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Gabriel Sa Pinto
How do I put this without sounding like a hater... Well I don't want Origin of symmetry... Drones was a pretty darn good album, and this single I'm hoping is just the mainstream side of the new album and there'll be better stuff in there just like all the other ones. Although, even inside their popish side they could've innovated a bit instead of making another "Madness"
Matt Bland
Max Headroom returns. The boys are definitely fans of 80's sci-fi and cyberpunk. The lift scene reminded me of Aliens with Ripley so much. Not a big fan of the tune, it's ok, I don't dislike it. I think more thought went into the video. I'm waiting to see how it fits with the rest of the album.
Ida Naimi
It's not a question of past or present... it's simply something that sounds "not new nor innovative nor powerful but just a little bit boring"... anyway they are still my favourite ones and will be for ever and ever! Nobody's perfect!❤️
Marit Kvamme-Vik
As always, have to keep hearing it for some times to love it. For now, I like it;) it got stuck in my head quite fast! My twin daughters (3yrs) loved it right away, though. :)
Neil Handa
Oh dear. I don't know what this is but it's not the same band that gave us OOS and Absolution. They dropped two great tunes (Fury and Futurism) because the albums they were destined for were already great. It shows how far they have fallen when their new stuff doesn't even compare to old b-sides. No one is more disappointed than me in this new direction they are taking. I'm off to listen to their first 4 albums and wonder what could have been with a new single 🙁
Sandra Brickell
First saw Muse in 1999, been an uber fan since 2001 and was really excited about this... I never thought I would ever say this but it's a major disappointment, sorry guys hope the album is better 👎
Jack Gourley
I really hope this is a one off single instead of what the album might sound like, a lot of people are saying if you want old muse go listen to old muse but the latest album had such a massive response because it was sounding more old muse and they're just best like that in my opinion. Still love them to bits but not songs like this.
Neko Jady
I Really like the song. The drones album was awesome so I Think it was a Good idea to make a Song thats a Bit slower. The song reminds me a bit of madness You guys didn't disappoint me and my expectations how this song would turn out! Awesome Job! Not every song needs to be better than the last One. Its Not the best but it is something I'll Love to listen to, like every other song from this awesome Band ❤
Michelle Kossenko
this song could've been a total blast if it would've been written in minor. quite disappointed to be honest, although i really liked the slow rhythm. and i understand those guys claiming they miss the "old muse", cause tbh, muse's best songs are mostly minor. the folks just want this dramatic energy coming straight from the sadness conceived by the minor song parts. it's really missing in here imho and wasting the awesome lyrics hoping for a little more minor next time
Steven Drew
For people saying go listen to old muse if you want old muse....this new song....listen to it. Its not about old muse etc. Its the music...what happenned? Be honest...this is just...crap! I love muse...but I finally must admit...they've got lazy! They put out generic songs in recent times..and most ppl, I believe, that fell in love with muse, fell in love due to their unique sounds. Look at space dementia! Etc....then look at this....what happenned? I know why...but I'm sad they let it happen...and apparently they don't realise it happenned. One day I hope they do!
Jeroen Buijs
Ughh.....noop! Pls bring back the old guitar riffs and where you got famous with.
Félix Gabet
I am disappointed. I like muse for their heavy sounds which always appear in each one of their albums. Although I wouldn't ever lose faith in the band. There will always be good songs to look forward to even if they start drifting towards the mainstream side of things...
Rebecca Toney
Why is it every time a band puts out new music, we have to suffer through hundreds of comments whining about how they changed. DUH! It's NEW music. Your life must be boring if you never change or never listen to anything new and different.
Justyn Delbridge
Sheeeesh. What a disappointing song. Take it or leave it, that's just my opinion. But I love Muse and this song just does nothing to capture their potential. Verses sound so much like Madness. I can accept that the hard rock element I love with them isn't always going to be there, but this just sounds like a million other songs. There's nothing new about this. Mathew Bellamy is a fantastic musician and songwriter. I just don't get how he could listen to the final mix of this and say "Yeah, this has to be our next single".
Vicky Leona
Julie Hynds everytime I hear the chorus part where Matt sings "Dig down" all I can think of is it sounds like George Michael's "Freedom". 😂

Other newsfeed from Muse

ICYMI: Watch "Dig Down" from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert now!

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Catherine Carvalho Ricardo Mathias a nova musica ;)
Nancy Poupart 😝
Ana Ruiz Barrena Me encanta Muse!!
Spantho Mack And is chaos that defies imagination
Revolution Rock 🎵🎶🚀🔝🎵🚀🎶🎵🔝

Cab Stab

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Nathan Johnston You smash a guitar so that it can't ever be played again, better or worse. It's like saying "That's the best this guitar is ever going to do". But this is just idiotic. Doesn't even mean anything in this context.
Kim Egbert If you're going to do something pointless, at least look cool doing it....poking that thing like my Nana checking out produce at the market.
Chris Thornton That's like a blast to the past there. I wonder if Dom got concerned about flying guitars coming towards his head again after seeing that?
Mike Verwoert Ahhhh. Throwback. He used to wreck stuff all the time. Even threw his guitar off a cliff at some point if I remember correctly..
Jordan Crawford So many people complaining. The man worked to get to the position where he can smash his EQ up, he is a professional musician. so don't complain because you can't afford to buy gear for your bedroom 😂

NEW VIDEO: Watch Muse perform "Dig Down" on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert now!

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Jeffrey Maté I guess from these comments, I'm not the only one who doesn't care for the track. Fells like someone said....Hey....Madness was a great song, lets make another one just like it. Except this one isn't as good, as catchy, as unique. Hope the band had ...
Ricardo Lopez Guys let´s not make this happen again... Muse you´ve given us hunreds of amazing songs and not all but the mayority aprecciate you´re trying new stuff
Elizabeth Ashley Oestreich The more I listen to this song as a Muse fan of 15 years, the more I appreciate, admire and love this band. Keep me on my toes, and when all else fails Matt's lyrics will touch you. We all need to dig down and find faith, whatever that means to you. If ...
Louisa Giordano I love this song, however the bassist has a very hard and monotonous job, I've just tried imitating him and I get lost! (Losing the beat), so doing that throughout the whole song and and then singing is extremely hard! And monotonous because apart from ...
Mariah Nichole I love this song, tbh. I think it has to resonate lyrically for people. Muse has NEVER been stuck in a rut with music - so I'm open to what they bring. Musically, this song is incredibly catchy. I have enjoyed all their music from Showbiz to Second Law ...

RIP Chester..

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Harvey Bullock So very sad and fearful as a survivor or massive abuse as a child. Hopefully one day we address the psychological effect of those horrible acts and their ramifications as adults. I am equally askew and in every aspect and feel an undercurrent. Save for ...
Gord Ølliver Such a messed up year with Cornell 2mnths ago. Hearts broken across the globe. But you would understand the abuse he got You got the same for putting your heart into a song and having half your fans not like it because it's not the style of music they ...
Abhishek Gerrard Dutta Childhood ruined in seconds when I woke up today with the news
Mick English Thank you Chester! You helped so many people cope with life by letting them know that they were not alone. So sad that you could not escape the depression that inspired your music. RIP and prayers to your Family.
Cesar Correia My two favorite bands of all time -- Linkin Park and Muse. Wish you both would have toured together... only a wish now. RIP Chester

TV ALERT: Watch Muse on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert tonight at 11:35p/10:35c Photo credit: Jeff Forney #LSSC #DigDown

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Diana Bianchin Will Fast this better be on youtube...
Roberta Smith Jamison I wish I was home
Leslie Giraud-Gasnier Many Chon ils me narguent j'ai l'impression 🤔😒
Jean Marie I saw this this morning, thank you!! 💗😀
'Rodo Mendéz 😍😍😍💙🌙

Opening the show.

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Mélanie Giroud Léonard Jordan Chemise presque aussi moche que celle du chanteur d'Arcane Roots.
Dimitra Agrafioti Μάριος Λάζαρος Νικολαΐδης έβαλε το κέντημα απ τον αργαλειό και βγήκε να πει ένα τραγουδακι
Francisco García Pérez No queda ni la guitarra del Matt d Hullabalooo..snif...snif...
Lore Gallo What an a mazing show! I don't why it took me so long to see you guys live!

Pre-show. Toronto.

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Stuart Saward cant believe it.. its my birthday today and couldnt make it up from boston!
Anca Maria Love the cross on Chris's t-shirt... The irony of names 😂
Jennyfer Icard Totally fond of chris' T-shirt ! 😍
Natacha Tanguay You were awsome in Quebec city! I wish you the same in Toronto
Ryan Parkin Gord Sobota better be going mate!

Backstage in Quebec.

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Fanny Jaumain Voir muse et en plus au Québec Mon Dieu qu elle chance ! Le comble du bonheur !!! Mon rêve !!!!!!!
Jordan Tyler Scott Matt looks like he's about to start twerking. Do it. Please. For us.
Antoine Fvr Pérandjali, Violette, Julie, Coline :D
Heilig Iris Islas Charly Ojeda Next time MaVIE <3
Omar Zenati Adrien, c'est au Québec si il faut les voir hahaha (j'te laisse payer les billets d'avion !)

Pre-show in Ottawa.

14.1k reactions 166 comments
Lisa David Courtney Hague Holy Mother of God, LOOK AT HIM!!!!
Holly Mackrill See you tomorrow guys - looking forward to you smashing last year's shows in manchester and stockholm!
Maria Del Carmen Barrios Ok entonces me lo perdí no los conosco 😳
Sylvia Williams-Meade Chris is the BEST Bass player EVER!!! The most gorgeous one too!!! Like to see him smile!
Oli Oli Oli You were awesome in Québec City! Travelled quite the distance to see you!

Watch today’s A.I. Lyric Video for “Dig Down” now. Check back daily for updated versions of the video 🤖

Muse - Dig Down: A.I. Lyric Video
Muse - Dig Down: A.I. Lyric Video

Check out the artificial intelligence lyric video for Muse’s Dig Down, updated daily.

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Esessien Essien Callum
David Bradley CollaboRics! :P
Cmam Rose Nope
Richard Cpfc Roberts Meh.
Aaron Birdsall Nice!!!

Pearls from my Mom created this great story using Muse song titles, telling a tale of what happens in the next chapter of the Dig Down video. It was great meeting you!

11.7k reactions 183 comments
Adam Meech Just saw you guys in Ottawa, THAT WAS AMAZING. I loved every minuet of it, thanks for coming out! :)
Aoife McMaster Sound familiar Mary Curry?!? 😂
Marios Tako :) with a melody of instruments it could be a new hit who knows :).
Silvia Galli Muse I just received the best birthday gift ever! See you in Salt Lake City!!! Can't wait!!! 🤙🏻🔝😎⚡️
Aidan Ford Oliver Eddleston is it sad that we probs know all of them?

Back on the road

40.9k reactions 371 comments
Cristian Roman Yeah, thanks for touring only in US..
Yolaine Guimont Can't wait to see you in Quebec City on Sunday! It will be my 5th concert! Please play Plug in baby! 😀
Andrew Oels-Wallis Hitchhiking again? It's about time you got yourself a van, or something!
Isabelle Leclerc Can't wait guys... Are you ready for us... Québec City, July 16th #FEQ2017.
Lee Gilly Gilboy Can't wait for Reading festival Muse smash it every time !!!!! :-)

Watch Matt & Dom's interview on Absolute Radio now 📻

3.4k reactions 35 comments
Fabienne Pfarr Chris Thirkell 😧
Bonnie-Anne Bourke-Needs Josh Bourke-Needs
Richard Hansson Samuel Larsson
Rem Val Keith Vernon
Penny Bean Emma Bean


18.2k reactions 191 comments
Nancy SchneiderTripp Thomas Love the muse when are you coming back to Philly!?
Antonella Guerriero Nothing else for Italy too this year! I hope for italian dates soon! :)
Tom Lee Yes but please, when are you coming to New Zealand 🇳🇿??
Steph Mitsi comme je regrette l epoque où ils etaient moins connus et faisaient plusieurs salles et zeniths en France...
Michael Peters In Chicago but lollapalooza? No thanks. I'd rather chew glass than go to that dumb event.

Watch the “Dig Down” A.I. Lyric Video now. Updated daily.

528 reactions 13 comments
Danielle Schubert Clark Eden
Christoffer Rasmussen Kim Krogh Pedersen
Flow' Fly Marie-Sophie Lauvergeon ❤
Karen Delmar Billy Delmar Joey Delmar
Tamar Elmensdorp-Lijzenga I love today's Yeah!

Watch the brand new A.I. lyric video for “Dig Down” now! #DigDown

3.6k reactions 129 comments
Kevin Rovelo Tfw they release a new song with an accompanying music video, then a lyric video, all before giving the slightest thought of making an Australian tour (which hasnt happened since 2013)
Jessica Keppie Don't get me wrong I love muse. But did they not just have a whole album about Drones, which is a for AI?
Emanuel Gaggino Prefiero taladrarme los oidos. Venian re bien sacando temas, csm, y salen con esta basura???
Thijs Verschuren Coen Hagenaars die gastem blijven verbluffen, nu weer een dagelijks veranderende clip 😂
Shauna Leigh Taylor !!! CONGRATULATIONS !!! *Muse​*: After 2 great weeks on the list, your song, "Dig Down" is now sitting at #12 on this week's famous 📻*Hunters Bay Radio Top 20 Countdown*📻 chart, as announced ON-AIR and ONLINE by Jeff Carter. If you missed tonight's ...


13.2k reactions 137 comments
Arnould Emilie Fany Arnould bon bah Londres le 19/8? :p
Claudia Andrea Lòpez Araya Los amooooo con locura!!! Gracias a su música mi Alma regresó al cuerpo físico
Lena Zhan come to australiaaa, we haven't even had the drones tour yet😩😩😩😭
Lorna Dempsey Tickets for Belfast still available Brian Dempsey
Caroline Bernard Neil Fourlin, le plus près c est Londres le 19 août....😉

London! Muse have announced an intimate show at The O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire on Saturday 19th August in aid of The Passage Charity, London’s largest voluntary sector resource centre for homeless and vulnerable people. The show is “By Request” - ticket holders can choose their top ten tracks and all votes submitted will be collated and used to curate the set on the night. Presale tickets available tomorrow. For more details, please click here:,london-benefit_2782.htm

14.1k reactions 1702 comments
Mariella Reyzis The link on Ticketmaster UK is not working!! Please fix!!! You also mean wednesday for presale right?? As tomorrow is tuesday.....
Christine Samuelsen I would pick 1, butterflies and hurricanes. 2, plug in baby. 3, citizen erased. 4, knights of cydonia. 5, space dementia. 6, new born. 7, apocalypse please. 8, hysteria. 9, take a bow and 10, map of the problematique. I really really love glorious, ...
Suzy Ditzel Wow! What a shame it's on a week before South West Four (where a lot of my money has gone) I'd give anything to hear them play Glorious!
Jeni Morrison Paula Fairlamb it's a long shot seeing as it's a smallish gig so will sell out quick, but would you be interested?? I should get a code for the pre-sale...x
Jo Erith Fury, Futurism, New Born, Citizen Erased, Knights of Cydonia - but going to see them at Reading a week later so can't really justify spending on tickets 😞

We must find a way

19.1k reactions 310 comments
Mauro Neb The music is alright but the video sucks for it doesn't bring a positive view in the beginning but on the invert. Some have the right/''talent'' to put out bad or good energy. All is in the layed on the deep consciousness
Koa Australis We must find a way to make great music again... Besides, the chorus harmony sounds like George Michael's Freedom, which is not necessarily a good thing
Daria Glushkova Yes, it's different. That's who Muse IS. They're different, they have been I hope they always will be. Their music somewhat reminds me of Pink Floyd, which is why I fell in love with them in the first place. They always had this type of sound, and if ...
Neko Jady I dont understand... So many People want songs like Plug in baby... hysteria..... Resistance... but on the other hand People start complaining that dig down Sounds like madness.. I guess if there would be a new song that would sound like resistance ...
Cyrille Appert Le moyen est certainement ici, depuis "Madness", qui à très bien réussi, je pense que l'avenir peut ce jouer là et y'a plus qu'à croiser les doigts..!!! Longue vie à Muse ! 😎🤘👍

MUSE are co-hosting Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1 on Monday 3 July at 7p BST 📻➡️

5.8k reactions 109 comments
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Great Band!
Łukasz Ratajczak New rekord premiere?
Amanda Pamment Lovely
Alison Graham Dan Goodban- told you she had good taste in music 😄
David Wilson Another new song????

Psycho performed in Firefly Music Festival

11.7k reactions 74 comments
Michael Slowik I got your ass now
Pamela Zwaskis I like the 👁 tee
Edith Gagné L 💜😘💙😘💜
Joy Lachat Music from Muse it's better good before😎
Mary Ellen Bennett MY CHRIS!

Onstage in Delaware.

11.6k reactions 80 comments
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Great Band!
Jes Si MATT😍😍😍
Alex El-Naggar Alex Gomez tell me where to get those shades immediately!
Martina Betti 🤗😄😄😍😍😍
Simon Allcock Legend.

Obelisk Backlight.

9.1k reactions 49 comments
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Great Band!
James Hogan Are you still gonna do Stonehenge?
Jamie Tenace Best concert I have ever been to (5 times) 😂😂
Marcie Reidy Please come to NZ!!!!!!!!!!
Pa Payou St Matthew 😂👼

Save me from the ghosts & shadows, before they eat my soul... #hanselandgretel #parkavenuearmory

8.4k reactions 60 comments
Ιωάννα Ευγενίου Mercyyy....such a great song!
Joke Raad Mercy
Miriam Rangel Black Lodge
Ana Ruiz Barrena Show me mercy please.
Agoez Beckham Anggi they.... will not force us....

Snapchat Specs and Starlight! Make sure you follow us on Snapchat. More pics, videos and fun to be found....

12.3k reactions 219 comments
Eduardo Gutiérrez Y la puta guitarra !!!?? Donde putas esa esa gran manson mb?? . ;/
Jacqueline Muñoz Me encanta que Matt sea cercano a la gente!!! I love Muse!!! Vuelvan pronto a Chile!!! 😍😍😍
Juan Daniel Chavez Jordano Ramirez Palomino..Starlight! y la sabes ...a todo pulmon..!!
Darrin Palmer First concert+Muse= best first concert ever, you guys were great in Charlotte hope to see you guys back soon
Gerardo Spatuzzi WTF is this? Next tour karaoke? God, every tour they got worst and worst


19.8k reactions 144 comments
Denni Džafić Thomas Daltin ils ont quand même des têtes de shlags
Erik E. Carlson Where's all the beer and groupies in bikinis?
Elena Tsareva Fantastic show last night!! Thank you!💕
Tim McDowell When my next show?
Heather Hazel Looking sharp, fellas!

The Handler.

20.8k reactions 361 comments
Marissa Lee The Handler live with these graphics was by FAR the coolest part of any concert experience I've had. Angie!
Terri Minns Seen them five times and they can do no wrong...keep making awesome music guys x
Sarah Blackburn Incredible!!!!! Utterly amazing show 👌🏼coolest band on Earth 🌏
Thomas Ljungberg The best live act of them all ! Come back to Sweden soon Muse !
Megan Kenyon The effects of the song on the Drones tour was so cool.

Rocking it in St. Louis.

11.9k reactions 70 comments
Jo Torres Andronicou Alison Cooper swoony! Love that bass man 🎸😻
Jolleen Kurz Amazing show last night!!!
Dave Powlina Make sure you bring out citizen erased in Toronto!
Tegan Dossett Such a great show, as always! 😍
Daniel Christian Great pic!

The Gateway to the West. #StLouis

16.1k reactions 159 comments
Ann Bulmer Come back soon!!
Christin Hovis Thanks for an awesome show last night!
Carolyn Mues Awesome show!
Jennifer Garcia Where I first saw you guys and was my first concert over 12 years ago.
Todd Schmidt Incredible show. Been on my bucket list since I started listening 2007. Muse did not disappoint. Awesome. Thanks


13.5k reactions 93 comments
Rachel Gibson Angela Bell, a better pic of the glasses!
Degs Arrowsmith Oh look, there's a surprise no Australian tour dates.
Robert Webster Caldwell Suspects questioned in Bono sunglasses theft
Barbara Medhurst Please consider coming to Australia again!!
Étienne Turpin Anaïs Lfb puisque tu comptes sûrement m'identifier sur chaque photos de ce live 😉
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