millions of lives. His crusades touched the hearts of people around the world.

2.1k reactions 95 comments
Lamont Cranston Jesus blindly worshipped and empowered the most evil God known to man. He is the blind leading the blind.
Babette Hiles What a wonderful man of Goid. Happy Birthday 🎂 and God bless you.
Mike Wagner yes and his net worth is 25 million, and his son makes 1.2 million and 2 retirement accounts , he has made millions , false prophet God will no, but how many could he feed with that, ? but he has all ways been a big shot and made a fortune , he got my ...
Dave Headrick He was used effectively by Almighty God. Blessed man of God.
David Thompson He made himself an awful lot of money did he not? Saved many more Dollars than he did souls.

If Robert Mueller wants to show Americans that he is nonpartisan and sincerely interested in justice, then he needs to investigate all the things we are learning about the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation. There is too much there to simply ignore.

3.1k reactions 303 comments
Dennis Nagan Mueller doesn't give a crap about what Americans think or justice. He's on a mission to destroy Trump regardless of the truth.
Gary Meyers Washington is so corrupt it is unbelievable - the people who need to do a responsible job are so corrupt they cannot risk scrutiny because their illegal acts will be exposed. It's a hodgepodge of corruption and we can't fix it. Where is Bobby Kennedy ...
Brenda Bowman Turpin Robert Mueller is part of the corruption so it would be impossible for him to investigate the "Sewer" aka "Swamp"...
David Beck I'd rather he have a narrow focus: did Trump get Russian help or not? That ought to be extremely easy to find out. Common sense already tells you that if anybody is pro Russian, it's the zero-values crowd, the evil left. The Russian are our enemies, ...
Hank Tiller Obviously with the info Fox and Satellite radio are reporting, the Senate Judiciary Committee need to launch a total and complete investigation of “ everyone” involved as there are so many conflicting stories that will likely be heard by those who ...

1.4k reactions 62 comments
Patty Monson Nice picture Newt---
TY Beaulieu Cruella goes to Rome
Barbara Honeycutt Lawson Harvin Happy for her beautiful people
Kathy Fas Congratulations and good luck!!!!
James D Stewart Congratulations Calista

Timeline Photos

924 reactions 44 comments
Helen Peterson Yaaay
Leona Mary Congrats !!
Brenda Alexander We have the best!
Shirley Keele Great lady.
Janet Griffin So blessed ♡

It's been one of the most interesting debates of the last 70 years -- what if Truman had decided not to use the atomic bombs in Japan? I explore how history and the outcome of WWII might've changed in the latest episode of What If? History That Could've Been. Please continue to submit your episode ideas and don't forget to like the show page to view more "What If?" episodes.

893 reactions 126 comments
Anthony Horton it would haven taken at-least another two more years for America to defeat the Japanese in this blood war. Many more brave America soldiers would have died of course and the weight of that tolled Hard and Heavy on Then President Truman!! America ...
Myles O'Riley To drop the bomb or not? Truman's military advisors believed dropping the bomb would result in a quicker termination of the war. These advisors reminded Truman of the god-like status of the emperor within the Japanese culture and how they would fight ...
Frank Faragasso It doesn't matter he did, anything else is just guessing. What if Roosevelt and Chamberlain hadn't appeased Hitler and declared war when he invaded Poland.
David Beck Massive US soldier casualties and delay in concluding the war; that's exactly why we dropped it, to avoid all of the above. Not a fan of HST, but on this one point, he did the right thing. Plus, all the heinous acts of the Japanese dating back 20 years ...
Tony Giordano What if Bob Corker and John McCain have their hands all over the Uranium One deal? I believe most of us like-minded conservatives need to force the narrative to change in the media. If it does not, there can be no turning back on calling them(and ...

President Donald J. Trump is right: We should end the diversity lottery for immigration. However, while this is an important initial step, we need to take far more decisive measures in improving and securing our immigration system. Read more:

2.0k reactions 96 comments
Lana S. Rhodes This garbage got 8 more people killed
David Kirby Let's see; eeny-meeny-miney-moe...which terrorist gets a free pass into the USA today! PATHETIC!!!!!
Scott King He means the diversity murderer lottery.
Barbara Blake America should NEVER be a Lottery prize! No Chain Immigration !!!!
Ken Mercer Has to be Shut Down..Can't wait til the next thing that happens!!

The terrorist who killed eight people in NYC on Tuesday is not a criminal, he's an enemy combatant. If he was an American citizen he’d be a traitor, and we need to revise our system so that people who are identified as enemy combatants do not get Miranda rights.

2.4k reactions 123 comments
Jon Walsh If the govt wont take care of this garbage, give him to us, we'll fix him.
Deborah Brown Agreed! Only Americans are entitled to our constitutional rights
Linda Volk Federal charges and I'm all for the death penalty. If he's dead, no future president can free them. Second, American taxpayers don't have to pay for their care.
Marsha Whitman Lingle Trump is right give him the death penalty, he wants it anyway.
Sharon Yajcaji-Nicholson Wow! Can’t believe anyone would be for keeping this program. Never Forget 911!!!! 🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

The GOP needs to push for the largest tax cut they can pass -- the key here being getting enough votes to pass. They need to let the legislative process work, negotiating and maneuvering, until they can ensure they have the votes they need to pass tax cuts the American people deserve.

903 reactions 65 comments
Chris Suess You mean the tax cuts that only the wealthiest amongst us will benefit from.
Diane Donohue Marzano People really need these cuts; hope it happens!
Phil Longo To hell with the GOP. Theyre just all about themselves, its CLEAR to us now!!!!
Rick Hood Cut spending and increase the tax reform
Barb Barnett Adams No medical expense martini lunch deduction for businesses!

Newt Gingrich: Tax cuts are key to reaching four percent growth -- Ignore the 'experts'

Newt Gingrich: Tax cuts are key to reaching four percent growth -- Ignore the
Newt Gingrich: Tax cuts are key to reaching four percent growth -- Ignore the 'experts'

Sustained 3 percent economic growth in America – or higher – is entirely possible, and the Republican tax cuts will help get us there.

1.5k reactions 73 comments
David Michael Swartz Democrats love to spend other ppls money
Catherine Taylor The "experts" laughed at Reagan's trickle down economics and look what happened then.
Michael Keith Fordham Democrats always oppose any tax cut
Gerie Golet And how can you make tax cuts when you don't have enough to run the government?
Connie Booth Gingrich is so smart and capable..

If Hillary Clinton had won, she would've continued to corrupt the Justice Department. She would've continued to cover up the scandals. And she would've continued to sell out America's interests. Rather than put an end to the grotesque abuse of power that we're learning existed in the previous administration, Hillary would've made it worse.

3.5k reactions 418 comments
Stephen Dunaway Sir the vision set out by the founders of this society was a outstanding vision . Sadly we have never lived up to that vision and never been a society of ' quality under the law ' of the constitution applied to all I am sure your a much better ...
Frank Felty Man I'm going to tell you what are traditional system in Congress had better work and they best prosecute these people just like they would me
Alice Lane If Hillary had become President she would have plopped herself down in the Oval Office, had a staff meeting and told everyone to carry on as usual. Memo: Next meeting in 4 years. See you then, Hillary
Stacy Taylor Im pretty sure that's what they were banking on which is why they didn't cover their tracks. The KNEW she was going to be President and didn't care what it took. Now their skeletons are falling out of the Whitehouse closets
Johnny Fame Don't let this distract you from the fact that in 1966, Al Bundy scored four touchdowns in a single game while playing for the Polk High School Panthers in the 1966 city championship game versus Andrew Johnson High School, including the game-winning ...

If the Department of Justice is truly as concerned about lying as they say they are, then why aren't they looking at the Clinton campaign? The DOJ professional staff has been in the tank for Hillary from the start, and what we're watching unfold is a grotesque abuse of power.

5.4k reactions 337 comments
Lana Henry For the life of me I just don’t understand all the hate of President Trump and the extreme radical libs wanting to destroy our country! They are so full of hate and lies! Their socialistic ideology does not work! If they would go back and look at ...
Lucy McAllister Agree, totally wrong. Whats right is right and whats wrong is wrong, except if you are Hillary, then whats wrong is right.
Mel Myer Newt one of the wisest men of our day ! I am so sadden that the system is corrupt. " In the tank for Clintons" absurd !!!😷😷😷😷
Sandra Kay Harris Rosenberg or Stein or whatever his name is should be made to step down and someone else put in charge of Mueller. Sessions needs to step up and start investigating things related to Hillary, or both step down.
Bob Camp AG Sessions seems content to just suck his thumb rather than doing his job. If Sessions cannot, or will not, protect the Constitution and the American people, he needs to resign so the President can appoint someone with courage.

Witnessing Real Corruption

1.2k reactions 119 comments
Mike Michalakis Robert Mueller is superb choice to be special counsel. His reputation is impeccable for honesty and integrity. Media should now calm down. Newt Gingrich May 2017
Jaime Del Val I like your videos Newt Gingrich. You are one of the smartest people on the planet. I always learn something when I hear you speak.
Jay Case It is "THE REAL CORRUPTION" but nothing will be done about it. They will go after President Trump as harx as they can but she is like teflon, nothing sticks.
Sharon Kramer Linhares Amen..people are being led astray by not doing research..all they have to do is change TV channels to see the difference..
David Beck Hillary practically gives away our uranium to the Rooskies, then decries the speck that's in Trump's eye; Hypocrite City...

Trump opioid commission will recommend nationwide drug courts

Trump opioid commission will recommend nationwide drug courts
Trump opioid commission will recommend nationwide drug courts

A draft of the final report from President Trump’s commission on combating the opioid epidemic lays out 53 recommendations.

402 reactions 36 comments
Kate Boger good.
Rhonda Parker Too much prescribing by doctors.
Susan Macauley Don't like Chris christy!!!!
Fred Kame I agree go Trump
Russ Diehl excellent Choice of Chris as the Leader on this effort.

Timeline Photos

924 reactions 34 comments
Shane Stallard Tabby Short
Gail E Frost Enough already!
Ann Musselman All the Best !
Fred Kame I agree
Harry Lopes 😮 another’s sinless Pharisee 👀

Congress needs to investigate all Clinton Foundation donations and expenditures. If donations were being made to the Foundation in Canada in order to avoid U.S. financial disclosures, then all of this information needs to be made public.

6.6k reactions 319 comments
Kathy Dav-web What needs to be and what will happen are world's apart. Not that I don't have faith in our President, I totally totally do, but he is ONE man and it would take many organizations to come together to pursue any exposure at all.
Ellen Clary Just to waste more of the taxpayers' money since they will never be held accountable. Time for the taxpayers to quit paying taxes.
Robert Miner I am sure all the liberal media cable hosts are really intelligent people. So why do they compare Papadopoulos's attempts to get dirt on Hillary, with Hillary's Fusion GPS getting dirt on Trump? Papadopoulos did not pay for the dirt, and never got ...
Jean Koclanakis You have not written about Bill Clinton going Into Haiti stole millions of dollars from Haiti fund to help feed the ppl & rebuild their country & then he deposit it in the “Clinton. foundation “ I think Chelsea used this money for her wedding .if ...
Kathleen Alder Former presidents were entitled from 1965 to 1996 to lifetime Secret Service protection, for themselves, spouses, and children under 16. A 1994 statute, (Pub.L. 103–329), limited post-presidential protection to ten years for presidents inaugurated after ...

Americans deserve to know the truth about the level of foreign donation, influence peddling, and outright corruption involved in the Clinton world. The first thing Congress should do as it begins its new investigations is make every single donation to the Clinton Foundation and its charity initiatives public.

7.8k reactions 340 comments
Karin Sicoli ...💭 all of those countries and individuals who donated —thinking they’d get in good with the future president...😆 Then after she lost the presidential election boy did those donations dry up... Right there you can see the corruption.
Janice Sternik The Clintons have been around so long we just can't get rid of them. They keep popping up like a Bad Penny! What's it going to take to get them to go away? I know, indict her if we have to put up with her one way or another.
Judy Martin America is about to find out just how corrupt the top dogs truly are. Everything happens for a reason. Greed is the nasty word of the day. Regardless of your party they are ALL pathetic.
Gina Hellweg Tim Jackson We all need to keep insisting on justice. We are almost there! Don't fall back asleep. Its going to get easier now and the truth will all come out. Let's not forget about the media blackout. It matters that they have been silent. The media are owned and ...
Terry Levesque How much more taxpayer dollars are going to be spent on investigations that keep showing their guilt before Obama, Clintons, and their cronies are thrown in jail? .... You could start by seizing all their money and paying back our Social Security System ...
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