Derek Fisher
20:42 09/19/2017

ICYMI, our Dancing with the Stars salsa from last night, for your viewing pleasure. Let Real Sharna Burgess and I know what you think! #TeamHoopsAndHeels 🏀👠 Online voting is still open through tonight! Vote on Facebook: and Vote! Vote! Vote!

769 reactions 170 comments
Lorna Lodevico i voted for you to the max...i'm a big fan!!
Dianna Ramirez Daaanh, D Fish has them moves on and off the court!😍😘🏀🕺🏽💃🏻 Good luck! I'm rooting for you.🙏🏻🤞🏼👏🏼
Connie Connell I'm voting for you. Loved it when you were in OKC with Thunder. Watched you play
Clyda Carter Great to watch you! Great have my vote!
Pam Jordan Schmidt What no mention of being with the Thunder!!!!
Derek Fisher
20:42 09/19/2017

Thank you @sharnaburgess -- we're just getting started! #Repost ・・・ LOVERZ you already know what we need you to do, we need your votes there is a double elimination next week and we really don't want to go home!!! I am so so proud of you @dereklfisher you absolutely crushed it. #TeamHoopsAndHeels ❤️

102 reactions 17 comments
Elaine Arriola Ruiz I voted . ...
Regina Mejia-Stevenson I got u! 😜
Bonnie Diaz I just sent all my 13 votes your way 💜🏀💜🏀💜🏀
Forgem Nos This is real??
Paula E. George Good job, D-Fish!!
Derek Fisher
20:42 09/19/2017

Wooooooo! That was a blast, Real Sharna Burgess! Hope you all liked it! Now we need your support! Three ways to vote! 1: Call 1-800-868-3403! 2: Via Facebook: 3: Via #TeamHoopsAndHeels 🏀👠

343 reactions 11 comments
Kandace M. Kameroff Warren
Sylvia Iglesias Just voted. Best of luck!
Richard M Castillo Mamba mentality
Kathy Thomas We gotcha! Go Fish! Great job tonight.
Robert Nguyễn Just voted.
Larry King
07:24 09/19/2017

Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Bill Richardson says China and South Korea's new president offer the best chance at stalling Kim Jong Un's nuclear advances

Bill Richardson: Path to halting North Korea nukes runs through China, South Korea
Bill Richardson: Path to halting North Korea nukes runs through China, South Korea

Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Bill Richardson says China and South Korea's new president offer the best chance at stalling Kim Jong Un's nuclear advances. Larry finds out why.

10 reactions 0 comments
Derek Fisher
20:42 09/19/2017

All right Los Angeles Lakers Nation: the road to a title with Real Sharna Burgess begins tonight! Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O' Neal, former teammates and friends: Let’s do this! #DWTS

116 reactions 7 comments
Maria D. Ortiz-Huey Behind you 💯
Jackie Brush Thomison Thunder fans too!
Stephanie Tovar You did so good Derek...Love ya!!
Shiva Shahriari Negin Nourmohammadi and then a hero comes alonggggf
Lacey Perkins Come on Derek you can do this, counting on you.
Derek Fisher
20:42 09/19/2017

Tonight’s the night! We dance 11th, so make sure to watch our salsa and then light up those phone lines! 1-800-868-3403! #DWTS #TeamHoopsAndHeels🏀👠

146 reactions 5 comments
Vasana Emerald I'll be voting!
Bryan Nichols Break a leg! Not really, but I think that's the saying!
Ahmad Walid Samadzai Sorry Derek but I am going to pass on that show. Good luck though.
Judy Adame Probably the only DWTS I have ever watched, just to see D-Fish!
Larry King
07:24 09/19/2017

Is that so Danny Pudi? Thanks for coming by #LarryKingNow, buddy!

Danny Pudi: ‘Community’ movie is getting closer
Danny Pudi: ‘Community’ movie is getting closer

Watch Danny Pudi discuss the improving chances of a ‘Community’ movie and his friendship with Donald Glover.

9 reactions 0 comments
Derek Fisher
20:42 09/19/2017

Registration is open for my Summer 2018 Basketball Academy! Sign up before Nov. 1 and save $50! Learn more:

112 reactions 5 comments
Victoria Marie Lupe Bueras Alvarado
Christian James Isiaah Thomas?
Eddy Swing that is the future of basketball
Derek Fisher
20:42 09/19/2017

Loosening up the shoulders before tonight's premiere of @dancingabc 😂😂#dwts25#teamhoopsandheels

78 reactions 4 comments
Justine Milagros Villaroman Good luck to you and Sharna tonight!
Lacey Perkins That's right make sure you are loose before your dance tonight.
Dale Couture Your warm up would work better by practicing shots with .4 on the clock.
John Merritt In all the years I have seen you play Fish, that is only the 2nd time to have seen you dunk. Of course that is only an 8 foot basket. Break a leg dude.
Derek Fisher
20:42 09/19/2017

Thank you @mountainvalleywater for helping me get ready for @dancingabc tomorrow!

201 reactions 9 comments
Mike Cummins Woo Kris Look Cummins
Sonya Thomas My celebrity crush ❤️
Cyn Montenegro-Leveque Get DFish!!
Roger Yong Rock it!
Jerry Bethel All The way to The Championship... Mr. Class.. 🙂
Derek Fisher
20:42 09/19/2017

One more day until the big @DancingABC premiere! We’re ready to Salsa! 🕺💃#TeamHoopsandHeels🏀👠

76 reactions 7 comments
Forgem Nos Show that fancy footwork.
Maria D. Ortiz-Huey So excited! Can't wait. #TeamHoopsandHeels
Kathy Wilfinger Kress Can not wait!
Lacey Perkins Derek remember to have fun while you are showing off your skills.
Sarah Beverly I can't wait to see your pigeon toe self salsa 💃🏽. I'll be watching and voting LOL 🤦🏽‍♀️
Derek Fisher
07:54 09/17/2017

239 reactions 9 comments
Bryan Hijapon Villabrille Idol
Debbie Webb Johnson Go Derek!
Otilia Felix Love Darek Fisher 😘
Jack Sanchez D-fish, Lindsay Sterling is favored to win it all. Witney Carson & her partner are looking good too!
Billy Delphin Los Angeles Lakers and Lakernation is with ya BRUH
Derek Fisher
07:54 09/17/2017

Approach every day with a championship mentality! #FlashbackFriday @Lakers #DWTS #TeamHoopsAndHeels 🏀👠

253 reactions 4 comments
Carol Singleton Rocovits We need you back Fish!
Lorraine Flores Perez Thank you for being a Laker!!
Roberto Pesqueira DFish ... Laker 4 life !!! Ty for the great memories and story's to tell my kids and grandkids!!!
Anthony Logan That's the Lakesr #2 Champ of all times, the new #2 has some BIG SHOES TO FILL
Larry King
18:36 09/16/2017

On Monday, I welcome the hilarious Nick Kroll to #LarryKingNow! Q's for him? Send them in below...

What would you ask Nick Kroll?
What would you ask Nick Kroll?

Larry King will be welcoming Nick Kroll to our studio soon & we want your questions!

10 reactions 2 comments
Zachary Wass How do you keep it so real? (Man), I respect that attitude/mindset.
Veterans Party Of New York Well I LOVE people, I LOVE all people. In the military service/ armed forces the men under arms. They are of course both male and female. The individuals I have spoken with tell me they are not sure how they will do, how they with act. If a COMBAT ...
Larry King
18:36 09/16/2017

Bassem Youssef offers his take on Donald Trump, and explains why he believes the president has revived the art of political comedy

Satirist Bassem Youssef on Trump: He
Satirist Bassem Youssef on Trump: He's great for comedy, horrible for America

Satirist Bassem Youssef offers his take on Donald Trump, and explains why he believes the president has revived the art of political comedy. Then, Larry looks into Youssef's Morning After Kit for Muslims in America.

16 reactions 5 comments
Karim Ghaly باسم ساب بلحة و مسك في ترامب
Chris Allbritton The fact CNN gives you your paycheck is showing Larry...
Joshua Born Oh boy. Triggered Trump fanboys incoming ...
Geoff Crenshaw He's killed it. He's too ridiculous. Satirists have mo leverage.
Greg Hudson The fact the this only has 13 likes and just a few comments shows how tired and sick people are over the constant media bashing of our President. Have always been a fan of yours Larry but you and old man Dan Rather need to join the club of old has ...
Larry King
18:36 09/16/2017

Have you ever met someone who changed your life for the better? Jackie Gleason was one of those people for me. When he took me under his wing, he was the most popular person on television. He was Jimmy Fallon before Jimmy Fallon. He was Johnny Carson before Johnny Carson. His contemporaries called him, simply, "the great one." I learned a lot from Jackie--certainly more than I can fit into one blogpost. But what he taught me about confidence changed my career forever. That's the topic of this week's blogpost:

The Secret to Confidence: A Lesson from my Mentor | Larry King
The Secret to Confidence: A Lesson from my Mentor | Larry King

The Secret to Confidence: A Lesson from my Mentor by Larry King | Sep 14, 2017Jackie Gleason: The Great One - credit to PBS/American Masters GET NEW POSTS VIA EMAIL Nobody becomes successful on their own. Nobody. Some people like to say that they’re “self-made.” It’s a point of pride for them. But I...

180 reactions 23 comments
Michael Doyle Great performer for sure.
Gail Kubik The Great One!
JD Gee III To the moon, Alice👊. To the moon👆. How sweet it is. 🍻
Pam Dimaio And away we go!
Dave Dicker "How sweet it is!"
Derek Fisher
07:54 09/17/2017

Only dreams to feed on back then! Still eatin now! God is good! The chain on outside the tux tho 😂😂😂#tbt

360 reactions 21 comments
Luis M Diaz Goat
Pam Briggs Nice!
Alexis Chaidez Looking fresh!
Yukah Hunt SEXY! :-)
Yolanda Baker Cute D Fish...
Derek Fisher
07:54 09/17/2017

80 reactions 0 comments
Larry King
18:36 09/16/2017

Dipped into a little politics with my recent guest (and good buddy!) Chris Jericho! Thoughts on this, folks?

Chris Jericho:
Chris Jericho: 'The Rock' could be our next president

Jericho credits Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's charisma for his massive popularity.

70 reactions 17 comments
Tammie Marshall Caitlin Graham
Thomson Jamie and send mrs green some pasta
Ryan Craig No.
Clutch Steadyfist Cool guy. Good podcast
RC Gomer You mean Canadian???
Larry King
05:48 09/14/2017

Thank you everyone for the well wishes. The Docs at Cedars were on top of it & removed the cancer immediately. I'm as healthy as can be & was back to work 2 weeks later. Remember to get regular chest examinations, not everyone is as lucky as I was! I've never felt better.

503 reactions 76 comments
Fred A Farmer So good, and glad, to hear you are still in the world with us dear sir. 🙂
Rosemary Mannone-Toogood I'm so happy to hear!! I can't imagine not being able to watch you on TV!! 😎
Robin Boyce Glad to hear you're feeling strong! Keep up the good work!
Khola Mustafa Good to hear that, may you live long healthy life!
Jim Felix Alicho Thank God you are okay now, Larry.
Derek Fisher
19:06 09/14/2017

Thanks to @RichEisen for having me on The @RichEisenShow today. Always fun to talk about my time with the @Lakers and @KobeBryant as well present day @NBA and your @nyknicks, Rich. Don't bet against me and @sharnaburgess on @DancingABC! #TeamHoopsAndHeels🏀👠#DWTS #SharnaSquad

76 reactions 7 comments
Danny Ball Love ya Fish
Rimvydas Karpavičius Hello Derek
Helen Rodriguez Bring home this mirror ball Derek.
Jonathan Hudson Rich Eisens buttons look to be stressed
Alice Puga Kiggins Happy to have a Fisher Thunder shirt. Cherish it!
Derek Fisher
19:06 09/14/2017

A living example of the power of dreams! Well deserved @kobebryant #dreambig #mambamentality

1.9k reactions 26 comments
Tanya Dang Wu #mambamenta-italy lol!
Darby Blair He grew up in Italy ?
Jackie Maches Allen Gunn
Muqdad Alhajji Abdulrazak Al Hajji kbeeer!
Raymund Debil Derla Italy? I thought Philly?
Derek Fisher
19:06 09/14/2017

#Repost via @sharnaburgess ・・・ Got jumps? #youaintreadyforthissalsa #TeamHoopsAndHeels 🏀👠

66 reactions 3 comments
Sarah Abdelaal How awesome
Dora Lucero Romero You can do it.
Debbie Knox Payne Eversoll Go Fish go!!
Larry King
05:48 09/14/2017

Wow! Can you believe it? #BillPullman #LarryKingNow

Bill Pullman turned down
Bill Pullman turned down 'Fargo'

William H. Macy went on to play the famed role after Pullman said no.

8 reactions 3 comments
Troy Crith Bye
Troy Crith Yes actual hieroglyphs
Troy Crith Hieroglyph me yall with emojii
Derek Fisher
19:06 09/14/2017

Been an interesting few days in the studio with Real Sharna Burgess. Caught a little injury and landed on a team name #TeamHoopsAndHeels🏀 👠

149 reactions 11 comments
Zane A. Morones D. Fish, playing the part.
Dedrick Hill Looking good
Santiago Orozco Go dirty dancing !!!!
Noel Uigaese Taueetia Let's Go Derek!
Lacey Perkins Suck it up DF, you can do it.
Larry King
05:48 09/14/2017

What would ask Chris Hardwick? Excited to welcome him back to the show tomorrow!

What would you ask Chris Hardwick?
What would you ask Chris Hardwick?

Larry King will be welcoming Chris Hardwick to our studio soon & we want your questions!

13 reactions 9 comments
Saher Khalil Kyle Richards
Kevin Wilson "What are your thoughts on fame"?
Mitchel Fuchs Will you do the Nerdiest show ever again?
Daniel Christopher Thomas Please tell us about your friendship with the incomparable Joan Rivers
Alex Townsend Who is your dream guest to interview? Andrea Savage was very funny on Nerdist with you!!!
Derek Fisher
19:06 09/14/2017

Hoodie Fish showed up to rehearsal this week! 😂😂😂😂#ilooksoconfused #shoutouttome7o #dancingishard #teamhoopsandheels #dwts25 @sharnaburgess

135 reactions 6 comments
Shannon Miller #ualittlerock #trojan4life #alumni #LRmissesyou
Suriya Prasad Let's go for the Trophy,Mr. Fish!!!
John Merritt You can take the boy out of the hood, but not the hood outta the boy. Go get em' Derek; the Laker not Knick way.
Alfred Jones Jr. There is nothing wrong with us in life forever they have to pay us because if we missed A shot we all know Kobe would not have five rings.
Martinez Bren You can do it handsome !!!! One step at a time !!
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