4 hours ago

My happy place😍 #dropsofjupiter thank you James Foster!

3.4k reactions 164 comments
Nicky Hagan Jo - the best song put on wine!!! 😍😍😍
Linda Salo Pat monogram. You and wine has been my happy place for 20 years now!!!
Anna Weidemiller The kids art on the wall is what sold it for me.
Robert Hawden Love the pic of the choo choo on the wall!!! Where in the UK stocks this wine?? I NEEEEED it 😁😁😁
Beth Brooks Heltzel Davina Barnett I found a good Christmas present for you!!
Foo Fighters
Yesterday 19:12

The Late Late Show with James Corden #CarpoolKaraoke TONIGHT - 12:37/11:37c on CBS! 🤘

18.6k reactions 4120 comments
Krystal Atkin I can tell you why I don’t like him, I’m fed up of being told what I should & shouldn’t think about certain issues by a dude who has more money than sense.
Erin Ben Flaker I am literally seeing this and a clip of Dave Grohl as the devil in Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny at the same time thanks to that new follow you playback. What a morning.
Mandy Scott Why haven't I paid attention to these guys I by passed them stuck in my 80s world they are fantastic.Its never too late. That guy Dave ha personality & looks plus.
Rachael McClafferty I don't mind Cordon.. he can be irritating but he's not the worst person. Can't wait to watch this. Will have to wait till tomorrow though.
Kate Armstrong Lisa Laura & Chroebe I've just watched the full carpool karaoke on TV. Worth finding the video when it's released in Australia. Loved it!
Tim McGraw
8 hours ago

Shop official Tim McGraw merchandise now:

220 reactions 6 comments
Tammy Comer Tim faith love your t shirt
Lexine Powers I would like to buy ,1 tim mcgraw
Marsha Ralph I'm still loving my ™Damn country music mug™ Love it' its perfect!
Kimberly Sue Clink Shopping in merchandise love the hoodies thinking on getting one
Malina Willis Let's see here....I'll take the sweat shirt, coffee mug and probably the
Soulja Boy Tell Em
Yesterday 22:12

685 reactions 140 comments
Elza Pfeffer Max Hofmann😂
Shania Lovelace Shanell Lovelace
Burden Adifferent-Tanae 😂😂😂😂😂
Imani Hope Nick Taylor
Tony Yi William Wang
Yesterday 19:06

On set for a new collaboration soon ❤ Photo: Alex Chitu

8.3k reactions 207 comments
Milenko Babic Best Sun
Haris Uddin Looking cute 😍
Ali Rehman I wanna meet you,,,
Banu Akgün l Love you inna
9 hours ago

Don’t judge a bull by its cover. Watch the new trailer for #Ferdinand, in theaters December 15!

2.4k reactions 100 comments
Patricia Mayorga Bello y tierno el Toro Fernando😍😍😍😍
Evelyn Jeanette Collazo Juaneeeeeesssss! <3
Jessica Gamboa Besada Linda para los peques.
Yudy Jaramillo Tan lindoooo Juanes, no me la pierdo por nada.
Audrey Martinez Great cast.
Adam Lambert
4 hours ago

Sailing #Ibiza !

8.7k reactions 345 comments
Khantarat Reeselinh Pratum OMG! I just saw your post Adam Lambert I'm glad you sharing your good time with Fans on Facebook. I'm soooooo happy for you right now. Take your time and get some rest before starting a tour with Queen again. Cheers from Bangkok!
Tammy Nolan Have a drink or two for me.
Lynda Collette Webber Beautiful part of the world
Wendy Jo McCoin Loving the goofball side of you!! Have fun, be safe!!
Emily M. Dong Good for you to take some time off, and it is my birthday and can you comment it for me, please?!
Depeche Mode
7 hours ago

As a travel agent, I have had the privilege to travel to many countries on all continents, including Antarctica. Depeche Mode has always been part of my travels, whether it be on my iPod or on pieces of clothing. I really enjoy showing the world my love for them and, by doing so, I wish to get as many people hooked on their music as I can. I usually get shoutouts and thumbs up! What's better than listening to Depeche Mode on long-haul flights? Do you like to wear Depeche Mode clothing while traveling? Share your Depeche Mode traveling stories! Posted by: Emilie Giguere

391 reactions 10 comments
Odd Jonas Stalebrink I really like the hat you are wearing. Any ideas where I can get one of those. Thx Odd Jonas Stalebrink
Jo Czekanowski Reach out and touch snakes
Simone Coccia Colaiuta My best friend in the world with Depeche Mode
Enrique Carrera del Rio Used to wear DM tshirts while going to theme parks as a teen
Laura Skovbo Let me show you the world in my eyes!!!!!😏
Ozzy Osbourne
Yesterday 18:54

Filmed some video footage for #Ozzfest 2017 to share with you soon.

1.8k reactions 57 comments
Pascal Kdise When you come to Europe????
Nicholette Jackson Keep on making music Ozzy!! Love ya!!
Natanael Nogueira Change!!
Lee Gallaugher 💥😬❤️❗️
Ana Sousa Hurry up!!
Thirty Seconds to Mars
Yesterday 21:48

Need some new tunes? Subscribe + listen to some of Jared Leto’s Top Picks on Spotify:

2.0k reactions 41 comments
Isabel Salord 👏👏👏
Ginger Joy Most are not to my taste. I've got to to have some screaming guitars and some down and dirty drum beats.
KJ Joseph Portugal The Man is a good band. I like them
Brian Mosher You mean the one new song
Breaking Benjamin
5 hours ago

Our VIP Packages for our upcoming Unplugged tour are *ON SALE NOW!* Hang out during soundcheck, hit up our exclusive Westone Music Products listening party and be some of the FIRST to hear new BB music! You don't want to miss this!

849 reactions 60 comments
Ninett Vendi I don't see any florida dates
Philip Faust Melissa, " New"
Justin Nielsen Dam no OKC or Dallas dates!
Patricia A Salazar I got mine and am so excited for San Antonio!
Roy Sisson Lindsey George
Toby Keith
5 hours ago

"You better be ready when the sun goes down - that's when country comes to town." 🎵 #TobyOnTour

1.9k reactions 71 comments
Simone Coccia Colaiuta My best friend in the world with Toby Keith
Belinda Biehl Yeah that's true country comes to my house I'm ready for them a cannon right out of the sky
Belinda Biehl I fly my flag hIgh in the sky
Debra Ann Ray That would be a great suprise.
Adrian Arnold Need a return to Europe, more precisely England.. 10 years is too long!!
Armin van Buuren
10 hours ago

Get your phones out and let's connect via Messenger! 👋

3.4k reactions 38 comments
Olga Sergeyeva Ok
Jesus Omar Lopez Sanchez me encanta
Tudor Seremi You're my kind of god!
Amara Silva 🤗❤
Jeans Louise Lamarche 😉
Yesterday 18:18

#KISSNAVY ROCKS! See you there Senior Fleet Admiral Lauro! #KISS - Got the laminate & luggage tag!!! Can't wait for The KISS Kruise!! - Anthony Lauro

208 reactions 10 comments
Celes Weiler Nice Anthony Lauro!
KISS: Class of 2014 Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame. KISS Army...LIKE our page please! :P
Lee Gallaugher 💥😬❤️❗️
Cailin Provo Sweet!! 🤘🤘
Lee Gallaugher 💥😬❤️❗️
Tim McGraw
8 hours ago

With Miranda Lambert, Kristian Bush and Faith Hill performing during Brooks & Dunn's The Last Rodeo Show Photo by Ethan Miller #TeamMcGraw

1.7k reactions 22 comments
Keri Rimbaugh And there's Trey <3
Elvis Leininger What a great group!
Jullie Matthews Wish i could see them
Rhanae Ngawaka ❤ Our B&D boys!
Virginia Aranda Great Talent!
Yesterday 19:54

⚠️ TODOS SOMOS MÉXICO! Friends of the world if you want to help our victims of the earthquake, you can do it through this page (the rescue group Los Topos), any donation is a great help. Thank you!

2.7k reactions 145 comments
Kurt Paul Ricardo De Pegaso Thanks Slash, here we are very bad, we already reached the number of 200 dead😥😥
Fer Silva Thanks for sharing this my friend!
Lourdes Mares Azevedo Obrigada Slash por se importar! Deus proteja a todos.😘
Jose Barrios Thanks Slash you're amazing
Linda Schafer de Reyes Thank you Slash for caring 🎩❤️🎩
Willow Smith
Yesterday 23:24

385 reactions 13 comments
Thuli Soke nice pic😍
BaaTime Dc Cute
Dan Maxwell have fun sweety <3
Omar Rubio bella!
Kamal Hamis cute soo cute😍
Soulja Boy Tell Em
Yesterday 22:12

2.0k reactions 435 comments
Andrew Rossborough Nathan Johnston
Josh Junior Nicholson Anghel Marius
Michelle Flores Claudia Cerda tu conmigo 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Vanessa Mielzynski Jay Mielzynski
Jasmin Corona Mariela Sierra Graciella Lopez
4 hours ago

Last night was historic. I was the only African American on a stage of the brightest business minds of the world. It was an honor to be amongst leaders from different countries and industries. I'm inspired and I hope it inspires my people. This truly is a historic moment to be honored with this group of individuals. Forbes 100 Greatest Living Business Minds! #BlackExcellence

6.7k reactions 492 comments
Edward Johnson Congratulations..I am a business man also and I got a lot we can do together..let talk about something great thanks
Jonas Tchangmo Je t'admire beaucoup tu es un exemple pour la jeunesse africaine Depuis que j'ai 12ans tu suis fasciné par toi et tes réalisations. Merci Mr Sean Combs
Celestino Roberto da Costa Fico feliz por ti e por todos nós. Tenho a certeza que és o caminho de um exemplo a seguir, confesso que és uma inspiração não só pra mim mas pra muitos de nós empresários. Blackexcellence🙏.
Olufisoye Kayode David Repeat ...After me I'm gonna go where I wanna go..Can't stop Won't stop #bozzz. #diddy u such a motivator.. Godbless u..Godbless me..#leggoooooo..#bawseup
Hannah Mk Good daddy now do something for your people and I promise you and guarantee you you will be remembered for ever the choice is yours A remembrance in history or remembrance for now only
Yesterday 19:54

iiii]; )'

3.1k reactions 524 comments
Alice-Fay Stokes Luke Watson rightio, this is what I needed to see at this time.👍🏻🙃
Ramie De'Neal-Hope Butler He's so adorably sweet!
Brenna Solop The remarkable John Carroll Lynch.
Bianca McDonald Zoe Ledger When a customer gets mouthy...
LeKota Fox "When he thinks he's going to get away with messaging that hoe." Lol 😂 horrible.
Yesterday 18:24

Love to SpinGrey for adding "Up Down"

67 reactions 5 comments
Kyle DeAngelo Walker 📷🎥📹NEW VIDEO ALERT📢📢📢👀👀👀🔥🔥
Afran Love 👆👊
Tye Merricks Night life.
Otumudia Ejiro Praise T pain.... my man!!
Ibrahim Yillah Am for you in this would
Claudia Leitte
Yesterday 21:24

A nossa manhã "Tata Com Tudo"! Daqui a pouco Claudia estará na Nativa FM São Paulo com muita música boa. Venha conferir ao vivo 95,3 💃🎤

620 reactions 29 comments
Romildo Silva Bom dia obrigado obrigado por você me aceitar no teu Face tá bom acho que você é uma mulher muito bonita charmosa linda poderosa que você pode e um abraço aí pra todos aí tá Obrigado por você me aceitar no Face e dá um abraço aí na tua galera um abraço ...
Jose De Lima Marques Up!!
Gabriella Silva Divulgação pesadíssima ! ❤
Genilton Batista de Aguiar Minha rainha linda ❤❤❤❤❤
Romildo Silva Bom.dia
Soulja Boy Tell Em
Yesterday 22:12

3.9k reactions 714 comments
Daryl Teddy Stein Ramona mdrr
Rosie Rechichi Svetlana Žuvela
Zara Gunner Jamie ChellarKaty Chellar
Mădălina Lucescu Handabuţ Marius
Rebecca Ní Dhrisceoil Jessica Owen im in bits 😂😂
Yesterday 18:18


1.3k reactions 54 comments
Mike Young See ya there!!
James Skrabut Small Dick Small Dick Small Dick
Brent Jannereth awesome
Marsha Lopez Love you
Lee Gallaugher 💥😬❤️❗️
Yesterday 20:06

Our hearts go out to all those affected by the deadly earthquake in Mexico City. Much love to all. #MexicoIsIndestructible

4.2k reactions 80 comments
Miguel Angel Gastelum Yee thanks you guys, I as a Mexican really appreciate this message
Carlos Echeverria That's awesome Disturbed. #ANIMOS.MEXICO #WE.R.DISTURBED
Jorge Landeros Chávez #WeAreMexico thanks guys you are incredible
Starla Wittek Brown Really sad that I didn't see you guys post about the floods :( But you guys are still great
Rai Gargalicana I wish your band will perform concert tour here in manila Philippines
Taio Cruz
Yesterday 20:54

g l o w

93 reactions 2 comments
Roberto Coelho Tisi Sriskandarasa
4 hours ago

Share this with whoever needs a reminder!! 💸💸 Bad Boy Entertainment

1.9k reactions 106 comments
Polo Greenz Bring bk Mase, lil C lil Kim come up with new big remixes b4 thy age out
Zik Ukaeje Fyck yeah!!!I haven't forgotten! #DiddyisMyMentor
Lamar Helms Joe Donegan just in case you need a reminder 😂😂😂
Kareem Easton Still 1 of the hardest beats and song of all time #BadBoy #PDIDDY #THELOX #NOTORIOUSBIG #NOTORIOUSKIM
Nat Bvtler Diddy, i played as u at WWE 2K17. Since ur logo was there (Bad Boy Entertainment). And ur soundtrack was lit
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