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These Amazing Photos Show Why This Teen Is Being Called the ‘Most Flexible Person In the World’
These Amazing Photos Show Why This Teen Is Being Called the ‘Most Flexible Person In the World’

You’ll be amazed not only by her flexibility, but her insane body strength that makes for striking poses.

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Gerald Ford I'd be calling her.wife.......lo
Dripinder Shafts That's like
Jessica Snyder ☺،🌸 ... 💛`))
Jennifer Galarneau Watch little big shots she's not
Bryant Davis extra
Bob Marley
Yesterday 08:06

Tuff Gong Worldwide & Neville Garrick are LIVE talking about the Exodus recording sessions and leading up to the 1977 tour! #FacebookLive #Exodus40

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Aji Manado nice story
Martinez Todd looking good
Este Carvalho cool story
Terry Morgan superb
Deepali Sonawne superb
Lil Wayne
11 hours ago

Droppin in 30 mins! Tune in to Young Money Radio for the premiere of Hoody's new mixtape Kitchen 24! Listen here:

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Erica Eric RADIO CHECK: Did someone say KITCHEN?!?
Lupe Martinez Hey, Weezy. Looking good.😍😍
Furaha Don Assey We are weiting
Onochie Michael Nwafor We on
Dan Venus Ma niggas!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
50 Cent
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peep this promo - KIDZ SAFE AUDIO

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Aero Morgan
Soukayna Soukayna
Milan Jantosik GG AND CHECK MY STUFF :)
Premtim Fazliu I'll just start promoting like fitty 😝
Charla Dawn Williams Oooooo
Lady Gaga
Yesterday 08:48

Stream all of your favorite songs from Lady Gaga's album, #Joanne, on Spotify:

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Leonardo Pereira Happy birthday, Mother Monster. Thanks for inspiring creativity and respect in every one of us. See you in September, at the Rock In Rio. I love you! ❤️
Luísa Souza Happy birthday mother monster! Today is not only your day, but ours of all the little monsters that we have the pleasure of celebrating another date like that of someone so important to us. For many an ordinary day, but for me the day when one of the ...
Eric Beato They thought I'd forgotten, right? Congratulations to our inspiring queen Lady Gaga who plays us in a sensational way with her art, which at times makes us feel closer to her (even so far away) than many at our side.
Krissy Kowalski Happy Birthday Mother Monster, from me and all the other little monsters all over the world. We love you. Thank you for your wonderful music!! You are soo beautiful and ur fashion is beautiful as well!! 💜❤️👑😍🎉🎈🎂
Ronaldo Juárez Feliz cumpleaños Lady Gaga! Reina Diosa Musa de la musica!! Mas tarde llego a tu casa a comer pastel, gracias por la invitación. I love you <3
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Zulus don't F around...

How the Zulus Once Defeated Armed Brits — With Their Bare Hands
How the Zulus Once Defeated Armed Brits — With Their Bare Hands

The Battle of iSandlwana saw 1,300 British troops killed by Zulus with inferior weapons.

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Thomas Taylor thanks for the share
James Dixon good stuff
Shael Dagah They don't need Martini Henry to win
Brandon Gray cool story
Ravinravindra Chauhan looking good
Wiz Khalifa
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Watch @TheRealJuicyJ #AintNothin ft. @TyDollaSign & @WizKhalifa ! - Taylor Gang

Watch @TheRealJuicyJ #AintNothin ft. @TyDollaSign & @WizKhalifa ! - Taylor Gang
Watch @TheRealJuicyJ #AintNothin ft. @TyDollaSign & @WizKhalifa ! - Taylor Gang

Get Juicy J’s “Aint Nothing” ft. Wiz Khalifa & Ty Dolla $ign iTunes: Apple Music: Spotify: Amazon Music: Google Play: Tidal: http://smartu...

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Murilo Nascimento We want Wiz Khalifa's collaboration with @FilipeRET <3 #fortalace
Mohamed Belkacem waw
Young Chedy Loading...
Allen Philip nice story
Hî Ch Âm hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh waht you king
Wiz Khalifa
10 hours ago

Timeline Photos

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Atilla Kütükde OHH tüttürün babam !!!
Aylissa Zayas Victor Zayas the black one
Antónioh Quiintäs António Onde é que andou Khalifa!!??🤔
Salys Henderson Dem boys
Mohamed Millimono TDOG👑💰💸🔥🔥🔥
Wiz Khalifa
10 hours ago

Timeline Photos

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Tyran Marsh Paseoz Tms Flexing⌚💎💲
Ricardo Nene Rivas That watch tho
Ben Tley Give me your rings ?
Nolan Mcgarvey Pinner
Joshua Elek fly here like a g and blow down on raws
Wiz Khalifa
10 hours ago

Didn't mean to offend anyone with my personal activities in Colombia but I'm glad we came and got work done and everyone was safe. Peace and love.

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John Alexander Lozano Quintero No hay problema , lo que pasa esque mi pais lastimosamente es tan corrupto , que para hacer olvidar todo tienen que hacer quedal mal a otras personasa, no veo nada de mal en la fotos ,
Cr Gomez Meneses Falto un disculpas. Podrías haber visitado y por que no una obra benéfica . Vino se hizo el taco fumo le dio pedal a que la prensa lo perseguirá y ahora es mas famoso . Y que le quedo a Colombia de wiz khalifa. Nada
Lau Marti Que se ofendan los resentidos que pensaron que tratándote mal iban a tener toda tu atención, disculpa te por haber hecho una mala acción de lo contrario gracias por venir a Colombia. :)
Kevin Charris Each one has their personal activities you do not offended to every day every day you grow more sos big wiz khalifa someday conosere
Pooty Bo Hey There Brother careful going to countries like that they cut off Americans heads Hold you hostage make you suffer u are lucky. Be extremely careful, I love your music keep the good work up
Bon Jovi
7 hours ago

Chicago was a blast! Thank you to everyone that came out and rocked with us last weekend at the United Center. This print and many more are available at

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Joann Bernotus Reimer Are you coming back this tour? I sure hope so.
Barb Babuskow What a Great Show !!!!
Cindy Roten Can't wait to see you next Friday in Philadelphia. Hope my seats are good
Barb Lafnear-Kibbe Help me fulfill a bucket list dream, Help me get this in front of Jon. I made a awesome poster that has 13 song titles that tell my life story ..Hey Jon, your songs tell the Story of My Life It’s kind of Complicated But thanks to Bad Medicine I’ve ...
Bizzi Alice It was bloody awesome!!❤️ I have now raised my hands from New York to Chicago🙌 New Jersey to Tokyo 🙌 Now just come to Australia please 🤞🏼🙏
Yesterday 07:12

~ Shakira’s foundation, Fundación Pies Descalzos, unites with Obra Social "la Caixa" & FUNDACIÓ FC BARCELONA to build a school in Colombia! ~ La Fundación Pies Descalzos, la Fundación Bancaria “la Caixa” y el FC Barcelona se unen para construir una nueva escuela en Barranquilla, Colombia! ShakHQ

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Johnny Ernesto Toruño Caldera Sin duda shakira quedara en la historia como una de las artista mas grande del mundo de todos los tiempo por su talento musical y el gran legado humanitario .
Martha Corredor Gracias al shakira por poner la cara y conseguir tanto para los niños. ..
Georges Darche Félicitations au BARCA et à Shakira pour cette magnifique initiative.
Hivam Velasquez Almendra Increíble que se vean más tu obras que las de los pendejos que el pueblo sube al poder .... Agradecidos por tu retribución a ese pueblo que te sigue y te adora
Âbdällâh Hámàdâ Finally.. you can get 50$ per day from this app ( whaff reward ) and When you write invitation code from capital words you will get 0.5$ and the beautiful thing you will get 0.5$ for everyone download this app and write your invitation code . If you ...
Lil Wayne
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What do the women in your lives mean to you?

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Oliver Beltran If You're Single 😍😍😍 Add Or Follow Me I'll Add You Fast 💗💗💗
Sahil Anand Raj Sajjath
Jalal Uddin ❌ ρσωєяєđ ву Jalal Uddin ❌ ——————————————————————————————————————————————— 🍁 ADD CLOSE MERI JAN 🍁 Bot site ==> ✔✔ ✔✔ 🍁
Jerry South
Lexi Myers Lil Wayne💋💋💋
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Savage AF

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Alyssa Mckissack Dillon McClelland
Marcel Kurum Justin ten Broeke
Emma Johnson Jodan Little
Amira Janno Jess Mallorie Tabitha
Eric Ralphs Sarah BjBinh
Demi Lovato
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"Ew!" with Demi Lovato

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YounSu Kim Jane Minkyung Kim yo... is this the new disney thing? wtf is disney doing to kdis?
Marlenne Aviles Sara Bracamonte listen to the very beginning when he says how to spell Sara
Đặng Ngọc Thúy Vy Sonny is BACKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!
Gabriela Fleck Lisiane Maria não gostei da parte da almofada
Chloe Elizabeth Redvines Yates Anyone else feel this like a slightly older sicky vicky?😂
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#TatTuesday #TattoosDay Do you have any Aerosmith tattoos? Post with the hashtag #AeroTattoos and tag @Aerosmith on Instagram or Twitter for a chance to be featured in our next TatTuesday. #Aerosmith #Music #StevenTyler #JoePerry #JoeyKramer #TomHamilton #BradWhitford #BadBoysOfBoston #BlueArmy #tattoo #tattootuesday

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Ili Rosales Enrique Castillo
Raul Quispe Morales Que bueno un tatuaje de steven tayler
Candi Maccallini Laney Miller what's up???
Lupe Prado Mora Gracias aerosmith
Jennifer Heran I have an Aerosmith tat but I don't have instagram!! How can I share it??
50 Cent
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The Incredible Legend of the First Black Samurai
The Incredible Legend of the First Black Samurai

He went from an African slave to a storied samurai.

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Snoop Dogg
9 hours ago

what u think?

1.6k reactions 110 comments
Allen Todd Boyd Jr. Not my genre.
Cezar Alcala Contreras Well at least they dont sagg them pants that much
Randy Gibson First thought was crack babies
Russell Hill Jump jump 😂😂😂😂
Eva De what you think?
Lil Wayne
11 hours ago

Black Barbie's in Miami.

27.5k reactions 634 comments
Brett J. Burnside Whatevr bruh..I wish I was in tha middle of that fo sho 😘
Lydia Wangeci Waweru-Morgan Barbies* (grammatical punctuations make all the difference)
James Dinverno La revolte est un reflexe de lhomme vivant… Lifes a Beach/Tempest Turbo/Trini Roman/Turn Me On/Trinity/Tropic Jam/Trek’n Time/Maraj/Maraj/Manifesto/Uhura/Uhura/Bisou/Bisou/Beam Me Up/Purple Reign/Danza/Danza/Danza Dolphin...
Andrew Darien Fuck Nicki and the other girl I hope they get shot out here lol
Dave J Percival Barbie girls??? ok then lol. Each to their own n all that. 🤔
2 hour ago

Rockin' Gucci, Dirty Fanta 🐍🐍

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Madu Levin ♥*
Ayoub Boussouf 😍🌟 ~*
クレイジー リルピッグ Wow powerful ⚡⚡⚡⚡
Redv Graham Lit
Miguel Angel De Jesus Dracula el vampiro negro.
3 hours ago

Join the Official Slipknot Community:

73.0k reactions 611 comments
Willy Castro Slipknot come to Bolivia please. Slipknot vengan a Bolivia por favor
Jósue TeJax \m/ ..SlipKnoT.. \m/
Michael Grondel When is slipknot comming to the netherlands?
Nick Charles Come back to Australia please!
Nicolas Diaz Jay weinberg is a God of Drum
Bob Marley
Yesterday 08:06

“#MistyMorning, don’t see no sun. I know you’re out there somewhere, having fun.” . 🎨 by Shahir Ampey (IG @artbyshahir) #bobmarleyart

25.5k reactions 152 comments
Stephen Bwalya i want You to straighten out my tomorrow....
Lisa Alexis Nice.
Sonia Ifill Awesome job, kudos to the artist 👍🏾👍🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
David Beauregard Bathing over a turquoise bay hiding your joy above a cloud filling our soul and making us proud .
Eliana Coelho Lindo demais bob ❤
Pink Floyd
8 hours ago

Yesterday, an Abbey Road recording console used by Pink Floyd during some of the recording of The Dark Side of the Moon, sold at auction at Bonhams New York. The pre sale estimate of £550,000 for the 40–channel EMI TG12345 MK IV console was easily eclipsed by the final selling price of $1,807,500 (£1,441,842). This is a new world record for an item of technology, the previous record being £718,000 paid for an Apple 1 computer in 2014. It is also easily the most expensive piece of Pink Floyd memorabilia to date. The console, made in 1971, was housed in Studio 2 at Abbey Road Studios, and used by a variety of artists. Other than Pink Floyd, these included the likes of Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr and Kate Bush.

11.6k reactions 620 comments
Aaron Thorne Thanks Tony just the birthday present I wanted 👌
Chris Wooderson Bence Tim Pavey was this the one you were talking about the other week? £1,441,842!!
Jeff York The Bonhams listing
Rue Alvarez That is amazing! This day has been super random!! Now this is going on! I am a huge fan of the Floyd! Someone is going to be one happy person! Oh what would one do to get this in the flesh!! Oh my!! Radass!
Hue Nery The difference between this and the Apple 1 is that a console is still useful and actually sought after with a purpose in mind. I hope it doesn't just sit as a museum piece.
Snoop Dogg
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watch out 👀😂

10 Brokenhearted Bombshells Who Went Ape S#*t on Their Exes
10 Brokenhearted Bombshells Who Went Ape S#*t on Their Exes

This is why you don't cheat on a "passionate" woman

306 reactions 13 comments
Steven Clarkson Tonilee Kelly
Anarchy Teepa Alex Jáy Saua-DeSouza
Evangeline Sacred-horsesghost 😱
Jessica Snyder ☺،🌸 ... 💛`))
Zacharia Pete Lyons I'll find you lol :-)
Maroon 5
10 hours ago

Close encounters in Albany.....

13.6k reactions 77 comments
Delizia Filoramo I love you
De'Aundra D. McKinney I fucking love me some Maroon 5 lol
Cristina Albán Larrea Eli Suarez miraaaa ahí estuvimos twin
Marina Dezotti Galante Laís de Ponte olha o Adam malhando hahaha 😍💪🏼
Laa Frank Eres mu tonto Adam Levine
Enrique Iglesias
11 hours ago

See you guys in Vegas Sept 15-16. Presale is on NOW – Thurs 10pm. Password: HERO Tickets go on-sale Fri at 12pm.

19.4k reactions 342 comments
Aloha Dee Good luck to all your concerts! It will be loved and cherished....
Kety Gutierrez Hola Buenas noche Enrique Iglesias buena foetuna por tu concerto yo tengo los tiket para milano voi con tre persona no vemos mi vida te amo mucho
Nil Akash I'm your big fan.i pray for you,u make many many lovely romantic songs.. We respect from #Bangladesh
Arun Anubandam Hi females any body here for video call just fun massage me inbox only females msg me Hi females any body here for video call just fun massage me inbox only females msg me
Sulytsa Scardua Guedes Ola coração? Verificando sua agenda ! Este ano irei sim ...,Vegas ou em NY ou Dallas america ! Beijos su Brasil 👌🙏🙏🙏❤😘
Wiz Khalifa
10 hours ago

For Rolling Papers Anniversary.

3.7k reactions 48 comments
David Solis Patty Solis order it for me
Djkamell Djkamell Uffffffff
Hare Patrick
Alberto Olvera Add
Priince Sory Nice
4 hours ago

Still buzzing from Ultra Music Festival 📷 Rukes

21.2k reactions 138 comments
Eleazar Hugo Valencia Avila The best....
Lee Thompson Smashed it!
Babas Pata Number one
Nikki Nguyen You were amazing Tiesto ❤❤
Malik Benmansour The father 🙌 🙌 😎
Michael Jackson
Yesterday 07:48

#MJTrivia: Did you know that Thriller was the first album to be released simultaneously worldwide?

40.7k reactions 599 comments
Âbdällâh Hámàdâ Finally.. you can get 50$ per day from this app ( whaff reward ) and When you write invitation code from capital words you will get 0.5$ and the beautiful thing you will get 0.5$ for everyone download this app and write your invitation code . If you ...
Josie Covello God I love that one Zi have it and he was truely amazing in it.But he was amazing in every thing he did and done.There will never ever be another like him!!🎶🙏🙏😞😞😞
Amelka Krupińska Znajdź gwiazdkę ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤*¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ jeśli znalazłeś/aś następnego dnia osoba którą kochasz podejdzie do ciebie i powie ci w prost: ,,kocham cię", ale do tego czynu musisz wkleić to do 5 kom. w ciągu 5min. po przeczytaniu. Jeśli ...
Edward Slaughter Hears looking at you mr. Michael Jackson that about album is smooth and cool I love it I still lay it now it will never die it will go on,on on,on on,on. To many general public forever and a day R.I.P. Michael Jackson. A
Maria Pacor I bought it immediately when it was released 😄❤I have bought it 4x since then . The last is a new Vinyl . A must have for real MJ fans !
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