John Lennon
4 hours ago

"Peace in your mind, peace on earth, peace at work, peace at home, peace in the world"

40.5k reactions 501 comments
Craig Brewster I think he had been reading utopia by Thomas More at the time :-)
Keith Jolly Whatever Lennon did, the world took notice, he was light years ahead of his time !
JJ Mickey Ryder Instant Karma will get the world for what happened to John. He didn't deserve to die that way.
Cor van Nispen thank you john, if you only still have lived today you would be crying over what has become of this world
Ed de Lang Indeed, we still miss him every day! His music and his look at the world!!
42 minutes ago

11.2k reactions 185 comments
Joey Lopez Beautiful
Mori Mawete Multitasking
AmAl C Ýêz i love innaa
Rikden Ghicng i <3 u so mouch
AmAl C Ýêz love you inna sis
50 Cent
Yesterday 07:06

What you gettin into? 👀

5 Sex Enhancements That Are Either Insane Or Brilliant
5 Sex Enhancements That Are Either Insane Or Brilliant

These people are refusing to rest their laurels. Their sticky, sticky laurels.

286 reactions 13 comments
Samuel Bridi
Albino Monster Panda Clever I'm
Art Castro Gomez Stability . 🎺🎻🔌
Tye Merricks 3 h*es in 3 different house's!.
Snoop Dogg
12 hours ago

boss chit

They Look Like A Normal Couple, But Here
They Look Like A Normal Couple, But Here's Why Their Family Is Astonishing

The Clark family is special, and they've opened up their hearts in an unbelievable way.

193 reactions 14 comments
Spencer Lancastle
Timotheo Maina Gikonyo Gikonyo Hey Gee
Timotheo Maina Gikonyo Gikonyo We are cool double G SDouble oo
Evangeline Sacred-horsesghost 💕
Tye Merricks Ballin out the gym!.
Bob Marley
Yesterday 03:24

"We try fi mek really bring peace, knowing that we really can't solve a problem with a war." #bobmarleyquotes (Toronto, 1978)

6.7k reactions 64 comments
Gustavo Echeverria Rasta man...
Ricardo Belliot EveryOne wants to be loved. Love Always wins. ✌🏽
Rwamugyema Paul True dat
Andreas Kuhnert Great ☺
Mark Leslie McMahon Miss ya Bob
50 Cent
Yesterday 07:06

I had a good time last night in Portsmouth. They showed me a lot of love. G-unit !!!

1.3k reactions 60 comments
Patrick Rea Miles still all white
SeniorRita Rasheedah YOU GOTTA LOVE IT😍🤑😎💡U GOT MJ size CROWD!! #UR THE MF MAN signed 13m10m
Jessica LeVear hi 50
Janice Turner Do you ever rest 🔥👍🏽💯💋🤗
Jo Sillence Omg it was amazing to see you :) x
11 hours ago


95 reactions 4 comments
Dan Morgan Soldal Steffen Lirhus
Odin Vestad Volden Marcus Olderø
Nick Sexton Justin Hunsuckrr, heres ur black dick.
Guns N' Roses
11 hours ago

Felt good to be back, Ireland... #GnFnR #NotInThisLifetime Tour 2017

16.8k reactions 366 comments
John Hensby What a fantastic gig,first time at slane,coming over from England,will be hard to beat that
Ren Cor holy shit look at that crowd ... its just like the' use your illusion' days even fuckn better cant wait til g'n'r come to wpg...then we can wait for axl for another 3 hrs ? it will be worth it im guessing|?
Alix Docherty Michael Shaw check this out. Absolutely amazing!!!!! We travelled over from Scotland, totally worth it!!!!
Andrew Dowling So happy you played Slane. Guns n' roses Slane '92 was my first ever gig and Guns n' Roses Slane '17 was an opportunity for me to bring my son aged 8 to his first gig. He was amazed by the spectacular show you staged and a fantastic memory for both ...
Mohammad Al-Abbasi It was great to witness one of the only real Rock shows live
Snoop Dogg
12 hours ago

crazy chit 👀

798 reactions 57 comments
Jessica Howe They were antagonizing that poor animal.
Claudio Rene Barron When bae comes out of the shower looking like a snack
Alex Gundlach Happy Meal <3
Jairo Jinete Now she's got a disease. Some type of bacteria snoop
Daniel Jones Jr. Harambe still got swingers
50 Cent
Yesterday 07:06


872 reactions 51 comments
McKenzie Bellen Melissa Murray Kimberly Sue
Suzy Fitzmaurice Yasmin YL
Alex Omeally Mackenzie Charles Trumbul
Corey Cairns Megan Pender
Lorna McAuley Ciara Smyth lol
50 Cent
Yesterday 07:06

I was watching Robert Dinero in films before I wrote a verse. After we worked together on Freelancers. I was like, you can't tell me nothing. Real Shit POW!!! built wound in my smile.

5.3k reactions 117 comments
Kamran Hussain Deniro still the best !!
Agustin Emanuel * De Niro
Best De Assis Kicker Dinero??? De Niro ahahah
Jack Lo Squacquerone De Niro , dinero is another thing.
Pablo Tuning Deniro
Luis Fonsi
1 hour ago

We're making history thanks to you guys! GRACIAS🙏🏽 #Repost @rondenepr: Que orgullo ver esto. Definitivamente un momento increíble e histórico para la música en español. BRAVO @luisfonsi @daddyyankee @justinbieber y todas las personas que han hecho posible que #Despacito se haya convertido en un fenómeno global. ¡Que sigan los éxitos! #pasitoapasito

2.2k reactions 79 comments
Rufina Canal Gutierrez El tiempo, lo pone todo en su lugar...ESPECTACULAR!
Séverine Gado YEAAAHHHH 😀😀 BRAVO
Joe O'Neill I like Despacito without Bieber
Alexandra Heusser Nossa parabéns super merecido ❤❤❤👏👏
Ivonne Ramirez
4 hours ago

Timeline Photos

6.3k reactions 211 comments
Jeanmal John Thank you
Idi Mullai ganga man
Adam Carrillo Why that look like some mid, should be smoking that gas
Cjr Rothwell Look at yourself, this is what others see. 😵🚑
Will Reimmer Bbm vient on se fait une overdose dans le 13
Daddy Yankee
10 hours ago

Shaky Shaky where are you listening?

12.7k reactions 329 comments
Júnior Gomes Estás no AMAZONAS-BRASIL.. #daddyyankeeparasiempre. #elmaximolider #aRevoluçãodoMundo
Carlianys Estaba Te adoroo idoloo, Shaky Shaky está haciendo historia por todo el mundoo, Siempre Éxitoso, te adoroo Jefe, siempre apoyandote
Jean-Pierre Guanin Desde chile, por eso es que ha habido tantos terremotos :"v , tu cancion debe ser nuestro himno nacional :v
Daayaan Lovə Acá en México todo el combo votando por el jefe. Desde temprano escuchandote 🔥👌
Ricardo Arjona
6 hours ago

Ciudad de México Fecha Confirmada 27 de Septiembre Preventa Mundo Arjona : Lunes, 29 de Mayo Venta General de boletos : Miércoles, 31 de Mayo #CircoSoledad (WT)

5.6k reactions 856 comments
Ale Muñoz Maru Zm 😱
Mariana Julián Aby jajaja mira
Chelita Vásquez El salvador cuando?????
Kari Meza Chavez Daniel Anaya 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 miraaaaaaaaa!!!!
Daniela De La Torre Guadalajaraaaaa!!! 🙏🏼
2 hour ago

TONIGHT! Barclaycard Arena in #Birmingham, #England! See you soon, #KISSARMY!

1.1k reactions 42 comments
Leo Siqueira Still one of the very few greatest bands of all times
Lynne Jamieson If it's anything like last night at Glasgow..what a great.x
Julie Callaghan Mark Callaghan and Dan Callaghan enjoy the tongue 😛
KISS: Class of 2014 Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame. KISS Army...LIKE our page please! ;)
Vanessa Buck Would like to see you again been a fan since you began but Cornwall is not on your list ever to come to tour
50 Cent
Yesterday 07:06

Devon, me and Elaine A&E net work. Stay tuned more hit Television on the way. #🚦greenlight

2.8k reactions 44 comments
Wendell Kirton 50 cent you gotta write a book on How to be successfully
Gizachew Hailu men is a good like.
Maroum Koulibaly Salut 50 Cent.
Blake Hayes Get that money G
Jason Pritchard Cool as
Don Omar
8 hours ago

"TODOS queremos ser CAMPEONES, solo ALGUNOS estamos DISPUESTOS a PAGAR el precio" W. Landrón ••• #TeQuieroPaMi ft @zionylennox disponible en

1.8k reactions 22 comments
Ronald Romero Saludos de Venezuela
Danny Schz 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪
Alex Martinez Es verdad
Jaime Cruz Versículo 6183 that dios verdy proverbio boy 5611 rñresticated nation
Gissella Joly Saludos desde quilla eres el mejor cantante mi don ♥😘
Ozzy Osbourne
54 minutes ago

Memorial Day Sale! All items in the Ozzfest eBay store are 20% this weekend only!! Act fast now at

4.7k reactions 91 comments
Luis Ortiz Ozzy siempre ha sido bien satánico
Valeria Huaman Nalvarte Jose Natal ahhhhhhh quiero quiero quiero !!!!
Deborah Bell McQueen gotta love can you one else like him !!
Maya Terra Hola amor te extrañaba
Snoop Dogg
12 hours ago

Timeline Photos

33.1k reactions 3426 comments
Nicole Torrejón Urra Nosotras cada vez que escuchamos o vemos ese número 😂😂😂 Constanza Seg , Vale Romero
Melissa Gonçalves Valeria N. Arauz Rivas when you said your birthday was on 4/20😂😂
Ðave Garado Matti R Bastholm slå op på side 420 og der finder du en joint XD
Amanda Doucette Kylie Doucette this is something you'd laugh at lol. 😂😂😂😂✌
Maddy Johnston Haha I don't know why but this reminds me of you 😂😂 LiLindsey Johnston
Alicia Keys
12 hours ago

Just wondering… When will we fly above the mess The confusion The hatred The lies That unties us Just wondering… When will we see each other as golden And children As innocent meant to be protected And color as irrelevant And love as everythin’ Just wonderin’… Cause I know we are more than the tragedy But every day there’s another To the left and right of me With unanswered questions And un-accountability But when I look at us I see What we could be Free from the mess and slumberin’ But I’m just wonderin’… When will we fly above the Past Those things we were taught The confusion The hatred The lies That unties us Just wondering… When will we see each other as golden And children As innocent meant to be protected And color as irrelevant And love as everythin’ Just wonderin’…

6.6k reactions 219 comments
Sirus White Truth in what you said 🙏🏼 Understanding the truth is not meant for all it takes a journey of a person seeking the knowledge and not just knowing it but living it and the minds of most are deceived by the teachings you can spell it out but if they have ...
Ginna Pritts When you are truly free, come fly by me and I can see the free in me. Just wondering when that will be flying high for all to see
Hiroshi Kawai It is said that it is hebraism now. Hellenism is a tragedy. It's a space colony. Pray for the netherworld of Dr. Zaire. Cosmopolitan is leaking. The Empire is extinguishing hyperinflation. I am an art. The color is overflowing. 🌱🌱🌱
Lynette Schmidt Each Day I fly towards light and love seeing the colors of life all around each day I am grateful for the beauty. You and I can walk side by side with all that is and allow our light to dawn each day. Everyway.
Melinda Haskell Probably never some people live in their heads and make stuff up for amusement......look at the world and news look at the tv shows we fight, and promote violence and look were it gets us more corruption no one wont change if peoples ammusements and ...
Daddy Yankee
10 hours ago

Vota ya por el máximo líder en Premios Juventud 5 nominaciones- 👉

62.2k reactions 646 comments
Nirka Rivera Votaré síempre y espero q esta vez arrase con todos lis premios en lis q esta nomunado,como lo merece,
Janeth Munguia Quise apoyar al hombre mas bello de este mundo pero para Honduras no está disponible la votación 😠
Elitha Herrera El mejor de todos el REY del reggaeton lo más lindo hermoso precioso y RIKO
Denisee Cueva Guapo daddy q te baya muy bien en tu carrera como cantante 😍😍 y te esperamos muy pronto en Ecuador 😊😊😙😍
Haydee Enperatriz Velasquez la Rosa Q hermoso muñequito q Dios te colme de muchas bendiciones millones de besó
50 Cent
Yesterday 07:06

Lmao they like OH SHIT

3.2k reactions 726 comments
Mitch El Angelo May haha wie mies 😅
Kaity Donnelly Bailey Ward this is actually my life
Alexandria Obregon Tisha Schultz Freddy Schultz Tyler Feliciano Roberto Obregon Diana Myers Fink I didn't even see those cats at first
Abbas Muraj Something that could happen with you 😂 JJämïlä 'jåzz' Åsgêr
Kat Kindhearted Feliciano Iris Deleiny Vega lmao they were like oh shit everybody run for cover !
Snoop Dogg
12 hours ago

who tryin these?

Solutions That Will Leave You Wondering, "Why Didn
Solutions That Will Leave You Wondering, "Why Didn't I Think of That?"

These ingenious tips, tricks, and solutions to common problems are simple, smart, and straightforward.

216 reactions 8 comments
George Pkhovelishvili Ahaha:)
Jones Abbey You right! Gee!!!!💯
Evangeline Sacred-horsesghost 🤔
Nathaniel Manzi no
Rubén Cruz Gonna buy you a blazer see if you blaze something. Upload more videos blazing dogge. MLG #1
Yesterday 05:36

Timeline Photos

5.4k reactions 118 comments
Marsha Smith I want my hat back! lol
Hattie Lulu Jackson #MyBoo
Carol Gannon Usher, you are just the "coolest"!!
Adrian Cooper Usher's so fine!!!
Genese Baker Lane Love this!!
2 hour ago

#KISSARMY Scotland, You looked great last night in #Glasgow!

2.2k reactions 40 comments
Jesús Ballesteros Falta mi ahijada.jjjjj
Ken Reid Loved the show
Bryan Longbottom Manchester needs a KISS
Derek Murray Is that you top right Ian Orr😄
Kathy Higgins You guys rocked
50 Cent
Yesterday 07:06


980 reactions 210 comments
Jessica LeVear hi 50
Thomas Lm On dirait toi au CAP Jerome Caris mdr 😂
Jordan Dodin Naomi did it hurt
Steve Romo lol
Megi Lu Jenny Schwarz ich kann nicht mehr 😂😂😂😂
Daddy Yankee
10 hours ago

Europe! Are you ready!

6.9k reactions 303 comments
Cessia Zabala Lissto daddy más que nunca ojaláte vaya bien ellá y triunfes como siemore , te queremos mucho ❤❤💘
Anthony DY Handal #Daddy que Dios te bendiga en esos viajes q harás a #Europa🙏🏼🙏🏼 y sera un tremendo show los q dará #Boss⚡⚡
Anette Frey Lista pa Cologne, Ludwigsburg y Berlin. Te espero von mucho amor ♥️♥️♥️😗😍😍😍🔥♥️🇩🇪🇵🇷
Priscilla Ortiz Y yo quiero que regreses a NYC! Te amo daddy! NYC te espera :* Hermoso <3
Yadelfi Andreina Pölz Melanie Feliz en Zürich musst hin ich bin in Berlin am Start 😁
Ricardo Arjona
6 hours ago

CIRCO SOLEDAD .Cuando la soledad se comparte. Fragmento del especial A SOLAS CON EL CIRCO SOLEDAD. BORRACHERA? Jajajaj. Tendremos que hacerlo de nuevo???? !!!!!!POR DIOS!!!!!!!!!

20.8k reactions 714 comments
Karyn Anléu Cano Te amo
Mar CM Millie Palencia Wilma Rojas Romero Aracely Vallejo quiero ir
Lupita Ballesteros Garcia Asu como el doctor me lo receto. Lo amooo. Tal y como es.
Ale Mtz Arjona me encantas😍 Dios bendiga siempre tu hogar, familia y camino. 😙
Alejandra Medrano Eres lo máximo saludos desde Ecuador
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