Armin van Buuren
Yesterday 14:30

With the boys from NWYR! Happy to welcome them to ASOT Utrecht!

1.0k reactions 73 comments
Charmaine De Klerk Awesome pic!! Enjoy your weekend Armin! 😎🙌❤❤
ĐỗLương TrườngVũ W&W not NWYR 😁
Neshan Govender Our president's 🅾f trance 😎😎🙏👱
Hugo Victoriano Armin van buuren-vs-W&W👌😎😍
Satu Tikkanen & World best DJ's 😊 🎶
Kelly Rowland
Yesterday 14:42

no greater love. your best days sis.

1.5k reactions 56 comments
Gilberto Figueiredo Comgrats 🌹🌹❤❤❤
Crispin Maganga Good couple
Lakesha Fayne Congratulations
Vincent Purnell K e l l y
Michael Guilford She should go watch 12 years a slave
Sean Kingston
Yesterday 13:54

She did HAHAHA

222 reactions 788 comments
Lew Hind Jess Hâf Colwill I often wonder that about you 😂
Nicholas Lloyd Rowe Or she has been praying in the woods
Karan Chaba Vaibhav Naidu she or the guy she was with ? 😂😂😂
Xu X Tao Joe Limjust another manic monday
Colleen Higgins Justine Higgins this reminded me of you😂😂. Im sorry lol xx
Yesterday 20:36

704 reactions 37 comments
Rhonda Thomas Agreed.
James Bell Correct
Jennifer Watkins Good a.m.
Kashid Live #B.N.
Ana Wilson That's real talk
Sean Kingston
Yesterday 13:54

Is she perfect?! 🤔

541 reactions 45 comments
Pao LG Leslie Villeda
Loriana Pepi Αναστασία Δεμου (Anastasia Demou) Marianna Geor
Moontaha Zafar Hridita Rahman
Jomana Abouzaid Kenza ElIdrissi ElAlouani 😍
Cille Frederikke Eilskov Axfort Sarah Natasia Nymark Matilde Damgaard Cichosz Anette Frødstrup Dünnweber
Gucci Mane
Yesterday 15:54

Emotional Pregnancy Reveal

83 reactions 6 comments
Malick Sanwal Atta Bisma Alee
Rashad Shadibo Jennifer Gomez
Rita Stearns Precious 😅
Sehon Newman Binkley Love!
Yesterday 20:36

382 reactions 16 comments
Rebecca Mayan make it clear
Allen Stamper Yeah Brandy true
Devashish Kale I try to create it
Zakari Musa Yes Mama
Nansel Zitta THAT'S HOW IT IS.
Jordin Sparks
Yesterday 18:00


Kim Kardashian Says Surrogacy Is "So Much Harder" Than Being Pregnant
Kim Kardashian Says Surrogacy Is "So Much Harder" Than Being Pregnant

Having a surrogate is not all that it’s cracked up to be.

517 reactions 39 comments
Erica Besbes Whatever!
Darein Marsh No one is being Nery nice to Mr. Marsh?
Abiolu Adewumi Adeyemo Drama Queen
Jade Pellesco Okay....?
Tabatha Marlowe Cry me a river....
Mary J. Blige
Yesterday 14:00

Listen to "Mighty River" which is the end title song from the Mudbound on Netflix streaming now....Click the link-------->

486 reactions 53 comments
Shadera Brundidge-Perry Stop singing Mary.
Neville Swaby Okay babe
Janice Fox Congrats love❤
Claudine Morsen de Neef Very strong movie and a beautiful Song !! <3
Tina Woods Humphrey Love you and your music Mary
Yesterday 19:06

Manila! We are coming to see you Feb 17 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum! For more info on tickets, go to… this is gonna be fun!

9.0k reactions 1076 comments
Marco Persia Lets go punta tayo anyone? Once again in a bluemoon lan yan
Kris Testado “But I guess that it comes with the territory. An ominous landscape of never-ending calamity. “
Cha Rojas Whatever tomorrow brings I'll be there. ❤
Ma Andrea Cristine Caceres Love love love! See you again next year! Will be my 3rd!!!! Yuhooooooo
Gennie Otsiv I hve been waiting for this.
Jordin Sparks
Yesterday 18:00

Didn't expect that!

278 reactions 2 comments
Tracy-Ann Stone Monique Gordon Teresan Malcolm must watch
Patricia Doughty He kinda looks and sounds like Eminem
Keyshia Cole
Yesterday 15:36

@Mangosorlando come party with me @kingchristopherbishop

203 reactions 18 comments
Elvia Chuchi Lopez Tatianna Cruz
Terry Green Quilla Breezy Jay Breedlove
Tieshka Williams Bianca Boone Jasmine Chisholm we missed this?!
Kayouna Mullins Want to make extra cash for Christmas working from home?!?!? CLICK THE LINK TO FIND OUT HOW!!!
John Mathis Hey
Lenny Kravitz
Yesterday 18:36

Westlake Studios. 6:43 p.m. Horn session with Ludovic Louis. Photo: Mathieu Bitton

2.9k reactions 81 comments
Hannah Ross Much love!!!
Padam Padam Que hermoso trabajo!!!!
Tina Maillet Doucet Never ending my friend
Gino Lee And The Master Blaster, Mr. Craig Ross
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Living Rock Legend!
Sean Kingston
Yesterday 13:54


933 reactions 207 comments
Loghaan B. Lenlie Issa fact Callina Henry 😂
Ziesha Williams Charquina Williams this you 😂😂😂
Mariel SB Montserrat Cervantes Toledo jajajajajajajajajaja
Domi Alvarez Pao Perez ahaahahaaha
Zarlasht Shinwari How u guys react to my food Sohaila AhmedCherifa AbouelgharValentina Rose Gaspar
Soulja Boy Tell Em
04:42 11/18/2017

519 reactions 146 comments
SheeMa Grant Queenof Sheba
Lance Scego Asalee Biagioli 😂😂
Jordan Leach Quentin Clark Martin Bradley
Nicole Marie Steven Justiniano
Ya-Kanesha Herron I'm logging off Reggie Herron Chrys Keyes Chantal Hawkins Marq Milsap 😂😂😭😭💀
Yesterday 15:42

Watch tonight's episode of The Noite com Danilo Gentili with guests Dave Mustaine and Kiko Loureiro streaming NOW! SBT

583 reactions 32 comments
Joey Florence R.I.P. Chuck
Aldenide Pinheiro Assistindo
Matheus Monteiro velhas virgens lixo
Régis Reavers 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽
02:42 11/18/2017


Man Orders 200 Hash Browns After McDonald
Man Orders 200 Hash Browns After McDonald's Refused Him Chicken Nuggets For Breakfast

Ina 2012 report, it was revealed that McDonald’s restaurants feed 1% of the Earth’s population every day. That’s an astonishing 68 million people who walk through the “Golden Arches” and feast of the fast food giant’s mouthwatering menu. But usually, McDonald’s customers can be split into two groups...

26 reactions 13 comments
Semeera Rashida Goss Fraz Ali Mohammad
Catherine Pineda Jake Ferreira
Tira Washington You need a home cook meals
Chris Ecko savage! #loveit #ftl
Janice Leblanc Too funny
Sean Kingston
Yesterday 13:54

Look at it! LOL

1.5k reactions 2596 comments
Gael Selot Alexis Cécile Kimberley comment il fait pour nager du coup?
Sofía Cabrera Uriel jajajaja no pude evitarme acordarme de ti beibe
Louis Vincent Ophélie montre ça à ta coloc (rappel vous êtes des enfants)
Tamara Clements Andre Landman forever tagging you aha
Fáinne McCann Brendy McCannaww cute little ducky
Yesterday 20:36

990 reactions 30 comments
Jennifer Watkins woG after renewal of MINDS. #theMindofCHRIST
Rebecca Mayan ahhhhhh what is it
Antwan Wilson Right
Lulu Sutton That's right
Jesse Bizardie III Yes hard work
Soulja Boy Tell Em
04:42 11/18/2017

10 reactions 2 comments
Monique Houston Call center positions won't be! Is it champagne because this payday weekend call center positions +PeopleIknow
Lancaster L Damonte I love the way you ride it lol
Gucci Mane
Yesterday 15:54

What are these people thinking?

WTH...Three Ohio Pastors Indicted For Sex Trafficking Young Girls
WTH...Three Ohio Pastors Indicted For Sex Trafficking Young Girls

When most people think of pastors, they envision upstanding men of God who have the best interest of people at heart. But unfortunately, things aren’t as they should be. That’s especially true where these three Toledo, Ohio pastors are concerned. Instead of taking their role in the church seriously,...

207 reactions 45 comments
Brenda Johnson Idiots.
Qashawn Garrett Those are good good men....
Bylinthia Dykes-Porter Y'all going to hell
Germaine Rasheed For the love of money
Elizabeth Hughes Stop calling the pastors
Sean Kingston
Yesterday 13:54

This is unique! 😂

19 reactions 7 comments
Piotr Pietrasiewicz Frédéric Żeromiński number 4
Amreen Jonas Tasneem Arsiwala see if you're unique
Kiran Rao Zainy Rao u r unique
Jade Caroline I. Orbase Dona Mae Ramirez look mo yung 2nd. unique ka pala 😂
Yvonne Jen Kavitha GS I think u can do all of it 🤣
Tim McGraw
Yesterday 15:48

Two superstars. One family. See a sneak peek of the Showtime concert special, Tim & Faith: Soul2Soul!

10.8k reactions 3962 comments
Sandy Nolan She shouldn't have been worried she wouldn't be able to deliver ...she was awesome live in Chicago!! Love these 2
Chris Eaves Strothers Cypress Texas! DVR set to record. Saw you on the Today show this morning. What a great way to start my day 💖
Ivy Ornelas Love you both wish you would come to Portales New Mexico and that the tickets where affordable never have I gone to any Concert in the 54 years of my life would love to meet you both in Person
Terri Lynn Tople You are greatly appreciated being a loving husband and father. I respect your strengh. I have been following yoy for years
Diane Putt We live in Shawno, wi n they are coming to Green Bay dang we wanted to go to the concert but we are going to be out of state
Ricky Martin
03:30 11/18/2017

Uforia Music Series Presents: K-Love Live

547 reactions 37 comments
Milagro Rivero Bendiciones!!!!
Freydell Luci Reyes Omg 😱😱😱😱😍😍😍
Mohit Chaudhary Enjoy it Ricky 👌
Nadia Alisson
Virginia Piccininno M Marotta Qué lindo sería que vinieras a Uruguay 😄
02:42 11/18/2017


Candy Cane Eyeliner May Be The Most Fun Holiday Beauty Trend—Here
Candy Cane Eyeliner May Be The Most Fun Holiday Beauty Trend—Here's How To Do It

The holidays are quickly approaching which can only mean one thing: It’s time to start planning your festive-wear! Sure, it also means friends, family, and holiday cheer, but let’s face it: It also means parties and tons of socializing. From holiday office parties to ugly Christmas sweater parties t...

255 reactions 185 comments
Tamara Schardijn van Berkel Zara Lammers wat voor jou met kerst 😍
Brittney Alter Here u go Heidi Butts ugota try this
Marisa Crosby Kristen McKinney i know you gonna try this
Vicky Johnstone Amy Copp very festive 🤣
Mishel Mandujano Manriquez Diana como ves mi amor?
Jordin Sparks
Yesterday 18:00

This is so beautiful!

303 reactions 4 comments
Mavis Faerber so nice
Jessica Marie So nice
Sobrena Niki Williams Her reaction was priceless💓💓... But when I imagine about those other siblings or family members who never got the chance to return home😢 its heart breaking💔
Roshunda Price Beautiful!! I love these type of suprises!! What I wouldn't give to have my brother here!! Sadly, he was KIA almost 6 years ago in Afghanistan!!! 😞
Toby Keith
Yesterday 19:18

This Sunday, Toby, Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefers, and Kenny Chesney will hit the stage alongside special guest Jake Owen as well as opening act Caroline Jones to raise money for recent hurricane victims. We'll be airing the live show right here on Toby's Facebook page at 7pm ET, so be sure to tune in and watch. For more information and to donate, visit

1.2k reactions 84 comments
Mary Teichmiller That’s so cool of them to do that ... ❤️❤️❤️
Sara Morrison-Fly I wish!!
Jean A Ball Will Be An Awesome Concert
Rock Mason jake owen????? really????? why????
Brenda Keating Thank You All For Taking The Time Out Of Your Own Lives To Put On A Concert To Help Your Fellow American's. 💖"Gods Blessing's"💖
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