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ya heard?

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Effendi Phoenix Yulia Hahaa good one ❤ it
Dom Disanto False Evidence Appearing Real
Tess Tolentino Wolff J. Flywheel
Kenneth Octavius Nielsen And first encounter assault recon
Abdulaziz Cfc Adamson Pac once said fear is stronger than love!
50 Cent
5 minutes ago

Homie got no fear

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Chad Evans He's a dumb fuck lol your in a liquor store with thick ass bottles all over the place he should have cracked him in the head when he turned around
Zeus Gotti That's what they should do when niggaz shooting up everything
Ryan Dobbs ok, but look how the cars sped off! i assume they saw the gun waiving. That is EXACTLY what I would do too! Get the HECK out of the vicinity!
Michael Vanhorn i love how all of the drivers just peace the fuck out like theyre gonna die, id jump out and call police and get that guy before the guy with balls loses them!!! people just want to see the world burn
Hovhannes Davtyan Props to him for stepping up but the way he handled the gun disarm was fuckin sloppy. And he could of gotten someone hurt. Don't try and save someone drowning if you can't swim. Consequently don't try and be John Wick either. This motherfucker was ...
Linkin Park
3 hours ago


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Dakota Rock I can see why people would hate the new sound because I absolutely hate country with all the hate I can muster, but I also don't go ranting how much I hate Steven Tyler going country, I simply just don't listen. Linkin Park just keep making what you ...
Windi Owen Lindeen That's one great bass players!! Got OML preordered....did you? I guess a lot of you have never seen them live? Cause if you have, you know they A L W A Y S play the old stuff. They know what the fans like & always bring it to the stage. Think about that ...
Danny Maíl Look, I didn't like the song either but all these people getting incredibly offended by their rehearsal video is hilarious. Even I thought it was quite amusing. People want Hybrid Theory over and fucking over again. Linkin Park have changed their sound ...
Stephen Parker Before anyone gets the wrong idea, I love this band through thick and thin. All time favorite group. I've eventually come to like all of their albums one way or another. It takes time to appreciate works of art. Everyone has their own opinion. My ...
Ian Chapman I actually kinda like the song, it sounds distinctly LP, mainly because it doesn't sound like any of there other songs. In my opinion that is why sets LP apart from other bands.
50 Cent
5 minutes ago

They callin it booty scoop 😂

Booty Scoops are here to start your weekend off right (34 photos)
Booty Scoops are here to start your weekend off right (34 photos)

As always, submit all your best booty scoop photos via iChive, OR you can ALSO send pics in through our iPhone & or Android apps to get featured on the site!

4.5k reactions 85 comments
Wojtek Krawczykowski Kozak pozdrawiam
Valerie Hannah Monday night colleagues
Daryl Harold Yo
Ahmed Horic Ooooomaaa
Frank Licari Ide scoop that booty w a spoon
2 hours ago

Stadium live MZ

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Ibrahim Usmanii Akon getto you nice men I love you big brother. My regards to you and your family
Sameer Laghmany What you did for africa the Electrecity .....Outstandingggg :)
Hector Garcia Send out Words don't mean the same no more! Love that Bro
Ross Junior Man this voice oh my gudnesssss bombaklattttt what a tune dop dop dopppppppp
Katie Noakes Your the best akon love your songs. Have you done any new songs lately
2 hours ago

Timeline Photos

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Zigui Mamadou Chapeau
Phil Debal Carino
Ermine Maffock I LOVE YOU
Sylvia Cas Bellagio AWESOME 👏
Sadie Stevens akon luv ure music got ure albums luv ra fan xxxxxx
Enrique Iglesias
2 hour ago


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Club de Fans Enrique Iglesias PERÚ #SubemeLaRadio
Fiorella Oliva Rodriguez HOLA TE AMO
Love and relationship quotes The people who hear what I'm saying when I haven't said a word... they are the ones I call friends.
Christine Lieira #Enriqueiglesias 🇫🇷 WE love your music #SUBEMELARADIO. BISOUS 💙💚 FRANCE
Nathalie Forevermaz Écouter en boucle son idole en espérant un jour le rencontrer en France 🇫🇷💝
Lil Wayne
2 hour ago

Points for originality.

The Ugliest Wedding Dresses Ever
The Ugliest Wedding Dresses Ever

By no means would I ever consider myself a designer, let alone a wedding dress designer. But I’d like to think that I have a keen eye for what looks good and what doesn’t. Wedding dresses should be simple, aesthetic, yet elegant. It shouldn’t be anything flashy, risky or financially endangering. A w...

2.0k reactions 112 comments
Justin Green The dress doesn't make the woman, the woman makes the dress.
Chris Ramaye Hi my new title ChrisSwag the queen of the ball shares a maximum thanks https://youtu.be/JAZ86IZxkuE
Leudy Valdez Rodriguez Rubi Santibanez Now that I got your attention, reply to my texts
April Haley Wayne stop it
Louise Schiedekat HI, WAAR, WOON, JY
50 Cent
5 minutes ago

lit 🔥🔥🔥😂😂

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Ben Molloy Joel Chester can you get your dad to organise this for me
Kenneth Radziak II Bill Troy Who said they don't dance at funerals??
Alice Roger Farah Guilleminot je compte sur toi pour me faire ça à mon enterrement, ça sera moins lourd je serai dans une urne tqt ;)
Alicia Ann Talia Jones why did this remind me of the weird stuff you showed me 😑😑😑
Przemek Pastor Shivesh Aaron If one time I die of doing too many all-nighters, that's the funeral I wanna have
Chris Brown
1 hour ago

#THEPARTYTOUR TICKETS are on sale now! smarturl.it/thepartytour 🎉

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Colton Hulbert Thank God you only going to the city n not CNY. We don't welcome woman beaters anyways
Jeysson Santiago Ohhhhhhh shhhhiiiit woooooohhhhh ssssssssuper bigg time history wow dammm woooohhhh wow ohhhhhhh Mann dammm wow woooohhhh dam that is ssssssssuper bigg time history wow bigg time world whyde history woooohhhh ohhh mannnn dammnn
Kendall Macklin 😭😭 TaTara Macklinhy can't he be coming to the UK!? 🇬🇧 wanna see him so bad😩😩
Simone Coccia Colaiuta My best friend with Chris Brown
Skylee Johansson Madisyn Awwww australia misses out 😢😭😭 Thats alot of concerts take care of yourself chris much love 😚😘
50 Cent
5 minutes ago


15 People Who Got Scared More Than They Deserve
15 People Who Got Scared More Than They Deserve

Life's just full of surprises!

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Lawson Basnight https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1497751833570629&id=100000074792272 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Shannon Thompson Jesse Thompson
Chilling Platnumz http://Cash4EasyJob.com/?ref=1996 Please open the link
Angel Doze Career ended. Lol
Gallant KL 13. He got a godfather photo on his table
Maroon 5
35 minutes ago

Enter the #COLDChallenge on musical.ly to enter for a chance to win a signed prize pack from us. Get creative!!

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Daniel Gulewicz https://youtu.be/71wW9QE0cc0
Peny Hudson Levine Okay then ~
Zachary Allison I want to meet Adam
Cosette Tomas Ramos 😘
Phan Đạt .
50 Cent
5 minutes ago


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Compa Arabe Has 50 been hanging out with Kevin Hart the man has a sense of humor lol
Antonio Aguiar Fransico His one slipper fell from the train, so he throw the other one. Someone asked him why did he throw the other one? His replied was, because another person will have both the pairs when he find it and make a good use of it. What a wiseman he is. Gotta ...
Spencer Bates What about revenge porn? Which is sort of the act of sending nudes with hateful intent so I'm confused.
Matthew Hope Sam Saunders I don't remember him saying this in the film from r.e 😂
19:36 02/25/2017

If I can do it ! It can be done! It's y'all turn now! #godsentmeheretoinspireyou #bluedot

1.2k reactions 182 comments
Terrence Thompson Fly pic!
Antonio Ficetola If you can dream it you can do it. 😎
Matt Chou Yeah yeah mon jumeau même
Tina Kenny Nice picture..
Teresa Beauchamp Working on it
Linkin Park
3 hours ago

Chester discusses the inspiration behind "Heavy" with Music Choice

11.2k reactions 251 comments
Carlos Eduardo I just do not like one thing, Chester is losing his voice, it was good for him to do some treatment to take care of the vocal cords. It is perceived that he has a hoarse voice lately.
Seri Farizareen The new song doesn't feel like linkin park. Its too pop. Back to your roots pls... Its what made us your fans in the first place. LP can still be relevant without being pop. Love LP but hate the new kiara collab (read pop descend). That's real low. ...
Otto van Zanten I get that after some time you want to change it up. But if your new music has absolutly nothing to do with the old, wouldn't it make more sense to change the band name? It's not in the same genre, it has a different singer, it doesn't use the same ...
Vicki Modica Wow..people forget that #1, music is an art form, and as with most artists, their vision and artistry CHANGES as they grow, age, mature and CHANGE themselves. Music is an outlet for emotions and Chester stated that the first line of the song was how he ...
Kari Filipi I'm at the point that reading people complain about Linkin Park's current sound in comment sections gives me great joy lol I hope the polka album comes next 😂
3 hours ago

Embrace the culture #Saturday #Dale

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Mechia Doucette Absolutely.
Pradeep Ansh Pittbul u r parfect musian and my icon no5 parfect rep without pitbull
Yucel Kızılkaya Im Yucel Kızılkaya im 35 years old im good at acting films and i believe my mimics and gestures im living in Turkey and im big Paul Walker fan i want to make Paul honoured i want to play Next Fast and Furious Chapter 🇺🇸 ❤️
Nozar Schaiegy I look at whole the world as only one country Pitbull.
Sheriza Khan 👍
Katy Perry
4 hours ago

Keep your @musical.ly vids coming & maybe you’ll meet Nugget at the #iHeartAwards too! Rules in profile! #CHAINEDTOTHERHYTHM 📹 by @jessronagrooming

41.5k reactions 1751 comments
Ale Toledo Cortale asi a tu perrita asi camufla sus rasgos fuertes ahre jajajajajaj Allan Oliveira
Lise Paturel Pauline Bauvois Polska penses-tu que Douce tape la même pause chez le toiletteur mdr??
Andrea Marina Moni Gra Pau Gabriela Miren que bello pompón, si alguna baña a la pupi asi tiene que quedar jajajajajaj
Samuel Balarini Pereira Is this gonna work fairly or just like meet and greet for the tour worked ?
Debbie Larkin Shauna Riordan 😍 think you need to start cutting dogs instead or human hair ha
19:42 02/25/2017

Match your haircut to your sign

Haircuts You Should Get Based On Your Zodiac Sign
Haircuts You Should Get Based On Your Zodiac Sign

There are twelve different zodiac signs and each of them their own strengths and weaknesses. Your sign is determined based on the day that you were born. Although these usually determine what kind of personality traits you carry, this gallery is here to suggest what kind of hairstyle you should get…

46 reactions 19 comments
Tom Woodgate Orchid Vishkaiy looks to try
Julie Thi Lol
Lillie Fleming LEO
Milla Nlemvo brandy i like your song have you ever
Milla Nlemvo brandy i like your song have you e
Lil Wayne
2 hour ago


3.8k reactions 160 comments
Amalia Ambrosio I drink to that yeyeeè
Diana Salazar Rite
Jade Bittar Šejla Halidović this is friendship haha
Йоан Досев ed is so sad because they didnt pass him the drink :(
Robert Colon Yeah baby!
18:12 02/25/2017

Follow us on Instagram! We will be dropping some more teasers soon #incubus8 #8tour

Incubus (@incubusofficial) • Instagram photos and videos

239.5k Followers, 24 Following, 836 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Incubus (@incubusofficial)

88 reactions 10 comments
Paola Carrasco Gutierrez PERÚ PERÚ PERÚ PERÚ 💙💙
Andresa Moretto ❤❤❤
Marjorie Ramírez Come to Chile pleaseee!!!!!!
Carly Evelina I will create an instagram just for this ♡
Tristian Thomas Seen Chino. I'm sold.
Paulina Rubio
19:18 02/25/2017

Recordando un poco! 💃🏼🎼🎤🎸💜 #ilovewhatido #liveshow #paurubio #amorparatodos #paupowers #mexico #causayefecto

564 reactions 58 comments
Caroline Arizmendi Jajajajaja no el haga reir
Alejandra Rojas Rue-Riestra Paulina por favor un auditorio nacional 👏
Caroline Arizmendi Pues que metiche Nelson LópeZ soy libre de opinar lo que quiera ridiculo
César Leonardo Valle Rangel Porque dejo de ser asi? :-(
Jolie Petipua Te amo Paulina tu vibra de amor llega hasta a mi
50 Cent
5 minutes ago

Ya'll know these?

Secrets Netflix doesn
Secrets Netflix doesn't want you to know

Netflix is an inseparable part of our culture, but few people know the company's secrets: deception, secret warehouses, and a foundation story based on lies.

464 reactions 16 comments
Cakeeep Hi guys,of the movie theaters pay,better watch streaming FREE <3> Fifty Shades Darker ( 2017) http://batokmelumahnangngarepumah.blogspot.co.id/2016/10/fifty-shades-darker-2017.html Get Out (2017) http://batokmelumahnangngarepumah.blogspot.co....
Andreas Biermann Thomas Pajonczek
Dennis Raufer Leoni
Neloy Kidd Farzana Aunamika
معاذ بابو ما فيها كريت ياراسطة
David Guetta
3 hours ago

Hang out at the beach in Capetown! Ready to rock Ultra South Africa tonight!!

50.5k reactions 282 comments
Nis Mabaso Let me hope you a having a great time here in South Africa
Subini Cox When will you be coming to Sydney Australia
Zeneide Martins Uhh❤
Oriere Helen God Almighty will destroy south Africa
Jennifer Dawn Beautiful place David! Looks like it will be a beautiful night too.
Katy Perry
4 hours ago

Toot toot, beep beep... #TheThelma @katyperrycollections

18.7k reactions 219 comments
Màrio Gabriel More than the greatest love the world has know This is the love I’ll give to you alone More than the simple words I try to say I only live to love you more each day. Love u Katy Perry 😊❤
Robin Campbell Beautiful picture. Katie is a beautiful and amazing singer who's music is always amazing and beautiful. # Katy Kats
Micheal Bondoc If my wedding'will postpone this year'End of the Word'date this years..be gone
Scott Munoz All i see is desperation and just one more reason you need to stop taking molly.
Pablo Rivera Your not going to believe me but I was just thinking about you mija,I didn't see you post yesterday, have a great day 😚😚
19:42 02/25/2017

Say goodbye to the bloat!

You Aren
You Aren't Fat, Your Stomach Is Just Bloated--8 Ways To Get Rid Of That Bloated Belly

There’s nothing worse than having a nice dress you’d like to wear, but not being able to zip it up because you’re too bloated. Reasons for bloating can include:

31 reactions 23 comments
Kendra Karns Moesha Gray
Saul Cobian Zulma Michel Andrea Cobian
Lisa Ferguson Su-Zann
Helen Videnovic Droudis Marky Far Hat
Mariane Gueye Coco Moé
Paul McCartney
16:00 02/25/2017

Paul during the recording sessions for 'Flowers In The Dirt'. Photo by Herman Leonard. Pre-order the 2017 remastered 'Flowers In The Dirt' HERE: https://pmc.lnk.to/FITDSpecialEdition

509 reactions 229 comments
Vincent Volganli Reform the Beatles wit'che Ringo, Tom Jones & Herb Alpert !!!
Gary Dale Pogue I apologize- I don't have away yet to play anything. Eventually if God or good karma flys by it might change the lousy luck I've been getting. Off an on type thing with me the past 5 or 6 months.
Halen Roldan Every time I see a picture of Paul upset like this , I always like to think that he misses John Lennon .
Glenys Basson My Hart always skips a beat every time I see your photos . he my first love
Jesse Rock I wouldn't worry paul. What ever you record And release easly buys You a couple of houses Wether it sux or not... That's just the hell Of bieng a beatle Jesse Rock
Alejandro Sanz
17:00 02/25/2017

En Malasia ya tienen coreografía para #DejaQueTeBese :)

4.2k reactions 356 comments
Begoña Iglesias Lopez Sandra Fernandez Villazon, Maria Garcia Alvarez esta es la primer, antes de Fonsi😅😅
Sarha Aguirre Barrios Mira mana Diana Guerra vamos a hacer nuestra coreografia jaja
Mercedes Fn Estupendo !!! Me parece muy creativo y hace vibrar.....genial!!!!
Barbara Adame Cabrera Me ha encantado! #mequedesinentrada #NOalareventa #MASesMAS #24/06/17undiatriste #qpenaqpaseeltiempoymesigadandopena
Regi Mty Me encanta! Pero me gustó más de cachetito cantándote al oído en mi Monterrey 😉
Panic! At The Disco
16:54 02/25/2017

Thank you to everyone who came out and made last night an amazing first show. And a huge thank you to all the Russian fans for the banner. You earned a place in my #houseofmemories

5.8k reactions 161 comments
Tiah Lana Rendall It's sad that Australia didn't get something cool like this ):
Synne Heia Gundersen I wish you'd play more Pretty. Odd. songs live because they're so amazing
Megan Garcia Thomas Shannon what is this fuckery that we will be missing out on?!
Caryn Washko Kelly Will the VIP/house of memories package be avail. for the march Michigan stop?
50 Cent
5 minutes ago

Lmao this what the show like?

16.4k reactions 5984 comments
Zack Barq Rosa Formisano Alaina Sanderson can I share this to the bar Louie page? Haha what its like at work
Dani Lynn Ulmer Kadi File Amy Trautman File literally all that ever happened on Keepin up with the Kardashians😂
Charlotte Andersen Soll Samanta Andersen Soll bliver nødt til at tagge dig hver gang jeg ser den, seriøst stadig sjovt 😂😂
Halee Wildman I know you don't watch this but it's true lol. Lucas Steele
Maria Elena Temporal Susannie Quartez lol reminds me of that customer Kim k wannabe fro. Sydney
2 hour ago

Timeline Photos

27.1k reactions 242 comments
Sandra Moye Stay sexy and humble!😘😘💝
Shirley Maholmes I love this pic, a picture is worth a thousand words.
Kwanele Sean Ngqungwana Coz 4 ever is a long long long long long long long LONG TIME.
Sasha Tenda C now u look like something I wana eat
Dami Samson *Numb*...i so much love that song
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