Derek Fisher
02:12 01/17/2017

There will always be hate and haters, but LOVE truly can conquer all #bethelight #bethelove #hewas #socanwe #ThankYouDrKing

338 reactions 8 comments
Alicia Lopez Amen
Nadine Richards So true
Patricia Cole Amen
Jesus Carillo A si es mi LEKERS
Ryan Slattery Stick to retirement.
Larry King
00:06 01/14/2017

It’s a no-holds-barred conversation with award-winning auteur #LeeDaniels as he discusses his new series, ‘Star,’ and the effect ‘Empire’ has had on homophobia in hip hop, and shares his uncensored thoughts about #OscarsSoWhite in 2017.

30 reactions 3 comments
Tubagus Dennis Mulyana Orang tua kece. 😀
Sharon Romeo-MacLean Don't compare your chapter 1 to someone else's chapter 15. Follow your own path, write your own life story, and never give up on yourself.
Jonathan Oldfield 37,212 interviews, 9,879 pairs of braces and STILL just warming up! Oh and THAT interview with Liza!
Derek Fisher
13:24 01/14/2017

Thank you for your service @barackobama!!! Sometimes they don't notice the difference you've made until you're gone #theywillnoticesoon #wewillmissyou #jobwelldone

1.8k reactions 39 comments
Mark Martinez Awesome photo Lakers nation
Indy Racer Cathy You are so correct, Derek.
Cindi Wallin January yuck
Joe Walton Bulldog meets bulldog
Marion James Viala Evangelista Isaiah Thomas #NBAVote
Larry King
00:06 01/14/2017

If I'm being honest, I don't think the Los Angeles Chargers will find a devoted following in LA. I hope I'm wrong though!

65 reactions 10 comments
Hussein Schumann You're right & i love you from egypt je salut votre monsour et toute la monde et salut pour toi
Hussein Schumann You're right & i love you from egypt je salut votre monsour et toute la monde et salut pour toi
Shawn Spellman You are right and I live in Minnesota
Sheila Wosik Change.... wait and see....
Ted F. Rouge I'm with you on this one Larry...doesn't make sense.
Larry King
00:06 01/14/2017

Always love speaking to the great #LeeDaniels! I'll be sharing some moments from our conversation throughout the day!

Lee Daniels on the Oscars: Hollywood don’t owe me nothing
Lee Daniels on the Oscars: Hollywood don’t owe me nothing

Watch Lee Daniels weigh in on #OscarsSoWhite in 2017 and ‘The Butler’ being snubbed by the Academy Awards.

15 reactions 1 comments
James Chukwunonyelum Dennison They sure don't. Just keep doing your great work Lee. Your creative ingenuity speaks for itself......#MovieMastermind
Derek Fisher
13:24 01/14/2017

Quick thoughts on last night's LA Lakers loss to the Portland Trail Blazers #ThreeFromFish

48 reactions 7 comments
Luis Rodriguez Kristaps Porzingis #nbavote
Alicia Lopez Really wow so 😔 sad
Dre Weh Fish for Coach
Rene G. Escobar Couldnt have said it better! These are all big problems for our young squad. Gotta get it together!
Nick J. Noceti Couldn't believe they played so poorly in the 2nd half.
Larry King
00:06 01/14/2017

Harry J. Enten discusses what to expect from incoming President Donald Trump and what he might do during his first 100 days in office

16 reactions 1 comments
Colin Libby I always assumed Mr. Enten was some kind of self aware AI. No mortal man should be able to predict the future in his fashion.
Larry King
00:06 01/14/2017

More with the wonderful #RuthNegga! A remarkable talent!

How Ruth Negga is responding to her Oscars buzz
How Ruth Negga is responding to her Oscars buzz

Watch breakout star Ruth Negga discuss the Oscars buzz surrounding her performance in the Jeff Nichols film, ‘Loving.’

27 reactions 2 comments
Samson Teshome Beautiful women!!!!!!!
Don Holmes Larry, just because she has an Ethiopian father doesn't give you the right to call her that
Larry King
11:18 01/11/2017

Thrilled to welcome back Curtis Stone on #LarryKingNow! Have questions for him? Comment below!

What would ask famed chef Curtis Stone?
What would ask famed chef Curtis Stone?

Larry King will be welcoming Curtis Stone to our studio soon & we want your questions!

28 reactions 7 comments
Abigail Chosen 🍯
Lynel Cote So did you start as a dishwasher?
Praise Jesus 2017 Top USAPastors PaulBegley, SidRoth, TomHorn...warn about 7 Yr Trib(Mat24), Islam Israel War(Psa83), Russia Iran NATO Israel War(Ezk38), 3rdTemple 144000 Israelis(Rev7), 5000 Nukes, World TrillionDebts, Quantum RFID666, FEMA, Bunkers, VaticanPope ...
Daniel Christopher Thomas Give us 3 dishes a beginning cook should learn well
Tibor Szekely What was his experience with Donald Trump like while he was on Celebrity Apprentice?
Larry King
11:18 01/11/2017

Are you guys ready for our new show?( Just kidding...maybe). As always, thanks Hallmark, #HomeandFamilyTV and my buddy Regis Philbin!

265 reactions 27 comments
Abigail Chosen ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Nurry Anas Yes Sir, Happy New Year n please access the site Sincerely.
Paper Pop Cards Love you guys! Real gentlemen and entertainers!
Barbara Zalesky You two are the best.
Sheila Edmondson Sure!
Larry King
11:18 01/11/2017

With my pal Regis Philbin today! We'll have something special to share with you tomorrow 😃!

364 reactions 15 comments
Daniel James Collins Shrek reunion
Francisco Angeles Y😊
Susie Bell Regis is great!!
Cindy Boyer Larry still is hot as ever!
Sharon Romeo-MacLean Miss you 2
Larry King
11:18 01/11/2017

Breakout star #RuthNegga joins me to discuss the The Academy buzz for her role in Loving, how she’s taking to her newfound celebrity, and how she and her longtime boyfriend Dominic Cooper ended up on ‘Preacher’ together.

79 reactions 3 comments
Rob Scaglione Loved her Villain on Agents of Shield.
Lilbright Ohene GodBless u...!! with the #Goodwork that u are doing. I really love your show??? Keep the #Goodwork going
Larry King
11:18 01/11/2017

Don't like to boast — but I went 4 for 4 with my #NFLPlayoffs picks this weekend!

52 reactions 8 comments
Stuart Tolman Loan me $50
Jamie Gaddis As did i
Tim Holbrook Great Larry!
Jan Theron You are the best Larry
Shawn Stinchcomb Good job Larry!
Larry King
22:30 01/08/2017

My guest today is the charming Kandi Burruss!

Kandi Burruss: Black entrepreneurs face a higher climb
Kandi Burruss: Black entrepreneurs face a higher climb

Music producer and 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' star Kandi Burruss delves into the challenges she's faced as a black female entrepreneur.

31 reactions 4 comments
Louis Turi 5 killed at Florida airport! Looks like our first 2016 SOS to the world deadly window speak a cosmic wisdom the secret services and society need desperately! Posted by Dr. Turi on December 29, 2016 at 6:19pm in Cosmic Coders Only January 7-//-// (48 ...
David Davidson Backed up by no facts whatsoever. It's all about the feels.
Hern Sneed Larry King is now a shill for Russia and Vladimir Putin...he's sunk so low, that now he's pushing Prostate Pills..another sham...what a disgrace to American Journalism...he's $old out America.
Zachary Frank Black people in general face higher climbs in our country. One guy who is smashing the mold is Daymond John. Not that I am big fan of the private equity model but venture capital is one of its functions that I admire. Hopefully he can trail blaze ...
Larry King
22:30 01/08/2017

My NFL playoff picks are pretty straightforward this week! I'm picking all the favorites/home teams, laying the points. Safe? Risky?

21 reactions 5 comments
Jason Asselin GO PACK GO!
Shawn Stinchcomb Good picks!
Tim Holbrook Go with the bookmakers, Larry!
Enoch Zantsi I'm a sport mad South African and have dedicated my life to rugby and cricket but love other sports too. I've never had much of an interest in NFL owing to ignorance of the rules...but I backed the Steelers from the old days of working for US companies ...
Larry King
09:42 01/06/2017

Also joining me tomorrow is Empire and STAR creator Lee Daniels. Questions for him?

What would you ask director Lee Daniels?
What would you ask director Lee Daniels?

I'm welcoming Lee Daniels to 'Larry King Now' and want your questions!

17 reactions 9 comments
Candace Hearrell my name is Candace hearrell please view all of my videos? thank you
Jackie Kaplan Kallen Talk about the new show "Star."
James Chukwunonyelum Dennison Where he draws his inspiration from???
Lori Lambert What is your inspiration"
Simo Elayoubi Ask him about Monique
Larry King
09:42 01/06/2017

Tomorrow I'm welcoming one of Hollywood's finest — Christina Ricci! What questions do you have for her? Comment below!

What would you ask Christina Ricci?
What would you ask Christina Ricci?

Larry King will be welcoming Christina Ricci to our studio soon & we want your questions!

33 reactions 8 comments
Art E Gonzalez why you are off grid?????
Daniel Christopher Thomas What is your favorite movie role from childhood?
Tracy Stewart What was it like working with Cher?
Shauna Marie Hey, Wednesday Addams!!!!
Chris Gable This should've been Wednesday's show.
Derek Fisher
23:00 01/06/2017

28 reactions 2 comments
Cindy Anguiano Nice suit Fish! Derek Fisher
Benjamin Pectol Fisher would look less like ET if he grew in some hair.
Larry King
09:42 01/06/2017

I'm welcoming Pico Iyer and Mitra Rahbar to the show to discuss how to find happiness and peace during this time of uncertainty. Questions for them?

What would you ask experts Pico Iyer & Mitra Rahbar about finding happiness?
What would you ask experts Pico Iyer & Mitra Rahbar about finding happiness?

Larry King will be welcoming Pico Iyer & Mitra Rahbar to discuss the topic of happiness — and we want your questions!

18 reactions 3 comments
Mike Amidi Define Happiness?
Amira Rida I am so excited you have Mitra Rahbar on your show! I would like to ask, how can non-Muslims and Muslims living in American come together in their hearts and minds in 2017? Especially in the new context of Trump now as President - who prefers to build ...
Janet Weiner Sode This is going to be a great topic! How can we determine our own personal truth and happiness with the thought patterns we already have coupled with life's face pace, society's norms and the noise of our daily life? Everything is moving so quickly in ...
Derek Fisher
23:00 01/06/2017

It's been said a gentleman can never have too many bow ties! Thanks @dha1fashion for this wooden bow tie look #gentlemanstyle #swagwayup #likewayup

875 reactions 45 comments
Nikki Alara 😍😍
Judy Adame Nice.
Joanna Gonzalez I love it😍
Daniel Lemus Jr. im a sucker for ties, suits and business fashion
Brent Kennedy My boy fisher!
Larry King
09:42 01/06/2017

Adam Driver — one of Hollywood's brightest stars — joins me to discuss the final season of the hit HBO comedy Girls, his coveted leading role in the Star Wars film franchise, and working alongside the legendary Martin Scorsese.

144 reactions 7 comments
Jackie Kaplan Kallen Terrific actor
Kimber Greed He's my favourite 😍
Mi Sook Kim 새해 복 많이 받으세요
Victoria Cummings Natusch Love him! Midnight!!
Eibood Esyam Bro you murked Han Solo. Respect on the hatred you have throughout the galaxy
Larry King
09:42 01/06/2017

Adam Driver is a truly gifted performer. Such a pleasure speaking to him & getting some Star Wars Episode VIII info!

Adam Driver previews
Adam Driver previews 'Star Wars: Episode VIII'

Watch Adam Driver talk all things 'Star Wars' with Larry, including what to expect in the franchise's next installment.

88 reactions 4 comments
Mike Taylor Bradley Taylor
Elizabeth Gallagher YAS! Finally, his interview.
Lorraine Storey Been waiting for it! Finally!!!😀
Angela Honan He's wonderful!!!
Larry King
09:42 01/06/2017

Congratulations to Megyn Kelly on her move to NBC News. She's a great talent and I wish her the best of luck.

120 reactions 8 comments
Paul Jacobson Larry king she is a sellout
Tabingwa Muyaka Wycliffe Congs Kelly
Myra Herrick the very best
Aaron Adair Mitchell Boooo!!! [In my Kathy Griffin voice]
Jackie Kaplan Kallen I agree. She's very good at what she does. Like you!
Larry King
09:42 01/06/2017

The Pittsburgh Steelers won this weekend, but not by enough! My record is now 9-6 on the season. Playoff picks to come later this week. Stay tuned!

25 reactions 6 comments
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Rafael Rafael Could you read the information in my mail server. password prophet.prophet.prophet
Larry King
20:54 01/03/2017

Tomorrow I'm excited to welcome #RuthNegga to #LKN! What q's do you have for the @lovingthefilm star? Comment below!

What would you ask
What would you ask 'Loving' star Ruth Negga?

Larry King will be welcoming Ruth Negga to our studio soon & we want your questions!

5 reactions 4 comments
Tom Marsula She's my Negga!
Tony Tranter If she enjoyed SHIELD and if she would ever consider returning.
Jack Sanchez #RuthNegga did you fall in love w/ Joel Edgerton offscreen as well? The love is apparent between the two actors.
Larry King
20:54 01/03/2017

Followers! New episodes of #LarryKingNow start today — first up, the wonderfully talented Carrie Keagan!

Carrie Keagan on Trump, swearing, & ‘Celebrity Apprentice’
Carrie Keagan on Trump, swearing, & ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

Watch Carrie Keagan discuss her new book, the art of swearing, & president-elect Trump’s involvement with the new season of ‘Celebrity Apprentice.’

13 reactions 1 comments
Larry King
20:54 01/03/2017

Joining me tomorrow is Community & The Odd Couple on CBS star Yvette Nicole Brown! What questions do you have for her? Comment below!

What would you ask Yvette Nicole Brown?
What would you ask Yvette Nicole Brown?

Larry King will be welcoming Yvette Nicole Brown to our studio soon & we want your questions!

26 reactions 9 comments
Massimo Mason SE PUOI.....LEGGI MIO DIARIO...E DAI...X 2
Candace Hearrell my name is Candace hearrell please view all of my videos? thank you
Tammie Marshall Caitlin Graham
William Rose Have you known about the hashtag #WheresWalter?
Tracy Stewart Do you have any children? If not, do you want children someday?
Derek Fisher
10:12 01/04/2017

Happy New Year people!! 2017 goals include living more, loving more, laughing the year started right last night!! #livelovelaugh #poohandpiglet #poohgotwasted #bearsshouldntdrinkthatmuch

1.7k reactions 43 comments
Harold Griffin Very nice photo of the two of you. Derek Fisher
Lavon Jackson I guess
Cassie Briones Cute
Cedric J. Moses Happy New Year #Fish! #Lakers4Life #FukAHater
Rosalyn Smith Beautiful
Derek Fisher
21:24 01/01/2017


1.9k reactions 50 comments
Kyla Newcomb Miss ya Fish here in Oklahoma!!!
Carlos Bravo One of my favorite Lakers player. D-fish#2
Nikki Alara Oh my goodness 😍😍
Rita Ismailyan Looking good Fish
Gina Satterfield Happy New Year D Fish!
Derek Fisher
21:24 01/01/2017

2016 became about improvement of self. Getting back in the lab helped the growth process @proactivesp #labwork #lovetheprocess

1.2k reactions 45 comments
Mona Morgia Yum
Andrew Johnson So Matt Barnes don't beat you up
DaVona Daigre Like fine wine 🍷
Peter Sedrak D fish is a douche
Jim Baerresen Happy New Year Derek, from Jim and Janice (Agoura IHOP)
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