Reba McEntire
03:24 01/16/2017

She is so cute. I bet she’s taught a lot of people special lessons. A little angel.

Mom Expects To Bury Doll-Sized Baby. 13 Years Later, Doctors Can’t Believe What She Looks Like
Mom Expects To Bury Doll-Sized Baby. 13 Years Later, Doctors Can’t Believe What She Looks Like

You’re about to meet an incredible young girl from Ontario named Kenadie Jourdin-Bromley. On February 13, 2003, Kenadie was born with a rare form of primordial dwarfism that only affects about 100…

1.2k reactions 166 comments
Tammy Hubble I was thinking about Kenadie the other day. I was wondering how she was doing. She is such a cutie.
Lonette Conway Piefer I loved their show they were on. Love miracles and she is just precious
Libby Danielowich Had my daughter on January 22. I was due March 15th. She was a little under 3 lbs. Gained up to 3.13 the 1st time I held her. She stayed 6 weeks in the hospital.Today she is healthy, beautiful and very smart. Turns 38 next week.
Stacey Park I have watched a couple of specials on that little girl on TLC. It is so good to hear she is 13 years old.
Leann Conner Beautiful story. Beautiful young lady. May God continue to bless your family.
Reba McEntire
03:24 01/16/2017

Abby, you are a beautiful, smart and very clever little girl! Loved this story. Made me smile!!!

Babysitter Lies About Thief’s Identity, Then 4-Year-Old Rats Her Out To The Cops
Babysitter Lies About Thief’s Identity, Then 4-Year-Old Rats Her Out To The Cops

Children have a way of being brutally honest, and 4-year-0ld Abby is no exception. An innocent man has been cleared of potential robbery chargers thanks to this honest little girl in Ferndale, WA.…

1.3k reactions 34 comments
Frances Buse Read
Kieth Bruno Cool citizens arrest from a child gotta love that
Gerri Vince Smart girl being raised right don't lie.
Bonnie S Kleinsmith Wtg little girl you knew the right thing to do
Stephany Hendricks Oh wow cool
Reba McEntire
03:24 01/16/2017

Love it!!!!

3.2k reactions 135 comments
Cheri Stanley-Lubach Kay Fischer you need to listen to this I think you will like it
Nancy Hawkins-Smith a Beautiful song about a baby they lost. it makes me cry but love the song
Jennifer Lee I love this song. First time I heard it was at the funeral for the St Louis County Officer Blake Snyder
Jennifer Bilderain Love this song. It has helped me cope with my mama/best friend passing in August.
Paula Teer Song is beautiful, I don't get the video- At the end of her rope?
Reba McEntire
01:48 01/11/2017

What's better than having a great meal with your friends?!#toomuchfun

6.8k reactions 173 comments
Jonathan Hogate Friends are the best... If you ever feel bired and want to mentor a nobody in Oregon give me a holler 😉 lol but seriously glad to see the joy you always radiate
Teresa Mitchell Reba, I think you've been hacked. There are some really strange posts from another Facebook site under your name.
Norma Davenport Next time, call me at 918-653-2845...I'd love to join you for lunch or dinner
Lorie Bradbury Reese-Ford Great picture Reba you are such a blessing to many people
Reba McEntire
13:00 01/08/2017

In celebration of #GodAndMyGirlfriends being out on iTunes, I had to share a picture of my #1 girlfriend, my mama! I hope you girls (and guys) love this song as much as I do. I want to see pictures of you and your girlfriends! Be sure to hashtag #GodAndMyGirlfriends.

32.5k reactions 985 comments
Jamie Lodwig Beautiful picture of you and your mom Reba! Thank you for making this cd. Been loving all the songs from it. Hope you make another!
Emily Marie Great song Reba! Just listened to it on Apple Music! You have the voice of an angel, and I can't wait to hear the rest of the album!
Mark Walker Oh, my god reba, that is so sweet. See where you get your good looks, haha. Just teaseing with you. You are both adorable.
Brenda Johnson I kinda hope u do read these comments cause I have to say my # one girlfriend is my mama and we have a strange tradition to make each other cry happy tears by doing something and it all started on my graduation day which also happens to be her birthday ...
Annette Graham Rorke Beautiful pic of you and your Mom! I cant wait to hear your song! You are such a beautiful person inside and out! I lost my parents in 2002 and 2003. They were my best friends!
Reba McEntire
13:00 01/08/2017

Listening to some wonderful music this morning! Love you guys. @theisaacsmusicofficial

1.0k reactions 57 comments
Evelyn Pridemore Taylor Love them!
Mark Davin Reeeeeber!
Kelsey Stambaugh Love the isaacs! Love their spirit!!
Kathy Abbott Sounds like u r taking it easy today, have a great day!!!!
Leatha Brown My favorite.
Reba McEntire
13:00 01/08/2017

It was another long press day but really worth it! Thanks team and thanks to everyone who ventured out into the snow today. Love visiting with you. #singitnowsongsoffaithandhope

12.1k reactions 207 comments
Georgia Pollard Love Reba. You always have that beautiful smile that lights up the room
Jack Scrivener Thanks Reba for a lifetime of good music with no scandal Jack scrivener. Rolla missouri
Kathy Huckabay Hi Reba, thank you for doing Facebook Live today, I was working but I seen it :) it sure would be nice to meet you :)
Tracey Howard Rusthoven I have been to a ton of Cracker Barrel's and online Cracker Barrel trying to find your Christmas Album that you did. Do you know anywhere I can find it?
Wookie Pauliewog Woop woop! Gonna see Reba this month in Sugarland Texas! So excited!
Reba McEntire
13:00 01/08/2017

You never know what someone is going through. Also, It’s not our place to judge. Get the facts before you write a note like that.

Mom Takes 4-Year-Old Son To Target, Then Stranger Leaves Rude Note On Car About Their Looks
Mom Takes 4-Year-Old Son To Target, Then Stranger Leaves Rude Note On Car About Their Looks

Colleen Stice, a hardworking mom from Tulsa, OK, recently took her 4-year-old son Rowan to Target during the busy holiday season. When the pair left the store, Colleen was stunned when she saw a note…

3.0k reactions 217 comments
Jennifer Pollard People that leave notes on handicapped peoples cars need to knob-off. I'd bet that 99% of them don't have a placard and couldn't use those spots anyway, so why on earth should they care who was parked there?
Christel Wellington-Allen I feel so bad for this mom. No one should have to explain why or what is going on. That woman who wrote that note should be ashamed of herself. What if some had done this to someone she knew. That is absolutely disgusting.
Kathleen R Bliesner We always get nasty comments or notes for parking in Handicap because we don't have a blue card.............We have plates and they don't bother looking there first.....they get embarrassed when we tell them to check the plates
Beth Barfield Powell So sorry for this mom. The same happens to those of us with invisible disabilities like MS. I've gotten looks of disgust and questions, as well as snide comments. Let's stop the judgement.
Teresa Baker Boggs My daughter has 3 year old twin girls and they both had a difficult birth and first year. Even though they are doing good now one of them has been diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy and can't walk but one or two steps on her own. I totally understand ...
Reba McEntire
13:00 01/08/2017

I'm live with CMT - send in your questions!

3.1k reactions 487 comments
Debbie Huff Hi Reba, I am from Louisville.i love all your music. The one song I relate to the most is greatest man I never knew. He passed away a few years ago. I wish I would have spent more time with him when he was here.
Yolanda Castor Hi, Reba I just loved your show. I watch the reruns all the time. Hope you do another tv show. I think you are a very beautiful and talented women. Your music is the best. The family and I love ya!
Paula Vanderwege Reba I have a friend that is on a mission to meet you this year . Would appreciate it if you would give a shout-out to Travis Bright Psychic-Medium, he is a super terrific ,and amazing guy . You would be making a wonderful man a blubbering idiot if you ...
Becky Urik I was a winner of your Tickets to see you when you were on your Fancy tour at the Capitol Center in Maryland that is no longer there and got to meet you and Linda Davis and you both were so amazing and I loved just how so sweet you both were to all of ...
Sara Dearman I missed a Reba concert to spend the night with my best friend when I was a teenager ... I should have went to the concert because I've never had another chance to go to one and she didn't want to get out of the bed when I got there.... Tess Pruitt
Reba McEntire
00:12 01/06/2017

Love my #BMLG Team!!!!

1.9k reactions 116 comments
Kerry Rawlins You should introduce them and there position.
Barbara Hummel Kuhn Reba, you look more beautiful than ever!!
Rheta Garmon Morgan Love the boots!
Lynn Avery Looking good and excited for the album! I want those boots !!
James Duty my soul belongs to Jesus Christ ,but my heart belongs to Reba McEntire.
Reba McEntire
00:12 01/06/2017

Well, it was a full but great day of press today. Thanks for everybody who came in to talk to me about the new album, Sing it Now: Songs of Faith & Hope. #singitnowsongsoffaithandhope

2.6k reactions 160 comments
Sandra McElwain Love u. Love Loretta Love Dolly. Can't wait to hear ur new album
Viola Mcaninch I have loved your music since i was a girl. It has always given me inspiration! Can't wait to hear the new album!
Tony Ramsey Sitting there with your beautiful self looking like you are having an aww moment thinking how blessed you are.
Lucy Cruickshank Looking fabulous Reebs ❤ can't wait for the whole album 💋 heard the tracks that have been released , they are A M A Z I N G 😻
Nichelle Carlberg Soo excited for the album!! That framed picture in the background is AWESOME!!
Reba McEntire
00:12 01/06/2017

Press Day #2 for the new gospel CD's Sing It Now: Songs of Faith & Hope. We also got to christen the new glam room at our new RBI office!!:)

2.5k reactions 104 comments
Douglas Salling your make up guy looks like a body builder not a make up guy. for a lack of better words lol!
Alan L Waters Very Brave given how much Jesus and Christians are scored and put down and lies about in the msm and by the Liberal left
Deja Marie Mork I can't wait for your new album!! You are so gorgeous!! Love you Reba!!
Brenda K Bixler Absolutely gorgeous as usual❣. I'm so happy you've done this CD. I've wanted you to since 1980
Brenda A. Crocker My Bucket list before I pass away is to meet you and have you come to Church with me....
Reba McEntire
11:24 01/03/2017

Excited about Reba's new album? You can pre-order exclusive SING IT NOW bundles including an autographed album, leather journal, t-shirt and autographed framed print now at!

5.4k reactions 126 comments
Kay Andrews Awesome!!! Can't wait to hear the album.
Lori Fornal I already ordered mine. I love you REBA!
Lynn Avery Preordered the first day it was available 🙌
Tracy Rothermel I love the tshirt, but unfortunately I can't afford it so saving ur post so I'll have a picture of it
Diane Schaefers Pedersen Cannot wait to add this one to music library and let's say there is a lot of reba
Reba McEntire
11:24 01/03/2017

The longest UNO game known to man! 86 minutes!!! Not even a bathroom break! @lfletch2 @martiefletcher @shanetarleton @rissabranch @shelbyblackstock @nataliefletch

25.7k reactions 757 comments
Trish Connors-Angeli Did you check in with Guiness? Happy New Year to you Reba & the card płaying gang. Love lifes simple pleasures that bring us joy!!
Joseph Vern Young Uno is a dangerous game in my house. Makes everyone a little salty. Not as bad as Monopoly though. Forget history, I believe Monopoly was the real reason for the Hatfield/McCoy fued. ;-)
Tim Swieczkowski I play UNO every time my daughter brings the grandkids up to my home in upper Michigan! So cool to see Reba does the same!
Shauna Mccoy Pyle Reba, you are so cool, I love it when you post photo's of all the fun things you are enjoying in life. Wishing a Blessed New Year.
Christina Kreger Sounds like our monopoly game the other day. It was literally a 3 hour game because even when we thought it was close, No one would bankrupt lol
Reba McEntire
11:24 01/03/2017

First day of 2017! What a beautiful day!!!! So grateful for my family and my friends!

130.5k reactions 3566 comments
John R. Clark IV I really love you and feel your such a great role model, I'm gonna take a chance and ask for a shout out from you, it would mean so much to just see a hello!
Lillian Anderson Much happiness to you in 2017 because you have giving me more happiness listening to you sing. I have every song that you have recorded. There is no one that can make me happier with listening to music.
Frances Brown Happy New Year Reba,Cast of the Reba show,God bless You all forever,Thank You for all of the shows,videos,Laughter,movies,songs,I Love You all very much,Beautiful Jacket!!!!!!!!😃😃😃😃😃
Debbie Lopez Happy New year's to you and your family Reba. Wishing you all the very best in 2017. Am so happy I got to see you 3 times in concert.& you and my granddaughter share the same birthday. She gets excited when you come on the radio. Forever a fan , ...
Loretta Blackwood Happy New Year 2017 to you also!! May you and yours be BLESSED with an abundance of Happiness! Thank you for sharing your talent and gracious humor with the world.
Reba McEntire
11:24 01/03/2017

What a great time we had in Colorado. Happy New Year to all of you from me and the best vacation buddies in the world! @shelbyblackstock @rissabranch @lfletch2 @nataliefletch @shanetarleton

39.0k reactions 1145 comments
Buck Ulrich Happy New Year Reba,, Be careful Hope you have a Happy,Healthy,fun filled upcoming New Year,, Be Safe, The world is going crazy,, Here in PA.we just had a guy kill a PA state trooper,the cop was 23 years old,just got married four,/five monthes ago,just ...
Sonja Parker Reba,I have been a fan of yours for many years! Living in germany and having a hard time finding any of your music here!!/ but I love you anyways!!!
Patty Steenburg Reba,we wish you and your family a happy new year! We love your music! You are a great person and I am happy to be your friend! Thank you for all you do for other and the kids! from patty steenburg from South Carolina hugs and kisses to you Reba.
Scott Thomas If you come to Westcliffe, CO, and eat at the Alpine Lodge, you would make my wife's life!!!! She loves your show and music!!!
Judy Smith Happy New Year Reba. I sing with you almost daily. I love your music, and I watch your show Reba,when ever I can, I even have the CD series of your show. I think you are a very kind, sweet and respected person.God bless you and your family.
Reba McEntire
22:36 12/31/2016

So much fun tonight! @shelbyblackstock @nataliefletch @lfletch2 @rissabranch @shanetarleton

7.8k reactions 184 comments
Deborah Frederick Smores time..Happy New Year!*is just around the corner...stay warm
Shelly Clinton-Musgrove Enjoy friends and family as much as you can love you just beautiful
Brenda K Bixler Would love a small pit for my back porch, they are so cozy. Have a happy & safe new years🙏🙏🙅❤
Richard Shallenberg My Dad investigated Exxon Valdez(as a favor NTSB and DOD) on way to check Boeing thingy WA! Somore's would be great!
Jayne Harper Got your new Christmas cd for Christmas! Love, love it! Great job Reba! ;)
Reba McEntire
22:36 12/31/2016

Fun Aspen family!!! @shelbyblackstock @shanetarleton @nataliefletch @lfletch2 @rissabranch @martiefletcher

13.0k reactions 279 comments
Rebecca Long Donna Love ya Reba have a wonderful new year for you an your family huggs
Rita Osborne You all seem to be having so much fun!!! You all are so blessed. Happy New Year!!
Lyn Boyd-Bauer Too bad you're so far away or we would have you over for new years! 🍾🍷🍸🍹🍺🍻🎶🎵
Karen Gaber I have get a coat like that too. My daughter says my is to old.
Karen Parks-Area Love all your pics. So great to see you with your son and friends you work so hard during the year. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics
Reba McEntire
22:36 12/31/2016

I love a luminous blush. A nice shade that catches light. My new Glow & Go cheek color is a universally flattering apricot/pink. Get as a duo with retractable brush for $30 at #RebaBeauty #IconicGlamour

1.2k reactions 35 comments
Michelle Michelle Mary Helen Rivas Franco
Denise Sloss I think i'm going to try this.
Sandy Land I wish can have this makeup
Ann Mitchell Ware do I get this love to try it Ann
Jo Linda Mayes Vantrease Would love to have this
Reba McEntire
22:36 12/31/2016

Love the snow:)

76.8k reactions 1808 comments
Kathleen Smith Happy New Year! If you ever want to go somewhere peaceful an quite where you can hear the wind in the trees,river bubbling, an people will treat you as one of our own. No autographs, NO "IT'S HER " just a cup of coffee n flannel n jeans. Please ...
Karen L. Coe Yes it is pretty until it's been there for month after month . Then it becomes just cold. Lol. I've lived in northern Michigan for over 20 years and would love to move south a bit to shorten the winter some.
Judy Graham I wish you could help me I lost my husband my mom my house my cars was raped I was teacher and a child knot me down and gave me a concussion I have had to have back surgery because of this incident they fired me in the channel got to stay at school if ...
Joshua Mccoy Sara Marie Crowley Muriel McCoy Mikowski Kelly Collins McCoy remember how much papa ed loved her I think of him every time I hear her. Some times when driving a long distance I pop in her greatest hits then Melanie J. McCoy myself , and Collin "from ...
Kay Helm Wish I could see your farm always told you had horses I have 2. About every year 5 or 6 take a trip somewhere. Just the women
Reba McEntire
09:48 12/29/2016

Love winter in CO!!!

25.1k reactions 525 comments
Susie Esrey Banuelos Good looking bunch of snow bunnies there ;) ♡ Enjoy vacation and #LoveThemWhileYouHaveThem
Nancy L. Edgecomb Tried to buy Reba's Christmas CD at Cracker Barrel but they were all out and didn't know when they would be getting more. sad, sad, sad.
Svetlana Tillinghast Reba,.my friend happy holidays too you! My mom is sick in the hospital with my sister Susie,.at St,.Mary's Hospital Blue Spring,.Mo,.she had a stock in her sleep,.the brain did not get blood too,.brain,.so my baby brother is flying out tonight! And my ...
Tabitha Veasey I love u Reba , I hope u have a wonderful new year and someday id love to meet you .. best wishes for you and your family always .
Karla Cain ...and I gave the wow emoticon because that's a beautiful backdrop & because we've had the ac running here, not to mention the rain. ☃☔️ 🙂
Reba McEntire
09:48 12/29/2016

What a great way of spending Christmas vacation! Watching The Ranch!

16.3k reactions 713 comments
Luis Terrazas I love the Ranch, Sam Elliott is funny as hell
Charmaine Sanders I tried watching it. Didn't get through the first episode. Too raunchy for my taste.
Brandie Casey Cottrell Mmmm, Sam Elliot, still kicking butt.
Pete Athans Reba McEntire I think you should make a special guest appearance on this show
Diane Free Thanks for your ranch house in Denison Tx. We have been staying there while our father is in TMC
Reba McEntire
21:00 12/26/2016

Love my family! Happy Christmas Eve to everyone from my family to [email protected] @shawnab26 @chelsea_reed2 @scorpsag @laceymooreee

37.0k reactions 2503 comments
Sunny Horner Beautiful family Reba McEntire. Thank you so much for sharing with all of us on FB. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Godspeed and good health always.
Kathy Dukes Merry Christmas, Reba. Would love to see and hear you sing at Trump's Inaugeration! Take Lee Greenwood, Charlie Daniels Band and Alan Jackson..... au shucks, take bunch and go ENTERTAIN THE WORLD!
Samra Morrison McKay No christmas for us this year. I feel sad my granddson 's asked me why i was a Grench but im not i dont have the money to buy them gifts .
Rosein O'Connor Merry Christmas to you and your family from the O'Connor family from Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada. Safe travels. God Bless. Angels Protect.
Eileen Gerow Rodway Merry Christmas to you Reba and your entire family from Canada! This is a lovely picture. Have a joyous Christmas day and all the best for 2017 xoxox
Reba McEntire
21:00 12/26/2016

New year, new traditions! Grinch!!!!! @shawnab26 @chelsea_reed2 @shelbyblackstock @scorpsag @laceymooreee

6.1k reactions 151 comments
Patricia Coxson Merry Christmas Reba and your family God bless Happy New Years 2017. Love you🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄💖⛄⛄⛄⛄⛄
James Winans I love that movie. Jim Carie is unbelievably awesome in that.
Joe Taylor Merry Christmas from whoville in billings Montana have great one Reba
Donald Godfrey Watched How The Grinch Stole Christmas last night, White Christmas today and watching Holiday Inn right now
Cassandra Lopez Love this movie thats y I own it so I can watch it all year long cause its that good. 😀😀😀😀
Reba McEntire
08:12 12/24/2016

She is a true inspiration. Way to go, Audrey!!!!!

Deranged Husband Sets Wife On Fire. 7 Years Later, She Looks Very Different
Deranged Husband Sets Wife On Fire. 7 Years Later, She Looks Very Different

Audrey Mabrey is a survivor. Seven years after a horrific attack, Mabrey is undoubtedly an inspiration to anyone who has ever had to overcome any obstacle. In 2009, Mabrey’s husband, Christopher…

1.7k reactions 126 comments
Lucy Laporte Poor thing I haveburns 65 percent at age 3 in harden mass in 66 3rd degree burns this is my husben Paul Laporte
Janet Bowles Holbert Audrey you are a Beautiful woman who has a Beautiful heart your courage to stand and be so strong You are a True Inspiration......
John Rollison I hope he got what he deserved. No mercy for people like this.
William Smith Stay Strong You are truly beautiful God loves you and good vibes and blessings heading your way.
Sarah Lane Yeah this is when you plan a murder. Then carry it out without getting caught.
Reba McEntire
08:12 12/24/2016

It's the last day of #12DaysofRebaChristmas! Today only, get the #RebaBeauty Center Stage Eye Palette for only $35. Use coupon code DAYTWELVE here:

604 reactions 20 comments
Renée Toll Michelle Martens Toll!
Kerri-Anne Ryder Please come back to Saint John NB!! Reba McEntire!!
Kelly Lindley reba you need makeup???
Lucretia Sisco Nice
Sandy Land You have nice marry Christmas mom and happy year
Reba McEntire
08:12 12/24/2016

For Day Eleven of #12DaysofRebaChristmas, get the Reba 11x17 poster for only $5! Use coupon code DAYELEVEN here:

1.7k reactions 60 comments
Lester Deily Gorgeous pic
Joe Harding Merry Christmas Reba
Dher Vang We love you Reba
Linda Ann Evans I hpoe you have a merry Christmas reba
Gary P Parenteau Hi how are you so i wish you merry Christmas and happy new year beautiful
Reba McEntire
19:24 12/21/2016

Take $10 off #RebaBeauty Glow & Go Blush today only! Use coupon code DAYTEN here: #12DaysofRebaChristmas

496 reactions 19 comments
Kimberly Farrar Wooten Reba Booth
Holly Laws Sandy
Shaelene Yazzie Hi Reba McEntire
Olivia Webster Claire
Matthew Claar i know youve been looking for this Dana Vogelzang
Reba McEntire
19:24 12/21/2016

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Andrew Dorff. Steve, my heart hurts for you. Rest in peace Andrew.

1.0k reactions 41 comments
Lisa Davis My prayers for the family 🙏
Elizabeth M Arnold Prayers are going out to his family
Christine Tenneson Sympathy and condolences. May he rest in peace.
Leslie M. Bliman-Kuretzky May he RIP <3
Reba McEntire
06:36 12/19/2016

There are no coincidences. I’ve always believed everything happens for a reason. So sweet!!!

Frantic Woman Calls Her Office And Begs For ‘Liz,’ But Liz Realizes She’s Never Heard This Voice
Frantic Woman Calls Her Office And Begs For ‘Liz,’ But Liz Realizes She’s Never Heard This Voice

For many years, Liz and Emmy worked in the same tiny broker’s office in Manhattan. Their work days were typically non-eventful. Then one day in 1999, a mysterious phone call came in. “Liz…..” said a…

368 reactions 20 comments
Lucretia Sisco Me too
Jeff Hedberg Ask him
Dev Mco No one friends me anymore. :(
Elizabeth R Carrington I need a miracle.
Brenda Metzinger Amen
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