Reba McEntire
00:18 03/23/2017

Excited to perform "Back To God" on the 52nd ACM - Academy of Country Music Awards with Lauren Daigle!

5.4k reactions 272 comments
Barbara Sonday So glad to hear it's you, don't want Beyoncé or the likes as we are country strong!
Beth Lyn Kirkpatrick Beautiful song and the entire album is beautiful. Saw you in Vegas with Brooks and Dunn. Fabulous show. loves you!!
Linda Shipman I would love to hear you sing your new song "Sing it Now" and would love to share it with my friends!
George Lankford How about ... "There is a God" ... Absolutely love that Reba Song!
Susan Cox I love this song. I want to song this song at church, if it's ok with you Reba
Reba McEntire
00:18 03/23/2017

Love this!!! I don’t know how you picked Blake Shelton…that was tough! Congratulations to both of you Casi Joy and Ashley Levin The Voice #TeamBlake #HowBlue

4.1k reactions 118 comments
Karen Jacquinot Casi Joy is the one I would choose! But Ashley was close behind. Glad both made it thru!
Martha Payne They did a really good job. One of my favorite Reba songs!!
Chandra 'Schneider' McCoy They were fantastic!!! But my heart belongs to the original 😉❤
Tonya Kingry Me either Mrs Reba, the ladies done a fantastic job with your song!😊🎶🎵
Reba McEntire
00:18 03/23/2017

I’m raising my hand as a #4HGrown alum & I’m proud to pay it forward to help 4-H empower the next generation of #TrueLeaders:

11.9k reactions 195 comments
Gwen Zajac When I was a little girl my Sisters and Brother and I belong to 4H over 50 years ago
William Howard We NEED programs with real LIFE skills like this!!!! Keep tooting on your bullhorn Reba McEntire
Sue Eberle Absolutely love this and your 4H roots. Such an inspiration to all of us. Thank you for all you do. I love you!
John Willoughby Love the fact you give a shout out to 4-H Ms. Reba classy as always.
Michael Colin Deibert If only all kids acted like these young people what a Positive Country we would have!
Reba McEntire
00:18 03/23/2017

Happy 1st day of Spring! Hope you’re having a beautiful Monday!

29.1k reactions 855 comments
Kelly Marie Black Reba, Just Finished Your Autobiography Yesterday. So Enjoyed It!!! Thank You!!! I Am Also A Country Girl--From Idaho! :-)
H.D. Collins Spring has sprung. Are you ready for a horseback ride at home yet? We like you in plaid and jeans just as well as gowns and glamour
Dale Smyers Thanks And Happy First Day Of Spring to you as well my Friend Whoot Whoot It will be a lot better when my Baby Lindy Mundier Petrishin gets home :-)
Art Harris Oh...Just wonderful, Up State ,N,Y Today was 37 the high, down to 8 tonite.We got about a week and half yet, before we get at least 45 degree weather..
Laura Craig Happy spring, happy Monday. Love you so much Reba! Please come back to Windsor, Niagara Falls or Rama. Miss you like crazy!!!
Reba McEntire
11:30 03/20/2017

Joining my pal Garth Brooks #weshallbefree

12.7k reactions 455 comments
Melody Joyce Amen! Galatians 5:13-14, 22-23; "You my brothers, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the sinful nature. Rather, serve one another in love. The entire law is summed up in a single command: Love your neighbors as yourself. ...
Laura Ehrler So very true if more people would be kind this world would be so much happier. And if people would not be fake be kind to one another it does come back on you!! And you will be blessed!! It's what God wants us to be is kind and loving And as Reba said ...
Linda Ouimet Hi Reba , god bless all you do if people would only realize life is to short and it's much easier being kind. Thank you for the kind words i pray someday I'll be able to see ya❤ your songs have been a big part of my life and i thank you. Your an amazing ...
Shona Hudnall I needed to hear this today. Was reminded today of a tragedy that happened to me many years ago. I forgave but the reminder came back and slapped me hard today. I've let go completely and am going to again forgive but this time I won't allow the hurt ...
Linda Brown Love you reba...i love when my mom comes to visit on the weekends love watching her laugh her butt off to every episode of reba..even tho we saw it a 1000x ❤ you reba
Reba McEntire
22:42 03/17/2017

And also, happy anniversary to mama and daddy and Alice and Robert! Love you all! #happyanniversary

5.3k reactions 221 comments
Joye Bishop It's mine and my husband's fifth year wedding anniversary as well :)
Simone Coccia Colaiuta The best friend in the world with Reba McEntire
Amber Drabble When a song of yours comes on the radio, I tell my father "Here's your Irish redhead from Oklahoma."
Yvonne Southworth Happy anniversary. Best wishes. 17th lucky day. My gradaughter is 10 today.
Bridget Cordrey Happy St. Patrick's Day!🍀 Love you Reba!💚 God bless and keep you!😇…✝✝✝ Lots of LOVE from OKLAHOMA!🇺🇸
Reba McEntire
22:42 03/17/2017

Can't wait!!

236 reactions 5 comments
Leora Ringeisen
Carla Hatfield Have fun!! ❤
Tonya Watkins Beth Lamkin, is that your husband is the chef's coat?!
Simone Coccia Colaiuta The best friend in the world with Reba McEntire
Lynn Avery I know you will have a blast! I bet your package of the weekend in Nashville with you & friends will be the best one to bid for🙌 I know it would be for me 😍
Reba McEntire
22:42 03/17/2017

How time flies. 26 years ago our friends went to sit on the right hand side of God. I love and miss them. Can you imagine the wonderful music they're playing up there? And Jim making sure everything is set up just right?:))) God takes the best. He has great taste. #loveandmissthem

26.0k reactions 935 comments
Lindsey Doyle McKenzie Sorry for your loss!! I still listen to the song you sing about them. If I had only known.. I watch the reruns of your show and listen and sing along to your CDs!! Long time fan. I even passed the love for Reba to my 7year old.god bless you. Prayers for ...
Tina Tassone I remember exactly where I was when I heard the news. I was heartbroken & sending prayers. I'm still sending those prayers to you. I'm sure God is listening to some really great music. What happened was a terrible tragedy, but God only talkes the best. ...
Terry Patterson Payne I remember this day. It happened the day after my husband was killed in a car accident in Eufaula AL the day before. So tragic for the families n friends left behind, as well for myself n my 5 1/2 month old son. love your CD For My Broken Heart...I ...
Carolyn Barnette Thank you, Reba McEntire, for keeping their memories alive. I was Joey Cigainero's 8th grade English teacher. I had some serious health issues and had moved to Kansas City for treatment the summer before the plane crash. You performed here that August ...
Marvene Hall Jim was my cousin. We had fun whenever we got together as kids. We just did silly kid-stuff. Jim taught me how to play back yard football with him & his brothers. I had my first go-kart ride with them and later my first motorcycle ride was with him ...
Reba McEntire
09:54 03/15/2017

I watched three great movies on the flight from Dublin to Philadelphia. Loved the super nice hospitality! Next flight, sleepy town :-). #americanairlines

14.7k reactions 446 comments
Josh Frost Hey please come back to the Ryman and do another show. I was able to attend but my son didn't and I haven't heard the end of it. Lol
Judy Turner Wow didn't know you knew Pennsylvania existed ...wish you would come this way to sing ...I will never get to see you if you don't get this way soon. Your my favorite artist!!!
Amy-eric Miller I would love to be on a flight next to you!! My daughter and I just love you!! I can't tell you how many times we've watched Reba!! We ❤️ you!
Bunny Walton pray you had a great time! thanks for sharing your pictures of lollybroch where jamie fraser "character" lived! im a huge OUTLANDER fan!
Thelma Gubich Mathews Reba you are my idol!! I sing your songs & try to sound like you. Do you have a house in Myrtle Beach SC? If so my neighbors just cleaned it today. If its not too much trouble I would love & cherish an autographed picture . I also follow you when you ...
Reba McEntire
09:54 03/15/2017

Made it back home to the US of A! Loved our trip tremendously! So glad to be home. #c2c2017

7.7k reactions 234 comments
Jay Parsons What's that saying. There's no place like home . So true. Glad you are back an safe.take care.
Shelley Hobbs Mayorga Glad you made it back safe! Have fun on the set!
Fran Cook Sampson Glad you made it home safely. Get some rest. Love you and your music.
Jerry Terrazas Glad to hear you made it back safely. Thank God!!
Susan Aldridge I love to travel, it makes you really appreciate living in the USA.
Reba McEntire
09:54 03/15/2017

Thanks so much for letting me share the stage with you guys during the #c2c2017 Festival!!! @dariusrucker @hunterhayes @danandshay

6.4k reactions 87 comments
Keila Limbaugh I wish I had been there! 💜
Dan Berrier Time for a duet together !
Sue Chipman Silliker Reba, is this you or a fan page?
Lynn Avery Cute pic!! I know the U.K. Loved you being there 🙌
Duane Heighton Looking rough
Reba McEntire
09:54 03/15/2017

So proud of my team!!! #RBI #RTI #usabound🇺🇸

2.0k reactions 47 comments
Rhanae Ngawaka Safe travels RBI!!!
Becky Reppert Safe travels !
Garth Drury Y'all come back!
Pat Bennion Oh have a safe journey thank you xxx
James Burroughs Reba is always beautiful and sexy
Reba McEntire
09:54 03/15/2017

Great team!!!! Headed back to the states! Thanks #c2c2017 for a wonderful tour!! #keithdaniels #gaylehase #dougsisemore

4.8k reactions 82 comments
Mark Graves See y'all in about 8 hours I suppose
Todd Davis Have fun Reba love ❤️ your smile !!!
Kerry McGrath You were amazing ;)
James Burroughs Reba is just stunning and beautiful
Helen Scheer Looking so tired reba... you need a vacation
Reba McEntire
21:06 03/12/2017

So cool!!! #c2c2017london Thanks London Country Fans!!!

4.2k reactions 98 comments
Diane Hundermark Reba you are loved by the whole world. This pic says it all.
Denise Lavigne Way to go, Reba. You are a great woman and a powerful singer.
Dorothy Mae I was not there but Wish I was, beautiful picture I know you were GREAT! Love to all god bless!
Vikki-Marie Gaynor You were Truly amazing,, and the Whole show was just Superb,,, Thank you xx
Roger Scott Wow thats awesome you deserve it reba standing.o love julie
Reba McEntire
21:06 03/12/2017

Thanks so much London for the super hospitality! What a wonderful audience! Thanks BBC Radio 2 Country!! And I got to meet @luciesilvas who wrote Hallelujah Amen for my Sing It Niw CD. A great night!! #c2c2017london #bbcradio2country

3.8k reactions 97 comments
Tia Gregory One word WOW! Thank you Reba for coming to the UK. You are truly one amazing entertainer.
Patricia Nott Fantastic show Reba. Thank you for coming to London as I've waited a long time to see you in person. 💞💞
Irene Moriarty I waited years to see you and what a fantastic performance by you and your brilliant band just class!
Georgia Tillett Mangan You stole the show as expected, thanks for coming to london ❤️🙌
Pete Cullen Fantastic performance. Thank you for coming to London. Flawless vocals and you looked gorgeous too. Much love xx
Reba McEntire
21:06 03/12/2017

Love me a man in a kilt!!! #edinburgh

30.4k reactions 508 comments
Darlene Mayer lol your in a long coat and jeans and he's in a skirt go figure lol
Dixie Kellogg Love Edinburgh. Took high school kids twice and they lovef it mire than me
Olivia Duncan He's still there?! Amazing! I remember him performing two years ago in that same spot when I was in Edinburgh. ❤
Molly Crosby i have the same picture!!! Isn't Scotland a blast!!
Kristin Amber Megan Partlow is just me or does this guy look a little bit like Timothy hahahaha
Reba McEntire
21:06 03/12/2017

Neil and I got to see where Jamie Fraser lived in Outlander!!!! @outlander_starz

20.6k reactions 608 comments
Timmy Sherman Reba can we talk???? For real send me messenger message its important I know you don't remember me but you will when we talk. I covered your song the stairs back in 1996 in ri
Frances Oakleydeanbaltzor So cool you should pick up a rock from everywhere you go color coat them,then put the colors on a map for the grandkids they think it's a treasure map t
Derrick Weaver Rebas an outlander fan no way omg I love you Reba I wanna go lol
Jane McCourt My granny married a Fraser, from Clan Fraser, so I get to legitimately wear the Fraser tartan, only I don't like the colours in it!! Tee heee!! I've never seen Outlander!! xx
Jane McCourt PS. Just remember the anti-histamines and anti-histamine creams for the midges up there, especially in the Summer months, and be sure to try some Scots tablet, sold in sweet shops!! xx
Reba McEntire
21:06 03/12/2017

Edinburgh Castle at dusk. #c2c2017

5.4k reactions 93 comments
Dianne Marks Pruitt TOTALLY AWESOME
Gary Beasley Is McEntire a Scottish name?
Lori Parry I'd love to visit there some day
Eleonora Longhi .....Somewhere Over the Rainbow...🎵🎵🎵
Sherri Bellamy Very pretty Reba!!
Reba McEntire
21:06 03/12/2017

Always love High Tea in London:)) #c2c2017london

16.8k reactions 404 comments
Cody Morphis Dang you should of called me I would of loved to have gone to London with you lol!!
Diane Ellison When I was in Dunster England, I had high tea and scones. Terribly good!
Carla Hatfield Too much fun. Thanks for all you do & for sharing your adventures with us. ❤
Joe Asche If you called and invited me along, I would of went with ya.
Antoinette Rasmussen Brittany Nichelle Tuttle high tea in london looks fun #bestfriendtrip2019
Reba McEntire
21:06 03/12/2017

Goodbye Scotland. I can't wait to come back!! #c2c2017Glasgow

4.8k reactions 73 comments
Ruth Allen Love you Reba.❤
Eddie Raney Get home safe buddy :-)
Bruce Blow Hahaha, you are SO cool Reba, God bless!!
Anita McDonald Lol, great pictures
Christine Smith You were amazing last night come back soon.
Reba McEntire
21:06 03/12/2017

Just a small town girl waiting on a train:) love Edinburgh Scotland! I hope to get to come back soon :-) #c2c2017

13.5k reactions 307 comments
Debbie Stapp My dream is to visit there someday! A hope and a prayer it will happen!
Ellen Bones Hubbard I love it too and have also been to the Waverley station!!!!
Isabella Rinaldi Rossilli Dumb men looking at train instead of a good looking red head!
Mike Jurgensen I bet the hipsters take the train to the right, because it is "way out" man.
Monica Shoemaker It is nice you are getting a chance to see some sights I understand that is hard as a singer at times.
Reba McEntire
21:06 03/12/2017

Thanks Glasgow for the super hospitality!!! #c2c great audience last night!!!

4.8k reactions 63 comments
Laura Jesse Osborne Morning Reba, can't wait to see you tonight! 💕
Jamie Lodwig Beautiful city Glasgow is!
Lynn Avery Gorgeous view!
Lori Parry Safe travels!
Christine Conley Too cool
Reba McEntire
21:06 03/12/2017

I wanna be you when I grow up.....

626 reactions 25 comments
Cecelia Todd Artista subiendo como la espuma.
Charlene A. Tryon Wright <3 <3 <3 XO
Lucretia Sisco Nice
Westchester4Geese and Animal Defenders of Westchester Shameful that Guideposts publishes Reba Mcintire's story of how proud she was of her father winning rodeo awards - without ONE SINGLE MOMENT of recognition, in 2017, of the outrageous animal cruelty he took part in. You didn't have to use that part of ...
William Nelms All Heart
Reba McEntire
21:06 03/12/2017

Have fun!!!

235 reactions 5 comments
Lisa Gorham Go Shelby!! Happy Birthday Reba!!
Mark Davin Reeeeeeber!
Mary Thomas Love Shelby! Y'all are the best mother/son combo ever!
Bobby Farris im seeking for a serious woman in my life to settle down with for the rest of my life with a God fearing woman that will make me happy forever
Carla Hatfield Reba, with your crazy, busy work schedule, will you be able to attend any races this year?
Reba McEntire
21:06 03/12/2017

Too funny!!!!!

3.7k reactions 60 comments
Debbie Johnson All of you look great.
Sharon Ann Beautiful ladies! Love ya Reba!
Holly Myers i your music a lot
Tate Trace If you're in Denison look me up I'd love to have sex
Mark Davin Reeeèber!
Reba McEntire
21:06 03/12/2017

Yep! That's what you always say!

4.7k reactions 82 comments
Lainie Hart Looks just like you! ❤️🎶
Trever Williams wow. thought u had twins.
Roger Yawn What a beauty!
Cindy McConnell Fantastic job! Looks just like you.
Karissa Wright Beautiful- both of you! They do an amazing job!
Reba McEntire
08:18 03/10/2017

Reba's #Fancy figure comes to Madame Tussauds Nashville this April!

4.8k reactions 143 comments
Karaviewfarms Morgan Wow that's super cool... the wax sculpture looks so much like you Reba... I love that song fancy I hope to come see it soon
Rachael Walker When will you be doing another concert at Mizzou Arena? My mom & I got tickets to see you with George & would love to see you again!!
Donna Crawford Dustin Lynch will be there for sure. Lol love you reba you are the best.
Carmella Vest Would LOVE TO GO .$24.00 a ticket $19.00 online...But I never will!
Alison Curtis When are you coming to Melbourne, Australia. Would love to see in concert here.❤❤❤❤
Reba McEntire
19:30 03/07/2017


Return to Faith and Family
Return to Faith and Family

“We might be old fashioned and slow to change, but we don’t apologize for that,” says rodeo announcer Justin McKee as an arena full of competitors and fans at the Lazy E Arena’s Timed Event Championship remove their hats and bow their heads for a moment of prayer.An outlier in the world of professio...

1.0k reactions 20 comments
Mark Stanton-Mendoza God Bless Our Cowboys
Leeann Fields Nice 😏 an sweet
Leeann Fields Nice 😏
Robi Rhodes I get that magazine ,and read this story! Good magazine!
Reba McEntire
19:30 03/07/2017

Watching Rainman in our Rainman suite!!! Only in Vegas! :-) @snellycat @jtmc1224

3.7k reactions 140 comments
Dena Elizondo Campbell Awesome views !! Can't wait to actually get to c ur show one day....apparently, our schedules nvr coincide, lol...
Bobbie Green I love this show. It had alot of special meaning to my life. I have an autistic son. Your the best REBA
Diane Hundermark Loved Fri and Sat shows once again. My best time in Vegas ever. Met so mant wonderful tweebas who are great friends now too.
Gail Bachman We would love ❤️ it if you came to Greenville, SC to perform. It's a great city.
Angela Boal- Argue Seen your show Saturday night in Vegas. Loved it!
Reba McEntire
06:42 03/05/2017

Viva Las Vegas!!!

26.1k reactions 980 comments
Maria Paul I was once a fan but since Trump the skank quoted you I no longer respect you as a entertainer you can get bloody lost racist biarch and I will block those who respond to this comment not interested in anything in other pples opinions this is mine
Carolyn Mattingly I wish I could have been there I just wish I could meet you at least once in my life your the best love you Reba and God BLess and have lots of fun 💖
Robert Johnston Country music fans might think Reba's doing that move in 4/4-time, but it looks like it could be a 3/4-time polka move. Pretty sure.
Mary Sanderson Reba, we placed your album cover on the desk standing up against the wall so we could see your picture. I wish you could have seen how the sun coming thru a nearby window framed in just your beautiful face. It was so nice. Only God knows how we admire ...
Lynn Gilmore I've wrote to Reba on every post n she's never replied n Reba is my favorite I have her CDS from when she Frist came out but let her go threw a divorce which has been a year or more I'm getting where I just press like n don't respone much anymore it's ...
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