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Gabriel Sa Pinto
How do I put this without sounding like a hater... Well I don't want Origin of symmetry... Drones was a pretty darn good album, and this single I'm hoping is just the mainstream side of the new album and there'll be better stuff in there just like all the other ones. Although, even inside their popish side they could've innovated a bit instead of making another "Madness"
Matt Bland
Max Headroom returns. The boys are definitely fans of 80's sci-fi and cyberpunk. The lift scene reminded me of Aliens with Ripley so much. Not a big fan of the tune, it's ok, I don't dislike it. I think more thought went into the video. I'm waiting to see how it fits with the rest of the album.
Ida Naimi
It's not a question of past or present... it's simply something that sounds "not new nor innovative nor powerful but just a little bit boring"... anyway they are still my favourite ones and will be for ever and ever! Nobody's perfect!❤️
Marit Kvamme-Vik
As always, have to keep hearing it for some times to love it. For now, I like it;) it got stuck in my head quite fast! My twin daughters (3yrs) loved it right away, though. :)
Neil Handa
Oh dear. I don't know what this is but it's not the same band that gave us OOS and Absolution. They dropped two great tunes (Fury and Futurism) because the albums they were destined for were already great. It shows how far they have fallen when their new stuff doesn't even compare to old b-sides. No one is more disappointed than me in this new direction they are taking. I'm off to listen to their first 4 albums and wonder what could have been with a new single 🙁
Sandra Brickell
First saw Muse in 1999, been an uber fan since 2001 and was really excited about this... I never thought I would ever say this but it's a major disappointment, sorry guys hope the album is better 👎
Jack Gourley
I really hope this is a one off single instead of what the album might sound like, a lot of people are saying if you want old muse go listen to old muse but the latest album had such a massive response because it was sounding more old muse and they're just best like that in my opinion. Still love them to bits but not songs like this.
Neko Jady
I Really like the song. The drones album was awesome so I Think it was a Good idea to make a Song thats a Bit slower. The song reminds me a bit of madness You guys didn't disappoint me and my expectations how this song would turn out! Awesome Job! Not every song needs to be better than the last One. Its Not the best but it is something I'll Love to listen to, like every other song from this awesome Band ❤
Michelle Kossenko
this song could've been a total blast if it would've been written in minor. quite disappointed to be honest, although i really liked the slow rhythm. and i understand those guys claiming they miss the "old muse", cause tbh, muse's best songs are mostly minor. the folks just want this dramatic energy coming straight from the sadness conceived by the minor song parts. it's really missing in here imho and wasting the awesome lyrics hoping for a little more minor next time
Steven Drew
For people saying go listen to old muse if you want old muse....this new song....listen to it. Its not about old muse etc. Its the music...what happenned? Be honest...this is just...crap! I love muse...but I finally must admit...they've got lazy! They put out generic songs in recent times..and most ppl, I believe, that fell in love with muse, fell in love due to their unique sounds. Look at space dementia! Etc....then look at this....what happenned? I know why...but I'm sad they let it happen...and apparently they don't realise it happenned. One day I hope they do!
Jeroen Buijs
Ughh.....noop! Pls bring back the old guitar riffs and where you got famous with.
Félix Gabet
I am disappointed. I like muse for their heavy sounds which always appear in each one of their albums. Although I wouldn't ever lose faith in the band. There will always be good songs to look forward to even if they start drifting towards the mainstream side of things...
Rebecca Toney
Why is it every time a band puts out new music, we have to suffer through hundreds of comments whining about how they changed. DUH! It's NEW music. Your life must be boring if you never change or never listen to anything new and different.
Justyn Delbridge
Sheeeesh. What a disappointing song. Take it or leave it, that's just my opinion. But I love Muse and this song just does nothing to capture their potential. Verses sound so much like Madness. I can accept that the hard rock element I love with them isn't always going to be there, but this just sounds like a million other songs. There's nothing new about this. Mathew Bellamy is a fantastic musician and songwriter. I just don't get how he could listen to the final mix of this and say "Yeah, this has to be our next single".
Vicky Leona
Julie Hynds everytime I hear the chorus part where Matt sings "Dig down" all I can think of is it sounds like George Michael's "Freedom". 😂

Other newsfeed from Muse

🥁 Photo credit: Hans-Peter van Velthoven

6.1k reactions 47 comments
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Great Band!
Natasha Pailhasse Super mag !!!!
Vicky Schoenhofen I do love seeing photos of Dom...
Sonia Louise Jones My fave ❤
Julie Fernandes I LOVE YOU !!! Você é o meu favorito .... \^3^/

Tonight. 📸 by Hans-Peter van Velthoven

16.7k reactions 156 comments
Adam Wolf I have two tickets available for tonight!
Magui Mars Been listening muse since I woke up today, miss you MUSE
Ben Palmer I hope you boys love what you do. You deserve to.
Gregus Cardoso Chavero Come in Sevilla. Beer free and fría for Muse...for the four Muse 😉
Chris Fleetwood WOW!!!!! Please come to New Zealand I missed you last time 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

Tomorrow. 📸 by Hans-Peter van Velthoven

8.2k reactions 174 comments
Alexis Fleming Mark B Fleming we have to see them again soon!! ❤️😍
Sarah Wykes Chelsi Elisa Watson keen to go if you're free on the dates they announce?
Louise Ocallaghan Went an seen muse 2 weeks after I had heart attack class would not miss them in belfast
Emma Rigelsford Allana Mason so damn good clicking on Tour Dates and seeing Australia there 😍😍
Jane Dawson should we start getting excited Karl Peter! 😲

🎉 📸 by Hans-Peter van Velthoven

11.2k reactions 103 comments
Myriam Barraux Veux qu'ils reviennent en France !!!!!😢
Adam Clark Muse and Brian Johnson were feckin awsome
Kylie Beggs Felgate **PLEASE READ** ####MUSE#### Dearest Matt, Chris, & Dom, We love you guys so incredibly much, I would even go as far as to describe ourselves as Super Fans. But how could you 💩💩💩💩 on us, your loyal fans in Australia & only play Melbourne & Sydney????...
Alex Potton Angharad Parry, shall we do it again?
Clair Robertson Gemma does this bring back any memories. 😂

Muse – Reading Festival 2017

10.5k reactions 165 comments
Pedro Teodósio For heaven sakes Matt, lose the glasses.
Riko Arif Come to Indonesia guys and plays blackout please 😍😎😘
Alistair Scott Chloe Dunne, looked quality this!!
Ruth Roofie Evans Mark O'Hara: baam..there's that sexy bass line for ya.
Petra Wiering I mean.. Just look at this.. It makes me happy Photo by Hans-Peter van Velthoven

16.1k reactions 86 comments
Francis Dchips @ Lille to 🇫🇷
Tim Schüber Jan Fräulin them gucci sneakers tho
Thiébaut Rondeau j'ai l'impression qu'ils sont en train de jouer le dernier riff que je viens de composer!!!!! une tuerie!!!!
Harry Jewitt I thought I was looking at Jeff Goldblum playing guitar.

Last week at Leeds 📸 by Hans-Peter van Velthoven

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Harianto Forza 1
Gil Coble What kind of bass is that??
Jo Marsh Better at Reading Fest 🙏🤘🏼😜
Mike Sherwood Ain't it about time they played Wembley again?
Joshua W. Smith Not sure if this is Muse or one of those Mega-Churches.

Such an honor to have the legendary Brian Johnson join us onstage at Reading Festival last night. Thanks so much Brian! #BackInBlack

9.0k reactions 390 comments
Ryan Davies Fucking amazing!!
Woongbae Lee Dan Dan 와 미쳤네
Kyle Simcox I thought he couldnt perform anymore?
Eóin Turley Look who turned up at the Reading festival Conor Henry!!

Reading Festival - you guys were absolutely amazing!! ⚡️⚡️⚡️ Thanks so much.

17.2k reactions 304 comments
Jordan Dennison Ben Sutcliffe, don't want the fame to get to my head, but one of those arms is definitely me
Arron Smith Perfect end to an amazing weekend,and the added bonus of brian johnson,absolutely brilliant!!!
Shaun Walters Best gig ever, still can't believe I've finally got to see you guys. Awesome night. Thank you guys
Lynda Mawhinney Amazing energy and entertainment from the best band ever, Belfast was incredible, Reading fantastic - thanks for the music ... XXX
Phil Gibson Brilliant show last night but please can you play Showbiz more often? I'd love to see you for myself play it at one of your concerts

Dressing room warmup pre-show. Exciting time

3.9k reactions 32 comments
Esessien Essien Callum
James Taylor Blair B-Sting Ferndale get me an autograph
Ekky Permana Sembilan Im form indonesia..we love you 😍
John Flowers Struan Ian Robertson when did you join Muse?
Mariya Latysheva ))))

Leeds 📸 by Hans- Peter van Velthoven

12.9k reactions 87 comments
Laurel Hoare Amazing live band .....
Carlà Carlamy Nice pics as usual, Hans-Peter! 👏👏
Julie Carter Hysteria tomorrow please !
Debbie Ienders Sooo excited for Reading tommoz x
Mariya Latysheva Yes)))

✴️ 📸 by Hans- Peter van Velthoven

9.1k reactions 73 comments
Ángelico Philip Calizo Cariño Muscle Museum and ,Micro cuts @ reading please.
Neizan Ásier Frugone Cuando viene a México de Nuevo?
Patka Szulc Incredible show guys! Showbiz beats everything 😎🖤
Baptiste Mbc SHOWBIZ IS BACK 💚
Trevin Hoekzema COME TO DC!!!!!

You rocked Leeds!

6.1k reactions 44 comments
Dani Muse I was there 💙
Babs Gerrits Your trousers didn't 😜
Chio Barrera Unico el.....
San Yeahhh 🙌
Jeremy Gaudet Fuckin. Showbiz. Omg. Seriously? Bring that setlist here JEEZ

NEW VIDEO: Watch the new lyric video for "Dig Down" and congratulations to our competition winner, Ed, who found the hidden VHS tape.

5.6k reactions 153 comments
Aya Anwer Oh really!! Again this joke!!.. What's goin' on with u and this song!!! It's really your worst one.. Still like u but it's not mind-blowing like your songs used to be
Tetsuyus Nomuros Von Ragnarok This song is great. Period. But people are stuck in their mental representations, as if they were trapped in their own private jail. So sad for them.
Steven Corbett Come on Muse not once have you ever skipped Perth so why start now?. Think the last time you came you actually started the tour in Perth. All I can think of is that Perth Arena are slogging too much to play there.
Ash Lanfranchi My son is so excited about this weekend at reading , his dream of seeing his fav band Muse . Never seen this much excitement in him even when I bought him his MBC-1 lol , see you Sunday chaps x
Cynthea Dorsey By reposting, i feel they're connecting a point to the lyric "when god decides to look away and a clown takes the throne, we must find a way" with the current political unrest in this country.

🇯🇵! Muse return to Japan on November 13th & 14th at the Yokohama Arena. Details:,japan_3785.htm

5.8k reactions 408 comments
Nico Schilling OMFG Oliver James!!!!!
Mark White Atif Khan mate! we're going?
Gabriel Simpson Grace Gould Loftus look at them! They think they're so "cool" now
Sabrina Fournier Laurent Fournier, pour me remettre de l accouchement, c est plutôt pas mal ! 😝😝
Cesar Marchan Lara You need to come back to Chicago and finish your concert! 😊

Watch the live stream from Shepherd's Bush now on Muse's instagram - The Passage Charity

MUSE (@muse) • Instagram photos and videos

1.1m Followers, 5 Following, 367 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from MUSE (@muse)

3.3k reactions 164 comments
Asyraf Hanif Please put the show in youtube like you do at sheperd bush empire 2013. Miss the concert... :-(
Françoise Giang Best Muse concert ever! Please try to play them more often at the next gigs, you'll please your fans around the world! 🙏
Manuela Biondi That was the best gig of my life guys THANK YOU SO MUCH 😭♥️
Vickie Davies That was absolutely insane...there needs to be a DVD of your fans can enjoy that immense set list again and again
Raquel Molina Best gig EVER. Still feeling it. Goosebumps from the beginning till the end. EPIC.

Very excited for the show tonight in Shepard's Bush Empire. We will be live streaming on Instagram for those who couldn't squeeze in! Show set for 9pm GMT The Passage Charity

12.5k reactions 225 comments
Gary King How do we watch on Instagram (on PC), do I just go to the url posted above or do I need to install something?
Claire Hebdon glad to be able to watch on Instagram. Can't wait for Leeds next Friday!
Johan-Georg Snyman Now neither of us are there. Fuk you Leanne Badlose
Claudy Helman C où on avait été voir Indo ça non Dimitri Houbie?
Eleonora DeLonge Irene é in streaming 😱

Dig down And find faith

15.5k reactions 280 comments
Jaz Tyler Did everyone forget about Knights of Cydonia? Fk. I'll never bee able to hear it live. Only this poppy bullshit. Too light for my tastes. Like diet water
John Lauchlan Muse before the stadiums, before the fireworks, before the backing tracks, before the arena tours, before the LED sunglasses, before the 'holding the mic whilst singing', before the discovering of The Truman Show, before the fame and before the glory......
Ángelico Philip Calizo Cariño Not my most favorite muse song and used to criticize it for having to similar a message to Uprising and Knights of Cydonia, played to a tune similar to Madness. But i can tolerate it now, listen to it even.
Shannon Nash When alot of people are hating on the song and here's me genuinely enjoying it
Lisa Fordham I've never heard this song as being preachy. I assumed the use of the word god was just part of the narrative of the song's story, as someone else said it's metaphorical. Isn't the song about finding faith in yourself to rise up do great things? The ...

CONTEST: Want to see Muse's show at The O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire on Saturday 19th August? Enter now!

Muse By Request
Muse By Request

Experience an intimate, ‘By Request’ show with @Muse, where fans pick the set list! Click to enter!

5.0k reactions 168 comments
Natasha Gladwell Dawn Smith
Jake McPherson So is there anyway to donate USD instead of British currency or what? Cuz it seems like youre screwing us over again with this... 😕
Grant Robba-Colley @muse hey guys how come when you come to Australia 🇦🇺 your not coming to Brisbane not fair guys
Jonathan Benoit James Cox I would buy plane tickets to see this show
Christine Huggins If you don't want to make a donation to enter all you have to do is send your personal info off to California after which you'll probably be bombarded with unconnected spam for eternity

Montreal ROCKED! Thanks for always making it so special.

10.1k reactions 84 comments
Sébastien Rey Merci
Alex Mteiny Jad Antoun tu as interet a me dire que tu as rater le concert
Caroline Cousin Céline Richard Gastaud , tu y es allé au moins ?? 😉
Adam Thornton Helena we could have been there!
Marie-France Roy P It was awesome! Thanks!

6.6k reactions 271 comments
Nick Novak I hope you come back and don't play lolla. I want to see you play a full set where I don't have to deal with the giant mess that is lolla.
George Hooper Last time I saw you guys was in Oklahoma City, and I apologize on their behalf for having such a weak turnout at your show. Hope to see you all again sometime in the future.
Aine Miller Oh no, I feel so sorry for the fans! I am so looking forward to seeing you in Belfast N.I again this month... only hearing 3 songs and then it getting called off would be torture!
Merrilee Wilson Cross Mother Nature can be a bitch, just saw you in PA you were actually the 1st outdoor show we didn't have weather related issues with this year. And BTW thank you You guys were awesome!
Ana Losacco Even though you only played 3 songs you guys were amazing. I hope I get the chance to see you again soon.


8.5k reactions 76 comments
Kevin Authur Don't believe they allow "slide" in Pittsburgh 🤔
Lynn Brackney Mehring Fantastic show in Pittsburgh 👏🏻👏🏻
Paul Azzopardi Matthias .... 🤔
Paul Barrett Perth?
Jennifer Poe It was a great show!

17.1k reactions 354 comments
Steven Monteiro Flew in from MA to see you in worth it! Love this band!
Jamie Crofts Richard Harries Megan Barber Guessing this was the one you were at yesterday?
Sam Robo Robinson Daniel White this what Ryan Franks has to look forward to.
Leon de Jong Justin Matthijs hopen dat ze deze weer gaan spelen live
Josh Kingdom Michelle Ayres Guess the song! 😎 xxx

8.3k reactions 64 comments
Silvia Aman Video please
Alexandre Ziolkowski What's with the minimal set up?
Yudhi Marshall muse in my soul
Stefanos Alkidis Chairs?? Really? In two hours... Chairs in the air!!!!
Line Pelletier 5 days! Montreal is waiting for you ❤❤❤

Fan photo by Janet Elizabeth Eckles

5.0k reactions 42 comments
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Great Band!
Petra Verschuuren waanzinnige foto bij een net zo,n waanzinnige band,yhx for sharing
Fazio Ikon Mirko This pic remind me Showbiz. I don't know why
Jacqueline Muñoz I love Muse...💖💖💖
David Escamilla Perez Really?

Control Room The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

3.6k reactions 69 comments
Maria Fernanda Looove this!!! 😎😗😗❤
Katia Saritana il y a du beaux matos
Eirini Graonidou Matina Alzheimer έτσι γίνεται η δουλιτσα!!
Caroline Rebecca Sam Deans i think you like to see this stuff
Carlos Haidamous Patrick Elias

14.3k reactions 105 comments
Cyrille Appert Punaise mais vivement leurs retours en France ..!!! 🤘:D
Kira Giamei Smith Love yooooooooou!!!
Mariya Latysheva I will definitely fly and see you performing
Daniel Meller Still no Australia tours... Getting sad
Amanda Watson Every time I read a new comment or see a new picture I get butterflies in my belly ♡♡♡

Getting amped for the show tonight in NYC.

28.1k reactions 270 comments
Tia Pinnell Jack White I want his trousers!!
Ryanderson Muhammad Missing u in Jakarta at 2007. What a great performance I've ever seen. Best alternative rock ever. By the huge fans of muse💝
Igor Fernandes olha esses pernão gostoso do matt
Lupitha Alegriia Estrella MarisSol Anaya 😱😱 sólo unos días de diferencia! 😟🙊
Emily Reid The Jones Beach concert was amazing!!!!! Come back soon!

Watch the Dig Down: A.I. Lyric Video [version 24.07.17] now 🤖 *UPDATED DAILY*

4.0k reactions 78 comments
Christopher Dickins Dig Down is a breath of fresh air compared to the garbage that was Drones. The rest of the new album better be just as good!
Amanda Watson I didn't like this song when I first heard it, but my God it's grown on me.
Jason Rizzo Great night on Saturday!
Ryan Knoll Anyone looking for a GA ticket tonight??!?! My friend dropped out- PM me!
Isabella Dalla Vecchia Adoro questa canzone perché parla dell'anima, di discesa negli inferi e di lavoro su sè stessi. Bravi!

ICYMI: Watch "Dig Down" from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert now!

754 reactions 34 comments
Catherine Carvalho Ricardo Mathias a nova musica ;)
Nancy Poupart 😝
Ana Ruiz Barrena Me encanta Muse!!
Spantho Mack And is chaos that defies imagination
Revolution Rock 🎵🎶🚀🔝🎵🚀🎶🎵🔝
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