Larry King
Yesterday 08:18

Politics aside, it was refreshing to hear Barack Obama speak today. His eloquence and poise never ceases to amaze me.

228 reactions 12 comments
Jennifer Smith I meet u at panera !!great seeing u
Alphionse Mbazi No comment ! Keep going Larry !
Kingsley Ewimchukwu Agreed
Tandeka Ncube Totally agree..#politics aside
Robert Anthony Larry, politics aside- its past your bedtime. Go to sleep.
Larry King
Yesterday 08:18

Tomorrow I'm joined by the wonderful Hank Azaria on #LarryKingNow! Questions for him? Comment below...

What would you ask Hank Azaria?
What would you ask Hank Azaria?

Larry King will be welcoming Hank Azaria to our studio soon & we want your questions!

14 reactions 5 comments
Spanton Samba Is this the really page of larry king?
Bryson Knox How long do you plan on voicing characters on "The Simpsons"?
Ryan Clark Do you have a favorite moment of Don Rickles?
Carl Monroe exwife Helen Hunt was recently on Watch What Happens Live and no questions about him. Is he ok with that?
Cody Joe Brown you have played so many drastically different roles, but what's the one you are looking for now?
Derek Fisher
08:48 04/23/2017

Los Angeles area kids: Spots are filling up fast for my basketball academy this summer! Don’t miss out:

118 reactions 15 comments
Wendy Gastelum Jose Gastelum
Erica Chavez Yolanda Chavez Lizzeth Torres Azcorra
Jeremy Shelledy Simon Mark
Gabby Guardado Gerardo Velazquez..right by the house
Heather M Gould Can you do an adult academy???? 😁😁😁
Larry King
19:30 04/22/2017

Former Rep. Chris Shays (R-CT) weighs-in on Pres. Trump's military strike in Syria and potential conflicts of interest with Russia

14 reactions 8 comments
Emmanuel Uwiringiyimana U ARE SO GOOD CONTINUE!!!
Cindy Boyer Gardasil kills
Cindy Boyer Warning vaccines cause autism
Cindy Boyer Gardasil kills do a story on that
Samantha Jackson Wright Written as if it has any strategy other than itself.
Larry King
06:42 04/20/2017

There's still time to vote for #LarryKingNow The Webby Awards! Get on it, gang!

The Webby Awards People
The Webby Awards People's Voice needs YOU

I just voted for this nominee to win a People's Webby Award. You should too.

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Michele Zamarra Givens Good luck
Linda Cole WIOD - The Wonderful Isle of Dreams........❤️
Larry King
06:42 04/20/2017

Later this week I'll be welcoming Silicon Valley star Jimmy O Yang to #LarryKingNow! Q's for him? Get them in now!

What would you ask
What would you ask 'Silicon Valley' star Jimmy O. Yang?

Larry King will be welcoming Jimmy O. Yang to our studio soon & we want your questions!

13 reactions 6 comments
Nedline Oreste Thank u
Nedline Oreste Nedlind
Nedline Oreste Nedline
Nedline Oreste Thank u
Nedline Oreste Nice to finally meet u
Larry King
17:54 04/17/2017

On Monday, I welcome Faith Evans to #LarryKingNow! Questions for her? Send them in below!

What would you ask Faith Evans?
What would you ask Faith Evans?

Larry King will be welcoming Faith Evans to our studio soon & we want your questions!

19 reactions 9 comments
Princess of Persia
Matthew Trammell Did you choose the thug life or did the thug life choose you?
Michele Rangel Your son u had with Big can her rap and if he can would u let that child rap
Michele Rangel Is it things in your life if u could. Change one thing what would it be in why would u change it .
Denfer Boutte Jr. What is her opinion of Suge Knights recent claims towards the murder of 2pac?
Larry King
05:06 04/15/2017

Hey faithfuls — guess what? I'm up for a 2017 The Webby Awards, but I need your help to win! Show some love & VOTE:

The Webby Awards People
The Webby Awards People's Voice needs YOU

I just voted for this nominee to win a People's Webby Award. You should too.

103 reactions 6 comments
Joanne Jones Good luck!
James Farley Jr. Good luck
Julia Nesteryak Unfortunately, it's impossible to vote from Ukraine( Good luck!
Michele Rangel Love u
Tibor Szekely Your in fifth place right now. I voted for you. Good luck King.
Derek Fisher
18:24 04/15/2017

Join me in Los Angeles this summer for the Derek Fisher Basketball Academy, June 26-30! Spots are filling up so call 424-356-9043 to register or sign up online soon!

461 reactions 25 comments
Donald Young Sonya Young David Young Nichole Young
Brandon Frederick Christopher Morrissey Masa Yoshida Tommy Trinh Kenzie Young
Jens Rietdorf Donat Gashi
Nikki Collins Cheri Anderson
Ross Cumming Bring it to Scotland 😂😂😂😂🏀🏀🏀🏀
Larry King
05:06 04/15/2017

Saw Going In Style last night. Boy oh boy, did I enjoy it. Highly recommend if you're looking for something to do this weekend!

15 reactions 3 comments
Aibolat Balykov
Richard Stedman Sounds like a winner
Alex Townsend Saw it three nights ago, Larry. I laughed, I cried, I cheered for these three awesome dudes. Zach Braff is a damn good director.
Larry King
16:18 04/12/2017

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Bill Richardson explains why the Trump White House is off to an unsatisfactory start

20 reactions 10 comments
David Howard
Vivian Copeland i dont..
Cristy Gilbert I guess he was feeling generous.
Denise Scannell I give the T an F+. So there.
Kevin McGill D minus? I see no positive signs. F.
Larry King
16:18 04/12/2017

Last but not least, the great Macy Gray will join me tomorrow on #LKN! Questions for her? Get em' in now!

What would you ask Macy Gray?
What would you ask Macy Gray?

Larry King will be welcoming Macy Gray to our studio soon & we want your questions!

28 reactions 4 comments
Aibolat Balykov
Bryson Knox What was it like guest staring on Fuller House?
Mary Persaud Newell What happened to her?
Edwin Johnson Hey Macy, where you been, please give us a new album
Larry King
16:18 04/12/2017

Also joining me tomorrow is Dennis Miller! Do you have questions for him? Comment below!

What would you ask Dennis Miller?
What would you ask Dennis Miller?

Larry King will be welcoming Dennis Miller to our studio soon & we want your questions!

21 reactions 15 comments
Edit Lipcs like him
Marie Brown Yes when and where can we see more of you??🤞
Kevin Wernert Will you write another book?
Daniel Christopher Thomas Who was easiest to write with on SNL?
Bob Croesus When did you realize you were not funny
Larry King
16:18 04/12/2017

Tomorrow I'm welcoming the great Eric Stonestreet to #LarryKingNow! Questions for him? Comment below!

What would you ask Eric Stonestreet?
What would you ask Eric Stonestreet?

Larry King will be welcoming Eric Stonestreet to our studio soon & we want your questions!

22 reactions 3 comments
Daniel Christopher Thomas Would we know any of your classmates from your time at Second City?
Bryson Knox How has playing a gay character on "Modern Family" made you feel about the LGBT community and their struggles for equality?
Win Cher i would like to ask eric was he always so funny? as a child, in school, did he always know he wanted to act? did he ever do stand-up? who does he think is the funnest person on modern family? 2 me they are all super funny!
Larry King
03:24 04/10/2017

Can't stop thinking about the passing of my dear friend #DonRickles. A giant in show business and a wonderful person. Rest easy, Don.

139 reactions 11 comments
Micky Schulz
Micky Schulz
Micky Schulz
Micky Schulz
Micky Schulz
Larry King
14:36 04/07/2017

A national treasure is gone. Don Rickles' talent was limitless. To know him was a gift. He kept me laughing during 58-years of friendship.

320 reactions 22 comments
John Jr Muniz But he was just on a show .so sad RIP
Nick Lawson Legend
Marie-Denise Safi-kareklas My sincere condolences! I love your new show!
Randy Quentin Meyers ....Toy Story...Mr. Potato Head?
Ivan E Weich I remember him in CPO Sharkey.
Larry King
14:36 04/07/2017

Larry visits entertainment icon Carl Reiner at his Beverly Hills home for a special conversation about Reiner's illustrious career, life at 95 years old, and, of course, the funnyman's well-known disdain for Donald Trump.

65 reactions 5 comments
John Jay Pee Pandu <3 YE BOT AP K NAAM ~> John Jay Pee Pandu <3 🔶 c h α υ δ h r ψ s 🌹 β ο τ τ ε r 🔶 в| вoт вy awaιѕ вυĸнarι в| cн jυnaιd в| aвdυl ѕaвoor в| aѕмaт aмιn в| SITE : YOUR001.TK
Jenny Marie Great interview.
Sheila Wosik Such a great guy and family
Sara Giusto Hello Larry and Mr. Reiner. I want to thank you for being you at this time, for the compliments I have recieved, and for working towards better things in life.
Patrick Thidemann He maybe funny, but I am certain his disdain for Trump isn't personal. He'd be just as hateful to nearly any other Republican who dared win.
Derek Fisher
03:54 04/08/2017

Los Angeles area kids: Take your game to a championship level this summer! Sign up for my basketball academy now!

444 reactions 19 comments
Marisa Claudia Elvia Zepeda
Zach Newland Leticia Barbosa
Julia Rainwater Zamora Desiree Duskin
Albert Blanca Delacruz Cadena Cindy Flores
Kecia Ephriam Kerry Ephriam
Larry King
01:48 04/05/2017

ICYMI - Rep. Cheri Bustos explains why she and other democrats want a 9/11 style commission to investigate alleged ties between the Trump campaign and the Russian government

10 reactions 3 comments
Prince Desmond Hello
Kim Robert Are you frigging serious? They have gone off the deep end.
Evelyn L. Streeter-Lumby I do also we demand it an investigation on to trump and the Russians demand demand it
Derek Fisher
15:06 04/05/2017

The Derek Fisher Basketball Academy is back! Registration is now open!

187 reactions 4 comments
Domingo Excellan Hei what up muy broo derek
Crystal Rene Where is this and how would I sign my son up
Suriya Prasad Good for the young kids...
Lorna Nailon Love you Fisher...Miss You... Wish Sam Presti would bring you back to OKC. #sampresti #bringbackfisher....
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