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Gabriel Sa Pinto
How do I put this without sounding like a hater... Well I don't want Origin of symmetry... Drones was a pretty darn good album, and this single I'm hoping is just the mainstream side of the new album and there'll be better stuff in there just like all the other ones. Although, even inside their popish side they could've innovated a bit instead of making another "Madness"
Matt Bland
Max Headroom returns. The boys are definitely fans of 80's sci-fi and cyberpunk. The lift scene reminded me of Aliens with Ripley so much. Not a big fan of the tune, it's ok, I don't dislike it. I think more thought went into the video. I'm waiting to see how it fits with the rest of the album.
Ida Naimi
It's not a question of past or present... it's simply something that sounds "not new nor innovative nor powerful but just a little bit boring"... anyway they are still my favourite ones and will be for ever and ever! Nobody's perfect!❤️
Marit Kvamme-Vik
As always, have to keep hearing it for some times to love it. For now, I like it;) it got stuck in my head quite fast! My twin daughters (3yrs) loved it right away, though. :)
Neil Handa
Oh dear. I don't know what this is but it's not the same band that gave us OOS and Absolution. They dropped two great tunes (Fury and Futurism) because the albums they were destined for were already great. It shows how far they have fallen when their new stuff doesn't even compare to old b-sides. No one is more disappointed than me in this new direction they are taking. I'm off to listen to their first 4 albums and wonder what could have been with a new single 🙁
Sandra Brickell
First saw Muse in 1999, been an uber fan since 2001 and was really excited about this... I never thought I would ever say this but it's a major disappointment, sorry guys hope the album is better 👎
Jack Gourley
I really hope this is a one off single instead of what the album might sound like, a lot of people are saying if you want old muse go listen to old muse but the latest album had such a massive response because it was sounding more old muse and they're just best like that in my opinion. Still love them to bits but not songs like this.
Neko Jady
I Really like the song. The drones album was awesome so I Think it was a Good idea to make a Song thats a Bit slower. The song reminds me a bit of madness You guys didn't disappoint me and my expectations how this song would turn out! Awesome Job! Not every song needs to be better than the last One. Its Not the best but it is something I'll Love to listen to, like every other song from this awesome Band ❤
Michelle Kossenko
this song could've been a total blast if it would've been written in minor. quite disappointed to be honest, although i really liked the slow rhythm. and i understand those guys claiming they miss the "old muse", cause tbh, muse's best songs are mostly minor. the folks just want this dramatic energy coming straight from the sadness conceived by the minor song parts. it's really missing in here imho and wasting the awesome lyrics hoping for a little more minor next time
Steven Drew
For people saying go listen to old muse if you want old muse....this new song....listen to it. Its not about old muse etc. Its the music...what happenned? Be honest...this is just...crap! I love muse...but I finally must admit...they've got lazy! They put out generic songs in recent times..and most ppl, I believe, that fell in love with muse, fell in love due to their unique sounds. Look at space dementia! Etc....then look at this....what happenned? I know why...but I'm sad they let it happen...and apparently they don't realise it happenned. One day I hope they do!
Jeroen Buijs
Ughh.....noop! Pls bring back the old guitar riffs and where you got famous with.
Félix Gabet
I am disappointed. I like muse for their heavy sounds which always appear in each one of their albums. Although I wouldn't ever lose faith in the band. There will always be good songs to look forward to even if they start drifting towards the mainstream side of things...
Rebecca Toney
Why is it every time a band puts out new music, we have to suffer through hundreds of comments whining about how they changed. DUH! It's NEW music. Your life must be boring if you never change or never listen to anything new and different.
Justyn Delbridge
Sheeeesh. What a disappointing song. Take it or leave it, that's just my opinion. But I love Muse and this song just does nothing to capture their potential. Verses sound so much like Madness. I can accept that the hard rock element I love with them isn't always going to be there, but this just sounds like a million other songs. There's nothing new about this. Mathew Bellamy is a fantastic musician and songwriter. I just don't get how he could listen to the final mix of this and say "Yeah, this has to be our next single".
Vicky Leona
Julie Hynds everytime I hear the chorus part where Matt sings "Dig down" all I can think of is it sounds like George Michael's "Freedom". 😂

Other newsfeed from Muse

The name’s Velvet... Crushed Velvet

14.3k reactions 173 comments
Louw Kemp Jesus is coming back soon - Get ready with extra oil - Repent and live in His Priesthood and Kingdom
Steven Archibald Anyone want to buy a signed muscle museum ep !!!!!👐💿🖊
Monika Kasprzyk The sweetest guy and voice on the planet ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Athena Miyama That would be a great drag queen name! 😘
Sam Burrill Is this Patrick Dangerfield on Mad Monday Pope?

Setlist: MUSE by Spotifyを聴くには、以下のリンクをクリック 🔊➡️

3.6k reactions 61 comments
Mario Caligiore terrible setlist
Jack Johnson Needs more showbiz boys x
Pedro Bellamy Showbiz as bonus please...
Susanne Kolmos Pedersen thanks for the opportunity to take part at livestreaming - 🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰
Maddison Elizabeth Wills Simon Richards im really happy with this!!!!!

61.2k reactions 19552 comments
Carol Driscoll Life is just perfect right now before dreaded hospital appointment later. I shall think of Matt in waiting room.
Jowita Querbach von Raffini Love and Greetings from Germany! My 8-years old daughter loves You!!! you are my musical rescue since Freddy mercury is dead...
Jonathan Richards Hearing Dig down live I honestly don't get how people hate it. It sounds really good like all their other songs.
Elke Wallace Thank you MUSE for the livestream!!! I only got on after eleven but it's been brilliant!!! You guys are the most awesome and inspirational band for me!! Loving every second here ... :-) <3
Travis DeRoche Muse Is AWESOME!...Thank Y’All for This!...Just got off from work & I saw this...What A Great Surprise!...Been a Fan since “Origin of the Symmetry” album came out!...KEEP ON ROCKIN, Y’All!!!

LIVE STREAM: Watch Muse live from Yokohama, Japan on Tuesday 14 November at 7pm JST / 10am GMT / 5am EST on Facebook. LINK:

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Leesar Leesini Corey Petria 8pm tonight, lovers!
Tragic Comedyn Janice Gustin Smythe Must watch krub P'Jan. 5pm. 🎶
Pete Haig Would rather watch live at a NEW ZEALAND concert!!!
Kirstie Marie Claire Green at first I seen finally now I see anally, now I can’t unsee anally.. 😂😂😂
Hélène Levsr I d love to see it but i work at 10 am.... :((

“Easily” cover by Daniel Ferri

5.5k reactions 144 comments
James Griffiths Tommy Ernst love the dog at the start 😂👌
Marziya Mohammedali Yes! Finally recognised Daniel's amazing work
Kalle Hummasti Check out Daniel's acoustic Plug in baby cover. It's really good!
Aaron Nuila Damn!!!!! That's means there's still hope for my recognition!!!!!!!!!!!! Hell yes! 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
David Schlissel Meh. If I wanted an air supply version of muse this would still be too soft.

Fun show at #blizzcon tonight

9.7k reactions 280 comments
Kimbo Dee Lisa, when worlds collide...
Will Garrison Ryan Maeghan it's two of our favorite things combined!
Layla Evans-Lowry Watched via virtual ticket. Matt had a view diva moments but looked and sounded like an awesome set.
David Goodenough Julien ma croix is ruuuuuuunning ooooooout !
Ivan Bellamy De Santis Sara :'( l'evento di overwatch che ti dicevo :''(


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Nick Matteucci you should have done ANOTHER Cramps cover this year. YOU LAZY ASS!!! :v <3
Igor Nikitenko Rammstein style? ;) For some reason I was reminded of...
Tamsin Middleton Could have done something new for this year
Cole Johnson Yo when is this going to be up on spotify? Such a good song
Gregg John I just tought about it today ^^


7.6k reactions 120 comments
Hélène Levsr Ok for all but syphillis 😅
Matthieu Pierre Ça sent le nouvel album ça Pascal Vallée!!! Et ok pour samedi mon Calou!!!!
شعبان خالد انْآ گآتٌبْ عربْيَ ... ممكن الدخول لبروفايلي شكرآ للعقول الراقيه اللي هتدخل بروفيلي واذا اعجبتك منشوراتي قم بإضافة #متابعة ليصلك جديد منشوراتـى
Stella Fox all deseases are becouse of nerves and only syphillis is becouse of love!
Coen Hagenaars Thijs triggered...

Listening back with Rich Costey.

7.5k reactions 59 comments
Ryan Still Boston?
Casey Fitzpatrick I cannot wait for new music! Keep up the good work!
Elo Die Are you tired or are you spirited singing ?
David Knight Is he visiting you in hospital with a fire extinguisher?

The MB DR-1 is out of its case.

14.9k reactions 246 comments
Jesús VeMart Vega Deja de pensar pendejadas y vuelve a hacer buenas canciones Cabron!!!
Peter Friend What does the D R stand for??
Michael Fryer Harry, I hope he takes the new album out of the case next XD
Aimee Herrera I don't know what that means but I'm excited!!! ❤🎶🎶
Sophie Cabre-yak Best band for me ! Thank you Guys for your lovely music ... 🎹🎼🎤❤️

Play Back.

12.4k reactions 126 comments
Laly Maidana Keep it going you guys! We love you and expect you coming back to Argentina soon!
Karl Bellamy Meighan you have to come back tu mexico city, do you remember your promise?
Jeremy Ramos Is it just me or does he look like rob dyrdek
Louisa Jane Chris looks so startled lol
Péter Benkő well it can't get any worse, so go for it

Full Blow Out.

18.2k reactions 226 comments
Ivan Mosby Come to Tijuana c:, i´ll get you Tacos and Craft Beer :D
April Butcher at first glance i thought the caption was Fall Out Boy and i fangirled wayyy too hard
Melissa Graham I'm having marching band flashbacks!! :-P
Jan Nellmegil Chvátal Is there some instrument you guys do not play? :D
Julie Favre-Lejoly Pierre-Jean perso' , je fais la même tête que Dom quand je dois souffler dans quelque chose X'D

Muse are headlining The World Famous KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas at The Forum in Los Angeles on December 9th. Details at,kroqs-almost-acoustic-christmas_3790.htm #KROQXMAS

6.9k reactions 793 comments
Jenn Willson Amber Lee should we go to California to see muse and lumineers
Robinson G Tommy muse ,morrissey,killers,weezer. WTF 4 of my fave bands in 1 place. how i wish i was there
Maxim Pekarsky My three all time favorite bands. One festival. Wow.
Simonluca Barletta Alessandro: è in questi momenti che vorrei essere di Los Angeles!!!
Alison Cooper Jo fancy a trip to LA?! Muse, Royal Blood AND The Killers?! 😍

Waiting in the wings

4.9k reactions 140 comments
Rohit Saini see pretty sure u r checking my comment but let me tell u...u r the greatest ever..
Melanie Clarke Looking like you’ve been committed to a wing Matt 😉
Adam Brookfield there sits the worlds greatest living guitar player.
Amanda Moore Matt a nerd? did you just start a new trend with you sox?
Erik E. Carlson They're never photographed with groupies and beer. Maybe all of that runs its course by 35.

Just a nice casual 28” kick drum..

16.8k reactions 608 comments
Walter Morelli Michele Marzulliquando dico ci vuole una cassa massiccia...intendo cosi ahahaha
Trevor Sewers Whoa, whoa, whoa....settle down Tommy Lee, I think you need a Snickers!
Mariah Nichole Kelly Dawson I think the drummer from The Sluts needs this giant barrel of awesome lol
Péter Benkő this means more shitty stompy songs I suppose
Mathew Luke Faulkner Stuart Williams this album better be good!

Laying down some bass.

21.0k reactions 246 comments
Jo Reis We need you to play in south of Brasil really soon!
Dave Powlina Oh what I’d give to be in that room
Vicki Hamilton Smink Please, please, please, please, PLEASE come to South Carolina on your next tour!!
Bradly Bruner Slappin' da bass is acceptable as well and rightfully suggested.
Jim O'Neill Nice to see you guys all working together. Most bands nowadays do most bits separate

Good sounds coming together.

12.8k reactions 164 comments
Brian Pav McCrite So excited you all are performing at blizzcon this year! Stoked sirs
Anarchic Rain Please, please, please...come back to the rock side ;)
Chloe Morrell Forget more cowbell. Someone needs more toner 🙈💇
Stefania Lamedica I’ll waiting for your next concert...❤️
Michael Gil The boys getting started early today 👌

Back in the studio with Rich Costey.

14.4k reactions 277 comments
Denise Knight Oh really Matt 😉 Chris looks kinda worried and Howard almost jealous 🤣 Can't wait 👍🎶❤
Markus Dianniny Daí só sai coisa boa Acho que vem novidade por ae em, primo. Hehhehehe Henrique Nunes
Vic Roberts can u do please more dubstep and synths
Conrad GandalftheGrey Rowlands Fucking outstanding.... Whatever you do will be amazing; It always, always is!
Gaby Carbajal Don't you dare to fucking leave him! Stick to him for the entire album!

Here we go

44.8k reactions 657 comments
Seth Oliver Olson I love everything you guys have released. You have become my favorite band. There's no other band out there like you. Such a unique sound. Ignore the haters. Keep on doing your thing. 😎
Anders Seierup the spirit of showbizz - the drive of origin of symetry- the darkness of absolution- the hits of black holes and revelations- and the piano of exogenesis and you will be just fine.
Salvador Tejeda Can all yall shut the hell up and just let them make whatever music they want to? They still make bank whether you like their songs or not lol..
Céline Friand Dear Muse Band please continue making us dreaming! Yours songs are really helping some poeple to get they life better, including me!
Amy Reynolds Mead I love Muse but after oko yono (Kate Hudson) his music suffered a little but at least she didn’t break up the band and the music will be what it once was.

4.8k reactions 88 comments
Jean Frankowski Bad ass!
Susan Maksimuk "What did Matt do now???"
Pong Mon Superb
Anne Brodziak Ingrid Zouzou mais qu'est ce qu il est beau
Paulene Saunders Chris is beautiful xx

#redrocks #tbt

8.0k reactions 62 comments
Nolan Lind Another view
Jon Clark Matt: "anyone lost their id?"
Bryce Kalal Much better than my view!
Hélène LV It seemed to be a wonderful concert in this special place i d like to discover ! Thank you to part videos and pics !
Yannick Galle go to see them it's a wonderful place for sound

Join Us At BlizzCon 2017

Join Us At BlizzCon 2017
Join Us At BlizzCon 2017

Blizzard Entertainment's celebration of epic games and an epic community. November 3-4, 2017 · Anaheim, CA

3.4k reactions 553 comments
Caio Schechner Lucas Marques Guilherme Leme muse tocando no evento da empresa que faz o hotao ai sim hein
Erwann Bourges Méghanne voila. Hearthstone c'est Blizzard, ceux qui organisent la blizzcon et Mat' y sera.. 😍
Sam Goodall Michael now i might be interested in wow 😂😂😂
Felix Klaassen Gijs Klaassen Blizzard heeft onder andere World of Warcraft gemaakt lol
Ian McCombe Great, as if I didn't have enough reasons to be disappointed I'm not going to BlizzCon

Our hearts are with you #LasVegas

10.1k reactions 416 comments
Cassandra Marquez You know? I'm just going to say prayers for EVERYONE. The world is destroying itsef, everyone hates eachother, people are trying to kill everyone. Everything sucks and it's never going to get better...
Seth Thomas How about our government actually fucking does something to help prevent things like this happening so much? How about people stop feeling like our forefathers intended average citizens to have huge, deadly assault weapons, or weapons with hollow-point ...
Shona Lewis Sending out prayers or good thoughts/ slash energy can only be a good thing. Lecturing others on what you may consider to be the futility of it all is short sighted. Good energy is what's needed, in whatever form it comes. Muse always inspire me both in ...
Sam Bibik Muse I love you but seriously? Please enlighten me, what God should people pray to? The one who allowed it to happen? The one who didn't stop it? Come on.... To quote: "Come ride with me through the veins of history....I'll show you a God, who's asleep ...
Dave Mittner No more prayers and my thoughts are dedicated to how we can prevent these attacks and reduce the danger lone gunmen can cause. All I have to give those suffering from injury and loss is an apology. An apology that we live in a country that values the ...

Starlight in Salt Lake City

7.2k reactions 85 comments
J Armando Santana The best group... simply
Mike Clarke wtf have you done to yourself?
Teemu Koskinen Nice pic. Still this song is so much bigger when Matt is playing the guitar. Miss those days.
Kathy Goldson We should have been there Leeann Barrett
Tanya Pod Can't wait for this one Jayne Pickering

Always a great show & great crowd in SLC

6.8k reactions 86 comments
Marie Van Falier Great feedback from the fans that were there - love reading them.
Nicole Hodder Katie Chalk we need those shoes xD
Andrew Turcsanski this was sooo awesome!
Maria DeCampo Nero Muse you always give a great show! We love you so much!
Jennifer Embree McCullough Evans Such an amazing show!! Please come back again soon! We will be there!

Signing the #halloffame tunnel at Red Rocks...

14.8k reactions 134 comments
Mandi Asay Wish I could have seen you guys at red rocks! Rock on! 🤘In your neck of the wood this week 🇬🇧 ❤️
Nick Campanaro Rebecca Hedley this is what I was telling you about!
Hannah Lane Robert We could have gone to this 😭😭
Miriam Na'chelle Satz Best show ever! Totally worth the flight from Texas for this show.
Carrie Lindeman Did you sign next to Tom Petty, the greatest rocker of all time??!!

Thank you Red Rocks for a great show. 10 years to the day since we last played here!

11.8k reactions 114 comments
Laetitia Baade you're fabulous. Thanks for your music. Please come back next year in Belgium. :-* <3
Barry Martin Doin the review for Mused at Flowerpot v soon. Do u guys know em ? Viva la Teignmouth !!!
Melissa Graham I bet that was one awesome show! Sorry to have missed it but I was there in spirit...:-*
Pedro Bellamy I need to see you again guys! Come to Portugal next year please!
Maggie Stillman It was a wonderful show. Thanks for coming back!

Shoreline Soundcheck

7.1k reactions 65 comments
Noelle Noelle Best drummer ever 😍
Joanne Lawton Hands up who loves Dom ;-)
Darren Mart I see what you did there.
Amy Griego I'm so sad that I missed this show. I've been wanting to see you guys in concert for years :/
Rochelle Loyles Such an amazing show!! Can't wait to see you again.

🥁 Photo credit: Hans-Peter van Velthoven

6.1k reactions 47 comments
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Great Band!
Natasha Pailhasse Super mag !!!!
Vicky Schoenhofen I do love seeing photos of Dom...
Sonia Louise Jones My fave ❤
Julie Fernandes I LOVE YOU !!! Você é o meu favorito .... \^3^/

Tonight. 📸 by Hans-Peter van Velthoven

16.7k reactions 156 comments
Adam Wolf I have two tickets available for tonight!
Magui Mars Been listening muse since I woke up today, miss you MUSE
Ben Palmer I hope you boys love what you do. You deserve to.
Gregus Cardoso Chavero Come in Sevilla. Beer free and fría for Muse...for the four Muse 😉
Chris Fleetwood WOW!!!!! Please come to New Zealand I missed you last time 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
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