Larry King
01:48 02/26/2017

After a hectic week in Philly at QVC (which was wonderful!) I am enjoying some much needed time with my sons Larry Jr. and Chance in FL!

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Alrik Sandkvist Larry, have you heard that the new Night Demon album is being released in April?
Larry King
01:48 02/26/2017

So saddened to learn of Alan Colmes' passing. He took his craft seriously & was a damned likable man.

59 reactions 6 comments
Michele Rangel Rip so sad to hear this
Brandon Koon one liberal they actually let be a co host in prime time on fox news.
هبة ابراهيم An-Nu’man ibn Basheer reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “The parable of the believers in their affection, mercy, and compassion for each other is that of a body. When any limb aches, the whole body reacts with ...
Kevin McGill He was a paid clown. He was used to make fun of actual liberal thoughts that should have been taken seriously.
Alex Townsend He was funny smart and wise. I also loved seeing him interview George Carlin when Jersey Girl came out. We'll miss you, Alan.
Larry King
01:48 02/26/2017

Just finished up my first live taping for QVC! I'll be live again tonight at 8pm PT with my lovely wife Shawn, promoting our bedding line #SleepLikeAKing!

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Steve Fainer Larry needs more money folks. :)
Matthew Trammell Awesome, looking forward to it!
هبة ابراهيم On the authority of Abu Musa Al Ashari (May Allah be pleased with him),who said: The prophet (peace and blussings of Allah be upon him) Said : "Charity is necessary for every nuslem " The prophet was asked : what if a person has nothing?, the prophet ...
Larry King
01:48 02/26/2017

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Edit Lipcs <3
Kseniya Slavnaya Larry King the best 👑 😍👌🏻 From Moscow with love 💝
Christina Kienberger Regards from Berlin 😘
Marla Noble Hi from Toronto!
Larry King
01:48 02/26/2017

88 reactions 7 comments
Ruben Guerrero
Stefanny Marques I like you so much, Larry King!!
Prabhanu Jayasinghe Larry king love not larry king live
Marion Marshall Wave Larry😊
Remo Rainsford Good afternoon
Derek Fisher
02:18 02/24/2017

Happy "G" Day to this lil lady right here @glogovan watching your growth as a woman, mother, friend, and partner this past year has been amazing. You deserve all the happiness in the world! Love you #happygday2017 #godbless #loveandpositivityalways

1.3k reactions 37 comments
Jackson Alice Beautiful
Tanya Michelle Stay blessed
Robert Katz A hoe and a looser u both belong together.
Yolie Perez Hi HOTT couple
Ramon Gutierrez Vanessa Sanchez im sure this breaks your 💔😆
Larry King
13:00 02/23/2017

ICYMI: Rep. Brenda Lawrence joined me to weigh in on President Donald Trump's executive order on immigration

12 reactions 2 comments
Candace Hearrell my name is Candace hearrell please view all of my videos? thank you
Edwin Leon Tom III I'd rather discuss where she's getting her money from.
Derek Fisher
02:18 02/24/2017

112 reactions 3 comments
David Chang Fish would be a great coach for our young pgs
Ted Friedman I think your statue should be out there with Shaq's. Derek you always showed up and played hard. You maximized what you had and willed yourself to greatness in my honest opinion. I think you are one of the Laker greats and it would not have happened ...
Larry King
13:00 02/23/2017

April 3rd can't come fast enough...

29 reactions 11 comments
Edward Ganatsios Kris Holkeboer
Michele Rangel Can't wait
Donald Mascio Happy Tuesday Larry King :-)
Mi Sook Kim 좋은 아침 입니다
Marion Marshall Why?
Larry King
13:00 02/23/2017

Actor-writer-producer Dan Bucatinsky discusses tackling politics in the era of Trump on 24: Legacy, LGBTQ representation in TV & film, and how to push producing partner Lisa Kudrow’s buttons. Plus, why the artist can’t get enough of fart jokes.

50 reactions 5 comments
Lucy Maire Great photo
Mardi Carl GOOD PIC.....
Steve Fainer Suspenders with jeans? lmao
Bobby Nelson Lookin sharp as always, Larry :-)
هبة ابراهيم On the authority of son of Abbas (may Allah be pleased with them both), from the Messenger of Allah (PBUH), among the sayings he related from his Lord (glorified and exalted be He) is that He said: Allah has written down the good deeds and the bad ...
Larry King
11:24 02/18/2017

My buddy Regis Philbin discusses life in retirement, career highlights, and, of course, former co-hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Kelly Ripa. Regis also weighs in on a potential return to TV and America's current political climate.

173 reactions 14 comments
Tibor Szekely Regis on a morning show for RT would be the ultimate.
Michele Rangel OMG love u both so much
Isreal Utitofon Larry the Great!
Tortuga Dagach Avila Love you both !
Ruth Guerrero Great news..
Larry King
22:36 02/15/2017

I sure hope so, buddy!

Will Regis Philbin return to hosting?
Will Regis Philbin return to hosting?

The legend Regis Philbin weighs in on a potential return to TV!

40 reactions 13 comments
Demian Forest Forestiero Really??
Beth Handsman Nah just guest host with KathieLee.
Teresa Rinchiuso Come back Regis
David R. Maier Yes.
Carol M Ventura Please,please You are the best!🐣
Larry King
22:36 02/15/2017

Meant to send this out yesterday — the UConn Women's Basketball team's 100 game win streak is the greatest run in sport's history. No question. Congrats!

17 reactions 2 comments
Shawn Lee Begay Yeah!
Sport Star News I always felt that my greatest asset was not my physical ability, it was my mental ability.” – Bruce Jenner
Larry King
22:36 02/15/2017

Wishing all my followers a very happy #valentinesday2017 !

247 reactions 22 comments
Rom Mee Happy Valentine s Day my Friend Larry Kind and family sincerely your.
Michele Rangel U too love u
Ruth Guerrero Happy #valentinesday2017 Larry King
Sulafa Mohamed happy valentine;s day to u 2
Barb Boudreault Same to you & yours , Larry !
Derek Fisher
11:54 02/16/2017

Happy "V" Day to my love @glogovan! Love the you I know now and the you I haven't met yet #happyvday #loveandpositivity

1.4k reactions 62 comments
Jerry Vasquez WOW, Derek, Dude!
Steve Combre Be happy Derek!
Michael Pierce Stay gold..... you need to come coach the razorbacks!!!!
Yolanda Baker Happy V Day D-Fish and Gloria!
Sydney Hong Cash me outside. How about that
Larry King
22:36 02/15/2017

David Horowitz joined me to talk about his new book, "Big Agenda," and says that Donald Trump's planned policies for African-American communities will fundamentally change U.S. politics.

22 reactions 3 comments
Shaun Scott check us out inside
Shaun Scott Hey Larry King check out @ DayDreamin Comics
Muanah S. Benn Dry the democrats out; there policies are cosmetic and fight against America!
Larry King
22:36 02/15/2017

Tomorrow famed comedian Jon Lovitz joins me on #LarryKingNow! Questions for him? Send them in below!

What would you ask Jon Lovitz?
What would you ask Jon Lovitz?

Larry King will be welcoming Jon Lovitz to our studio soon & we want your questions!

34 reactions 18 comments
Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes how have you remained so relevant all these years jon?
Edit Lipcs like him.
David Bradbury Stewart What was your favorite moment being on The The New Celebrity Apprentice?
Stephen Boroff What's the ticket?
Fouzi Felemban I will ask him why he disappeared
Larry King
22:36 02/15/2017

Just saw Lion Movie. So great! Dev Patel is tremendous. Lots of fantastic contenders at this year's The Academy Awards!

36 reactions 3 comments
Sonia Durrani Faiza Virani
Dace Broc Yes, it is a good year. Some very accomplished actors and actresses.
Colin Libby Sadly, other species, such as lions, don't have much pull at the overly political Academy Awards.
Larry King
22:36 02/15/2017

After losing his brother – successful country songwriter Andrew Dorff, who’d written hits for Blake Shelton and Rascal Flatts – to a tragic accident last December, Stephen Dorff opens up about the circumstances of his death and life without him.

Stephen Dorff opens up about his brother’s death
Stephen Dorff opens up about his brother’s death

Watch Stephen Dorff open up about his brother’s tragic death.

33 reactions 2 comments
Candace Hearrell my name is Candace hearrell please view all of my videos? thank you
Daniel James Collins He's a great actor. Sorry for your families loss Stephen
Larry King
09:48 02/13/2017

Questions for country music star Brandy Clark? Send them in below!

What would you ask country music star Brandy Clark?
What would you ask country music star Brandy Clark?

Larry King will be welcoming Brandy Clark to our studio soon & we want your questions!

17 reactions 1 comments
Larry King
09:48 02/13/2017

I certainly wouldn't mind if Carmelo Anthony ended up with the L.A. Clippers!

19 reactions 1 comments
Denis Dautovic please read and share on your Facebook
Larry King
20:54 02/10/2017

So sorry to hear about the passing of The New York Times Chief National Correspondent Mark Leibovich's father. My condolences to Mark and his family.

3 reactions 4 comments
Denis Dautovic please read and share on your Facebook
Philip Addico RIP
Edit Lipcs RIP.
Verkijika Nyuyki Sad but They will leave Trump in peace now
Larry King
20:54 02/10/2017

After the election of Donald J. Trump, David Oyelowo says he found himself having a tricky conversation with his sons about what constitutes appropriate behavior when “a man who had said fairly reprehensible things had been rewarded with the highest office in the land.”

What David Oyelowo told his sons about Trump
What David Oyelowo told his sons about Trump

Watch David Oyelowo open up about the tough conversation he had with his sons after Donald Trump was elected president.

17 reactions 7 comments
Berri King Hmmm
Bashir Kemi Balogun Wake up and STOP referring back to the past...Bill Clinton is no more the President.....for God's sake !!!!!
Joanne Casey I wonder what he told them about Bill Clinton?
Maria Ce Trump makes it very difficult for parents to teach their children the importance of civility for a peaceful world.
Marie F. Beaulieu Maybe if so rares to sit with his 3 sons he should decide to talk about things they like instead of people they dislike.
Derek Fisher
10:18 02/11/2017

Happy 75th Birthday to my amazingly wonderful Mom! You do so much for everyone else. Today should be all about you! You make this world a better place and it's an honor to be your son!! God bless you today and everyday.....Love you Mom! #MamaFish #MamaP #AuntiePearl #Nana

1.2k reactions 72 comments
Albert Blanca Delacruz Cadena Happy birthday
Jeanne Marzec Beautiful lady!
Robert Villalvazo Happy Birthday to your mom!! Very blessed to still have her 🙏
Martha Movingon Magee Happy Birthday Mrs. Fisher
Chuck Mungro happy birthday
Larry King
20:54 02/10/2017

Anxious to see the new doc. 'I Am Not Your Negro.' Important subject matter. I interviewed James Baldwin many times. Great, GREAT man.

26 reactions 2 comments
The Law of Attraction - What we think we become. Be strong now because things will get better. It might be stormy now but it can't rain forever.
Manuela Neamțu Gosh watching u with David Horowitz omg can u be more obvious in your bias and agenda?? Just coz u r on RT doesn't make u any more palatable or any less obvious with your viper agenda... if it wasn't For Horowitz who calls it like it is, I wouldn't even ...
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