Reba McEntire
16:18 02/25/2017

What an incredible story! So glad it turned out like it did!

Mom Has Perfect Marriage, But 12 Years Later, She Makes A Stunning Realization About Her Family
Mom Has Perfect Marriage, But 12 Years Later, She Makes A Stunning Realization About Her Family

Back in the ’80s, a woman named Barbara was involved in a serious car accident. She suffered three blows to her head, and when she woke up at the hospital, she couldn’t remember her name. In fact,…

53 reactions 17 comments
Janet Slaten Mohr No English can't understand
Darlene Bush GOD BLESS ALL !!
Lucretia Sisco Wow
Christine Huntzberry God bless u all
Christine Conley Too cool
Reba McEntire
16:18 02/25/2017

Lots of love in that family!! It’s good to see that Madison is doing so well since the first video posted about her.

Pregnant Mom Says She Feels Strange, Then Doctor Sees Unborn Baby Looks Like ‘Incredible Hulk’
Pregnant Mom Says She Feels Strange, Then Doctor Sees Unborn Baby Looks Like ‘Incredible Hulk’

When Joni Gatlin was pregnant with her daughter Madison, she knew there was something wrong with her unborn child. Doctors first noticed a strange buildup of lymphatic fluid during her 15-week…

622 reactions 18 comments
Nathan Myntti reba come utah
Mark Davin Reeeeeber!
Lucretia Sisco Wow
China Reid This is crazy. Stop posting stuff like this. Ok and?? It happens
Reba McEntire
16:18 02/25/2017

What an incredible family and husband! True love!

Wife Keeps Coughing And Fainting Around Husband, Then Makes Shocking Realization About The House
Wife Keeps Coughing And Fainting Around Husband, Then Makes Shocking Realization About The House

Scott and Johanna Watkins are the epitome of true love, as unconventional and heartbreaking as their story may be. Johanna, 29, is extremely sick; she is allergic to everything. A few years back,…

777 reactions 25 comments
Dustin Willingham Yall check this out
Brad Smith Dede Smith
Cathy McKinley Herdman Ashley Nicole
Deanna Jodi Seaton Jennifer Tregidgo-Clavette - MCD <3
Kenneth Bunte Can u please write me I think your cuter than a bug!!!
Reba McEntire
16:18 02/25/2017

An incredible story! God decides! This is a great story with a happy ending! Kleenex please!!!!

1.1k reactions 46 comments
Gail Buck Thanks for sharing this great story.
Kay Andrews God bless him and his new family.
Kat Jackson Stories like this makes my eyes flood :)
Sharlette Atkins Digges God bless you all and be with you all
Gwen Rock.Morrow what a fantabulous video!!! <3
Reba McEntire
16:18 02/25/2017

Happy birthday [email protected]

13.0k reactions 495 comments
Joe Lucasti Stay safe and many more!!! One Lucky man right there..
Yolanda Valdez I'm a fan.. Happy Birthday and May God bless you with many more...
Elaine Brown Happy birthday Shelby,... Good looking young man.,,.. Must favor mama
Jake-Stephanie Ham Happy Birthday Shelby! My favorite singers son and my husband share the same birthday! Hope its a great day!
Reba McEntire
16:18 02/25/2017

27 years ago Shelby came into my life! What a wonderful gift from God!!!! Happy birthday Shelby! Love you very very much. #toomuchfun #loveyouforeverandaleways

109.7k reactions 2793 comments
Rita Van Dyke Babies are really a gift from God - we finally experienced the same with the birth of our son - we are probably the oldest parents out ther but would not change a thing - could not imagine life without him!
Darla Morgan I remember seeing you when you was 4 months pregnant. Saw you at Fox theather at st. Louis. You gave one hell of a concert. Loved how you was on stage. You was every where. Love you and Happy birthday Shelby
Connie Moore I hope you. Got the message about being hacked yesterday.I know you would never ask one of your fans to do such a thing!!! But yes I got super excited getting a private message from you..God Bless you.
Melisha Smith We share the same Birthday! Happy Birthday Shelby! Thank you Reba for your music that brings so much joy to myself and others!
Lynn Avery Hard to believe he's 27! I remember when he was little. Time slow down 😂 you raised a good son Reba ! Hope his day is great.
Reba McEntire
03:30 02/23/2017

Take an additional 40% off already reduced Reba merchandise at Dillard's! SHOP HERE:

161 reactions 10 comments
Shannon AndVanessa Dotson Connie Carr
Reba Brooks Love it!!!
Donna Jungwirth Y no big lady sizes
Rose McLain I love you, Reba; I think you are an amazing singer with sensitive songs that I appreciate like "I Keep On Loving You"; that is why as a Christian Mother I ask that you Please pray and spread the word to help to find Eli Rodrigues, who went missing ...
Jackie Spieth Still to pricey for me
Reba McEntire
03:30 02/23/2017

What an incredible show Sir Elton John performed tonight! Everyone had a wonderful time @caesarspalace me included!!! Thanks so much for the super hospitality! @eltonjohn @kixbrooks @ronniedunn

17.2k reactions 314 comments
Jeannie Brimmer Black Wow Elton John looks fantastic, and Reba you as always look beautiful.
John Lumsden I can't resist.....when did Elton get large breasts??? Anyone else curious?
Michelle Davidson Elton John & Reba McEntire & Brooks and Dunn together now that's my kind of music.
John Snape Is it just me or do Elton John's boobs look bigger than Reba's?
Chi Tran Every disciples of The Lord have the different mission and you know I love you but I can't take this and you know I love you but I can't for-keep and I try to find what I can and he is in every man and you know I ❤️ u but I can't take this and you know ...
Reba McEntire
03:30 02/23/2017

I love these stories where people’s hearts are so loving and giving! Way to go!!!

1.5k reactions 69 comments
Brittney Starrett That one made me cry! Real hard! 😩💕
Mary Garner Her husband tragic. :(
Allen Jensen Beautiful story.A very deserving young lady.But, unfortunately a sad ending.😢
Vicky Gadit Beautiful story! There still are angels among us! Thanks 4 the post Reeebs! <3
Micheal Mathern Thanks Reba that brought a smile to my face this morning
Reba McEntire
03:30 02/23/2017

After everything he has been through, he gets on his knees and give thanks to God. What a story! You gotta watch this one.

802 reactions 36 comments
Elo Martin He thanked God and was very greatfull
Memory Rose Robinson Robinson Family started a fundraising campaign for Mother and son termently ill. Both child and mother have termanal cancer are they not kind hearted people out there who.would donate. Please tap to donate- The family needs your help badly. http://mk2.gofund....
EJ-Betty Rhodes What a beautiful story!
Christopher Wells Praying all is very well..
Jane Younger Thanks for posting.
Reba McEntire
03:30 02/23/2017

Love it!!!!

612 reactions 23 comments
Jamie Newbrough Layman Penny Radford
Katrina Miller nice
Valen Pangau Fifty Shades Darker Full Movie
Olivia Anderson Omg I love his new song
Jaz Brock Awe. What a cutie!
Reba McEntire
03:30 02/23/2017

Talk about motivation! He gets my vote for teacher of the year!!!

Teacher Reveals List Of Students’ Names Tattooed On His Side, Under Message That Stuns Parents
Teacher Reveals List Of Students’ Names Tattooed On His Side, Under Message That Stuns Parents

For three years, Joshua Murray has been teaching at Agua Fria High School in Avondale, Arizona, the same school from which he graduated. This past year, the 25-year-old college prep teacher formed a…

1.4k reactions 65 comments
Katheryn Gunnarsson The tattoo might be extreme, but we need more teachers like him who can challenge their students to believe in themselves.
Michele Ballard Josh Murray 😂😂 are you leading a double life? Kristin Murray this is where he goes when he says he's going to class. 😂😂😂
Kylie Scofield What will he do for the next class but.... he found something that worked and that's awesome
Chad Meade Love it when my old alma mater makes the news for something good. Go Owls.
Dorothy Mcwilliams Awesome I guess but what is 5000$ gonna do for college that's a drop in a huge bucket
Reba McEntire
14:42 02/20/2017

I love these surprises!!! So many great people in the world! Stars in your crowns!!!

Parents Try To Visit Premature Baby, But Mom Is So Confused When Driver Stops Her At The Door
Parents Try To Visit Premature Baby, But Mom Is So Confused When Driver Stops Her At The Door

After their car broke down, Brianna and Robert had to rely on their friends to give them rides to and from the hospital to see their newborn baby son, Carter. Brianna, a military wife, had given…

501 reactions 13 comments
Mark James Smith We love Reba
Lucretia Sisco Wow
Maureen Lascaris Teary eyes. Very touching
Stacy Upchurch Awesome
Reba McEntire
14:42 02/20/2017

What a great idea! Congrats Maddie!!! And Koop, you’re my hero! So sweet!!!!

Teen Has No Date To Prom, Then Mystery Guest Walks Out And She Runs Back To Mom In Tears
Teen Has No Date To Prom, Then Mystery Guest Walks Out And She Runs Back To Mom In Tears

Maddie Morley, 16, always dreamed of going to prom ever since she was a little girl. But Maddie has autism and historically, children with special needs aren’t often included in such events. However,…

2.5k reactions 119 comments
Tommy William Morrison This is so good. And Maddie Morley is a beautiful young lady. Thanks Reba McEntire S.L.Y.
Donna Thomas Why can't all schools be this way? That girl's dream prom happened because of a jock, way to go.
Dorothy Kerr My home church hosts this every year, and it is just an absolutely amazing event!!!
Kathy Connors What a special memory for her the rest of her life! Wish there were more young men like him💚
Marc Wolf Awesome, Awesome, Awesome......Thank You Coop for what you have done! You're a Special Young Man!
Reba McEntire
14:42 02/20/2017

Can't wait!!!!

3.8k reactions 132 comments
Chuck Miller One Beautiful Lady
Robert Podolinski Who you fighting? LOL
Gary Daft pretty lady
Rich Nunes Wished I could go! 😉
Norman Martin BEAUTIFUL
Reba McEntire
14:42 02/20/2017

My first Jon Bon Jovi concert!!!!!

24.7k reactions 526 comments
Kimberly Dawn Spain It was Awesome. Except for when a guard threatened my pregnant daughter about holding her sign up. She was told that if she held it up again she'd be asked to leave. How ya gonna do that to a pregnant woman?
Janice Mancini LaVanway Awesome, Reba Enjoy. Times are hard, what gets me through, is someone else has a much deeper hardship. My husband and I retired. I am Disababled due to an illness, but, I still enjoying visiting the Elder/Young people. I've worked since I was 13....
Susan Hurley Well I have seen you in concert and you are super awesome and I have seen John Bon Jovi a concert and he is super awesome… You are going to have a great time
Angel Willoughby Graves Girl, although never been to a Jon Bon Jovi concert personally, glad to see you are rockin it out with him!! <3 it!!! <3 life's blessings!!!
Melissa Ramsey-Smalley Omgoodness one of my favorites loved him since I was 12 and I saw him about 10 years ago but you I have loved also as long and still waiting to see you.. I wish I had went to this concert.. amazing..
Reba McEntire
14:42 02/20/2017

Too much fun!!!!

5.0k reactions 100 comments
Deb Williams I would have loved to be there.
Clarine Creekmore Woo hoo look at all the pretty girl's.
Linda B Thomas I would have loved to seen the show! What a beautiful familt.
Jayden Kitelinger wow....just look at all that red hair...dang Reba...I'm not sure how old you are....but you are a stone. cold. FOX!!!!!
Lesia Rees Ya'll were amazing!! Reba, your concert was nothing short of wonderful!!
Reba McEntire
14:42 02/20/2017

Congratulations to Jean Smart for her Women's Image award! Glad she was wearing my Glow & Go luminous blush for the evening. Looks pretty on her! Available at Reba & HSN .com. #RebaBeauty #IconicGlamour

3.2k reactions 79 comments
Brenda White Jaynes She is truly beautiful! I love her as an actress!!!
Jamie Lodwig Jean looks beautiful! Loved her in Designing Women!
Jennifer Bailey Coy Omg I love that! Must get!
Sandy Conway Lampp Reba, which is your favorite lipstick color?
Melba Scott-Johnson Jean Smart looks like she did on Designing Women
Reba McEntire
14:42 02/20/2017

With a team like this, what more could you ask for!? Thank you all so much! Love everyone of you!

9.1k reactions 199 comments
Jamie Lodwig Yes you have an amazing team! Congratulations on making you dream come true and playing at the Ryman! It took a team to make that happen!
Melissa Britt Ashley I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of you and how much this album is helping me ! Love you ❤
Hayley Kathy Carpenter So can't wait to get your new CD give it back to God! absolutely beautiful and so are you....
Craig Phillips Been listening to this album with my girlfriend. It is so wonderful and very inspirational! God bless you Reba!
Jaylene Mills English I LOVE this new album Reba, it's brought me to tears a few amazing
Reba McEntire
14:42 02/20/2017

I am so proud of you guys for 100 episodes! Way to go!

2.4k reactions 48 comments
Bradley Burgess NICE.
Draven Ray Long Such an awesome show! Congrats Melissa!!!
Lisa Camerlo Miss the whole Reba cast. Great show.
Shirley Westover Love this show
LaRaye Carlson Gotta say, this show and Reba are my faves!
Reba McEntire
01:54 02/18/2017

The Chockie Singers! Too much fun! #rymanauditorium

11.9k reactions 289 comments
Bryan Edmondson need a favor young Lady A friend of mines neice is going to the Voice country of course it's on my timeline would you comment it and wish her luck I am sure it would make her feel great thanks
Natalie Humeston Great show yesterday. We saw the first time Shelby came on stage. Now first time at the Ryman.
Valerie Powell Your performance last night was amazing as was a wonderful surprise to see Momma McEntire and your sisters!
Melissa Keyes Reba, I watched you on the today show and absolutely fell in love with you. Your soul is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us all.
Angie Powers From the time our son was 10, Reba was his favorite singer! In 1995, for his 16th birthday, we took him to Baltimore for a concert and meet and greet! He would have loved to have seen this show!
Reba McEntire
01:54 02/18/2017

The Chockie Singers!!!!! Too much fun last night! #rymanauditorium

6.2k reactions 146 comments
Carlos Truax If I didn't know any better I would say your Mother looks like your Sister you two take a great picture too
Jim Brownson Great looking couple of young ladies. Reba when are you coming to Dallas
Don Chandler Jr. Awesome show
Sandra Threatt Reba i luv u i luv watching your show (when it came but they have a lot of reruns)
Janifer Mejia Soso sweet bless you your one of the best peace love pray.
Reba McEntire
01:54 02/18/2017

When I was eight years old, I never thought I would be signing the Ryman Auditorium book one day. That day is today. #rymanauditorium #ohhappyday

17.8k reactions 480 comments
Cathy Felix My daughter is your biggest fan ever!! She has loved you since she was 5 and is now 18 and a freshman at Belmont. She will be at both shows today to see you!!! Her biggest wish is to meet you!!!
Diane McDonald So my son is there..on the floor first row....he's loved u since he could talk...he's 25 now...Joshua Mcdonald....if you said hi to him it would make his day...
Heather Simmons We will be seeing you tonight!! I absolutely cannot wait! I've loved you since I was an itty bitty, and cannot believe I will be seeing you for the first time tonight! I'm giddy excited! Literally a dream come true! ❤️❤️❤️
Ron Cheryl Hanson Your so amazing Reba both inside and out.Wish I could meet you one day but see you on TV and FB and your smile and your laughter is the best.Thanks for your great songs and for just being you,love ya bunches girl😃
Lenny Smith I would LOVE to hear Reba sing my old classic, "Our God Reigns!" Wow! It would be like a Tsunami Of Love washing over the country! How can we make it happen? Anyone have her ear? I AM just a little guy in the tomato fields of South Jersey:).
Reba McEntire
01:54 02/18/2017

I love stories with happy endings!!!! So sweet!

706 reactions 27 comments
Sue Hupp Moo
Victoria Duke Good for the baby and the mother.
Sue Hupp Sorry disregard that.
Lawrence Manhart Happy Valentines Day, Reba
Lucretia Sisco Wow
Reba McEntire
13:06 02/15/2017

What a great story!!!! So comforting to parents!!! I love it!!!

Mom’s Only Son Dies Suddenly, Then A Stranger Says She Saw Him With His ‘Younger Sibling’
Mom’s Only Son Dies Suddenly, Then A Stranger Says She Saw Him With His ‘Younger Sibling’

In October 2009, Elizabeth Boisson’s 20-year-old son Morgan passed away after a trip to Mt. Everest with his classmates. Morgan, a high school football player and cheerleader at University of…

554 reactions 21 comments
Tae Ho Choe M.M.
Lidia McColey I believe!
Lucretia Sisco Wow
Monica Williams I believe also
Bev Toms I Believe
Reba McEntire
13:06 02/15/2017

There are still tickets left for Reba's 2:30 PM matinee tomorrow at the Ryman Auditorium! Purchase yours here: #SingItNow


I'm going to see @Reba at the Ryman February 15!

1.3k reactions 78 comments
Bobby Kelley Be six time I'd get there,unless I call in sick lol happy Valentine's Reba
Brenda K Bixler I wish I could go😕 I'm in Vegas though. One day I hope to get there
Breanna Hawkins Do another show please!!!!!
Pamela Kitchens Reba I love you...never change and keep on serving Jesus
Crystal Blobaum Stivers Oh how I wish I could talk to you.... I wish you could come sing at my husbands benefit
Reba McEntire
13:06 02/15/2017

Happy Valentine's Day to all my friends, family and loved ones!!!!! Please know how much I love you. ❤❤❤

16.0k reactions 1403 comments
Jim Tressler Hey Reba.... I am a very happily married man for 20+ years have 3 great kids ...BUT ... I will buy the crackers and ""YOU can eat crackers in my bed A N Y T I M E """""""!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bertha Hinton Scanlon Happy Valentines Day Reba. You were singing in my car this morning. I got the Lord on my side I'm so happy. Yep I'm still singin ❤️
Tina Mongelli Happy Valentines day to you too. Thank you again for your thoughtfulness. Have a great time tomorrow at the Ryman. Wish I could be there.
Tammy Simons Wright Happy Valentine's Day Reba u make my day everyone day enjoy your music and tv show I just LOVE everything about your a very awesome person my the lord bless you and family
Lynn Harkey Happy Valentine's Day. I love your beautiful music. I have loved it for many years and hope for many more. You are a beautiful woman. So down to earth. Thank you for being a great lady.
Reba McEntire
13:06 02/15/2017

Thanks everyone. Timing is everything and everything happens for a reason. Thank you Lord.

3.8k reactions 188 comments
Alice Henderson You are a wonderful person, and have a voice of am angel, have listened to you for years, God Bless you, and Happy Valentines Day for tomorrow.
Wanda Rowland I just heard you new ablum especially the song back to god I loved it and very appropriate for this country especially now with everything that is going on god bless you
Margie Ellis God has blessed all of us to have your music in good example for young ladies these days you are very special love you...
Dennis Shoemaker You are absolutly right about that dear girl, always look up, your redemption draweth nigh, as does all most dear to your heart...
Sidney Patterson You deserve to have this #1. I'm so proud of you. Your fans are always here, no matter what path you take. Love you bunches!! This album is an inspiration
Reba McEntire
13:06 02/15/2017

It was a great day! I love being on stage with you! Thanks to the Nashville rescue mission for having us perform at the ladie's day luncheon.

2.9k reactions 61 comments
Mark Davin Reeeeeeeeber!
Jeff Peterson It's hard not to. Love reba
Michael Sims Can I take you on a date reba
Kay Andrews Beautiful pic!!!
Jason Knight Beautifull
Reba McEntire
00:18 02/13/2017

Please watch this whole story!!! God’s way is always the best way! His will not my will! His way not my way! What a miracle! How blessed they are! So happy they listened.

Couple Adopts Newborn, But When Dad Looks Closer At Birth Mom, He Realizes He’s Seen Her Before
Couple Adopts Newborn, But When Dad Looks Closer At Birth Mom, He Realizes He’s Seen Her Before

When Walt was 10 years old, he had a vision of his future daughter. He could see her face as clear as day, and he even knew her name: Chloe. Around that same time, Walt moved to a new neighborhood…

1.6k reactions 122 comments
Helen Barreto We have a wonderful loving Father. God bless your family.
Kristin Case Guthrie Sheralyn Tyndall who awesome is this?!? And the Chloe part?!! 😍😭
Pam Goodin Wow what a powerful and beautiful story, thanks for sharing Reba McEntire
Roberta Burnstein what a wonderful story about a couple who couldn't have children and how god sent them someone who could .
Chatsworth Arts Do your BEST...God will do the REST! Great story, thanks for sharing it ❤️
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