Mike Vick
19:35 11/28/2017

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Brent Vandal
Every generation is different. I’m going to say B only because we didn’t have a lot of the pussy rules we have now. Don’t get me wrong I agree with safety but I’m seeing the league get softer and softer every year.
Conde Racèlis
1990's was the best. Any if those top teams then would whoop up on any of the Super Bowl teams from 2005 to now. Football has been watered down so much. It's not even close to how good it used to be. But I still love it. I hate to miss games no matter who is playing. I just love it.
Derrick Martin
B has some of the best players to ever play the game. D the rule changes is like playing touch football video game. A the coaching wasn't as good so a lot of stars played against bums, C had too many distractions, the internet, social media and newspaper reports/gossip columns, PED,s an a lack of institutional control that effected performance on the field.
Travis Milewski
C. There's so much talent during the 90s. There's probably 4-5 guys you could argue at every position for GOAT at their position in the 90s.
Fedi Miller
C is good & D but to give c Chris cater as the wide out was horrible I mean he was coo but he wasn’t all that . Sayin that to say I could of even picked c if it wasn’t for Chris cater .. . D is hella good no complaints there but Ima stick with B
Kodak Winns
D.... the only reason is kuz Brady is gonna be the best QB when it's all said and done ... you got 1 of the top 10 rbs w em... NOT TO mention you got a top 3 WR OF ALL TIME , & Top 10 LB ... SO yeah I'll take D , hard desicion doe ..
Joe Sullivan
Even though Brady is better then Joe it’s B that team would have what is considered the best HB, WR, and Defensive players to ever play their position and then 2nd best QB? Team wise not even close
Rudy Torres
A! Johnny Unitas put up numbers when you could do whatever you wanted to a WR. And he perfected the Passing game. Jim Brown set a record that couldn’t be broken until more game where added in a season. Those two hands down make it the GOAT list
Jay Smithback
The glory moment of his past Al Bundy's life: scoring four touchdowns in a single game while playing for the Polk High School Panthers in the 1966 city championship game versus Andrew Johnson High School, including the game-winning touchdown in the final seconds against his old nemesis, "Spare Tire" Dixon
Joe Mair
80s! Montana to Rice, Lawrence Taylor smoking crack b4 games breaking qb's legs (Joe Theisman look it up on youtube), and Walter Payten who is regarded as the best running back of all time (Jim Brown is close), cmon now.
Ryan Shea
Brady and Moss went undefeated on regular season. Montana and Rice never did anything close to those numbers. AP and WP are close, Taylor over Lewis is easy. I give it D, offense alone.
Edward Lachioma
Let's look at it this way the players that played the best for the money ,,B has to be there or u should not watch football,d great sure but over paid ,,not over educated,since they forgot where they got all v their wealth ,from this country and freedom to so kneeling makes me sick but im looking at play here yes great players c is on my 4th pick
Kane South
Everyone is just going to pick the line that they grew up with. Everyone will always think their era was better than what was before or after
James Bryant
These stupid memes excite arguments and serve no purpose outside of stupid comparisons that can never be settled. As asinine as saying, "what is the best time of day?" and expecting substantive discussion.
Rah Shadeed
That sliding scale of how rules change make this unfair.... Because Row A, B would get fined every game for the way they played... Jim Brown and Walter ran through people. but I'm going with row C just because of # 92 Reggie White

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Norwall Love your posts! Keep up the great work.
Leo Jones Jr Now what a big challenge for a 6-10 ball player. NBA is pathetic.
Rodney Holbrook ROY

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Travis Morris I say boone. He built a team when diversity was at its worst. He set apart from everyone else to show he could win. And he stepped in to what was expected to go to a white coach and had to win his assistance approval. He could have easily been Savataged ...
Juette Noexcuses Peterson Both for the group of children they had. Neither would be effective if they had to switch places with the same technique. But they’d rise to the occasion as they did in life and the movie adaptations I’m sure. But as a overall favorite: I like Coach ...
Dez Lawson Coach Carter! He got those guys grades together... They had to be or else no more balling but I do have to admit Remember the Titans is a hell of a movie #IAMBIASED #BALLisLIFE
Safwan Alvi Everyone in here making solid points and there's no wrong answer . I would go Boone because of more players and the issues of racism and hatred. Either way both are standards of high quality
Tyler Gibson They are both the best Boone for taking on the integration with open arms and rallying the team and community behind his boys, and carter was great because he focused on the future for his boys and focused on the student athlete portion which no one ...

lets go ty ....

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Rosemary Gaden Jags
Jeremy Rose He Gone
Alberto Ga Bills
Mark Heilbron Let's go tt
Crystal Alexander 🐆🐆

Mike Vick

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Glenda Simmons Keep On Pushing....”Team Vick”!!!
Sherry Scott I wish you well Sir!
Daniel Allen We need you next week
Sheila Pryor Best Quarterback Ever✍🏼💕7
Keedarow Brown I wish he was still playing....!!


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Keith Hayes Jr. Vince Young has to go. Why Cam accomplished in one year was crazy. Vick changed the game, and Watson in my opinion is the best passer and all around QB of the group. Don’t get me wrong, Vince was nasty. But in this group he gotta get dropped..
Harrie Miller I’m a have to say Vince because all the other quarterbacks are legitimate starters in the NFL . Vince had some very tough years starting at Tennessee I have to say bad coaching had something to do with it but still got pick one . Not saying he isn’t ...
Harold Stubbs Vick didn't play with Auburn Texas and Clemson talent. But this is thw toughest one ive seen yet. I'm gone have to go with Vick just because he had to be in the right system to flourish. The others probly could have done anywhere they went. Close ...
Colin Heath Stansell Sorry Mike but You couldn't get the job done in college. As much as I despised Watson in college because of him playing for Clemson and Cam for being the guy who cheated his way to Auburn they won nattys as did Vince
Anthony Phillips Keep #7 best college player ever he changed the game and the reason for the spread offense, #2, #4, #10 got to go

Ben Simmons Top Dunks From 2017-2018 Season

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Eric Williams Can't shoot
Luke Yearwood Devan Steele that first dunk
Clifton HoyleJr Skills
Rob Henderson Known for passing skills? Don't reduce him to a lonzo ball. The guy is always giving 100 percent driving to the hoop


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Jc Rizzi Rachel Cipolla
Ryan Marshall Mike Marshall Michael Marshall Sr. lolololol
Corey Stewart Burris 😂 Dionie Lum
Brittney Osgood Dion Haney
Armando Osornio Jose Fernando Osornio

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Max Hulett Lol. So is it safe to say Lamar should try and get a job for ESPN.
Jeff Reed Neither of the 2 ahead of him could play qb in nfl
Jeff Drj Warford Kap was actually a decent QB with the right pieces around him...
Tyler Gunderson So Lamar is a complete bust in waiting then.
Edub B Orobesor And somehow didn't win the Heisman. Baffled 😕

Face tattoo prank on mom

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LaTanya Smith Keyondra Campbell
Jean-cedric Degarie William Bonin-blanchette
Anna L Keller Vincent Keller
Tamika Price Angela Howard
Esteban Flores Rudy Alvarez IIII Evie Flores


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Jason Wittmayer He was fun to watch
Frank Gonzales THE. G. O. A. T. M. J.
Carl Swanson I'm getting OLD 😂😂😂
Grant Micheal Letal The Goat hands down
Matt Ramirez The Greatest!


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Walter Goodwin Rodney Mars look at my boy RUSS!!
David Dzwonkowski Monster L
Calvin Barber Jr. That is called feeling it. Swaggin.
Nina Crosby Iil ugly self lol
Aaron Lindsay New age remake of Charles Barkley #Game

The BIGGEST scrambled egg I've ever seen! 😱🍳

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Kathy Boston Gross!
Maria Mister I'm good on scrambled eggs, 😑
Harvey Wakefield Don't take that long to cook eggs
Yasmeen Brinkley 🤔🤢🤮

Smart Kids Trapping Fish

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Malcolm Chevyboy Wallace Joshua Freeman
Jake Beninato John Jones
Leah Renaud http://www.dailypress.com/business/dp-nws-evg-subway-station-20171206-story.html?utm_content=bufferd41bf&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer
Shane Welch Jacob Cain
Adri Minnaar Sloan Johan Minnaar Francois Minnaar

New year party is going to be super fun with these games 👍 🎇 🎉

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Patti Miller Sweet! Will save!
Gabriel Magalhaes Mariane Rodarte já pode ir anotando pras próximas festinhas
Dee Dee Amos Hampton Yall ready? Roszita R. Poindexter Klassy OhsoSaKlassy OhsoSassy AmosnGabriel BrownHJulie ChinnCHoward AmoshCaleb AmostCharles HamptonnBenjamin Poindexter
Sheeki Joseph Jasz Marie Nicole Lee Diane Elting Rosalyn Sparks Phyllis Sparks Gwendolyn Watson Toya Brown-Sparks for Our January date???
Runisha Nisha Murphy We doing this tomorrow so you better be ready Meca White Tina Powell Christie Love Carson Cent Jusbeingme

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Hayden Bain Erik Anthony
Bobby Bergstrom Myles Murrey Justynand Britt
Asher Wright There's the Rondo we know!
Raul Martinez Except only one is a HOFer!
Kevin Walter I always thought Rondo was great after seeing him play w Bos vs Cle in the playoffs


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Aaron Elbert They also obviously had the Falcons for the Super Bowl last year
Lucius Jennett That’s why they picked him up. They just wanted the playbook.
Debra Winfield I'm sure he signed a confidentiality agreement .
Anthony Bernard Ellison Jr. How’d it work when he was on the Bengals
Bryan Kehler Did the patriots find another way to cheat?

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Fredrick Mike Where can I get your gear from
Nick Monroe Mike looks bored.
April Harris Love the shirt!!
ED Johnson Have a Safe Blessed New Year
Coretta Pelsey Carter Viiiiick


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Chris Wall Hook him up Mike Vick you the one with all the Millions
Pamela Griffith I'm crying. So beautiful!!!
Les Beamer I always admired you Mike Vick.
Stephen Klezaras There’s levels to how homeless you are...

Drew Brees opened an all-inclusive playground in New Orleans 🙌

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Cameron Dillon Chelsea Dillon
Babette Murray awesome
Luca Rossi Dan Ny Vick x Brees 😎
Michelle Mui #GoSaints
Jay Coleman #Salute to Drew


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Just use your girl powers 😂

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Larry Denton Sr. To be honest is one thing , but the way times are now , people will keep it and then beat your Butt and take the rest of what you have . Doing this type of experiment can be dangerous and life threaten . Be careful of what experiments , you are trying ...


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Phillip Araj Noor Abedrabbo looks like me
Justin Clarke Rosita M Rivera 😂😂😂🍻🍻🍻
Devan Plyler Darian Plyler Garret Pawlaczyk Salvatore Ciambelli
Max Wild Sedat SA Benny Mee Stefan Gaulke
Whitney R Krahn Girlthats Khookie me the other night

Extreme Homeless Make-Over

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Lawanda Delaine Awesome
Cesar Cuellar 👍🏾
Sonja Arrington Awesome
Carolina Chacon Blessing
Babette Murray Great

Congrats ...

486 reactions 35 comments
Scott Evan Matthew McNair
Camden Sacry Matt Dyson
Jake Miner Rob Korman
Jethro Tull Caleb Lee
Joe Blenman Justin Maley

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John Gallegos III But that’s Oak vs. Phi
Christopher Lee McLeod Pittsburgh Eagles?
Francisco Escalante Lynch might be good but Oakland sucks. Fire Carr 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Dan Rice NOT PIT LOOKS LIKE PHILLY TO ME..........................
Ged Toowavy My favorite RB next to zeke

Mike Vick

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Mary Mckinney Merry Christmas to you and your family
Orlando Williams Merry Christmas to your family praying for all.
Yolanda Williamson Happy Holidays from San Antonio, Texas (Scott, 757)!
Purdie Davin Ayyyyyy !!!!! Merry...never mind..its the 26th....Happy New......Mane fuk it...luv the pic Vic....Stay up !!!
Cordell Salter 1 of my all-time favorite QBs every time I didn't see you slide I want to kick you in your QB's

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Sonya Preston Hensley Love this!!
Sterling Montgomery Thank you for all you do!!!
William Tynes Merry Christmas
To Much Yes
Babette Murray Merry Christmas to you and yours


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Ken Blocker The placement of the hand specifically the thumb tell its right... the fingers are on the RIGHT side of the ball ... thumb in the inside left. There is physically to way a that placement is a left hand.
Todd Barnett I'm going to say left handed, only because I do not believe the hip and buttock position is possible for a right handed qb at this point in his throwing motion.
Alex Huber It looks like a right handed qb trying to throw left handed and miserably failing. Kind of like he is trying to throw back across his body on the run. The ball is not going anywhere.
Antavis Spells The bottom portion of the body suggest that it’s a left handed thrower based on the planting of the back leg, but the top portion suggests that it’s a right handed thrower based on the left elbow and the finger placement on the ball.
Joshua Taylor Right. Because you can see the front side of his shoe which is his left foot. When you throw you plant with the throwing leg and the other extends back with your arm. If it was left handed we would see the only the side of this foot. Also on the hand to ...

20 Christmas Impression

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Ja'Micah Drumz 😂😂 he's very good!!
Dave J Newnam Merry Christmas mike go birds 🦅
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