Jordin Sparks
00:24 01/16/2018

So cool!

295 reactions 36 comments
Caroline Cristina Idalina
Logan Aston-Whaitiri Sj Elvis Hugo Banse
Sonia Shutts Fry Aubrey Fry
Sean Andrei Rachelle Mae Romen😂
Christa-Maria AlAly Rym Nassar Aad Genesis
Cody Simpson & The Tide
23:06 01/15/2018

“We’re very excited to release new music in the new year and we’re excited to travel to as many gigs as we can. We hope to see everybody soon.” Cody x NKD Mag

56 reactions 15 comments
Daniela Castillo 😍😍😍😍
Cheyenne Nicole Simpson 💙💙💙
Marisa Vieira braziiiil 💚💙💛
Anh Vo this is a gr8 deal breaker
Lucy Ann Painter Come to Calgary x
Rick Ross
23:00 01/15/2018


779 reactions 64 comments
Macheikh Lam U too nigga
Carpenter Guzzy Chantal Miss C ....................... make a joke 4 u my friend
Gieth Obongo Super legend
Rozzay Thato Agreement I HAVE A DREAM.......
Depeche Mode
23:12 01/15/2018

How long have you been a DM fan? My father grew up with Depeche Mode being a big thing in the 80s, so he got quite a few albums of theirs. I was familiar with the big songs: Enjoy the Silence, but I got heavily into them when one day I just decided to listen to those albums he gave to me. A love of Depeche Mode and visual art runs in the family. Here's a piece that my father did of Dave from the Enjoy the Silence video! And also a goofy little doodle I did of Martin in 2015 in the time between I became a fan and the time I got to see them at the SAP Center in San Jose on October 8, 2017. Posted by: Asha Álvarez

229 reactions 95 comments
Marián Žingor Since 1989 as a child...and since 1997 as a regular fan till today
Debra Litzinger-Windsor I was exposed to DM in 1987! Strange Love was the first song I heard!
Gladys Dugourd Since I've heard Just can't get enough on the radio in 1981 I was 11 years old 😍😍
Louis Chia Mid 80s I think, strange love was the first song I’ve heard and ever since I love almost every song.
Arndt Gaube Since 1981, when I wrote an essay in school about DM - I was 12 years old.
Owl City
21:42 01/15/2018

Just released my new track "Lucid Dream" last week! Take a listen and pre-order Cinematic below. Get "Lucid Dream" and Reel 1:

Owl City - Cinematic
Owl City - Cinematic

Listen to Owl City - Cinematic

80 reactions 14 comments
Ana Espinosa Ven a México ca... >:v pls!!
Daniel Karlsen I have❤️
Itz Mercy interesting
Shani Faigin-Herwig The best song!
Yin Nyein Nway Omo omo 😍
03:00 01/16/2018

@rayconglobal All day in my J’s @rayj ‘s sister #always

432 reactions 40 comments
Michael Stevens Baby girl
Mohammad Tavakoli Matin Love you. From Karaj - IRAN
Mphaxy Jexer Are you using whatsapp app?
Roy Coffey Jr. Tight!!
Maryann Adetoun Bello Sis brandy u rock
Jordin Sparks
00:24 01/16/2018

She was such a trooper!

Medical Records Reveal the Truth Behind Siggy
Medical Records Reveal the Truth Behind Siggy's "Fake" Fall

She was such a trooper to still make it out.

9 reactions 1 comments
Adel Maxell Mm
Gucci Mane
22:18 01/15/2018

Damn...for wanting to use the restroom?❌❌🚫

[VIDEO] Pizza Restaurant Manager Gives Concussion To Black Woman Who Just Needed To Use The Bathroom
[VIDEO] Pizza Restaurant Manager Gives Concussion To Black Woman Who Just Needed To Use The Bathroom

The Pittsburgh community is outraged and protesting Pizza Milano after a viral video captured the manager beating the breaks off a Black woman. Jade Martin had missed the bus home after having drinks with a friend at a nearby bar on Friday night. She stopped in to use the bathroom while she waited f...

56 reactions 58 comments
Cashmere Wilson I wouldn't care what color she was, a concussion though 🤔
Moon Q Park Yah I bet she just wanted to use the bathroom. I love it when idiots play victim.
Jory Poole I just think the manager is a nut job. The fact that the woman was black was a coincidence.
Jackie Harris Jackie Ferguson....all over asking to use the bathroom😡
Frantz Genesis The manager and the negga with the phone vidtaping the whole incident are super gay.
David Bisbal
01:24 01/16/2018

Quiero agradecer tantas muestras de carińo! Os quiero! besos para todos!

11.5k reactions 713 comments
Noa Bonita Felicidades por esta noticia. Por esa luz y brillo que sale de tus ojos cada vez que la miras. Por ese dame una razón para amar y que ya llego a tu vida y lo hará para quedarse. Se feliz hoy y siempre💓💓😗
Merche Lopez Que grande jefe. Os merecéis el mayor amor para siempre por siempre juntos como el primer momento, muchas felicidades #SiempreContigo te quiero y a ella que forma parte de tu vida también, gracias a Rosana tú felicidad es completa 💙😘😘😘
Doriana Dascoli David Bisbal eres un hombre afortunado ... mira que belleza esa chica !!! Te juro que tengo un poco de sana invidia no por el hecho que se casa contigo, sino porque es tan bella que quería ser perfecta como ella 🤣🤣🤣🤣 auguroni ragazzi, tanta felicità e ...
Maria Jose Mendez Sanchez Te lo mereces !!! Que seáis muy felices siempre ...hacéis una pareja muy bonita . Que nunca dejes de mirar la como en esta foto , se refleja el amor la admiración y todo lo que sientes por ella ..Disfruta el momento es mágico y cuando pase el día ...
Carmen Barone David... que alegría inmensa que hayas encontrado en Rosana esa razón para amar. Nosotras que te conocemos cada gesto, cada mirada... nunca te vimos tan enamorado. Tus admiradoras fuimos creciendo con vos, a tu par. Con experiencias y vivencias como ...
03:00 01/16/2018

Did ya’ll hear about this?

Teacher In Miami Just Got Busted For Dressing Up Like A Teenager And Attempting To Trick Students Into "Hitting It!" (Pics and Details Inside)
Teacher In Miami Just Got Busted For Dressing Up Like A Teenager And Attempting To Trick Students Into "Hitting It!" (Pics and Details Inside)

Well, folks, pick a side. A 30-year-old female teacher at a Miami charter school just got busted for dressing up as a teen and having sex TO INCLUDE BLOW-J

89 reactions 6 comments
Justice Martinez What's with all those pedophiles comments r.s u a child when u not a teen . I know I speak for the majority of people when they say they want some .its normal . The only thing that makes sense are these teachers have some stinky pussy. And niggaz ain't ...
Catherine Luseso Damnn
Shanell Barnes The struggle is
David Lulasa sugar mummy and how child marriages occur in the world
Inns Garvey That's childish
03:00 01/16/2018

713 reactions 29 comments
Kristin Tee Fernando Loyola
Shavon Davis MA Ross
Roxanne Chloe Hussain Fiona Morgan... just saying!
Gladys Lowe 100% true
Lynette Verano Right
Mary J. Blige
20:24 01/15/2018


1.3k reactions 364 comments
Shlyn Guarian Congratulations to you! You've worked so hard for many years. Well earned. I remember you since 411. I have loved your work through the years.
Regina E Ward Yes,she’s deserved it. She’s went through a lots and I’m very very happy for her you go Mary! 👏🏼👏🏼❤️❤️
Erica Brooks Congrats to you. As long as you are on this earth you will always have a fan right here keep doing your thang Mary I love ya
MarKetter Survivor Harper Congrats, my girl..My Beautiful Queen..😘😘😘I'm so happy for you..Ur songs are so inspiring..I grew up listening to them...been loving u and Ur songs for a long time....Stay Bless...Much love..from Ur #1 Fan....💋💋💋💙💙💙💫💫💫💫
Melvin Colkley Congratulations Mary! I've been one of your biggest male fans since 92. I'm also proud to share a January 11th birthday with you. God bless you!
03:00 01/16/2018

Did ya’ll see these photos?

Remember That R&B Singer From The 2000’s Ameriie? Well She Is Pregnant And We Have Exclusive Photo
Remember That R&B Singer From The 2000’s Ameriie? Well She Is Pregnant And We Have Exclusive Photo's!

The "1 Thing" artist Ameriie is pregnant! She revealed her exciting news on social media over the weekend and she is looking as beautiful as ever! Ameriie

610 reactions 25 comments
Brenda Mays Congratulations
Kahaiah Swindell Okay and
Stronjae LaRue Congrats Amerie
Roy Coffey Jr. Fingerin', lol?
Nakis Baraka Good for her! Congrats!
Tim McGraw
22:12 01/15/2018


2.2k reactions 72 comments
Mike Summers Michaelsummers
Cynthia Hull Keep on as is and you might actually get me shelling out attention in the future as well. 😇
Rosa Dominguez Too bad we don't have men with wisdom like MLK. Now they're smart--s, arrogant, and selfish
Marlene D Mowl And now, hopefully.......women too.
Darlene Kuzior love to see this day come.
Depeche Mode
23:12 01/15/2018

Here's one of my pieces where I incorporated lyrics from "Lilian" off of Playing the Angel. I thought it would be interesting to use quite unhappy and raw (but nevertheless relatable) lyrics and juxtapose them with a colorful and happy background. What are some of your favorite Depeche Mode lyrics? Have you ever made something inspired by them? Posted by: Asha Álvarez

125 reactions 11 comments
Liliane Gallet Lilian bien sur 😉
Luca Nahuel linda locurita! ♪
Cynthia De Sanchez El nombre de mi hija es Lilian
Paula Kinsey Upton-Carter “You've stripped my heart Ripped it apart In the name of fun”
Ian Treehugger Dawe The lyrics to The Landscape Is Changing struck accord with the 17 year old me and helped make me the environmentalist I am today
03:00 01/16/2018

325 reactions 10 comments
Kay Zum Felde 😍😍😍😍😍
Femi Oluwatosin Ajilore True!
Jowel Harris Fact
Keba Fall Truly
Pac Benson Nothing but the truth
20:30 01/15/2018

Oasis photographed at Jodrell Bank, Cheshire. 📸 Steve Double

2.1k reactions 51 comments
Youngblood Reade Mint mate
Skltfz Skltf embodiment of rock music
Ivan Gallardo Yeah!
Gianni Scopigno Gli unici,inimitabili OASIS ❤
Poppy Che Liam ❤
03:00 01/16/2018

Ya'll seen Lovely Mimi lately?

Remember That Thick Asian Chick From L&HH Mimi? Well This Is What She Looked Like Before Her Surgeries (Exclusive Pics)
Remember That Thick Asian Chick From L&HH Mimi? Well This Is What She Looked Like Before Her Surgeries (Exclusive Pics)

Well, folks, she ain't always been a BRICK HOUSE. Turns out she used to be a little grass hut!

604 reactions 20 comments
Sean James Cody She look black now
Sibongile Mlambo LOVABLE
Ntutuma Mulenga HH mimi? who's this
Sifiso Morena She's owesome
Charles Speaks No but i would love to
Michael Bublé
22:30 01/15/2018

A new Retro tee is available in the official online store. Check it out now!

1.4k reactions 162 comments
Lisa Kallas I'll buy you one if you like Tracey Trowbridge 😜
Marie-claude Guimond Ralph Tremblay pour ma collection de t shirts de groopie 😆
Jess Jlb Alicia Calhoun ❤️ hopefully someday we can go to another show!
Debra Smith One for you Amelia-Jane Smith, we will have to go to see him if he comes over here xx
Marianne Venning Nielsen My grandson have to have this t-shirt 💙
Armin van Buuren
20:54 01/15/2018

Blue Monday or Blue Fear?

1.8k reactions 129 comments
Ernesto Molina awesome track blue fear i love the orjan nilsen mix
Paul Recker Armin van Buuren Sorry bro.. nothing will ever beat Blue Monday 😁😁😁
Diego Tristan armin, una pregunta ¿ vendras en este año 2018 a ultra mexico?.....saludos desde la ciudad de mexico
Ismael Shameem Etowar Blue Fear :) evergreen. Just awesome (((d(-_-)b)))
Darren O'neill Red Monday and Reds fear no one..
02:24 01/16/2018

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.-" Martin Luther King Jr. #MLKDAY

750 reactions 24 comments
Maurizio Badessa 👍
Jessie CamDu 💜
Toure Mariam Amennnnn
Donna Hilland ❤️
Angela Mccullough sike Timberline
03:00 01/16/2018

#MartinLutherKingJr 🙏🏾

643 reactions 17 comments
Vincent Purnell B r a n d y
Stanley Davis Real blackwoman.
Bigbro Intel That's true
Mosweu Walter #MartinLutherKingJnr.
Fatihu Khalid Gezawa hello
Tim McGraw
22:12 01/15/2018

Humble & Kind Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum Photo by Rick Diamond #TeamMcGraw

794 reactions 47 comments
Kristin Doyle Very proud to have my signed copy!
Mike Summers Michaelsummers
Monika Stadler-Foppa wow ... such a signed book by you Tim McGraw ... I would like to do that ... too bad in your McGraw store I find the book but it is not signed
Cynthia Hull Yeah, not too poor. Have thought about this exact topic honestly. 👏
Zhuyi Jiang This is my favorite song these days!
03:00 01/16/2018

What do ya’ll think about what she said?

White IG Model Goes Viral After Blasting Black Men Sliding Into Her DMs:
White IG Model Goes Viral After Blasting Black Men Sliding Into Her DMs: 'I'm Not The Right Caucasian For You'

IG "model" Tiffany Jolene had a lot to say recently to black men - not all black men, but, a certain type of black man who, apparently, keeps showing up in

195 reactions 57 comments
Patricia Hall 15min. Of fame.
Wendy Swaby Palmer Not a thing good fi dem
Neena Young Get em !!!!
Shante Nichols I agree with her
Nobuntu Bam Another black/ White post.
Gucci Mane
22:18 01/15/2018

HAHA! whoa!

155 reactions 23 comments
Franco Antonio Butler Retarded rich kid...llamf
Alexander J. Guajardo She deserved it! Fat assed, stuck up, greasy Kim looking cunt!
Ceneque Spraddling Lmao ..😭😭😭
Steve Penny Rachet bitch
Veronica Solanas Perez Staged
03:00 01/16/2018

539 reactions 6 comments
Narine Bradost I could never love filthy fascist, Nazi red necks!!! I rather die under the burden of hate!
Daku Messun N* *°***"*"'*'' ' *''
Monwabisi Mtshizana Amen to Him
William Jenkins Both can be a burden, think about it
Viola Mocsar Only people can say great things people who went through a lot until we dont feel it we cant say it
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