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19:55 05/18/2017

Roger Ailes was a genius at politics and the news media. His advice to Presidents Nixon and Reagan was historic and helped elect both.

Ailes played a key role in electing President George H.W. Bush in 1988. He understood the American people, and he knew how to reach them.

Ailes’s greatest contribution was the founding and development of Fox News. He understood that ‘Fair and Balanced' was the key to success. In the years I worked with him he was a great mentor, deeply patriotic, committed to Fox News, and really worried about America. The history of cable television will have a very big chapter on Roger Ailes. Without his success at Fox News, Trump could never have won.

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Timeline Photos

Roger Ailes was a genius at politics and the news media. His advice to Presidents Nixon and Reagan was historic and helped elect both. Ailes played a key role in electing President George H.W. Bush in 1988. He understood the American people, and he knew how to reach them.

Ailes’s greatest contribution was the founding and development of Fox News. He understood that ‘Fair and Balanced' was the key to success. In the years I worked with him he was a great mentor, deeply patriotic, committed to Fox News, and really worried about America. The history of cable television will have a very big chapter on Roger Ailes. Without his success at Fox News, Trump could never have won.

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Gayle Grimsley Heninger
RIP Mr. Ailes! You changed my life. Until Fox news, I thought I was the only one like me out there!!!
Kit Rowley
NEWT - True Republicans and believers in MAGA must come together; this DOES NOT include many in the GOP who are RINOs at best. There are millions, maybe 40,000,000 people who despite his short coming still believe that Trump is the best thing to happen to America since Reagan.
Carolyn Scruggs
As long as you weren't a pretty woman trying to have a career in broadcasting. Go to bed with him or else! That is not acceptable behavior from anyone!
Dustin Dubree
Reagan is the only one worth mentioning...The Bush's are globalists..I remember H W telling us on live tv that they were bringing in the new world order with the help of the UN and there was nothing Americans could do about it...We see the results today.
Fannie Esidore
I feel so bad that his name has been drug through the mud along with other conservative men on Fox News. I personally do not believe all the nasty reports that were told about him and Bill O'Reilly %Thank you Mr Ailes for giving the world Fox News.
Bruce Patrick
Yes, the loss of Ailes and Bill O'Rilley is devastating to all Americans who love our Country, and who live by our laws and Constitution.
Bob Elliott
I never realized until recent news reports that Roger (3 years younger than me) was from my old home town, Warren, Ohio. RIP!
Doug Gerrie Foster
Mr. Gingrich, tell me of a true Leader who has led with dignity and can honestly say self interests and Infidelity was not part of their repertoire. How can you say good things about that person and not understand that their faults, which are not minor, can be ignored. This means YOU accept his/her misgivings. A spade is a spade in my book and I completely disrespect your idea (and many others) of true Leaders. Fair and balanced, ha. I'm surprised at you as I thought you turned this corner.
Randy Rogers
Neil Cavuto's eulogy was fantastic, a really thought laden tribute to the contributions of the man. Farewell, Rest in Peace.
Betty Wright Pannell
And that is the reason O'Reilly got fired. He was way too popular with the people, told the truth and probably helped Trump, and the liberal Murdoch's hated O'Reilly and Trump.
J Sue Topping
Fox, please stay fair and balanced. I sense some left leaning. If this keeps up we will have no truthful political news to watch
Faye Solberg
turning into just another liberal network, more liberals as guests talking out of their other't watch it much anymore.
Steve Schutter
Had Ailes and Fox been around back during Watergate he would have convinced many the Democrats did both the break in and the cover-up. Thankfully back then news was not opinion.
Marilyn Benson
Big thank you for a news media that we can watch and really know what the truth is. RIP Mr Ailes. You have made a very large mark on this country.
Ronald DeAngelis
I might not agree with everything on fox news, but where would this country be with out them????? Think about it, no one around to put all the bullcrap liberal lies down , no one around to fight against the fake news media??? No one to point out the Hypocrisy, Some one to point out the fake polls, Somebody who strives to report accurately, and with truth, and when they are wrong they point it out immdiately , Where would we be???? Think about it!!! Thank you sir!!!! R.I.P You have single Handedly saved America

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Today, as we celebrate the birthday and life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., it would be powerful if every American would remember the heart of his “I Have a Dream” speech. It is one of the most powerful and inspirational speeches in American history. Delivered on August 28, 1963 to more than 200,000 people while standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial, Dr. King personalized his dream, saying, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” Today, almost 55 years later, we are still all too far from achieving Dr. King’s dream. It is important to remember the tragic history of African Americans. When people question why African Americans should be considered differently than other immigrant groups, they miss the whole point of the African American experience. Sold as slaves, shipped in cruel and inhuman conditions, totally dominated by white owners, having only as much family stability as their white owners permitted; the first two centuries of African American life in America violated every ideal to which America is committed. Despite these conditions, individuals began to rise from the system of slavery. Frederick Douglass was the most famous Black orator of the 19th century and spoke passionately for the liberation of slaves. Throughout the North, before the Civil War, there were more and more free African Americans (as there also were in New Orleans for historic reasons). Americans fought their bloodiest war over slavery. More Americans died in the Civil War than all our other wars combined, through part of the Vietnam War. President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, freeing the slaves in Confederate states that had not yet surrendered to the Union. Constitutional Amendments were adopted at the end of the war, ending slavery and guaranteeing freedom nationwide. For a few brief years, America moved toward genuine freedom, with the United States Army enforcing desegregation in the South – something it would do again a century later. However, decades of pressure from anti-Black political muscle in the South gradually reasserted legal segregation to minimize African American rights and opportunities. Despite the betrayal of Lincoln’s vision, a substantial number of African Americans began rising in education, economics, and status. Then, mobilization of the work force for World War II created vast new opportunities as southern Blacks migrated to Detroit and elsewhere to work in industries which had lost workers to the war effort. Furthermore, a substantial number of African Americans served in the military. Finally, the revulsion against Nazi racism began to delegitimize and undermine racism in America. As African Americans yearned for true equality, a young minister emerged as their most powerful voice. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. brilliantly combined great rhetorical skill with a deep understanding of the Bible and of the essence of America’s best ideals, as articulated in the Declaration of Independence and in the speeches and writings of Thomas Jefferson and President Lincoln. Unfortunately, we have not yet attained the America for which Dr. King called. We still have far too much racial feeling among all ethnic groups. We still tolerate poor children being crushed by incompetent and corrupt bureaucracies, which take huge amounts of money but fail to educate. We still allow far too many young men to languish in prison without hope, when we should be offering them second chances. We still have too many people without jobs because crime keeps small businesses from being opened in neglected neighborhoods. Faced with these failures, some Americans have given up on Dr. King’s dream and have begun to advocate a form of toxic identity politics which abandons color-blindness as an ideal. All of us should take this holiday to reflect on Dr. King’s dream, the obligation all of us have to turn this dream into reality, and the responsibility we bear to ensure that America always strives to live up to its ideals. This is the response Dr. King would have wanted for his birthday.

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Kathleen Minnaugh-Teay We all know where the advent of identity politics began, don't we? The Democrats are the quintessential purveyors!
Bobby James You chastised Colin Kaepernic for his peaceful protest and now you’ve got the nerve to praise Dr. King for his? Sit down hypocrite!
John Silva I honestly really want to but, so many are are making it difficult for me to believe that his dream is their dream also.
John H. Schneider II The left isn't interested in equality - they have to keep people down so that they can tell the people "you need us to fight for you".
Jay Mitchell We can all agree that courage is fear that has said its prayers to God, and the courage and faith that MLK illustrated with what he faced in the 1960s is astounding and inspiring.

The zone of corruption that has been tolerated at the Department of Justice is unfair to the hundreds of honest DOJ and FBI employees and to the American people. The Congress and Attorney General Sessions have an obligation to find out what happened and take the appropriate actions.

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Christine Sperling Munding The slander of media needs to be stopped.
Roy Larson Kind of hard to do Newt when some of them are a part of it.
Charles Vaughn I agree it's time to investigate the DOJ and FBI. Time for the Congress and the AG DO THEIR JOB.
Carl Bucklew I will NEVER TRUST anything coming out of the DOJ/FBI BED of CORRUPTION !!!!!
Dawney Buckhalt Pickard All they do is talk about it I don't see anyone doing anything about this but demoting people,and Wrey,is no help I think the whole system is completely corrupt,

Imagine you had a friend who, as a relatively young man, decided to take a shot at the toughest real estate market in America and ended up making billions buying, selling, and building properties. Imagine this person then mastered branding to the point that people paid to license his name on hotels, resorts, and other buildings across the world. Imagine that over the next few decades this friend also: -Bought and developed 19 golf courses; -Was on the cover of Time Magazine in 1989 and named the magazine’s Person of the Year in 2016; -Produced and starred in a reality show for 11 years that attracted more than 20 million viewers in its first season; and -Wrote multiple bestselling books on business. Then suppose this friend, having never previously held public office, decided to run for president, where he led the Republican field in polls every week but one, beat 16 other Republicans to win the nomination, and took on and defeated the entire elite media, who could not stand him and printed and talked about every negative “fact” they could conjure. Then imagine he defeated the obvious Democratic heir apparent who had been involved in politics for over 50 years and had served as first lady of Arkansas, first lady of the United States, U.S. Senator from New York, candidate for President in 2008, and Secretary of State prior to becoming the 2016 Democratic nominee for president. In his first year as president, imagine this friend nominated a conservative to the Supreme Court and got him approved, aggressively cut regulation, established a National Security Strategy that has been widely praised, and successfully helped pass the largest tax cut in more than three decades for the American people. Imagine as a result of all this, small business confidence, CEO confidence, and consumer confidence are through the roof, which has helped drive one of the quickest 1,000-point stock market gains in history. Now, consider how you would react if someone tried to convince you to ignore this track record and suggest that your incredibly successful friend had questionable mental capabilities. Wouldn’t you instead be inclined to be curious about how your friend does so many different things competently – and be puzzled that anyone could reasonably suggest he was anything other than capable? There is no need to imagine, of course, because the Left and the news media have spent the past week making this scenario a reality, making erroneous, malicious claims that President Donald Trump is somehow mentally unfit to lead our country – despite all evidence that he’s doing a fantastic job. The media and political elite still haven’t gotten over the fact that Donald J. Trump won and that he has been able to defy them and prove them wrong about virtually everything in American politics since he announced his candidacy for president. Remember this the next time you hear someone disparage a person he or she could never compete with in business, politics, or even on the golf course.

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Fonda Fly Hicks I don’t question his mental capabilities. I just wish he would think before he speaks sometimes. He could choose wiser words to get his point across. If he did, maybe “sh**hole” wouldn’t be CNN’s word of the day.
Herbert Fletcher The big democrap ship is sinking, and the liberal rats are going down with it,, thank god for trump.
Daniel Lambert Daniel 2:21 He changes times and seasons; he deposes kings and raises up others. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning.
Nancy Briggs Richards And too bad the media and the elites didn't care about the first black president that did everything to destroy this country.. Kinda like the same thing only the opposite but yet the liberal media was completely silent about it...Pretty messed up people ...
Freebies Meresolfa he knows what his up too for our country, be WINNER AND BE A NEGOTIATOR for us!!!!!!!! thank you Mr. 45th President of the United States😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

What if Robert F. Kennedy hadn't been assassinated in 1968? Would he have won the Democratic nomination? And if so, would he have gone on to beat Richard M. Nixon in the general election? In the season 1 finale of What If? History That Could've Been, I explore what could've been. Thanks to everyone who has submitted episode suggestions. Please continue to do so!

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Jeanette Akin I remember the day JFK was assinated. I also remember the 60 plus thousand soldiers who died in Vietnam Nam. A war he got us into. I do not think he would have been one of the great presidents!
Ed Azarian What if JFK assasination had failed? Would Majestic 12 release the highly secret UFO Files to the President? Would he & Khrushchev share highly classified extraterrestrial phenomenon surrounding space & future moon missions as they had agreed upon on ...
Bob Garms I have to say that I'm sooo sick and tired of hearing about the Kennedys via the media. PBS and other cable channels air as many shows about the Kennedys as they do on Hitler. Enough already! Where are the shows about Teddy Kennedy's murder of Mary ...
Geraldine Whipple That’s WHY, they had RFK killed also! He WOULD have WON! JFK, back then, was like the Republicans today, & he CARED about this country & it’s people! NOT like the DEMS today, who care about NOTHING, but getting enough illegals in to ensure they will ...
Carroll Skinner I remember Aslan in the Chronicles of Narnia, when they asked what might have been. He answered that it is one question we are not given to answer. And ANY answer Gingrich gives is likely to be bogus. My advice is pay him no mind.

The Left has nothing but junk to talk about. They have no solutions for any serious issue, so instead they focus on stories that are simply baloney to try to distract from the progress President Donald J. Trump is making.

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Wanetta Lynn Rose Smith Thank you Newt for being a voice of reason .
Denesh Niranjan This guy Newt is always on point. Respect.
Joanna E Callahan I've always loved your style, Mr. Speaker! Keep speaking the TRUTH!
Margie Alexander Tonkin I was so happy to see our President honor the college players and fans by making time to be there.
Patricia Anderson To me the who are in politics all these years are subversives

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Lillian Stiansen I am in partial agreement with you Mark however I believe we can respectfully disagree.
Thomas M. Benkis The current Pope seems to have lost his Catholic ways. Satan has crept into his heart.
James Cox She Conducts herself like my Mother. She is great
Millie Woloch What in heavens name is the "Holy See" They are deceivers.
Ofelia Aguinaldo Dayrit-Woodring Madame Calista - That is wonderful - private audience with the Holy Father. Awesome!

Since the day Donald J. Trump announced he was running for president, the left-wing media has passionately avoided reality, choosing to cover noise, rather than face the facts that the President knows what he's doing and is actually getting things done.

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Terry Baxter Yes he is Newt but Immigration is the make or break.
Tonia Ellenson That's right, the sky's been orange bunch of fake know it alls😂😂😂
Ester Tapalla Hiding the corruptions of the dems
Patricia Anderson So, so true, but i see through the noise from the left, they never ever have a good argument
Steven Ott Thanks for the laughs!

Penny and I are ready for a Georgia Football win! Watch our game day message: #GoDawgs #beatbama #nationalchampionship Georgia Bulldogs

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Gale Taylor Are they standing up for Anthem?
Lakin Cross ROLL TIDE! But ya'll really played a tough game. Still think you are number 1.
Wanda Linnekin Hubal I love Uga, but Penny is adorable!
Darlene Konicek Roll that tide outta here!!!!
Beth Lowe Awe I hate they didn’t get their win!!! Go Dawgs!

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Susan Olander looks like the Catholics are hurting for $$
Laura E. Matz I was standing right where you are 3 months ago.
Johanna Boler Good pic of you and calista can tell you are a happy couple
Clarence Klink Everingham one of the only reasons why I would visait europe again. is to see the wonders of the vatican.
Julie Rossler Cleary Nice picture, but there sure are a lot of naked people in the background . LOL!🤣

There's no better day to be a Georgian! My good friend Penny and I hope you'll join us in rooting for the right team, the only team, the Georgia Bulldogs tonight as Georgia Football faces off against Alabama Football in the #NationalChampionship game. Sic 'em. #GoDawgs #CallingtheDawgs

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Nancy M Barnhill you sound like my son in law. he's from georgia too
Liz Zirlott Love you Newt, but ROLL TIDE!!!!!
Joe Guy both teams have a similar system.....should be a great game!
Arlene Croft Go dawgs! In it to win it, such a talented team of mem!

In President Donald J. Trump's first year, he passed the largest tax cuts in modern times, had the largest deregulation in history in the first year, appointed more federal judges than Obama did during his inaugural year, and made tremendous progress in restoring America's role in the world. Yet, despite all of this, the elites and the liberal media continue to insist that Trump doesn't know what he's doing. Perhaps they're the ones who need the reality check.

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Samynathan Sundaram America has now a President who is a non-carrier politician, an executor of election promises, an entertainer and one will not hesitate to venture into precisely the scared areas where all his predecessors would NEVER ever even think about it. His ...
Jo Wendt Ifv I hope America is waking up and stand behind Trump!! He is doing a good job,but all that he does we put crap in news to make him look bad!!
Ken Gile The reality check is the "you don't take from the poor and middle income workers in order to provide a raise in income for the already blotted wealthy" It's the most honest thing that Congress can do. Greed is contagious .
Anita Landoll Heavenly Creator, Loving Parent, Divine Providence, Almighty, please bless the USA and President Trump. Increase our territory for You. Keep Your Hand on US. Keep US from evil, and please keep evil away from US. Help US to do no harm. May Your Reign ...
Diane Ellis Start arresting the libtards for treason, slander, making up false reports, etc. Ma y of them should be in jail by now. Madco w is one of them and CNN nonreporters who make up news!

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James Truax Newt Gingrich, for Wild Bill Hathcock? Come on, I'll have Hillary writing and you be President of there United States... it won't be about facade that you are President, just wack Trump and Pence, now.
James Truax Newt Gingrich, I'm going to have you funneling fire up your anus and down your throat, and you're attempting to use dirty viral power to threaten Madonna, who, of course (Carolina Keenan Shaw, please see this) Caroline didn't like, she later re-niggered ...
Deborah Elisa Ford May I ask what is that in the middle of the photo Thank you Newt Gingrich 🇺🇸
Rob Sparkes Newt might consider dating the articles in the search tab in your news letter. God Bless you!
Sean Morrissey I only hope that the former President understands that former Speaker Gingrich will also be very active in Washington politics as of January 21. :)

Steve Bannon has an exaggerated sense of self-importance, and the news media, of course, builds it up. But the fact is, Trump won the nomination without Bannon. Trump would have won the presidency without Bannon. And Trump has governed without Bannon. The news media is using this as another excuse to focus on "noise" rather than cover the tremendous progress President Trump is making.

4.4k reactions 270 comments
Randy Rogers Exactly on point, w/o Breitbart and it's reputation, there would be no mention of or even awareness of Steve Bannon!
Nancy Farabaugh I never trusted Bannon. He looks like he needs a shower all the time. Does he have a drinking problem? The red face gives him away. Couldn't figure out after left white house why he went on bashing and insulting the Republican party. I thought he was ...
Debbie Windsor Does Bannon live in that jacket? I think it could stand in a corner all by itself... This man is just a big mouth...trying to make money on his book that is pure NONSENSE.
Linda Youmans Durette First They hated Bannon; now they love Bannon. Stop allowing the media drive the train. I can’t even watch Fox anymore!
Sonya Craddock Rogers Thought he looked pretty shabby looking and he was not a good speaker but because he supported Trump I supported him but no more.Very disgraceful what he dond.

Unlike President Obama in 2009, who remained quiet and weak when the Iranian people demonstrated against the dictatorship, President Donald J. Trump is being aggressive and frank. He knows what it means to 'lead from the front,' and he is not afraid to speak out.

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Fletcher Farrar II Hey does anyone know what Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, North Korea and Iran have in common? They threw the IBF banks of the elite out and dropped the U.S. dollar. And there kiddos is why we suddenly wanted or want a war with them.
Melanie Philip Obama was leading from behind on pretty much everyone, boy did he do a number on America. The more I hear the more I wonder what goes on in the minds of those people who actually supported him for two terms.
Charlie Golembiewski Justice is MINE sayith the LORD. All will kneel before HIM and give an account...I personally don't want to shudder.
TY Beaulieu As in Trumps starting a war and Obama laying the way for peace ☮️
Butch Walden God help the people of Iran and the people of NK who are under tyrants. They are the true oppressed. Everyone in America is so blessed yet, there are such disrespectful unAmerican and illegals who don't respect our nation. Their nation. They need to ...

I share President Donald J. Trump's top 4 greatest achievements during his first year in office and the 3 biggest challenges he faces in 2018 in Dentons Public Policy's just released US Policy Scan 2018. Read it here:

US Policy Scan 2018
US Policy Scan 2018

US Policy Scan 2018

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Gloria F. Dale <3
Fred Kame I agree go Trump
Delia Brookshire the first thing i heard Trump say, we will bring God back ! and the rest followed :)
Simon Raj High time for both Mr.Speaker & Rev.Gov Huckabee to run for senate & to enhance Trump's presidency. Both capable of garnering Congress support for the administration.
Ineffable EinSof Red Cross is a corrupt organization involved in human trafficking & is responsible for spreading aids. Wake up stupids also money laundering for Rothschild cartel syndicate You Have Been Warned

The Congress has the power to simply not fund an institution that is not being obedient. The Department of Justice has to be confronted, at some point, with the reality that Congress is not going to tolerate being kept in the dark and being told lie after lie.

1.6k reactions 115 comments
Scott Lyons Is Fusion GPS the parent company of the CIA ?
Crystal Hall Cirillo Glad you were at the WH!!!! More visits with your wisdom is needed Newt ❤️
Kevin Shaefer "obedient"? Since when does the GOP not support appropriate law enforcement? The Judiciary has its process, and is following it.
David Wade Fire them all. Do this at the FBI as well.
Gideon Marks Good point, Mr. Speaker; we could put a squeeze on them and do so legally. I prefer we use that method to help eject useless all the deep state partisan waste matter left behind by Obama; while using every method possible to bring in Pro-Trump-agenda ...

What would've happened if the French had not supported us during the American Revolution? Would the United States still exist? Watch this week's episode of What If? History That Could've Been to hear my thoughts and thanks to show fan Neil Post for submitting this episode idea.

1.4k reactions 101 comments
Teresa Avila I'm No History Buff. Still find this Subject interesting.
Michael Loy Newt, thank you. I always learn something new when I listen to these history clips.
Richard Webber Thank you Mr. Gingrich for this ‘History’ review.
Charles Rose
Ben Crosier I don't think we would exist in the capacity we do today without the French.

President Donald J. Trump is exactly right to be condemning the Iranian dictatorship. The Iranian people are making it clear that they're tired of the corrupt dictatorship spending the money the Obama Administration gave them on Hezbollah and Hamas. This is a very important moment to really push the dictatorship and to stand publicly with the Iranian people.

2.0k reactions 96 comments
Jim Carlisle We should arm these poor people fighting for their freedom!
Deborah Alegre Where’s the so called “ international community “?
Hovsep Chalian People of IRAN are tired of Ayatola's and Imams I don't blame them # more power to the people
Lois Stawitcke I say let them fight it out. If we try to help no matter the outcome we will be wrong.
Steve Volkrt time for the iranian people to earn their freedom

From the inauguration of our 45th President to having a #1 New York Times best seller to joining Ambassador @callygingrich in Rome, 2017 has been quite a year! Cheers to 2018. 🎉 #2017bestnine

5.4k reactions 280 comments
Lillian Robinson Very beautiful pictures of mr & Mrs Newt Gingrich wishing you a very happy new year Amen!
Craig Gunter How many homeless and starving veterans are benefitting from her all expenses paid vacation in rome?
Scott Weilage HNY Mr Speaker! Help us turn MN red with a stop to Mankato, MN in 2018??
Nicholas Rizzo Happy New Year to a honorable man mr. Speaker Newt Gingrich God Bless . P.S. keep a good eye on that pope around the Mrs. ......
Milo Orzol I love this man from the day one. Happy New Year too All.

When President Donald J. Trump won the election, his critics expressed great concern about his apparent lack of preparation and experience in foreign policy and national security, but as this year proved, when it comes to foreign policy, President Trump is no novice, but rather someone prepared to take the necessary actions to keep our country safe.

2.7k reactions 138 comments
Rebecca Ferguson Harvey I feel proud witnessing for the first time in a long time, America with a profound Leader! Americans demanding quality, breaking the threads of political puppets.
Janie Reed Never underestimate Trump that was their first mistake. what a wonderful President we have. LOVES our country, our Military, our LEOS, and the people.
Carl Saxer Make America Great Again is more than just a campaign slogan; it is his leadership policy. Truly. It has been a study of genius to watch President Donald J. Trump learn the skills of being the leader of the free world. I disagree with him on one point ...
David Beck Has the left EVER been correct about anything??? LOL! Even an analog clock has more competence! They proved themselves unworthy by screwing up this country the last eight years they were in power, and their childishness intolerance and irresponsibility ...
Jean Salce Gifted president in many ways. He's kind, truthful a true patriot, and will work hard for the American people. Amen, thank you Jesus.

This will be the great political surprise of 2018:

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Jim McCauley We need Newt Gingrich for California Governor
Dave Rempel Sadly, you had to start your statement with "If".
Mackie Braden Trump’s approval at the least is 57%.
Arthur Fitzpatrick Sr WELL Said ,but will the LIBERAL LEFT MSM Let them ,answer NO..

Thanks to the GOP's Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the American people are going to see a small business boom in 2018, which will lead to more jobs, higher salaries, and lower taxes.

2.5k reactions 84 comments
Mary Theresa Mack Lots if Trolls tonight, looks like they got their script memorized.
Laura Anderson Thanks for your posts and updates!
Lucy McAllister Many family businesses closed due to 0bama regulations and taxes.
Richard Vernon I know, Iam a Newt Gingrich fan, however what he points out about the new tax plan is spot on. Bill Nelson, once again is "nit picking" to help his agenda sound honest, it is not.
Jerry Zheng I love Newt, you are my spiritual mentor.

Callista and I wish you a very Merry Christmas! 🎄

21.7k reactions 1620 comments
Nancy Alain Wise I wish her all the best and you also. I wish most of all I were her OMS, she will soon enough know what that means
Dakota Kardz Merry Christmas to you both! May God bless you and keep you with Him always! Thank you for all you do to save His country, America!
Ruth Sloan Lessert Merry Christmas to you too. Thanks for your straight forward approach to all the crazy stuff going on in Washington today and for your support of our President.
Beti Dugard Merry Christmas to you and your family. Keep telling us the real facts. I am not a fan of Republicans, at all, but I support Donald Trump, because he loves America and the citizens. The majority of the Republican Party are too stupid to accept that ...
Ann Mechell You should not speak out against the Pope. You might have to suffer some bad stuff coming your way. You don't know he is all these things. This is cruel Gossip and against Gods Laws. You pray for people, not Judge them.

This was a historic week for President Donald J. Trump. Both the release of the National Security Strategy on Monday and the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on Wednesday prove that, despite what the elite media might claim, the President is getting things done and committed to putting America first, making our nation stronger, and growing our economy.

2.7k reactions 101 comments
Jeannie Marshall Just bought two books you wrote for Christmas. Write more books on the MAGA! Merry Christmas to you and family
Gerald Bobo Obama spent 8 years tearing down the country & trump has done a lot in 1 year to rebuild it. If congress & senate will do right then trump can get us & beyond where we were before obama tore us down.
Jacqueline Comito Newt is the most level headed man in politics !
Ken Gile You Republicans fed the blotted rich at the expense of the poor and middle income working people.I am totally ashamed of you and your greedy party.A large middle income group is what drives our economy and gives the most to charities . Shame on you.
Clyde Bell Please stop using the terms “elite media” or “mainstream media” as there is nothing elite or mainstream about propaganda. The current accurate term is “propaganda media” now. Please update your lexicon and have a good day.

This morning, Callista presented her credentials to Pope Francis and officially assumed the duties of U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See. It was an honor to join her for this remarkable moment. (L'Osservatore Romano)

2.0k reactions 315 comments
Reggy Wilson This anti Trump antisemitic not doing anything about the sexual abuse pope? The pope who believes there shld not be a wall but lives in a country totally walled and guarded? That pope you were honored to meet?
Michael Blackwell He seems a little unhinged a bit like most of the Democrats so God must of given us a sense of humor for a reason..of course satan does hate laughter.
Marie Ledoux Congratulations, Callisto! We will be well represented at the Vatican! You have your Rite cut out for you with the current papacy.... but you will respect ourAmerican values!
Richard Wisniach Caution. This is not a good association... he's the last Pope for many reasons. Read the book. Do some research, and just observe him.
Millie Woloch I thought the Catholic church does not allow divorced people? Or does it depend on who the people are? Check out the jesuit priest "pledge" it's crazy and perhaps most catholics don't know about it..just google it. It's really an evil pledge.....

President Donald J. Trump's National Security Strategy is a milestone in resetting America's approach to national security and foreign policy. For over 25 years, the elite have pushed for a "New World Order" that has limited our sovereignty and place in the world. This new strategy is focused on reality and is what we need to keep America safe.

2.2k reactions 73 comments
Kui-Wai Li Agree completely! Newt is really a wise man, doing everything good for the US.
Adrian Giuseppe Any tourism accommodations on the Marshal Islands?
Franklin Del Rosario Our no-non-sense POTUS is making his # promise into reality: Making America Great again! Ooorah!
Diane Curcio Why do you refer to them as "the elite"? I wouldn't.
Diane Arguin We can't let them win!!! NOW will be our downfall and destruction!!!

Congrats to President Donald J. Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and Republicans on passing the biggest overhaul to the tax code in more than three decades. This is truly a historic accomplishment!

4.1k reactions 155 comments
Alfred Giannetti I was emotionally moved by the congresspeople feeling so proud as Americans and helping fellow Americans They finally felt good about Winning
David Ostermeyer Newt, This past year we donated to 41 Republican causes such as individual, RNC, NRSC, NRCC, Heritage etc. My question is what is the most efficient way to support the party. It seem several thousand dollars over 42 causes is pretty thin.
Carole Waters Hein This does a body good, so enjoyed watching this. Never saw so many people from Congress all in one place smiling!!!
Robert Crouch People earning over $500k and also those on or near welfare status are helped the most.. once again many ‘middle Class’ will pay for it all... especially the ones without stock portfolios and those living in states where they can no longer deduct ...
Lindsey Lee Crosby Trump has continued to attempt to fulfill his campaign promises despite the fact the news media tries at every turn to derail them. Congratulations Mr. President. Keep up the good fight!

Historic moment for President Donald J. Trump and Republicans. #taxreform

1.8k reactions 68 comments
George Williams Congratulations and Thank you!!!!
Valora Sue Loughrige Good job Mr. President and Congress!
Lura Elijah-Wagner Way to go President Trump. We love what you are doing and we all know it's been with very little help. THANK YOU for all your tireless, hard work.
Roberta Andrade It was great to hear nice things said about our President Loved it
Karen Gillespie watching now, MAGA!!!!🇺🇸️🇺🇸️🇺🇸️🇺🇸️🇺🇸️

No matter what Chuck Schumer says, if you're a middle class American, the Tax Cuts and Job Act means more money in your pocket. Period.

3.6k reactions 146 comments
Mary Cason Beckworth I pray this tax bill will be proven to help us all in some way. People should try to understand that what is good for the country as a whole is what is important.
Tony Lee Preston When a democrat doesn't like a bill you run to it and you know its good for the people. But when they like it you know your getting screwed..
Janice Sternik We would love to have our Democratic Party back, but Schumer and Pelosi must go! They are destroying that Party. And everyone with them that puts Party before Country!
Kenneth Robert Schulz Yep. 80% of Americans will receive a tax cut in January and when this happens they will see it in their pay stub and know once and for all they are are lied to and used by the left (to include the leftist media). Check mate.
Robert Gibson Corder an extra $30 or so per week isn't going to pull anyone out of a poor economic circumstance !! Gingrich must be getting soft in he head.
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