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Nikki Bella is NOTHING compared to Queen Of Black Harts!

Nikki Bella vs. Natalya

Nikki Bella vs. Natalya

Fearless Nikki looks to get some retribution on her Total Divas co-star Natalya for The Queen of Hearts' attack at Survivor Series and her many subsequent insults.

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Sultan Hussain
You.know what is nikki,s success scecret, ,,,,,,it is hard work because she is hard working girl and that,s resone l like nikki bella so much
Israel Vinson Jr.
You wish nattie Nikki Bella is better than u and John Cena
MaTaiya Bishop
Your nothing to nikki is better then you she has mom then you I hate you
Jeff Weise
Aww Natalya your so cute but jealous that Nikki has a better booty :-P
Lisa Brennan
Right on Nattie. she does not compare to you or anyone else on the WWE roster. Nattie should use this line always a bridesmaid never a Bride.
Dave Polokonis
Natalya is just jealous of Nikki Bella an she also has crossed the line! Natalya is going to get what's coming to her!
Billy Robertson
I hope Nat becomes the champ after this Nikki Bella story line which is good
Miśs Anniə Märie Bella
Wow 😳 you're becoming bad queen but still love you Don't break someone's neck 😂
Kelsey Demarc
Nikki Bella the longest reigning divas champion in Wwe history 301 days before losing the divas championship title belt to Charlotte at night of champions
Guinevere Paula Nieves
Nikki Bella is so much better then you Natalya and that's the truth
Martins Pruzinskis
Natalya, you are the most talented female on the WWE roster. Why your not holding the belt, I don't know. So, in the mean time I say lay waste to the other Divas. Oh, and your beautiful.
Jamaal Faison
One day Nikki Bella is going to get you n I cannot wait
Ann Marie
NATTY is awesome. Regardless of the storylines and nasty comments from the inbreds.. Lol
Patrick MacLeod
Natalya you'll never be as great as your father or Bret the Hitman Hart
Tonya Register
Go get 'em girl! Never worry, your are in the palm of God's gracious and loving hand. You'll always be respected as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

Other newsfeed from Natalya

If only Team WWE SmackDown Live had listened to The Queen of Harts...

2.8k reactions 82 comments
Hope Werder tell her stop slip Nikki Bella Natalya
Hamad Kh Cats fight
Hussein Abdifatah no you guys pissed me off so smackdown
Shaziya Khan awesome Natalya
Terri Lian The looks on those faces.

Survivor Series Exclusive: SmackDown's Women's Survivor Series...

593 reactions 8 comments
Eleanor Grise Haha smack down ladies I Knew You Would lose
Oscar Jaramillo They were close.
Charles Mullennix I see why they lost
Wanda Hinton raw rules yesss
Shreya Naicker the only reason smackdown lost cause you were in the team nattie.

WWE Survivor Series: Women's 5-on-5 Elimination Match

1.2k reactions 14 comments
Eleanor Grise Go women team raw
Eleanor Grise Natalya sucks
Tommy Berry Sux
Eleanor Grise Natalya sucks.and can't wrestle
Ajai Prakash Natalaya look nice

The Queen of Harts' WWE Superstars Fashion doll is available now at Toys''R''Us! You're welcome.

741 reactions 27 comments
Kelsey Connelly Joseph Conde I want one!
Andree G Dn Cr Hello Natalya!!
Mark Chetcuti Cool. It looks just like you.
Hamad Kh We want The Queen of WWE Charlotte Flair
Maximiliano Quezada Sanchez Natalya its a barbie

Don't forget how powerful The Queen of Harts can be...

2.2k reactions 31 comments
Estela Ocampo Normita Ocampo
Sonu Maurya team raw is more powerful
LeTy González Eva 😭👍❤
Omar Hernandez Then show it
Jeff Weise will see Sunday

Never met anyone more loyal. 16 years...

7.1k reactions 135 comments
Christopher Aber he has to be loyal cause he has the best woman in all wwe !!
Nic Rood im still pissed he cant wrestle anymore
Daniel Dewayne Creason I'll keep the time you blew me a kiss in Nashville at raw a secret! Lol
Bryan Watanabe Tyson Kidd needs to get back in action! Miss seems no him wrestle!
Ashley Lebouef Wow that's a long time, me and my ex was together for 13yrs

Survivor Series opponents trash-talk from two countries

542 reactions 19 comments
Vincenzo Pennetta u fat dog ur time is up loser
Vincenzo Pennetta u r the best of the beat of the best of ugly ugly ugly fat dog
Vincenzo Pennetta u r a fat ugly dog hahahahaha dog
Kristian Nikolov Valentin Todorov
Mehtab Ahmed Lovely

"If you think that you are even in my league... then I guess ignorance really is bliss."

1.6k reactions 68 comments
Channah Sarah She needs acting classes 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kevin James What go happen Sunday
Robert Peterson Alexa's gonna win.
Ib Neil oh dont be SALTY LOL
Diana Barber Natalya sucks

Forever your CHAMP!

3.5k reactions 96 comments
Lexington Michaels looking good champ with that belt in your hands
Theolonious Sheafe hopefully Natalya will still be the WWE SmackDown Live women's title after tomorrows episode of WWE SmackDown Live
Kieran Borg i love watching u fight ur an amazing person who is gonna tear up charlotte, go the hart queen 😍
Daniel Frisch Until tuesday. Than Charlotte will be the champ. Once again 😒😒
Daniel Dewayne Creason Without a doubt my favorite diva!#So hot!

Total Divas: Natalya is overwhelmed at the idea of babysitting...

1.4k reactions 11 comments
Omar Oumar L♡ve
Ronaldo Oliveira Divas maravilhosas natalya é magnífica um grande abraço
Jackie Bell I know how you feel Nattie!
Luke Reigns Mollie King Aw Natalya I Know How You Feel
Luke Reigns Mollie King Natalya Is The Best

The definition of DOMINANCE! #TBT

4.4k reactions 54 comments
Sebastian Vela esas era jobbers
Iftikhar Momand wow so nice
Iftikhar Momand 💪💪💪👌👌👈👈👉
Ronaldo Oliveira Essa mulher é maravilhosa é demais
Yousaf Jane Zbr10

WWE SmackDown LIVE: Shane McMahon Makes a Women's Title Match

1.6k reactions 36 comments
Yousaf Jane Wow
Liz Phillips Woo!
Ryan McCormick #TeamCharlotte
Hamad Kh Hahaha
Jill Ethington Queen 👸 will rain supreme! Whoo!

NEVER letting go of this title!

2.9k reactions 73 comments
Virendra Pandey Congratulations
Jesse Toussaint Natalya you're. Wwe. Woman champions.
Jermaine Collins Congratulations
Jermaine Collins I am happy for her
Syuhada Love HI 😄😄😄natalya 😊😊😊😊😊😊 i love you

Definitely had some fears to conquer before WWE Money in the Bank 2017!

816 reactions 18 comments
Fares Nofal Elgen احلى بوست ده ولا ايه <3 HuuKy9x. Com <3
Zakir Solangi Hi Natalya when u gonna face rounda
Sameer Malik Hy natalya
Yousaf Jane A1
Yousaf Jane Good

Everyone knows you need to do your "ladder research" before Money in the Bank!

2.1k reactions 35 comments
Stacy Blaylock Sam Atkinson
Alex Cooper Eugene Geno Lates
Julien Hourdain I love !!!!!!!!!!!
Maria Garcia Miguel Garcia por eso era la risa
Israel Vinson Jr. Haha

Settle your tea kettles... Total Divas returns to E! TONIGHT!

2.4k reactions 53 comments
Larry Heward Meow. Purrfect. Cheers
Nkechinyere Samuel Stunning
Parwaz Mirza So nice beautiful good pic
Jordan Solomon Hope your on it tonite
Hitchem Amira Vraiment natalya super championat

The ladies of WWE SmackDown Live are going to RUN Survivor Series.

1.7k reactions 105 comments
Joseph Mn Natalya vs Mickie james bra and panties match
Mike Fuller No they won't raw will win it all
PeterPaul Johnson Look great out there, less talking, more kick assing!! 🤗
Alfredo Garcia Jr Oh where's captain b and the real Queen Charlotte.
Sunny Tailor I hope they win because nia Jax is dangerous

Since it’s National Cat Bay ... 2pawz and I would like to stop and thank everyone for the LOVE! ❤️

1.8k reactions 110 comments
Sandi Couto Van Hooydonk Why does her face look so different lately? At least to me it does
Antonio Avecilla Hurtado Your love XO XO XO XO the and flay byee
Joseph Traster Killer smile and your eyes sparkles like the stars in the sky. Cats the luckiest cat to be loved by you
Rick Morales National Cat "Day" I didn't know cats had a bay because they're afraid of water
Anni Exall Owen Hart is my favourite he is the best wrestler ever 👍

5 Days! Total Divas

4.9k reactions 101 comments
Abdulrahman Azz you suck
Ahmed Mouloud Mk frst cmt as allways xDD
Joseph Mn 2 of the top 3 right there have to include mick james
Edward Gutierrez We still won't forget what you did to Zack Ryder
Rhojan Gudani Natalya, Remember something that became viral hopefully Tyson doesn't know

One more week! Total Divas

2.0k reactions 20 comments
Resam Shrestha Click this link Natalya sis hahahahahahaa 😂😂😂😂
Gurpreetjot Singh Total Divas
Methara Nethmini charlotte will teach lesson for u forever
Gaurav Varma You're country job
Zaroon Jutt I love you

I was only in NYC for a few hours today ... but I had such a fun morning at BUILD Series! Tune into an all new season of Total Divas on November 1, 9/8c E! Entertainment! 👁❤️🗽

3.3k reactions 84 comments
Jose Oscar Hernández Great champion
Ann Marie Haran Rinaldi We love you natalya!
Jorge Velasques Bellísima
Juan Miguel Cervantes Ramirez Beautiful Champions Natalya
Johnny Fountains The Queen of Harts

Who’s ready for WWE SmackDown Live tonight?! 💙 Yesterday I was up for 36 hours! It took us 3 flights from Santiago, Chile to get to Green Bay, Wisconsin for WWE Raw, and it was SO worth it to stand by Shane McMahon and represent Team SmackDown! 💙👊

2.2k reactions 114 comments
James Lawson I am ready when you are Natalya!
Mara Coutinho Nattie is the best. I love you like SmackDown Champion.
Bradley Norris Bowling After last night when you guys acted like thugs and bullues. It kind of makes me not want to watch.
Bernard Kenny I hope raw comes to your show
Orlando Magboo I’ll be watching for Natty by Nature!

You're looking at your FOREVER SmackDown Women's Champion!

2.3k reactions 73 comments
Charles B Natalia the best there is
Zul Asmadi I can't wait to see than the queen Charlotte will beat you and become the new and real womens champion forever
Mavis Dixie Irene Nisyok Haha your funny Natalya not even
Joseph Mn Love Natalya as champion, think Carmella might steal it from her some how
Nelson James asuka is yr only danger stay focused out there

Last day in Santiago!

2.1k reactions 44 comments
Nikki Connor Nice pic!
Ramachandran Nambiar Nice
M Adnan Khan Cute
Melissa Bauguess Hello
Alex Castro Nice title 💔💕💖💗😍😍😍😍

You've got to have a lot of HART to make history at WWE TLC. #TBT

1.9k reactions 93 comments
Candice Goodwin Goooo nattie! ✊️
Angelo Bruno Staged
Jorge Gaudencio Mauro Inace isto é que é bom
Thanh Anh Đỗ I love you ❤ ^^
Christopher Drew Renshaw Charlotte is better

You’ll never stop me, Charlotte Flair... I’m gonna be WWE SmackDown Live Women’s Champion FOREVER.

3.4k reactions 88 comments
Brandon Bates Ft Skinnylilcrunk the greatest smack down women champion of all time natalya
Akinlabi Akingbade I can imagine Natalya rubbing the belt and croaking lovingly; 'My Precious!'
Lexi Bella Yeah ok natayla charlotte going to stop you right in your tracks so enjoy while you can Natayla cuz your title Reign is going to be oververy soon
Shavani Teepa Congratulations nattie that you are the smack down woman's champion
Bailey Dotson Oh Natalya Get Over Yourself Charlotte Flair Is Gonna Stop You And Charlotte Flair Is Become The New Smackdown Women’s Champion

WWE SmackDown LIVE: Six-Woman Tag Team Action

942 reactions 2 comments
Vampar Roy Sester osam

#WWEAbbotsford was HART COUNTRY!

1.8k reactions 38 comments
LeBron Jenkins 🔥❤😍😘
Eduardo Hicks More like Heartless country
Greg Hernandez Go girl
Aamer Khan Get ready to SmackDown


5.0k reactions 131 comments
Gordie L Goldsmith One last time hart dongeon match 😆
Jass Brar Love u to
Jakub Edge Krákora Crazy cat lady
ملک طیب Nice ....
Jason Murphy Hottie overload

When I have to pack for a two week trip........what to wear?!!!!!! 😿

2.7k reactions 47 comments
Marylynne Thau You are so cute..
Jeff Michaels Love you Nattie,
Kathy Formas Abbinante I'll help you pick haha
Rick Powers That's good.
Jake Rodriguez Cuteness
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