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Nikki Bella is NOTHING compared to Queen Of Black Harts!

Nikki Bella vs. Natalya

Nikki Bella vs. Natalya

Fearless Nikki looks to get some retribution on her Total Divas co-star Natalya for The Queen of Hearts' attack at Survivor Series and her many subsequent insults.

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Sultan Hussain
You.know what is nikki,s success scecret, ,,,,,,it is hard work because she is hard working girl and that,s resone l like nikki bella so much
Israel Vinson Jr.
You wish nattie Nikki Bella is better than u and John Cena
MaTaiya Bishop
Your nothing to nikki is better then you she has mom then you I hate you
Jeff Weise
Aww Natalya your so cute but jealous that Nikki has a better booty :-P
Lisa Brennan
Right on Nattie. she does not compare to you or anyone else on the WWE roster. Nattie should use this line always a bridesmaid never a Bride.
Dave Polokonis
Natalya is just jealous of Nikki Bella an she also has crossed the line! Natalya is going to get what's coming to her!
Billy Robertson
I hope Nat becomes the champ after this Nikki Bella story line which is good
Miśs Anniə Märie Bella
Wow 😳 you're becoming bad queen but still love you Don't break someone's neck 😂
Kelsey Demarc
Nikki Bella the longest reigning divas champion in Wwe history 301 days before losing the divas championship title belt to Charlotte at night of champions
Guinevere Paula Nieves
Nikki Bella is so much better then you Natalya and that's the truth
Martins Pruzinskis
Natalya, you are the most talented female on the WWE roster. Why your not holding the belt, I don't know. So, in the mean time I say lay waste to the other Divas. Oh, and your beautiful.
Jamaal Faison
One day Nikki Bella is going to get you n I cannot wait
Ann Marie
NATTY is awesome. Regardless of the storylines and nasty comments from the inbreds.. Lol
Patrick MacLeod
Natalya you'll never be as great as your father or Bret the Hitman Hart
Tonya Register
Go get 'em girl! Never worry, your are in the palm of God's gracious and loving hand. You'll always be respected as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

Other newsfeed from Natalya

Hit the ground running in Kalamazoo! Grateful for such a beautiful day... 🌏🙌❤️

3.6k reactions 48 comments
James Cantrell Jr Looking beautiful Nattie. Hope u have great day
Mian Touqeer Alam What's amazing PIC
ÂMît ÇhôûdHâry LOVE U BEBY
Nadhine Malonzo Hi natiee😍
Hemant Besra Fabulous......

4 disgruntled blondes reunion

5.5k reactions 94 comments
AJ Darder 3 hotties and a douche
Jason Batchelder My guess he is related to Road Dawg.
James Wipf I see U Alexa sexiest ref ever
Steve Link 3 blondes and a no chin
Darryl Nevels Ellsworth just don't belong.

and if you fall, stand tall and come back for more

3.4k reactions 42 comments
Thomas Wells Agreed Nattie.... ;) ;)
Thomas Wells Your Kitty 2paws is priceless.. In my opinion. ;) ;) ;)
Shelli Hensley Nattie your Cat he's Gorgeous I Lov cat 💖💖💖👍
Victor Moura Beautiful Cat and Beautiful Natalya
Amanda Guilderson Cute kitty..mew

💋💋💋 nothing but love in WWE Hammond tonight! See you soon..... 😽

5.9k reactions 112 comments
Arshdeep Channi Awesome
Moses Segura There's that sexy look.
Will Smith I like u natalya
Paul Michael Davis SUPER COOOOL
Juan Universitario YOU HAVE A BEAUTIFUL FACE!!!!

Sometimes you have to remind them.

5.0k reactions 44 comments
Karim Saidi WAW
Waylon Taylor beautiful
Kayla Hobbs #realqueenofSDLIVE
Mohammed Sakib Pathan Great Picture
James Robb Who's the Boss applesauce

Side eyes....... 👀

12.1k reactions 220 comments
Pinka Mehra Bomb 😍
Waylon Taylor beautiful
Sergio Lazalde Miranda Guuuaaaooo hermosa
Zighetti Teresio Bella amore
Johnny Ramos That's the oh oooo look...

Agreeing to disagree about cats vs dogs.

5.5k reactions 64 comments
Annie Brinkhuis Love both___mwahh
Kelsey Ann Natalya
Frank Weirauch Dogs for me sorry 😍😻😘
Abbie Benchley Both
Caitilyn Kernaghan Both look stunning!

Be a #WWEWishmaker & help spread hope by joining WWE & Make-A-Wish America this #WorldWishDay:

4.2k reactions 32 comments
Guilherme Borges Eva 😍
Mostapha Mn Hi4
Nikki Bella - WWE <--- Like Official Nikki Bella Fan Page Please (y) <3 :*
Richard Sandoval :)
Nika Shengelia i miss eva

Reunited and it feels so good!

4.3k reactions 44 comments
Richard Sandoval Nice
Sukhpreet Sandy Nat is awesome
Paul Zarate Take that take that take that
Abdalrhman Mohamed -💛
Abdalla Faraj 😍😍😍👍👍👍🌷🌷🌷

Growing up, my grandfather, Stu Hart, would always talk about Bruno Sammartino and what an incredible wrestler he was. Every time I have the honor of seeing Bruno Sammartino again, I have to stop and tell him how much he meant to my grandfather.

2.8k reactions 44 comments
Nicholas E. Myers G.O.A.T.
Alfred Belford II Classic!
John Cochrane Showing respect is so wonderful. WTG Nattie!
Luis Alva Hi Natalya!
Luis Alva The wwe fans love Natalya!


4.6k reactions 54 comments
Bianca Addison My faves
Mahi Borana Very nice
Robert Ronald Alexander nice to have tamina back. nice pic :)
Steve Tyas Hello wrestling nurse!
Reyes Rodriguez WOOOOOOW SEXXXXXXY hot hot

JLO vibes all the way to WWE Cape Girardeau 🐣

6.5k reactions 73 comments
Sk Adeeb Beautiful pic
Jinnii Pamela Vicencío Linda foto natynature wwe
Eddie Pessalano Wow
Kelvin Lee Gorgeous
Nebby Alexander Natty from the Block!

Destination: Springfield, MO! 😎

5.9k reactions 96 comments
Paul Michael Davis COOOOOL
Albert Williams Stunningly beautiful lady
Jimmy Upaday cute
Cherylann Kono Sexy
Dawn Million Gorgeous

Stronger than yesterday

6.2k reactions 60 comments
Jesse Chavez What doesn't kill you make Natalya stronger
Rehman Ahmed Nice pic jan I miss you jan
John Groover Abso-LUTELY!!!!!!
Jose Justo Reynoso Carrasco Natalya wants to be the next Beth Phoenix (y)
Heath Picard my kind of lady :-)

It was so fun having Tyson Kidd help commentate the match! #TBT

3.0k reactions 31 comments
Amanullah Khan Manerwal ⭕_.• вσт ρσωεяε∂ вү Amanullah Khan Manerwal •._ ⭕ ╲\ | /╱ ❌ Like Back ✔ Add Clos ❌ ╲\ | /╱ Site =>
Estela Ocampo Maricruz Acuña
Sabor Nabizada :v Natalya :o Nice post 🍄 Add Close •» Natalya <3 Like Comment back <3 :o <3 <3 :o
Coraima Medina Yari Tex
Fil Bernier Louis-phillipe Vézina

Good morning NYC! So nice to see you!

11.0k reactions 147 comments
Sergio Lazalde Miranda Guuuaaaooo hermosa
Leonard Frederick You look "STUNNING" in black Natalya.
Zighetti Teresio Buondi bella
Martins Pruzinskis Beautiful sexy Natalya.
Sarah Middleton Gorgeous x

Thank you, People Now!

1.9k reactions 39 comments
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Had such a GREAT TIME with People Now!

393 reactions 1 comments
Craig Morrison Nattie it's your time to assert yourself into the title picture.

The WWE SmackDown Live Women's Division is on fire!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

1.5k reactions 128 comments
Kyle Phoenix You are definitely the most beautiful of all the ladies in the WWE!!
Peter Aisenshtadt My #PinkLove #Nattie #HartDinasty
Sergio Lazalde Miranda Guuuaaaooo hermosa
Nick Vanderhoof Looking very nice
Michael Barnes Love me some nattie

So much fun meeting our boy Christos at the Boston's Children's Hospital! Christos is one cool cat... 😺

6.5k reactions 37 comments
Roshan Shergil beautiful
Rodolfo Gomez Natalya dice mi primo que si le haces un powerbomb
Sheryl Smith hey whats up natty
Damian Perez Los amo
Eshall Fatima Wow

Im pretty sure I just called you a "little mutt" and then laughed about it ... gonna miss you.

9.9k reactions 66 comments
Eleanor Grise Natalie will never be a woman's champion
Soorya Mohan Two enemy together :)
Bruce Burks I see two Beautiful Women!
Ranjan Singh Beautiful
Udeme Elijah Natalay wht do u hav to say abt nikky nd john cena

The Anvils.

4.5k reactions 40 comments
Jeff Plecas The Hart family true legends
James Albanese I love you and you're dad nattie
John Nikolaras How's he doing
Samir Chavan Good Morning Dear.Happy Tuesday.☕☕☕☕
Mark Fisher A couple of true Icons

Who else is feeling UNBREAKABLE?! 💙

12.7k reactions 196 comments
Ryan Lavallee Wow. Looking gorgeous.
Ken Kun Your boobs cause they are fake
Luis Eduardo Garcia III Beautiful
Allan Older I want to feel unbreakable
Robert Smith Its time for you to wear that Champion belt again

Squad goals!

11.2k reactions 103 comments
Kelvin Lee Hi ladys
Sandy Skeet Beauty ladies
Deniece Campos Cute I love your space buns Nattie!#1fan
Sergio Lazalde Miranda Guuuaaaooo hermosas
Kerel Brown Still love natty the most!!


2.2k reactions 47 comments
Daryl Iisah Funches Beautiful
Franklin Villar Provecho con la pizza 🍕😅
Susan Politano kitty needs a bib!
Samir Chavan Good Morning Dear.Happy Friday.☕☕☕☕
Pierre Cantin not good for the kitty -...

Remember, everything that makes you different is what makes dreams come true.

12.8k reactions 163 comments
Thomas Wells Love It!!¡¡¡ :) :) :) :)
Charly Bass Terrazas mamasotas!!!!!!!!!
Nwafor Stephen Funny and pretty 😂
Robert D. Salaiz Two Beautiful true Warriors
Andy Rivera Two beautiful

When it comes to matters of Nikki Bella, nobody gives better than advice than Brie Bella!

2.9k reactions 34 comments
John Pandu <3 YE BOT AP K NAAM ~> John Pandu <3 🔶 c h α υ δ h r ψ s 🌹 β ο τ τ ε r 🔶 в| вoт вy awaιѕ вυĸнarι в| cн jυnaιd в| aвdυl ѕaвoor в| aѕмaт aмιn в| SITE : YOUR001.TK
Éarn Lok Ammne Éarn Lok
ဦး ခါ့ ဖူကါး
Fırat Esentürk Fırat Esentürk Olarak durumunu çok beğendim kardeşim Tamurbotcuyuz
Ameer Hamza Mewati 🐴 � 🔶 c h α υ δ h r ψ s 🌹 β ο τ τ ε r 🔶 🎭 ADNAN-TANVEER.CF 🎭

Steal the GLOW!

2.6k reactions 38 comments
Tyasia Wells Sike
Richard Sandoval Nice
Akhil Aravind natalya,u should definitely do porn.U r made for that
Rocky Chakraborty thatz call booty show 😁😂😀
Waqar Khan Wow

One of my favorite shots from last week!

12.4k reactions 77 comments
Laurance Aman Evergreen couple ! God bless ur family
Ríshábh Shármá U think u know me...!!!!
Karan Bhagat CumShot
Parveen Parveen Ntaliya wwe
Marta Galván great dress natalya! very classy!!!

The Queen of Black Harts will reach the throne soon...

Photos: SmackDown Women
Photos: SmackDown Women's Title up for grabs in a Six-Pack Challenge

Check out photos of the six-woman showdown for the SmackDown Women's Championship at WrestleMania 33.

3.0k reactions 38 comments
Ryan Hazell OK SURE😂😂😂
Juan Padilla Hernández JAJAJAJAJAJAJA asco 😂
Kalim Sayyed Will reach soon the throne of retirement
Eleanor Grise No way Natalya sucks
Tyasia Wells I love you , but yet naomi has the title
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