Larry King
11 hours ago

You gotta love @strangerthingstv. I got the chance to sit down with Paul Reiser to talk about him joining ‘Stranger Things’, his new series about Johnny Carson, and why he’s finally open to a ‘Mad About You’ reunion. #LarryKingNow #strangerthings2 #madaboutyou

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Mitchel Fuchs Carson...was forced out by NOTHING BUT CRAP (nbc) because he was getting old and Leno was and still is a scummy .
Vicky Dulal Sir Larry plz check ur inbox..cheers
Mark Milmaster Lookin like Joe Montana!
David R. Maier He's looking good...! Worked with him a few times... Always a champ. I don't think they can make up for the M.A.Y. series finale, though... :(
John Hester Three “awesome”s in a row!!! Love Stranger Things, can’t wait to hear about the Carson series, and would love to see a Mad About You reunion!
Larry King
11 hours ago

Just received a copy of Joe Biden's new book 'Promise Me, Dad'. I cannot wait to read it. Joe is true American patriot, and I wish him all the best going forward.

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Brooke Spinelli
Mina Sultani How is RT and Russian rubules , Larry?
Vicky Dulal Sir why wont u check ur inbox?
Lloyd St Cin what a joke great American my ass
Jean Kettell agree
Larry King
13:54 11/16/2017

I’m so excited that the archived interviews are finally available for you all to see. Here’s one of my absolute favorites with Neil deGrasse Tyson!!! Http://

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John Reznick Very good interview 👍👍
Vicky Dulal Larry Sir i have inboxed u a short message..pls take out few mins to go thru..thankx
Larry King
13:54 11/16/2017

Tomorrow I welcome Obey Giant to #PoliticKING! Questions for him? Send them in below...

What would you ask Shepard Fairey on
What would you ask Shepard Fairey on 'PoliticKING'?

Larry King will be welcoming Shepard Fairey to our studio soon & we want your questions!

11 reactions 2 comments
Howie M Stern Save RT * Hungarian Foreign Agent DeStabilizes USA Beyond Election = RT NO FAULT INSURANCE To The Medaling Of A HUNGARIAN FOREIGN AGENT DeStabilizing USA Media Spying Beyond Election! * (It's Not RT) * The Reason America Has FAKE NEWS Is No One Can ...
Larry King
01:06 11/14/2017

Tomorrow I'll welcome black-ish star Anthony Anderson to #LarryKingNow! Questions for him? Send them in below!

What would you ask Anthony Anderson?
What would you ask Anthony Anderson?

Larry King will be welcoming Anthony Anderson to our studio soon & we want your questions!

9 reactions 8 comments
Stephen Boroff Would he consider doing an all white cast and calling it whitish?
Tom Marsula Why is your head so big?
Sue N Pat Simpson Nothing
Bryson Knox Is there a film or television series that you regret doing?
Brian Keith McDonald When you got stabbed in the head in Scream 4, was that real or was it a Hollywood special effect
Larry King
01:06 11/14/2017

My #NFL @NFL pick this week is the Pittsburgh Steelers laying 9 points at the Indianapolis Colts. Thoughts?

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Linda Fix Wood Burchett Not watching none of them still.
Robin Colosimo Yay Steelers !!! Sloppy beginning but an ok ending
Alan Ana Kennedy I feel bad for the Colts; Steelers should win by more than 9 points. Again the Steelers appear the only team which can beat the Pats in an AFC Champ game. ... We will see. How are you, Larry?
Larry King
12:18 11/11/2017

President Trump vowed to fix the imbalance he says exists in current U.S.-Asia trade deals, but what happens to markets and economies if he does? Renowned Economist Anthony Chan offers his take

Trump decries US-Asia trade deals, but what happens if they
Trump decries US-Asia trade deals, but what happens if they're altered?

In Japan, President Trump vowed to fix the imbalance he says exists in current U.S.-Asia trade deals, but what happens to markets and economies if he does? Renowned Economist Anthony Chan offers his take, and weighs in on the GOP tax plan.

4 reactions 2 comments
Anibal Miranda finally a show with intelligent people. ta
Nick Ritrovato no more inflation
Larry King
12:18 11/11/2017

Be sure to watch my great interview with Rob Schneider, of 'Saturday Night Live' and 'Real Rob', on comedy, Chris Rock, vaccines / politics, and harassment. Catch a clip here:

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Mitchel Fuchs Well...what else was Rob doing? Duh!
Сергей Евгеньевич Блинов Все взрывы в Москве,в Буйнакске,Волгодонске и по России были совершены сотрудниками ФСБ России во главе с Владимиром Путиным и если кто-то думает,что через блокпосты и через весовой контроль на трассах перед въездом в крупные города грузовиков под ...
Сергей Евгеньевич Блинов Сейчас Россия всячески пытается запугать страны Европы,США и Украины,а что касается санкций то Россия кое как выдерживает их и мировое сообщество видит ширму того,что санкции не влияют на экономику России,тратя огромную подушку безопасности и ...
Сергей Евгеньевич Блинов А созданный им образ развеется рано или поздно и Россия так же обретёт настоящую неподдельную свободу,после ухода определённых лиц она раскроется как белая ромашка и расцветёт пламенным огнём в сердцах каждого Россиянина,которая будет жить в мире со ...
Larry King
12:18 11/11/2017

I'm now 3-6 w/ my #NFL NFL picks this season...I guess you could say I'm on the comeback trail, folks! I'll have this weekend's pick tomorrow! Stay tuned....

11 reactions 2 comments
Tonya Brown dear larry king I need your help getting out of here right now this house is a mess please help me out of here larry king
Tonya Brown I need a foundation right now please help me out of here please lsrry king is cool in this house I need to go where is warm at this house is clod all the way throw this house that's why I need to get of here I need a dissent house to go right now larry ...
Derek Fisher
01:36 11/12/2017

Talked NBA with Sports Illustrated, on the development of Kristaps Porzingis and the New York Knicks, the 01 Lakers vs the current Warriors, and MJ vs. LeBron. Check it out starting at the 11:00 mark.

8 reactions 1 comments
John Merritt If you want my vote, Michael would have schooled LeBron, Magic's teams would have CRUSHED the Warriors, and even Jerry, Elgin and Wilt's Laker teams would have beat them. Not to mention Boston's teams as well. Let's not forget Walt's, Willis, ...
Larry King
12:18 11/11/2017

I always have so much fun watching Sunday's game on the couch at NFL Network. Big thanks to, and thanks for showing me how to "dab".

Best of Larry King on NFL Gameday View

Larry King joins the "NFL Gameday View" watch party in Week 9.

10 reactions 2 comments
Tonya Brown mr king I need your he; with everything because this house is a mess mr king I have a problems here I need a house right now I need a good clean brick home please mr king I need your help right now my address is 2647westedgemontavenue Montgomery, ...
Political Burns Larry, you are dabbing now!?! Maybe you should stick with vaping herbs!
Derek Fisher
12:48 11/09/2017

Big congrats to nephew @_dnice4 on signing college letter of intent to @ohiostatehoops today! Love you my guy! Hard work pays off bro. Stay humble and keep grindin!

57 reactions 5 comments
Ann Mumford Congratulations
Pat Holbrook Browning Go Buck's!! Great choice! Congratulations!
Greg Cunningham Huge congratulations! Keep up the good work Duane Washington Jr.!
Michelle Thompson Awesome! Would love to see another good guy from the Fisher Clan in the NBA!
Michelle Thompson My #2 Lakers jersey says Fisher (Not Ball) BTW! lol
Larry King
23:30 11/08/2017

I've said it before, and I'll say it again — no one needs an AR-15 in their possession... #ItsMyTwoCents

557 reactions 59 comments
Greg Bozeman Time for you to hang it up Larry. You're irrelevant.
Ken Rea You're wrong but okay.
Gary Heuschkel No one needs to bus illegals to cheat in elections.
Debbi Vall YoungBerg Why - they are fun to shoot. Guns are Not the problem..... Common sense......
Evelyn L. Lumby That's right why do people need high powered rifles in their possession
Larry King
23:30 11/08/2017

Sending my love to the family of #RoyHalladay. Sad to hear about his tragic passing. He was a great pitcher, and an even better person.

50 reactions 4 comments
Daniel Veerasammy r.i.p
Michele Rangel Saden in he is Dearly missed and loved
Sikandar Hameed Khattak Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak announced a separate district Upper Chitral administratively separating the sprawling district Chitral into Upper Chitral and Lower Chitral in a huge public gathering during his day long visit to District ...
Derek Fisher
00:00 11/07/2017

Delighted to assist young Khloe Thompson with her cause to help the homeless! #KhloeKares

54 reactions 1 comments
John Merritt Way to go Khloe, Mr.Fisher is a good resource person having on your team.
Larry King
23:30 11/08/2017

Always a pleasure joining these guys on NFL GameDay! Thanks for having me, can’t wait to come back soon!

32 reactions 3 comments
Pacino Tuyishime Hahaha Larry the best!
Ronald Horne what?? noone taking a knee?
Sikandar Hameed Khattak Wow old duck
Derek Fisher
00:00 11/07/2017

Thanks to Michael Rapaport for having me on DIRECTV #FantasyZone during yesterday’s games!

29 reactions 2 comments
Josh Wolfe Haha hell yes!
John Merritt Hopefully you taught Michael how to chill out and stop relying solely on the voices in his head ..............
Larry King
10:42 11/06/2017

Honored to receive the Humanitarian Award @ 'AMT 2017 D.R.E.A.M. Gala' #autismmovement Donate to this great cause!

AMT's 2017 D.R.E.A.M. Gala w/Larry King, Dr. Temple Grandin & Timothy Sykes

The AMT 2017 D.R.E.A.M. Gala will benefit Autism Works Now and our D.R.E.A.M. Alliance. This star studded black tie gala, hosted by MARY HART, will honor the legendary broadcaster, LARRY KING, with the 2017 Humanitarian Award on the occasion of his 84th Birthday. AMT will also salute the amazing DR....

40 reactions 2 comments
Wendelin Warburg Doctors are misinformed/brainwashed by the pharmaceutical industry, who is pressured by their shareholders to make profit. Vaccines contain neuro-immune toxins, such as aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, Polysorbate 80, Triton X-100, 2-phenoxyethanol, and ...
Larry King
21:54 11/03/2017

Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Office kicked off the week with two indictments and one guilty plea as part of the Russia probe, but what happens next?

Mueller makes first strike in Russia probe; What happens next?
Mueller makes first strike in Russia probe; What happens next?

Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Office kicked off the week with two indictments and one guilty plea as part of the Russia probe, but what happens next? Larry examines. Then, who's really in charge of the GOP? Party insiders join Larry with their take.

2 reactions 0 comments
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