Reba McEntire
22:48 04/24/2017

Love it!

880 reactions 26 comments
Youtsey Youtsy Handsome young man , Reba
Jann Scott Good luck God bless you
Laura Vanderpool Good luck Shelby stsy safe n have a blast !!!
Rick SouthWest There's my boy Shelby.... LQQKING good Shelby!!!
Maria Mcaleavey all the best shelby.
Reba McEntire
10:00 04/22/2017

Come join me backstage at my show with Brooks & Dunn in Las Vegas at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace! I’m flying you out, putting you up in a great hotel and MORE! It’s all to help one of my favorite causes, the ACM - Academy of Country Music Lifting Lives. Enter HERE: Time is running out!!!

11.4k reactions 1001 comments
Angie Alvey I would love love to go never been to Las Vegas. I have seen you right after you became famous. never seen brooks and dunn. would love to go.
Robyn Rounds I'm in Australia and I see all of your comments, I'm a big fan but there is never a a comment back from the "Star" herself. Is she bigger than us? I put my pants on one leg at at time like she does, a personal response would be nice (to her fans) ...
Melanie Coleman I have a daughter who is in nursing school and she stays stressed all the time ! She adores your music but so loves your honesty and your love for Christ ! She would love to meet you !!!
Pat Smith Oh I wish!!! I would love it if you would come to Australia I love all three of you and love love all of your music. You have given us all some great music keep it up you make me happy just listening to it xxxxxxx
Amy M Holliman Gilbert I love to go u r my favorite singer my name William Gilbert I have been watching u sing for 52 year never got to go to a concert in my whole life I like to meet u your a wonderful person love u Reba
Reba McEntire
10:00 04/22/2017

I wouldn’t call this cheating, I’d just call it smart!

1.9k reactions 143 comments
Theresa Fagan It's not cheating. The show was just too predictable.
Janet Walker Lerma I hate pages like this. Why do you have to click 20 times before your get to the point? Ugh
Sandra Gonzales Douglas Absolutely wasn't cheating. Smart guy, did his homework!
Susan Blumert Wow. I guess this guy and his wife had nothing better to do. What a boring life they must have.
Jackie Miller I would have liked to have read this article, but there were so many interruptions that I gave up. Feeling frustrated.
Reba McEntire
10:00 04/22/2017

Today in 1994 I released my autobiography, REBA: MY STORY. 23 years have passed since then!!! Maybe it’s time to write another one! ☺ Until then, you can get an autographed copy of this one over on Check it out:

15.5k reactions 801 comments
Bonnie Edwards Amendola Received this book from a very special person (Meg Bassett-Brne)when I was leaving a job. Still have it!! Will treasure it and our friendship always!
Ursi Chatelain-Scheidegger I really love your book as I love you...^_^ I practice my english with the book and many others, my first language are french and swissgerman, I also loved your concert in Zürich, Switzerland, many years ago...hope you will come again...^_^
Linda Marie Raper I LOVED your autobiography! It READ exactly like you TALK😀. You have had many more successes, hits, trials & tribulations since then.....would LOVE another book! 😀📚
Kelli Frances Neathery My mom and dad gave me a cassette tape of your music when you first started out and you autographed it for them and and one day before he passed away he gave it to me you are my favorite singer would like to see you in concert and me you one day like ...
Melinda Lott I was just a little girl when my mom bought this book for me. I have always admired you individuality and talent. My dream was to be just like you with hair like Crystal Gail.
Reba McEntire
21:12 04/19/2017

Some of these are eerie! You have to watch this!!!

3.8k reactions 92 comments
Grettel Martinez Parallel universes?
Dawn Connolly Fischer Thank you! That was interesting!
DeAnna Bergeron STOP IT REBA!!! LOL.
Lucy Cruickshank Wow Reebs !! That is eerie🙈
Nancy S Miller freakey!!
Reba McEntire
08:24 04/17/2017

I love Jim Carrey and didn’t know any of this!

19 Fascinating Facts About Jim Carrey
19 Fascinating Facts About Jim Carrey

SHARE this with people who are obsessed with Jim Carrey!

2.3k reactions 116 comments
Chuck Heumader Nothing funny about a tool that belittles those who have different opinions... even if they are deceased.
William Nelms Don't care for him. Most totally stupid to me. Sorry Babygirl.
Gina Nolette Liar Liar is my favorite. I laugh so hard and for hours after. Love Jim Carey.
Danielle Oneal Jim Carrey is very funny, I love his movies I don't have a favorite, I love all of his movies
Marilyn Bucholz I love all his movies but LIAR
Reba McEntire
08:24 04/17/2017

The Amazon Music Deluxe Edition of Reba's new album SING IT NOW: SONGS OF FAITH & HOPE features two exclusive bonus tracks including the powerful "Meanwhile Back At The Cross."

1.4k reactions 55 comments
Brenda Willmart Race Just bought this today!!!! I love Reba!
Lori Parry I love them both, I need to talk to you is wonderful 💖
Lula Rains Amazon
Auby Hilley Happy Easter everyone....
Reba McEntire
08:24 04/17/2017

Happy Easter to everyone! Thank God He sent his only son to die for our sins. I am so grateful.

18.8k reactions 790 comments
Kathy Borst Happy Easter to you & your family Reba! Yes He is Risen!
Wayne Elsenpeter He has risen indeed! Thank you Lord and a Happy Easter to you and yours as well!
Johnny Spears Happy Easter Reba! I am grateful also. So many times we forget or take for granted this gift!
Linda Rowland Happy Easter Reba. May God continue to bless you always
Lynn Avery Happy Easter Reba. May you have a wonderful and blessed day. Yes HE is Risen 💜🙏
Reba McEntire
19:36 04/14/2017

YOU. Me. Las Vegas!!! How's that sound? I want you to be my VIP guest for my show with Brooks & Dunn in Las Vegas! We'll hang out backstage, snap a photo together and more. The best part is it's all to support ACM - Academy of Country Music Lifting Lives, an incredible cause. ENTER:

2.3k reactions 376 comments
Kimberly Morgan I'd love this would be a dream come true unfortunately my anxiety would kick in so it could never happen ,but you have been my favorite artist as for back as I can remember
Patricia Frisbee Hit won't let me enter but would love to be the winner of this Reba is an all time favorite to hang with her would be out of this world fingers crossed love brooks and Dunn country is where it's at. Dreaming.
Linda Byrd Jones I would love to meet you Reba you have always been my idol I love all your songs and shows . Sure wish you could make it to gulf shores or to orange beach area to sing at the wharf I would definitely be there
Janet Bouchard Reba.. I love you and Brooks n Dunn. I would love to see y'all in Vegas. My son and daughter in law live there and I only get to see them occasionally because of travels costs and work schedule in Texas. Not to mention my hubby and I have 6 rescue dogs ...
Karen Genrich OH MY. My family gave me the nickname REBA years ago, and I did some crazy Video's on FB to promote RD's Peace, Love, and Country Music. My 70th B-Day is May 9th and seeing you 3 are on my bucket list. OK Grandkids, You see this? It's called black mail ...
Reba McEntire
19:36 04/14/2017

Today in 1998, we released “If You See Him/If You See Her” to country radio! Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn can you believe 19 years later we’re still making music and performing together??? #ThrowbackThursday

19.0k reactions 407 comments
Laura Turner Briest LOVE this song! You guys are my very favorite country artists!
Suzi Garrett Shoemake What a gorgeous group. The redhead born in McAlester Oklahoma is one of my favorites.
Lynn Avery Yes I can and I'm so glad! I saw you guys back in Albany GA in the 90s several times! You were great! Vegas is awesome and I plan to try to come again🙌 It's no surprise as hard as you work! You guys rock! 😍
Bill Suttie I believe it as y'all are beyond Awesome :) God Bless Y'all - Buona Pasquale 😍😍😍
Sandy Diorio You were the best concert I have ever seen .....Neil Diamond the second best
Reba McEntire
06:48 04/12/2017

I want to take you backstage with me at my show with Brooks & Dunn in Las Vegas! Come hang out with me and be my special VIP guest at the show!! It's all to support an amazing cause, ACM - Academy of Country Music Lifting Lives. ENTER:

Take a Backstage Selfie with Reba McEntire in Vegas -
Take a Backstage Selfie with Reba McEntire in Vegas -

Reba is hitting the stage with Brooks & Dunn in Las Vegas and she wants you to join her backstage. You and a friend will be flown out to Vegas where you'll be Reba's very special guest for one fancy, superstar-studded evening of country music. Soak up the lights, hit the strip, then…

9.2k reactions 481 comments
Laura Craig Reba, I love you so much & have the biggest dream to meet you & have my picture with you. Plus, to see you in concert in Vegas. Getting away would be a plus, but no money till the end of the month, so I think at that point, the contest might be over, ...
Pam Thomas You, and thanks to my sister in law...her and I been there. Anyone who gets to meet and greet you dear Reba, is ever so lucky!
Debbie Russes I was lucky enough to see her in concert once in my life. She is amazing. But, never got to meet her. Hope whoever wins this contest is someone who has never seen her live and may not get the chance again. She's worth it...she brings the audience ...
Lizzie Venable I really wish I had the money to donate and try to win, but am still blessed that I was able to grab a ticket for this summer! Can't wait to see the show!
Tawnia Hanson In 2011 two years after being married my husband nearly died from an internal bleed at 25 years old - 47 blood transfusions , 14 days ICU , hospitals, mayo clinic salt lake city i feared the unknown . It happened three weeks in a row - earlier that ...
Reba McEntire
05:06 04/07/2017

And the birthdays celebration just keeps on going. Love to Harrison and John for sharing the Sugar Shack for another wonderful evening. I love my friends! #toomuchfun #sugarshack

625 reactions 78 comments
Carol Mcgarvey Have fun ya-all!!
Doug N Susie Siminoe Happy birthday Reba🎂🎉have fun fun fun❤️
Wendy Clegg Happy virthday reba
Mary Miller My daughter will be 40 onthe12th Happybirthday
FayeandWayne Lloyd Picture perfect 👍👍💕
Reba McEntire
05:06 04/07/2017

I am absolutely in love with our new REBA skinny stretch jeans at Dillard's – you have got to check these out! So comfortable and stretchy, and only $68!!! Check them out in regular ( and plus ( sizes.

4.9k reactions 485 comments
Jaime Albers I think she would have been fine if she had not chosen to use "only". Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but seriously those of you attacking each other over a 68 dollar pair of jeans!? For some that is a drop in the bucket and for some it is not ...
Holly Walker-Patterson Waaaahh 😭 she said, "only" at only $68 a pair! I'm so mad 😡 she said "only" I am offended! Sthu!!!! Freaking cry babies! You don't like it, guess what y'all don't have to buy em! She will sell plenty! She's not targeting people who buy Walmart jeans, ...
Charmaine Sanders "Only" $68. I'd never pay that much for a pair of jeans! And can you have plus sizes?? Isn't "plus size skinny jeans" an oxymoron?!
Gretchen Hensley Miller $68 isn't a bad price. I wear my jeans until they come apart at the seams! Since these are stretchy, do they cling to the thighs, or do they fit like regular jeans?
Joan M Klein And that's the difference between wealthy and not. ONLY $68 for a pair of jeans? I can get three pair at Wal-Mart and have change.
Reba McEntire
05:06 04/07/2017

You both are so cute!

1.7k reactions 35 comments
Dale Emrick Beautiful Ladies.
Sharen Judson Two great ladies
Mike Mcclellan That blonde idiot sucks
Bruce Burks I see two Beautiful Women!
Hazel Maloney Throw Reba in the mix ..make a comedy....I'd watch!
Reba McEntire
05:06 04/07/2017

Timeline Photos

4.7k reactions 173 comments
Edward Newell He made me laugh so much! All those times on Johnny Carson!! And more!!
Brad Johnson The world lost a legend .... Heaven gained a wonderful man . I'm going to miss my main man Rickles!!! Thank God for YouTube!!!
Amanda J White He was a funny man. This story is amazing; it's okay to be different and to be grateful. Love it.
Patricia Wandel Gosh could this man make me laugh. The world will miss him...heaven will be in stitches. RIP
Jim Hayes A truly great comedian and man!
Reba McEntire
05:06 04/07/2017

Love these guys! Can't wait for their show on Saturday night at 3rd and Lindsley!! 3rd & Lindsley Nashville The Shadowboxers

196 reactions 1 comments
Kathy Abbott Hope u have a great time, it's awesome how u support other artist!!!
Reba McEntire
05:06 04/07/2017

Congratulations everyone!

2.9k reactions 55 comments
Maggie Hartley which one is Jerry Reed?
Lillian V Tallant Oh wow...exciting
Carol Craig Congratulations Alan Jackson
Patsy Mcleod Congratulations!!!
Beverley May Weed Hodgson congrats to alan, he should be there if anyone is!
Reba McEntire
16:18 04/04/2017

Join Reba for the Thistle Farms 20th Anniversary Fundraiser May 3, 2017 at the Ryman Auditorium! Tickets available here:

442 reactions 62 comments
Selisa Ann Harkey Are you ever coming back to the Odessa midland area
Lori Parry Sadly I cannot be there but will be there in my heart 💖
Geraldine Estrella Churton Collins~ To profit from good advice requires more wisdom than to give it.
Kathy Stavenger Meant on here
Kathy Stavenger Reba u r wicked great by the do u really answear there comments on herd
Reba McEntire
16:18 04/04/2017

Love Reba and Lauren Daigle's performance of "Back To God" on the 52nd ACM - Academy of Country Music Awards? Download it now here:

44.5k reactions 1911 comments
Penny Moore DeMastes So great to see that Reba had Lauren sing this awesome song with her!!! Great job and great blend of voices. The best song of the night!!!
Diane Ellison Reba, you had me in tears tonight! Having a tough year and having back and neck surgery and very scared. Your song is just right! God Bless you and God Bless America!!
Lorna Andrews O'Connor Reba you look so gorgeous on stage. Beautiful inside and out. You are an amazing singer songwriter and entertainer. I have seen you live at Merritt Mountain Music Fest. Keep up.the you have so much talent and grace ☺Queen of country.☺
Andrea Thiessen-Johnson I really appreciated the lyrics but most of all the emotion that sang to my heart. Praise Is To the Lord Almighty. Thank you for being raw and letting God speak volumes through you both ❤️
Tammy Beverley I just loved the performance on the acm's, the song was so amazing! It touched my heart! It was just what the world needs to hear. You were so beautiful. Your an amazing talented woman. I'm a huge fan and I admire what a great example you are. Thank ...
Reba McEntire
16:18 04/04/2017

Don't miss Reba and Lauren Daigle performing a very special duet version of "Back To God" on the 52nd ACM - Academy of Country Music Awards TONIGHT at 8/7c on CBS!

6.3k reactions 276 comments
Rodney Lay Reba, Jim Paul Blair with the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame is trying to reach you.
Alice Probst I feel country music performers have better things to do. Can't wait to see you love new CD Praise god.
Gena Harris Ill be watching! Looking forward to this performance!
Shannon Stanley Caywood That was an absolutely amazing performance! It brought tears to my eyes. Good choice with Lauren Daigle.
Kelly Cagle-Capps Lauren was amazing in Branson, Mo this morning. Heading back to southern Il to catch her performance tonight on the ACMs.
Reba McEntire
03:30 04/02/2017

I loved my C2C trip to Europe but didn't see any of the Outlander gang:(((. Love these! @outlander_starz

2.9k reactions 138 comments
Ilean Fulton I love Outlander tv series, but I started loving with the first book 📚.
Ann Cappello Ryan You have good taste in shows Reba. Outlanders the best!
Chesteen Lindberg There is a Clair and Jamie tour in Scotland so I am told! On my list!!
Tina Hodges Happy Belated Birthday. Love lai\ugh and live life full on
Lynn Avery We enjoyed the pics and videos from fans! I know they were all excited to see you across the pond !
Reba McEntire
03:30 04/02/2017

Thanks Madison Georgia for the super hospitality! We had a great time! Wrapped early this morning on the new TV show pilot. #lovetoyouall😘

2.3k reactions 109 comments
Jodie Cook I think you may have used my old car. It is an 82 Chevy citation. Can't wait to see it! 😊
Lisa Manuel reba today. is my birthday i am 54 years old i. like your show on c mt station on cable in galveston
Sycea Carter Whaaaaa? You need to come to Nashville and pop into one of these bars and sing a song with me.
Linda W Conley Welcome to Georgia. Come down a little farther and tape your show here. Near Claxton, GA
Bill Brewer Come on back anytime now,ya hear!
Reba McEntire
03:30 04/02/2017

I couldn't tell when it was Susie or me singing. Love this song and I love my sister!❤😇

Reba McEntire And Sister Give Angelic Performance Of Beautiful Gospel Hit
Reba McEntire And Sister Give Angelic Performance Of Beautiful Gospel Hit

Well, Lord knows I'm ready, it don't worry my mind... You see, I ain't afraid of nothing because I believe... I've got a sky full of angels watching over me...

22.6k reactions 728 comments
Jeanie M Donlevie I can tell the difference between reba and her sister,, iv been listening to reba for years such a inspiration spiritual beautiful voice Reba has would be nice to meet her one day but if not thats ok to were all gods children and they both sound ...
Jackie Hedrick I absolutely love this song!!! You & your sister absolutely went beyond measure with this one. Love the concept of the meaning!!! God created an amazing, talented, loving family! I can't wait to get to Heaven to be able to hear you both sing!!! I love ...
Denise Harlan I love it and I LOVE "give this world, Back to God!" Amen. Beautiful and real song and filled with TRUTH. THANK YOU for recording it and releasing it. What a wonderful blessing!!
Liz Fox Meyer This is so beautiful I got chills. Been a huge fan of Reba for many years and clearly the talent does runs deep in this family.
Jamie Lodwig When I first heard this song, I too had a hard time figuring out who was whi. I really had to listen carefully. Lol glad I'm not the only one. You both sound the same just about.
Reba McEntire
03:30 04/02/2017

Go behind the scenes of the recording of my new album SING IT NOW: SONGS OF FAITH & HOPE. Check out the full album here: #ThrowbackThursday

4.7k reactions 152 comments
Sandy Burns Wahl I bought it when it first came out!! Amazing!! Love your song "God and my Girlfriends"!!
Brandy Burdette Yayyyy Reba I'm so excited about this! I can't wait'!!! 👏🏽
Mary Ann Hamilton I love the songs and I can see u smiling when u sing I got the Lord on my side.
Jim Himes "There is a God" tears me up every time i hear it. not sure who's song that was but MAN that's powerful stuff!
John Symmes Such an awesome lady,and the album is absolutely amazing.
Reba McEntire
03:30 04/02/2017

I’m wishing Doris Day a happy early 93rd birthday & invite you to do the same. Use the hashtag #DorisBirthdayWish and all the videos will be shown to her on April 3. I’m also making a donation to the Doris Day Animal Foundation (DDAF). Love you Doris!

7.9k reactions 527 comments
Bonnie Varga #DorisBirthdayWish Happy Birthday Doris Day! I grew up watching your movies loved ever single one. The funniest clip was from (Glass Bottom Boat) with you and Dom DeLuise with the cake! All your movies made me feel so happy ! I laughed and cried, your ...
Debra Depta #DorisBirthdayWish Love this wonderful actress and singer!!! Happy Birthday!!! May it be filled with all your favorite things....laughter and love
Robbie Cummings Doris you were on of the best, well respected actresses there has ever been. Need to teach these youngers how to be respectful and honest and bright as you have been.
Sharon Bowman Dear, dear, Ms Day. You have been, and still are, one of my most favorite performers. Both acting and singing, you are the tops. Plus you are the best crier ever. No one can top you in crying. Happy Happy Birthday. I wish you health and happiness ...
Marcella Fisher Happy Birthday Doris Day. Have loved every movie you have been in.I would tell everybody that if Doris Day was in it, you better believe it would be well worth watching ! I can't even say which one is my favorite one, because you was great in every ...
Reba McEntire
14:42 03/30/2017

Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes, texts, emails, phone calls, flowers and gifts. I am very blessed to have so many wonderful friends and family!!! It was a rootin' tootin' birthday! We filmed 5 scenes for the new TV pilot. It was a long hard day but I loved every minute of it :-). #happybirthdaytome #lovetoyouall😘

9.4k reactions 1183 comments
Steph Bouska Happy late birthday Reba. Mine was yesterday too. Hope you had a great one like I did with my grandkids and death by chocolate cake and ice cream together. Yum.
Rebecca Florence You mean so much to me! Honestly I have watched you ever since I was a little girl! And honestly my dream is to meet you. You are my biggest inspiration in life. Keep being amazing
Craig Lockwood Happy Birthday Reba, I would love to win tickets to your Las Vegas tour but I just can't afford to let any money go for a chance to win. Sorry
Kathy Crisp Happy "Belated" Birthday. I am so sorry I missed it. Hope you had a wonderful day. Special Birthday wishes to a very special lady.
Lanna Tittle Cheyenne says happy birthday to her hero!!! She loves you and one day when she is older she is gonna come to Oklahoma and see you.
Reba McEntire
14:42 03/30/2017

I'm so excited to announce that I’m giving YOU a chance to join me for my show with Brooks & Dunn in Las Vegas! We’ll meet backstage, take a selfie, and you’ll be my special VIP at the show. Enter HERE: It’s all to support the wonderful work of ACM - Academy of Country Music Lifting Lives!

13.7k reactions 955 comments
Geluso Debra I really would love to take my son Frankie to this., to meet Reba and Brooks and Dunn, wow dream come true, I meet Reba in Florida, in 1971 or 72, she had not hit the big stage yet, and I remember saying to her you will be big some day, she Lough, and ...
Michelle Berkey Sorry Reba McEntire- as much as it would be an honor to spend even one minute with you,,,I can not afford a donation. Half of my kid's friends say I remind them of you. Good Luck with your tour. Peace and Love with you All Ways
Traci Sessions-Webster I meet her once many years ago. I was with one of Reba's ole rodeo friends. We ran in to her at the mall. She was so excited to see my friend Deni. We talked for about 30 minutes. She just a regular gal.
Celena Vasconcellos I listen to your Gospel CD every day going to work, it prepares me for my day ahead. Whoever gets to meet you is very fortunate. Keep singing Reba you are Bless. Thanks for sharing your beautiful voice with the world.
Lori Wynn Omg, I'm in! I've been to Vegas twice and wanted to see the show, but you weren't in town (just my luck! ) #excited #rebaandbrooksanddunn
Reba McEntire
01:54 03/28/2017

We went to see this yesterday. I highly recommend it! I loved the book too!!! @thetimmcgraw you did a great job!!! #theshackmovie❤️

6.1k reactions 484 comments
Marge Kurek-Grant I feel it was one of the most moving Movie and I hope I can by it whe it come out if you have lost someone it is very special it may have you cry.
Staci Sutton Awesome movie! The scenes with Wisdom just brought me to tears. When she wants him to choose between his children and he begs that is be him Jesus did that! Died so I could live. Amazing, faith affirming film!
Shauna Kaiser I hope you have an amazing birthday tomorrow Reba! I remember a couple years ago when you were in Tacoma with George and Leann and we got to sing happy birthday to you, it was awesome!!!
Brenda Boyd Ferguson Its not biblically accurate in any was a great "feel good" movie. =) Better than most trash so many are willing to watch. =/
Rise Geordt I just finished the book....the movie was only in town for 2 weeks and is gone already. Have to wait until the movie comes out in video and get it.
Reba McEntire
00:18 03/23/2017

Excited to perform "Back To God" on the 52nd ACM - Academy of Country Music Awards with Lauren Daigle!

5.4k reactions 272 comments
Barbara Sonday So glad to hear it's you, don't want Beyoncé or the likes as we are country strong!
Beth Lyn Kirkpatrick Beautiful song and the entire album is beautiful. Saw you in Vegas with Brooks and Dunn. Fabulous show. loves you!!
Linda Shipman I would love to hear you sing your new song "Sing it Now" and would love to share it with my friends!
George Lankford How about ... "There is a God" ... Absolutely love that Reba Song!
Susan Cox I love this song. I want to song this song at church, if it's ok with you Reba
Reba McEntire
00:18 03/23/2017

Love this!!! I don’t know how you picked Blake Shelton…that was tough! Congratulations to both of you Casi Joy and Ashley Levin The Voice #TeamBlake #HowBlue

4.1k reactions 118 comments
Karen Jacquinot Casi Joy is the one I would choose! But Ashley was close behind. Glad both made it thru!
Martha Payne They did a really good job. One of my favorite Reba songs!!
Chandra 'Schneider' McCoy They were fantastic!!! But my heart belongs to the original 😉❤
Tonya Kingry Me either Mrs Reba, the ladies done a fantastic job with your song!😊🎶🎵
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