Newt Gingrich
19:55 05/18/2017

Roger Ailes was a genius at politics and the news media. His advice to Presidents Nixon and Reagan was historic and helped elect both.

Ailes played a key role in electing President George H.W. Bush in 1988. He understood the American people, and he knew how to reach them.

Ailes’s greatest contribution was the founding and development of Fox News. He understood that ‘Fair and Balanced' was the key to success. In the years I worked with him he was a great mentor, deeply patriotic, committed to Fox News, and really worried about America. The history of cable television will have a very big chapter on Roger Ailes. Without his success at Fox News, Trump could never have won.

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Roger Ailes was a genius at politics and the news media. His advice to Presidents Nixon and Reagan was historic and helped elect both. Ailes played a key role in electing President George H.W. Bush in 1988. He understood the American people, and he knew how to reach them.

Ailes’s greatest contribution was the founding and development of Fox News. He understood that ‘Fair and Balanced' was the key to success. In the years I worked with him he was a great mentor, deeply patriotic, committed to Fox News, and really worried about America. The history of cable television will have a very big chapter on Roger Ailes. Without his success at Fox News, Trump could never have won.

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Gayle Grimsley Heninger
RIP Mr. Ailes! You changed my life. Until Fox news, I thought I was the only one like me out there!!!
Kit Rowley
NEWT - True Republicans and believers in MAGA must come together; this DOES NOT include many in the GOP who are RINOs at best. There are millions, maybe 40,000,000 people who despite his short coming still believe that Trump is the best thing to happen to America since Reagan.
Carolyn Scruggs
As long as you weren't a pretty woman trying to have a career in broadcasting. Go to bed with him or else! That is not acceptable behavior from anyone!
Dustin Dubree
Reagan is the only one worth mentioning...The Bush's are globalists..I remember H W telling us on live tv that they were bringing in the new world order with the help of the UN and there was nothing Americans could do about it...We see the results today.
Fannie Esidore
I feel so bad that his name has been drug through the mud along with other conservative men on Fox News. I personally do not believe all the nasty reports that were told about him and Bill O'Reilly %Thank you Mr Ailes for giving the world Fox News.
Bruce Patrick
Yes, the loss of Ailes and Bill O'Rilley is devastating to all Americans who love our Country, and who live by our laws and Constitution.
Bob Elliott
I never realized until recent news reports that Roger (3 years younger than me) was from my old home town, Warren, Ohio. RIP!
Doug Gerrie Foster
Mr. Gingrich, tell me of a true Leader who has led with dignity and can honestly say self interests and Infidelity was not part of their repertoire. How can you say good things about that person and not understand that their faults, which are not minor, can be ignored. This means YOU accept his/her misgivings. A spade is a spade in my book and I completely disrespect your idea (and many others) of true Leaders. Fair and balanced, ha. I'm surprised at you as I thought you turned this corner.
Randy Rogers
Neil Cavuto's eulogy was fantastic, a really thought laden tribute to the contributions of the man. Farewell, Rest in Peace.
Betty Wright Pannell
And that is the reason O'Reilly got fired. He was way too popular with the people, told the truth and probably helped Trump, and the liberal Murdoch's hated O'Reilly and Trump.
J Sue Topping
Fox, please stay fair and balanced. I sense some left leaning. If this keeps up we will have no truthful political news to watch
Faye Solberg
turning into just another liberal network, more liberals as guests talking out of their other't watch it much anymore.
Steve Schutter
Had Ailes and Fox been around back during Watergate he would have convinced many the Democrats did both the break in and the cover-up. Thankfully back then news was not opinion.
Marilyn Benson
Big thank you for a news media that we can watch and really know what the truth is. RIP Mr Ailes. You have made a very large mark on this country.
Ronald DeAngelis
I might not agree with everything on fox news, but where would this country be with out them????? Think about it, no one around to put all the bullcrap liberal lies down , no one around to fight against the fake news media??? No one to point out the Hypocrisy, Some one to point out the fake polls, Somebody who strives to report accurately, and with truth, and when they are wrong they point it out immdiately , Where would we be???? Think about it!!! Thank you sir!!!! R.I.P You have single Handedly saved America

Other newsfeed from Newt Gingrich

Republicans absolutely must pass a very large tax cut by Thanksgiving. This will ensure that there is enough economic growth in 2018 for Republicans to be successful in next November's election -- otherwise we are in a very real danger of having Speaker Nancy Pelosi again come 2019.

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Sue Zingelmann Trump supporters screamed for over a year to drain the swamp. The very people who hold 95% of all power. Then they decided not to. Instead, they re-elected 97% of them. And now they whine ... Typical.
Beatrice Garza Republicans will pay a price, Americans/undercover Americans are keeping score believe me.They are in for a Rude Awakening KARMA all that goes double for Democrats
Tersing Dewara I am a proud supporter of President Donald Trump and thank him for standing strong against the constant onslaught of hateful attacks by those who hope to destroy his presidency...if they were to succeed, they would destroy America as well. #MAGA 🇺🇲️
John Potes Replace all federal taxes, except import taxes, all 80+ social programs, and the current minimum wage with a 20% inclusive consumption tax, three refunds, three supporting services, and a much lower minimum wage. The Standard Refund would be about $200 ...
Jake Bailey How about we establish economic growth for everyone, and not just the last of the rich yuppies in the U.S. every post just sounds so hateful towards half the citizens you are supposed to be fighting for.


Opinion | Callista Gingrich is an excellent, qualified choice for ambassador
Opinion | Callista Gingrich is an excellent, qualified choice for ambassador

Regarding Dana Milbank’s July 19 op-ed, “The beatification of Newt”: I invited Callista Gingrich to do an internship in my Washington office. She earned a permanent position in my office and later...

5.3k reactions 173 comments
J.d. Chason I can't figure out why a church needs an Ambassador?? Though i love the Gingrichs
KA Adamson Awesome classy and intelligent lady...she will do a great job!
Shirley Harroun She is very qualified and from what has been published lately if "it" is not Fake News she may be better qualified than some of my Pope's own people..she like all of President Trump's cabinet will be a great represenitive of the real true red white and ...
Bea Oviedo I think she will do a fantastic job! Good choice by the President!

There is no doubt that James Comey's decision to leak information to get a special counsel was a blatant, arrogant abuse of power. Yet, for some reason, the Left doesn't think this is worthy of an investigation. #doublestandard

3.9k reactions 323 comments
Peg Lar Clark Regardless of what the left thinks... obey had a big plan & being head of the FBI, he crossed the lines of what or laws say! Something should be done regardless of wh he is. Or is he above our laws like Hillary is?!?!?!
Frank Macchia If the Left doesn't think this is worthy of an investigation. why doesn't the Right do something about it? After all they do have the majority in both houses, don't they? This is a blatant conspiracy on both sides to try and bring Trump down. I hope ...
Pete Rallis If this were me, I would tell the DNC they were going to to be investigated from top to bottom, and I would stop all investigations that had no current evidence...I would tell Sessions to start investigating the Clinton Foundation, and all of its ...
Diane Scoggins Payne Schriner Why doesn't Rosenstein stop this crap! Can't he tell Mueller what to do and what to investigate? He needs to be fired also! And hung! And whike your at Sessions too! I think Trump can fire Mueller too and I say do it!
Lou D'Ambrosio Mr. Mueller's mission to overturn the results of this past Novembers election was assigned to him by the Establishment . The Establisment elites have too much to lose should President Trump realize success .

We know that Robert Mueller has no problem hiring Democrats for his special counsel, but let's see if he can hire at least one Republican. Yes, it would still be about 15-1, but at least it's a start toward adding some bipartisanship to Mueller's so-called unbiased investigation.

3.3k reactions 330 comments
Lynn Watson This investigation is a bunch of crap, pardon the language! The president is NOT guilty of what he is being accused of, no proof has arisen and this on-going, open-ended investigation is sickening and harmful to our nation. In addition, the ...
Mary Ruth McGough This is definitely a witch hunt! The Democrats have always been against President Trump and would do anything to get him out of office! This is so vile and cruel! Then Comey is seeking revenge with a Democrat investigator and then all of Muellers ...
Tom Villone This whole thing is a farce from day 1. No Newt, we don't want him to hire anyone. The American people are sick and tired of our tax dollars being spend to chase down made up accusations. Trump said he's turning the government over to the people ? Well ...
Wendy Ann De Rycke I'm sick of them all. This pretense of an investigation, the obvious set-up to come to their preordained conclusion. If they get away with it it just proves we do not have a democracy and the swamp creatures rule.
Gina Dick mueller needs to stop hiring altogether - this special counsel needs to be disbanded and flushed out of washington d.ung c.esspool! The city has sunk way past swamp to cesspool levels and there is nothing but turds floating around - mueller and his ...

LIVE: Speaking at American Legislative Exchange Council's annual conference in Denver.

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R.A. Walsh Whaddadouche
Paula Denise Downing Loved every minute!
Chris Suess What a wretched organization.
Kathleen Morley Thank you, Newt! PURE common sense! GOD Bless you and your family.
Dee Fisher Browder Tks Newt!

A Message to Republicans: Do What You Can

447 reactions 67 comments
Susana Sacayanan Gibson REPLACE THEM ALL IF THAT'S THE SOLUTIONS BUT NEVER USE THE Dead peoples to Vote and Ilegal voters we need clean and Honest.
Diana M Green Please act like Republican leaders! You ask him to act Presidential- you guys act congressional! Like our leaders!
Jeffrey Harkins The biggest problem is the Republican establishment scum that is trying to stop Trump's agenda.
Amos Lane America has much to repair in the wake of the 8 damaging years of Barack Hussain Obama. Cicero iterated about the Fall of Rome: A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is ...
Lani Temple We are paying them a lot of money and perks for not doing what their constituents want. Maybe we should have a vote of confidence.

#tbt to July 20th of last year speaking at #RNCinCLE! 🇺🇸🐘#maga #gop

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BBrandon JJahr
Caswell Cooke I was there
Ron Mistretta Go meet go
Ronda W. Hopes I was there!!!
Mason Morgan pedophile supporter

If Republicans persist in pushing a large, complex tax reform plan, they will almost certainly fail. We saw what happened with Obamacare. The GOP needs to keep it simple and build momentum with a well-designed, easily explainable tax cuts that can be passed by Thanksgiving. This will create more jobs, higher wages, and ensure a Republican victory in 2018.

1.8k reactions 177 comments
Hilary Graham Winks Well. they are not giving the President the sup[port he needs. I think he is trying so hard and working so hard and really does care about the American people.
Janice Turley Get the tax plan passed. People in washington say they are working on it, What takes them so long. They should have already had the plan done !
Krisz Lugosi The sad truth is that RINOs would rather have a democrat president than Trump. The swamp is the best place for these creatures. Why would they want it drained?
Sandra Salter Lewis Newt I am sorry to say they don't seem to be listening. They need to get rid of their self serving mentality and concentrate on the people they should be representing.
Stacy Burke TAX CUTS FOR THE FILTHY RICH! ALWAYS ECONOMICALLY SOUND! Ah, my sweet memories of the disgustingly wealthy trickling down their I'll gotten gains to us peasants.

Senator John McCain and his family are in our prayers. Callista Gingrich and I look forward to working with John after a full recovery. He is a true American hero.

2.1k reactions 283 comments
Kirk Burkhardt If President NIXON Did Not Pardon McCain.. McCain was inline to be court Martialed for Treason... McCain should thank his dad for being in high places and NIXON for saving his skin after he turned on his brothers
Diane Ellis No, he is a leaker, traitor, and treasonist! No one in our government will arrest McCain, Killary, Obama, Comey, Lynch, Soros, etc. So, maybe God is putting an end to the corruption, through other means. Its sad for his family, though. Can't ...
Vincent Gratz If he is as good as some people think then he will retire and let a healthy person do the job required and necessary. But I'm not holding my breath for any politician to do the right thing.
Jamie Robert Potlock Glioblastoma is so aggressive and toxic. It us automatically staged at level 4. It spreads itself rapidly and is incurable. This stuff is hideous. He needs to retire if only for the reason that the tumor is in his frontal lobe that controls his judgment.
Dian Mixell He's NO hero! McCain Hid the information that we still had a lot Soldiers in Vietnam. They Left them in Vietnam, and McCain knew they were still in Vietnam waiting to be rescued. McCain has worked all his life to hid that fact. He is NO hero

Congrats to Callista Gingrich on a great Senate confirmation hearing today!

1.1k reactions 236 comments
Rita L Arias And what a great Ambassador to the Vatican she will be! Congrats to Mrs. Gingrich!
Allan Hughes Let me guess, now it will be that she and Putin drink the same tea ! 😁
Maria Dyson BEWARE OF TROLLS - After all, this IS a positive post about a Conservative!
Celeste Johnson Congrats! You two look marvelous nice to see a marriage happy :)
Robin Campbell Steven Ott you are a very angry person

Each week, it is amazing to watch the liberal media's hysteria grow. They can't handle that President Donald J. Trump's policies are working, so they manage to come up with more-and-more absurd stories in an attempt to distract from reality.

1.8k reactions 115 comments
Susan Friedrich I can't believe the lack of brains exhibited on a daily basis by the MSM
Shana Doty Its old, Im over it. Not paying attention and neither are most people I know. GO TRUMP!
Sven Minor Mr. Newt Gingrich, I would like your opinion of ABC and NBC coverage of a religious convention in which they labeled Christians as a hate group. http://www.foxnews....
Lynda Downs Lying liberal biased tabloid rag mag trash news media is destroying America
Matt Enders They're #Presstitutes A presstitute is one who "SCREWS THE PUBLIC" by intentionally submitting false or misleading information to the press. This term is especially for Democrat politicians and news folks. I wish President Donald J. Trump would call ...

If Bob Mueller plans to investigate a 20-minute meeting that was mostly about adoption, then he absolutely needs to investigate reports that the DNC had a paid-operative in Ukraine trying to dig up dirt on the Trump campaign, with the help of the Ukrainian government. The double standard of the Left is absurd.

7.8k reactions 379 comments
Mia Parker-Hamilton Where is the push back from republicans? Basically the key players in the Trump administration including his daughter are being snooped on and bullied under the guise of Russian collusion.
Sandra Dahl I see ALL politicians past present and future hating President Trump because he knows how to budget, has no one he owes anything to in DC and has a deep love for the United States. He has courage enough to make everyone mad with his cuts. We are with ...
Sandy Rich The left will hang on to a thread of any gossip, story or event that has something to do with any one who might be Russian and might have been mentioned or talked to any one on the Right just to keep clouding what Hillary Clinton, Obama, Lynch, etc on ...
Allan Erickson Help from Ukraine is not the same as help from Russia. Russia is an enemy of the Democrat party. Ukraine became an ally of the Democrat party after the Soros coup. Republicans are an enemy of the Democrat party and broadcast media is a friend of the ...
Pat Stephens If Bob Mueller wants to get paid and stay out of jail he needs s to investigate the crooks like Hillary, Obama, Lynch, Holder, Bernie and the list goes on!

As someone who has written three novels on international spies, the suggestion from some on the Left that a 20-minute meeting focused mainly on adoption is treason is absurd. If the Russians planned some type of set-up, don't you think they would've had something to get to a second or third meeting? There was no collusion. This was not a set-up. This is just the latest scandal the Left has made their obsession.

2.0k reactions 172 comments
Red Wegener I think Don Jr. is a cyborg created by the Russians in 2149 and sent back in time to prevent the polar icecaps from melting. If you are going to go crazy, go big I say.
Jeff Holland The left is focused on destroying America... Trump is a big bump in their road. ABSURDITY is simply the stick with which they stir the muck. They don't as long as it blurs and camouflages their objective.
Chris Schwehr The fascist left is struggling to find ANYTHING which they can spin into another attack on Trump, his family, and anyone associated with his administration.....The Fascist Left have finally cried wolf one too many times!
Judith Thomas Dalmas Newt, I love following you on all this. Can we get some magic from you to inoculate some of the idiots we all seem to be living with in the swamp? kAt the moment I am so sympathetic to Trump and his family for all this endless nonsense.
Dennis Nagan Newt, keep guiding and protecting Trump!!! As always, the alt-left has no worthwhile plans to offer so all they have is attacking Trump and his team. That didn't work in the election. It won't work in 2018 or 2020. Keep up the negativity boys to ensure ...

Since his inaugural address in January, President Donald J. Trump's foreign policy message – and actions – have been entirely consistent. The critics who say otherwise clearly haven't been listening to his speeches.

3.2k reactions 81 comments
Jose Chavez Thank you you newt god bless you donald is a special man he love america and i do to
Isabella Jean They will fight him as long as he is in office but it will just serve to make him stronger and more effective.
Jay Eck Thank you sir for standing up and with our president. Your a good politician and their aren't many out there sir
Lynn Dowd Trump is already the greatest American who ever lived. Corruption does not seek reason. Corruption is fair game at the least and murderers at the worst. Corruption never stops until you prosecute. Always the same on any level of government and ...
Sharon Holden I know. These ppl. Didn't. Listen to his speeches. Or at least some would have woke up

#TBT to campaigning with Donald J. Trump in Cincinnati last July ahead of the #GOPConvention. Hard to believe this was a year ago! 🇺🇸 #understandingtrump #maga #throwbackthursday

1.5k reactions 51 comments
Nancy Jones I think newt should be in his cabinet
Ellen Burke-Sayer You've been a wonderful supporter of our President. Thank you!
Deidre Clifton Payne You should be in the WH with #POTUS. Chief of Staff!
Charlotte Miller Two great men 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Tom DeSimone This is what complicit looks like.

The Left has an extraordinary double standard. If they are so concerned about possible ties with the Russians, why do they keep ignoring the Clintons' connections with the Russians?

6.4k reactions 311 comments
Marilyn Craig Johnson Democrat Begala said in an interview that the US should strengthen sanctions and maybe even bomb Russia for election meddling. Does that mean he is ok with Israel bombing US because its a well-known fact that Obama took lots of US taxpayer dollars and ...
Steven Ott Would that be anything like your double standard of working to impeach Bill Clinton for getting a blow job while you're cheating with Calista? Why is it that when you can't defend Trump you on the right always deflect to Hillary? And in case you forgot ...
Sally Mullins I read with interest comments people have to say about this, and It's so disappointing to read the negative comments and hate that is directed at the other party/people. The fact is that Donald Trump is our president. And when you are elected president ...
Keith Sansom It is time to call out members of the GOP name by name. Either they stand with the American's who voted Trump or they do not. It is not Pelosi, Schumer, or even the Media to blame. The blame rests on Republicans who refuse to support a Republican ...
Hope Kathleen Because the Clintons made a whole heck of a lot of money from orchestrating the biggest Uranium sale to the Russians in US history! Who knows how many people were paid off.

Speaking LIVE with Benny Johnson at IJR now. Ask questions!

171 reactions 64 comments
Jay B. Ellis Will anyone from Obama's admin, DOJ, State Dept., ever be prosecuted?
Patricio Amenabar Illegals are violating the law. Sanctuary cities are illegal. Jail the officials that brake the law..
Patricio Amenabar Mr. Speaker, you should be the speaker for the White House.
Michael James Grant Mr Gingrich do you think the DOJ will ever open cases against people from the Obama administration that have committed crimes?
Richard Formani Why hasn't.... Obama, H.Clinton, Comey and Lynch been prosecuted.

Looking forward to joining Benny Johnson at Independent Journal Review this afternoon at 3pET for a LIVE Facebook Q&A. Submit your questions now!

266 reactions 49 comments
Theresa Neikens Feeney When will anyone go to jail for these crimes?
Caleb Williams Can we deport all Democrats?
Moe Daraji Are we going to make Iraq pay us back or it shall remain under the Iranian packed Iraqi militias?
Judy Ann Since, you don't believe everyone should have health insurance, let's start with you having to go to a health clinic.
Cherrlyn Flanagan Eller I keep missing the FB live events. Announcements show up on my FB several hours after the events.

Great joining President Donald J. Trump and John Daly at the The White House this afternoon!

2.0k reactions 87 comments
Andrew Sopkin John Daly should be dressed more appropriate for the Oval Office.
Jim Whitis Larry Schmalfeldt, this is one picture of the potus you must like?
Marla Brown ...that shirt.
Lynn Thomas I really like him!!! He has been a true friend to President Trump!!!
Lisa Bordis Reading your book now! It's hard to stop once I start a chapter 😁

President Trump’s Foreign Policy Has Not Changed

347 reactions 14 comments
Trudy Motley
Carol Crook Termin (Y)
Brenda Gayle Tucker I feel like the Mob Family has taken over our White House and destroyed our democracy, our constitution our country sad day for america !
Ron Lena Phillips Great strategy : Don't leak it to the congress, the press or any of our enemies . It's working !

The American people care much more about economic growth, job creation, and higher wages than they do about the media's unending quest to create a new scandal. If President Donald J. Trump and Congressional Republicans want to win in 2018, they need make economic growth their priority and ignore the media's nonsense.

2.4k reactions 157 comments
Cathie Abbruscato Norman Donald Jr. should have admitted to discussing the grandkids and his golf game with the Russian lawyer...the investigation would have ended there.
Shane Steele If we don't see any real legislation and soon then we are toast.The MSM is never going to stop,so what. Ignore it and produce results,that's what's real,and that's what matters
Lani Temple So true and the spineless republicans need to get off their butts and stick to their platform as a group to get these things done or look for their jobs to disappear in the upcoming election.
Regina Virano Democrats don't want Trump to improve the lives of the people. If that happens, Democrats are out on their keisters forever. So they're going to do everything they can to keep life hard for Americans, so they can attempt to slither back into office ...
Bing Haas When I see the media, even FOX, talking about this collusion. I turn it off. I'm tired of it .And I'm surer a lot more people are too.

Congressional #Republicans need to start outlining and explaining their plan for deep #tax cuts now. Their survival in the 2018 elections depends on it. Here's what they should do, month-by-month, to get a tax cut bill passed by this Thanksgiving:

1.6k reactions 166 comments
John Rheuark Clinton Couldn't agree LESS. We have racked up HUGE deficits with spending WAY beyond our tax base. If you think taxes are too high, what do you think the DEFICIT is? Fix the deficit first - and make spending ALWAYS line up with taxes.
Gary Darby What I don't get is..... they've been working on this as a campaign issue for over a year... if they concentrated more on getting something done and less on elections, they would already have it ready to present. Same with health care reform.
Fran Butkiewicz Keep it simple and meaningful and it will pass. The problem with DC and congress is in far too many unnecessary regs and details which cloud the kep issues and prevent members from voting in favor of a bill. Reforming taxes is a must!
David F. Kendall I'd really like them to keep their promise to repeal Obamacare. If they don't do it now, it will never be done, and as Rush has said repeatedly, that's ballgame. America is over.
Karen E. Howell Also cut the waste and tax cuts for everyone.We all benefit from living in this country and the cost should not be borne by a small percentage of its citizens.

The bureaucrats in Brussels represent a secular worldview, which is at odds with the values of many central European nations, like Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary. And the Left doesn't like that President Donald J. Trump has come down decisively on the side of those who have shown practicality and worry about national identity and survival.

611 reactions 45 comments
Bill Lunsford Newt for Speaker of the House!!!
Pauline Bartosch Reading your new book, "Understanding Trump"--FANTASTIC!
Scott Soffen Newt.....go fk yrself
Audrey Rose no to globalism
Gae Calarco When Newt speaks, we need to listen!

Answering questions live now about President Donald J. Trump's speech in Warsaw and the media's hysteria over Western Civilization.

3.7k reactions 1991 comments
Donna Gathright They will not give the president the voters info because they are cheating and don't want to get caught Seriously who would ever had voted for someone like Maxine waters??? They had to be cheating.
Terry Dobyanski Shaw Can Obama be stopped from following or going before the President every time he meets with foreign officials? He's just making a fool of himself but also damaging our relationships with other countries.
Lori Neilly Why why why has Obama and Hilary gotten off free? Traitors. I want to see prosecution. BENGHAZI
Manolo Carrillo When are we going to stop talking about the crimes committed by staffers of the previous administration and start putting them in the court system? TOO MUCH TALKING; NOT ENOUGH ACTION!
Mandm Wynn Newt can you get those lazy Republicans in gear to get that Tax Bill going. That tax bill needs a total repair job, and get it down to 10 pages instead of 10 thousand.

Dick Morris sharing his review of my new book, Understanding Trump, live on Facebook now. Tune in!

306 reactions 14 comments
Carol Crook Termin (y)
Margaret Tull thak you nute
Diane Donohue Marzano Great book, great read.
Colleen Davis What a brilliant idea, putting a missile defense system into outer space!!
Sal Vitiello Did everyone forget Dicks big screw up with the Mitt Romney is going to win prediction??

I will answer questions LIVE on Facebook at 4:30pET about G-20 and media's continued hysteria over President Donald J. Trump. Start submitting questions now.

328 reactions 57 comments
Marty LP Someone needs to start a list of 'Swamp Republicans', their 'Swamp Accomplishments'.
Jane Underwood Skremsky Newt my husband wants to know why don't you run for congress? We need you. Kind Regards. Bill and Jane
Parth Pandya What are your views on states not turning over voters' information to the Trump Commission in an attempt to expose illegal voting and the ACLU suing Trump over this 4th amendment crisis?
Sven Minor I hope Facebook did not shut down your live feed. Just when it was getting good too.
MeMe Holliday Do you think Mueller will step down or will Trump fire him..It is only costing us taxpayers dollars!!

President Donald J. Trump understands that for our civilization to survive, it has to keep its roots as a civilization based in a belief in God, and if it loses that belief, the civilization will disappear.

3.3k reactions 133 comments
Jon Hudson And Ivanka is Mother Teresa. But it is clear that her Dad really loves her so I guess that's OK.
Carolyn Williamson listen Nation, listen...this man knows what he is talking about...thank goodness we still have Newt as an man, very, very wise person
Lindsay Siriko ----- I agreed Newt Gingrich----God is the Final Answer. for America and Worldwide....!.
Geraldine Whipple Newt Gingrich, I have NO idea if you ever read the comments, but if you do, PLEASE tell President Trump, to REPEAL ACA, or he will LOSE a lot of support. Set a TIME limit, for people to get their OWN insurance, then get RID of it!! The majority of ...
Marguerite Woollen Here is what obama & company wants for America!! Isn't this illegal?? Why does America want this.. ??? We Don't . Leave & go back to where your from!! Or just leave & Never return!!

Yesterday in Warsaw, President Donald J. Trump described, in a way almost no American president has since Franklin Delano Roosevelt, that this is a war about civilization. The speech was truly historic and shows what President Trump is about and where he stands philosophically.

7.3k reactions 222 comments
Shirley Buck I am so grateful for our President. We couldn't be more fortunate to have him. Thank You President Trump will never be enough. He truly loves and cares about WE THE PEOPLE and our beautiful country. Again, Thank You! <3 <3 <3
Evelyn Singh Many underestimated President Trump that is why they are unreasonably hostile to him.If he stays the course and stick to policy he will stick "hot coals" in their throats.
Janice Moore exactly....we are in a struggle for the soul of America.....for our traditions, our values, our American way of opportunity for everyone.....and I know young people who have risen from really difficult circumstances to become successful functioning ...
Georgia Hileman Halloran Such a freaking idiot...Trump can't even talk right. This a done by a speech writer not Trump..
Gary Lee In Obama's farewell speech, Obama referred to himself 75 times. In his inaugural address Trump referred to himself 3 times and the "We, the American People" 45 times. Hillary's entire campaign was built on the phrase, "I'm with her" ... it was all about ...

I encourage everyone to watch President Donald J. Trump's truly historic speech in Warsaw yesterday. It reminded me of President Reagan's 1982 speech at Westminster -- one of his best speeches.

1.2k reactions 42 comments
Alan David excellent leadership by Trump
Kelly Jo Burrows I love him, and I will defend him every day
Steven Ott Did he shove anyone out of the way for a photo-op?
Barbara Stevenson Hallinan Great speech!
Elizabeth Slagle It was great!!!!

Here's why we need a deficit neutral tax bill, instead of a revenue neutral bill:

386 reactions 40 comments
Debra Vardoulis Maria looks frumpy today :(
Brian D. Swanson It's not rocket science is it?
Anne Kemp Gingrich is a very smart man!
Ahmad S Osmanzoi Very true.
Kate Boger i agree.
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